tsimonq2"fixing up" = Lubuntu01:48
* tsimonq2 runs01:48
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lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:52
lotuspsychjeholy smokin04:56
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: Yeah; https://insights.ubuntu.com/2016/07/15/notice-of-security-breach-on-ubuntu-forums/05:02
Bashing-omlast couple of days have been " something else " .05:06
lotuspsychjeyeah im figuring05:07
lotuspsychjeit will be a good lesson in sql injection05:09
lotuspsychjeso many webs are vulnerable05:09
ducassemorning all :)06:11
lotuspsychjehey ducasse06:14
ducassemorning lotuspsychje - how are you?06:15
lotuspsychjefine mate tnx06:15
lotuspsychjeworking day today :p06:15
ducasseah :) when are you leaving for work?06:16
lotuspsychjestart at 1206:16
ducassegood with some free time first :) did you figure out the disclaimer/privacy stuff?06:18
lotuspsychjeyeah im getting there06:20
lotuspsychjethe text are pretty well made06:23
lotuspsychjeso i only have to enter companys name etc06:23
lotuspsychjeand here and there adjust some policy of my own company06:23
ducassegreat. i've got a zillion things to do today, i spent most of the day yesterday fiddling with my i3 desktop :)06:27
lotuspsychjeoh cool06:28
lotuspsychjei should try that one day :p06:28
ducassei rarely spend time on things like that, but i just wanted to fix and test a few things. after i got started i couldn't stop :)06:30
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic06:36
ubot5linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 11 kB06:36
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BluesKajhi all14:14
ducassehi BluesKaj - did you get vpn working?14:15
BluesKajhi ducasse, nope, seems the pia openvpn isn't compatible with the pi3 ovpn files and the openbpn version on the pi314:17
BluesKajopenvpn version14:18
ducasseodd. what happens when you try?14:19
BluesKajanyway if I want to download torrents the socks5 proxy works with the pia url for socks5 users in qbittorrent and provides fields for the pia username and pw14:21
ducasseisn't that really slow?14:22
BluesKajnot on my dsl connecttion14:22
BluesKajit's a tunnel thru the pia provider, basically a vpn for torrent clients14:23
ducassewhen i tried there was a significant difference, but i guess it depends on your bandwidth.14:24
BluesKajI have a 6mb or 700kbs connection here and i t ranat 630 or so consistently during a test14:24
ducasseah, mine is 250mbps.14:26
BluesKajI could pay thru the nose for a 40mb cable internet service, but I'm retired and on fixed income and don't need to get fleeced14:27
BluesKajin the boonies here ...14:27
ducasseinternet is pretty cheap here, but i don't normally have more than 150. there was an offer where i got 250 for six months at no extra cost, but at the end of august i'm back at 150.14:28
BluesKajCanada has a sparse population vs the land area so commiunication is expensive here , it's just a fact of life14:29
ducassemost people here live in the cities, as do i, so i'm pretty lucky. i could get symmetric gb fiber for a little more, but what for?14:31
BluesKajwell, it works well enough for our needs and it's consistent ...my internet is $35/mos cdn and that's the way I like it14:33
ducassehow much is that in usd?14:36
BluesKajthe .ovpn config files from pia just doin't wortk with my version of openvpn for the pi3 , that's my conclusion ...I couldn't figure what the error is , so i settled for the socks5 proxy solution14:36
ducasseas long as it works :-)14:37
BluesKaj35cdn is about 30us14:37
ducassenot too bad, then. i pay a little bit more, not much, but i understand why the difference is there. i live in a very small country :)14:38
BluesKajit's not so much  the speed here, it's the cost of infrastructure and hardware...the cities are much cheaper due to the the competition14:43
ducasseright. the boonies over there are really the boonies compared to here.14:47
BluesKajI live in a town of 5K population and I'm 70KM from a small city of 150K population, the nearest large city (Toronto) is 450KM from here14:49
ducassemy mother lives in what i consider to be the boonies, and that's 45km from the nearest big city...14:51
ducasseotoh, we don't have large cities on that scale.14:51
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