brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:56
MooDoomorning all09:46
brobostigonmorning MooDoo09:46
WelshmanHi. Everyone in this room. Have a question to ask, which I have already asked in the #google room through this chat program (XChat-GNOME). Hope that is ok? : )14:56
penguin42ask the question!15:01
Welshmanpenguin42: Thanks for your reply - glad someone has replied at last. Was also making sure that it is OK before asking! : )15:06
WelshmanWhich free app from the Google Play Store, especially security, does not interfere or change settings on a phone like close other apps and draw over other apps?15:06
WelshmanHope I get some sort of answer/reply very soon! Thanks. : )15:07
penguin42I don't understand your question - no app should interfere with other apps or draw over them15:07
Myrttisome do15:09
Myrttivery rare, but some do15:09
m0nkey_Talking censorship?15:09
penguin42yes but what is Welshman actually asking for?15:09
WelshmanI own 2 Samsung Galaxy mobile phone and I have only recently found out that 3 free antivirus apps close other apps and draw over other apps after reading the Other description for each of those apps on the Google Play Store website. So....15:12
WelshmanHope I get some sort of answer/reply very soon! Thanks. : )15:16
Myrttiwell, keeping in mind that this is a Ubuntu channel, and a small one to boot, and it's Sunday, answers might not be quickly forthcoming15:26
Myrttibut continuing on your question15:26
Myrttiwhy would you have an antivirus on your phone? I know some people manage to infect their phones with all kinds of crap but if you've got some sense in what links to click, and not enable silly apps to sideinstall, the point of an antivirus is a bit lsot15:28
Myrttilost, even15:28
diddledanfunny pokémon mock-up is funny - the story is interesting too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDZjm4f9CEo15:28
WelshmanMyrtti: Have just sent the following message to penguin42 after he asked "yes but what is Welshman actually asking for?": "I own 2 Samsung Galaxy mobile phone and I have only recently found out that 3 free antivirus apps close other apps and draw over other apps after reading the Other description for each of those apps on the Google Play Store website.". Hope he answers/replies soon! Thanks. : )15:28
penguin42Welshman: You might want to get used to the basics of irc first15:29
penguin42Welshman: 1) Dont repeat questions constantly  2) Dont private message people without asking 3) Use the right channels  4) Realise that if you don't get a reply there might not be people who know the answer  5) Really check if your question is clear15:30
diddledan6) … 7) profit15:30
diddledanalso be aware there are moron diddlers about15:31
WelshmanMyrtti + penguin42: Away for a few minutes playing a game whilst I await a response to my question. Thanks. : )15:31
Myrttisee penguin42's point 4)16:04
WelshmanMyrtti: That means I will have to repeat my question etc again just incase someone else enters this channel/room and knows that answer or knows about Android apps! So, will return again in the next few minutes to repost my question etc. Thanks. : )16:17
WelshmanMyrtti: Have returned for a few minutes to repost my question etc. So here goes! : )16:26
Myrttiplease don't16:26
WelshmanHi. Everyone in this room. Have a question to ask, which I have already asked in the #google room through this chat program (XChat-GNOME). Hope that is ok? : )16:26
Myrttithe population of the channel hasn't changed almost at all16:26
WelshmanWhich free app, especially security, does not interfere or change settings on a phone like close other apps and draw over other apps?16:27
Myrttithe people that would answer the question still are doing something else, or don't know the reply16:27
WelshmanTo explain why I have asked that question. I own 2 Samsung Galaxy mobile phone and I have only recently found out that 3 free antivirus apps close other apps and draw over other apps after reading the Other description for each of those apps on the Google Play Store website. : )16:28
ali1234Welshman: every single antivirus app for android is a scam16:28
ali1234at best they do nothing, at worst they are literally viruses pretending to not be viruses16:28
ali1234the best way to avoid viruses on android is to check the permissions which the app requests and don't install anything that requests significantly more than it would appear to need16:29
