mamarleyclivejo: I can confirm that an upgrade no longer wants to remove sddm.  It does look like you will need to recompile python3-pyqt5 though because that depends on qtbase-abi-
soee!info libgtk-x1107:14
ubottuPackage libgtk-x11 does not exist in yakkety07:14
soee!info libgtk-x11 xenial07:14
ubottuPackage libgtk-x11 does not exist in xenial07:14
valorieis this why some are complaining about how FF looks?07:28
valorienot that I care; I've abandoned FF after years of use07:29
soeei'm on Vivaldi07:30
clivejoyofel acheronuk: I merged plasma-workspace with Debian in an atempt to fix some build issues I was having with it.  But it seems our version and Debian seems to have forked quite a bit11:28
clivejoI got myself into a right mess last night trying to fix it and need new fresh eyes on it11:29
clivejomore KCI memory issues13:15
clivejo13:12:34 make: *** Cannot allocate memory.  Stop.13:16
acheronukclivejo: have an old mate from uni visiting this weekend, so I doubt I can look at it13:43
clivejono problem13:43
blazeclivejo: what's the status of plasma 5.7 packaging?15:24
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> I'm stuck on plasma-workspace15:58
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Haven't had the will to go back to it yet15:59
mamarleyclivejo: Yeah, I had a similar "couldn't find library" error a while back with the NVIDIA packages and it was difficult getting the right syntax in the shlibs file to tell it that the library it was looking for was in another package compiled by that same source package.16:05
mamarleyExcept these packages use .symbols files, which I know even less about. :(16:11
mamarleyI don't even see this "liblegacytaskmanager.so" being packaged anywhere in plasma-workspace, hmm…16:16
soeesomething like that was removed in Plasma 5.7 master16:17
mamarleySo, sorry.  This is above my head.16:28
jimarvanhey guys19:52
jimarvanhow is it going? :)19:52
clivejohead is spinning19:54
clivejolibs dont seem to be enough, now we need legacy libs19:57
clivejo(krazy can't deal with embedded classes)19:59
jimarvanhehe I was enjoying the sunny day20:13
jimarvanthen fog came and ruined it all -.-20:13
* clivejo bangs head off the wall20:17
jimarvanhey hey20:19
clivejoyou could say that20:21
* clivejo starts bleeding from his ears21:01
* valorie offers tea and cotton fluff for the ears21:04
clivejowhy oh who oh why21:05
* jimarvan will take some tea21:05
valoriepot's still hot, jimarvan!21:05
valorieand plenty for everyone21:06
clivejoanything stronger?21:06
* valorie has milk and sugar but no lemon21:06
valorie..... and brandy!21:06
clivejoIll have some brandy21:06
valoriethere are even brandy glasses if you don't want the tea21:08
* valorie needs direct caffeine to the brain today, dunno why21:16
clivejoknow how you feel21:23
clivejo*beeping* *beep* *beep* *beep*21:27
* mamarley hugs clivejo.21:47
clivejoIm going insane!21:47
* yofel passes clivejo a bug mug of hot coffee21:51
jimarvancan someone kick the guy in #kubuntu?21:53
clivejovalorie: ?21:56
clivejohere comes yofel to the rescue!21:57
yofelnow if I could remember how to ban someone..21:58
* yofel googles21:58
jimarvanthanks :)22:03
yofeljimarvan: the appropriate action at such times is to call !ops in the affected channel22:03
jimarvanwhat did kubuntu do to him?22:03
jimarvanby name you mean?22:03
yofelnothing, he got kicked out of several other channels too22:03
jimarvanah ok22:03
yofeleither that or just the factoid, that'll ping a couple people and send a message to #ubuntu-ops22:04
jimarvanhmm is there an option to display on top the ops?22:04
yofelno, ubuntu channels have a 'no-ops' policy.22:04
valoriein konvi there is22:04
jimarvanaah that is why i dont see any ops22:04
yofelnot sure if the ACLs are publicly readable22:04
valoriehowever, yeah it doesn't work so well in ubuntu chans22:04
jimarvani c22:05
valorieum, there is a command to see who has powerz in each chan22:05
jimarvanye it has been 10 years22:05
jimarvansince i used irc xD22:05
jimarvangood times >-)22:05
valorie like /msg chanserv access #kde list22:06
valorieyou might have to have access to see that though22:06
