fk_007using trusty on an acer easystore h340. system load average according to top is around 1.09. Seems like high interrupt activity with continuous ksoftirqd processes. any known issues with this setup or fixes to bring down the load? is it normal or something to be concerned about?00:08
RoyKfk_007: what is the system doing?00:28
fk_007well thats what i'm trying to figure out exactly. it is running apache for http, proftp, mysql, and smb. Just used as a home server and access point for away from home... not sure why the load seems so high... it has been so since I put ubuntu on it, thinking that some hardware is basically being controlled by some default (generic) driver that is causing high cpu usage but not sure... really just looking for guidance in how to look00:33
fk_007 further into this issue00:33
RoyKpossibly a process in D state00:41
RoyKthat'll drive up the load data00:41
RoyKor in Z state (zombie)00:42
RoyKpastebin output of 'ps axf'00:42
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* patdk-lap2 wants to be in s state00:46
RoyKfk_007: 6665 is in D state - take a look and try to see if it stays there - what does dmesg -T have to say?01:02
fk_007hey thanks for looking into this btw!01:38
RudyValenciaHi, so I've put the Ubuntu Server ISO on my flash drive using Rufus, but I don't get expert install in Grub, how do I tell it to go into expert mode?03:00
RudyValenciaNevermind, I figured it out03:10
luczso, I have an AWS ec2 ubuntu server that is suddenly asking for a password when I try and SSH to it, I'm SSH'ing with the ubuntu user17:03
luczwhich has no password17:03
luczwhat do I do now?!17:03
luczsome help ASAP would be appreciated17:03
tewardlucz: I think for EC2 they actually require you to use key auth17:07
tewardnot password auth17:07
tewardusing the key you download from EC2, and then provide it.  It's probable that someone *set* a password and got into the server17:08
luczteward: you can set it to password auth17:08
tewardI usually do a lot of lockdown on EC2s when I have them17:08
tewardincluding key auth17:08
luczright so how do I get into the server now? it's just a dev system17:08
tewardlucz: if you don't have the password you're going to have to key auth17:08
tewardor start over17:08
luczhow do I key auth if it's asking for a pw17:08
luczcan I force it to us key auth?17:09
luczI really don't want to have to rebuild it17:09
tewardyou can *try* to use `ssh -o PasswordAuthentication=no user@ipaddr`17:10
tewardbut I would look at the output of ssh -vv as well to see whether the server is actaully accepting the keys or not17:10
tewardworst case is you're locked out, and on EC2 I don't think there's a way to bruteforce your wan into changing the password, but don't quote me on that (I haven't used an EC2 in a while)17:11
luczok, I'l try that17:13
luczok I got in as another user, but now what do I do to figure out why this is happening17:13
luczthe user I have can access root17:14
luczthe user I'm logged in as is meant to be able to use a password to SSH, ubuntu user uses a key17:16
luczteward: any ideas? I don't see anything odd in the sshd config file17:19
luczoh weird, I restarted ssh and now it's all back to normal17:21
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luczI have another question - how do I change the displayed bash prompt hostname - i.e ubuntu@server.internet.com~$17:26
luczhow do I change server.internet.com to something else17:26
tewardlucz: change the hostname on the server.  Or change it for your user prompt.17:33
luczI need to change it for everyone17:34
luczwho logs in17:34
tewardlucz: Make sure that /home/ubuntu/.ssh/ has the authorized_keys file in it, and the OpenSSL version of the public key of the private key you use for key auth is in there17:34
tewardlucz: change the server hostname then.17:34
tewardthe entire hostname of the server has to change, or you have to roll custom PS1 environment variables for each shell that's installed's global profiles17:35
tewardbut note user level profiles can override17:35
luczhow do I change the hostname?17:46
luczboth hosts and hostname files have ip addresses, but the bash prompt says a FQDN17:47
luczediting hostname and restarting the hostname service doesn't work17:49
tewardtake a look at http://askubuntu.com/questions/87665/how-do-i-change-the-hostname-without-a-restart17:53
teward(sorry i'm on a crap tablet right now - can't write out uthe full answers :/)17:54
luczteward: thanks :) /etc/hosts currently reads ip - localhost18:00
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luczteward: running sudo hostname newhostname doesn't do anything18:02
luczteward: I've tried all of the things you normally do to change the hostname and none of them do anything18:02
tewardi think that's something i had issues with on EC2, i had to tell them what hostname to set my server up with and that was what it always had18:20
tewardbut it's been a while since I set it up18:20
tewardlucz: the only other way is to edit the global environment profiles for all thte shells on the system (read: bash) to have a different PS118:20
tewardand then instead of the autopopulating hostname it's custom text you specify18:21
luczteward: thanks for your help - I think I'll just try and ansible it, we have some playbooks set up for setting the hostname but for some reason when I run them I get permission denied public key error -__- it's always something!18:32
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Goriananyone around?18:52
tewardGorian: ask a real question18:54
tewardpeople usually don't reply to "anyone around"18:54
