ubottubekks called the ops in #ubuntu (singam)12:19
\9this 'signam' guy has been spamming #ubuntu with his shady website for days now12:28
\9it's gotten annoying to the point I took the time to comb through logs and compile a list of instances where he has spammed the channel https://tsp.kapsi.fi/temp/f991e46b146bac1c7479d0db63e83701.txt12:29
\9(timezone is gmt+3)12:29
Myrttiyup, I'm going to have a look properly today12:30
Myrttithanks for reminding12:30
\9thanks for taking the time to deal with this12:31
MyrttiImma carpet bomb that12:38
Unit193Thanks, it's pretty annoying elsewhere too.12:40
MyrttiI've already told them once to stop it12:40
Myrttisince the previous kline didn't seem to wake them up to smell the winds of change, let's see if more acute smack on the nose would do the job12:41
Myrtti(and let's see if I did it right)12:42
Myrttihilight me if it looks like it didn't work12:42
Unit193Will do.12:42
yofelthe allah guy was back in #kubuntu (as Guest_84843 (779de346@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip., removed for now22:01
k1l_i just kicked him out of the -touch channel22:01
ikoniahow tedious22:02
k1l_hi jimarvan22:06
k1l_how can we help you?22:06
jimarvanjust a quick question, if someone is harassing one of the ubuntu channels22:07
jimarvanI come in here and report, is that right?22:07
jimarvanthank you m822:07

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