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pbekWhen building snaps with launchpad, does the checkboxes `Automatically build when branch changes` and `Automatically upload to store` in the package settings already work? They don't seem to do anything at https://code.launchpad.net/~pbek/+snap/qownnotes when I push a new snapcraft.yml to the master branch. Building manually works, but it the snaps don't get released to the store.11:10
pbekI take back the first part of my question, the build now happend after some time, I will wait to see if the snaps are also released.11:27
cjwatsonShould do.11:39
cjwatsonThough I admit it isn't obviously working in your case.  I'll have to investigate later.11:43
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pbekcjwatson: thank you, I just tried building manually and nothing got released neither21:06

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