Tin_manmaestrojed, i found this which is howtogeek, I like the site, hope this will help00:01
maestrojedTin_man from that article " I find it slightly funny that there are two virtually identically named commands that do the same thing, but that’s linux for you."00:03
maestrojedyeah. HAHAHA funny!00:03
Tin_mani've found over the time, that howtogeek comes up with some pretty good stuff..00:03
oemcan someone tell me how to reset my xbox 360 axis and button mapping? its all scrambled somehow00:10
ubuntu-matehey guys00:13
geekinutahis there a way I can force the emergency initrd shell?00:13
geekinutahlike a kernel commandline option or something?00:14
ubuntu-mateperhaps yeah+00:14
Bashing-omgeekinutah: Boot to the grub boot menu .. ubuntu kernel selected for boot .. and press the 'c' key for a (C)ommnad line interface .00:15
riz0nHello guys... I have a really big problem, and I hope you can help me solve it. I have Ubuntu 14.04.3 on a mighty old HP DL380 G3 server. After a couple of days I get an "NMI PCI System Error" message in the kernel log, and everything goes downhill from there. My research tells me that the error is most likely due to the video drivers. I do not know what is in the machine, but I do not have00:16
riz0n"X" set up, all CLi (it is a server)... what do I need to do or put in grub to get this thing to boot using the most BASIC video drivers out there to see if I can stop the NMI errors?00:16
geekinutahBashing-om: and then append "break" to the line that starts with linux?00:18
geekinutahI found this elsewhere, about to try00:19
Bashing-omgeekinutah: What is the end goal here .. a particular issue ?00:20
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naccmaxb: you're right, sorry00:24
naccmaxb: iirc, root login is disabled by default00:24
naccmaestrojed: fwiw, i would just create a second user properly00:25
maestrojednacc  I did :)00:26
maestrojednacc thanks00:26
naccmaestrojed: cool, that's probably the most straightforward "fix" :)00:26
maestrojedyeap. Next I will remove password authentication for these users. Then I should be in a good spot00:27
maestrojedI guess i should consider a firewall.00:27
naccgeekinutah: there is break (iirc) and also break= to have it drop to a shell at a paritcular point00:28
naccgeekinutah: some documentation here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingKernelBoot00:29
geekinutahthanks you much nacc00:31
Tin_manmaestrojed, i've been reading a little on this pdf, here is the link00:31
geekinutahBashing-om: I'm getting an error from mdadm, even though this box doesn't have any mdraid00:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1335642 in mdadm (Ubuntu) "mdadm runs into infinite loop and prevents initrd/initramfs phase to finish on boot" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:32
geekinutahsimilar to this bug report00:32
geekinutahsame error message at least00:32
Bashing-omgeekinutah: A new install ? .. and raid meta data on one of the hard drives ??00:33
Guy1524so in my last installation, my /filesystem took up 15.8 GB how much do you think I should allocate in my new installation00:33
Guy1524(15.8 used)00:33
Guy1524im thinking 20 GB00:34
geekinutahwe just copied an entire LUN (dd) to a new LUN00:34
geekinutahmay have screwed up the copy, but I want to jump in the emergency shell and poke around a bit see if I can spot a quick problem00:34
tortibI have no sound in my vmware player workstation00:34
tortibIs there a module for vmware?  It only has alsa00:34
maestrojedThanks Tin_man00:36
Tin_manno problem00:36
oemcan someone tell me how to go about resetting a joystick configuration? somehow it thinks the trigger buttons are axis00:39
Hydr0p0nXcan any help ? I'm getting this error on my mythbuntu 14.04 install - it's been running for over a year with no issues and this just started when I got in from work today - http://paste.ubuntu.com/19571250/ I can't login as my user, but the guest login appears to work01:00
tortibAnyone know how I can get USB working with kvm-spice?01:02
oemi would seriously pay someone if they could get these controllers working01:04
minasotaHow long ago did this happen  https://insights.ubuntu.com/2016/07/15/notice-of-security-breach-on-ubuntu-forums/01:05
tgm4883minasota: you want to know when the original breach happened?01:07
minasotatgm4883: yes01:07
tgm4883minasota: AFAIK, that is unknown01:07
tgm4883minasota: why?01:08
Guy1524how big should my EFI System Partition be?01:10
minasota"At 20:33 UTC on 14th July 2016" Is what the link says. Just curious about the response time01:11
Guy1524is 250MB enough01:11
tgm4883minasota: well you're asking in a support channel with a bunch of volunteers that aren't going to have inside information01:12
tgm4883minasota: also, not really a support question01:12
tgm4883minasota: but since that was yesterday, I'd say pretty quickly?01:12
Jordan_UGuy1524: 250 MB should be enough, yes.01:14
minasotatgm4883: I can't respond to that question, not a "support" topic... Thanks anyway01:14
skweekis there a problem with creating an invisible swap file and keeping it in your home directory if you for instance didn't have the space on a root partition, where you have a seperate home partition01:14
Guy1524Jordan_U: thanks01:14
Jordan_UGuy1524: You're welcome.01:14
Jordan_Uskweek: I'm not sure what you mean by "invisible". You can't hibernate to a swap file (with the default hibernation implementation in Ubuntu).01:15
skweekI mean to just prepend a .01:15
Jordan_Uskweek: Ahh, the standard terminology is "hidden" :)01:16
tgm4883skweek: your swap partition doesn't need to be anywhere near your root partition01:16
Hydr0p0nXk, well I've found my problem, just not sure how it happened01:19
jsheedymaybe an X update?01:20
sikunSo at the data center I work at, me and the two others that work for the company that owns the data center all get the DMCA copyright infringement emails for customers that have pirated moves/tv shows/etc... on our networks (we provide bandwidth/IP space to an ISP), this morning I came up with the best idea for handling these, especially the repeat offenders. So we make a script that automatically detects the DMCA emails, grabs the IP address from it, looks it01:21
sikunup in a database to get the customers email and sends them an email... but, if they get anymore than two the email would then contain this video along with the cease and desist. https://youtu.be/Zx40udwQvZI01:21
tgm4883sikun: wrong channel01:22
ozbrkguys this is serious01:25
ozbrkI need a free vpn provider01:25
ozbrksomething massive is happening in Turkey look at the news01:25
ozbrkplease help to find a trusty oe01:25
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sikunozbrk: TOR?01:26
jsheedya coup01:26
ozbrksikun: thay might help01:26
sikunozbrk, if you need a private bridge to get a connection to the TOR network, PM me and I'll set one up for you.01:26
YankDownUnderozbrk: https://www.bestvpn.com/best-free-vpn-july-2016/01:27
ozbrkwe don't know i it is a coup or not there were coups in history. But the parlament buildinf have never been hit01:27
ozbrknoe it take three01:27
ozbrktell me what would you do if White House have been hit by US Army01:28
bazhang!ot | ozbrk01:28
ubottuozbrk: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:28
tgm4883I'm not sure I'd trust a free VPN for privacy01:28
ozbrkbazhang: I know!01:28
bazhangozbrk, this is not the channel for this, so please Stop asking here01:29
Hydr0p0nXanyone have a nice easy way to identify what's consuming all of my disk space?01:29
Hydr0p0nXsuddenly went from about 80GB used to 500GB in use01:29
tgm4883Hydr0p0nX: 'du / | sort -n -r | head'01:29
theskillwithinis there a web dev, or developer meta package for ubuntu?  like including git and such?01:30
tgm4883theskillwithin: doesn't seem to be one01:33
theskillwithintgm4883, aww that makes me a sad panda01:37
YankDownUndertheskillwithin: There are heaps of packages for doing webdev...just a matter of looking...and settling on what you think works best for you, really.01:37
theskillwithinso I have been googling web dev metapackage01:37
theskillwithinI think i am looking in the wrong places01:37
tgm4883YankDownUnder: he was looking for a metapackage01:37
theskillwithinlol Idk I expected git to come pre-installed01:38
theskillwithinidk why i*01:38
tgm4883theskillwithin: it's preinstalled on ubuntu server, for some dumb reason01:38
YankDownUnderI'll go back to my coffee and porridge.01:38
theskillwithinon osx there is like a"developer" package you install01:38
owen1i would like to use the default .Xresources file. how do i get one?01:39
tgm4883theskillwithin: Look around, you aren't on OSX01:39
tgm4883theskillwithin: you're free to make a metapackage for it if you want01:39
fpqchi there, I was wondering, I wanted to recompile a few packages, strace and sudo, where can I find the sources for trusty?01:39
theskillwithinoo this might be fun, I might try to set up sudo to work with a yubi key instead of typing my pw in every time01:39
tgm4883fpqc: "apt source <package_name_that_contains_those_files>" ?01:40
theskillwithinim installing oh my zsh now01:40
fpqctgm4883, well I'm on xenial but I want to recompile trusty's sudo01:41
fpqcbc reasons01:41
theskillwithinhmm is there like a web site that shows the apt-get packages01:41
fpqcand install it in /usr/local01:41
tgm4883fpqc: install 14.04 in a lxd container and pull it down there01:41
fpqcmessing around with a nonstandard kernel01:41
tgm4883fpqc: or you could download it manually01:41
fpqctgm4883 and then what, just sudo install /usr/local/bin ?01:42
fpqcsudo install sudo pkgname /usr/local/bin01:42
tgm4883fpqc: huh?01:42
tgm4883fpqc: you'd still need to compile and install them01:42
fpqctgm sure couldn't I just manually download the binary with wget01:43
fpqcor should I recompile from source01:43
tgm4883fpqc: you should recompile01:43
Hydr0p0nXI think i have a root filesystem problem01:44
tgm4883fpqc: grabbing the binary probably won't work since it's going to be built against trusty stuff01:44
Hydr0p0nX451 - 420 != 7.5 right ?01:44
fpqcso where can I manually find the sources01:44
fpqcand also how can I make sure that when I do make install it gets installed to /usr/local instead of /01:44
tgm4883fpqc: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/strace    http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/sudo01:44
tgm4883fpqc: with the questions you're asking, might I ask why you are doing this?01:44
fpqctgm4883 you're not going to like the answer =\01:45
tgm4883fpqc: why is that01:45
fpqcbc I'm using a very unsupported configuration =<01:45
tgm4883fpqc: how unsupported?01:46
fpqcmy linux is windows01:46
tgm4883fpqc: you're using the ubuntu on win 10 stuff?01:46
fpqcyeah but upgrading to xenial01:46
fpqcbut strace and sudo are broken in xenial01:46
tgm4883fpqc: hmm01:46
fpqcso I need to back-install the trusty versions01:46
tgm4883fpqc: well, there's a whole channel for ubuntu on windows stuff  #ubuntu-on-windows01:47
fpqcin /usr/local so they don't get obliterated by apt upgrade01:47
tgm4883fpqc: so you might want to at least let them know that it's broken with 16.0401:47
tgm4883maybe file a bug01:47
tgm4883fpqc: you can grab the sources from the links above01:47
fpqctgm4883 it's not a bug, xenial isn't supported yet01:47
fpqcyeah tgm4883 okay so let me explain what I mean01:47
fpqcI've built packages from source before with cmake01:48
fpqcbut there is an option DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=01:48
fpqcand you would put /usr/local in that01:48
fpqchow do I do that with things that don't use cmake01:48
tgm4883fpqc: Depends on what those packages use. I've seen --prefix=<DIR> as well as INSTALL_ROOT depending on what's being used01:49
tgm4883fpqc: you might just have to dig into the packaging of it01:49
fpqctgm4883 edit in the makefile?01:50
fpqcor where should I look?01:51
fpqcalso, what packages to I need to install in order to build?01:52
fpqcis there an ubuntu package I can install that works like base-dev in arch?01:52
fpqcthat installs all the build tools01:52
tgm4883fpqc: actually, download the source and the debian tarball and you should see the .install files in there01:52
tgm4883fpqc: build-essential01:52
fpqccool thanks01:53
tgm4883fpqc: good luck, I've got to cook some dinner01:53
fpqcoh wait really quick, is there a package called build that has more tools?01:53
fpqcthat's more extensive than build-essential?01:53
theskillwithinhmm maybe I should change away from the default ubuntu theme, but I do like the sidebar better than osx's on this one tho01:55
tortibI need help getting USB working on kvm-qemu using virt-manager, it isn't detecting the USB device in the guest OS01:56
_AxS_hey all -- i've got a T420 (with nvidia+intel that doesn't have a bios-controlled discrete mode) that has ubuntu 14.something installed; i'm trying to get prime working.  nvidia-331 and nvidia-prime is installed, but prime-select fails with an 'alternatives' error.  Also the auto-generated xorg.conf oinly has one entry which maps to the intel...  any ideas?02:00
Guy1524hey guys, so in the official ubuntu repositories, the latest nvidia driver is 361, how do I get more recent drivers like 364 or 36702:03
tgm4883Guy1524: you enable the graphics PPA https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa02:03
Guy1524ok thanks02:04
Guy1524are these drivers any less stable than the ones in the official ubuntu repos?02:04
tgm4883Guy1524: read the page for the warnings02:05
Guy1524ok thanks02:05
Guy1524would you happen to know if nvidia-361 has support for vulkan?02:06
theskillwithinhmm how do I get php7 in my cli02:09
theskillwithinlike:   php  myphpfile.php02:09
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Guest42811hey I have an ubuntu question I looked on the forums and online search couldn't find and answer02:12
Guest42811Running 16.04 and have built in speakers in my laptop and also external speakers connected via aux port, I want to play sound from both speakers at the same time02:12
Guest42811I have seen answers using the realtek audio manager on a Windows pc, but the sound settings on ubuntu is lacking the same intricacy02:13
Guest42811Any advice would be highly appreciated02:13
YankDownUnderGuest42811: There are many options in Ubuntu. This is truly not a new question. Have you looked into the forums, or have you experimented with the sound settings/hardware settings on your system as of yet?02:16
Guest42811YankDownUnder: Yes I have experimented with system sound settings, they are very minimal, is there perhaps an alternative sound management/settings program I can download?02:17
Guest42811I have perused the forums to no avail, and online searches via google only come back with Windows related options and solutions02:17
uberdubI cant do this any more02:18
YankDownUnderGuest42811: Alsamixer is one. If you look through the "Software Centre" - or even better yet, if you install "Synpatic Package Manager" - you can see all of the different mixing programs/utilities - along with heaps other sound/audio related stuff...there's actually tonnes.02:18
uberdubim istalling windows02:18
uberdubthis is just ridiculous02:18
Guest42811Alsamixer, ok02:18
YankDownUnderuberdub: I'm sorry for your pain.02:18
uberdubI need a system that actually works that I dont have to be tinkering on for hours just to use02:18
Guest42811If i grab alsamixer is it a simple fix? can you guide me through the process? YankDownUnder02:19
uberdubto use basic functions no less02:19
_AxS_uberdub: what do you need it to do that it's not doing yet?02:19
uberdubrun without issues02:19
jsheedymaybe already installed?02:19
uberdublinux is just still not ready for endusers02:19
_AxS_Guest42811: alsamixer from the command line will allow you to un-mute everything, which as long as you have driver support should likely be all you need to do.02:19
_AxS_uberdub: you need to be a *lot* more specific.02:19
YankDownUnderGuest42811: I can't "guide you through" - as per my last comment, you should install "Synaptic Package Manager" and truly look at all there is...if you want a fast fix, well, I can only state "Alsamixer"...but remember, patience is a virtue.02:20
uberdubim not a developer I dont have time for this crap02:20
uberdubhow bout boot up?02:20
Guest42811YankDownUnder thank you02:20
uberdubfor starters02:20
Guest42811_AxS_ i want to play music from both internal and external speakers, i hope this works02:20
uberdubits so senstitve02:20
jsheedyuserdub: arrow right a lot02:20
YankDownUnderuberdub: Oddly enough, thousands of folks have absolutely no issue in doing an installation of Ubuntu. I'm sorry you're one that's having issues, but please do not take it out on all of us here - that are merely USERS and not PAID EMPLOYEES. Hmm?02:20
jsheedywrong person02:21
_AxS_uberdub: how did you install it?02:21
uberdubsteamos was garbage02:21
uberdubIve been running linux for 12 years02:21
uberdubits installed fine02:21
_AxS_then why's it not booting up?02:21
uberdubbut it never stays that way02:21
YankDownUnderuberdub: Good for you. Glad to hear it. But please don't attach or whine and whinge at me - or anyone else in this channel. If you're frustated, take it out on someone or something else.02:22
Tin_manso after 12 years it broke?02:22
uberdubIm not going to get a cs degre trying to figure it out either02:22
uberdubidk wtf is wrong with this alienware garbage02:23
uberdububuntu is sensitive02:23
Guy1524hey guys, after installing nvidia-361, my computer takes much longer to boot.  Before it didn't even take 5 seconds and now it takes 30.  Plus there is no ubuntu splash screen anymore, just a purple screen02:23
_AxS_oh gawd, so its a dell..02:23
uberdubsteamos was buggy crap02:23
uberdubsteam machine02:23
_AxS_Guy1524: isn't proprietary drivers fun?02:23
* YankDownUnder giggles at Alienware/Dell02:23
YankDownUnderTime for donuts and coffee.02:23
uberdubkubuntu doesnt run any better on this hardware02:23
plop_its_elliesteam os is not "stable" yet02:24
_AxS_uberdub: why would it?  the only difference is kde vs gnome or whatever02:24
Guy1524_AxS_: well nouveau performs like shit and doesn't work w/ steam right02:24
plop_its_ellievalve time02:24
_AxS_Guy1524: yep.  welcome to the life of an nvidia user02:24
uberdubif its not stable why they release it?02:24
uberdubwhy is it in the wild for endusers?02:24
plop_its_elliewhen you install the proprietary nvidia drivers the framebuffer gets all messsed up so your boot looks ugly02:24
_AxS_uberdub: because people want to use it even if its not fully stable02:25
plop_its_elliea workaround would be to disable the splash screen entirely02:25
uberdubso ship it with a boxed "console"????02:25
uberdubI cant even get into that stuff now02:25
uberduband it wants me to reinstall02:25
Guy1524here is my dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19580228/02:25
uberdubexcept this this only comes with steam controller02:26
uberdubI cant even click on the window to reinstall(again) because I dont have a wired mouse02:26
_AxS_Guy1524: nvidia-drivers and the framebuffer (any of them) are incompatible.  if you try to make them both work together you are likely to get segfaults.  just don't.  if you want performance, you will have to forego the pretty console stuff02:26
plop_its_ellieuberdub, its not shipped as a final product, you are basically beta testing/playing with it02:27
tgm4883uberdub: Is this going to drift towards a support question soon?02:27
Guy1524_AxS_: I just dont want my boot to hang for 25 seconds02:27
Guy1524see the jump from 3 to 2802:27
uberdubfor the first time in 12 years..im installing winblows02:27
uberdubgod I want to punch something02:28
Guy1524why are you installing it?02:28
uberdubhow did I get suckered in to this02:28
Guy1524you did pirate it right lol02:28
tgm4883Guy1524: systemd-analyze plot > plot.svg02:28
uberdubbecaue I want a functioning machine02:28
theskillwithinhow do I install php7?   particularly for the cli02:28
_AxS_Guy1524: well, NMI watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 23s! [nvidia-smi:487]  <-- that's your problem.  newer (or older) driver might help02:28
uberdubI dont even know how to pirate that crap its been so long02:28
tgm4883can we stay on topic please02:29
uberdubI downloaded win10 pro02:29
_AxS_Guy1524: but as i said, try to disable the framebuffer or ensure no framebuffer is loaded02:29
Guy1524tgm4883: http://paste.ubuntu.com/02:29
tgm4883Guy1524: uh, thanks?02:29
uberdubtopic: how to delete ubuntu, and install win?02:29
tgm4883uberdub: you install windows02:29
Guy1524tgm4883: I thought you wanted the output02:29
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents02:29
plop_its_elliesteam os is not a stable or final product at yet lol02:30
tgm4883uberdub: try there ^02:30
tgm4883Guy1524: well the output you are going to get is an image file02:30
Guy1524_AxS_: how do I do that02:30
plop_its_ellielol why is there a !windows here02:30
tgm4883plop_its_ellie: so we can direct windows users to the right channel02:30
Guy1524tgm4883: derp02:30
Guy1524I sent you the wrong link02:30
Hydr0p0nXwoohoo ! figured out what caused my space issues02:30
plop_its_ellietgm4883, oh, i didnt know that happened on a regular basis02:30
tgm4883Guy1524: yea :)02:30
tgm4883plop_its_ellie: yep, way more often than it should be02:31
uberdubwith startup disk creator?02:31
_AxS_Guy1524: well i'm a gentooer so for me, it's rebuild the kernel and make sure theyre all off.  for ubuntu, theres likely an easier way02:31
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tgm4883uberdub: no idea02:31
Guy1524_AxS_: ok, one sec02:31
tgm4883uberdub: I'd doubt the startup disk creator can do it though. You could try02:31
uberdububuntu shouldnt be having issues as well.02:31
Guy1524tgm4883: I tried pastebiniting it02:31
Guy1524do you want me to send you the image?02:32
tgm4883Guy1524: you'd have to upload it to imgur02:32
tgm4883Guy1524: probably not necessary since plop_its_ellie pointed out why it was booting slow02:32
tgm4883but you can if you want02:32
uberdubso youre telling me this hardware just doesnt play nice?02:32
_AxS_Anybody know how to fix nvidia-prime so i can actually use the nvidia side, on ubuntu 14.04?02:32
Guy1524imgur doesn't want to take teh image02:32
_AxS_prime-select keeps failing on 'alternatives'02:32
Guy1524ill upload it to my server02:33
uberdubit is going to be amazing when things actually work02:35
uberdubbeen a glutton for punishment for so long02:35
Guy1524plop_its_ellie: sorry I didn't see your earlier message, how do I disabled the splash screen entirely02:36
uberdubimagine a worls, where you click on something....and you dont have to hardcode it, or edit a config file, or spend hours or days getting apps to do basic functions02:36
tgm4883uberdub: I'm too busy trying to imagine a world where you stay on topic02:37
_AxS_Guy1524: ok i see you're booting with 'efifb' ..  i'm still using older non-efi systems so i can't say if you can even make that optional02:37
HoloIRCUser!ot > uberdub:02:37
Guy1524tgm4883: lol02:37
uberdublike right now02:38
uberdubgod forbid you plug in a thumb drive and it works with out screwing with it just to get it to mount02:39
uberdubthis was fun 10 years ago when I worked in it02:39
_AxS_uberdub: dood, have you just not updated your installs since 2004 ?02:39
tgm4883uberdub: any support questions coming?02:39
plop_its_ellieGuy1524, you can edit /etc/default/grub file02:40
plop_its_elliereplace "splash" with text02:40
plop_its_elliethen run the command "update-grub"02:40
_AxS_plop_its_ellie: can efifb be disabled via a kernel commandline option?02:40
Guy1524ok thanks02:40
plop_its_ellieall of that as root (using sudo of course)02:40
plop_its_ellie_AxS_, not sure, i havent dealt with that before02:41
Guy1524so quite text instead of quite splash02:41
theskillwithinhmm what do you use on ubuntu instead of http://www.sequelpro.com/02:41
cfhowlett!spl | theskillwithin02:42
Guy1524plop_its_ellie: ok, Im trying it now, Ill tell u if it works02:42
theskillwithinhmm no applications folder, is there a convention to where I would install say phpstorm02:43
cfhowletttheskillwithin, I believe mysql is the correct package02:44
Guy1524ok, Im back, what plop_its_ellie told be to do disabled the splash screen, but didn't fix anything02:44
Guy1524also, my computer won't shut down anymore w/o me forcing the power off02:45
_AxS_plop_its_ellie: the only easy to do fix for the nvidia-smi soft-lockup that i can guess at would be to disable all fb support so nvidia has the only graphical control.02:45
plop_its_ellieGuy1524, you did what i told you?02:45
theskillwithincfhowlett, oh oops I mean gui but I would have to install mysql first anyways first ha02:45
Guy1524there was no splash screen, but it still hung02:45
Guy1524dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19582142/02:45
_AxS_Guy1524: try newer and/or older nvidia drivers as well02:46
plop_its_ellie_AxS_, ah ok02:46
Guy1524_AxS_: the same problem happens with nvidia-367 and I need vulkan support as I am developing a vulkan game engine02:46
_AxS_Guy1524: you changing kernels too or just nvidia-drivers?02:47
Guy1524All ive done is changed from noveau to nvidia-361 on a fresh installation and I did the no splashscreen thing02:48
uberdubso apparently because I used my usb drive to install kubuntu its read only02:50
_AxS_Guy1524: maybe ask in #ubuntu-x , they seem to know more about vulkan02:50
uberdubI cant reformat the drive02:50
_AxS_uberdub: 'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/[device-for-usb]'  , then it won't be readonly02:50
Guy1524_AxS_: this doesn't have to do w/ vulkan, I just need to make sure that the driver I am using supports it02:51
