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Guest48448hi all05:59
Guest48448I just installed Ubuntu mate and I have some problem with Ubuntu Software Center, do you have any suggestion?06:00
fifty-sevenCSuggestion for what?06:02
SuperEngineerGuest48448: please state *what* the problem is :-)  [and are you aware that the UbuntuMate "welcome" has a software selection?]06:02
SuperEngineerhmmm... a real community spirit shown there - a person who gives but wants nothing in return.  [in this case, someone who gives a question, doesn't want an answer in return for their giving] :-D06:18
randallfunny how people do that, ask vague question, then leave when they dpn't get an instant answer06:23
ouroumovhi geonu11:37
Nosophorushello, guys11:39
ouroumovSup Nosophorus11:39
mase-techhihi I love ubuntu mate12:08
mase-techreally nice look12:08
mase-techand other features are also very good12:08
mate|41645I have some trouble to download ubuntu mate for the raspi. The link seems to be broken. Is there an alternative link?12:16
mate|32854Hello guys12:31
mate|32854a question12:31
mate|32854can i make a NAS on ubuntu mate12:32
mate|32854using Dlink DL32012:32
mate|32854for an example. can i install utorrent on ubuntu mate12:33
mate|32854i leave the question for response, thanks12:34
SCHAAP137i don't see why not12:34
SCHAAP137if the machine is capable of running ubuntu mate, it's capable of functioning as a NAS12:35
SCHAAP137(provided it has a network adapter)12:35
mate|41645No idea about the broken link? Anyone?12:36
mate|32854thanks. i forgot one detail, the ideia is use the  Raspberry 3...12:36
mate|32854i leave the question, see you guys back later12:39
julioboa tarde15:36
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SuperEngineer[phew... no count down]18:25
agpirieHello. I had sophos antivirus for linux on my Ubuntu mate partition and it was blocking the grub update thing, now grub is gone and the computer boots straight into windows now. How do I fix this?18:42
Akuliagpirie, please don't use antiviruses on linux18:46
Akulibut lets fix this18:46
Akuliagpirie, do you have the installation cd?18:46
Akulior dvd or usb stick or whatever18:46
Akuliboot from it18:47
Akuliuse the 'try ubuntu' thing18:47
agpirieI'm using the computer right now to message you.18:48
agpirieHang on lemme get on here with my phone18:48
Akuliwith the usb stick?18:48
agpirieNo, on Windows18:48
Akuliyou can get here from the stick18:48
Akulithere's hexchat in the menu, just open it and join18:48
Akuliirc is not really a mobile phone thing :) you just can't write  fast enough18:48
agpirieLemme reflash the image to the usb drive a sec, i formatted it for my files18:49
Akuliis someone else here using an antivirus on linux? please remove it before you're locked out of your system!!18:50
agpirievery good advice ^^^18:50
agpiriei recently found out linux doesnt need antivirus after i updated grub...18:50
nomicviruses are a factor of windows18:51
Akulido you know why it doesn't need it?18:51
nomicIMO the anti-virus writers produce them, constantly18:51
agpirieBecause there isn't much virus for linux out there..?18:51
Akuliyes, but why aren't people just writing them?18:51
Akulithey're hard to write because everything requires a password18:51
EdveAkuli, you could be suprised18:52
Akulito keep it that way, never enter your password if you don't need to :)18:52
AkuliEdve, i'm speaking of things that destroy the system18:52
Akulinot stuff in your home folder, its easy to get rid of18:52
Akuliif you ever get any just remove all hidden setting files and you're done18:52
Edveno i know , just with the right coding into an java applet loaded by a browser18:53
Akulihow would it gain root access?18:53
Akulijust doesn't make any sense18:53
