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Unit193flocculant: You tried Yuk in Vbox lately?04:16
flocculantUnit193: I don't use vbox anymore - got fed up with it 06:02
bluesabreflocculant: so, what are you using these days?09:18
flocculantkvm stuffs11:09
flocculantbluesabre: ^^11:09
flocculantkvm from commandline and the virtual manager thingy as well11:11
flocculantbluesabre: basically got fed up with vbox and images never playing nicely together11:34
flocculantso gave up 11:35
Unit193flocculant: FWIW, -core crapped out when first loading the interface, restarting lightdm fixes it.18:48
flocculantUnit193: okey doke18:49
Unit193Ah, good news.  Xubuntu proper is broken too. :P18:51
flocculantnot looked today18:51
Unit193vbox issue I'm sure.18:51
flocculantoh right 18:51
flocculant2 ticks and I'll see :)18:52
flocculantUnit193: so install from the debian menu thing hangs 18:54
flocculantinstalling now18:55
Unit193flocculant: https://sigma.unit193.net/~unit193/8bitxubuntu.png this isn't supposed to look like that!18:57
flocculanthad that before on vbox18:57
Unit193Guess it just wants to play donky kong..18:58
Unit193Anyway, my point being that Core isn't broken, ENOTMYFAULT. \o/18:58
flocculantUnit193: so is that after reboot? 18:58
Unit193flocculant: I doubt it, vbox yuk VM is fine and just restarting lightdm does fix it.18:59
flocculantreboot after installing? 18:59
flocculantand you talking about 16.04 or 16.10? 18:59
Unit19316.10, yuk.19:00
Unit193(I have no interest in 16.04, at least won't be poking you about it.)19:00
flocculantUnit193: you can put that down to vbox probably - not seeing that here19:04
Unit193Installing now from the desktop, I presume it'll work fine.19:05
flocculantI'd guess so19:05
Unit193The heck?!19:35
Unit193That is, Debian #831421.19:36
ubottuDebian bug 831421 in wnpp "RFP: xubuntu-artwork -- Xubuntu themes and artwork" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/83142119:36
Unit193flocculant: And yeah, no issues as expected.19:37
knomeUnit193, what we probably should do is to reply to the bug saying we're actually working to strip any xubuntu-specific stuff out of the themes, and that debian should rather package the package(s) that is the outcome of that work19:38
knome(and that help is welcome)19:38
knomeUnit193, any chance you could pass on the message?19:38
Unit193Would there actually be a proper upstream from this with tags and everything?19:39
knomethat's a good question.19:39
knomeshimmer project could act as one, as the icon theme essentially is put up by us19:39
knomeif the packaging people of shimmer project (read: Unit193, bluesabre) would be willing to take the extra load.19:40
knomei believe at least bluesabre has been discussing this before19:40
knome^ all this is also some help for xubuntu derivatives, as when it's done, the list of packages they need to remove/change is even shorter19:41
Unit193I split out the elementary stuff as part of a personal project and pinged the two other shimmer people, it was put off until this cycle.19:41
knomeyeah, i know it's been postponed19:41
Unit193And more than just Xubuntu.19:41
knomebut yes, i agree with that direction; there is no reason to force xubuntu-related stuff in this icon theme19:41
Unit193Aha, it's still in /source/19:42
Unit193Still need to get him to review it though.19:45
knomeyes, sure, it'll be some work until it's okay, but re: that bug, they just shouldn't do that.19:45
knomethe other question is our wallpapers19:45
Unit193That's in src:shimmer-themes, IIRC.19:46
knomeif somebody wants to use them outside ubuntu, and wants to have a package, i'm kind of open for that too.19:46
knomemight be19:46
knomeif so, then no worries.19:46
knomejust src19:46
* knome shrugs19:46
Unit193The themes are "maintained" in Debian already, all except Numix but that's getting packaged properly by itself.19:47
knomeand isn't numix kind of floating away from shimmer-maintainment anyway?19:47
Unit193As far as upstream, long ago.  As far as in Ubuntu?  Yes.19:47
Unit193Debian #82779219:48
ubottuDebian bug 827792 in wnpp "ITP: numix-gtk-theme -- modern flat theme from the Numix project" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/82779219:48
Unit193!info numix-icon-theme unstable19:48
ubottunumix-icon-theme (source: numix-icon-theme): modern icon theme from the Numix project. In component main, is optional. Version 0~20160619.217701b-1 (unstable), package size 3283 kB, installed size 103693 kB19:48

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