_AxS_uberdub: the usb drive has a readonly fs image on it.  but if you write nothing to the device you nuke that readonly fs and can do whatever you want again02:51
uberdubaccess denied02:52
_AxS_uberdub: as root, right?02:52
uberdubrm: cannot remove 'Kubuntu 16.04 LTS amd64/ubuntu': Read-only file system02:53
uberdubwith sudo02:54
_AxS_uberdub: why are you using 'rm' ??02:54
tgm4883uberdub: why are you trying to rm it?02:54
uberdubso what is it im supposed to do??????????????02:54
_AxS_uberdub: run the command i told you02:55
tgm4883uberdub: follow the directions that were given to you... stop acting like a child...02:55
_AxS_uberdub: unmount it, then run 'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/[usb-device -- probably 'sdb']'02:55
uberdubI DID02:55
tgm4883uberdub: the command you just posted says you ran rm02:56
_AxS_uberdub: you didn't, if you used 'rm'02:56
uberdubdd: writing to '/dev/[device-for-usb]': No space left on device02:56
uberdub8034233+0 records in02:56
_AxS_thats more useful.  thanks02:56
uberdub8034233+0 records in02:56
uberdub4113526784 bytes (4.1 GB, 3.8 GiB) copied, 5.17449 s, 795 MB/s02:56
crafty1or you could just blank the partition table on the usb drive02:56
tgm4883uberdub: pastebin everything you've done02:57
_AxS_uberdub: it is now empty.  partition it02:57
crafty1dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=512 count=102:57
Guy1524_AxS_: there is nobody on #ubuntu-x02:57
_AxS_Guy1524: :/  oh well..  that's just what https://launchpad.net/~canonical-x/+archive/ubuntu/vulkan  pointed me to, thought it might be helpful02:58
R3alCan someone point me  to a good starting point for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on a service pro.02:58
uberdubsame error02:58
uberdubthis is what Im talking about02:58
cfhowlettR3al, this is a server??02:58
crafty1theres no way he wrote zeroes all over that disk in like 5 seconds02:58
Guy1524_AxS_: I dont need help with vulkan, I need help with my computer being able to properly shut down and hanging on boot02:58
plop_its_elliethat command is suppose to write zeros to the drive02:58
plop_its_elliewipe it clean02:58
tgm4883uberdub: pastebin everything you've done02:58
Guy1524Ill try unplugging my vga monitor and see what happens02:59
uberduboh, you want to do a basic fucntion...well...5 other 2 hour long procedures are required to even be able to do said procedure02:59
Guest42811_AxS_ I installed Gnome ALSA mixer, can't get sound to play from both internal and external, can you help?02:59
tgm4883uberdub: pastebin everything you've done02:59
uberdubthat is everything02:59
R3alNo Surface Pro is the Microsoft Tablet they made.. i made it better with ubuntu.. just newer and want trying to see if i can get all the bugs worked out02:59
tgm4883uberdub: no, you need to pastebin all the commands you've run and their output (from the last 10 minutes)02:59
cfhowlettR3al, ah!  right.  I believe there's a dedicated wiki.  wait 1 ...03:00
uberdubpastebin what?03:00
tgm4883uberdub: we want to see the "dd" commands you ran and their output03:01
tgm4883!pastebin | uberdub03:01
ubottuuberdub: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:01
Guest42811Can anybody help?03:01
Guest42811I'm trying to get sound to come from both internal and external speakres03:02
tgm4883uberdub: ok, I see the issue03:03
uberdubsame thing I already pasted03:03
tgm4883uberdub: can you pastebin the output of 'lsblk'03:03
uberdubwhatever I have to do to instal an os that actually works03:04
tgm4883uberdub: ok, your USB device is /dev/sdb so you need to use that in the dd command you were given03:04
tgm4883uberdub: you know, you make it difficult to want to help you03:04
tgm4883uberdub: the part that says "/dev/sdX" you were supposed to replace the X with your device letter "b"03:05
tgm4883uberdub: I'm sorry that wasn't clear earlier03:05
YankDownUnderGuest42811: How exactly are your external speakers connected to your laptop...?03:05
uberdubWhy do I have to come to come in to irc channels, and beg and plead just for my os to use its basic functions?03:06
Guest42811YankDownUnder via aux port03:06
Guest42811Auxilliary cord03:06
plop_its_ellieuberdub, whats the issue?03:06
YankDownUnderGuest42811: Headphone jack?03:06
cfhowlettuberdub, drop the attitude.  you are truly not helping your case.03:06
uberdubId rather just use something that works03:06
plop_its_elliekeep in mind we are just volenteers in here...03:06
Guest42811Yes YankDownUnder03:06
uberdubyeah thats the prolem03:06
tgm4883lets stay civil everyone03:06
_AxS_uberdub: what's the problem?  when you ran it before it cleaned the stick, why can't you just partition it now?03:07
_AxS_uberdub: or write your new fs image on top?03:07
YankDownUnderGuest42811: So, it's the hardware. Not the OS. Once you plug something into the headphone jack, the "external" speakers are cut-off.03:07
plop_its_ellieoh he/she is trying to wipe the disk?03:07
Guest42811No way to bypass that YankDownUnder?03:07
Guest42811What if I connect speakers via USB?03:08
_AxS_plop_its_ellie: yeah kubuntu made it 'readonly', as its likely it was a livecd image written to the stick03:08
_AxS_Guest42811: usb speakers are effectively their own sound card, so yes03:08
uberdubsame error03:08
tgm4883uberdub: that's not an error03:08
_AxS_uberdub: that's not an error.03:08
YankDownUnderGuest42811: I've done some searching...however, yes, the USB would allow for "pass through" - as then you'd have the "external" speakers - via USB - show up as an "extra" set of speakers.03:08
plop_its_elliethats not an error03:08
plop_its_ellieit did its job03:08
_AxS_uberdub: now, yank out the stick, plug it in again, and its going to be clean03:08
uberdubthe files are still on the disk03:09
uberdubthe drive03:09
plop_its_ellietake it out and put it back in03:09
plop_its_elliethere is a tool called gparted which you can use to partition the drive03:09
uberduband again its not recognized03:09
plop_its_ellieuberdub, it has no filesystem on the disk so its not going to show up in the file browser03:09
plop_its_ellieso you can install gparted via the command line with sudo apt-get install gparted03:10
_AxS_or just run 'fdisk'03:10
plop_its_elliethat works too03:10
uberdubgparted wouldnt even see it03:10
_AxS_or "dd if=/path/to/windows/boot.img of=/dev/sdb"03:11
uberdubnow how in the world do i install winblows on this thing in linux03:11
_AxS_uberdub: did you try?03:11
uberdubI cant even see the drive now03:11
uberdublet alone transfer files to it03:11
plop_its_ellieoh we are helping him with windows shiz??????03:11
=== jacob is now known as GuestDude
uberdubim still in ubuntu03:12
_AxS_uberdub: you can't transfer files because there's no filesystem to transfer to.  you don't expect to *copy* stuff to the usb stick to make it work ?03:12
cfhowlettplop_its_ellie, we shouldn't be ...03:12
uberdubwindows has actual support03:12
* plop_its_ellie does not support windows03:12
GuestDude_AxS_ if I purchase a 3.5mm Aux to USB converter, will I be able to accomplish my goal?03:12
=== de-facto_ is now known as de-facto
plop_its_ellieexcept when im forced to at work03:12
GuestDude_AxS_ because my speakers themselves only have a 3.5mm male audio jack03:12
_AxS_GuestDude: dunno, possible yes03:12
uberdubso now what?03:13
=== fginther` is now known as fginther
_AxS_uberdub: get a bootable iso of windows so you can write that to the usb stick.  then boot the usb stick.03:13
_AxS_uberdub: go to that other channel and follow their instructions03:13
uberdubhow in the world to I transfer it to a usb stick that I cant even see???03:13
Guy1524I found the solution to my problem03:14
Guy1524I just had to add nomodeset03:14
Guy1524and now everything works (:03:14
uberdubim in kubuntu not windows03:14
_AxS_uberdub: plug it back in, then you can see it again03:14
cfhowlettGuy1524, yeah that usually does it :)03:14
YankDownUnderuberdub: You can install "WinUSB" through PPA for linux....http://www.webupd8.org/2016/06/make-bootable-windows-10-usb-install.html03:14
uberdubit doesnt show up03:14
_AxS_uberdub: where doesn';t it show up?03:14
tgm4883_AxS_: it has no partition table03:14
_AxS_tgm4883: the device should be there tho03:15
uberdubjust wow03:15
tgm4883_AxS_: has anyone asked him where he's looking?03:15
uberdubthis really shouldnt be so difficult03:15
_AxS_tgm4883: sort of03:15
tgm4883_AxS_: I'd bet the device is showing up, but since there is no filesystem it's not showing up in dolphin03:16
* tgm4883 assumes Kubuntu uses dolphin03:16
plop_its_ellielol i said that already03:17
_AxS_tgm4883: yep i'm with you on that too.  but this guy's saying it wont' be in gparted or anywhere else either.03:17
_AxS_but he's not willing to bother actually trying, so03:17
plop_its_ellieit will not show up in a file browser in ANY os including windows03:17
plop_its_ellieit has NO filesystem on it03:17
uberdub2 hours03:17
uberdub2 friggin hours to do a extremely basic function03:18
tgm4883uberdub: have you installed WinUSB yet?03:18
plop_its_ellieuberdub, i think maybe you should just take a break then come back to it when you are feeling more calm03:18
uberduband still no where03:18
uberdubthat link is bad03:18
plop_its_ellieuberdub, its a basic function but you dont know what you are doing03:18
plop_its_ellieso of course its going to seem hard03:18
YankDownUnderOddly enough, I'm on the link right now. It's rather alive.03:18
plop_its_elliecuz you DONT know what you are doing03:18
tgm4883let's stay civil please03:19
plop_its_ellieand we are trying to help you, I can undesrstand that you are fustrated but you need to chil, we are only trying to help...03:19
tgm4883uberdub: http://www.webupd8.org/2016/06/make-bootable-windows-10-usb-install.html03:19
YankDownUnderThere are two parts to any technical/computer issue: 1.) the actual technical/computer issue and 2.) the person issue.03:19
tgm4883try that link03:19
cfhowlettuberdub, abusing the volunteers like this will result in you getting added to /ignore.  chill.03:19
uberdubknow what im doing03:19
YankDownUnderYes. So so obvious.03:20
waxheaddumb quesiton, but if you change the permissions of a directory, do you have to log out and in again?03:20
tgm4883waxhead: no03:20
uberdubI shouldnt need a friggin cs degree to reformat a drive03:20
waxheadtgm4883, thought so...03:20
uberdubthis is supposed to be for endusers03:20
_AxS_uberdub: to recap.  there is no FS on that usb stick so its ready to be partitioned/formatted or to have an image written to it.  use a tool to do such things.03:20
waxheadfor some reason I'm dumbfounded with permissions03:20
YankDownUnderubuntulog: Have fun. Enjoy.03:20
_AxS_waxhead: what're you trying to do?03:21
waxheadsetup group permissions on a directory and then share that over samba03:21
fpqctgm4883, figured it out03:21
tgm4883fpqc: sweet03:21
waxheaddrwxrwsr-- 13 root mythtv  260 Jul 15 22:55 movies03:21
fpqcyou do ./configure --prefix=/usr/local03:21
_AxS_waxhead: when you say group, do you mean unix group or some other meaning of group?03:22
fpqcthen make and make install03:22
tgm4883fpqc: yep, that's the --prefix I was talking about.03:22
waxheadand in the gorup mythtv I have my account and mythtv users in it...03:22
waxhead_AxS_, unix group03:22
fpqchow do I make it so when I call sudo, it looks for the one in /usr/local03:22
fpqcinstead of in /03:22
tgm4883fpqc: an alias03:22
_AxS_fpqc: you asking to add something to your path?03:22
waxheadAnd this is the /etc/group  mythtv:x:1003:pete,mythtv03:23
fpqc_AxS_, it's in my path, but I want one to take precedence over the default03:23
_AxS_fpqc: change the order of the elements in your path03:23
fpqci don't have a path configured in my bashrc or bash profile by default, do I?03:24
fpqcit's just the default if I didn't touch it, no?03:24
_AxS_fpqc: the system one is.  echo $PATH to see it03:24
fpqcso how would I do it for my user?03:24
fpqccopy it from echo $PATH, rearrange, then add to bashrc export PATH=...03:25
fpqcI want to do it systemwide though03:25
_AxS_fpqc: if in ~/.bash_profile you set PATH=  (and i think 'export PATH') with all the same elements but with /usr/local first it will be used first03:25
fpqcdo I need to export path in my bash_profile?03:25
fpqcalso, I use zsh anyhow03:25
fpqchiya Sachin03:26
_AxS_fpqc: unsure, dont remember.  try .login ?  there's something that's always loaded...03:26
=== matthew is now known as Guest47310
Sachinhey man i have made a website... and i want to give them to people.... can i do it here?03:27
fpqc_AxS_, that seems bad because I want my custom-compiled sudo to be used for all users03:27
fpqcSachin, idk why would I know?03:27
_AxS_fpqc: oh, well you can make it global, just edit something in /etc to set it for everyone03:27
uberdubwinusb does not see the thumb drive03:27
tatertotshello gentlemen and ladies03:27
Sachinwww.pazhanji.org for easy file transfer\03:27
fpqc_AxS_, can you make a global alias?03:27
_AxS_fpqc: don't make an alias. adjust the path's order so /usr/local/bin comes before /bin and /usr/bin03:28
Guest47310can anyone help me understand how to fix the issue with "configured multiple times"03:28
fpqc_AxS_ okay, where to edit in /etc?03:28
_AxS_fpqc: you need an ubuntu user for that part.03:29
uberdubwhat did you do to my thum drive?03:29
fpqc_AxS_, lol I'm also not one03:29
_AxS_fpqc: but likely this can find it:  find /etc -type f -exec grep '^PATH' {} +03:29
tatertotsso i've been on a quest to rid the long historical list of users that have logged in to the ubuntu 14.04 box http://askubuntu.com/questions/185039/how-do-i-remove-the-last-connected-users-from-the-lightdm-greeter-list03:29
_AxS_there ya go03:30
tatertotsthread talks about clearing /var/log/wtmp  and /var/log/btmp03:30
uberdubso I guess this thing is a paperweight?03:30
uberduband you wonder why I get frustrated03:31
_AxS_uberdub: ls /dev/sd[a-z] , what does it return?03:31
tatertotswith some type of '> /var/log/wtmp' command03:31
fpqcoh it looks like /usr/local/bin takes precedence over /bin anyway03:31
fpqcoh happy day03:31
uberdub /dev/sda  /dev/sdX03:31
tatertotsshould i just make a empty file and then 'cat emptyfile > /var/log/wtmp' to clear the file?03:32
thechosengingercan anyone help me understand and explain how to fix " configured multiple times" http://dpaste.com/38XMKX603:32
_AxS_uberdub: sdX ?  seriously?03:33
tatertotsi guess i could just open them with gedit and delete the content03:33
uberdubthat is the output03:33
cfhowlettuberdub, how many times have you been told: DO NOT use sdX.  X is a variable.  it should be replaced by a number - number revealed by lsblk command03:33
_AxS_uberdub: ok try this.  unplug the stick again.  count to 5.  plug it in again.  type 'dmesg' and see what it says just got plugged in03:34
uberdubwhat are you talking about?03:34
cfhowlettuberdub, not going to waste bandwidth repeating.  scroll back.03:34
uberdubwinusb sees it now03:36
uberduband now it doesnt again03:36
_AxS_uberdub: did you unplug it again? :)03:36
uberduband again03:36
uberduband again03:36
thechosengingercan i come here from help on ubuntu mate03:36
cfhowlettthechosenginger, yes.  ask.03:37
tgm4883thechosenginger: yes03:37
_AxS_thechosenginger: you're in the right place03:37
tatertotsuberdub are you trying to identify your usb drive/thumb drive?03:37
tatertotsoh nevermind, if getting winusb to see it was what you were trying to accomplish, i'd like to congratulate you.03:37
thechosengingerwhile running sudo apt-get update it shows that i have files that are configured twice. how do i remove them or change it03:37
uberdubwhy is this so simple in every other os?03:38
tatertotsit's actually pretty simple in ubuntu/linux also03:38
Sachinim using ubuntu 16 64bit on my website www.pazhanji.org is it goood?03:38
uberdubso then how do I do it????03:38
uberdubwhy isnt it working?03:38
tatertotsglass half empty looks just like a glass half full03:38
tgm4883tatertots: he's trying to burn a windows ISO to a USB stick03:38
=== denis is now known as Guest830
fpqchey, so I'm having trouble recompiling trusty's procps on xenial03:39
_AxS_does winusb put the iso somewhere?03:39
tgm4883_AxS_: what do you mean?03:39
uberdubwinusb does not see the drive at all03:39
fpqcIn file included from top.c:60:0:03:39
uberdubit sees the iso just fine03:39
fpqctop.h:182:4: error: redeclaration of enumerator ‘P_PID’03:39
fpqc    P_PID = 0, P_PPD,03:39
spacegoatI am having a problem that packages are held with: 0% [Connecting to archive.ubuntu.com (2001:67c:1360:8001::17)]03:40
_AxS_tgm4883: i mean he has a usb stick, how about we just gove the command to write the image to the stick with dd ?03:40
cfhowlettthechosenginger, the error is reportedly in /etc/apt/sourceslist.steam.  my suggestion: purge & reinstall steam03:40
tgm4883_AxS_: would that work for a hybrid ISO?03:40
thechosenginger@cfhowlett how do i go about that03:40
_AxS_tgm4883: pretty sure yes, in fact i think it only works with a hybrid iso03:41
cfhowlettthechosenginger, first dpgk -l steam      to get the proper steam package name then sudo apt-get purge steam*03:41
thechosenginger_AxS_: are you trying to dl ubuntu to a usb?03:41
_AxS_thechosenginger: i'm one of many trying to help uberdub03:42
thechosenginger_AxS_: there is a program that once the package is dl'd it will tranfer it to a ubs. give me amunite to find it03:43
tatertotsuberdub you mighty try other usb ports available on your system, if all the usb result in those type of errors you may have other problems going on03:44
thechosengingercfhowlett: thank you very much03:44
cfhowlettthechosenginger, happy2help!03:45
tatertots'unable to enumerate USB device' would explain why your software isn't seeing it03:45
uberdubwhat do I do with this drive now?03:45
uberdubit worked fine before that dd command03:45
waxheadwell, I'm totally confused with this permissions issue...  :-/03:46
_AxS_waxhead: what perms are you trying to set on the directory?03:46
_AxS_waxhead: also, have you logged out since your user was added to the group?03:46
hiexpouberdub, http://www.pendrivelinux.com/restoring-your-usb-key-partition/03:47
thechosenginger_AxS_: i dont know if this will help you any but the program is called rufus03:47
_AxS_uberdub: this isn't to you03:47
waxhead_AxS_, nope... thought you didnt need to?03:47
_AxS_waxhead: not for changing group permissions or ownership no.  but to change what groups your user is in, yes.03:47
uberdubhiexpo: im not in windows03:48
waxhead_AxS_, ok.. that's not the issue then...03:48
uberdubim trying to get linux off my steam amchine because it runs for crap03:48
hiexpouberdub, thats done in linux with a terminal to restore the usb back to it's original state03:48
_AxS_waxhead: so, i'm back to what perms are you trying to set on the directory?03:48
uberduband Im tired of spending hours and days getting games, and apps to do basic functions03:49
hiexpouberdub, scroll down03:49
uberdubahh fdisk03:49
uberduball these commands, and sybtaxes are too damn much to remember for an enduser03:49
waxhead_AxS_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1958814203:50
hiexpothat's not hard03:50
uberdubI am a chemist. not a computer scientist or even technician03:50
tatertotsuberdub do you want me to help you remotely?03:50
uberdubno I mean in general03:50
waxhead_AxS_, the group mythtv should be read/write in movies ( so fan art etc) can be put there..03:50
_AxS_waxhead: right, ok.  So you need execute perms on dirs if you want anybody to be able to change into them.  and 'rws' seems very wrong.03:50
uberdububuntu is supposed to be for endusers03:50
tatertotsi wouldn't mind helping you out remotely03:51
waxhead_AxS_, that's the sticky bit...03:51
_AxS_waxhead: chown -r :mythtv /mnt/datastore/movies03:51
_AxS_waxhead: why do you want ot sticky?03:51
waxhead_AxS_, just means that the group keeps the perms...03:51
uberdubim pissed I have to install winblows on this hardware03:51
waxhead_AxS_, yep03:51
uberdubhalf a mind to return it03:51
_AxS_waxhead: and chmod -r 0775 /mnt/datastore/movies  (you can make it sticky if you want, i doubt you need to)03:52
uberdubI cant beleive alienware, and valve released this03:52
tatertotsdon't be pissed, an OS is just a tool that a person uses to accomplish tasks03:52
waxhead_AxS_, this is odd...03:52
uberdubIm basically paying them to beta test their junk03:52
waxheadso I can change dir to TVShows, but not movies...03:52
waxheadsame setup, just different gorup name03:52
tatertotsAh you own a steam machine?03:52
uberdubI got into linux 12 year ago working in it03:52
cfhowlettuberdub, please rant in someone else's channel.  stay on topic here03:52
theskillwithinsudo mount -t hfsplus -o force,rw /dev/sdb2 /media/machd                        mount: mount point /media/machd does not exist03:53
uberdubit was a fu challenge then03:53
_AxS_waxhead: directories need 'x' permissions otherwise they can't be changed into03:53
uberdubnow it just gets in the way when things dont work otb03:53
uberdubmy time is precious, as is everyones.03:53
waxhead_AxS_, movies and TVShows have the same perms... :)03:53
waxheadthe difference is the group03:53
uberdubtatertots yes03:54
spacegoat22 packages can be upgraded. Run 'apt list --upgradable' to see them.03:54
spacegoatHow can update all of them at once?03:54
_AxS_waxhead: so..  is your user in the mythtv group properly?03:54
tatertotsuberdub you worked in linux 'professionally' 12years ago?...in what capacity?...if fdisk-l is too much to remember...i just have to ask in what capacity did you 'work' in linux.....being able to spell linux isn't 'working' in linux professionally03:54
_AxS_gpasswd -a [user] mythtv03:54
waxhead_AxS_, yep, http://paste.ubuntu.com/19588609/03:55
uberdubfdisk doesnt see the device03:55
tatertotsthat's be cause it's not "enumerated"03:56
tatertotsyou need to reseat and try other usb ports03:56
uberdubwhat does that even mean?03:56
_AxS_uberdub: it means the usb stick and/or that port is having hardware issues03:57
_AxS_uberdub: try a different port.  this was mentioned about 10 mins ago03:57
tatertotsthis will determine is the 'point of failure' is the usb device or all your usb ports03:57
tatertotsif the device won't 'enumerate' in any of your usb ports the next step is trying a 'known good' device03:57
tatertotsyou should be plugging in to other usb ports now03:58
uberdubit mounted03:59
tatertotsthata boy03:59
tatertotsyou say it mounted...which suggests it finally enumerated successfully..now it should appear at the 'software' level03:59
uberdubits saying wipe with wipefs04:00
uberdubthe output04:01
tatertotsare you using fdisk?04:01
tatertotsthe next step is 'Type d to proceed to delete a partition'04:03
tatertotsI'm following this with you http://www.pendrivelinux.com/restoring-your-usb-key-partition/04:03
tatertotsnext step 'Type 1 to select the 1st partition and press enter'04:04
fpqctgm4883, I just did a bunch of crap and somehow got it to install lol04:05
uberdub"no partition is defined yet"04:05
fpqcinstead of building the unpatched one, I built the patched one and used like autoreconfigure and a whole bunch of build tools that like fixed some weird compile error and now it built04:06
fpqcand ps seems to be working so that's good04:06
uberdubtatrtots d doesnt work04:09
tatertotsyou could just wipefs as fdisk suggests to rid all signatures then return to fdisk to complete the rest of the steps04:10
uberdubwipefs just gives me an output04:10
uberdubdoes nothing04:10
tatertotsshow your wipefs command04:11
tatertotsyou didn't give wipefs any options/arguments04:12
uberdubi never used wipefs before04:13
tatertotsi'd think you'd want to put the '-a' option/argument with it04:13
tatertotsi've never used it before either uberdub..that's why i read the man page04:13
_AxS_uberdub: 'man [command]' tends to help a -lot- to figure out what something does or how to use it.04:13
fpqcanybody know why fonts-droid is not in the xenial repo?04:14
_AxS_uberdub: or even '[command] -h'04:14
uberdubagain..ubuntu is not for endusers04:14
_AxS_uberdub: dude, this is really basic stuff and applies for windows, osx, pretty well anything.04:14
tatertotssure it is...i'm an end user and i use ubuntu all the time04:14
uberdubIf I wanted to read a man page, or memorize commands just to do basic things id be running slack04:14
uberdubthis is basic04:15
uberdubwhich is why it id utterly frightening im still trying to do this.04:15
fpqcuberdub dawg04:15
fpqcthe best thing to do is to spend all weekend tinkering on a harddrive where you have nothing important04:15
uberduband enduser is someone that right clicks, and goes...reformat...done04:15
tatertotsdon't be afraid/frightened04:15
fpqcso you don't have to be afraid04:16
uberdubim over  it dude04:16
fpqcof wiping out some stuff you wanted04:16
uberdubI dont have time for this stuff any more04:16
uberdubI love linux04:16
uberdubbut man04:16
uberduball cause this stupid steam amchine04:16
fpqcwho games on linux lol04:17
tatertotsyou bought a actual steam machine?...i built my steam machine04:17
uberdubI own a small business I dont have this kind of time any more04:17
tatertotsit runs like a champ04:17
uberdubI like the case04:17
fpqcI mostly mess around with linux so Ican have the coolest irc client on the block04:17
uberdubit fits well in my entertainment center04:17
fpqcyou know what else fits well in your entertainment system04:18
uberdubits is just down right horrible for gaming still04:18
fpqcuberdub not really that bad04:18
fpqcexcept for you know, unstable drivers, random updates breaking audio (arch I'm looking at you)04:18
uberdubdude I will pay for linux that just works04:18
uberdubI hate windows04:18
fpqcuberdub idk ubuntu is pretty close04:18
uberdubits still not there04:19
fpqcit just works, except for the graphical installer, laptop drivers04:19
uberdubi wish it was04:19
fpqcstupid default bloat etc04:19
