xubuntu74wHi everyone07:00
xubuntu74wI m trying to make my multi display settings permanent using Xrandr07:00
xubuntu74wAny help would be appreciated07:01
walriderany one here ??07:35
SimonOk, I find that problem with bad text alignment on desktop is caused by bug in gtk2-engines-murrine08:33
Simonand Numix Theme08:34
systemx_Hello.. I recently installed Xubuntu 16.04. During the installation process, I manually setup the partition scheme, and selected the root partition to be "Physical Encrypted Device".. Everything is working perfectly, however, I have noticed in File Manager an entry under the "Devices" category labelled "Disk", however, it is "dimmed", or unhighlighted (not as dark as the other devices).. Is this normal? Here is a copy of my fstab configuration:09:06
cfhowlettsystemx_, I believe you are looking at the "hidden" encrypted partition09:07
systemx_Thanks for all the help in advance09:08
systemx_This 'df -ha | grep sdb2' might provide extra useful information: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19608151/09:11
systemx_Due to the same exact size.. this leads me to believe you are correct.. I'm just worried and wanted to verify09:11
cfhowlettplease ask in the main #ubuntu channel.  more eyes to see. I'm no encrpytion expert, sadly09:12
rseveroHi. I recently upgraded my home network t0 16.04. I use nfs mounts and one of the mounts uses cross mounting, i.e., I have one share on my nfs server but on the server, under this share, on several subdirectories, I have several other filesystems mounted. I want all these filesystems accessible on my nfs clients. This worked just fine up to version 15.10. Now my 16.04 clients return a13:22
rseveroImpossible to access /multimidia/musicas: Operation not permited13:22
rseveroerror when I try to acess one of these extra filesystems through the nfs share.13:22
rseveroI've tested on last client that is still running version 15.10 and the mount is working as expected on it so I believe the problem isn't on the server which has already been upgraded do 16.04.13:22
rseveroHere is my share line on the server's /etc/exportfs file:13:22
rseveroAnd here is my fstab entry on one of my clients:13:22
rsevero192.168.13.254:/multimidia /multimidia nfs wsize=8192,rsize=8192 0 013:22
rseveroAny ideas on how to make this work again as expected on 16.04 clients?13:22
walriderhelp need15:03
walrideri need help please15:10
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:11
walriderhow i install parrot security os's tools on xubuntu 14.04 ?? i used kali tools name katoolin now i want to use parrot security os tools on xubuntu15:13
walriderparrot security os link: parrotsec.org15:14
flocculantwalrider: I've no idea - wouldn't have a clue about some other random os - maybe ask them15:16
walriderok sorry for offtopic15:17
xubuntu85wGreetings, I am new to xubuntu.  I love it thus far.  However, I am experiencing a drop of my wifi connection on an HP 15 Notebook PC.15:39
xubuntu85wjohn@john-HP-15-Notebook-PC:~$ lspci -knn | grep Net -A2 01:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8188EE Wireless Network Adapter [10ec:8179] (rev 01) DeviceName: Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11bgn Wi-Fi Adapter Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company RTL8188EE Wireless Network Adapter [103c:197d] Kernel driver in use: rtl8188ee Kernel modules: rtl8188ee john@john-HP-15-Notebook-PC:~$ uname -r 4.4.0-31-generi15:39
xubuntu85wDoes anyone have an suggestions as to how I can best resolve this issue?  Thanks in advance.15:40
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xubuntu61wHi! I have a problem installing xubuntu 16.04 - grub fails to install during.16:57
xubuntu61wcould anyone please help me with that?16:57
xubuntu61wI use ssd + hdd. root is mounter to ssd (dev/sda1), /home is mounted to dev/sda2. I thought maybe installler having problems with no free space for grub install on dev/sda, so I also left 1Gb of unmarked space on dev/sda (just to make sure it will be enough)16:59
xubuntu61wvar is mounted to hdd, also I use my hdd as a media storage, its part is mounted to /home/hdd17:02
xubuntu61wpizdec pomoshniki konesho... ohuet' prosto, mda17:20
mrkrampsxubuntu61w, EFI bios?17:21
mrkrampsyou need an EFI partition17:21
mrkrampsotherwise grubs efi bootmgr cannot be installed17:23
