tsimonq2monsterjamp: I saw, I'll check it out later or tomorrow :)00:32
monsterjampAlright, although I just realized I need to do more than just make the plugin. Apparently I need to make unit tests and integration tests.00:34
monsterjampSo earlier today I was trying to make a snap which led me to making a web installer script for a dependency and then I ended up making a plugin for snapcraft to be able to run the web installer script.00:43
monsterjampSo by trying to contribute to one project, I ended up contributing to 3 (kinda).00:47
qenghomonsterjamp: simple. I like it.00:47
qenghomonsterjamp: So, if I don't include an build_arguments string, it doesn't run the script in the build stage?00:49
monsterjampYeah however the string can be empty00:50
monsterjampbuild-arguments: []00:50
monsterjampI'm not sure if I should change the way the plugin works.00:51
qenghomonsterjamp: How about making thea args an array instead of a string? My arg has a space inside it. Getting that escaped through YAML is hard.00:51
monsterjampIt is an array?00:52
qenghoOh, it is!Cool.00:52
qenghoLooks like the default is already  [], so defining it as [] should change nothing. I think an empty list will be be false-y.00:53
monsterjampI see, I guess I have to change some things then.00:54
monsterjampI completely missed the "default []" line.00:57
monsterjampqengho I updated the plugin: https://gist.github.com/monsterjamp/570fbfe8bbdf959d94486f293956fdbe01:17
monsterjampNow there's another optional property called 'stages' which tells snapcraft which stages the script should be called in.01:18
tsimonq2monsterjamp: I can help with unit and integration tests in a bit01:27
monsterjamptsimonq2 Thanks, that would be really helpful. I haven't ever really done anything to do with unit/integration test.01:28
monsterjampAlthough it looks rather straight forward.01:28
tsimonq2they can be a pita so I'll help after I'm done eating. :)01:29
tsimonq2monsterjamp: so let's start with this01:36
tsimonq2do you know waht unit and integration tests are?01:36
monsterjampWell I'm guessing they're used to check if a feature works?01:37
tsimonq2monsterjamp: yes that, but it also makes sure that the feature doesn't regress in the future01:38
monsterjampI see, but what are unit tests?01:38
tsimonq2the unit tests are more of a Pythonic way to test things, if that makes sense01:39
tsimonq2monsterjamp: so in Snapcraft we actually have three types of tests01:39
tsimonq2static - syntax/typo check01:39
tsimonq2unit - Pythonic testing of the code01:40
tsimonq2integration - more of a real example testing01:40
tsimonq2monsterjamp: so you should always make sure static passes first, because that might point out the obvious01:40
monsterjampI'm not sure what Pythonic means :P01:40
tsimonq2call the functions in Python instead of the usual, user-facing way01:41
tsimonq2monsterjamp: so let's look at your static tests here: https://travis-ci.org/snapcore/snapcraft/jobs/14514419301:41
monsterjampI fixed my script to pass the static tests here: https://gist.github.com/monsterjamp/570fbfe8bbdf959d94486f293956fdbe01:42
tsimonq2then git add, git commit, git push01:42
monsterjampI pushed, I guess it'll take a while before travis-ci can check it again.01:45
tsimonq2a little bit :)01:45
tsimonq2I can tell you what's wrong with your unit tests, though01:46
tsimonq2it prints the plugin list in several unit tests, and it expects a certain output01:46
tsimonq2the problem with that is that it indents01:47
tsimonq2so you need to go to all three of those failing tests and correct the errors :)01:47
monsterjampI'm a bit confused this is what I get for the unit test: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19576664/01:50
monsterjampBut AFAIK that has nothing to do with my plugin?01:50
tsimonq2well sometimes other things break when you add things :)01:52
tsimonq2wait hm01:52
tsimonq2monsterjamp: sudo apt install python3-tabulate01:52
monsterjampOh, that makes sense.01:53
tsimonq2monsterjamp: you *could* use pip but I usually prefer to do the package :)01:53
monsterjampLooks like I'm missingmore than one dependency01:55
monsterjampBut the dependencies aren't even listed in HACKING.md01:55
monsterjampLooks like the unit test is working now01:56
monsterjampI gtg, I'll be back in 30mins01:58
monsterjampActually nvm, I'll stay here for a bit longer.02:03
monsterjamptsimonq2 how long do these unit tests take?02:06
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: between 5 and 10 mins02:11
tsimonq2whoops sorry flexiondotorg02:11
tsimonq2monsterjamp: between 5 and 10 mins02:11
monsterjamplol I see02:12
monsterjamptsimonq2 so am I supposed to get it to line up? Cause I can't seem to even get the list without "bash" to line up02:16
tsimonq2monsterjamp: correct02:19
tsimonq2monsterjamp: it takes some work ;)02:19
tsimonq2monsterjamp: tip, instead of running all the unit tests over and over, you can do: python3 -m unittest snapcraft.tests.test_commands_list_plugins.ListPluginsCommandTestCase (for example)02:22
tsimonq2monsterjamp: that will save you some time! :D02:22
monsterjampOh, thanks that will be useful02:22