uberdublike an n64 emulator04:19
uberdubin win everything just works04:19
tatertotsan OS is just a tool...kinda like when you need a flathead screw driver and when you need a phillips screw driver04:19
uberdubin linux, oh god04:19
fpqcidk why don't you just install ubuntu-minimal and build your system from scratch?04:19
fpqcthat way you can troubleshoot04:20
uberdubI dont agree with closed surce os04:20
fpqcuberdub idk there are enough religious fundamentalists04:20
uberdubI should be able to know and verify my os does what it says it does04:20
uberdubim not religious at all04:20
uberdubim a atheist04:21
fpqcyou're an opensourciest04:21
uberdubyeah, because I want to know what my os is doing with my hardware04:21
fpqcyeah, like you know that04:21
tatertotsyou could build your own steam machine and put a GTX 980TI in it...better yet two of them in SLI configuration04:21
fpqcyou can't even install steam04:21
fpqcyou think you can read the kernel code lol04:21
uberdubsteam is installed04:21
fpqcI'm being serious04:21
uberdubthats not the point04:22
uberdubIm not a code monkey04:22
uberdubim a chemist04:22
fpqcthen how do you know what the OS is doing to your system?04:22
uberdubbecause its open04:22
tgm4883This seems all very off topic04:22
_AxS_fpqc: dmesg :)04:22
tatertotsvery true tgm04:22
fpqctgm4883, where the hell did the fonts-droid package go in xenial04:22
tatertotsuberdub let's get back to your usb stick04:23
fpqcalso I got everything working by repeatedly running random build tools04:23
tatertotsor not if you don't have the time04:23
fpqcevery time there was an error04:23
uberdubim keeping it on my laptop04:23
tgm4883fpqc: IDK, is that the same as fonts-droid-fallback ?04:23
uberdubits a think penguin04:23
fpqctgm4883, idk04:23
fpqctgm4883, we are about to find out =)04:24
fpqcidk actually04:24
fpqcit didn't show up04:24
fpqcbut I didn't restart tilda04:24
uberdubfor steam machine im using winblows because I want to just plug in controllers, and fire up emulators and the just work. I dont want to spend days and hours tinkering with getting it to work.04:24
uberdubits gotten ridiculous04:25
fpqctgm4883, droid mono didn't show up, idk04:26
fpqcwhat's the best terminal font04:26
tatertotsbeauty is in the eye of the beholder04:27
uberdubthis new kde is frickin eyecandy tho04:27
fpqcmeh kde04:28
uberdubgonna miss it on my big flat screen04:28
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:28
uberdubits pretty04:28
fpqctatertots whatever04:29
fpqcgive me your favorite one04:29
funkadactylI have a friend who wants to start using linux, I am trying to convince him that the best way for him to learn to use linux is to ditch windows all together and not dual boot or have separate machines. This is mainly because, if he has windows dual booting on his PC he is never going to touch ubuntu because people tend to stick with what they are familiar with. He will be joining us shortly with the handle RemorseCode. I kn04:29
funkadactylow that this is a support channel, but I was hoping we could bend the rules and some of you guys could answer some of the questions about switching over.04:29
uberdubit doesnt work04:30
RemorseCodeHey guys04:30
tgm4883funkadactyl: that sounds like support to me, not sure what others think04:31
uberdubd gives me that04:31
RemorseCodeI'm a linux noob but not ne wto programming04:31
funkadactylLol, wanna support me in explaining a few things to him so he has a good idea about what he will be getting into?04:32
RemorseCodeIs there anyone here that knows a thing or two about music recording software and if linux supports it04:32
uberdubwinusb doesnt work04:33
tatertotsnothing wrong with dual booting if it fit's the end users 'workflow'04:33
uberdub"installation failed! exitcode: 256 log: "04:33
funkadactylThe point I'm making, is that he really has no workflow, he is just interested in learning how to use ubuntu04:33
uberdubthats what winusb gives me04:34
tatertotsuberdub i'd hate to assume you completed wipefs then went back to fdisk to complete the tasks there and then went on to try winusb?04:34
tatertotsi'm going to go out on a limb and say you took some shortcuts04:34
theyesmanRemorseCode: there's plenty. in the repos. just search music and read the descriptions04:35
uberdubI ran wipefs04:35
uberdubthen fdisk04:35
uberdubfdisk gave me the error04:35
* ptl compiled opentoonz on ubuntu \o/04:36
uberdubwinusb sees the drive now, but says installation failed when I click install04:36
funkadactylI told him that he is more concerned about media formats, I told him that question is probably better suited for ardrour support to see if they can take file formats form other programs04:37
uberdub"d" command gives no partition errpr04:37
tgm4883RemorseCode: funkadactyl probably worth checking this out04:37
ubottuUbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org04:37
tatertotsare the signatures gone?04:37
Bashing-omRemorseCode: ubuntu studio : http://paste.ubuntu.com/19583938/ <-which is explicitly geared to general multimedia production.04:37
tatertotsyes signatures04:38
uberdubi think04:38
tatertotsi'll remind you when you first ran fdisk and saw '/dev/sdb: device contains a valid 'iso9660' signature; it is strongly recommended to wipe the device with wipefs(8) if this is unexpected, in order to avoid possible collisions'04:38
RemorseCodeI have alot of important information in onenote on my pc.  If I switch to lenix will it be able to read the file?04:38
uberdubit doesnt say kubuntu in the filename now04:39
Bashing-omRemorseCode: Ooppss : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Studio .04:39
uberduberr dir04:39
uberdubthat error is gone now04:39
funkadactylIt's Linux RemorseCode :P04:39
uberdubi ran fdisk /dev/sdb04:39
RemorseCodeya I know Funk or should I say grammar police04:40
uberdubentered "d"04:40
uberduband got the error04:40
tatertotsRemorsecode what verson of MS Office/one note do you use?04:40
funkadactylIt's cool, He's sitting right next to me, I'm just busting his balls04:40
fpqcmeh,I settled for "monospace"04:40
tatertotsi ask because Office is now cloud/web based with Office 365 and all you need is firefox/chrome ect04:40
fpqcan old one and a good one04:41
tatertotsand you'd have your actual same MS office stuff available in your web browser.04:41
RemorseCodeonenote in office 200704:41
tatertotsI use MS office 2016 via Office 365 on linux all the time04:42
tatertotssince it's cloud/web based i keep all my onenote stuff with me no matter the device or platform i happen to be using04:42
tatertotsisn't technology grand :)04:42
uberdubim screwed, huh?04:42
tatertotsuberdub were the signatures gone?04:43
uberdubi assume so04:43
tatertotsassume.....stop with the profanity04:43
tatertotsassume is a dirty word04:44
tatertotsshow your fdisk04:44
funkadactylI recommended office 2016 home and small business if he has to 'Own' his license04:44
uberdubwhich fdisk output?04:45
tatertotsthe same fdisk you pastbin before wifefs04:45
tatertotsi want to see it 'post' or after wipefs04:45
uberdubdobronsted lowry acids receive, or donate protons?04:46
uberdubwipefs isnt a problem04:46
uberdubthat went fine04:47
tatertotsstop thinking uberdub and follow instructions verbatim04:47
uberdubI did04:47
tatertotslets see it04:47
uberdubcp ic g;ci bdcm04:47
funkadactylUberdub is losing it04:48
tatertotsuberdub i offered to help you remotely...04:49
tatertotsthanks uberdub04:49
uberdubhours and hours to reformat a thumb drive04:50
tatertotsit says 'No partition is defined yet!'.....you might want to do something about that.....like define one, write the changes.04:50
uberdubI dont speak computer scientist04:50
uberdubim sorry04:50
uberdubi am a enduser04:51
uberdubtruly sorry04:51
uberdubwrite the changes???04:51
uberdubhow do I do that?04:51
uberdubits like each step requires 10 other steps04:52
uberdubround and round in circles04:52
uberduball for something I should be able to right click select and be done04:52
tatertotspress 'm' to see the list of commands...you'll the the letter to press to (C)reate a partition04:52
tatertotsyou'll see the letter to press04:53
tatertotsmy typing today is horrible04:53
tatertotsi should probably eat something04:53
tatertotsuberdub this one looks good 'o   create a new empty DOS partition table'04:54
uberdubsays created, but d still gives the same error04:55
tatertotsw   write table to disk and exit04:56
uberdubprocessed clean04:56
tatertotsthata boy04:56
uberdubsee this used to be fun.04:57
tatertotsyou're not having fun?04:57
uberdubI just dont have the time any more04:57
uberdubim not04:57
uberdubit sucks04:57
uberdubIs it really too much to ask for an os that doesnt spy on you, and is truly for endusers?04:58
uberdubI would pay for a properly polished unix or linux os04:58
uberdubfreedom not free beer!!04:59
tatertotsif you run fdisk again does "d' still give you the same error as before?04:59
tatertotsadd a new partition05:00
tatertotsmake it fat32 partition05:00
tatertots(n)ew partition05:01
tatertotsuberdub did you create your new fat32 partition?05:03
tatertotsw   write table to disk and exit05:03
=== user__ is now known as domoArigat0
uberdubdoing it now05:05
uberdubextended or primary?05:06
tatertotsthata boy ..you did it05:07
tatertotssee that wasn't so hard05:07
uberdubyes, yes it was05:08
tatertotsand you've gained some experience and knowledge in the process05:08
uberdubat least I dont have to chase dependenc ies in ubuntu05:08
tatertotsif you had to do this again...you'd breeze right through it05:09
tatertotsadmit it ...you had a little fun too05:09
tatertotsand you got your usb drive back :)05:10
uberdubno I wouldnt05:10
uberdubId forget all the meticulous commands05:10
uberdubthis isnt routine for me05:10
uberdubim just an enduser05:10
tatertotswe're all end users05:11
tatertotshello johnny05:13
=== johnny is now known as Guest27701
uberdubI will be keeping my laptop linux05:13
uberdubbut my steam amchine is going windows05:14
uberdubgaming in linux is still not there yet05:14
Guest27701I'm new and this chat05:14
uberdubIM tired of missing out on AAA titles any way05:14
tatertotsguest what ubuntu issue are you having today?05:17
Guest27701Someone here speaks Spanish05:17
tgm4883!es | Guest2770105:17
ubottuGuest27701: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.05:17
tatertotsi don't speak spanish, however i think there is a spanish ubuntu chat if you want to speak in your 1st language05:18
tatertotsi don't know that for sure i just see that get posted sometimes05:18
domoArigat0hi friends, I only have 8 gigs on this old pos netbook. I cannot upgrade my dist because I don't have enough space. Is there a way to delete unused programs?05:26
xanguadomoArigat0: you could upgrade from ISO if you don't have disk space05:28
xangua! Alternate05:28
ubottuThe alternate CD has been discontinued for the main Ubuntu distro, please use and report any bugs in the !LiveCD05:28
xanguaMmmm :-\05:28
xanguaOr maybe no05:28
lotuspsychjedomoArigat0: you can try bleachbit to cleanup some space05:29
lotuspsychjelacy20: do you have a question?05:30
tatertotshello lacy05:30
josh-millerdoes anyone know how to install WMIC on Ubuntu 1605:33
xangua! Find | wmic05:35
josh-millerWMIC was an OpenVas thing you compiled but now it won't build on ubuntu 1605:37
josh-millerand the internet is pretty sparse for info05:37
lickalottanyone have any idea why 3 other systems (all different OS's) would be able to mount an NFS share except my ubuntu laptop?  I just had to rebuild the server and re-share out the folders.  Is there some caching that happens with NFS on the client side??05:55
rascaHi everyone, I screwed up while trying to dual boot on my laptop. After installing first windows and then ubuntu I was always booting to windows. I "efibootmgr -o" to my grub but it's somehow broken and now I cannot even boot via a USB (neither ubuntu nor windows). What can I do?05:55
janellebhi all, I'm on a legacy server running Ubuntu 11.10, is there a way for me to install the latest supervisord?06:09
lotuspsychje!eol | janelleb06:13
ubottujanelleb: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades06:13
lotuspsychjeg_: what can we do for you?06:42
g_i want to learn some skills about some type of hacking06:43
quizzy85is there a Kali channel? Ubuntu isnt what you want for hacking g_06:45
Tin_mang_,  mean like coughing up fur balls?06:46
ubottuUbuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)06:46
g_okey thanks bay :)06:46
quizzy85ohh dear06:46
wdnaHey I have Dell Latitude e7470 laptop. It has built in G3 modem device. I installed modem-manager (GUI) however it was not able to find any device. It seems to me the device driver is not loaded as I couldn't find it on system. Anyone have suggestion how can I activate it?06:48
wdnaI guess I need the correct driver, but I'm not sure what driver or what is the exact device name / id ...06:49
Tin_manshould be able to get the drivers from the Dell web site. wdna.06:49
wdnaTin_man: I ofcourse checked, and it does not have Linux drivers ..06:52
aoeyaoeuMPU, google ruby06:53
aoeyaoeumpu, google ruby06:53
Tin_manwell if it's a dell you could almost bet that this link might help..06:53
aoeyaoeumpu help06:55
aoeyaoeumpu google ruby06:55
ducasseaoeyaoeu: do you have a question?06:56
wdnaTin_man: are you guessing? This is not the same type of device, and the suggested solution is very bad one either way. but ... what can you expect from Ubuntu users...06:58
Tin_manyes i am06:58
Tin_mani'm just going by my dell laptop that I had, but you can look and google for your self06:58
Tin_manor are your typing fingers just work bashing people trying to help you?06:59
singamgood people deserves good service http://pazhanji.org is a good file transfer service  made for IRC07:05
singamgood people deserves good service http://pazhanji.org is a good file transfer service  made for IRC (#ubuntu #blender)07:06
al_nz1who should be the owner of a home directory? the user or root?07:06
al_nz1singam: right - cause I setup my system with SSD, and DATA on a diff disk. I followed the guide, but a ls -l on my home dir shows root:root07:07
al_nz1so chown -R /home/usernamehere07:07
singamthats ok .... u can change it07:07
singamgood people deserves good service http://pazhanji.org is a good file transfer service  made for IRC (#ubuntu #blender)07:07
al_nz1or more precisely sudo chown user:user /home/user07:08
singamdood it doesnt matter... being root is good07:08
singamgood people deserves good service http://pazhanji.org is a good file transfer service  made for IRC (#ubuntu #blender)07:08
singamgood bye all07:08
al_nz1well it must matter because pulseaudio wont start07:10
sankalecheck it with pulseaudio --check07:12
SimonHey, yesterday i update Xubuntu on my laptotp. After system restart i noticed that icons names on desktop are aligne to left07:55
SimonSomeone have that same problem?07:55
jattI use xubuntu and haven't noticed that thing07:56
the_waiterCan I ask something related to compiling?08:31
the_waiterI have AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION([0.14]) in configure.ac08:32
the_waitermake goes OK08:32
the_waiterbut sudo make install cries this:08:32
the_waitermake[1]: Entering directory `/home/stefan/Clipboard_pokus2/po'08:32
the_waiter/bin/sh @MKINSTALLDIRS@ /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/enlightenment/modules/clipboard08:32
the_waiter/bin/sh: 0: Can't open @MKINSTALLDIRS@08:32
the_waiterif I change AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION to 0.18 everything goes well but I have some permission denied warnings during autoge.sh run08:34
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:41
Nishikino-Makiwhere's the "linux-headers-3.4.39"?!08:52
Xinhai all08:53
XinI am looking for a way to send/receive time sensitive audio and video across multiple systems08:53
Xineg, use a buffer, sync clocks between all hosts, stream the buffer to all hosts and have them play it correctly in sync08:54
Xinanyone know how I can do such a thing?08:54
cfhowlettXin, sounds like stream casting ...08:54
Xinyeah but all the players have to be in sync08:55
Xinlike, exactly08:55
Xinwhich should be as simple as using the same sample rate, and saying 'all of you start playing at this microsecond'08:55
Xinonce their clocks are sync'd that is08:55
cfhowlettXin, quite a bit over my head, but I cant point you in some possible directions.  see "internet dj console" app08:55
cfhowlettXin, also see "plex media server" in the software center08:57
XinIve used plex before but not sure how to make it time sensitive or whatever08:58
ducasseNishikino-Maki: which ubuntu version are you running?08:58
Xinill take a look at those though08:58
cfhowlettXin, happy2help!08:58
habitsHi, guys! Could you please tell me which NVIDIA driver version I should use for my NVIDIA 920M graphic card.09:00
habitsIt seems that the latest one is not compatiable with kernel 4.4.0. Should I use an older driver version?09:00
habitsFYI, I am running Ubuntu Gnome 16.0409:00
Nishikino-Makiubuntu wily(15.10) armhf09:01
cfhowletthabits, see the nvidia page  http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us09:02
ducasseNishikino-Maki: that kernel is not available for wily, it is very old.09:02
habitscfhowlett: This is where I downloaded the latest drivers from and once I installed them I was not able to log into GUI09:03
Nishikino-Maki...ok i think my arm device is cannot use the 8192cu wireless card09:03
ducasseNishikino-Maki: probably not, but if you want support for arm try #ubuntu-arm.09:04
cfhowletthabits, ah, well.  2 suggestions then.  first, fully upgrade your ubuntu.  should that not fix things consider dropping to a previous version of the nvidia driver09:06
habitscfhowlett: thanks for the hint. That's what I was planning to do. The thing is that I don't know where can I find older version of NVIDIA drivers09:08
abhvli have "angular" in my /home/user i created its symbolic in /var/www/angular/ to /home/user/angular/* apache says you dont have permission to access this09:08
cfhowletthabits, should be on nvidia's site ...09:08
habitscfhowlett: yup, I think I managed to find archived drivers :) Thanks a lot09:10
cfhowletthabits, happy2help!09:10
systemx_Hello.. I recently installed Xubuntu 16.04. During the installation process, I manually setup the partition scheme, and selected the root partition to be "Physical Encrypted Device".. Everything is working perfectly, however, I have noticed in File Manager an entry under the "Devices" category labelled "Disk", however, it is "dimmed", or unhighlighted (not as dark as the other devices).. Is this normal? Here is a copy of my fstab configuration:09:13
systemx_This 'df -ha | grep sdb2' might provide extra useful information: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19608151/09:14
systemx_Due to the same exact size.. this leads me to believe you are correct.. I'm just worried and wanted to verify09:14
systemx_Thanks for all the help in advance.. I really do appreciate it09:15
ducassesystemx_: pastebin the output of 'lsblk -f /dev/sdb'09:18
=== Nishikino-Maki1 is now known as Nishikino-Maki
systemx_ducasse: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19608808/09:21
systemx_It looks like that answers my question.. if I'm interpreting it correctly..09:22
systemx_verification from someone far smarter than I would be very nice though09:22
PrincessBobyou are smart... give yourself credit :)09:23
ducassesystemx_: from that it looks like sdb2_crypt is mounted twice...09:24
systemx_Thank you very much PrincessBob :)09:26
systemx_ducasse: Hmm..09:27
ducassesystemx_: why do you have two entries for it in fstab?09:28
cfhowlettducasse, 2 separate parts.  the encrypted is the "ghost" of the non-encrypted09:29
systemx_honestly, I am not sure.. I did not either manually. I was considering commenting one out, but thought I would ask someone with more experience than myself09:32
systemx_did not add*09:32
ducassecfhowlett: wouldn't lsblk show that?09:33
cfhowlettducasse, it did in one of his pastes.09:34
cfhowlettsystemx_, what program did you encrypt with??09:34
systemx_This looks to support your conclusion: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19609595/09:35
cfhowlettsystemx_, if I recall, ecrypt creates an encrypted "ghost" partition that is not accessible without the assigned password09:36
systemx_I used the Xubuntu installer. (As per the topic, as for asking for help in distro specific channel, I just want to say I asked for assistance in the xubuntu channel before joining here, and was referred here)09:36
cfhowlettsystemx_, sounds like ecryptfs then09:37
ducassecfhowlett: lsblk shows the encrypted container as sdb2, and the encrypted fs as sdb2_crypt.09:37
cfhowlettducasse, yep.  normal behavior as I understand it.09:38
ducassecfhowlett: yes, but the mapper device appears twice in fstab09:38
ducassecfhowlett: that's not normal09:38
ducassethis doesn't look like ecryptfs as there is ext4 on top of it. you layer an fs on top of luks, ecryptfs transparently encrypts a directory through fuse.09:42
systemx_ecryptfs-verify results: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19610500/09:49
alxpaHey. I'm having trouble installing a solarized theme to vim.09:49
alxpaI can't find my .vim folder09:49
alxpaOn an Ubuntu server09:50
ducassesystemx_: yes, but that is for your home dir (and why layer ecryptfs on top of luks?)09:53
systemx_ducasse: it was unintentional.. I'm just looking for a way to recover.09:54
cfhowlettsystemx_, perhaps the sanest option: reinstall09:54
ducassecfhowlett: +109:55
alxpaCan I run the command mkdir -p ~/.vim/autoload ~/.vim/bundle && \09:55
alxpaIn root09:55
alxpaOr do I need to do it somewhere else09:55
cfhowlett!root | alxpa09:55
ubottualxpa: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo09:55
ducassesystemx_: and don't check 'encrypt home' if you are installing to an encrypted disk. use one of them.09:55
alxpacfhowlett: I am ssh'd as root09:56
systemx_oh wow, THAT must of been what caused it..09:56
systemx_I did select both..09:56
cfhowlettalxpa, ahhh.  please ignore my earlier input09:56
ducassesystemx_: _something_ is very wrong there.09:56
alxpacfhowlett: do u know whether it's okay to run that command there?09:56
alxpaI don't have a .vim directory as far as I can tell09:57
alxpaBut surely I have one if I can run vim09:57
cfhowlettalxpa, if you have never used vim, you will not have a .vim folder.09:57
alxpaI've run it before cfhowlett09:57
alxpaBut where should the folder be created?09:57
ducassealxpa: in your home dir09:58
alxpaSo that's the one when I type cd .. from root dir? ducasse09:58
cfhowlettalxpa, if not easily visible in your /home, it will be a couple of layers deep in perhaps .config.  look around09:58
systemx_If I choose "Physical Encrypted Device" for the / partition, that covers the entire system, but if in the future, I want to utilize ecryptfs to encrypt individual user directories, I just do so manually once installed, correct? Rather than letting the installer handle it09:59
ducassealxpa: just type 'cd' and hit enter, and you will be in your homedir10:00
ducassesystemx_: you typically wouldn't need to encrypt directories on an already encrypted disk, but you can use ecryptfs to encrypt on other drives.10:01
alxpaducasse: that's root10:01
systemx_Should I avoid selecting using physical device encryption, and only select to encrypt home directory, or will that not cover the entire system10:01
alxpaBecause I'm ssh'd10:01
ducassealxpa: isn't it root you are creating .vim for?10:01
systemx_say, I wanted to allow individual users to each have encrypted ~ with different passwords, would doing such be useful though?10:02
ducassesystemx_: yes, but in that case i wouldn't encrypt the physical disk /home is on.10:03
ducassealxpa: ssh in as the user you want to create .vim for, 'mkdir ~/.vim', done.10:04
alxpaOk, ducasse: I'm thinking of making a different user so it's safer10:05
alxpaIs that a good idea10:05
alxpaInstead of going in as root10:06
alxpaOr is that just unnecessary10:06
ducassealxpa: if you want to configure root's vim you need to do it as root. if you want to configure vim for a normal user, do it as that user.10:07
alxpaDucasse where is vimrc?10:08
alxpaOr, where should it be?10:08
ducassealxpa: in $HOME.10:09
alxpaDucasse for root user?10:12
ducassealxpa: read what i've said again, i've explained this already.10:14
=== parnasas is now known as parnasus
alxpaDucasse, ah yeah. Thanks I've done it now10:23
alxpaU can't vim a file without an extension?10:24
ren0v0hi, i'm trying to add something to rc.local for redis, but redis is starting before rc.local commands are executed, what is the correct way to handle that?10:25
ducasseren0v0: which ubuntu version?10:26
ducasseren0v0: write a systemd service unit10:26
ren0v0for redis?10:27
ducasseren0v0: no, for the task you need to run, and specify that it should run before redis is started.10:27
ren0v0ducasse, i just want to  echo 'never' > /sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/enabled10:28
ikoniaren0v0: don't do that10:29
ikoniaput it in the sysctl and set it properly10:29
ren0v0ikonia, i added some things to sysctl.conf but for some reason redis says to apply this differently...10:30
ren0v0So i would do  mm.transparent_hugepage=0  ?10:30
ikoniaren0v0: you'd have to look up the settings, I don't have settings like that in my memory10:31
ikoniabut there are settings to disable hugepages10:31
ren0v0its weird if its that easy, redis/mongo all have some really fancy ways to do it  https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/tutorial/transparent-huge-pages/10:31
ikoniaignore them10:32
ikoniathey are applications10:32
ikonialook how to manage your OS10:32
jost__is ports.ubuntu.com down?10:34
