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altker128Running OTA11 on a Nexus 4.  I notice the phone continually tries to connect to dash.ubuntu.com .  What gives?  Will definitely burn battery.07:40
brunch875hey popey, for how long does the M10 battery last? I'm considering getting one14:33
popeydunno, never measured it14:40
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altker128Is there a thread that shows how to cross-compile a standard C/C++ app for Ubuntu Touch?17:49
mariogripaltker128: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CrossCompile18:19
altker128mariogrip: Thanks!  I was able to get the armhf (linaro) toolchain installed and compiled a C hello world that works18:21
altker128Is there a reason why dnsutils doesn't exist for ubuntu-touch?  No nslookup18:24
willerhey how's it going18:26
willeri heard whatsapp was doable, is it reliable?18:27
peat-psuwitaltker128: I think you can run 'getent host <hostname>' instead.18:27
Mikaelawiller: no idea what you heard, but WhatsApp bans third party apps and thus only WhatsApp can make a WhatsApp app.18:28
willeryeah i saw a thread about it18:28
Mikaelaand same with Signal https://github.com/LibreSignal/LibreSignal/issues/37#issuecomment-21721116518:29
altker128peat-psuwit: Any reason why there's no standard dnsutils package though?18:30
peat-psuwitaltker128: In my opinion, phone's rom should contain only what's need. The phone's storage space is limited.18:32
altker128peat-psuwit: OK.  But, it doesn't even exist as an installable package...18:33
altker128peat-psuwit: But there is a package for "eject", which ejects CDs and operates CD-changers under Linux ...18:33
peat-psuwitaltker128: "eject"? Where did you find that? I think I've never heard anyone packaging command line application in Ubuntu touch.18:34
altker128peat-psuwit: I used apt-cache search and it show sup.18:35
altker128root@ubuntu-phablet:/tmp# apt-cache search eject18:35
altker128insserv - boot sequence organizer using LSB init.d script dependency information18:35
altker128eject - ejects CDs and operates CD-Changers under Linux18:35
peat-psuwitaltker128: OK. Ideally we should never install anything over "apt". It'll mess up intend-to-read-only root file system.18:36
peat-psuwitaltker128: We install application in Ubuntu touch in "click" format, which will keep application separately from system image.18:37
altker128peat-psuwit: Can one easily compile something like nslookup into click?18:38
peat-psuwitaltker128: I don't know. As I said, I've never heard anyone packaging command line application in "click" format.18:40
peat-psuwitaltker128: I guess you'll have to stick to "getent hosts <hostname>". Worked on my phone.18:41
altker128Or, just cross-compile what I need.18:42
altker128I mean, I get the idea here about keeping things lean.  Clearly the repos have stuff no one needs, dnsutils should be there though.18:44
peat-psuwitaltker128: Actually, another way to get away with this is putting the binary in ~/bin directory. But you'll have to take care of dependency yourself. (But I guess dnsutils won't have exotic one that isn't shipped in base image)18:45
altker128peat-psuwit: I still assume that /bin is overwritten on system updates18:46
peat-psuwitaltker128: I mean, directory "bin" under your own home directory. No one will wipe your home directory.18:46
peat-psuwitaltker128: But, please take care to get correct binary from armhf repository.18:48
altker128Is http://packages.ubuntu.com/vivid/ broken for anyone else?18:48
altker128peat-psuwit: Yes, I'm with you :)18:48
altker128more than one suite specified for show_static18:48
peat-psuwitaltker128: I think they've removed vivid info out of that site. "vivid" itself is unsupported now.18:50
altker128Uhhh, OTA-11 is vivid, unless I missed something18:51
peat-psuwitaltker128: I said vivid _itself_. vivid get extended support *only for touch* while they make things works on newer release.18:53
altker128So, is there a web interface where I can find vivid packages for my Ubuntu Touch phone?18:54
peat-psuwitaltker128: http://ports.ubuntu.com/pool/main/b/bind9/dnsutils_9.9.5.dfsg-9ubuntu0.5_armhf.deb19:02
altker128peat-psuwit: Much obliged :)19:02
altker128peat-psuwit: Out of curiosity, usually the repositories track versions, will anythingin ports work on 15.04/vivid?19:03