monsterjamptsimonq2 how does this look on your terminal? I can't get it to line up perfectly: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19580796/02:32
* tsimonq2 plays a bit with it02:34
tsimonq2monsterjamp: well look at the output, it outputs what it expects as well02:35
tsimonq2snapcraft.tests.test_commands_list_plugins.ListPluginsCommandTestCase seems to be easy to fix02:36
tsimonq2+ ant        catkin  copy  gradle  jdk     kernel  maven  nodejs             python2  qmake  tar-content02:36
tsimonq2- ant        bash    cmake  go      gulp  kbuild  make   nil     plainbox-provider  python3  scons02:36
tsimonq2sort of the same with snapcraft.tests.test_commands_list_plugins.ListPluginsCommandTestCase02:37
tsimonq2wait...same test case?02:37
tsimonq2you get my point, look at the travis logs02:37
tsimonq2monsterjamp: this is going to be a HUGE pita, but you have to fix it... :/02:38
tsimonq2wait I have an idea, I'll get back to you02:39
tsimonq2see, if I disable these tests, build the Debian package, then install it on my system, I can get the same output it's expecting02:39
tsimonq2then I can give that to you!02:39
tsimonq2monsterjamp: couldn't get it to work sorry03:16
monsterjamptsimonq2 :(03:22
monsterjampWhat is MAX_CHARACTER_WRAP? Is it equal to 65?03:22
tsimonq2I don't know, sorry03:23
monsterjampIf only I knew when it wrapped :/03:24
tsimonq2monsterjamp: well it shows what it expects to look like and what it was presented in the error03:24
tsimonq2monsterjamp: change it to what is presented :)03:25
tsimonq2for example: AssertionError: 'ant        bash    cmake  go      gulp  kbuild  make[152 chars]nt\n' != 'ant        catkin  copy  gradle  jdk     kernel  mav[139 chars]ns\n'03:25
tsimonq2+ ant        catkin  copy  gradle  jdk     kernel  maven  nodejs             python2  qmake  tar-content03:25
tsimonq2- ant        bash    cmake  go      gulp  kbuild  make   nil     plainbox-provider  python3  scons03:25
tsimonq2?  ^ ^^^^^^^^^^ ---           --                            -                                     ------03:25
tsimonq2+ autotools  cmake   go    gulp    kbuild  make    nil    plainbox-provider  python3  scons03:25
tsimonq2?  ^ ^^^^^          +          ++                 +03:25
tsimonq2- autotools  catkin  copy   gradle  jdk   kernel  maven  nodejs  python2            qmake    tar-content03:25
monsterjampI see but what to the + ^ - adnd ? mean, it's overwhelming me :P03:26
tsimonq2monsterjamp: compare it to what's in the code :)03:26
tsimonq2does it want the line that has + or the line that has -?03:28
monsterjampI think I understand now03:30
tsimonq2great :)03:33
tsimonq2sorry I can't help more03:33
monsterjampYou signing off?03:36
tsimonq2no, just sorry I couldn't help more :)03:39
monsterjampI can't figure it out, I thought I understood the terminal output :(04:24
tsimonq2monsterjamp: I'll help tomorrow :)04:27
monsterjampWhat time will you be on tsimonq2?04:27
tsimonq2I have no clue, but sooner rather than later04:28
monsterjampWait I think I figured it out. I have to modify  expected output too...04:29
tsimonq2yes! :P04:35
monsterjampI passed the 3 unit tests :O04:48
tsimonq2monsterjamp: push! :D05:20
monsterjamptsimonq2 pushed :O05:25
tsimonq2monsterjamp: so the build passed05:34
tsimonq2but coveralls failed05:34
tsimonq2which means you need coverage05:35
tsimonq2what time zone are you in? just curious05:35
monsterjampIt's midnight right now :P05:36
tsimonq212:38 by me05:38
monsterjampWhere are you from? I'm from the suburbs of Chicago.05:39
tsimonq2oh! I'm in Green Bay05:41
monsterjampSo we're both on the east-most edge of the GMT-6 timzone05:43
tsimonq2yep! :D05:43
mupBug #1555569 opened: [snaps] Show human-readable names for store apps <gnome-software> <sdoc> <Canonical Click Reviewers tools:New> <Snappy:New> <Software Center Agent:Fix Released> <gnome-software (Ubuntu):Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1555569>05:44
tsimonq2monsterjamp: I'm going to bed now, then I'll be up in the morning, then I'll be AFK from 12:30ish onwards, so can we talk then or won't you be around?05:47
mupBug #1603610 opened: Snaps have no screenshots <Snappy:New> <gnome-software (Ubuntu):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1603610>05:47
monsterjamptsimonq2 Yeah I'll be on.05:47
tsimonq2great, see you then :l05:48
monsterjampProbably arounf 9am-10am05:48
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mupPR snapd#1558 closed: client,cmd/snap: cleanup cmd/snap test suite, add extra args test <Created by pedronis> <Merged by pedronis> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1558>10:57
monsterjamptsimonq2 I passed the coverage test :D15:57
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kyrofaThis airport is boring. Anyone around?21:35
ali1234kyrofa: if you are bored you could try to tackle my challenge from the other day. snap the qopenglwidget so that it runs on the EGLFS backend on raspberry pi.21:46
kyrofaali1234, no pi with which to test I'm afraid. I'm trying out let's encrypt instead21:47
mupPR snapcraft#497 opened: Catkin plugin: Enforce C.UTF-8 locale <Created by kyrofa> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/497>21:57

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