=== jost__ is now known as jost
ducassealxpa: you can edit any text file you want, they don't need an extension10:35
alxpaI typed vim filename10:35
alxpaOops. Never mind10:35
alxpaI had cd'd10:35
=== nazmul is now known as pnazs
ren0v0ikonia, i'm not sure if you're right, look at the answer here  http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/99154/disable-transparent-hugepages   it seems its not an option.10:37
ikoniapretty sure I've disabled hugepages as a kernel option many times10:37
ikoniaren0v0: for example http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/man8/hugeadm.8.html10:38
ren0v0if you read the answer there its that "transparent_hugepages" isn't an option, but there is nr_hugepage for example10:39
ikoniaren0v0: have a read of this, yes it's redhat, but it explains the setup https://access.redhat.com/solutions/42228310:41
ren0v0ikonia, erm write block ?10:43
ikonialooks like "vm.nr_hugepages =0" "vm.nr_hugepages_mempolicy=0" "vm.hugepages_treat_as_moveable=0" and "vm.nr_overcommit_hugepages=0" are what's needed10:43
busliquehey guys10:43
ren0v0let me give it a try10:43
ikoniaren0v0: sadly I don't have a big to hand with this disabled on, but I'm almost certain I've done this through sys settings10:43
busliquehave this message in /var/log/syslog every 10 mins10:44
ren0v0ikonia, i just feel that if it was so simple everyone else would be doing it and there wouldn't be 100s of stack posts like the one above10:44
busliqueJul 16 13:36:03 cyl1zard sm-mta[20057]: u6G6G33K010474: to=<buslique@cyl1zard>, delay=04:19:58, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=local, pri=2370000, dsn=4.0.0, stat=Operating system error10:44
busliqueJul 16 13:36:03 cyl1zard sm-mta[20060]: u6G4aH3J018181: Warning: program /usr/sbin/sensible-mda unsafe: No such file or directory10:44
busliquewhat cause this problem?10:44
ikoniaren0v0: not many people need to disable it, it's not really an everyday option10:44
busliquei know i can install sensible-*, but can it be spam from my pc?10:45
ikoniabuslique: you have an automated job calling an application that doesn't exist10:45
ren0v0look here again >  http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/99154/disable-transparent-hugepages    The answer shows that its not there, those options you point out aren't "transparent_hugepage".   Yes its not an everyday option, but there are many redis/mongodb users10:45
busliqueikonia, wait, can show you crontab10:45
busliqueikonia, no, default crontab settings, nothing special10:46
ikoniaren0v0: ok - so that page says do it as a boot argument10:46
ikoniabuslique: I don't want to see crontab10:46
z0ranhow safe is to upgrade from 14.04 to 16.0410:46
ikoniaz0ran: wait until 16.04.110:46
busliqueikonia, ok, how can i see autojob of this app?10:47
jattz0ran: very safe10:47
z0ranthanks ikonia10:47
ren0v0ikonia, yea, nasty10:47
ikoniajatt: no it's not, as there is no official upgrade method until 16.04.110:47
ikoniaren0v0: I don't see that as a nasty solution, better than an init script echoing things into sys10:47
ren0v0ikonia, i'm trying to put it all into a deploy script, so its a bit tricky10:47
=== Nishikino-Maki1 is now known as Nishikino-Maki
busliqueikonia, any advice to disable /usr/sbin/sensible-mda job?10:50
ikoniabuslique: you need to find whats calling it10:51
busliqueikonia, spend an hour to find, but no results10:51
ikoniabuslique: how have you tried to find it10:52
busliqueikonia, used google to find where i can find it)10:54
busliqueikonia, but i dont know even WHERE i can find it10:54
ikoniawhere you can find what ?10:54
busliquejobs or processes that cause /usr/sbin/sensible-mda error in logs10:55
ikoniagoogle isn't going to tell you that10:55
ikoniayou have to find it on your system10:55
ikonialook at how frequently it runs - thats a good starting bit of info10:56
busliqueevery 10 minutes10:56
ikoniaon the dot or roughly10:56
busliqueon the dot10:57
ikoniais it always the same times, or just minutes apart10:57
busliqueon the dot or roughly10:57
busliqueJul 16 13:36:03 cyl1zard sm-mta[20058]: u6G8k33K013778: Warning: program /usr/sbin/sensible-mda unsafe: No such file or directory10:57
busliqueJul 16 13:36:03 cyl1zard sm-mta[20058]: u6G8k33K013778: SYSERR(root): Cannot exec /usr/sbin/sensible-mda: No such file or directory10:57
busliqueJul 16 13:36:03 cyl1zard sm-mta[20057]: u6G8k33K013778: to=<root@cyl1zard>, delay=01:49:58, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=local, pri=1020000, dsn=4.0.0, stat=Operating system error10:57
busliqueJul 16 13:36:03 cyl1zard sm-mta[20059]: u6G6G33K010474: Warning: program /usr/sbin/sensible-mda unsafe: No such file or directory10:57
ikoniaplease don't flood the channel buslique10:57
busliqueJul 16 13:46:03 cyl1zard sm-mta[29149]: u6G4aH3J018181: Warning: program /usr/sbin/sensible-mda unsafe: No such file or directory10:58
ikoniabuslique: is the time always 10 minutes apart or is it a set time of ten minutes, eg: is it always some time +10 minutes, or is it always a set time eg: on the hour10:58
busliqueJul 16 13:46:03 cyl1zard sm-mta[29149]: u6G4aH3J018181: SYSERR(root): Cannot exec /usr/sbin/sensible-mda: No such file or directory10:58
busliqueJul 16 13:46:03 cyl1zard sm-mta[29146]: u6G4aH3J018181: to=<root@cyl1zard>, ctladdr=<root@cyl1zard> (0/0), delay=06:09:46, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=local, pri=3361599, dsn=4.0.0, stat=Operating system error10:58
ikoniabuslique: stop10:59
busliqueJul 16 13:46:03 cyl1zard sm-mta[29150]: u6G2C9Ne020744: Warning: program /usr/sbin/sensible-mda unsafe: No such file or directory10:59
busliqueJul 16 13:46:03 cyl1zard sm-mta[29150]: u6G2C9Ne020744: SYSERR(root): Cannot exec /usr/sbin/sensible-mda: No such file or directory10:59
ikoniabuslique: have you finished flooding the channel ?10:59
ducasse!paste | buslique use a pastebin!11:00
ubottubuslique use a pastebin!: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:00
busliqueikonia, will use pastebin next time, just pasted a log from 2nd buffer, im sorry)11:00
busliqueikonia, the time always 10 minutes apart11:02
ikoniaso it's more likley to be a daemon thats running than a job11:02
ikoniayou can confirm this looking in /var/spool/cron and in /etc/cron.$whatever11:03
busliqueill will try, thanks11:03
ikoniaso if it's a daemon, you may find reference to sensible-mda in /etc which will tell you which daemons doing it11:03
buslique"@reboot sleep 10m && timeshift --backup" in /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root11:10
=== lfrlucas_ is now known as lfrlucas
busliquehmm, but timeshift never displayed this messages in logs before11:10
busliqueand i have "*/20 * * * * smmsp   test -x /etc/init.d/sendmail" in /etc/cron.d/sendmail11:11
busliqueand i found "QUEUE_INTERVAL="10m";" sting in  /etc/mail/sendmail.conf11:18
* Firefox___ 11:22
junaidalican we send "enter" to a process?11:22
jattyou can send signals to it tho11:24
ikoniabuslique: sendmail is nothing to do with that11:24
ikoniaalthough sendmail....ubuntu does not have sendmail by deault11:24
ikoniabuslique: what version of ubuntu is this ?11:24
busliqueikonia, 16.0411:24
ikoniabuslique: and you have sendmail.....11:25
ikoniathat is not the default MTA on ubuntu11:25
busliqueikonia, so maybe i need to delete sendmail?)11:25
ikoniabuslique: errr no11:25
busliqueikonia, so what can I do?)11:28
ikonialook for something in /etc that calls the application in question11:29
ikoniabuslique: can you show me the output of "uname -a" please11:29
ikoniabuslique: sm-mta is actually a reference to sendmail it would seem11:29
buslique"Linux cyl1zard 4.6.0-040600-generic #201605151930 SMP Sun May 15 23:32:59 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux"11:29
ikoniabuslique: thats not an ubuntu kernel11:30
junaidali thanks jatt: i thought there might be any signal11:30
ikoniabuslique: is this some vpc ?11:30
busliqueikonia, no, it's desktop ubuntu 16.04 with upgraded kernel11:31
ikoniaan ugraded kernel....from where11:31
ikoniathis sounds very odd11:31
ikoniayou've got sendmail running as an MTA, non-standard kernels11:31
ikoniasounds like you're messing around a lot11:31
ikoniabuslique: first hit on google http://serverfault.com/questions/58052/what-is-sensible-mda-and-do-i-need-it11:32
busliqueikonia,  http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.6-yakkety/linux-headers-4.6.0-040600-generic.....11:33
ikoniabuslique: I'm sorry - I'm not going to support your machine, if you're installing custom kernels you should have a basic grasp how to manage your machine,11:33
ducassebuslique: why have you installed that kernel?11:33
busliqueikonia, yes, i know when I install sensible-mda - i will not see any errors in log. i just wanna know - is it good to see that messages? i mean why so much performs to send smth?11:35
ikoniabuslique: read read the thread11:35
busliqueducasse, for resolve some hardware issues - and it helped11:35
ikoniait explains why you are getting those errors, and ties into my sendmail question11:35
busliqueyes, i know, but i need to know: ~15 messages - it's because of 1 query of 15?11:37
ikoniawhat ?11:37
ikonia1 query of 15 ??11:37
ikoniawhat does that even mean11:37
busliquelook: i see 15 error messages in /var/log/syslog , every 10 mins. is it caused by 15 queries?11:38
ikonia15 queries ??11:38
ikoniawhat is a query ? a query of what ?11:38
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest28166
busliquei mean QUEUE_INTERVAL="10m"11:39
ikoniathats how often sendmail runs the queue11:39
ikoniawhy are you even using sendmail ??11:39
busliquei dont remember btw)11:40
buslique"@reboot sleep 10m && timeshift --backup" in /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root" so that is the query, right?11:40
ikoniasounds like you are don't pay attention to what you are doing with your machine11:40
ikoniajust remove sendmail11:40
ikoniathere should be no crontab in root11:41
ikoniaroot is disabled on ubuntu11:41
ikoniayour machine is a mess - I'm not supporting it,11:41
ikoniaremove sendmail if you want that error message to go away11:41
busliquei used sudo -s to see that cronjob11:41
ikoniathat doesn't change what I said11:41
ikoniaroot is a disabled account11:42
ikoniathere shouldbe no root cronjobs11:42
busliqueah, ok, got it11:42
busliquein user cronjobs i see nothing changed since freshinstall11:42
busliqueso ill delete sendmail, thanks)11:42
ikoniaplease re-read what I'm saying11:42
ikoniait's not a cron11:42
ikoniait's the sendmail daemon11:42
busliqueyea, yea, its just my carelessness11:43
busliquei understood you11:43
busliqueanother dumb question: why it's not good to install custom kernels from  http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.6-yakkety/*?11:46
busliqueits mainline, not testing or etc11:46
ikoniamainline is testing11:46
ikoniait's totally unpatched, vanilla11:46
ikoniathere is no testing done against it, it's just totally standard, no promises it will work with your system at all11:47
busliquewow, will know that11:47
busliquebut it works, and seems like everything is ok11:47
ikoniabuslique: "seems"11:47
ikoniaand "unsupported" are the key words there11:48
ajnrHi Is there any tool to comare files and then extract a portion of the matching line of the other file. Say I am comparing http://pastebin.tlhiv.org/5FKlGoQv and http://pastebin.tlhiv.org/fO4KJJDn and after comaring I got the output file http://pastebin.tlhiv.org/maYMuX4e which is the id of the second file . Please let me know is there any possibilities.11:49
ikoniaI don't know what you mean11:50
ikoniajust use "diff"11:50
busliqueikonia, ok, so can I face with some issues in future with this kernel?11:50
ikoniait shows you the differences in a file11:50
ikoniabuslique: no idea, thats the point11:50
ikoniabuslique: and no-one will support it11:50
EriC^^ajnr: is it only 1 line at a time you're looking for?11:51
OerHeks!info meld11:51
ubottumeld (source: meld): graphical tool to diff and merge files. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.14.2-1 (xenial), package size 445 kB, installed size 2895 kB11:51
apaternoster_Hallo :) I've a problem with Ubuntu 16.04 installation. The problem is similar to this one https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByC9IA-s4KqwZ1RDYnlXQWtkYUU/view?pref=2&pli=1. There is a solution ? I can't click next and I can't exit from the installer...11:51
ajnrEriC^^, no there may be number of lines in both the files but after comparing I am taking the ids only .11:52
EriC^^apaternoster_: it is something to do with uefi11:52
EriC^^apaternoster_: try ctrl+alt+f1, and type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999 and paste here11:53
EriC^^also do ls /sys/firmware/efi11:53
EriC^^ajnr: the first file always doesn't have id's? just the line?11:54
apaternoster_EriC^^: ok. I've no other system... Here it is http://termbin.com/c1pi11:54
ajnrikonia, diff is not working here11:54
ikoniadefine not working11:54
apaternoster_EriC^^: the last one sdc is the live usb11:54
EriC^^apaternoster_: and ls /sys/firmware/efi ?11:54
ikoniait's pretty hard for diff not to work11:54
ajnrEriC^^, yes just the lines and the second one has line plus id's , so i need to compare both the files and if matches then get the ids11:55
apaternoster_EriC^^: http://termbin.com/mztg11:55
ajnrikonia, I mean to say that as per what I need , diff is not givingme the output11:55
EriC^^ajnr: ok, hold on11:55
busliqueikonia, if 4.6.0 will be released as official - am i need to upgrade or patch my 4.6.0-040600 to a fresh released?11:56
busliqueikonia, its will be a differ versions, right?\11:57
ikoniabuslique: 4.6.0 will not be released officially11:57
lernerI have 2 pdf DIN-A 4 pages I need to fit into one DIN-A4. TO do that I need a program to decrease the size of the 2 pictures (one per page) what app do I need?11:58
ikoniabuslique: you've changed your dependency path now for the kernel and associated dependencies11:58
apaternoster_EriC^^: Have you see the last paste ? (ls /sys/firmware/efi)11:58
EriC^^apaternoster_: ok, it looks good11:59
OerHekslerner,  LibreOffice Writer should be able to11:59
EriC^^you're booted in uefi mode and you have a gpt partition table, what does the error message mean apaternoster_ ?11:59
apaternoster_Yes, I'm in uefi (i selected uefi entry) and I-ve gpt table partition.12:00
lernerOerHeks, the picture includes code bars, I worry about its quality...12:00
apaternoster_EriC^^: I don't know, I want to know what it is...12:00
arunsI just ran rm on a PolarisOffice installer on my Downloads folder. It was called PolarisOfficeInstaller (1).exe. When I ran the rm command, it used backward slashes to escape the empty spaces. But it appeared like this on the terminal: PolarisOfficeInstaller\ \(1\).exe12:00
arunsWhy does it need to include a backwards slash inside the parenthetical brackets?12:01
ikoniaaruns: to escape the )12:01
arunsThere isn't a space within the parenthetical brackets AFAIK?12:01
apaternoster_EriC^^: It shows up after I press install button on installer12:01
arunsikonia: Ah OK, thanks.12:01
arunsikonia: Is the ) considered a special character?12:01
ikoniaaruns: yes12:01
ikoniaas is (12:02
ikoniaand you can see there is an escape before that12:02
arunsOh yeah.12:02
OerHekslerner, if you do, one way to find out12:02
jattuse double quotes to don't escape12:02
apaternoster_EriC^^: but I've all the partition /boot/efi, /, swap12:02
arunsOr single quotes.12:02
apaternoster_EriC^^: and other partition like /home, /tmp...12:03
arunsOh, now I see, pretty tired today haha.12:03
arunsShould have looked at it more closely :p12:03
EriC^^ajnr: almost done..12:04
ajnrEriC^^, ok12:04
apaternoster_EriC^^: I also tried to re-create the live usb and tried to boot more times the live but always same problem...12:04
busliqueikonia, ok, but i havent add custom kernel ppa's on my ppa list. any advices to do it right? downgrade current kernel or use another but official?12:05
EriC^^ajnr: how do you want the output?12:05
lernerOerHeks, good tip, thx12:05
EriC^^just the matching id's?12:05
ajnrEriC^^, means , in separate file12:05
ikoniabuslique: how did you get the kernel if you didn't add a repo12:05
ajnrid's and/or  the text EriC^^12:06
EriC^^ajnr: try this length=$(wc -l < /path/to/linesfile); for i in $(seq 1 $length); do grep "$(head -"$i" /path/to/linesfile | tail -1)" /path/to/idandlines | cut -d" " -f1; done12:06
ajnrEriC^^, ok trying12:07
ajnrEriC^^, how to run12:07
EriC^^apaternoster_: you don't know the language of the error message?12:07
EriC^^ajnr: replace /path/to/linesfile with the file with just the lines, and /path/to/idandlines with the other one12:08
EriC^^and just run the whole thing from length=$(.....12:08
busliqueikonia, wget kernel deb's and dpkg -i.12:09
apaternoster_EriC^^: I'm italian but I know some English. But I can't click next and I can't exit from installer when this pop up shows up12:09
ikoniabuslique: just remove it then12:09
apaternoster_EriC^^: I know what the message says...12:09
EriC^^apaternoster_: what does the error message mean in english?12:09
apaternoster_EriC^^: it is in english12:09
EriC^^apaternoster_: nope it was italian12:10
ajnrno nothing came EriC^^12:11
EriC^^ajnr: what exactly did you run?12:11
ajnrEriC^^, i run in the terminal , length=$(wc -l < /home/anupamj/Desktop/AJ/netaji/netaji_files_Code_mixed_only.txt); for i in $(seq 1 $length); do grep "$(head -"$i" /home/anupamj/Desktop/AJ/netaji/netaji_files_Code_mixed_only.txt | tail -1)" /home/anupamj/Desktop/AJ/netaji/netaji_ke_files_with_ID.tsv | cut -d" " -f1; done12:12
ajnrEriC^^, here you  are giving two input file12:13
ajnrEriC^^, output file i have redirected using  >12:13
ajnrEriC^^, but it came blank12:13
busliqueikonia, http://paste.ubuntu.com/19620222/ i need to delete 4.5 and 4.6 and back tlinux-image-generic , right?12:14
apaternoster_EriC^^: Sorry XD  Yes, I traslate the message... "The firmware of this PC has started the installer in UEFI mode, but seems that there are other operating systems that uses BIOS compatibility mode. If you click next it is possible that you can't restart other systems that uses compatiblity mode. If you want to continue click next, overwise click back and exit from the installer"12:14
EriC^^that's odd, it works here, try without redirecting for a bit12:14
busliqueikonia, back to *12:14
ikoniabuslique: remove anything you've installed not from the ubuntu repos12:14
ajnrEriC^^, where the output will be displayed ?12:14
ikoniabuslique: it's up to you what you do really12:14
EriC^^ajnr: i tested it by creating 2 files, one with 1234 bla bla , and 1234 ee and the other with random lines and bla bla and ee12:14
EriC^^ajnr: on the terminal12:14
ajnrEriC^^, blank12:15
apaternoster_EriC^^: Sorry but I though I publish the english version..12:15
ajnrEriC^^, nothing came12:15
EriC^^ajnr: are you able to grep that .tsv file usually?12:15
apaternoster_EriC^^: I think you can now understand the message..12:15
busliqueikonia, ok, thanks for advices, but it's a not wrong idea to keep current 4.6 kernel, if I dont see some errors or smth like this?12:16
ikoniabuslique: it's up to you12:16
ajnrEriC^^, this is the file with out id http://pastebin.tlhiv.org/0Yt157Tb and this one is with id http://pastebin.tlhiv.org/EOVylqCZ12:16
daumieI'm helping out a friend...... he's got 4 linux distros installed and windows 7 .....Grub picks only linux distros igonores windows boot mgr......ho do i fix this?12:16
Lokiehi, I am trying to use a live usb with 14.04 to do something and I am running out of space. IS there a way to increase it's size from 1GB to 2+ ? (the usb is 8GB)12:17
jatt4.6 kernels from the ppa are ok as long you don't use them for production12:17
ikoniano they are not "ok"12:17
Lokiethe guides I see so far say to create a new casper-rw but the live usb only has a dir named that way12:18
ikoniahow can you say they are 'ok' when you dno't know what they will do and how they will behave with the setup12:18
EriC^^apaternoster_: yes click continue if you don't have other os installed12:19
busliqueikonia, ok, big thanks for your advices. and the last question: if i do apt-get upgrade > sometimes it cause to upgrade official 4.4.x kernels to new, when ill delete 4.6.x am i be good with upgrades 4.4.x kernels, and is it safe to delete current 4.6??12:19
apaternoster_EriC^^: I can't all is blocked always12:19
apaternoster_EriC^^: I can't click anything, I can't click next, I can't go back :(12:20
ikoniabuslique: again, it's up to you, you put 4.6 on your machine, you know your machine, so you know if it's safe12:20
crafty1Lokie: can you use either gparted or KDE partition manager12:20
crafty1or does this return an error12:20
busliqueikonia, ok, that's all, thanks a lot12:21
crafty1Lokie: but i will wager a guess you cannot expand a filesystem that is currently in use12:21
ajnrEriC^^, ok , if i remove the dates in between id and text then it works12:21
ajnrEriC^^, but its repeating the output12:22
EriC^^ajnr: it's because they aren't word for word match12:23
EriC^^in the line file aishkapoor sir kya 23 ko govt . netaji ki files diclassify karegi ?12:23
EriC^^in the id file 690125357370994690      Thu Jan 21 16:24:41 IST 2016    @aishkapoor sir kya 23 ko govt. netaji ki files diclassify karegi?12:24
EriC^^see the "." next to govt ?12:24
ajnrEriC^^, ok12:24
EriC^^maybe match if the first word is the same?12:25
EriC^^apaternoster_: hmm12:25
ajnrEriC^^, why repeat the numbers ?12:25
ajnrEriC^^, so is there any solution ?12:26
Lokiecrafty1 if I booted to another ubuntu installation and used gparted on the live usb?12:26
EriC^^apaternoster_: i wonder why it thinks you have an os in bios mode, maybe it thinks the live usb is?12:26
EriC^^cause the partition table is msdos?12:26
KiritoWith the seeming increase in Linux support from Nvidia, I wonder if I can hope for mobile SLI support any time in the near or distant future. Probably not12:27
EriC^^ajnr: do you want to match them based on first word?12:27
ajnrEriC^^, ok12:27
ajnrEriC^^, isit not possible to match the whole line ?12:28
apaternoster_EriC^^: Yes usb live is msdos... Fat3212:28
apaternoster_EriC^^: but how I create a normal Ubuntu bootable usb...12:29
apaternoster_But I}12:29
khalifacanal fr please12:29
apaternoster_EriC^^: but I*12:29
EriC^^ajnr: because the lines dont match, they have differences12:30
EriC^^bla . bla12:31
EriC^^bla. bla12:31
ajnrEriC^^, ok12:31
ajnrEriC^^, first word can be taken then12:31
ajnrEriC^^, any reason for repeat output ?12:32
EriC^^ajnr: one sec12:33
EriC^^i'll make it to match if starting word and last word match, hold on12:33
EriC^^apaternoster_: try to make the live usb have a gpt partition table maybe it won't make the error anymore12:34
EriC^^apaternoster_: first you can try the easy way of converting msdos to gpt with gdisk12:34
apaternoster_EriC^^: How ?12:34
EriC^^try sudo gdisk /dev/sdX (replace X with the usb)12:35
apaternoster_EriC^^: ok I try, bye we see later If I have other problems...12:36
=== xero is now known as Guest93555
EriC^^ajnr: the punctuation is so off with last words it's not working too12:41
EriC^^ajnr: hold on12:42
ajnrEriC^^, ok12:42
tatertotsgood morning everyone12:45
kisbgud afternoon12:46
KiritoWhen I enable auto-hide in the launcher settings, it seems to only reveal the launcher once when I move my mouse to the left/top left corner of my screen, and then it won't reveal itself again unless I hold down the windows/meta key. Is that a known glitch?12:50
Rockmanhey guys use my webservice to transfer ur files http://pazhanji.org12:52
Kiritooh, I see, it has to do with how fast you hit the corner, and the default sensitivity is just really low for my touchpad apparently.12:53
vuur@Rockman no SSL?12:53
OerHeksRockman, i don't trust it. and spam is not allowed here, thanks.12:53
Rockmanits not spam12:53
jattRockman: which is the privacy policy of your site?12:53
Rockmanwhat should i put there12:53
zaggynl have my own nextcloud server, but thanks12:53
Rockmani dont know what to put there12:53
jattRockman: why should I trust your site to transfer my files12:54
Rockmanim not making any profit from it12:54
vuurExactly what @jatt says12:54
vuurHow can we trust this12:54
Rockmanits a startup12:54
vuurNo HTTPS12:54
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:54
Rockmanwait i will add https12:54
Rockmanmaybe thats the reason why im getting kicked from groups12:54
\9didn't you just spam this yesterday in here?12:54
\9seriously bugger off12:55
OerHeksRockman, as it is not related to ubuntu support, please move it to #ubuntu-offtopic please12:55
Rockmanooh ok thanks12:55
madhu__jatt: may I communicate with you12:55
Kiritoyou're probably getting kicked because no one appreciates the spam, not because you don't support HTTPS12:55
\9he's been kicked yesterday12:55
Rockmandood i will support https12:56
EriC^^ajnr: this checks the first word if it matches12:56
cecjahe is in every channel advertising this shit show of a filehosting service12:56
EriC^^ajnr: file1=/path/to/lines; file2=/path/to/lineswithid; length=$(wc -l < ee); for i in $(seq 1 $length); do lookfor=$(head -$i $file1 | tail -1 | cut -d" " -f1); awk '$8 ~ /'$lookfor'/ { print $1}' $file2; done12:56
ajnrEriC^^, ok12:56
madhu__Rackman :12:56
Rockmancome on i need users using my service12:56
Rockmanhi madhu ur indian ...like me12:56
ubottuPlease don't spam12:56
madhu__Racoman : yes, Xeon E3-1200 v3 series supported kernel in ubuntu12:56
KiritoYou should try re-reading what I said again12:56
Rockmanhttps costs me money i cant afford :(12:57
EriC^^ajnr: sorry typo12:57
EriC^^ajnr: file1=/path/to/lines; file2=/path/to/lineswithid; length=$(wc -l < $file1); for i in $(seq 1 $length); do lookfor=$(head -$i "$file1" | tail -1 | cut -d" " -f1); awk '$8 ~ /'$lookfor'/ { print $1}' "$file2"; done12:58
