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Kilosmorning inetpro theblazehen paddatrapper MaNI Na3iL and others06:57
theblazehenhi Kilos06:57
Na3iLgood morning Kilos :D06:58
chesedomorning Kilos theblazehen Na3iL07:06
chesedoand all others07:06
Kiloshi chesedo 07:06
Na3iLo/ chesedo theblazehen 07:08
theblazehenHey chesedo, Na3iL07:08
Kilosi go do chores07:11
unlaudablemorning... anyone here know drupal?07:18
Na3iLyep unlaudable drupal8? 07:31
unlaudablehaha no... think its 6..07:31
unlaudablethe ckeditor just vanished...07:31
unlaudablereinstalled it didnt help07:32
Na3iLaw, is it in a production server or you test it locally? 07:32
Na3iLif it's locally just migrate to drupal8, it is heavy costumized and a lot of new features07:33
Na3iLmoreover, the version 8 is easy to manipluate07:34
anton_maymorning all07:47
Kiloshi anton_may 07:48
unlaudableI can try migrate on a new server...07:49
unlaudableyou reckon it will work ok from 6 to 8?07:49
anton_maySo I thought I will poke the devil a bit with a stick --> http://pasteboard.co/bGNZ2cXlU.png07:53
unlaudableyou tried bash on windows yet ? ;-P07:55
anton_mayNope, just a Windows 10 theme I installed. Really like the look and feel of Windows 10, but with Linux as the engin :D07:56
Kilosthats why my browser wont open it07:58
Kilosdoesnt like dirty words07:58
Kilosoh superfly wraithy 07:59
superflyhi Kilos07:59
superflyohey unlaudable!07:59
unlaudablesuperfly, o/08:01
unlaudableanton_may, :D08:01
anton_mayHier kom dit nou08:03
Kiloshi Langjan 08:05
Langjanhi ant08:05
Kiloswhat broke08:05
Langjanwat kmom nou?08:05
Kilosapart from your tab key08:05
Langjananton_may, sien jy moeilikhied?08:05
LangjanHi Kilos hoe gaan dit? 08:06
anton_mayHulle sĂȘ ek is gebore met die helmet......08:06
LangjanHell-met wat? 08:07
Kilosselle Langjan en jy08:07
Langjangoed dankie08:07
anton_mayNaby genoeg08:07
anton_mayHell-met Neotel08:07
Kilosal weer?08:08
Langjandaai Zoris OS lyk baie goed, dit is netjies en vinnig met opsies om te lyk soos win 7, 10  ens 08:08
anton_maygister, fibre was af vanaf 9-408:08
LangjanSorry, Zorin08:08
LangjanSteel hulle die fibre ook?08:08
anton_mayNee, die pop 08:09
LangjanMy ssd wys twee bad sectors, maar dit lyk nie na 'n probleem nie: http://askubuntu.com/questions/409421/my-ssd-now-has-226-bad-sectors-is-that-significant08:10
Langjanjou meisie?08:10
anton_maylol, nee basies soos 'n Telkom exchange maar vir fibre08:11
pavlushkamorning ZA!08:11
LangjanHi pavlushka 08:12
pavlushkahow are you Langjan ?08:12
LangjanFine thks pavlushka and you?08:12
pavlushkaLangjan: our weather is good, thank you and me too :p08:13
LangjanGood, where are you? Summerime?08:13
Kilosyeah summer in bangaloryville08:14
LangjanLag jy vir my tikfout Kilos ? Spot met siekte08:15
KilosLangjan how do you manage to break a relatively new ssd08:15
LangjanBangalore? My wife was there last year08:15
LangjanKilos, it was when I tried kde08:15
Kilosnono truth only08:16
Langjanoh, ok she was in India08:16
LangjanIts rue, I distinctly remember seeing the ssd complain of foreign invasion08:17
Kilosai! how can you lie with a straight face08:17
Kilosthe foreign stuff youve had there is MS related08:18
Langjandoes kde carry multiple sclerosis? I should have known08:18
KilosLangjan how old is your ssd08:20
Kilosthey have a gaurantee08:20
Kilos1 year i think08:20
LangjanMust be more than 1 year? I will check 08:21
LangjanChat later, brekfis08:21
inetprogood evening09:04
inetprosorry Kilos, I forgot to greet this morning09:04
LangjanHi Kilos the SSD was bought 3 April 2014 and has a five year warranty 09:10
Langjando you think that 2 bad sectors would justify a claim?  09:10
Langjanhi inetpro 09:11
Langjanlest I forget09:12
inetprohoe gaan dit oom Langjan?09:17
LangjanGaan baie goed dankie inetpro en met jou09:17
paddatrapperMorning everyone 09:19
Langjanhi paddatrapper 09:20
LangjanKilos chasing after sheep, the rest probably after girls 09:25
inetprote koud nou in die aande Langjan, andersins alles reg hier09:31
inetproLangjan: http://askubuntu.com/questions/409421/my-ssd-now-has-226-bad-sectors-is-that-significant09:34
