chcknrubis the qt long term support be included in kubuntu 16.04?00:04
ahoneybunthank you Unit19300:04
chcknrubhello ahoneybun00:05
Unit193ahoneybun: 'Welcome, 'tis what I'm here for. :)00:05
ahoneybunchcknrub: if you talking about Qt 5.8 we are going to try to squeeze it into 16.0400:05
ahoneybunI don't think I have that power even00:05
* chcknrub kiss will wait for qt 5.800:06
viewer|8404Good Evening everyone, Could someone tell me where to find the md5 for kubuntu linux on the website ?00:37
YankDownUnderviewer|8404: Should be with the downloads - where you originally downloaded Kubuntu...hmm?00:43
oemcan someone te3ll me how to reset my joystick configuration? the mapping got scrambled somehow00:43
oemxbox 36000:44
viewer|8404oh found it, ty tho yank00:44
YankDownUnderviewer|8404: Check for them here: http://www.kubuntu.org/alternative-downloads00:44
YankDownUnderviewer|8404: Good on yta.00:44
viewer|8404have a good one everyone00:44
oemit was working now itn isnt00:45
YankDownUnderoem: Have you Googled for a clue yet?00:46
YankDownUnderoem: Have you disconnected it, rebooted, then connected it again?00:47
oemits a weird issue. right trigger somehow got mapped to an axis. system settings doesnt change it,00:47
oemuninstalled all joystiock config software. only have xboxdrv installed now00:48
YankDownUnderoem: In all honesty,  I don't do games, I don't do joysticks or game controllers...so in reality, I'm not much help.00:48
oemi guess its a xinput thing, right?00:48
YankDownUnderoem: I would assume so.00:49
oemi guess i just need to narrow it down to which file, and then how to make the proper edits. or copy and paste one00:49
oemu in aus?00:50
YankDownUnderoem: Being that it IS a control, anything to do with "input" is assumed. And yes, I'm in Oz.00:50
oemim thinking about moving there eventually00:52
oemmaybe new zealand00:52
YankDownUnderoem: I thought about it, too. Then I *did* it. NZ is too cold for me. I want to move north. Be warmer. I don't mind HOT. And less people.00:53
oemI grew up in phx00:59
oemso opposite for me00:59
oemiceland got rid of their central banksters, but way too cold01:00
YankDownUnderIf the entire world got rid of the controlling banks/bankers, things would be vastly different. :)01:04
jattelIs there a KDE Neon channel?01:16
aienaIs read and write permision on a directory enough to create new files in the directory ?03:43
aienaor do we need execute ?03:43
aienahmm seems like execute bit has to be set on folders otherwise they cannot be written to04:06
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MrokiiHello. I'M relatively new to Kubuntu, so I'm wondering if I'm missing something. What I am missing is an option in Dolphin to open a bookmarked folder in a new window. All I see is an option to open it in a new tab, which is inconvenient. Is there a way to enable such an option?07:11
soeeBookmarked ?07:20
soeeyou mean having it in Places section ?07:20
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rajivmarsthe command to fix a broken package is "apt -f install" or apt -f install <<package name>>?  I mean, do i need to mention the package name after "install" or not?07:23
soeeyou don't, it will try to fix all problems07:24
rajivmarssoee: thankyou:)07:25
Mrokiisoee: Yeah.07:27
MrokiiI am used to Ubuntu and there the entries were named "bookmarks" if I remember correctly.07:27
soeeMrokii: you i dont see such option07:29
Mrokiisoee: I don't see one either. I was just surprised that such an extential function (for me at least) isn't there), and wondered if there is a way to enable it somehow.07:32
MrokiiOn another note, where can I find Information about dolphin-plugins-development, specifically in Python, if that is possible at all?07:44
rajivmarsDespite of removing the package "ttf-mscorefonts-installer" by using the command "sudo apt purge ttf-mscorefonts-installer && sudo rm /var/lib/update-notifier/package-data-downloads/partial/*.exe", the computer still shows an update-information whenever i turn on my computer.  I have pasted the update information to "http://paste.ubuntu.com/19603344/".  Anybody please see it and provide a solution for this.07:50