Rockmananyway dont transfer ur sensitive files thru http://pazhanji.org .... jsut public stuffs12:58
ajnrEriC^^, ok12:58
tatertotswhat to put there?..you could make a place to collect all your family photos from member of your family, to make a big shared scrap book ect12:58
madhu__Rock :12:59
ducasseRockman: you've been told repeatedly to stop, so stop.12:59
Rockmanok jkesus12:59
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ajnrEriC^^, I am getting only 69075962384705500013:00
EriC^^ajnr: this is what i got http://paste.ubuntu.com/19623923/13:01
ajnrEriC^^, can you explain please the code13:02
EriC^^ajnr: with matching lines http://paste.ubuntu.com/19624030/13:02
ajnrEriC^^, yes it comes now13:02
EriC^^ajnr: use | sort -u at the end so it removes the duplicates, hmm just thought of something13:03
madhu__Ajnr :  Hi13:04
ajnrEriC^^, Thanks13:04
ajnrmadhu__, yes13:04
madhu__Ajnr: please let me know Xeon E3-1200 v3 series supported kernel in ubuntu13:04
EriC^^ajnr: nevermind13:04
EriC^^ajnr: no problem13:04
ajnrEriC^^, can you please explain the code13:05
Mikerhinosam I the only one to have wifi problems since today ? Can't connect to my router :( have to tether with my phone13:05
madhu__Anjr: it is latest processor in entry model servers: xeo e3 1200 version 3 processor13:05
IndustrialI have a problem13:05
EriC^^ajnr: it gets the number of lines first, then one by one it checks with awk if the first word after the date is that and gets the matches13:06
IndustrialI installed Ubuntu 16.04 on my laptop which has a NVIDIA 980M video card13:06
Industrialif I try to do the "try ubuntu" then it fails with compiz errors13:06
=== pauljw_ is now known as pauljw
ajnrEriC^^, ok13:06
Industrialif I do in install option from the ISO then it will install ubuntu13:07
Industrialwhen I boot into ubuntu then it will also give me the compiz errors13:07
IndustrialSo I see no option\13:07
IndustrialIf I press CTRL + F1 to get a terminal then I get a black screen13:07
ajnrmadhu__, no idea actually13:07
IndustrialWhat do I do?13:07
madhu__Ajnr: How to find the kernel will support processor13:08
ducasse!nomodeset | Industrial13:09
ubottuIndustrial: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:09
Industrialducasse: thanks13:11
urckedBeen trying to setup a VPN for hours now. Installed network-manager-openvpn. However, no option in network manager either to setup or import VPN13:12
ducassemadhu__: that cpu should be supported, what problems are you having?13:12
madhu__Ducasse: Welcome. It is installing. but not creating RAID 1 in sw13:14
madhu__Ducasse : How to know which kernel will support the processor13:14
ducassemadhu__: i doubt that is a kernel problem.13:15
ducasseurcked: right-click the nm applet, choose edit connections, click add and you should be able to select openvpn from the list.13:16
tatertotsmadhu do you know what storage controller you are using? sata/sas controller?13:16
madhu__Tatertots : C100 controller13:17
tatertotsmadhu do you know the key sequence to enter the C100 during boot?13:17
madhu__Tatertots : I did in Legacy Mode13:18
madhu__Tatertots : Please let me know if did any mistake13:20
tatertotsmadhu did you look for button to press to manage C10013:20
tatertotsusually CTRL+(some key)13:21
codepython7771is there a system utility that can do this: read stdout from multiple processes and write to stdout?13:21
tatertotsgive me the model of your sever, that will make this easier13:21
madhu__Tatertots : ok Thanks. I not yet tried. I will try13:21
rseveroHi. I recently upgraded my home network t0 16.04. I use nfs mounts and one of the mounts uses cross mounting, i.e., I have one share on my nfs server but on the server, under this share, on several subdirectories, I have several other filesystems mounted. I want all these filesystems accessible on my nfs clients. This worked just fine up to version 15.10. Now my 16.04 clients return a13:22
rseveroImpossible to access /multimidia/musicas: Operation not permited13:22
rseveroerror when I try to acess one of these extra filesystems through the nfs share.13:22
rseveroI've tested on last client that is still running version 15.10 and the mount is working as expected on it so I believe the problem isn't on the server which has already been upgraded do 16.04.13:22
madhu__Tatertots : x3100 M5 Xeon E3-1200 v3 series13:22
rseveroHere is my share line on the server's /etc/exportfs file:13:22
rseveroAnd here is my fstab entry on one of my clients:13:22
tatertotsmadhu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDiZURQfSio13:23
Industrialducasse: I can not get into a terminal with ctrl + alt + F113:24
tatertotsmadhu looks like LSI based software raid managed through bios13:24
IndustrialI get a black screen13:24
madhu__Tatertots : Ok. Let me check13:24
IndustrialSo I can not run the `apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade` listed in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/llvm-toolchain-3.8/+bug/156415613:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1564156 in mesa (Ubuntu Xenial) "xenial: invalid opcode when using llvmpipe" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:24
IndustrialFeels like I'm so close :(13:25
tatertotsmadhu create/manage your raid 1 there in bios, then install your OS in the standard/nothing special as any other desktop user would fashion13:25
IndustrialWhen will 16.04.1 be ready?13:25
ducasseIndustrial: read the link ubottu gave you, under the heading 'How to temporarily set kernel boot options on an installed OS'13:26
Industrialcan I download the ISO now?13:26
cecjanext week13:26
Industrialah! press shift to get to get into grub!13:27
madhu__Tatertots : Saying my experince.  I tried but getting /dev/md126_raid1 readonly. Operation not permitted to write on disk.13:27
madhu__Totertots : partition table not writing on disk13:27
madhu__Totertots : Ducasse has advised me to go sw raid. But I dont know the error13:27
ducassemadhu__: can't you set the controller to just work as a storage controller, turn off raid mode?13:28
tatertotsyou have no choice but to go sw raid with the LSI based software controller13:28
tatertotsbut that does NOT mean create the array in ubuntu13:29
Industrialducasse: pressing shift after the boot logo (MSI) will not work. as soon as it starts with the purple screen i get my desktop like 2 secs later13:29
tatertotsyou're going to be using software raid no matter how to slice it13:29
Industrialand im pressing shift the whole time13:29
tatertotsas you do not have a true hardware raid controller i.e PERC 6i13:29
ducasseIndustrial: if you're holding it down, try spammin it. also try escape.13:29
tatertotssoftware raid as in setup and controlled in BIOS13:30
Kongstad1Hi, I need help to set up the resolution for my new monitor Asus VX24AH on Nvidia 210. I have been trying to follow the guidelines https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1112186 to no avail. Running at the moment 1900x1200 and the montior is capable of 2560x1440.13:30
tatertotswhen you get to the ubuntu parts you will treat it as any ordinary disk13:30
tatertotsmadhu you will end up with /dev/sdX just like any other non raid install13:32
tatertotsthis is a good thing13:32
madhu__Tatertots Thank you. I installed in single disk and trying to make RAID 1. now.13:33
tatertotsmadhu can you post screen shot of your BIOS raid configuration...might need to use your smartphone13:33
madhu__Tatertots and Ducasses : thaks both for good guidence.13:34
tatertotsyour raid is managed OUTSIDE of the operating system....NOT with the operating system13:34
madhu__Please explain13:34
tatertotsthe LSI software based C100 is managed in the BIOS13:34
tatertotsonce you have booted ubuntu remove RAID from your brain/thinking13:35
tatertotsmadhu how many hard drives do you have inside your system?13:35
madhu__1 TB HDDs :  2 Nos.13:35
sulle\aWhen i try to play games they appear on my second screen. Not on my main screen. Why is that ?13:36
tatertotsmadhu is that 2x 1TB hdd's?13:36
madhu__Once installation completed. Need to check both are working and sync13:36
tatertotsno you will do none of this "checking"13:36
tatertotsOUTSIDE of the OS/ubuntu13:36
tatertotsit's in the BIOS13:37
tatertotsdo your "checking' they are working and sync as you say in BIOS13:37
madhu__Basically software raid. We need to manage if any disk fail13:37
tatertotsyour raid will be transparent13:37
tatertotsyou won't even know you're using raid at the OS/ubuntu level13:38
sulle\aI have a dualbooted laptop with win10 and ubuntu. but now i find out that my ubuntu storage is too low. How can i change this without reinstalling everything ?.13:39
tatertotsdon't let the term/phrase 'software' raid confuse you.13:39
tatertotsyou cannot hardware raid on your sever13:39
madhu__Just confusing. May I remove and new disk if disk fail directly13:40
madhu__yes. There is no hardware raid13:40
tatertotstrue hardware raid controllers add expense/$ to the cost of the server....low end / low cost servers/desktops will always use 'software' raid solutions13:40
ducassesulle\a: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition/ResizingPartition13:40
madhu__Thats fine.13:41
sulle\aducasse, but i can do this even if i dont want to reinstall ubuntu ?13:41
tatertotssoftware based raid solutions on servers are always configured and managed in the sofware RAID BIOS13:41
ducassesulle\a: read the link, it explains everything. back up first.13:42
madhu__Please share the url to install the raid 113:42
tatertotsyou can for the most part treat them as you would a real raid in the event of a hdd failure13:42
sulle\aducasse, thanks13:42
MonkeyDustsulle\a  with gparted you *can* resize partitions without dataloss, but it takes a long time, like several hours13:42
=== Dorami-Doraemon is now known as Dorami_10
tatertotsubuntu should only see a single 1TB storage to work with if you have done things properly13:43
tatertotsubuntu will only see a single 1TB of space to install to as /dev/sda13:43
tatertotsif you have configured your raid 1 that consists of 2x 1TB hdd's properly in BIOS13:44
sulle\aMonkeyDust, Ok :)13:44
tatertotsif you can see both disk in ubuntu you are doing it wrong13:44
=== Dorami_10 is now known as Dorami-Doraemon
tatertotseither that or raid 1 isn't really what you want13:44
tatertotsraid concepts/terminology can be confusing13:45
madhu__I did without using BIOS RAID1 setting. it is showing 2 hdd.13:45
tatertotsi know madhu13:45
tatertotsthis is not proper13:45
tatertotsenter BIOS like shown here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDiZURQfSio13:45
tatertotsand create the raid 1 array in BIOS as shown here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDiZURQfSio13:45
tatertotsonly proceed with ubuntu once this has been completed13:46
tatertotsdo NOT skip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDiZURQfSio13:46
tatertotsraid sounds fancy and i know you want something to gawk and look at in your operating system but it's really quite simple13:47
tatertotsand it's managed OUTSIDE the os/ubuntu13:47
madhu__I did the same but it is not installing. error array readonly13:48
madhu__I can able to install wihout bios raid 113:48
tatertotssure if you want to install without raid just install to /dev/sda which is the first of your two 1TB hdd's13:50
tatertotsyou will need to purge/destroy any raid that you have done with ubuntu first13:50
tatertotsno more /dev/md madness13:51
madhu__I did the bios raid1 and start the installation.  At the time of  partition showing array RAIDraid1_readonly13:51
madhu__operation is not permitted to write on disk13:51
madhu__It is not taking bios raid. I need to install RAID 1 wihout using bios raid13:52
ducassemadhu__: doesn't the installer see /dev/sda?13:52
xpheresanyone could advise me which channel to ask about an issue with jack?13:53
madhu__Ducases : I can able to install in single disk. but unable to create raid113:53
tatertotsmadhu...i know from experience that some fake raid controllers are not supported because the OS/ubuntu would need drivers13:53
MonkeyDustxpheres  try here, first13:53
xpheresJack never starts, I check all kind of forums and solutions and it did not work13:53
tatertotsthey have linux drivers for the C100 fake raid controller13:53
ducassemadhu__: install on sda, don't think raid - that is managed by the bios.13:53
xpheresI added my user to the sound group13:53
xpheresI restarted jack13:53
xpheresno way to make it work13:53
RNevilleGood morning, running Ubuntu 14.04 and want to ask a question (probably off topic , which I apologize in advance - if such a thing possible)13:54
tatertotsthe OS would need to know how to work with the fake raid controller (through drivers)13:54
xpheresI'm trying to record while I'm playing a midi piano which works trough jack and fluidsynth as synthetizer13:54
RNevilleI want to set at my computer and send SMS messages and get SMS replies- either to the computer or my smartphone13:54
xpheresI can not route the audio to audacity or any other software to record the sound13:54
madhu__Drivers where to get it13:54
xpheresI would be grateful for any advice13:55
tatertotsmadhu fake raid drivers are here https://www-947.ibm.com/support/entry/portal/docdisplay?lndocid=migr-508906813:55
tatertotsthat's IBM's website13:55
madhu__It is ok to install REDHAT.13:55
tatertotsthey have drivers for RedHat and Novell SLES13:55
madhu__Very simple. All are included in the Image13:56
ducassemadhu__: wait. which disk devices can the installer see?13:56
madhu__Ducasse : it is showing the arrary without any drivers 12.04 version. I dont know where I am lacking13:57
RealPanVHey guys, I want to give administrative privileges to a specific user (so he can use sudo) without the need to tell him my own password. How can I do that?13:57
ducassemadhu__: it shows a /dev/md* device, not /dev/sd*?13:58
natmalHi, I'm new to Ubuntu. I'm attempting to configure mysql. I get my.cnf/mysql.cnf, but there are multiple configuration directories--conf.d and mysql.conf.d--why are there two? Which one should I be using?13:58
RealPanVdeathcode: Hello, describe your problem if you have any ^_^14:00
madhu__Ducasse: in single showing /dev/sda. I installed but not checked14:00
RealPanV*one c;14:00
RealPanV                                                                                              14:00
madhu__Decasse : I am tring to convert REDhat drivers to ubuntu14:00
tatertotsThese driver images can be used to create a USB key, CD, DVD, or floppy disk    containing the driver formatted for use during the installation of the    operating system.14:00
ducassemadhu__: ok. just install to sda, and that should work.14:00
madhu__My instention to give support on x3100 M5 after inallation.14:02
natmalNevermind; figured out mysql.conf.d is for mysqld. Who thought this confusing naming convention was a good idea?14:02
tatertotsmadhu i've taken many support calls on the C100 for non windows OS use, the general consensus is it's not worth the effort,14:04
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest95274
tatertotsmost enterprise IT people worth their weight in salt knows to avoid software/fake C100 controllers like the plague14:06
tatertotstreat is as a normal run of the mill sata controller and you'll be fine14:07
tatertotsif raid in critical in your server....spend the extra $ and get real hardware raid like PERC6/H70014:08
madhu__Thanks Tatertots. It is for my knowledge to avoid problems. Thank you very much for kind support14:08
tatertotsthose are found in dell's line of poweredge servers14:08
SchrodingersScatRealPanV: can add them to /etc/sudoers, can maybe add them to a group too14:08
SchrodingersScatRNeville: Sending texts is easy, don't see much about receiving14:09
RealPanVOk thanks14:09
RealPanVSo the command is gedit /etc/sudoers right?14:09
tatertotsplus your CEO's and CTO's will be happy you didn't trust the company's data to some cheap C100 fake raid....they will thank you for it ...they might balk at the extra expense but you tell them it's worth it...end of story14:10
SchrodingersScatRealPanV: in /etc/sudoers you can even give them access to specific programs without needing sudo, etc.  and maybe try 'gksudo gedit /etc/sudoers' without the 's14:10
RealPanVSo can I run that command from the target user or I need to go back to my account?14:10
SchrodingersScatRealPanV: you'll need sudo privileges to edit that14:11
RealPanVsudo privileges to give sudo makes sense14:11
RealPanVok thanks14:11
tatertotsfake raid in the enterprise is a dirty four letter word14:11
tatertotsthou shalt not speak of or use it14:11
RNevilleSchrodingersScat, I agree with you, I can use Skype on Linux to send SMS , but not receive the incoming SMS text.14:12
ducasseRockman: you've got to be kidding. don't you listen?14:12
RNevilleThought maybe incoming SMS could be sent to my android smartphone , but it doesn't seem to work14:12
OerHeks!ops | Rockman spam again today14:13
ubottuRockman spam again today: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu14:13
RNevilledoes anyone use their Desktop to send and receive SMS text?14:13
SchrodingersScatRNeville: I only use ssmtp to send what's technically an email to my sms gateway :^) it lets me know when my machines feel pain14:14
BluesKajhi all14:14
ducasseRNeville: there is a java thing that's called desktopsms that works together with an app on your android phone, but i haven't used it in a long time.14:14
RNevilleso SchrodingersScat  if your server has a problem, it will send an alert you can receive on phone via SMS text?14:15
RNevillethx ducasse14:15
KongstadI need help to setup resolution for my monitor to 2560x1440. The highest resolution at the moment is 1900x1200. Graphical card is Nvidia 210.14:15
RNevilleI just think sending and receiving SMS text on a desktop would be a tremendously effective communication channel14:16
RNevillemaybe, I'm just so lost (in the effective communications realm) that I'm overlooking the obvious14:16
SchrodingersScatRNeville: if a gui works for you, then Airdroid worked for me for a while, made sending long txts to boss easier because I could type it out on a real keyboard.14:18
ducasseRNeville: here it is - https://sites.google.com/site/desktopsmsforandroid/en14:18
RNevillethx SchrodingersScat & ducasse14:18
MonkeyDust!nvidia | Kongstad14:18
ubottuKongstad: For AMD/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto14:19
SchrodingersScatRNeville: but yes, when my server has a problem that generates an email I use ssmtp to handle the mail and send it to my sms gateway for my phone, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMS_gateway#Email_clients , and I get it in the form of a text.14:19
RNevilleSchrodingersScat, I assume Airdroid is an Apple app, only?14:20
RNevilleI'll quieted down, now14:20
RNevilleI'll quieten down, now14:21
SchrodingersScatRNeville: nope, Airdroid is an android app, free/premium, free lets you access 2 devices, has a feature to open up your messages in web browser14:21
RNevilleplease disrecard SchrodingersScat , I realize I can use AirDroid Web - as you stated14:21
SchrodingersScatRealPanV: any luck?14:26
RealPanVHello, I did visudo as /etc/sudoers advised me and I don't know how to promote a certain user to being able to use root.14:26
RealPanVSchrodingersScat: I accessed it with gedit then did visudo yeah.14:27
SchrodingersScatRealPanV: check other sources on if this is recommended, but I normally simply add the username followed with "ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL" without the quotes if I'm giving them full sudo.14:28
Eduard_MunteanuRealPanV, your user must be part of the wheel/sudo group and the wheel/sudo line should be enabled in sudoers.14:28
SchrodingersScatyeah, or groups14:28
RealPanVHow can I add people to the %admin or %sudo group? (I prefer %admin)14:29
Eduard_MunteanuI forget the actual defaults in Ubuntu.14:29
Eduard_Munteanugpasswd -a user group14:29
RealPanVaccess denied, let me try with sudo lol14:30
Eduard_MunteanuNote %admin/%sudo are placeholders/variables, not actual group names.14:30
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
SchrodingersScatusermod -aG sudo username14:30
RealPanVOh it is sudo14:30
RealPanVTHe group is sudo, not %sudo14:30
Eduard_MunteanuThe group is probably sudo on Ubuntu, IIRC.14:30
RealPanVYeah I figured it out14:30
RealPanVThe user is added, thanks a lot guysl14:31
RealPanVlet me check14:31
Eduard_MunteanuYou'll still have to relogin or use newgrp to gain access.14:31
SchrodingersScathe's already gone, like a candle in the wind ;_;14:31
realpanvLet me check real quick ^-^14:33
kvmmmdo you think it's a good idea to use the Ubuntu firewall?14:33
tempspaceQuestion about systemd: I have an Ubuntu 16.04 machine that has a Solr SysV that I place in /etc/init.d..when I place the file in and do a systemctl status solr.service immediately, it says the service isn't found. If I run it later, the command works as expected. Is there a command to have systemd look for new SysV scripts or something?14:33
kvmmmI would never ever use Windows without a firewall. Not sure how Ubuntu compares in that regard14:33
tempspaceI've been searching to try and figure out how it works in general, but I'm coming up short14:34
SchrodingersScatkvmmm: I think it would be recommended to use a firewall on ubuntu as well, it's your call though. you have ufw/iptables/etc14:35
ducassetempspace: man systemd-sysv-generator14:35
kvmmmis there a simple gui to configure it?14:35
Conderhi guys, i have now dualboot windows 10 and ubuntu, if i split windows partition to two (ubuntu partition is after windows partition), will it be problem?14:35
MonkeyDust!firewall | kvmmm14:36
ubottukvmmm: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo14:36
realpanvWorked thanks a lot14:36
SchrodingersScatrealpanv: great14:36
kvmmmok, I'll use GUFW14:36
kvmmmwhat about virus?14:36
SchrodingersScat!virus | kvmmm14:37
ubottukvmmm: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus14:37
SchrodingersScat!info clamav | kvmmm clamav and some others run on ubuntu, but if you use trusted sources for your repos then generally you shouldn't be too concerned.14:38
ubottukvmmm clamav and some others run on ubuntu, but if you use trusted sources for your repos then generally you shouldn't be too concerned.: clamav (source: clamav): anti-virus utility for Unix - command-line interface. In component main, is optional. Version 0.99+dfsg-1ubuntu1.1 (xenial), package size 98 kB, installed size 726 kB14:38
curlyearsheigh hough14:40
curlyearsEriic^???   Are you here this morning?14:41
skinuxIs there any free software that allows password-protecting directories (hopefully using encryption)?14:41
tempspaceducasse: Thanks! When they say "when configuration of the system manager is reloaded" do they mean "systemctl daemon-reload"?14:41
SchrodingersScat!info ecryptfs | skinux there's also encfs14:44
ubottuskinux there's also encfs: Package ecryptfs does not exist in xenial14:44
curlyearsOK, EriC^^ must be asleep, or at work, or living his own life for a change...14:45
kvmmmwait, so by default, is the firewall configured not to open ports?14:45
SchrodingersScat!info ecryptfs-utils | skinux14:45
ubottuskinux: ecryptfs-utils (source: ecryptfs-utils): ecryptfs cryptographic filesystem (utilities). In component main, is optional. Version 111-0ubuntu1.1 (xenial), package size 103 kB, installed size 540 kB14:45
kvmmmlike, if I just leave my Ubuntu 16 as is, will the firewall already be in place?14:45
ducassetempspace: i would guess so, but i don't know. might mean a restart/reload of the generator only.14:45
SchrodingersScatkvmmm: what are you seeing? afaik by default there are no rules so everything would be open.14:46
curlyearsso.  Last night I installed and reinstalled, trying m,ultiple configurations of partition table options, and every one of them failed with a "Failed  to form <blah blah disk segment"14:46
curlyearsso I finlly took the extreme position that there was something wrong with that hard dsik drive, and replaced it witha slightly smalled SDD.  I reinstaled, configure the parition table, and "successfully" xcompleted installation.14:47
kvmmmok, no it was off by default. I'm just trying to figure it out now14:48
curlyearswhen I rebooted, I got the same failure I've been getting all along "Verifying DMI pools. . . . . . . . ..."   <-   12 dots.  Then it just hangs14:48
kvmmmso I'm going to "add a firewall rule" and there's no option for XChat, Firefox, Chromium14:49
kvmmmI see lots of other programs, like skype / steam / vuze14:49
kvmmmthis is for the "preconfigured" tab. For "simple" and "advanced" I see nothing14:51
curlyearsso, anyone with any wisdom to impart on this strange and highly persistent problem?14:51
curlyearskmmm:  that is because you are expected to write tyour own rule for anything not included in the "preconfigured" options14:52
ducassecurlyears: smells like a hardware issue...14:52
kvmmmI'm reading the Gufw documentation, but it doesn't say how to do that.14:53
curlyearsducasse:  yet I can boot up off the DVD into Live DVD.  As I am at this moment.  Only way I could be here,  I don't have another computer14:53
kvmmm"Again, we'll use the SSH example - let's just pretend for a moment that there isn't a preconfigured option for it. To enable it in the Simple tab, select "Allow", "TCP", "22" and click Add." but how do I make a rule for Firefox?14:53
ducassecurlyears: i really don't know, sorry. out of interest, have you tried any other distros to see if they behave normally?14:54
curlyearssorry about that, kvmmm14:55
curlyearsanyway, as I was trying to say, Firefox, beiong a web browser, probably needs a rule for port 8014:56
ducassekvmmm: firefox uses port 80 and 443 (http/https). you can't really edit firewall rules without understanding a bit about networking.14:56