valoriehttps://toxin.jottit.com/freenode_chanserv_commands is useful22:07
valoriejust doing !ops calls all the ops22:07
aaron-IRC so different at times22:07
aaron-I should have op but don't22:07
valoriebut of course trolls know that too, and use it to annoy22:07
aaron-crap forgot how to set nick22:08
valoriejust /nick newnick22:08
=== aaron- is now known as ahoneybun
valorieor do you mean with chanserv?22:08
yofelahoneybun: yes, you are op?22:08
yofel[ChanServ] 19    ahoneybun              +Aefiortv (kcouncil) [modified 42w 2d 23h ago]22:09
ahoneybunthere we go22:09
valoriebecause you can always do /nickserv HELP or so22:09
valorieor any of the services22:09
ahoneybunyofel: [Error] You need to be a channel operator in #kubuntu to do that.22:09
yofelahoneybun: what exactly are you trying to do?22:10
jimarvanomg :O what did i do? :P22:10
yofelahoneybun: /msg chanserv op #kubuntu ahoneybun22:10
yofel*then* you can22:10
yofelremember to deop after that22:10
ahoneybundeop instead of op?22:11
jimarvanand if you deop22:11
yofelI had already banned him though ^^22:11
jimarvanyou can still use bans?22:11
ahoneybunjust checking22:11
* ahoneybun returns to his show22:11
yofelahoneybun: banning the nick isn't that great an idea22:11
yofelwebchat nicks are random. so that might hit random people22:12
jimarvanguys gotta go, see ya tomorrow!22:12
jimarvanhave fun! :)22:12
yofelnini :)22:12
valorieniters jimarvan22:12
clivejoplease go green22:21
mamarleyclivejo: You've got this.  I have confidence in you. :)22:47
clivejomamarley: have you a box for a test install?22:56
N3X15Any known issues with files in kactivities conflicting with kio-extra-data?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/19833042/23:15
clivejoN3X15: where are you getting these packages?23:18
clivejoyou shouldnt use KCI23:18
N3X15Unfortunatel, the stable Kubuntu has far more issues for me, for whatever reason23:18
clivejoKCI is for development23:19
N3X15Things like severe graphical glitches (white-on-white taskbar, etc)23:19
N3X15KCI is the only repo that seems to work.23:19
N3X15Sorry for the trouble.  It doesn't seem to be causing any problems, other than an error when updating, but since it's been going on for a month or so, I thought I'd pop in and see if you guys had noticed it or not.23:22
clivejohave you tried the backports PPA?23:24
N3X15Not yet.23:25
clivejoanyone with a disposal yakkety?  I need a test install23:26
clivejodisposable 23:27
valorieinstall of what, clivejo?23:27
valoriejust staging, or what?23:27
valorietell me what you need and I'll do it23:28
clivejoyeah, but needs to be totally throw away 23:28
valorie creating another vbox isn't difficult23:28
valoriemine is started and waiting23:29
clivejoadd the staging PPA and do a dist upgrade23:29
valoriealso I have a snapshot to fall back to if necessary23:30
clivejopaste me the install, upgrade, remove report23:30
valorievia the cli I assume, not testing discover or so23:30
valorieto double-check, this ppa? ppa:kubuntu-ppa/ppa-landing23:32
valorieoops, you wanted staging23:32
valorieso ppa-staging23:32
valorieor is it plasma-staging23:32
valoriestill working away......23:36
valorieclivejo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19836625/23:41
clivejodid it complete?23:43
valoriehmmm, it reboots to a VT23:43
valorielooks like it didn't23:43
clivejoProcessing triggers for hicolor-icon-theme (0.15-0ubuntu1) ...23:43
clivejoW: Operation was interrupted before it could finish23:43
valorieyeah, I didn't interrupt it, so dunno23:44
valorieI'll just install a daily when we want to test that23:44
valorieor go back to the snapshot23:44
clivejowhat happened when you rebooted?23:45
valorietook me to tty123:45
valorieand didn't let me login23:45
valorieI wonder if I remembered my login correctly23:46
clivejowhat was the original install source?23:46
valoriethe daily on alpha-day23:46
valorie11 days ago23:46
valorieoh, my notes say I snapshotted after adding -landing and kdeapps, updating, then removing them23:49
valorieso it might not be worth saving at all23:49
valorieanyway, I discarded the present state so it either comes back from that or doesn't23:52

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