shakes808Good Friday morning all!13:15
shakes808thoughts about Windows OS as a service to corporations?14:26
jrwrenyou mean like windows on EC2?14:29
jrwrenmy thoughts on that phrase are: windows does a lot of things. focus on something smaller.14:30
shakes808Read today that they are going to charge corporations a monthly charge on top of licensing per user per month14:30
jrwrenhahhaha seriously?14:30
jrwrenthat is great for alternatives.14:31
shakes808yeah.  might push people over to linux / mac if they decide to bring that model to consumers14:31
jrwrenI don't think they will bring it to consumers, but it will push corporations off windows too.14:31
shakes808was getting it :)14:32
jrwrenits probably lies.14:33
jrwrendo you have a link that isn't forbes?14:33
shakes808Will see if anyone is reporting on this14:33
shakes808haven't read this one, but came up in the search.14:34
shakes808more reputable?14:34
jrwrenbarely, but its not forbes, so I'll read it.14:35
jrwren“For the price of a cup of coffee and a donut per day,"   remember he lives in Redmond, so this is $3014:36
jrwrensurface tablets as a services... leasing them. I'm surprised MSFT didn't have a corporate lease program previously.14:37
jrwrenI still don't understand this article. Was windows 10 not covered under previous volume license agreements?14:38
jrwrenor is it that they aren't licensing it to businesses outside of a volume license agreement?14:38
jrwrenits all so confusing, its another reason I prefer open source.14:38
cmaloneyI haven't seen any other articles other than the Forbes article14:43
cmaloneyso taking it with salt14:43
cmaloneyon a slug14:43
cmaloneya forbes-shaped slug14:43
cmaloneyAs soon as it hits Ars I'll take it seriosly14:44
cmaloney(Forbes is in the same bucket as The Register: needs more proof, preferably from someone not at Forbes /The Register)14:44
jrwrenforbes is terrible.14:45
shakes808gotcha.  I guess it is something to watch for14:47
cmaloneyno worries14:47
cmaloneyI can believe MS is looking for more revenue streams14:49
cmaloneyand they've intimated subscription-based pricing with things liek Office14:49
cmaloneyprobably because some offices want a more consistent month-to-month spread to budget14:49
cmaloneySo it makes sense14:49
cmaloneybut my theory is if it's true it'll get picked up to the point where you can't help but hear about it14:50
jcastroI think a more saas approach is the way to go17:52
jcastroif you have to pay X a month for windows then you don't have to be like "we want to stay on windows XP for ever."17:53
cmaloneyI'm not sure I follow that logic17:53
jcastroif windows is a service then you get rid of version numbers entirely17:54
cmaloneywI guess17:54
jcastroso instead of a company paying you once a year they just split that to monthly payments17:54
cmaloneySo basically you're paying for terminal service17:54
cmaloneyinstead of a PC on your desk17:54
jcastrothe world is moving saas, the desktop is just the last holdout17:55
cmaloneyI think that's a horrible idea17:55
cmaloneybut what do I know.17:55
jcastroI'm not saying it's either good or bad17:55
jcastroit's just how everything is going17:55
cmaloneyYeah, getting sucked back into the mainframe17:55
jcastrolike, why would I buy quicken for a desktop when I can just subscribe to quicken?17:56
cmaloney"sorry, PC revolution, we didn't really like you anyway"17:56
jcastronothing is immune to cost17:57
jcastroIf someone can sell you a service for a fraction of the cost then people will buy it17:57
cmaloneyIt's all about control17:58
jcastroright, and given enough savings, people will give that up in a heartbeat17:58
cmaloneywe're seeing the pendulum swing back to software being controlled so there's no piracy17:58
jcastroit's like, sure, I'd like for my company's email server to be controlled in house, but is my local sysadmin going to even come close to what I can get with gmail or outlook for even close to that price?17:59
cmaloneyI find that line of thinking depressing18:00
jrwrenit IS depressing.18:06
jcastronah, it's just economics18:21
cmaloneyI tihnk it's just opportunity18:23
cmaloneysince folks are going to get sick of subscriptions18:23
cmaloneyor they're going to re-evaluate if they need said products18:23
cmaloneycuts both ways18:24
cmaloneylike the reminder for my Linux Journal subscription18:24
cmaloneya reminder "do I need that anymore"?18:25
cmaloneyand then I pay it because I'd like to see the $$ for the article on the Squeezebox that I wrote for them.18:25
jrwrenthere is terrible.18:27
cmaloneyI got a SB Touch for review just before Logitech closed the line down so I'm content18:29
jcastroI had forgotten about squeezeboxes!18:52
greg-gI still use mine :)18:53
jcastroI am doing a lot of YouTube Music lately18:56
jcastroit's like what MTV used to be18:56
jcastroexcept with recommendations, etc.18:56
greg-gis that a service or do you just mean "watching music videos on youtube"?18:56
jcastroyeah but it filters out non music18:57
* greg-g nods18:57
jcastroso if you do "metallica" on normal youtube it will also put in other non-music18:57
jcastroin youtube music you only get either the music and/or the videos18:57
jcastroso it's easier to put on and just let it do it's mix19:02
greg-gI'm still listening to somafm stations for work music :)19:02
jcastroI forgot that was still around!19:04
greg-glol, as their main page loads, it says "0 radio stations using our technology", then it finally flips to 72,84619:14
greg-gnot really that important of a stat to regen each time and show 0 until it does, dudes19:14
jcastrohah yeah19:15
greg-glol, second most popular station on their list: Alex Jones - Infowars.com Alternate/Relay19:17
cmaloneyI used to use my Squeezebox for Smart Mixes19:57
cmaloneynow I just put the whole collection on random-album19:57
cmaloneyWill never forgive Spotify for killing The Echo Nest19:58
cmaloneyI already have a music-buying problem. I don't need to know about more music out there. :)20:01

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