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davidcallemariogrip: ping12:26
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brunch8751Hey! External bluetooth keyboard now types accents ☺ Great job!13:48
nicomenAbout to buy a new phone, what device would you recommend for runnin Ubuntu these days?14:28
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casanovawhat's the best Ubuntu touch app available right now?19:45
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DPAHi. I have a Meizu Pro 5, and there are some things I couldn't found on the Internet. I made a copy of /dev/sd{a,b,c} of my Phone. Is on sdb fastboot and the bootloader? sda contains a gpt partitiontable and the system/recovery/etc. partitions. Would fastboot still work if I override sda with zeros, and if not, which Partitions are required by fastboot? Is fastboot using the gpt partitiontable when I22:00
DPAflash a partition, or is the offset where the partition starts hardcoded? Is ist possible to flash an image of the whole /dev/sda which was created using dd? Is it possible to get debugmessages from the kernel? Is there a way to emulate the hardware of my phone? Does the position of the recovery partition matter when booting into recovery mode, and wold recovery mode still work if any other partition on22:01
DPAsda wouldn't exist anymore? If I fill /dev/fb0 with 0xFF on my PC, my screen turns white, but if I try the same on my phone, it crashes and restarts; is this a bug?22:01
altker128DPA: I think a lot of these questions have to do with the fact Ubuntu touch is working on the Android subsystem and maintains the layout of the original device (I think)22:15
DPAaltker128: I think so too, but it doesn't really help me to figure out if and which parts of the partitiontable I can change, etc. I wonder who would know this?22:37
altker128DPA: Is there a reason you want to change the partitioning?  Not that you shouldn't be able to.22:39
DPANot really, I think about creating my own distribution, and I try to figure out what I can do without breaking my phone in a way I can't fix anymore.22:42
altker128DPA: Understood.  I don't have an M5 Pro, otherwise I'd pitch in22:45

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