kvmmmah, so I open up port 80, and that will let firefox through?14:56
kvmmmor I have to open both 80 and 443?14:56
tatertotsport 80 normally isn't blocked14:56
kvmmmbut if I switch the firewall to "ON" Firefox doesn't connect14:57
tatertotsblocking port 80 would result in not being able to browse the web in most circumstances14:57
kvmmmyes, when I turn the firewall on, nothing connects.14:57
curlyearskvmmm:  I believe that is correct.  Look on the web for the list of standard port numbers.  I haven't messed with firewall stuff in several (about 7) years, so I am not up to date on my knowledge of such things14:57
ducassemany/most sites uses https also, so you would also need to allow 443.14:58
tatertotssee if there is a firewall rule blocking port 80...this could very well be the case if your firewall defaults are to lock EVERYTHING down14:58
=== parnasas is now known as parnasus
ducassekvmmm: you will need to allow the outgoing traffic to connect, and the return traffic to actually get anything.14:59
tatertotswhen installing a firewall, it helps to be informed of it's default policies14:59
kvmmmI think mine blocked everything by default14:59
tatertotsbetter to be informed of the default firewall rules than to be caught by suprise14:59
kvmmmanyone know which port Xchat uses?14:59
tatertotsi hate being blind sided15:00
ducassekvmmm: read /etc/services15:00
paranoidabhidoes installing via .deb also add the ppa to the sourcesl.list?15:00
ducasseparanoidabhi: not unless the .deb does so for you.15:01
kvmmmthanks! so looking at that it seems I don't allow "xchat" but "IRC", right?15:01
curlyearskvmmm:  yes, because port numbers are assigned to "services" under *nix, not to programs15:01
tatertotssame for windows operating system also15:02
curlyearstatertots:  that I neither needed nor wanted to kow :p15:02
kvmmmSo under the main firewall thing I will write "reject" but then make rules to allow these specific ports15:02
kvmmmI guess it's working, because that's what I have configured now15:03
ducassekvmmm: if you ask in ##networking, they can probably point you to some guides on writing firewall rules.15:04
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curlyearsyou know, I suppose since this system is going to e connected to my 3D printer, I guess I had better be chacking  on whatm, if any firwall there is, and what its settings might be.  *snort*15:04
kvmmmok, thanks15:04
laurusIs there a way to have the system run a program on shutdown? I'm using Xfce.15:05
curlyearsI prefer firwalls to aluminum walls, they have a warmer atmosphere :p15:05
ubuntu280i feel so dumb since i solved this problem but now im having it again15:06
curlyearsubuntu:  I have been fighting the same set of problems for over 8 months!15:06
EriC^^curlyears: any luck yesterday?15:07
curlyearsEriC^^!!!!!    Sadly, no.15:07
ubuntu280so im writing a micro sd and i get to the part where i mkdir boot but it tells me there is alread a folder named boot i was able to fix the problem by using rm but i think the problem is i dont have the path to the drive15:08
ubuntu280the last time i fixed the problem with rm15:08
ubuntu280this time it doesnt allow me to15:08
ubuntu280it for some reason saves the last session15:08
EriC^^ubuntu280: what does it say?15:09
akikubuntu280: pwd tells you the directory where you're at15:09
curlyearsI tried everything I could through about 6 reinstalls, each with a different partition table configuration.  The installs kep borking, so I removed th 500GB HDD and replaced it with a 240Gb SSD that i had lying about.  I tried again, got through the installation with zero errors or problems, reported.  Went to reboot, same old DMMI Pool problem as15:09
curlyearsbefore )-:15:09
EriC^^curlyears: with just the 240gb plugged in?15:09
curlyearsEric^^:   no, with the DVD and the 2 3TB HDDs plugged in.15:10
ubuntu280file already exists cannot create directory15:10
EriC^^ubuntu280: what path are you using?15:10
curlyearsit's all runniing on SATA15:10
ubuntu280EriC^^: sudo rm boot15:11
EriC^^curlyears: want to try booting the install from the livedvd?15:11
ubuntu280a bootable arch linux SD15:11
curlyearsthat's what I am already doing, EriC^^15:11
hammer25when you do sudo apt-get install, are the .deb files kept soemwhere? if so, where?15:11
EriC^^ubuntu280: the absolute path is /boot?15:11
EriC^^curlyears: oh no, i mean to boot the install on the hdd using the livedvd, or is that what you meant?15:12
akikubuntu280: you can not be in /dev/sdb1 as that's just the device file15:12
curlyearshow do you  "boot the install on the HDD using the LiveDVD?"15:13
EriC^^curlyears: from grub's command prompt15:13
curlyearsand how do I get to grub's command prompt?15:13
jostHi! I'm running ubuntu on my raspbi, and want it to use a static IP. So I've configured the interface eth0 in the file /etc/network/interfaces.d/50-cloud-init.cfg (where eth0 is configured after install), but after rebooting, the file is back to its previous state. Why does that happen, how do I prevent that? Am I using the wrong file?15:14
EriC^^curlyears: when you boot the livedvd right now, do you get a black and white menu?15:14
ubuntu280EriC^^: eric i have found the command thanks for the quick help the problem is the command is 'rmdir' to get rid of the false dir that was from the last build always have a good time here in umbuntu chat15:14
curlyearsI have only seen grub when certain kinds of errors pop up15:14
EriC^^ubuntu280: great15:14
ubuntu280EriC^^: thanks15:15
EriC^^ubuntu280: no problem15:15
curlyears\EriC^^:  yes.  Offers Try Ubuntu without installing, install Ubuntu, and check disk15:15
EriC^^curlyears: aha, press "c" there15:15
curlyearsOK.  then what?15:15
EriC^^are you able to be online from another pc/phone?15:16
curlyearsEriC^^:  no, this is my only online device15:16
curlyears(the browser on my Adobe Fire tablet is unusable, at least by me)15:16
EriC^^curlyears: you type "ls -l" you should get a list of the filesystems and their UUID's, the one that's your root partition should be there, along the lines of (hd1,gpt1) or similar15:17
curlyearsOK.....so far15:17
EriC^^curlyears: you do " set root='(hd1,gpt1)' "15:17
EriC^^then type "linux /boot/vmlinuz<hit tab a few times to tab complete> root=UUID=<uuid you got when you did ls -l>15:18
RonWhoCaresWhen I did my last update in Ubuntu 16.04 my external monitor (SyncMaster SA10) switched resolution from 1366x768 to 1024 x 76815:19
EriC^^(minus the first double quote before linux)15:19
RonWhoCaresAny idea how to get the right resolution back?15:19
EriC^^curlyears: so like "linux /boot/vmlinuz-4.4.0-21-generic root=UUID=675357871331"15:20
EriC^^curlyears: then you choose the initrd with "initrd /boot/initrd<hit tab a few times to autocomplete as usual>15:20
EriC^^then finally you type "boot" and it should start15:20
curlyearsOK..  I thihnkn I have all that15:22
curlyearsI'd hate to have to go through all that to reboot my computer every time!!!15:23
EriC^^curlyears: no, you could make a livedvd that has that in it's grub.cfg15:24
curlyearsit would be so helpful if I could hook my laser printer up and printscreen these things.  My handwriting *SUCKS*15:24
curlyearsEriC^^:  even so, I would prefer to be able to boot directly from the HDD like a normal linux dweeb15:25
EriC^^yeah of course :)15:26
EriC^^try "configfile (hd1,gpt1)/boot/grub/grub.cfg"15:26
EriC^^(or whatever hd1,gpt1 turns out to be for the ext partition)15:27
EriC^^it should display the grub menu of the install15:27
j_triple_95is win10 bitchier than it used to be in terms of dual boot? Tons of problems last few months15:27
jostI have a NVidia GPU (some cheap one), and connect my monitor to it using HDMI. Works fine. But if I disconnect the monitor while the machine is running, and then plug it back in, nothing appears on it15:28
jostCan this behavior be changed?15:28
curlyearsThis reminds me of the very early days of linux, when I bought a 5 disk linux setup pack (5 CDs), and eageraly installed it, but it wouldn't boot from the HDD.  I contacted "tech support" for yggdrizzle, and they said that it was a known problem, and walked me through building a boot diskette that eventually did a chroot to the HDD.  It took so klo15:29
curlyearsng to get all that to do it's thing, byt the tim eit finished booting, most of the time I had available for playing with linux was wasted, and I got very little use  out of it.  A few years later, I installed RedHat Linux15:29
EriC^^curlyears: you might need to do " set prefix='(hd1,gpt1)/boot/grub' " before that15:29
curlyearswhat does that acconmplish, EriC^^?15:29
EriC^^curlyears: it tells grub where it's main dir is and the modules it uses15:30
curlyearsThere is no way I am going to accomplish this without step by step guidance )-:15:30
curlyearsno, i meant the ione that started "configfile"15:31
EriC^^i bought linux for windows back in 2000 or so, i barely got it to install i think, then red hat few years later but X never worked for me15:31
curlyearsI was never an X or GUI user until Ubuntu 10 (my first ubuntu, I was a Red Hat command line dweeb for YEARS)15:32
curlyearsI still prefer CLI15:32
EriC^^it kept hanging after the installer when i had to choose my monitor, i think i tried installing like half a dozen times choosing various monitors15:32
curlyearsI think I recall trying tha once, and deciding "I don't need or want X windows anyway, so to hell with it"15:33
curlyearsit used to wierd other users on #linux on eFnet out that I didn't even have X installed or available on my system.  They thought I was crazy  *heh*15:34
curlyears\why would the install to the SSD result in the smae errors installing to HDDs did?15:35
EriC^^maybe it's the 3tb that's causing the problem15:36
curlyearsI meanm, if it was just that the 500GB drive was dead, I could understand that.  Butt there is noting wrong with this brand new SSD15:36
EriC^^did you try without the 3tb's plugged in?15:36
EriC^^maybe it's some sort of raid setting that has to be set? (i've no clue in this area)15:37
josh-milleranyone know how to install this on Ubuntu? I keep getting an error when trying to make install http://www.openvas.org/download/wmi/wmi-1.3.14.tar.bz215:37
curlyearsno, I suppose I shoudl try that.  With my poor eyeys and shaky hands, mucking about with all those cables in that tight enclosure is NNOT fun15:37
curlyearsjosh-miller: it would be helpful if you told us wghat error you got15:38
josh-millerCan't use 'defined(@array)' (Maybe you should just omit the defined()?) at ./pidl/pidl line 583.15:38
curlyearsjosh-miller: what language is this thing written in, C++?15:39
josh-millerI believe so yes15:39
curlyearsthen you are going to have to go into file pidl to liine 583, and debug the line of source code15:39
curlyearsEriC^^: do you see me stalling here??? :p15:40
EriC^^wish i knew more about this15:40
curlyearsjosh-miller: I have to confess to not knowing enough about C++ to be at all helpful in your endeavour15:41
josh-millerits ok I know nothin about C++ either15:41
curlyearsEriC^^: you appear to be highly knowledgeable about it...it is just a bizarre problem.15:42
curlyearsis there a #c++ channel?15:42
bluelivesmatter1does anyone know if bay trail cpu fix will be coming soon?15:42
EriC^^curlyears: it's probably some sort of (stuff i dont understand here) issue15:42
bluelivesmatter1this is the bay trail kernel bug whereby systems freeze under huge load.15:43
EriC^^curlyears: yeah15:43
curlyearsjosh-miller: try #c++15:43
curlyearsbluelivesmatter1: isn't fereezing better han overheating under huge loads?  :p15:44
bluelivesmatter1curlyears: it should be fixed. otherwise, you have to lock the cpu to higher speeds, which is a problem in terms of battery life.15:45
bluelivesmatter1i know that the current 4.6 kernel still has the issue.15:45
curlyearsbluelivesmatter1: I'm sorry.  I was just being a smart ass.  I shouldn't have disrespected your issue.15:46
bluelivesmatter1no problem.15:46
curlyearssee you guys later  ( I *HOPE*)15:47
EriC^^see you15:47
jwashhi everyone 16.04 x64. i've got 3 monitors, on 2 displays :0 and :1, with 2 different nvidia gpus. it was a disaster before i went with the nvidia driver from the graphics ppa. but now i was forced to use xinerama to make the two displays into one large desktop, xinerama is very crashy with firefox. any suggestions to get the job done without xinerama?15:48
ducassejwash: take a look at this - https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/NVIDIA#TwinView16:02
jwashducasse: thanks but the twinview example only uses one gpu, i have 216:04
jwashwithout xinerama i can't move the mouse to display :116:05
jwashand i've lost all randr control16:05
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MonkeyDustjwash  if you don't get an answer here, try the multimedia channel   #ubuntustudio16:07
kolklayAnyone got xv installed on 16.04?16:08
akikjwash: there's a BusID property for the Device section16:08
MonkeyDustkolklay  that's a yes/no question, better ask your real question16:09
ducassejwash: look at the next bit after that16:09
jwashthat case specifically states for SLI16:10
jwashi'm running 2 different gpus16:10
ducassejwash: ah, i see.16:10
akikjwash: what does "sudo lspci | grep -i vga" say?16:11
akikjwash: the BusID in the value in the beginning of the lines16:13
akikjwash: you can differentiate with that in xorg configuration Device section16:13
jwashmy xorg.conf already takes into account the two gpus16:14
=== DzAirmaX_ is now known as DzAirmaX
akiki know that's a wrong word but english is not my first language :)16:14
jwashmy xorg.conf16:15
akikjwash: i've got this kind of configuration segment from before16:20
jwashso i enabled the twinview, let's see what happens16:20
akikjwash: http://pastebin.com/raw/Xndj5kvi16:20
learnerhey guys, how can i lower bit depth on ubuntu 16.04, I'm trying to do desktop sharing via x2go and it's slow, so trying to lower color bit depth, please help me16:21
jwashso i enabled twinview, i can;t reach the monitor on display :116:21
jwashi can't drag windows to display :1, but the mouse moves there16:22
akikjwash: if you have the dash vertically, it stops it16:23
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.16:23
DonFerminThanks :)16:23
jwashand now i can't get firefox to run on both displays at the same time16:24
torpeti have installed ubuntu on my father'S computer, and now after 2 weeks i checked the installation, and something is utterly broken16:25
torpetthe pc uses a weird gtk2 theme that looks like windows 9816:26
torpetthe unity menu integration isn't working either16:26
torpeteven though this option is activated, all the menus appear in the program windows themselves16:26
torpetcan i reset this somehow?16:26
khalifabonjours je cherche comment acceder au canal fr16:26
EriC^^!fr | khalifa16:26
ubottukhalifa: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.16:26
EriC^^torpet: does the guest account work?16:27
torpetEriC^^: I have disabled it16:27
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EriC^^torpet: try adding a new user and check if it works or not16:28
torpetmy father isn't computer-illiterate, so he didn't rm -rf /usr/share/themes or anything. he always double-checks with me as well. it just appeared overnight16:28
torpetwill do so, thanks16:28
jwashyea, almost works16:29
jwashtwinview isn't the solution16:29
jwashthanks for your time guys16:29
jwashi've got to run16:29
EriC^^torpet: it might be some user config issue if the new user works, otherwise maybe a graphics driver issue or kernel issue etc.16:29
EriC^^torpet: no problem16:30
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lickalottanyone have any idea why 3 other systems (all different OS's) would be able to mount an NFS share except my ubuntu laptop?  I just had to rebuild the server and re-share out the folders.  Is there some caching that happens with NFS on the client side??16:39
lickalottthis is what I'm getting "mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting"16:41
learnerhey guys, how can i lower bit depth on ubuntu 16.04, I'm trying to do desktop sharing via x2go and it's slow, so trying to lower color bit depth, please help me16:41
GrnMessiahDo you bother with lxubuntu as well?16:41
GrnMessiahWhatever that is . . .16:41
learneris what i'm asking such a difficult thing that's impossible to do16:42
learnerlike you can do this so easily in windows and mac16:42
learnerwhy is it not doable in linux?16:42
tgm4883!patience | learner16:42
ubottulearner: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:42
learnertgm4883: that wasn't quickly, that was a long wait16:43
lickalotthere is what I'm running - sudo mount -o soft, <IP>:<remotepath>  <localpath>16:43
learnerpage scrolled up pretty much twice16:43
tgm4883learner: I'm more talking about your non-stop commenting16:43
learnerwell i'm upset that i searched the whole docs, nothing came up and i ask here and i feel ignored, i have every right to complain to get some attention at least16:43
learneri want to understand why this simple thing is impossible to do in ubuntu16:44
ducasselearner: eh, no, you don't. we're all volunteers.16:44
tgm4883learner: You feel ignored. Please see the first 3 words that ubottu told you16:44
ducasselearner: hint: you can specify bitdepth in an xorg.conf snippet16:44
learnerducasse: are you pulling my legs, there's no xorg.conf file, and when i try to create it, it doesn't do it16:45
tgm4883learner: can you paste the file you created16:45
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:45
learneri even tried to go in the terminal mode with alt-ctrl+F216:45
learnerwhat file, there's no file16:46
ducasselearner: no, i'm not.16:46
tgm4883learner: you just said you created the file...16:46
tgm4883<learner> ducasse: are you pulling my legs, there's no xorg.conf file, and when i try to create it, it doesn't do it16:46
learneri even stopped lightdm and tried Xorg -configure again and all i got was nothing to configure16:47
learneri didn't16:47
learnerread again16:47
tgm4883learner: then what does "when i try to create it, it doesn't do it" mean16:47
ducasselearner: see 'man xorg.conf', especially the DefaultDepth option16:48
learnerit says no device to configure16:48
tgm4883learner: that's not an xorg.conf file...16:49
learnertgm4883: seriously? are you trolling me? obviously! duh!16:49
learneryou asked what i meant by it doesn't do it, and i just showed you16:49
learnerlike what kind of help are you giving me16:49
learnervolunteering to mess with me, instead of help?16:50
ducasselearner: you've been given all the information you should need. drop the attitude if you want help.16:50
learnerno i haven't16:50
tgm4883learner: ok, for starters, abusing the volunteers isn't going to get you much help. Second, ducasse already said you needed to make a xorg.conf file, which it sure sounded like you said you did16:50
learnerchanging an rgb depth should be a simple task, not you haven't go do a crazy run around to get it to work16:50
ducasse18:48 <ducasse> learner: see 'man xorg.conf', especially the DefaultDepth option16:50
OerHeksx2gostartagent man page "<cache_type+dpi>  ...The most common value is: unix-kde-depth_24 where ,,24'' is the color depth in bit.16:52
PrintTheSourceI'm looking for the linux equivalent of windows alt+enter (make window into full screen).16:52
tgm4883PrintTheSource: F11 ?16:53
tgm4883although I think F11 works on windows too, so I'm not sure why they would also have alt+enter16:53
Bashing-omPrintTheSource: ^^ F11 works for me .16:53
PrintTheSourceI'm looking for a shortcut to maximize my current window16:54
PrintTheSourcesorry, not fullscreen =)16:54
brunch875ctrl+win+arrow up16:54
brunch875on unity16:54
tgm4883brunch875: beat me to it :)16:55
Apachezhl2_linux[11858]: segfault at 0 ip           (null) sp 00000000ff96e1fc error 14 in hl2_linux[8048000+1000]16:55
tgm4883PrintTheSource: are you on unity?16:55
Apachezwell, that was a first16:55
PrintTheSourceI am using ubuntu with xfce DE16:55
brunch875PrintTheSource: If you're on unity, you can hold the windows key to see the shortcuts16:55
tgm4883PrintTheSource: http://www.keyxl.com/aaac887/409/Xfce-Window-Manager-keyboard-shortcuts.htm16:56
ducassePrintTheSource: on xfce you can set shortcuts in the window manager settings for things like maximmize.16:56
PrintTheSourceoh thanks guys, that's what I'm looking for! =)16:56
nozeoff topic: what's a good channel to discuss video games?17:17
SchrodingersScat!offtopic | noze17:17
ubottunoze: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:17
ducasse!alis | noze17:18
ubottunoze: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http17:18
Rockmanhi guys i have gotten myself a SSL certificate for my website https://pazhanji.org17:20
ducasse!ops | Rockman still spamming17:20
ubottuRockman still spamming: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu17:20
jattdo you have problems with your SSL certificate under ubuntu?17:23
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Bashing-omjatt: No I do not have a SSL problem, describe your issue to the channel .17:27
jattI was asking Rockman17:27
kolklayI need libtiff4-dev and xlibs-dev to compile a program but I don't know how to get them for 1.04. Any ideas?17:27
Myrttijatt: he's gone.17:28
MonkeyDust!find libtiff17:28
Bashing-om!info libtiff4-dev17:28
ubottuFound: libtiff-doc, libtiff5, libtiff5-dev, libtiffxx5, libtiff-opengl17:28
ubottuPackage libtiff4-dev does not exist in xenial17:28
pletin12Can I install older drivers for my nvidia gpu like the 185 as I have problem with recommended newer ones?17:28
ducassejatt: no, he's just spamming his site all over freenode. he's been repeatedly told to stop, but...17:28
jattoh ok17:28
kolklayBashing-om, yeah, I know that.17:29
Bashing-ompletin12: What returns : ' sudo ubuntu-drivers list ' ?17:30
kolklaywhat to do?17:30
Bashing-omkolklay: At this point, anything I could advise would break the system . Await wiser heads advise .17:31
kolklayBashing-om, change the source code? if so how?17:32
pletin12Bashing-om: nvidia-34017:32
Bashing-omkolklay: As above . I do not know of a safe way to downgrade .. will break lots of dependencies - so far as I know .17:33
kolklayxv compile problem shows up every ubuntu upgrade.17:33
Bashing-om!info libtiff4-dev trusty17:33
ubottulibtiff4-dev (source: tiff): Tag Image File Format library (TIFF), transitional package. In component main, is optional. Version 4.0.3-7ubuntu0.4 (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 102 kB17:33
ducassekolklay: get an updated version of the program that will work with newer libs17:34
kolklayducasse, not opensource17:34
ducassekolklay: well, then stay on trusty.17:35
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kolklayducasse, or goto Manjaro or pclinuxos17:36
ducassekolklay: either way, you're stuck with the older software/libs until you can get an update.17:37
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rglhello. how can I send a message to system console? the one that is running getty?17:48
EriC^^rgl: write <user> <msg>17:51
rgla write to /dev/console did the trick :)17:55
chan_am I doing this right?18:06
chan_I just set up xchat18:06
Bashing-om!info xchat | chan_ So far so good .18:07
ubottuchan_ So far so good .: Package xchat does not exist in xenial18:07
customerIRSSI FTW!18:07
chan_I installed the gnome18:07
chan_gnome version of xchat i guess18:08
OerHeksxchat is no longer under development, use hexchat, a clone18:08
chan_oh.So should I ditch xchat and move to hexchat?18:09
OerHeksThat would be wise, yes. or an other client that is active under development/support18:10
chan_oh..okay..thanks.. Lemme try that18:10
OerHekshexchat got the same feel/look/menus18:10
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lickalottanyone have any idea why 3 other systems (all different OS's) would be able to mount an NFS share except my ubuntu laptop?  I just had to rebuild the server and re-share out the folders.  Is there some caching that happens with NFS on the client side??18:12
lickalotthere is what I'm running - sudo mount -o soft, <IP>:<remotepath>  <localpath>18:12
lickalottthis is what I'm getting "mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting"18:13
customerdoes the share on the server have a user/connection limit18:13
Chan_ryihneChan is back :D18:13
Chan_ryihneon hexchat18:13
ducasselickalott: did you look at the logs on the server?18:14
lickalottducasse, yes sir.   Nothing helpful.  THe odd part is 2 of the other NFS mounts work fine.  The difference is the other 2 are ZFS pools and the one I'm having problems with is my "Downloads" folder from my profile.  Regardless, when I tail the messages file there are no "issues" noted when I run the mount command from the client.18:16
ducasselickalott: if you get access denied, there should be log entries. try syslog, kern.log or auth.log18:17
lickalottducasse, from auth.log - Jul 16 11:19:03 Sager sudo: pam_unix(sudo:session): session opened for user root by (uid=0)18:19
lickalottJul 16 11:19:04 Sager sudo: pam_unix(sudo:session): session closed for user root18:19
lickalottwhen i google that majority of the threads just tell me to shut it off because it's an annoyance message.18:20
lickalottjust FYI; it works via windows, fedora, debian (raspberry pi) and android.  But for some reason Ubuntu is giving me the finger for that 1 path.18:20
ducasselickalott: on my server mountd logs to syslog, try tailing that and mounting.18:21
aryis ubuntu hackersafe18:21
lickalottbecause I have to run the mount command as sudo (root), I'm thinking it's something having to do with root access to that particular folder?  I did chown it.18:22
lickalottary, nothing is hacker safe18:22