xubuntu61wI'm a bit confused about what it should look like. Some sources say it should be in FAT32 and mounted to /boot/efi. But it's only possible to mount /boot/efi to ext417:23
xubuntu61whow this should be configured?17:23
mrkrampsxubuntu61w, sda1, /boo/efi, fat32, bootflag, label ef0017:24
xubuntu61walso if I select FAT32 instead of ext4 in gparted during partition, it offers me only two options for mounting - /dos and /windows or smth17:24
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mrkrampsgaprted or partitioner of installer?17:25
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xubuntu61wpartitioner of installer. thought it was gparted.17:26
mrkrampsxubuntu61w, haven't done this for a while, can you type in the mount point manually?17:27
xubuntu61wI'll tell you in a minute17:28
xubuntu61w /boot/efi is mounted to /dev/sda1, /home is mounted to /dev/sda2 and / is mount to /dev/sda3. is it okay that /home is before / ?17:34
mrkrampsi do not think linux will care much about the order, but it does not feel right ;)17:34
xubuntu61wis there any way to swap them to make it look good? without unallocating the space, cuz I want to re-use the /home folder from my previous ubuntu install?17:35
mrkrampsnope, should work as it is17:37
xubuntu61wstarted the installation, hope this time it will work... crossing fingers17:38
xubuntu61w...aaand it worked. thanks a lot for your help, have a nice day!17:52
xubunewbiemrkramps, though the installation didn't failed this time, the system failed to load. on boot I got an error saying 'unknown file system' and frub-rescue launched18:00
mrkrampsxubunewbie, maybe this might help https://mintguide.org/system/186-repair-grub-error-unknown-filesystem-grub-rescue-in-linux-mint-pinguyos.html18:13
ondondilIs it somehow possible to align desktop icons names to the center in Xubuntu 16.04? Because after some update they look like this now http://i.cubeupload.com/8tmbMJ.png18:50
flocculantondondil: bug 1598316 I'd guess - you should be able to still grab the old package and downgrade ithttp://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=+gtk2-engines-murrine&suite=default&section=all&arch=any&searchon=names19:02
ubottubug 1598316 in shimmer-themes (Ubuntu) "gtk2-engines-murrine desktop text shadow problem" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159831619:02
ondondilflocculant: Thanks, I'll try that19:05
ondondilflocculant: Downgrading gtk2-engines-murrine fixed it for me. Thanks again.19:22
xubuntu61wCan someone explain why my IP address is listed differently in my broswer when I search "what's my IP" compared to the connection information window in the panel?21:32
knomedoes the connection information tell the IP is something like 192.168.x.x ?21:33
xubuntu61wwhy is that21:33
knomethat's your local IP address21:33
xubuntu61wWell, I'm actually trying to set-up a static IP21:34
xubuntu61wI followed a youtube tutorial that used the GUI, though I saw no change21:34
knomeare you connecting through a router?21:34
knomethen most likely you should do the static IP setup on your router21:34
mrkrampsactually the router's dhcp server accepts when clients connect with a static IP configuration21:35
mrkrampsbut this IP has to be in the IP range the router uses21:36
xubuntu61wI know very little about configuring wireless connections, which has made creating a static IP difficult.21:36
knomexubuntu61w, are you trying to set up a static *local* IP or a static IP for your internet connection as a whole?21:37
xubuntu61wGiven the information provided on my router, can I do it myself using the GUI?21:37
xubuntu61wStatic IP for internet21:37
knomethen i would personally do that setup from the router, even if there might be other ways to achieve that...21:38
knomeand no, you can't setup your router from network manager, you need to access the router's own interface21:38
xubuntu61wHmm, how to access the interface21:38
xubuntu61wUsing my ISP settings?21:39
knomewell, that depends on your router...21:39
knomecheck your router manual for connecting to that21:39
xubuntu61wIf I were setting up a local static IP, would that require access to the router interface as well?21:39
knomebasically all of them offer a UI you can access from your browser21:39
mrkrampslogin informations for your router might also be found on a label attached to the router's case21:39
xubuntu61wI can access the router interface, but I don't know what to do exactly once logged in21:40
