mupBug #1603590 opened: [2.0] maas should allow gateways in the fe80::/64 network <MAAS:New> <MAAS 1.9:New> <MAAS 2.0:New> <MAAS trunk:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1603590>00:04
cafarooHi im having some problems with my HP GbE2c switch. When maas tries to pxe boot i get ARP-timeout. Just changed from a cisco switch that worked fine so i know there is some configuration in the switch that is faulty. I have without success tried to configure "port fast forwarding" and "fast uplink convergence". Sholud STP be on or off? Anyone with any ideas?14:56
capslockwizardI have a question regarding cloud-init15:23
capslockwizardAfter deploying using maas...15:23
capslockwizardIs there a way get the nodes to read and execute custom cloud-init config files from the maas server?15:24
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