memguyO i see /usr/src/linux-headers-3.13.0-32/include/uapi/linux corrosponds to /usr/include/linux directory 06:32
memguyuser space api06:32
memguyand for the kernel header download not much in any of those  directories other then  include or script directories everything else is left over Kconfig or Kbuild or Makefiles that where not stripped out with the .c files in all the folders 06:37
memguythough there are a few py scripts in the tools subdirectories but thats about it06:38
memguySo the next step i think for me is to go thru all these header files in the include subdirectories as best i can  catting as many together to see if i can understand a 90 % chunk of the definitions and naming of things. The from there go to source code c files when need if an issue occurs.06:42
memguyAdding a .h or .c or a menuconfig option isn't so bad any more06:44
memguyto the linux source code06:44
memguyits totally do able leaving off the arch folder .h which are the macro or asm code for the different arch's that gcc embeds in when compiling most of the arch where written more as macro's the regular asm instructions probably to make it more portable doing alot of those ifdef ifndef checks to include the right asm for the arch when compiling07:07
memguyso its not as easy to get even if your pretty good with asm code you still have to be familar with the macro's so that may take a little while07:08
memguythats if i was going for arch  porting but i like how if you leave off those arch specific things then the code is really totally distinct from an arch 07:10
memguyAnd since the code is distinct from an arch at that level its not as difficult to imagine porting to a completely new arch would be just adding macro's and ifdef/ifndef definitions to the arch folder (obviously a little more difficult then that for sure)07:13
memguyBecause one would need to know what arch files are important for adding a new arch on to and which ones are just helper asm .h files for a particular arch 07:14
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