Kilosmorning all08:19
Kilosso wonderful only have power after 10am08:19
paddatrapperMorning Kilos 08:51
Kiloshi paddatrapper 08:53
paddatrapperPretty quiet here today08:54
Kiloswould be even more wonderful to have the power before 10 as well08:54
Kilosyeah peeps go shopping on saterdays08:54
paddatrappersuperfly: QT5 and pyinstaller are finally working nicely!10:11
superflypaddatrapper: excellent 10:14
paddatrapperNow to get wine working to cross "compile"10:14
superflypaddatrapper: that's actually not too difficult 10:14
paddatrappersuperfly: Yeah, just requires me installing wine right?10:15
paddatrappersuperfly: With wine installed how do I run pyinstaller? wine pyinstaller <spec_file> doesn't work - throws an error10:21
superflyYou need to install the Windows versions of everything 10:24
paddatrapperAh ok10:25
superflySo, get Python from python.org10:26
superflyYou might need to use winetricks to install some Windows dependencies 10:27
superflyInstall PyWin32 from http://www.lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/pythonlibs/10:29
superflyAnd of course get PyQt5 from https://www.riverbankcomputing.com/software/pyqt/download510:31
nlsthznGood afternoon South Africa10:34
Kiloshi nlsthzn 10:35
nlsthznuncle Kilos , all well I hope?10:37
Kilosyes ty and there?10:37
nlsthznall good and toasty thanks10:37
superflyHi nlsthzn! 10:41
nlsthznhey superfly , long time no talk :)10:41
paddatrapperHey nlsthzn 10:41
superflynlsthzn: do you play WoW? 10:41
nlsthzna wild paddatrapper appears :p - o/10:41
nlsthznsuperfly, World of Warcraft?10:42
superflyYes 10:42
nlsthznnope, don't like the business model, paying every month regardless if you play 10:42
superflyI signed up for Hearthstone, and got a free "starter edition" WoW at the same time 10:43
nlsthznyou playing or looking to start?10:43
nlsthznah ok...10:43
nlsthznI have the same thing... never used.  No point getting hooked :p10:44
nlsthznare you enjoying hearthstone?10:44
nlsthznI haven't played in months10:44
superflyThere are very few games that really stick with me 10:47
superflyIngress is one of those 10:47
superflyHearthstone currently doesn't look it10:48
nlsthznif you enjoy card type games you should give duelyst a try... the browser version works well in linux10:48
superfly*to be10:48
nlsthznthe grind gets tedious in hearthstone10:48
superflyOk, I'll do that 10:48
nlsthznit is also free to play10:48
superflyI played a game years ago called Etherlords10:48
nlsthznI played etherlords II way back when :)10:49
nlsthznin the days I still played MTG10:49
superflyAh, so you know it :) 10:49
superflyNever really played MTG10:49
superflyA little, but it didn't really stick with me either 10:50
nlsthzn<3 mtg10:50
nlsthznsadly haven't played in almost ten years10:50
nlsthznhad one game at the recent comicon here... then the kid got sick and I had to leave the tourney :/10:50
superflyReal life kicked in, eh? :P10:54
hibanagood day Kilos10:55
nlsthznyup, life :p10:55
Kilosohi hibana 10:55
Kiloswhat broke10:55
hibanaoh and hi inetpro and others also10:55
superflyOh dear, run for your lives! hibana is here! 10:55
inetprowb hibana10:55
nlsthzno/ hibana 10:55
nlsthznoh hai inetpro 10:55
hibanasuperfly: am just making sure inetpro knows I'm still alive every so often10:56
* nlsthzn joined the ubuntuforum again just in time for the hack >.<10:56
hibanathanks inetpro10:56
inetprogood evening everyone10:57
Kiloshibana when you giving my sjambok back to me?10:57
* hibana just getting ready to kick inetpro out of here first10:58
hibanabut only later...10:58
* hibana wbb10:58
inetpronlsthzn: you hacked the forums?11:00
nlsthznno, but my information got hacked with the forum >.<11:00
nlsthzngood thing I used my company e-mail and not my personal one11:01
nlsthznI should really ask them to unban my personal e-mail :p11:01
inetpronlsthzn: it's just a clever way to get us all back to using the forums again11:03
nlsthznoh, to change our info and ask to be removed? :p11:04
inetpronlsthzn: is your account blocked?11:05
nlsthznthe one associated with my personal e-mail yes... happened when I left the forum some months ago11:06
nlsthznsilly SSO makes life difficult11:07
inetprototal # of posts by inetpro: 2 11:08
inetprodidn't know I was that inactive in all these years11:09
Kiloscheck  if i have ever been there11:09