ali1234and especailly don't click on anything that claims to be anti-virus, or claims to have detected viruses on your phone16:29
Welshmanali1234: What? Even the antivirus scanner contained within the 360 Security app?16:30
ali1234is a joke, yes16:30
ali1234nothing but a scam, like all norton software made in the past 15 years16:31
Welshmanali1234: Yes, I am well aware of "don't click on anything that claims to be anti-virus, or claims to have detected viruses on your phone". Don't have to be told!16:31
Welshmanali1234: Evidence: link for blog or post or website name, please!16:32
ali1234essentially the bottom line is that android has built-in sandboxing which functions in much the same way as desktop antivirus16:34
ali1234if malware can get past that it will have no trouble getting past a third party app16:34
Welshmanali1234: Thank you for link - have copied. Also, will visit that/the website soon to check the date of blog or post. If early 2015 or earlier will return as it should be up to date! Thanks. : )16:47
Welshmanali1234: Just visited the website using the link that you have provided. I have found out that the blog/post was 'written' on November 18, 2011! That's 5 years ago. So, I don't think it/that stands. Sorry. But thanks again! : )16:50
diddledanyeah because they made it less secure OOTB to help scammers16:51
Welshmandiddledan: Thanks for reply. Also, excuse me for my ignorance, but: What does OOTB mean or stand for? Thanks. : )16:54
* m0nkey_ tickles diddledan 17:01
* diddledan giglges17:01
daftykinsWelshman: out of the box17:15
daftykinsi.e. default setups17:15
Welshmandaftykins: Thanks for reply. : )17:23
daftykinsWelshman: bit horrified by the way you perceive information to be legitimate or not17:26
ali1234seems reasonable to me17:28
ali1234i mean, asking for a recent source does not seem unreasonable17:28
diddledanthe EU probably legislates over the legitimacy of aged documents :-p17:28
=== mike_ is now known as Guest79314
diddledanali1234: I think the issue is dismissing JUST based on the age, rather than verifying whether it has been superseded assuming that it must have been.17:30
diddledanhere’s the kicker: it might be accurate! perish the thought17:31
daftykins^ dan knows it17:32
daftykins"sorry your claim is old, i shall ignore it entirely"17:32
* diddledan diddles in public17:32
daftykinsooh you fiend17:32
diddledanit’s terrible to mention me without diddling :-p17:33
* diddledan diddles all over the room17:33
daftykinsi had some woes with my lovely new machine again last night :( two total lock ups just on a skype video call, here on IRC via KiTTY (the PuTTY fork) and watching a horrible quality XviD Whoopi Goldberg film17:34
diddledansounds like the dentist is next-door17:34
daftykinsi'm blaming Whoopi for this one17:34
daftykinssorry sir :P i shall avoid skipping the diddling in future!17:34
penguin42daftykins: Question is how hard did it lock; did it ping? capslock? mouse pointer? ctrl-alt-f2 ?Anything in the logs?17:34
diddledanpenguin42: I think he runs ‘dows17:35
penguin42diddledan: Oh well, we can fix that I think17:35
diddledanI’m not sure alt+ctrl+f2 does anything over in redmond17:35
daftykinsfixed image display, fixed tone across the speakers...17:35
daftykinstotal goner17:35
* penguin42 hands daftykins a FreeDOS floppy17:35
daftykinsi memtest'd earlier but it's all good17:36
diddledandoes that come with a web browser yet?17:36
* diddledan downloads and runs in VB17:36
penguin42diddledan: Apparently there is one called arachne17:36
diddledanhow big should I make it’s hard thingy?17:37
* penguin42 isn't sure I should answer that in polite company17:37
diddledanand RAM? 8GB?17:37
diddledanVB suggests 32MB17:38
diddledansurely it’s lying17:38
penguin42for FreeDOS - not unreasonable for hard disk17:38
diddledannono, not disk, ram17:39
diddledandisk it’s defaulting to 500MB17:39
penguin4232MB would seem excessive for DOS but I'm suspecting it might be able to do it17:40
m0nkey_I need a new hard drive dock.. anyone recommend a good one? USB3 preferred.17:46
daftykinslook for something with UASP support as a minimum17:48
daftykinsUSB attached SCSI protocl17:48
ali1234more commonly known as UAS17:49
daftykinsugh my keyboard is dropping o's again today17:49
m0nkey_Something like this? http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIAAMW42C2136&cm_re=hard_drive_docking_station-_-9SIAAMW42C2136-_-Product17:49