pickashoeary r u hacker?18:22
lickalottyou have to lock everything down to get the most security18:22
lickalottducasse, nothing in syslog when I run the mount18:22
Chan_ryihnelock everything down?18:22
ducasselickalott: but you get access denied?18:23
lickalottfrom the router and firewall level Chan_ryihne18:23
* pickashoe agree w/ lickalott 18:23
lickalottyeah...it's weird18:23
Chan_ryihneoh :)18:23
lickalottgott run ducasse  thanks for your time.  Maybe I can hit you up later?18:23
akiklickalott: how did you export the nfs share from the server?18:23
ducasselickalott: try, but it's getting late here18:23
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jost_Hi! I have a (seemingly failing?) disk here, with a single ext4 file system on it. When running e2fsck on it, I get this error message: e2fsck: Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while trying to open /dev/sdc1. Any idea how to recover the disk? I'd like to copy some data from it... it wouldn't be a big problem if it does not work, since I have backups18:24
pickashoejost_ so, you dont have a problem...18:25
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StrivE^I'm looking to change the hostname to Ubuntu MATE18:26
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Bashing-omjost_: Spare off the superblock: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2177756 ... and try again ?18:27
jost_pickashoe: Correct, but it would be much faster to copy the data locally (integrity check can be done) than to download it from the backups18:27
jost_Here's some dmesg output: http://dpaste.com/2Y9D24Y18:27
tatertotsHello gentlemen i was reading this http://askubuntu.com/questions/140910/unity-greeter-background-not-changing-for-users-automatically-after-upgrade/317527#31752718:27
tatertotsubuntu-tweak is not available anymore....will unity-tweak allow me to change the lightdm background image18:28
tatertotssimilar in functionality to the previously existing 'ubuntu-tweak'18:28
MonkeyDusttatertots  i have ubuntu-tweak for xenial, it works, ok18:28
=== alxpa is now known as ViciousLooRoll
pickashoejost_, im up to... its looking like more a hardware problem - seems more controler related18:29
jost_Bashing-om: ok, e2fsck seems to work with a different superblock...18:30
pickashoejost_ had tried to mount that on another SATA interface/another PC?18:30
jost_pickashoe: yes, I'm currently having it in another machine18:31
MonkeyDusttatertots   https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4653463/ubuntu-tweak_0.8.7-1~getdeb2~xenial_all.deb18:31
jost_the original one wouldn't boot anymore18:31
Bashing-omjost_: :) .. all is now well ?18:32
pickashoejost_ ok, - but that does not eliminate the possibility of faulty hard disk itself... and another possibility is logical problems18:32
jost_Bashing-om: don't know yet, e2fsck is still running, no output until now18:33
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akik!info unity-tweak-tool18:33
ubottuunity-tweak-tool (source: unity-tweak-tool): configuration tool for the Unity desktop environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0.7ubuntu2 (xenial), package size 367 kB, installed size 2797 kB18:33
Bashing-omjost_: Good boy . I have had great results in similar situations .18:33
jost_pickashoe: I was just in the progress of moving the stuff from the old machine to a new one, and make the old machine obsolete afterwards... perfect timing for a disk failure :-)18:34
pickashoejost_ thats bad! this is why I hate hard disks! did you change anything during that process? ie: you may have attached new block devices to make the transfer18:36
KiritoIs there a way to close windows from the workspace overview screen?18:36
jost_pickashoe: nope, no changes (except for installing an additional package on the old machine and rebooting it)18:36
pickashoejost_ anyway, IMHO it gonna require hard forensic efforts to recover data from there (expect lots of bit sweeping, DDs, hexdumps) - and I would revise that "additional package" procedure with detailed analysis18:38
deep_hi ppl sorry for posting here but is anyone aware of HAdoop Xchat channel ?18:39
jost_deep: #hadoop18:39
MonkeyDustdeep_  type   /msg alis list hadoop18:39
MonkeyDusttatertots  keep it in the channel ... you can use gdebi to install .deb files18:40
deep_list hadoop18:41
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deep_jost_,  i dont think it exist18:42
pickashoejost_ ext4 may have some journaling facilities that may help recovering (I dont use it) - I believe there are tools out there18:42
jost_deep_: type '/j #hadoop'18:42
tatertotsany other way to modify login back ground image besides ubuntu tweak?18:42
tortibhow can I get glspheres on ubuntu/18:43
tgm4883MonkeyDust: you can use the Ubuntu Software to install debs too18:44
tgm4883which is installed in 16.04 by default18:44
MonkeyDusttgm4883  tell it to tatertots18:45
tgm4883tatertots: you can use the Ubuntu Software to install debs too18:45
tatertotsdependency is not satisfiable when attempting to install 'ubuntu tweak"18:46
Bashing-omtatertots: A grest tutorial for the grub boot image embedded : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MaintenanceFreeCustomGrub2Screen . I have used it , works great .18:46
tatertotsi'd like to change the background image of the lightdm log in screen18:46
pickashoeBashing-om, cool! thats a recurring issue everywhere18:47
tgm4883tatertots: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LightDM#Changing_the_Wallpaper18:47
tatertotsI can't cherry pick which of the 100+ ldap users appear in lightdm so i have to remove ANY user from appearing via hideusers in lightdm.conf...i need to put a custom image up that will show the default account name they will use to log in18:48
jost_pickashoe: Bashing-om: Thanks for the help, data is accessible again. I'll see about it's integrity later :-)18:49
pickashoejost_ glad you did it!18:49
tatertotsthanks tgm i'll give this a try18:50
Bashing-omjost_: We do good work, :)18:50
Bashing-omtatertots: Editing /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf is what I have done >> background=/usr/share/lubuntu/wallpapers/lubuntu-default-wallpaper.png18:52
Bashing-omto an image of my choice placed in the same folder:18:52
goddardwill a jailkit prevent something on the inside from accessing mysql db?18:52
tatertotsAh that sounds pretty quick and easy also18:53
tortibcan someone help me figure out why glxgears wont run? http://paste.debian.net/782077/18:53
tatertotsi'm going to whip up a custom image at 1920x1080 res real quick and try it18:53
AlverHello. Is there a kernel parameter I can give to the installer to force text-mode install (so no attempt at loading a gui)?18:59
BluesKajAlver,  you could install ubuntu-server then after installation use the VT/TTY to install the DE and proceed from there19:01
tortibcan someone help me figure out why glxgears wont run? http://paste.debian.net/782077/19:03
AlverBluesKaj: that's the point, if I boot the ubuntu installer iso it stops after a while - no installer visible - so I have a hunch it tries to launch something graphical, and it's not showing (since I'm installing over serial)19:03
BluesKajAlver,  seems you have corrupted live media, perhaps md5sum the image to make sure19:05
AlverBluesKaj: verified, the iso is okay.19:05
ioriaAlver, you don't even get to the main menu ?19:07
Bashing-omAlver: A couple of thoughts ; boot the installer with either " nomodeset " .. or maybe with only "text" - in 14.04 .19:07
Alverioria: correct19:08
ioriaAlver,   ram and cpu ?19:08
AlverBashing-om: ah, good point. Let's see.19:08
Alverioria: Applied Micro X-Gene 1 ARM64.19:09
ioriaAlver,  oh19:09
rantmansoooo why does the software udate continue to ask me if I want to update this package that isn't installing because it's not signed?19:09
Chan_ryihnerantman, I'm having the same problem19:10
rantman:) is it also paraview?19:10
BluesKajAlver,  Ubuntu 14.04 LTS arm64  ?19:11
AlverBluesKaj: 16.0419:11
Chan_ryihnerantman, nope19:12
Chan_ryihneit's something else in /lib19:12
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Guest32253hello hqckers19:14
tatertotsBashing-om you think i could get the same effect by placing 'background=path/to/image' in /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf' ?19:15
ankitneed help19:18
ankitubuntu 16.04 no sound issue19:19
ouroumov!ask | ankit19:19
ubottuankit: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:19
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dliankit, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure19:20
ankitsound is not working on ubuntu 16.04,, please help to rezsolve this19:20
Chan_ryihneI can't find wlan0 when ifconfig only wlp19s019:21
Chan_ryihneAny idea?19:21
ankiti tried them19:21
AlverChan_ryihne: and is that a problem?19:21
ankitbut nothing is working out19:22
OerHeksthat would be the new Predictable Interface Naming thing in 16.0419:22
OerHeksso use wlp19s019:22
Chan_ryihneAlver, well,the wifi keeps automatically disconnect every few minutes19:23
AlverOkay, *that* is a problem. Not the device name. :)19:23
AlverChan_ryihne: anything in the logs?19:23
Chan_ryihneI'm a newbie :D SO like what logs :D19:23
Alver/var/log/syslog, for a starter19:24
ankitubuntu 16.04 sound not working from speakers19:24
curlyearsWe have Joy in the house!   I finally got 14.04.4 to install and properly boot up!   All Hail EriC^^!!!!!19:24
curlyearsankit:  are you speakers bluetooth?19:24
ankitno laptop built-in speakers19:24
ankitbut headphone sound is working fine19:25
curlyearsOK, just checking.  There seems to be a lot of people with trouble with bluetooth under 16.04, so I thought I'd ask.  Wish I could help further19:25
ankitno problem19:26
curlyearsankit:  *huh*?   That's odd.19:26
ankityes really odd19:26
MonkeyDustankit  open a terminal and type   alsamixer ... if you see MM, go there and hit m to unmute19:26
curlyearsk1l_, nacc, are you guys alive in here?19:26
tortibHow can I have ubuntu use the nvidia binary drivers?  X is using the nouveau driver still19:27
ankiti did it19:27
ankitbut still sound not working19:27
curlyearsMonkeyDust!!!   My system is finaly working.  All I had to do was disconnect my 2 3TB drives, and reset the BIOS for "automatic" EFI selection19:27
curlyearsso now I'm wondering if I sould try to boot off the USB thumn and install 16.04, since everything else seems to be working now19:28
curlyearsdang, it was plugginf in the 3TB drives, and switching tthe BIOS to EFI that seems to have screwed everything up19:29
BluesKajtortib,  which nvidia gpu? or is your graphics system a hybrid nvidia and intel?19:30
ankitubuntu 16.04 no sound from build-in speakers19:31
curlyearshey, MonkeyDust:  I've been wondering, are you coarsely ground, or finely ground?19:32
ioriaankit,  system settings -> sound -> output   have you seen in there ?19:33
BluesKajtortib,  which nvidia gpu? or is your graphics system a hybrid nvidia and intel aka Optimus19:33
curlyearsankit:  look ini you system's audio control panel, determine if there is separate control of internal and external speakers, and confirm if so that internal speakers are, in fact, enabled.19:34
tortibBluesKaj, no it's just a GTX 970, I figured it out it was using the default nvidia driver, now it's using the binary driver.19:34
ioriaankit,  uname -r19:34
curlyearsioria and I thought of the same thing   :p19:34
ankitioria 4.4.0-31-generic19:35
tortibBluesKaj, how can I get glxspheres installed on ubuntu?19:35
ioriaankit,  aplay -l19:35
curlyearstortib: do a Google seqarch ono ubuntu + glxspheres19:36
ankit**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****19:36
ankitcard 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: 92HD71B7X Analog [92HD71B7X Analog]19:36
ankit  Subdevices: 1/119:36
ankit  Subdevice #0: subdevice #019:36
ankitcard 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 1: 92HD71B7X Digital [92HD71B7X Digital]19:36
ankit  Subdevices: 1/119:36
BluesKajspheres? I've heardn of glxgears tho, tortib19:36
ioriaankit,  don't paste in here, use paste.ubuntu.com19:36
tortibcurlyears, I did doesn't really say how to19:37
ioriaankit,  select Analog in system settings -> sound19:37
curlyearstortib:  what is glxspheres?19:37
curlyearsit may not be available for linux19:37
lluialeave #ubuntu19:37
ankitno analog in system >> sound19:38
curlyearslluia:   try /part19:38
MonkeyDustlluia  type   /part19:38
lluiathanks :)19:38
curlyearsMonkeyDust:  did you see my posts?19:38
lluiaI'm a noobie with IRC just trying19:38
tortibcurlyears, it's like glxgears but more modern19:38
curlyearslluia:  we all were beginners at some point :p19:39
BluesKajtortib,  https://askubuntu.com/questions/344216/glxspheres-not-found-how-to-install/34422119:39
curlyearstortib:  OK.  The what is glxgears?19:39
ankitioria under output tab there are two options19:39
ankitDigital Output (Built-in Audio)19:39
ioriaankit,  Analog and Digital ...19:39
ioriaankit,  no Analog ?19:40
tortibBluesKaj, it says that the bumblebee ppa doesn't have a release file19:40
ioriaankit,  which is the other  one  ?19:41
tortibErr:17 http://ppa.launchpad.net/bumblebee/stable/ubuntu xenial Release 404 not found19:41
ankitthere is Digital Output19:41
apaternosterHallo :) I've a problem with some services on boot. This services plymouth-read-write.service and this one apparmor.service take much time on boot. Anyone had this problem ? Anyone can help me ?19:41
curlyearstortib:  then unless you can loacate at somewhere like sourceforge, you're SOL19:41
ankitsecond one is Speakers - Build-in Audio19:41
ankitunder output tab19:41
ioriaankit,  have you tried that ?19:42
ankitbut no sound19:42
ioriaankit,  sudo lshw -c Multimedia19:42
apaternosterAh I'm on Ubuntu 16.04.19:42
curlyearsioria:  is it possible the audio amplifier that feeds the speakers in his laptop released it's magick smoke?19:42
=== amine is now known as Guest20391
ioriacurlyears, i don't know :)19:43
BluesKajtortib,  for glxgears install mesa-utils19:43
OerHeksBluesKaj, i think he needs to remove that dead ppa first19:44
curlyearsOerHeks: hi!   Eric^^ got my system working and booting off the HDD correctly....*YAY*19:45
Bashing-omtatertots: Got caught up elsewhere " same effect by placing " Think you said you are running 16.04 ( systemd) .. all I can say is try and see if systemd is co-operative, as this methology is in upstart .19:45
ankitioria did you find something??19:46
OerHekscurlyears, let it run 24 hrs19:46
curlyearso disconect m,y 2 3TB drives, reset bios not to default to EFI mode, and reibnstall.  So now I have a 240GB SSD, and two useless 3 TB drives.  OPh, well, one can't have everything one wants19:46
apaternosterAnyone can help me ?19:46
ioriaankit,  not really,    ps -A | grep pulse    what it says ?19:47
curlyearsapaternoster: generally speaking, if someone knows or has an idea how to help you, they'll speak up.  It isn't necessary to keep repeating your query ever few minutes.  :p19:47
BluesKajtortib,  if you don't have hybrid graphics then you don't need bumblebee19:47
ankit3436 ?        00:00:07 pulseaudio19:47
ankitthat's the output19:48
curlyears(I used to make the same mistake, apaternoster19:48
apaternostercurlyears: ok :) sorry19:48
curlyearsapaternoster: in fact, when I am highly stressed and frustrated, I still make the same mistake :p (to be completely honest about it)19:49
ankitioria any luck??19:49
curlyearsOerHeks:   thanks.  I shall.19:50
apaternostercurlyears: ok :) It's not a problem :)19:50
ioriaankit,  nope... try to install pavucontrol  and tweak around it19:50
curlyears(I'm just anxious to get things up and running so I can start to mess around with my 3D printer19:50
ankiti did install and tried it as well19:50
ioriaankit,  f19:51
ioriaankit,  can you paste   dmesg | grep audio ?19:52
curlyearsOerHeks: do you thinkk possibly I might be able to use the 3TB HDDs with a USB<->HDD adaptor?  I  have one, already.19:52
curlyearshe isn't even on )-:19:53
curlyearsoh, well.  I am going to go try to install the 3D slicer/printer control package and see if it will compile now. (wait a minute, no point in that, I'm still running 14.04.4, it won't compile )-: )19:54
curlyearsioria:  am I misreading that, or dfoes it imply that the speakers are not connected/functional?19:55
ioriacurlyears, maybe, yes19:55
curlyearsvery odd19:56
ioriaankit,  do you have another kernel  in your system ?19:56
ankiti don't know :(19:56
ankithow can i check??19:56
ioriaankit,  ls /boot19:57
ankitioria http://paste.ubuntu.com/19670317/19:58
ioriaankit,  what a mess19:58
ankitwhat happened??19:58
ioriaankit, btw, it's not the complete output ...19:59
ioriaankit, yes, it is sorry20:00
=== llorephie1 is now known as llorephie
ankitioria ok no prob, what should I do??20:00
ioriaankit,  well, you have at least 25 kernels ... to try ... it was working before ... with others kernel , i mean ?20:01
ankitsound was working earlier, but i don't know with which kernel20:02
ankiti just upgraded, now sound is not working20:02
ankitwioria what should I do to fix this??20:02
ioriaankit,  at boot, press shift -> Advanced Options and try 4.4.0-30-generic20:02
ioriaankit,  you upgrade from what version of ubuntu ?20:03
ankitshould I reboot now??20:04
ioriaankit, nope20:04
BluesKajankit,  sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel , if no error/output then the driver loaded ok20:04
ioriaankit,  no 4.2 kernel20:04
ankitno output of that command20:05
ioriaankit,  you have an utopic kernel  vmlinuz-3.16.0-33-generic and a trusy one vmlinuz-3.13.0-38-generic20:05
BluesKajankit,  then the driver loaded without error20:06
ankitokay, what should I do now to fix??20:06
BluesKajankit in alsamixer , make sure your automute is disabled20:07
curlyearswhat command do I use that displays the CPU workload and temperature?20:07
ankitBluesKaj automute is disabled20:08
jattfor temperature20:08
ioriaankit,  boot one of the above kernels,   ( maybe a fresh install of 16.04 or 14.04 could help, just saying )20:08
curlyearslm-sensors?  I am about to run cpu-burn on my 8 core AMD, I want to monitor the temps carefully20:09
ankitinstalling fresh 16.04 may lost my data??20:09
curlyearsankit"  backup your data20:09
ioriaankit,  yes, if you don't have backups20:09
ankitthere must be something can be done for fixing the issue20:09
curlyearsankit:  reinstalling is what can be done (and *MAY* fix your issue)20:10
ioriaankit,  sure, keep asking someone will answer20:10
OerHeksif you don't have a backup,. your data is not important.20:10
BluesKajankit,  before you reinstall , tru onemore thing paste a screenshot of alsamixer in imgur please and paste the reulting url here , so we can have a look20:10
ioriaankit,  good luck , hope you solve it20:10
BluesKajimgur.com thatis , ankit20:11
gord0ankit: good luck20:11
ankitBluesKaj http://imgur.com/QC4E5k420:13
=== test is now known as Guest11357
curlyearsafter apt-get install lm-sensors finished (reporting no errors)  I typed "sudo lm-sensors"  and got the following reply:  lm-sensors: command not found20:14
ankitthanks guys for your best wishes20:14
Guest11357who Guest1135720:14
BluesKajankit,  looks normal to me, so I have no other ideas :/20:16
jattcurlyears: http://askubuntu.com/questions/53762/how-to-use-lm-sensors20:16
curlyearsSamsung is now delivering true 3D fabricated ICs.  Their newest product contains 38 LAYERS of FETs stacked o top of each other20:16
curlyearsthanksm, jatt20:16
zorakwhi, i want to hibernate my pc but the option is not avalible20:17
ankitthanks @BluesKaj20:17
ankitis there anyone who could help to fix Ubuntu 16.04 no sound issue??20:18
gbaker1curlyears: type "sudo sensors-detect"20:18
BluesKajankit,  your headphone control is muted with volume turned off , so you know what to do enable your headphone output20:20
OerHeksankit, and fiddle around with spdif 1 and 220:21
curlyearsI followed the advice of a web page and typed "sudo watch sensors"  and it threw my sensors watch into a bacvkground process.  How can I bringit back on-screen, and/or stop it?20:22
OerHeksrun jobs to see a list and fg %1, fg %2, etc., to select which job to put back to the foreground20:24
ankitBluesKaj headphone output gets enabled as i connect my headphone to laptop20:25
codepython777how do i make checkinstall silent? (read from file)20:25
agpirieHello. I had sophos antivirus for linux on my ubuntu mate partition, and when it was updating grub, sophos blocked it and now grub is gone.20:26
agpirieI've tried a lot20:26
agpirieTrying grub-install /dev/sda20:26
agpirieeven in chroot20:26
gbaker1My favorite command that I found out about recently is "inxi -Fxr"20:26
BluesKajankit,  interesting, that's a new feature20:27
bekksagpirie: You tried a lot and what happened exactly? And which Ubuntu version do you have exactly?20:27
ankitbut actually if I connect my headphone, it should start automatically20:28
agpirieUbuntu MATE 16.0420:28
agpiriebekks Ubuntu MATE20:28
curlyearstyping both "jobs" and sudo jobs generates no output.  Does that mean my process didn't go to the background?20:28
bekksagpirie: And which VERSION?20:28
agpiriegrub 220:28
BluesKajonly if your volume control is turned up, ankit20:29
Akulithe same grub 2 is in all ubuntu's since 10.04 or something20:29
agpirieSounds like grub is dead then...20:29
agpiriebekks: 16.04 lts20:30
ankitBluesKaj Test Speaker feature also not working20:30
bekksagpirie: And why cant you just reinstall grub?20:30
agpirieI tried boot-repair20:30
agpirieit always gave an error20:30
gbaker1On your sound also make sure the "Digital Output (S/PDIF)" isn't selected as the main output. I had that problem and took a few days to figure out that stupid little error.20:30
bekksagpirie: WHICH error?20:31
curlyearsI have never trusted active anti-virus programs.  They seem to alwsy either slow your system down by a fair chunk, or do things like ewhat just happened to agpirie20:31
agpirieI don't know which error20:31
agpirieI'll do it again though20:31
Akulibekks, his grub-repair report http://paste2.org/fKbUGs0P20:31
ankitBluesKaj http://imgur.com/VZyNDwZ20:32
agpirieThat's the only thing to do with an "error"20:32
curlyearsOK, anybody here who has actually used cpu-burn?20:32
agpirieIt doesnt say error code or something20:32
bekksagpirie: We cant help you without an exact error message.20:32
Akulibekks, is the grub repair report not an exact error message? what is then?20:32
bekksAkuli: No.20:32
Akuliin that case we'll chroot and show you what exactly we're getting20:33
Akuliagpirie, follow the instructions in the grub repair link again just to give bekks some "actual errors"20:33
agpirieAkuli gimme that chroot link for reinstalling grub 2 again20:33
bekksAkuli: Thats what we need, since our glass orbs are out of service during the weekend :)20:33
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub220:33
ankitgbaker1 "Digital Output (S/PDIF)" is default selected, what should I do now??20:34
bekksagpirie: Better use the links from ubottu instead.20:34
Akulithe restore link doesn't seem much different20:35
agpiriebekks, ubuntu-mate@ubuntu-mate:~$ sudo grub-install /dev/sda20:35
agpirieInstalling for i386-pc platform.20:35
agpiriegrub-install: error: failed to get canonical path of `/cow'.20:35
gbaker1Select "speakers Built-in Audio" as default20:35
bekksagpirie: that happens when doing what exactly. As I said, our glass orbs are out of service currently.20:35
Akuliagpirie, you probably didn't mount things20:35
Akulithere's a link on the repair page that points to this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#via_the_LiveCD_terminal20:35
Akulitry that20:35
ankitgbaker1 how to select that option as default20:36
=== HugeEgoSorry is now known as gugugaga
gbaker1ankit http://askubuntu.com/questions/772563/16-04-switches-from-default-audio-device-when-not-available-but-doesnt-switch20:36
curlyearsOK, anybody here who has actually used cpu-burn?20:37
bekkscurlyears: I bet people did, but what is your specific question? :)20:38
curlyearsbekks:  I want to use it to tyest this 8 core system, but I need to know exactly how to stop it if my CPU temps starts running too high20:38
gbaker1ankit This link might be easier    http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/02/sound-switcher-app-ubuntu20:39
VapezHello, why when i run a su user -c command from ssh the port from application that i start will open and when i run it from rc.local or /etc/init.d/myservice the port doesn't open !?!?!20:39
bekkscurlyears: what do you actually expect as test result from cpu-burn, besides raising temperatures?20:39
curlyearsbekks:  I want to see how hot the CPU will get when under heavy load.  Right now, my temmps are averaging about 70C20:40
ankiti did but still no sound20:40
bekkscurlyears: Temperatures will rise untile the emergency shutdown temperature is reached.20:40
gbaker1I don't remember exact steps, I switched to Mint 18 because it actually recognized my Intel raid controller so no longer had to do the complicated "mdadm" stuff20:41
curlyearsbekks:  I need to determine if I need a better heatsink.  The one that's on there is essentially a block of extruded aluminum with a fan mounted on top of it, I have no idea how effective it is20:41
bekkscurlyears: As long as your computer doesnt shutdown regularly currently, your heatsink is fine.20:42
MonkeyDustgbaker1  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue20:42
bekksagpirie: No need for a query. Keep it in here please.20:42
agpirieSo what do I need to mount?20:42
curlyearsbekks:  what about under heavy 3D rendering mode?20:42
gbaker1Linux Mint 18 Sarah20:43
bekksagpirie: Thats explained in detail, in the article given.20:43
MonkeyDustgbaker1  mint is not supported in this channel20:43
bekkscurlyears: Run the software you want to use and see if you have temperature issues. If you dont, no need for further concerns.20:43