agpiriehttp://i.imgur.com/2V5WcE7.png around 5 mins left.... ;c18:53
Edve java is full of exploit like that18:53
Edveyes it has some limitation avout the JVM that is running but it can interact outside of the box18:54
Akulinice, irc is a built-in thing on the website18:54
agpirieEdve, I would normally add .js to the ublock list...18:54
agpirieOn firefox that is...18:54
Akuliublock runs on chrome-based browsers too18:54
agpirieI'm on chrome rn18:55
Akulihehe :)18:55
agpirieI wonder why there isn't many videos on youtube of stuff like "scammer v linux"18:55
Akulithere's videos about people telling about how you need an antivirus and bla bla bla, but you already have one18:56
Akuliyour common sense18:56
Edvebecause people using linux are Leet , they dont want to let you know that they had a virus . That is a common fact18:56
Akulieven a lot of windows users, especially security professionals use nothing but their common sense18:57
agpirieI'm thinking of something right now. Since Ubuntu phone and kubuntu phone is a thing... then what would Ubuntu MATE phone be like(if in development)?18:57
Akuliviruses don't appear by theirselves, 99% of the time they come from the web browser18:57
Akuliagpirie, mate isn't that nice for phones18:57
Akulithe panels are a bit too narrow by default18:58
SuperEngineerclick click click virus18:58
Akuliagpirie, is the usb stick done?18:59
agpirieAlmost, it's verifying18:59
SuperEngineerthat's how it's done... we wise peeps check what we click before we click... we're called Linux peeps18:59
agpirieOkay, gonna boot into the usb now19:01
Akulihi agpirie19:05
agpirieAkuli I'm on Ubuntu mate right now.19:05
agpirieNow what?19:05
Akuliopen a terminal, run this:  lsblk | nc termbin.com 999919:05
Akulithat'll list your hard drives, and upload the list to termbin.com and give you a link to it19:05
agpiriesda       8:0    0 465.8G  0 disk19:05
agpirie├─sda1    8:1    0     1G  0 part19:05
agpirie├─sda2    8:2    0   100M  0 part19:05
agpirie├─sda3    8:3    0   128M  0 part19:05
agpirie├─sda4    8:4    0 298.9G  0 part19:06
agpirie├─sda5    8:5    0  47.7G  0 part19:06
agpirie├─sda6    8:6    0  47.7G  0 part19:06
agpirie├─sda7    8:7    0   3.8G  0 part [SWAP]19:06
agpirie├─sda8    8:8    0    95M  0 part19:06
agpirie├─sda9    8:9    0   804M  0 part19:06
agpirie├─sda10   8:10   0  10.1G  0 part19:06
agpirie└─sda11   8:11   0  47.7G  0 part19:06
agpiriesdb       8:16   1   7.2G  0 disk /cdrom19:06
agpirie├─sdb1    8:17   1   1.5G  0 part19:06
agpirie└─sdb2    8:18   1   2.3M  0 part19:06
Akuliagpirie, copy-paste it next time :)19:06
agpirieloop0     7:0    0   1.5G  1 loop /rofs19:06
Akulii mean, copy-paste the command19:06
agpirieI used ctrl+c and ctrl+v19:06
agpirieIt's what I'm used to19:07
Akulidon't paste that much here19:07
Akuli3 lines is a good maximum19:07
Akulido you know which of the drives is your ubuntu partition?19:07
agpirieI have 3 Linux partitions19:07
Akuliwhich one is grub on?19:08
Akulii mean, which one has the antivirus crap?19:08
agpirieI removed the antivirus19:08
agpirieBut grub doesnt work on it19:08
Akuliwhich one had it?19:08
agpirieI don't know which partition19:08
agpirieIt's one of the 47.7G ones19:09
Akuliopen 'Computer' in the places menu19:09
agpirieI found it by mounting it and finding it in gnome-disks19:09
agpirieIt's /dev/sda1119:10
Akuliis it mounted now? where?19:10
agpirieThat's where19:10
agpirieI can't paste it lol19:10
Akulino problem :)19:10
agpirieBecause it starts with a slash19:10
agpirie /media/ubuntu-mate/8e93a68c-dc60-49f7-b7f3-7c420641b29819:10
Akulirun these:19:10
Akuliumount /dev/sda1119:10
Akulisudo mount /dev/sda11 /mnt19:11
Akulisudo chroot /mnt /bin/bash19:11
Akulinow you're on your computer, but using the live cd's kernel19:11
Akuliif you now run update-grub, what does that do?19:11