leumasHi guys, i have a prob opening steam, see link for my terminal output; https://goo.gl/w1M2b408:50
aienahey I have a query regarding permissions. Suppose there are 2 users - 'a' & 'b'. Both are in the same goup 'grp1'.09:03
aienaA user is logged in as 'b' for a file the group has rw permission. Why cant user 'b' delete the file owned by user 'a' ?09:03
aienaleumas:  try install perl09:04
aienaleumas:  also try http://askubuntu.com/questions/761176/steam-doesnt-start-after-upgrade-to-ubuntu-16-0409:06
leumasperl is installed and the solution fro the link results into the same error09:10
aienayou tried all the solutions09:10
aienahmm then dont know09:10
aienadont use steam here. you tried reinstalling your graphics drivers etc09:11
yofelaiena: user 'b' needs write permissions on the folder that the file is in. If he only has write permissions for the file, all he can do is edit it09:14
leumasaiena: my graphics  card is an intel card, so i dont expect any issue from it09:14
leumasaiena: i will consider it generic09:15
aienayofel: thanks now it makes sense09:15
aienaleumas: hmm in linux often its hard to really pinpoint what causes app breakage especially colsed source apps. E.g. recently I needed to install gstreamer so a 2d CAD drawing package worked. I would have never have guessed it.09:16
aienaWhy would gstreamer a audio lib cause a problem for a drawing app. But yeah that was the case09:17
aienaProbably that app has gstreamer bindings for all its audio.09:18
leumasaiena: yea, that does happen09:18
aienaSteam is sort of a bit of a black box too09:18
leumasyea, from i have read on internet it sees to be. It comes with its own libs09:19
aienaleumas:  you could try removing steam and reinstalling it with the GDebi package manager09:19
leumasaiena: done that several times using apt09:19
aienaleumas: yeah its supposed to be self contained but the mechanism is bugged so it interferes with system libs09:19
aienaleumas:  I said using GDebi NOT apt09:20
leumasand deleting .steam folder09:20
aienadid you try several times with GDebi too09:20
leumaswill snaptic be a good substitute?09:21
yofelnot the same error, but did you try this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/771032/steam-not-opening-in-ubuntu-16-04-lts09:22
yofelThe steam runtime is known to be slightly incompatible with system libs at times09:22
aienawell try with a few graphical package managers09:23
aienabut probably use gdebi09:23
aienaas synaptic uses apt in the background09:23
leumasaiena: ok, let me try that09:23
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SmurphyDoes anyone know if I can use the breezesvg icons for my website ?11:09
SmurphyIt's not commercial. Who would I ask for that ?11:09
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> We use the breeze icons on kubuntu.org11:37
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> With attribution in the footer11:38
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> icons Copyright Breeze artists GPL 2+11:38
codingCookiei have a problem with the keyboard layout i think or something is wrong with my system11:40
codingCookiecan anyone solve my problem ?11:42
SmurphyIrcsomeBot: Well - I don't put it into the footer. Will see where I'll put it.12:45
SmurphyBut thx.12:46
SmurphyWell - did add it to the footer :)12:57
MrokiiHello. Here's a quite specific problem. When I doubleclick on a string (for example a filename) there are certain "delimiters" like "-", which stop the selection of certain parts of the string. I wonder if it's possible to change these delimiters so that "_" is included as well (which it isn't at the moment). I hope I could make myself clear.14:08
BluesKajhi all14:14
YaiyanIs it possible to set the sound to mono instead of stereo?14:38
jonathan_xYou mean by still outputting to 2 channels?14:40
jonathan_xYou want joint stereo?14:41
jonathan_xOtherwise you can go to the alsamixer settings (from the command line) and disable one of the channels.14:41
jonathan_xBut I assume you'd want joint stereo.14:41
jonathan_xI do not know how to do that myself.14:42
YaiyanOutputting to both headphones, yeah14:43
YaiyanSome irritating video is filmed only using sound from one ear14:43