Akuligbaker1, i'll come to #linuxmint-help on spotchat, see you there20:43
curlyearsbekks:  OK...I wasn't sure if that would be safe20:44
MonkeyDustgbaker1  or didnt you have an issue, if so: apologies20:44
Akuligbaker1, i guess you know how to get there since you've gotten to freenode?20:44
agpiriebekks, root@ubuntu-mate:/# grub-install /dev/sda20:44
agpirieInstalling for x86_64-efi platform.20:44
agpiriegrub-install: error: cannot find EFI directory.20:44
gbaker1Yes, but I still use ubuntu on my desktop. Mint is on my laptop with the raid controller. :) And that doesn't mean I cant help with Ubuntu issues.20:44
curlyearsI've never had a system shutdown on me for excess temps, don't know how reliable that service is20:45
agpirieWhere is the EFI directory?20:45
Akuligbaker1, oh i thought you needed help :)20:45
bekksagpirie: you didnt mount /boot/efi20:45
Akulii don't use ubuntu either :D20:45
curlyearslet's all kill Akuli!!!!!!!!!   :p20:45
gbaker1nope. system works great. just was complicated with ubuntu with a laptop with raid....20:46
agpirieubuntu-mate@ubuntu-mate:~$ sudo mount /boot/efi20:46
agpiriemount: can't find /boot/efi in /etc/fstab20:46
agpiriebekks, what is this?20:46
curlyearshow does your laptop jhave a raid array?  How much does that thing weigh?20:46
gbaker1Now all I need is for Nvidia to support SLI for mobile cards20:47
gbaker1here is mt system. https://pastebin.com/NBwLqrLk20:47
curlyearsI had an early "laptop" running Winblows 3.  It weighed about 20 pounds, and was quite large, really20:47
curlyears\I do miss using SolidWorks, though.20:50
SharkWuffam i in the right place for lubuntu?20:51
ankitcan I check speaker hardware working or not??20:52
curlyearsankit:  at this point, I'd recommend having a qualified technician check your laptop sound system20:52
curlyearsI know, that's anathema, but d00d, your system is REALLY screwed up20:53
curlyearson the other hand, if any of our mucvh more experienced users disagree with me, by all means, go with their advice20:53
ubottulubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.20:54
BluesKajankit or you could try without pulseaudio , intel audio driver doesn't need pulseaudio to work , all mu=y intel audio equipped pcs run fine on linux without pulse...it's worth looking into20:54
\9SharkWuff: you can ask ubuntu questions in here, though if you have issues with the lxde desktop you're better off with a dedicated channel20:54
ankitBluesKaj should I remove pulseaudio??20:55
=== kuba is now known as Guest71611
SharkWuffHey guys i been trying to get my headphone to work and webcam as well but no joy not sure if its my laptop or lubutu20:56
BluesKajankit,  most users would not recommend removing/purging pulseaudio. I'm just mentioning it if you are interested in researching this option futher.20:57
ankitsure thanks20:57
curlyears*ack*  how does modern linux restore character echo in term?  It is accepting my commmands, but not echoing them to the screen  *ACK*20:58
curlyears\never mind, IO got it   "stty sane"21:00
jattsometimes the reset command helps in those cases too21:02
SharkWuffHey guys i been trying to get my headphone to work and webcam as well but no joy not sure if its my laptop or lubutu21:03
curlyearsjatt:  you mean the reset button?  :p21:03
curlyearsSharkWell:   did you headphones work under whatever you had on the laptop previously?21:04
curlyearsSHarkWuff, I mean21:04
SharkWuffoh and my Wifi printer will not work with 16.04 and yes to a point curlyears21:04
specialedgeis this inappropriate channel to seek help regarding ssh key authentication?21:05
jattno reset command21:06
jattman reset21:06
jattsometimes if the terminal is unresponsive or garbled, reset fixes it21:06
tatertotswell i got my lightdm background image changed to a static image....and that's a good thing :)21:07
bekksjatt: Which shell do you use?21:07
SharkWuffcurlyears, would i need Cups for my wifi printer to print over wifi21:07
curlyearsI believe (someone correct me if I am mistaken, please) that Cups is required for printing, regardless of the physcial link type21:10
SharkWuffthat clears one problem up21:11
specialedgei started with ssh-keygen on my remote machine, and ive configured putty clients on two windows machines to connect using putty .ppk key, as well as an ssh app on my tablet by exporting the putty key to openssh. now I am running an ubuntu virtual machine on my desktop and am unable to complete the handshake using the previous key files21:13
specialedgehave i got the right idea by using the previous key on the new system? or am i supposed to create a new key and add that to my authorized_keys on my remote machine?21:14
jatthave you tried with ssh -i to explicitly specify the location of your key?21:15
specialedgeon the local machine? ill try that21:15
curlyearsspecialedge: it wouldhelp if you identified the VERSION of ubuntu you are runninf viertually21:15
jattyes on the client21:15
jattand also -v21:15
jattfor verbose output21:15
=== user_221 is now known as Sandy
specialedgeremote (virtual machine) is 14.04-desktop, and remote is 14.04-server21:16
Sandyhello all :)21:16
curlyearshey, Sandy21:17
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
curlyearssandy, is your sand dry and itchy, or damp and clingy?  :p21:17
Sandywhy u ask ?:)21:18
tatertotsHi sandy21:18
Sandyhey :)21:19
curlyearsSandy:  because I am a  natural born smart aleck!  :p21:19
Sandyi am not so smart ... i think so :)21:20
PrincessBobyou mean a pain in the rear end?21:20
curlyearsearlier I asked MonkeyDust if he was coarse ground of fine ground, but he never responded, so the mystery remains, as it were21:20
curlyearsPrincessBob: yes, mine and everyone else's.21:21
tatertotshey there SemiNux21:22
curlyearsI've been sitting on this hardwood kitchen chair for 8 hours today, and my rear end is in pain21:22
SemiNusI hoped to find a little support here21:22
Sandyyes we are all here ..:)21:22
tatertotswhat ubuntu problem are you having SemiNus?21:22
specialedgeheres my verbose output: http://pastebin.com/X7EEM5Uu21:22
curlyearsSandy: may one deduce from your presence in this channel that you are an ubuntu user?21:22
Sandyyes i am21:23
SemiNusUsually in the past, whenever I installed any flavor of either Debian or Ubuntu, my (even old) Computers showed a very well performance.  However, this time, my laptop really bothers me.21:23
Sandycurlyears: why u ask ?21:23
SemiNusWhen I scroll down websites in google chrome, they don't scroll smoothly, they "jump"21:23
curlyears*AHA*  *THAT* is why I found something called "mind reader" in my ps -alx output!!!!    :p21:24
SemiNusvideos (even when they have downloaded) stop in order to continue and stop again21:24
curlyearsSandy:  I am an impetuoous and curious individual21:24
SemiNusit seems as if my laptop would have a 200 MHZ processor21:24
SemiNusI guess there is some kind of a driver problem21:24
Sandygreat me too :)21:24
SemiNusand I hoped somebody here could guide me through the "find out what it is and fix it - process"21:25
tatertotsSemiNus what version of ubuntu?21:25
curlyearsSandy:  I am also officially an Olde Phart, so watch out for me!21:25
Sandyhow old are u ?21:25
tatertotsSemiNus what does your performance look like in system monitor?....cmd "gnome-system-monitor"21:26
Sandycurlyears: how old are u ?21:26
tatertotsgo to the resources tab SemiNus, what % CPU?...what % memory?21:26
curlyearsSandy:  I turn 63 in 12 days21:27
Sandyomg ....u have experience of life .21:27
curlyearstatertots:  which "resources" page are you referring to?21:27
Sandyi want to speak with u private21:27
SemiNustatertots, I am just installing it21:27
curlyearsSandy:  care to enter a debate on whether that is desireable or not?  *grin*21:27
SemiNus1 moment pls, I will tell you the output in a moment21:27
Sandyi don`t know to do it21:28
tatertotsSemiNus so you are still in the process of installing Ubuntu and you're already coming to the conclusion that it's not performing well?21:28
specialedgeclearly not enough experience of life21:28
SemiNustatertots, no, I am using ubuntu 16.04 since 2 months, but gnome is not my primary working environment. I am on trinity.21:29
SemiNustatertots, however, I tried to avoid mentioning trinity desktop, because I feared people could blame trinity for this.  But I am sure trinity is not the problem21:29
evenHey guys. I just installed BackBox21:29
evenAny of you ever used it?21:29
bekks!backbox | even21:30
ubottueven: Backbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.21:30
SemiNustatertots, gnome-system-monitor is not running, and it seems to be exactly the same output as "top" in the command line.21:30
SemiNustatertots, no program shows a high CPU / memory usage21:30
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
specialedgeis there a more appropriate channel to discuss the theory of key configuration? i cant see how it would be much different between distros other than file paths21:35
curlyearsis there a # or ##encryption?21:36
jattyou got:21:36
jattWarning: Identity file /home/steve/.ssf/id_rsa not accessible: No such file or directory.21:36
specialedgeit must be chmod wrong21:37
tortibI'm having a problem with lightdm whenever i boot up i have to switch to a tty then back to lightdm in order to type my password in, it does it with the open source video driver as well as the nvidia video driver.21:37
specialedgeah shit21:37
jattadjust the permissions then should work if the key is the right one21:37
=== kuba is now known as Guest31613
specialedgechmod 770 for an id_rsa?21:39
bekks0600 for that file.21:39
bekksNo exectution permission needed.21:39
jattit's a private key remember21:39
specialedgeit reports: debug1: Server accepts key: pkalg ssh-rsa blen 27921:42
specialedgei even reenabled password auth and went to run ssh-copy-id using the password and it reports a failure with the key21:43
specialedgei suppose i could create a new key from scratch and port it to each system im trying to authenticate right off the bat21:44
jattdoes this help: https://chrisjean.com/ubuntu-ssh-fix-for-agent-admitted-failure-to-sign-using-the-key/21:44
jattyou are getting Agent admitted failure to sign using the key.21:44
specialedgei generated this key weeks ago and im not particularly sharp regarding the entire process int he first place21:45
jatti.e. SSH_AUTH_SOCK=0 ssh ....21:45
PrintTheSourceHow do I edit my defaults.list file? I can't save because I don't have permission21:45
bekksPrintTheSource: what do you want to edit in there?21:46
PrintTheSourceI need to edit my file manager. Firefox keeps using the wrong one.21:46
PrintTheSourceI tried using sudo mousepad ~/usr/share/applications/defaults.list in the terminal but the file come up empty21:46
bekksPrintTheSource: Then why do you need to edit your default list file?21:46
specialedgefking gnome keyring21:46
specialedgethanks jatt21:47
jattthose keyrings are useless I removed them from my system21:47
PrintTheSourcebecause a line of code is wrong in the list21:47
bekksPrintTheSource: Can you be more specific?21:47
specialedgeyeah my first 2hrs with ubuntu desktop is not convincing me to trash windows 10....21:47
specialedgethanks for your help21:48
jattyou are welcome21:48
PrintTheSourceThis line is wrong21:48
PrintTheSourceHow do I get permission to edit the file?21:48
tatertotsspecialedge were you expecting it to?21:48
bekksPrintTheSource: sudo nano yourfilename21:48
tatertotsmy phillips screw driver hasn't convinced me to trash my flat head screw driver21:49
specialedgei always wondered whether i should install linux and then run windows in a VM21:49
specialedgebut i think the opposite will do just fine21:49
PrintTheSourceIt's still empty.21:49
specialedgeeverytime i use a linux GUI it just makes command line that much easier, relatively21:49
=== arooni__ is now known as arooni
curlyearsspecialedge: I know what you mean.   I am heavily into CLI21:54
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest48293
curlyearsxubuntu:   don't just say "help,"  ask a specific question about the use of ubuntu22:02
=== HugeEgoSorry is now known as GitGud
gbaker1I believe that was a "hello" missing a "L"22:17
bekksOra mistyped EHLO22:18
=== valeech_ is now known as valeech
curlyearsmaybe he thought he was typing t a mail handler :p22:18
curlyearssorry, my eyes are strained after 8+ hours at this KB22:19
curlyearsand it is now time for me to go prepare my supper22:19
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
\9or he mistyped 'hell'22:19
\9maybe he was trying to preach us22:20
gbaker1You should see the mis-types and mis-pronunciation of my mom's last name. Polhemus22:20
bekksor some mistyped "help" :)22:20
grygbaker1: I guess mis-spelling is harder than mis-pronouncing22:20
gbaker1And the street we live on Via Ondulando22:20
gbaker1I love getting the random sales calls for her, it is so fun to mess witth them.22:21
gbaker1The funniest is when my name gets messed up.... How can you mess up "Gary Baker" but it happens quite often.22:23
curlyearsgbaker1: keep in mind that a great many of those "random slaes calls" are bieng made by operators in other countries, for whome English is not their native tongue.  Tjhey are alkso working at a shitty job that is all they could find in their local economies22:24
curlyearsit really is unkind to mock them.  I just cut them off and tell them no, firmly, and then hangup on them22:25
gbaker1This is even in person. I've been called Greg, Jerry, Gray and several others.22:26
ubuntu439Can i run Ubuntu on a pentium 4 ?22:26
bekksubuntu439: Yes.22:26
ubuntu439Any slowdown ?  it is 64 bit 3.4 Ghz22:26
bekksubuntu439: A Pentium 4 is horribly old.22:27
Bashing-omubuntu439: The "slow down" would ne ram related .. need 2+ Gigs for a good experience .22:27
curlyearsI think bekks has been running ubuntu since P90s   :p22:27
curlyears(of course, that would eb impossible)22:28
bekkscurlyears: Linux since the 486SX16 :P22:28
gbaker1At least my middle name never gets screwed up, but I decided not to go by it for one major reason.... Rudolph... and in school the teachers always thought because that is my name I should have to play the part.22:28
curlyearsbekks:  hardcore22:28
ubuntu439I have 4 GB ram22:28
ubuntu439Think it will be ok. but a singel core.22:28
bekksubuntu439: It is still horribly old and slow.22:30
YankDownUnderubuntu439: You might want to download and install a 32-bit version.22:30
OerHeksubuntu is so fast, such old hardware might catch on fire22:30
ubuntu439I guess so. It is old.. The cpu is 64 bit.22:30
bekksYankDownUnder: that will not magically speed up that hardware.22:30
YankDownUnderI'm merely going on experience with older hardware. Such is the case with many laptops that I have to "repurpose". The 64-bit edition obviously would be the preferred choice, however, processing speed coupled with graphics reduces the overall performance to a crawl. The 32-bit version obviously runs quicker. But there is merely IMHO and by experience. Experiementation is the key, really.22:33
Bashing-omubuntu439: Also consider: Lubuntu is a faster, more lightweight and energy saving variant of Ubuntu using LXDE, the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. It is targeted at "normal" PC and laptop users running on low-spec hardware.22:33
ubuntu439I run xubuntu on a pentium N laptop. Think Ubuntu will run ok on pentium 4 3.4Ghz.22:34
potatoes_I run Ubuntu on an XD8622:35
ubuntu439I meen intel atom N450.22:35
potatoes_off a 5 1/4 inch floppy22:35
curlyearssure you do, potatoes....in your Lamborghini, right?22:37
ozcanesenhello i am playing with xhyve/bhyve virtualization environment using ubuntu minimal iso, when i boot i see ubuntu serial console and text mode installer but dns does not work, so i exit to shell using shift+escape and edited the /etc/resolve then dns works but how can i turn back to text mode installer from busybox?22:41
potatoes_curlyears: I'm drinking a vvvvery fine bottle of single malt scotch atm, much of what I say cannot be taken seriously.22:42
gbaker1ubuntu439 do you only have 4GB memory?22:42
potatoes_curlyears: as in, i was joking :)22:42
ubuntu439gbaker1: Yes 4GB. It is much compare to old times. I run windows at this time.22:43
gbaker1I ordered too much memory for my desktop so I have some spare "Vengeance LPX 32GB DDR4 DRAM 3200M"22:44
ahrc333ffTha'ts great memory. Just threw it into my recent build.22:44
ahrc333ffErr, my wifes build. I have the crappier computer.22:44
gbaker1I thought I ordered 2X for 64GB but I guess I ordered 322:45
potatoes_give it to me :)22:45
ahrc333ffhopefully they accept returns22:45
potatoes_i accept donations22:45
ubuntu439My graphich card have 1GB. Only the cpu can slow down some os maybe.22:45
stacks88so this box i have, ubuntu 14.04 doesnt seem to support the network card. so ive got to download the nic drivers from intel website and install them. but my question is, i prefer to rely on apt-get dist-upgrade for kernel upgrades. so if through apt a new kernel is installed, when i go to reboot, would those nic drivers i initially installed, still work ? or would i have to do it all over again22:46
stacks88for every kernel upgrade? I have not done any of this yet, nor have i ever really installed any nic drivers manually lol. so i guess im asking can you install nic drivers, and then not have to reinstall them every time you install a kernel upgrade via apt?22:46
ahrc333ffstacks88, I cannot say this definitively, but to the best of my recollection that kernel module you install for the NIC will not persist through the upgrade.22:48
ahrc333ffat least, last time I had to do somethign similar that was the case for me22:48
ahrc333ffhello drpuritan22:49
drpuritanHow are you today; my first time in here22:49
ahrc333ffdoing well. i'm not a regular here either.22:50
drpuritanPretty good day so far22:50
drpuritanEnjoying Ubuntu on a dual boot22:50
LJHSLDJHSDLJHhow come Oracle Database Express Edition has rpm version for linux but not deb?22:51
LJHSLDJHSDLJHis it possible to install rpm on ubuntu?22:51
jattconvert with alien22:51
jattrpm -> deb22:51
stacks88im told "you'll need ixgbe.ko compiled from sources available at https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/14687, you can automate the module build with dkms in order to avoid having to recompile the module each time" -- unsure how to automate the module build with dkms =/22:51
drpuritanWish I could find a way to get "allow louder than 100%" on all distros22:51
LJHSLDJHSDLJHjatt: what is alien? a program to convert rpms?22:51
ahrc333ffLJHSLDJHSDLJH, also a good exercise to download binaries or compile :) I mean, if you'r ein the *nix environemnt you've probably got some interest in how things work22:52
jattit's in the repos22:52
drpuritanTrue that!22:52
stacks88Does anyone know if ubuntu 16.04 supports this nic ? https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/14687 or is there some way to find out ?22:52
drpuritanNever compiled22:52
LJHSLDJHSDLJHahrc333ff: why do you think there is source to compile Oracle Database Express Edition22:52
LJHSLDJHSDLJHthanks jatt22:53
sulle\aWhy is it when i open a game. it pops up on my second monitor. Why wont it go on my main screen ?.22:53
ahrc333ffstacks88: sorry, not something I'm familiar with off the top of my head. but usually there are instructions to compile whenyou downoad the source code22:53
YankDownUnderstacks88: Something to read quickly: https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads/intel-graphics-installer-linux-1.4.022:55
YankDownUnderstacks88: "Ubuntu is already current..."22:55
daumiesulle\a:  did you bind your game to a specific workspaces?22:57
sulle\adaumie, i dont know how to do that.22:57
sulle\ai have 2 screens. and the games pops up on the second one22:58
daumieAre the graphics processors different for the monitors?22:58
sulle\aits 2 diffrent monitors, but same graphic card22:58
daumieWhich card?22:59
sulle\aI use playOnlinux and use wine.22:59
YankDownUnderOne of the monitors is set to primary, the other secondary. The monitor you want to have the game "play" on should be primary. Change the monitor designation.22:59
sulle\aGeForce GTX 78023:00
sulle\aWhere do i do that?.23:00
YankDownUnderControl Centre => Hardware => Monitors/Displays23:01
sulle\aYankDownUnder, there is no place where i can choose primary23:01
YankDownUndersulle\a: What desktop are you using - Unity? Mate? KDE? Cinnamon?23:02
daumieDetect displays under appearance23:02
sulle\aUbuntu 16.04 LTS23:02
YankDownUndersulle\a: So you're using Unity, yes? No? Not sure?23:03
sulle\anot sure23:03
sulle\aYankDownUnder, Xenial23:04
sulle\aand when i click "Detect Displays" nothing happens, both monitors works. But for some odd reasons the games wants to show up on monitor 2.23:05
YankDownUnderIt's not about "detecting displays" - you're wanting to set the primary display. In the window where you're seeing the two monitors, you should be able to click on the one that you want to have as your primary display - there is a black bar that you should be able to drag to the monitor of your choice, then click "apply/save" and that should resolve the issue.23:06
sulle\aYankDownUnder, the only black bare in there is the ubuntu menu bar showing up on the 1st monitor23:09
sulle\aThe rest of the window is gray. +2 monitors. one yellow "with the black menu bar" and a blue monitor next to it.23:09
YankDownUndersulle\a: You should be able to drag that bar to the next monitor.23:10
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sulle\aYes i can that but then it will be wrong. then my second monitor have the menu bar and my main monitor dont.,23:11
YankDownUndersulle\a: This might give you some hints: https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/solved-multiple-display-16-04-loginscreen-placement/545623:11
sulle\aYankDownUnder, ok, thank you. I will look in to it.23:13
bilb_onois there a good way to check if the GPU is available on my machine23:17
bilb_onoI am trying to run a program which uses the GPU and it keeps saying there is none23:17
bilb_onobut I swear there is - its an amazon ec2 instance23:18
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ScriptThisWhat does the -F explanation of man ls actually mean? "append indicator (one of */=>@|) to entries" <-- that?23:28
gbaker1bilb_ono Try "sudo lshw -C display"23:30
bilb_onogbaker1: lspci seemed to work thanks23:30
gbaker1No prob, fogured the other command spits out a lot less info23:31
trismScriptThis: "The file type indicators are `/' for directories, `@' for symbolic links, `|' for FIFOs, `=' for sockets, `>' for doors, and nothing for regular files."23:31
trismScriptThis: from: info ls;23:32
trismScriptThis: I thought it listed it on one of the man pages too but I couldn't find it23:32
ScriptThistrism, thank you!23:32
GrorcoHello I was just thinking about it how come you can install programs using google play for android without root, but you can't do it with ubuntu *insert any software manager here*23:47
tatertotsGrorco isn't that an apple to oranges comparison commonly made by people who mistakenly think android and linux are identical?23:49
Grorcoor am I wrong is there a way to point lets say ubuntu software centre to the user space?23:49
tatertotsApple OS x and linux are both unix based...that doesn't mean they are the same23:50
tatertots*nix based23:50
Grorcotatertots, I understand they're not identical, but I was just wondering I had never thought about it don't do much with my phone outside of games :)23:51
YankDownUnderAndroid is a VM that lives on top of a basic linux kernel. A VM - virtual machine.23:51
Grorcotatertots, see I thought android was just built on top of the linux kernel23:52
Grorcoso when you root your phone is it giving you access to the actual linux system it resides on?23:52
Grorcoor is it just root to the vm?23:53
YankDownUnderIn Android - things get installed specifically for "the user" - not "the system". In order to do things "in the system", the OS has to be "rooted". In *nix, the SYSTEM is where things get installed/affected...the user is merely, well, a user. If the user gets hosed, the system still lives. In Android, if the user gets hosed, well, you have to re-install the VM.23:53
tatertots< waiting for someone to chime in with the whole #ubuntu-offtopic thing23:54
YankDownUnderOnly the Nazis will do that, bro.23:54
ikoniaerrr no23:54
ikoniaplease don't make that sort of refernce, it's uncalled for23:54
tatertotsfunny how sometimes when people aren't talking about ubuntu they are quick to pull the #offtopic trigger23:54
Grorcotatertots, well the question was more about if I could do it in linux23:54
ikoniathe channels topic is ubuntu support discussion23:54
Grorcospecifically ubuntu23:55
ikoniaif you want other topics there are various other channels including #ubuntu-offtopic23:55
Grorcotatertots, this really comes down to I want my daughter to be able to download and use apps in her user space on my machine without granting her root23:56
Grorcojust thought about it worked like that on android so wondered if it was possible23:56
ikoniaGrorco: just grant sudo access to the package manager, nothing more23:56
ikoniathen she can install what she wants and it will be audited and manageable23:57
Grorcoikonia, I added her to my sudoers file but it gave her all access I beilve23:57
Grorcomaybe I did it wrong23:57
ikoniathen don't do that23:58
ikoniajust grant access to the package manager23:58
Grorcohow do I do that? I had asked before and that was the response I got23:58
ikoniaGrorco: if you read up on sudo rules, you'll find you can grant any access to any program23:59
Grorcoikonia, not using the sudoers file?23:59

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