agpiriesudo chroot /mnt /bin/bas19:12
Akulibash, not bas19:12
agpirie /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?).19:12
Akuliexit out of the chroot19:12
Akulijust type exit19:12
Akulithen we'll mount /dev:   sudo mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev19:12
Akulii wonder what else we need to mount19:12
Akuliwhen thats done, try the chroot again19:13
agpiriemaybe /mnt/sys?19:13
Akulicould be19:13
Akulisudo mount --bind /sys /mnt/sys19:13
Akulithey work just like that,  you can mount others yourself too if you get error messages19:14
agpirieattempting to open chroot is slow now..19:15
Akulichroot should start really fast19:15
agpirieIt normally does..19:15
Akuliyou can interrupt it with Ctrl+C19:15
agpirieI know most keyboard shortcuts19:15
Akulido you know how to copy-paste with the terminal without mouse?19:16
agpirieBut running chroot again does the same thing19:16
Akulior how to move around without arrow keys>19:16
Akulithere's another way19:16
agpiriethose are the main ones I use19:16
Akuliyou still need to highlight the text with your mouse19:16
AkuliCtrl+K and Ctrl+Y19:16
agpirieGonna restart. Because now the terminal is just playing up19:19
agpirieI don't know what to do...19:25
agpirieAbout the whole grub thing19:25
Akulifollow this tutorial http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd19:25
Akuliwith sda11 as sdXY19:26
agpirieOkay, thanks19:26
Akuliask me if you have any problems19:26
Akulii forgot that updating grub from chroot is such a problem19:26
agpirieInstalling for x86_64-efi platform.19:30
agpiriegrub-install: error: cannot find EFI directory.19:30
agpirieThat's what happens when running grub-install /dev/sda19:30
Akulimaybe you've mounted the wrong partition?19:31
agpirieI mounted /dev/sda1119:31
agpirieWait, I had to force shut down Windows. Maybe that's why it isn't working...19:34
Akuliwhich windows?19:34
agpirieI'll restart, boot into windows, restart PROPERLY, then boot back into usb19:34
agpiriewindows 10: crap edition19:34
Akuliyou want to disable its fast boot19:34
agpirieI already did..19:34
agpirieWell. Cya on the other sideeeeeeee19:34
agpirieNow what was that reinstall grub 2 link again?19:43
Akulifirst result on google, but i read it19:47
agpirieI already found it, and grub-install /dev/sda didnt work19:47
agpiriebut grub-update did19:47
agpirieexcept a little error19:47
agpiriegrub-probe: error: cannot find a GRUB drive for /dev/sdb1.  Check your device.map.19:47
Akulilittle error :)19:47
Akuliwhy is it /dev/sdb1?19:48
agpirieThat's my usb stick...19:48
Akuliwhat did the grub-install one say?19:48
agpirieroot@ubuntu-mate:/# grub-install /dev/sda19:48
agpirieInstalling for x86_64-efi platform.19:48
agpiriegrub-install: error: cannot find EFI directory.19:48
agpirieGonna  restart computer to see if the grub-update thing did the trick19:51
agpirieAkuli, I just realized that in the welcome app there is "Boot-Repair"20:00
agpirieAn error occurred during the repair.20:03
agpiriePlease write on a paper the following URL:20:03
agpirieAnother one...20:10
agpirieAn error occurred during the repair.20:10
agpiriePlease write on a paper the following URL:20:10
agpirieGonna reboot and see if it worked anyway20:10
Akuliagpirie, i'd recommend going to #ubuntu20:24
Akulithere's more skilled people than here, and your issue is not ubuntu mate specific so they should be ready to help you there20:24
agpirieThere is literally nobody there who is responding to me and lots of people are active right now..20:28
Akulilet me come there20:28
scotty__hey all... how do i check if my system is 32 or 64 bit in terminal??20:38
scotty__total linux noob XD20:38
bekksscotty__: check uname -a first20:40
scotty__armv7l GNU/Linux20:41
agpiriebekks, why is the output:20:48