knomexubuntu61w, setting a static local IP is different from setting a static IP for your internet connection21:40
knomewhich one you need depends on what you are trying to achieve21:40
knome...so what is it you are actually trying to do?21:42
xubuntu61wStatic internal Ip21:43
xubuntu61w(was checking to see exactly what I need)21:43
knomeok, then you don't need to change the router setup21:43
xubuntu61wok, great21:43
xubuntu61wIf you're interested, this is the tutorial I followed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9fJWDoX4nE21:43
knomeand what with that didn't work?21:44
xubuntu61wEssentially he changes the IPv4 settings21:44
xubuntu61wWell, I'm not entirely sure if he's changing the internal IP in the video (it doesn't specify)21:45
mrkrampsbut this tutorial only explains how to setup a static local IP21:45
knomethat's exactly what the video is explaining21:45
knomemrkramps, xubuntu61w just said he wants to set up a static local IP after all21:46
mrkrampsoh, sry … missed this part21:46
knomexubuntu61w, so again... is there something that doesn't work for you in the video?21:46
xubuntu61wHow can I verify whether or not the change has been made looking at my IPv4 settings?21:46
knomethe settings show the static IP address you set when it works?21:47
xubuntu61wCan I simply pick my own?21:47
xubuntu61wWhen adding a new IP under "addresses" in IPv4 settings21:48
knomeas long as it's in the same subnet as your router, yes21:48
knomeeg. only change the last number21:48
knomeit *needs* to begin with 192.168.21:49
knomethe next number is most likely 021:49
knomethen you can pick one you like as the last one, except that it can't be the same as the router's ip exactly.21:49
knomeexample: your router is --> you can use for your ip21:50
xubuntu28wIn my router interface, the ip for my current device has changed, but not for other devices (they are still unique)22:13
xubuntu28wSorry lost connection when messing around with settings22:13
knomexubuntu28w, if you want static IPs for other devices, you need to adjust their settings22:21
knome(they too need to be unique)22:23
xubuntu33wis firewall enabled by default in xubuntu?22:41
knomebut you don't need a firewall in the regular scenario22:42
xubuntu33wok, that's what I thought22:45
xubuntu78w.purple hidden file in home? looks like it's related to pidgin (which I uninstalled). Can I delete it?23:20
xubuntu78wwhy is there a gnupg folder?23:23
knomexubuntu78w, don't worry about the hidden directories too much.23:24
xubuntu78wok, just messing around (with caution) to better understand the linux file system23:24
knomebasically all the hidden directories in your home are per-user configuration files (or sth similar)23:25
xubuntu78wSorry I've been super annoying with questions this evening. I appreciate the dedicated support provided by admins and other users on this channel -- makes switching to xubuntu from windows very enjoyable23:25
knomeno problem really23:27
xubuntu78wsudo apt-get install xchat returns an error "has no installation canidate"23:31
mrkrampsxubuntu78w, hexchat23:31
xubuntu78wgot it23:31
mrkrampsthe xchat package was remove from repositories with 16.04 … finally23:32
xubuntu78wwhy finally?23:32
mrkrampsthere had been some security issues23:32
xubuntu78wso is hexchat just a new repository with patches to the security issues?23:33
mrkrampsnope, hexchat is a fork of xchat23:33
xubuntu78wis it secure?23:33
xubuntu78wcompared to say pidgin23:34
mrkrampsand there had been no really severe security issues, but development stopped somewhen around 201023:34
xubuntu78wOh i thought it was still under development23:34
mrkrampsxubuntu78w, hexchat is actively developed23:34
xubuntu78wit looks very similar23:34
mrkrampsas said, it is a fork23:34
mrkrampsbasically hexchat is xchat from 2010 plus development until now23:35
knomexubuntu78w, you might want to read http://docs.xubuntu.org/1604/user/C/guide-keeping-safe.html (also available locally from the menu under "help")23:37
mrkrampsxubuntu78w, and btw. hexchat is storing password just as pidgin in plain text!23:38
mrkrampsand i guess this is the only security issue both applications share23:43
xubuntu78wthanks, will check it out23:46
xubuntu78wI don't use a password with the application fortunately23:47
knomeazeam_afk, please don't use awaynicks; /away is designed for that purpose23:54
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