inetproKilos: am not sure whether this is you https://ubuntuforums.org/member.php?u=141740311:13
inetproor somebody else using your name11:13
inetproJoin Date: August 25th, 201111:13
inetproLast Activity: May 28th, 201211:13
inetpronlsthzn: you trying to login from a mobile?11:14
nlsthznno... I know what the issue is, just need to ask the admins to unban the e-mail11:15
nlsthznbut in general SSO is stupid and just a pain... almost all issues with the forum is SSO related 11:15
nlsthznthat and request to be removed from the forum11:15
nlsthznsee a couple again today11:15
Kiloslemme see11:23
Kiloswhats the sso thing to login with11:26
Kilosah thats me , ty inetpro 11:28
Kilosoh i think i joined then couldnt find what to do there 11:29
inetpronlsthzn: I remember seeing lots from you, why would you want to get outta there now?11:39
nlsthznwell, I am back actually...11:40
nlsthznthere was an incident some months ago ending up in me leaving and hard feelings with the staff etc... a sad time (which is why I haven't really been around in anything ubuntu related for sometime now)11:41
nlsthznwb inetpro hibana 11:53
hibanathanks nlsthzn11:53
hibanainetpro: what are you doing?11:53
inetprouh oh!11:53
Kilosai! wat nou11:55
inetprogive me a break hibana11:55
* inetpro just playing around a bit11:55
Kilosthen dont go uh oh11:55
inetprook oom11:55
Kilosso cheeky11:55
* inetpro wbb11:57
* nlsthzn hears a baby bear awake... babysitting time :p - catch later :)11:57
Kiloswat nou12:18
Kilosuh oh and ai! both mean something isnt right12:19
Kiloshibana you killed goosie12:19
hibanasorry oom12:20
hibanaKilos: I'll see if I can fix him up again tomorrow 12:28
Kilosoh my12:31
Kiloswhew another 71meg upgrade12:56
Kiloswbb system restart needed to complete the process12:58
Kilosnow my kde is lekker, exactly as it was before13:13
hibanawhat did you break Kilos?14:21
Kilos14.04 doesnt break14:26
Kilosbeen my best OS so far14:26
Kilostakes a poor typed dd command to kill it14:26
hibanaso you upgraded to what?14:28
Kilosnormal upgrade of kernel stuffs and security stuffs14:29
Kilosgeneric image etc14:29
Kilosjy weet daai goed man14:29
Kilosin other words im still on 14.0414:30
hibanahmm... but somewhere in between you must have had something wrong if you are back to "exactly as it was before"14:30
Kilosbefore was perfect for me and still is14:30
Kilosjust a stupid knotify thing crashes once a day and needs a restart14:31
Kilosbeen like that from the beginning14:31
* pavlushka curious to know which one?14:32
Kilosill take more notice next time it pops up14:32
Kilospavlushka http://pasteboard.co/ccjiYo5Tb.png14:42
Kilosbut it restarts fine so no a hassle, just one more click of the mouse14:44
Kilosi have sent some bug reports but havent followed up on it14:44
hibanasome interesting emails in the background of that image15:03
hibanawas that on purpose?15:03
Kilosnope that is where it crashed15:03
* hibana now knows all his secret addresses15:04
Kilosi have no need to hide anything15:04
nlsthznfamous last words15:14
hibanaKilos: big improvements coming in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS in the coming days15:40
Kilosi read so yes15:40
Kilosmakes me wish i had it15:41
hibanabelieve it only when you see it15:42
hibanawill only be good for the rest of the ecosystem if it happens15:43
hibanaKilos: what's on the menu for the evening sir?15:49
Kiloscold already15:49
Kiloshibana what did you break15:55
Kilospoor inetpro out in the cold15:55
Kilosbut hibana will that unity improvement work for us as well15:57
Kilosthat is the improvement you are talking about right?15:57
KilosQDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave.16:00
KilosQDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave.16:00
nlsthznnaughty applications :p16:06
nlsthznthe unity improvement will make unity less of a resource hog, has no real impact on anything else16:42
nlsthznbut hey, unity 8 will ship in 2015 so there is that too16:42
Kiloshibana what is going to improve for kde 16.0416:56
Kilosseems like he has fallen asleep16:57
nlsthznwell KDE has been updated to almost the latest plasma 5.6.9 (latest being 5.7.0)17:00
nlsthznand it is pretty stable17:00
Kilosis that whats coming soon17:00
LangjanIt's here!17:01
Kiloshi Langjan what broke17:01
Langjanhi Kilos - whatever was coming soon17:01
