Gorianhey, wondering what people think as far as running a distributed filesystem on top of raid and something like ZFS02:54
GorianZFS + RAID + Gluster with no file copies? ZFS + single disks in a pool + gluster multiple copies? ZFS + redundant pools + gluster with multiple copies for maxiumum redundancy?02:55
antonispgshey guys how can I set dhcp to auto from cli?10:36
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LaserAllanIf i want to mount shares automatically when a server starts, what would be the command to put in fstab then?11:19
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Gorianwow, this channel is so dead17:19
tewardGorian: this isn't a super active channel no, but if you have a question about Ubuntu Server feel free to ask17:20
tewardand there will be more activity heh17:20
Gorianantonispgs: if you are still here, try editing /etc/network/interfaces, so you end up with "auto eth0" and then "iface eht0 inet dhcp"17:21
Gorianteward I don't need help, I was more noticing multiple people asking for help and getting no replies17:21
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