knome(or use google or another search engine, the download pages aren't really hidden)00:00
grauhatOk, thx00:00
xubuntu98wlooks like sudo apt-get --purge autoremove removed some old kernels00:05
knomelikely so00:05
xubuntu98wcan I purge the autoclean command as well00:06
knomeno, there is no purge parameter for that; gone is gone00:06
pencilandpaperOne thing about 14.04 is that you know that its stable right now. 16.04 is still updating on the regular so, it hasn't really "settled" down yet.00:08
pencilandpaperIt depends on what you prefer using I guess. :)00:09
pencilandpaperI don't mind 14.04. Its a decent release..I like it.00:09
pencilandpaperHow it dropped with debian 8 jessie is awesome.00:09
knomepencilandpaper, it's released and signed off, and it's much more likely that bugs on it will be fixed.00:09
pencilandpaperI understand knome .00:10
pencilandpaperBut just like some hang out on precise, I was just mentioning that for those that prefer to use 14.04 its there to use.00:11
xubuntu98wwhat's Transmission's package name? Says not installed (but it is)00:11
pencilandpaperIts called transmission-gtk xubuntu98w .00:11
xubuntu98wok thanks00:11
xubuntu98wWhy do applications remain listed in the installed section of gnome software after removal via the terminal?00:17
xubuntu98walso, just realized that I removed pidgin without first deleting my account (i didn't auth to services though). does this mean the account was removed or do I need to contact pidgin to remove it?00:19
knomewhat account exactly?00:19
ax562xubuntu98w I found installing synaptic helped with the headache software was giving me.00:20
xubuntu98wan IRC account00:20
ax562really buggy imho00:20
xubuntu98wI used Pidgin to connect to one IRC server00:20
knomexubuntu98w, there's no account created00:21
xubuntu98win order to do that, I needed to create an account00:21
knomeit's just user configuration00:21
xubuntu98wWasn't sure if I actually registered information to be saved in their system00:21
knomethere is no pidgin "system" that tracks any data, it's all on your computer.00:22
xubuntu98wis that the case with xchat too?00:22
xubuntu98wyeah I don't normally use IRC, but it's become an essential tool for me more recently to connect with a certain online community00:23
xubuntu98wanyone else have "ImageMagick" installed on their system?00:25
xubuntu98wI never installed this myself, so I'm thinking it must have been bundled with the 3rd party apps that you can choose to include during the OS install00:26
knomeeverybody has it; it's a bug/issue that it is showing on the menu.00:26
xubuntu98wAccording to the gnome software user reviews, others are having difficulty uninstalling it00:27
xubuntu98wis it a bug with 16.04?00:27
xubuntu98wi see00:27
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xubuntu56whow to set up a static ip in 16.04?03:09
cmcmanisxubuntu56w you just set it in /etc/net/interfaces05:09
archmonkeyhi, how do I auto-mount an internal hdd that usually starts unmounted on boot?09:07
olleharslight problem with apt-get/dpkg13:26
olleharwanted to install wine, had to abort it, now it's stuck on downloading flashplugin-installer13:27
olleharcan I abort that somehow? everytime I do `dpkg --configure -a` it starts over downloading it.13:27
evgeny-trHi there! Does anyone has a problem with the Application Manager that won't start up on Xubuntu 16.0414:02
GeekDudeXuI'm having a rather odd issue with my desktop icons. The text of the icon is left-aligned, and the shadow is center-aligned15:03
GeekDudeXuIt looks really bizarre, any idea how I might fix it?15:04
GeekDudeXuThis is with the latest 16.04 LTS15:05
GeekDudeXuJust installed this morning15:05
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asianMikehello, got a general question about choosing 32 vs. 64. i have an old machine (Thinkpad T60p) and its ram is limited to 3gb (intel 945gm chipset). the processor is t7200, 64bit capable.20:14
Unit193asianMike: I'd go with 64bit then.20:14
asianMikesince it is an old machine, would it be better to install the 32bit version?20:14
asianMikeokay sounds good20:15
knome(the 32-bit version is for 32-bit machines, not for old machines...)20:15
asianMikei only ask because in windows 7, it runs horribly in my machine if i use 64 bit varient over the 32 bit20:16
asianMikeknome: thanks for that clarification. that makes the decision easy.20:16
Unit193https://bryanquigley.com/memory-usage/ubuntu-16-04-livecd-memory-usage-compared that might be handy.20:18
asianMikeUnit193: thanks very much. great info20:20
Unit193asianMike: Hope it helps some.  Then you only have diskspace in regards to using multiarch stuff.  But as a general rule, Ubuntu is trying to move people off of 32bit so that's mainly why it'd be a good idea to use 64 (as well as some applications like chrome only ship for 64 nowdays.)20:21
ax562asianMike you might have to enable each core manually on win7 to get better performance on the 64 bit OS20:22
asianMikeax562: yeah, the original laptop shipped with windows xp 32bit (and then last of its kind was shipped with vista business 64bit). i'm hoping xubunutu will be a better home for it20:25
ax562for the most part it will be but you should throw windows 8.1 on it as well.  8.1 is really efficient and you can have the best of both worlds.20:26
ax562if you do though install 8.1 first the xubuntu20:27
asianMikeUnit193: that's good to know and it's something i didn't consider. on my other partition, i have windows xp installed and chrome has stopped supporting it altogether. good idea to just do 64bit20:27
asianMikeax562: you read my mind because my next question was going to be about dual booting. so install windows OS first and then xubuntu20:27
ax562yeah in that order so you can dual boot20:28
Unit193asianMike: Does your computer support UEFI/Secure boot?20:31
asianMikeUnit193: let me check that20:35
asianMikeUnit193: i don't think so. don't see any options in bios for secure boot menu20:42
asianMikeUnit193: i also checked the latest BIOS readme file from lenovo's website and it has no mention of UEFI/secure book. so im guessing not...20:44
mladen-onlineDear all, I have installed on xubuntu a windows executable using wine. The program doesn't work and I'd like to uninstall20:48
mladen-onlineany idea how it works ?20:48
knomeif the app has a built-in uninstall script, use that20:49
knome(as you would in windows)20:49
mladen-onlinethat worked. Sorry for my lack of imagination. I'm a newbie on xubuntu20:51
knomeactually i think your imagination was flying way too high. :)20:52
mladen-onlineHow do I get the COM port number of a UDB device from terminal ?21:08
xubuntu872hi, my name is Anne, i'm trying to install xubuntu but i got an error saying filesystem ext4 creation failed on partition n°1SCSI1(0,0,0) (sda). Does it mean my HDD is dead ?22:13
knomexubuntu872, i guess that's at least one of the possibilities...22:16
asianMikexubuntu872: look here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/356522/filesystem-creation-fails-when-trying-to-install-ubuntu-over-windows22:18
xubuntu872ok, thanks knome and AsianMike !22:18
w1nkyhi guys22:18
w1nkycan anybody help with xubuntu 16.04 lts and gimp 2.8.16 ?22:19
knomew1nky, maybe, if you tell us what your problem is..22:19
w1nkyi'm looking for the "file > create > from webpage"-feature, but can't find any information22:19
w1nkyi was using it a lot with xubuntu 14.04 lts but in 16.04 lts it's gone22:20
w1nkythe gimp-version is in both cases 2.8.1622:20
knomehave you enabled a PPA to get that gimp version in 14.04 then?22:21
w1nkythat's a good question, brb22:21
knomebecause http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/gimp says the default version in 14.04 is 2.8.1022:22
w1nkyah damn it22:22
w1nkythank you very much ^^22:23

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