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:54
Gorianlol, I ask a question, come back a week later to no response18:54
Gorianso might as well make sure people are around to read it ;)18:55
tewardcoming back a week later seems to be problem 1 :p18:55
tewardproblem two is you aren't stopping back sooner lol18:55
tewardjust ask your questoin18:55
Gorianwell, it was hyperbole - I've been sitting in this channel 24/7 for quite a while. Used to have an IRC bouncer and sit in IRC servers for MONTHS. They all say "just ask a question" then you ask your question once every couple weeks, and get no response for montsh18:56
Goriananyway, what I asked a few days ago with no response yet: http://i.imgur.com/slVG9UL.png18:57
Gorian(web client sucks, sorry. Doesn't do anything more than time stamps apparently)18:58
tewardrepost your real questoin18:59
tewarddon't make us view an img to try and guess it18:59
tewardthat's another problem18:59
Gorianwell, if you read the image, there would be any guessing, since it was my "real" question18:59
Gorianjust saying, you talk about "just ask your question and then someone will answer" - but I asked that questions days ago, and no one answered yuet18:59
Gorianand I've been sitting in this IRC server 24/7 since I asked19:00
tewardagain, you're requiring us to read an image.  what about those of us IRCing from phones or tablets where that's not easy :P19:00
OerHeksGorian, you might want to reask such poll in #ubuntu-server19:00
tewardOerHeks: *cough* this is #ubuntu-server19:00
OerHeksoops mea culpa19:00
Gorian@teward the point wasn't "19:00
Gorian"hey, go read it here"19:01
* teward goes to do something productive.19:01
Gorianit was "Hey, you are claiming that if i just ask my question and wait, people will answer"19:01
tewardyou also have to be here and sometimes *repeat* your question19:01
Gorianand I'm countering with "I asked a question and waited, and no one answered, let alone remembered that I asked"19:01
Gorianso, I'm telling you, sometimes it's worth verifying that there are real people to actually read the question before wasting my time19:02
GorianI'll copy it here, on the off-chance that people are actually active this time.19:03
Gorianhey, wondering what people think as far as running a distributed filesystem on top of raid and something like ZFS19:03
GorianZFS + RAID + Gluster with no file copies? ZFS + single disks in a pool + gluster multiple copies? ZFS + redundant pools + gluster with multiple copies for maxiumum redundancy?19:04
Gorianlosing space to RAID AND losing space to GlusterFS is a lot of lost space... but single pools in zfs means you lose out on ZFS level features like self-healing, and 0 copies in GlusterFS means I can't lose a node19:05
Gorianso, just do both and keep throwing more disk space at it until I have enough?19:05
patdk-lapusing raid + zfs is pointless effort19:12
patdk-lapthe whole point of glusterfs is to loose diskspace19:13
Gorianthe whole point of ZFS is that it creates redundancy19:13
Gorianmost of the features of ZFS rely on some form of disk redunancy in your vdevs19:13
patdk-lapyes, but why would you attempt to create redundency by using raid, and then use zfs ontop of it, and loose all of the ability of zfs to do so?19:13
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patdk-lapthere is no need or requirement to have redundency19:13
Gorianbecause you misinterpreted what I said and thought that I meant non-zfs raid + zfs?19:14
patdk-lapyou can use it like any other normal filesystem that doesn't have redundency19:14
patdk-lapmaybe you just misspoke your question19:14
patdk-lapzfs + raid + gluster19:14
GorianI could, but then you lost a lot of the features of ZFS19:14
patdk-lapzfs + hardware raid + gluster19:14
patdk-lapor else why would you ever say raid?19:14
patdk-lapor what do you mean by raid?19:14
patdk-lapsince we can't figure out what you are talking about, hard to answer19:14
Gorianbecause just before, I mentioned ZFS + single disks (i.e. zfs not use redundant vdevs vs. zfs using them)19:15
patdk-lapthere is no difference, zfs uses vdevs19:15
Gorianthat's not true19:16
patdk-lapif you make the vdevs redundent or not, matters not to zfs19:16
patdk-lapit might matter to you, but not to zfs19:16
Gorianyou can setup vdevs in multiple ways, either a pool of single-disk vdevs, mirrored, striped, raidz1,2,319:16
Gorianyou being pedandtic about it just to be isn't helping at all19:17
patdk-lapthat is not possible19:17
patdk-lapit's just vdevs19:17
Gorianright. Is there anyone in this server that isn't just hanging around to be difficult? I have better things to do than argue with people who get off on purposefully misinterpreting things people say.19:18
patdk-lapI'm likely the best qualified in this channel, considering I have been using zfs on very demanding systems for almost a decade now, and have used it with glusterfs too19:19
patdk-lapbut if you don't want to actually ask what you want, and instead keep beating around the issue19:20
patdk-lapor maybe go join #zfsonlinux and try your luck there19:20
Gorianyou also sound like you have a giant ego that gets off on trying to create strawmen out of other people's question so that you can beat the strawman down. I'm not up for that. I have to go back to work and deal with idiots all week.19:21
Gorianthe point of fun home projects is to get away from that.19:21
patdk-lapwell, it is *free* help19:23
dasjoeWhy is haproxy built without support for tproxy?22:39

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