daftykinsnot based on every enclosure i've seen (:17:49
penguin42daftykins: o-dear17:49
daftykinsnah it's an old mechanical that's been giving up for a few months17:49
daftykinsif not years17:50
penguin42daftykins: Yeh I've got a few model m's that each have their own quirks17:51
Welshmanali1234, daftykins, diddledan + penguin42: Thanks. Also, I will now leave as it seems that I will need to do 2 things: 1. Ask my question and provide the info elsewhere; 2. Before installing any security app for my 2 'phones I will have to visit the Google Play Store to look at the Other section to make sure that it does not close other apps and draw over other apps amongst 'other things' (was hoping that someone would answered my original quest17:51
Welshmanion). But I might return here in the future to ask another question. So, thanks to you all and all the best for the rest of 2016 + the future!! : )17:51
daftykinsi'd rather you found appropriate places in future17:52
ali1234Welshman: ask yourself how anti-virus software is supposed to stop viruses without closing them?17:53
daftykinsm0nkey_: looks a bit cheap17:55
ali1234like wise it needs to draw over them to show a warning17:55
MyrttiI wonder at what point the kitchen has cooled enough that we can go get the laundry through it from the garden17:55
diddledanhot kitchen?17:56
Myrttidinner plans of making chili con carne got swapped to just eat pizza17:56
Myrttiyeah, we've got a west facing conservatory with no door in between17:56
m0nkey_Tell D to install a door :)17:57
daftykinsmy bedroom up in the uninsulated roof was 30 deg C again just before :(17:57
MyrttiI think I'll make the chili tomorrow morning before it gets too hot17:57
Myrttim0nkey_: why bother, just get the house to market during fall and move out :-P17:57
m0nkey_that works too :)17:57
Welshmanali1234: ? Before I go please explain what you meant by the following: "how anti-virus software is supposed to stop viruses without closing them?"! Look forward to your explanatory answer/reply. Thanks! : )17:59
Myrttiit was a question to you17:59
m0nkey_There's this thing called Google. You might have heard of it. :)18:00
ali1234Welshman: android software runs in a sandbox. the antivirus software can't interfere with any other processes unless you give it the necessary permissions18:00
ali1234that means it can't block viruses unless you give it permission to stop other apps18:01
ali1234and it can't warn you that an app is a virus unless you allow it to draw over other apps to display that warning18:01
Welshmanali1234: OK. But after reading "close other apps and draw over other apps" and 'other things' listed in the Other section of the 3 free antivirus apps for Android I became concerned. I only found out about it today! Also, even though I will do as I said previously I do have 1 final question. My question is: Is the same for Apple/the iPhone? Look forward to your answer/reply! : )18:16
ali1234i have no idea about apple but probably18:16
ali1234the bottom line is anti-virus can't operate without superuser access18:17
ali1234and neither can malware18:17
daftykinsWelshman: i would say that running any kind of AV on a phone is utterly stupid and a waste of money + time18:17
daftykinsregardless of OS.18:17
MartijnVdSand battery18:20
Welshmandaftykins: Am certain that you have once read a report sometime of a virus or of viruses 'attacking' the Android OS! : )18:21
daftykinsWelshman: this is not the 90s, there aren't viruses anymore18:23
* diddledan sneazes18:23
diddledandamn you daftykins , you told me I wouldn’t get any more viruses!18:24
daftykinsWelshman: and no, all you can do is use an up to date device and be sensible about not installing apps from unrecognised sources18:24
daftykinsthat's how all the bad things tend to get android users, is they do idiotic things - just like computer users ;)18:24
diddledanor silly apps like “FREE FART MASHINE"18:24
* daftykins spots it on diddledan's home screen18:27
diddledanwell I needed to provide some plausible deniability to my bottom18:27
* diddledan whistles18:28
Welshmandaftykins: Have just found 2 separate articles about/on a virus that can attack the Android OS dated earlier this year (DuckDuckGo and Google)! : )18:37
daftykinsthey are not virii18:38
daftykinsWelshman: please stop acting like finding an article of a topic you don't understand disproves someone else18:39