LangjanHier ook kouerig maar sonnig inetpro. Thks, I had a look at that site. Surely they wont entertain a warranty claim for 2 bad sectors?09:37
magespawngood morning09:43
LangjanHello magespawn, you well?09:44
pavlushkaLangjan: lol, a very late reply, I am close to the equator, and utc+6 time zone, Bangladesh, :p, we have 6 seasons here! winter is only for 2 months.09:44
magespawnhi Langjan all good and you?09:45
LangjanLol, winter was 2 weekends when we lived in Zululand. Sometimes only one weekend, sometimes mid-week!09:45
LangjanAll fine thks magespawn 09:45
pavlushkalol @ Langjan 09:49
pavlushkaHello magespawn !09:49
pavlushkaand paddatrapper hello, !09:49
paddatrapperhey pavlushka 09:50
KilosLangjan just notify them so they know there is a ptroblem coming09:50
pavlushkapaddatrapper: how is the winter now?09:51
Kilosdont wait till its dead then start complaining09:51
paddatrapperCurrently hardly winter at all... Though we have had a little rain which was good09:51
LangjanThks Kilos good idea09:52
LangjanAs I said, bought in April 2014 and guarantee is 5 years09:54
Kilosyes thats good09:54
LangjanKilos, daai Zorin OS lyk baie goed, dit is netjies en vinnig met opsies om te lyk soos win 7, 10  ens09:54
Kiloswith 5 years it means they supposed to be strong and not get bad sectors at all09:55
Kilossies man09:55
LangjanOK will let them know and see what comes out09:55
Langjansies wat stink?09:55
Kilossolid state devices shouldnt get probs like that i think09:56
Kiloscould just be one badly made chip09:56
LangjanBye Kilos and the guys10:30
nlsthznboom shakalaka!10:41
nlsthznsup uncle Kilos?10:46
Kiloshi nlsthzn gotta go eat lunch11:03
Kiloswas out catching UV's11:03
nlsthznenjoy :)11:07
anton_mayNow that was a nice lunch, bunny chow11:38
anton_may"tis was11:42
squish102 pokemon GO is all the craze15:25
MaNImedia says it's a craze so it's a craze, amazing how suggestible most people are, wonder how much it costs to have the media push you as the next craze15:40
squish102at every poke stop there like 3-4 people throughout the day15:40
squish102i should put up a webcam, can watch all types of crazies outside my office15:41
magespawnplayed ingress much the same15:41
MaNIsounds like a plan15:41
squish102even at the height of ingress, i don't think i saw it quite so bad15:43
MaNIbecause it wasn't hyped by the media15:44
nlsthznso pokemon go live in SA then, nice15:57
nlsthznegypt proclaimed it anti muslim so I suspect it won't be launched here then :/15:57
nlsthznthen again it is likely my S3 won't have to oomph to run it successfully 15:57
grembleEvening everyone16:19
Kiloshi gremble 16:20
Kilosok ty and you16:20
nlsthznnot sure who here uses the forum, but just a heads up - https://insights.ubuntu.com/2016/07/15/notice-of-security-breach-on-ubuntu-forums/16:26
Kilosty nlsthzn 16:27
squish102"We brought vBulletin up to the latest patch level" << good idea16:30
nlsthzntad late16:50
magespawnhome time chat later all17:57
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:38
nsnzeroearly night Kilos ? take care18:43
superflyso who else plays Ingress here? Other than myself and unlaudable?20:08
theblazehenYou know you're spending too much time trying to figure out the _best_ way to do something when google tells you "Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. This page checks to see if it's really you sending the requests, and not a robot. Why did this happen?" :/20:21
squish102i play part time now20:22
MaNII hope there are not people who play full time20:25
kulelu88theblazehen: presumably your ISP network is being used to DDoS google20:32
inetprokulelu88: good point20:35
* inetpro has seen that message as well20:35
kulelu88I reckon local ISPs are a bit swaak with security20:35
inetproI guess google don't care about all the tiny subnets in the bigger network20:37
theblazehenkulelu88: Can confirm...20:38
kulelu88Google is basically a giant bot itself. their core thinking is to run massive systems with minimal resources20:39
kulelu88imagine how their request log to google.com must look 0.o20:39
theblazehenHuh. Only done 553 google searches today20:58
kulelu88Google must know a shit-ton about you21:02
inetprogood night22:01

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