Yaiyanor channel, I suppose14:43
jonathan_xHere is some answer:14:44
jonathan_xif "average" means that it will average both channels, you might get an averaged sound from both channels ;-).14:44
YaiyanI'll try that, thanks14:46
jonathan_xwhich would mean half the volume of the (one) channel, but still it would work.14:46
jonathan_xRight channel I mean.14:46
jonathan_xI assume you hear on the right?14:46
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rajivmarsDespite of removing the package "ttf-mscorefonts-installer" by using the command "sudo apt purge ttf-mscorefonts-installer && sudo rm /var/lib/update-notifier/package-data-downloads/partial/*.exe", the computer still shows an update-information whenever i turn on my computer.  I have pasted the update information to "http://paste.ubuntu.com/19603344/".  Anybody please see it and provide a solution for this.16:36
jimarvanrajivmars:  Kubuntu 16.04?16:37
rajivmarsjimarvan: yes16:37
jimarvanno idea m8 sorry :(16:39
jimarvanwhen does the update pops up?16:40
rajivmarsjimarvan: np:)16:40
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jimarvanhave you installed any software that needs mscorefonts?16:40
jimarvanor just installing standalone?16:41
rajivmarsjimarvan: this happens after i installed 'kubuntu-restricted-extras".16:41
jimarvanEVERYTHING that has to do with closed source needs an EULA agreement to be agreed16:41
jimarvanhave you done that?16:41
jimarvancome on whisper i thinnk i got it16:42
rajivmarsjimarvan: yes i have agreed that Eula agreement.16:42
jimarvansudo apt-get --purge --reinstall install ttf-mscorefonts-installer16:43
jimarvanhave you done that too?16:43
jimarvanjust purge it and reboot.16:43
jimarvansudo apt purge ttf-mscorefonts-installer16:43
rajivmarsjimarvan; yeh i have done thatt to.16:43
jimarvan:) that should do it16:43
jimarvancheck your private messages16:44
rajivmarsjimarvan: ok, i am going to do this now.16:44
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rajivmarsjimarvan: it says "ttf-mscorefonts-installer has not installed, so not removed". I have already remove it, and in spite of that it shows that update-notifier.16:50
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ikmaakhi,i do not use flash, but kubuntu keeeps "inviting" me to reinstall at each reboot. is there a way to fix that?17:30
ikmaakreinstall flash17:30
jonathan_xYou mean you don't want it right.17:31
jonathan_xMaybe you can install it and then delete the files, easiest solution :p.17:31
ikmaakreally? i just thought i didn't know the magic words to lose the adverisement of it :P IF that is the way, i'll keep the ahem infobox, so it does not get reinstalled as some security update :)17:33
ikmaakthen it is more of a no-flash badge of honor :P17:34
jonathan_xI'm not sure how to do it with apt. With OpenSUSE you can mark packages as do not upgrade ;-).17:37
jonathan_xNo I am not saying that is the solution, I just don't know how.17:37
jonathan_xIt's not like Kubuntu tells you "Welcome, we have made changes to the base system and they are here and there."17:38
jonathan_xFor all you case, maybe Linux people sometimes do not want you to tinker with their systems :P (You might do something else).17:38
ikmaakjonathan_x: thanks for your input anyway. maybe someone eles sees this and knows the magic spell17:39
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ikmaakZiscqo: no, didn't work, could not see it...17:41
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ZekHas anyone experienced obs-studio when idle being 60-80% CPU for no reason , it's not doing anything just hogs all the CPU , processor is i5 4690k @ 4.0ghz18:28
jonathan_xI wish this channel wouldn't be so god-damn busy all of the time.20:14
jonathan_xI am leaving.20:14
DjearthquakeHello guys)20:16
DjearthquakeWho knows? How nvidia optimus work in kubuntu 16.04?20:16
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viewer|93520Could anyone tell me why the MD5 signatures are different from what I have downloaded of kubuntu and whats on the website ?21:58
viewer|93520oops think i answer my own question maybe22:00

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