agpirieubuntu-mate@ubuntu-mate:~$ sudo mount /boot/efi20:48
agpiriemount: can't find /boot/efi in /etc/fstab20:48
agpiriecannot find it20:48
bekksWhy are you changing support channels?20:48
agpirieI don't know...20:49
agpirieMy keyboard is covered in my little brothers crisps...20:50
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MATE-CinnamonHi all20:56
toruIs it really necessary for the disk manager to chmod a folder I want a drive mounted to to 777?  I might as well just manually edit fstab.21:54
ouroumovtoru, I don't get what you mean.21:55
toruIt gives full read write execute permissions to the drive I want automatically mounted.21:56
toruI'm sure they do it for convenience, I just think it's a bit less secure that way.21:57
ouroumovNo I mean, this should not happen I think21:58
bekkstoru: Security is the same.21:58
ouroumovbekks, please explain21:59
bekksIt is irrelevant wether you set permissions via fstab or via chmod.21:59
ouroumovUnless I misunderstood, the problem is the permissions, not the way they're given22:00
bekks"I just think it's a bit less secure that way." - thats what toru said.22:00
ouroumovYeah because it's freaking 77722:00
ouroumovOr did I misread him?22:01
tewardthat said, that sounds like a bug that needs addressed22:01
tewardand you didn't.22:01
toruIt's called "gnome-disks" I guess, so maybe it's the gnome project's fault.  i dunno.22:01
tewardi read it as "Disk Manager chmod 777'd a folder before it was mounted by the thing, and that seems unnecessary."22:01
tewardmaybe file a bug on it?22:01
toruWell, thats what happened when I set it to a folder.22:02
toruit came up as 777.22:02
toruBut i already had the folder before hand.22:02
toruBut yea, it's not hard to just do it manually.22:02
torujust mount the drive without the disk-manager.22:03
agpiriebekks, i managed to get grub back22:31
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aronou25Hi, I need some help23:06
ouroumovhi aronou2523:06
ouroumovaronou25, please describe your problem23:06
aronou25Well, I'm new in Linux, before linux, I had Windows 8, I have Intel HD Graphics Integrated, but I dont know where to download the drivers23:08
aronou25Hi ouroumov23:09
ouroumovaronou25, do you experience a graphics problem?23:10
ouroumovIntel integrated graphics are usually not a problem on Linux23:10
ouroumovThere's a step in the Welcome Splash screen, section "Getting Started", about installing Drivers & Firmware packages23:11
ouroumovIf you check in System -> Administration -> Software & Updates, in the "Additional Driver" tab you should be able to see if you're using the intel firmware for your processor23:12
aronou25Well, It looks like I'm already using it23:13
aronou25Thank you23:13
mate|43779how can I search an app that I already have installed?23:41
cregeso i have ubuntu on my raspberry pi 3 and a usb keyboard and a bluetooth mouse it is compatable but i need to somehow use the keyboard to pair and connect the mouse I need help!!!!!!23:47
__user__how can i apt-get unutu mate alpha?23:48
cregewhat is ubuntu mate alpha?23:48
__user__ubuntu mate alpha -> ubuntu mate 16.1023:49
cregeoh just download it from their website23:50
__user__I wanted to apt-get --dist-upgrade it23:51
__user__How do I do that23:51
cregeprobably go to terminal in apps23:52
cregeso i have ubuntu on my raspberry pi 3 and a usb keyboard and a bluetooth mouse it is compatable but i need to somehow use the keyboard to pair and connect the mouse I need help!!!!!!23:53
cregehello _user_?23:54
cregeI didn't know you where still there23:55
__user__look up how to pair bt mouse via cli23:56
__user__Ive done it a couple times but don't remeber the commands23:56
cregeI have had mine for a month and cant use it23:57

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