Langjanyou ok?17:01
Kilosno man new kde stuff17:01
Kilosyes im ok ty17:02
Langjaneish, more things to break! Lmga17:02
Kiloshow are you in this cold17:02
LangjanFine thks, not too cold here innie bosveld17:02
Kiloswhew very cold here17:02
LangjanSjoe! Skeer 'n skaap en brei 'n trui. Did you see my message re Zorin?17:03
Kilosyes ty17:03
LangjanBut my pal does not want to know. 17:04
Kilossomeone actually asked about zorin here17:04
Kilosyou can take a horse to water, but you cant make it drink17:04
LangjanWhen you go over 80 you dont want to try new things - sadly!17:04
Kilosthen he must mar just accept glazed drives etc17:05
Langjanlmga! yes17:05
Kilosand forking out money every now and again17:05
Langjanhes happy to do that - his decision17:05
Kilostell him when it happens again and they say he must get a new pc you will take over the scrap from him17:06
Langjanso looking at getting him a good 160 GB drive - looks like I can pick one up for R100  plus postage from Durbs17:06
Langjanthen install Windoze 7 if its not already there17:07
Kilosthats cheap17:08
Kilosnew drive?17:08
LangjanNo, secoond hand. There seems to be quite a few around at that price.   17:09
Kiloseveryone going either TB drives or ssd17:09
Langjanyes I think that's it17:09
Kilosjust remember when you fit it with 7 dont allow any upgrades17:10
LangjanOh, Amazon sent me a link to communicate with Intel re the SSD and to get back to them if I dont come right 17:11
Kilosone of the upgrades auto upgrades to 1017:11
Langjanwill keep that in mind thanks17:11
Kilosas long as you have notified them then its on record17:11
LangjanYes good idea, thanks for that - I had forgotten about the 5-year warranty17:12
Kilosthen will be easier if more sectors go17:12
LangjanYes, I will check it now and then - for all I know it was like that from the beginning...17:13
Kiloscould be yes17:13
LangjanReally did not even think about checking it17:14
LangjanAny updates from Debs?17:14
Kilosjust watched the stormers game with her commenting on the side17:15
Kilosits only this coming friday she goves for results17:15
Kilosbut im sure if it was cancer they would have phoned17:15
LangjanOK, hoping for the best. Sharks irritated me last night 17:16
Kilosso we hope and pray and stress17:16
Kilosi didnt watch17:16
Kilosdid they at least win17:16
LangjanStress only aggravates whatever is bugging - peeps not made to handle stress17:17
Kilosnot easy to turn off though17:17
LangjanImpossible for us to turn off but the Lord is ready and waiting to do it for us17:18
LangjanSorry, gotta go for dinner, chat later17:18
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=== Guest35176 is now known as pavlushka
LangjanHi Kilos 17:58
Langjanwatching the bulls?17:58
Kiloswas hoping the cheetahs could win but i dont think they can17:59
Kilos11/3 i think17:59
Kilosforgot now its half time17:59
Langjanwell I dont think it will make much difference18:00
Langjanthey cant catch the sharks for playoffs18:00
Kilosi think if the bulls lose sharks make 1/4 finls18:00
Langjanthey make it anyway18:01
LangjanSharks six points ahead18:02
Kilosbut they are playing poor rugger18:02
LangjanAgreed, they were up for bonus point 2 mins before time then kicked the ball away and let Sunwolves in for a try18:03
Kilosoften they kick good possesion away for nothing18:04
Langjanthen flyhalf did not know the rules, kicked penalty over touchline after the whistle and had to do the lineout on 25 where it should have been on 5 metre line 18:05
Kilosat times you need to keep control of the ball18:05
Langjanthey will lose quartes for sure if they dont adapt and I dont think they can, too used to kick and charge rubbish18:05
LangjanEnjouy the game, chat later18:06
Kilosim gonna sleep soon18:06
LangjanSlaap lekker18:06
Kilosif im gone when your later arrives sleep well18:06
Langjanmooi loop18:06
Kilosdankie oom jy ook18:06
Langjanthks Kilos 18:06
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:07
theblazehenWow. This sucks. Do an API call that should fail. Doesn't fail the *right* way. Returns a HTTP 200 for a failiure. Now instead of doing if(request,status !=200){raiseException;} I now need to see if a json key exists...19:10
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Guest21954there life in here?21:23

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