peat-psuwitaltker128: Actually, I just see that it require a few library that isn't shipped in base image. Sorry!19:03
peat-psuwitaltker128: ports.ubuntu.com keeps all packages for a few architectures that Ubuntu support (iirc main server serves only x86 and x86_64)19:06
peat-psuwitaltker128: Actually parts of packages that runs Ubuntu touch comes from that server.19:07
altker128I guess I'm slightly confused in that I'd expect it to still be versioned by the Ubuntu release somewhere in the URL19:08
peat-psuwitaltker128: ports.ubuntu.com is an apt repository. They keep versioning information in another directory called "dists".19:10
altker128peat-psuwit: Let me rephrase.  If you're running say Debian 8.0, then you get one .deb file, if you're running Debian 6.0, you get your .deb from a different folder.  How does the ports.ubuntu.com system help me select a .deb file for the right release?19:12
peat-psuwitaltker128: No. Even Debian give deb *from the same directory*. Not believe me? Take a look at http://archive.debian.org/debian/pool/main/b/bind9/19:20
altker128peat-psuwit: Ah, sorry!!19:21
peat-psuwitaltker128: You'll see different versions of the same package stay together in that folder.19:21
altker128peat-psuwit: Yes, I missed that, sorry19:22
peat-psuwitaltker128: BTW, the proper way to solve your problem is to create "libertine container", but for your case it's too overkill.19:22
altker128peat-psuwit: Yeah, that pushes it into an lxc container, right?19:23
peat-psuwitaltker128: Yes, and creating its own rootfs.19:24
peat-psuwitaltker128: I guess you'll have to grab a few libs and put it into ~/lib, then set LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/phablet/lib, too.19:26
altker128peat-psuwit: Would it be possible to just cross-compile the .deb-src for dnsutils?19:27
peat-psuwitaltker128: You won't be able to install it, for the same reason we won't use "apt"19:28
altker128peat-psuwit: Well, I mean if I remount the system in rw mode, I can do that.19:28
peat-psuwitaltker128: Yes, you can do that. But I really discourage you to do that. It may silently brakes normal image-based upgrading system.19:30
altker128This is just my idea, but I think if the system maintains a list of packages the user installs, that perhaps go into their own lxc-container, then users can still use apt and not break the upgrade process19:31
altker128A real advantage of having full-blown Ubuntu Linux on your phone is the power of apt, deb, and UNIX .  I know this is slightly at odds with looking at the phablet as a consumer device, but if users wanted just that, then Android and iOS satisfy that demand well.19:32
peat-psuwitaltker128: I'm not sure I understand you correctly, but I think that's what libertine is for.19:33
peat-psuwitaltker128: seriously, I'm out of clean solution now. It might be easier to just ssh to some machine and run nslookup there, or setup libertine.19:34
altker128peat-psuwit: Thanks for your suggestions.  Wasn't just about nslookup, but your points are taken about libterine, etc.19:34
altker128What's an easy way to get ubuntu-touch to run a script on start-up?  Doesn't seem to honor rc.local20:56
DPAaltker128: There are upstart scripts in /etc/init/20:56
altker128Is there a way to just...run a start-up script without having to mess with upstart?20:57
DPAaltker128: It is the only way I know about20:58
altker128in /etc/init.d, there's an rc.local20:59
altker128Why has simple stuff become so complicated?!21:04
DPAI just looked at /etc/init.d/rc.local, on my phone, it executes /etc/rc.local. I added "echo test >> /tmp/test" to my /etc/rc.local, and after a reboot the file was there, so it should work.21:07
altker128DPA: OK, so rc.local does work, I am trying to disable ipv6 and I guess some other script in the start-up process after rc.local reenables it21:14
altker128Anyone know where IPV6 stuff is being enabled?21:32
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altker128Seriously, can anyone comment on how to permanently disable IPV6?  I have the correct sysctls setup in rc.local and when I run it manually after the phone is booted IPV6 stays off, but something is turing IPV6 after rc.local is run21:59
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