diddledanomg the DDG Virus!18:40
diddledanrelated to the DDT pesticide18:40
Welshmandaftykins: Here are the links to prove that I am saying the truth: www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3450938/Beware-Android-virus-WIPE-phone-Experts-warn-users-Mazar-malware-spread-text-message.html  and  www.idigitaltimes.com/hummingbad-malware-targets-android-app-downloads-how-detect-and-remove-root-access-54438918:40
diddledanomg, the daily fail18:41
penguin42ah dailymail proof18:41
daftykinsWelshman: i think you need to understand the difference between trusted and reliable sources.18:41
* diddledan checks el reg18:41
daftykinsWelshman: i can find claims that God is a flying spaghetti monster online, does it mean i believe them? no.18:42
penguin42diddledan: It's sad when el reg is classified as a trusted source18:42
diddledanpenguin42: it’s funny though18:42
diddledanpenguin42: I like their laisez faire attitude18:42
diddledandaftykins: “claims”? you seem to be dismissing that the holy pastafar touched moses with his noodley appendage on top of a mountain!18:43
daftykinsme too :D the site vocabulary is great18:43
Welshmandaftykins: The Daily Mail is well known trusted UK paper. Also, if the idigitaltimes.com is not a reliable and trusted site then I will try to find 1 that is!18:44
diddledanbo yackor shar! in yo face, daftykins !18:44
daftykinsWelshman: i'm trying to tell you that AV is rubbish, i have no reason to lie or any way to gain from this - either take it for what it is or go and enjoy your own thoughts, but i do not care to hear of them. got it?18:44
daftykinsdiddledan: that it did, it's also a crime that folks aren't allowed to represent their beliefs in their driving licenses!18:45
daftykins!fud | Welshman18:47
lubotu3Welshman: Please do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt18:47
diddledandamn you lubotu318:48
daftykinsprobably got deleted ;)18:48
diddledanapt-get moo18:48
daftykins!info mo18:48
lubotu3Package mo does not exist in xenial18:48
daftykinsugh keybard18:48
daftykins!info moo18:48
lubotu3Package moo does not exist in xenial18:48
diddledan!learn moo?18:49
diddledanshe’s not playing ball :-(18:49
daftykinsdid we forget to give scooby bot snacks?18:50
daftykins"Since most HummingBad attacks have occurred in China and India, it is believed most smartphones acquired the malware because users downloaded apps from unofficial app stores with lax security protocols."18:51
daftykinswhat i stated already.18:51
daftykinsrubbish scaremongering links18:51
diddledandid you see that you’re not able to watch pornography at mcdonalds anymore?!18:53
Welshmanali1234, daftykins, diddledan + penguin42: Am now, finally, leaving this channel/room. But I might return in the future. So, thank you all and all the best for the rest of 2016 and the future! : )18:54
daftykinsno wai18:54
daftykinswhat did they go and do?18:54
diddledandon’t tell us you’re going, just go18:54
ali1234sorry guys i mentioned the free market18:54
diddledanmaccy-d and startbucks18:56
diddledanI’m going to boycott mcdonalds now!18:57
daftykinsyou can imagine something like that starts from a single bad experience by someone uptight enough to complain about it18:57
diddledandaftykins: it was just one time18:58
diddledanat band camp18:58
daftykinsi just saw the pic they chose for the ubuntu forums story - https://regmedia.co.uk/2016/01/18/happy_penguin_image_via_shutterstock.jpg18:59
zmoylan-pii was pondering today as i walked from dublin home if douglas adams description of the shoe even horizon should actually be the starbucks event horizon19:11
ali1234if he was writing today it probably would be19:14
ali1234or pound shops19:14
ali1234maybe not pound shops. you could probably have a functioning society with only pound shops19:14
ali1234admittedly not a great one19:15
zmoylan-pii was in a eurostore today looking for a power pack... €20 for a 7500mah decent little battery for charging devices...19:15
ali1234for 1 euro?19:15
diddledanthat’s more than a euro19:15
ali1234wait, what?19:15
ali1234i'm confused19:16
* penguin42 is glad it's not just me19:16
zmoylan-pithey sell big stuff in euro stores in ireland... not in uk?19:16
ali1234ah yeah, sometimes they do have a couple expensive items by the tills19:16
ali1234as in not £119:16
zmoylan-pithey even had an android smart watch for €2019:17
diddledanstill cheap tat19:17
ali1234i bought a smartwatch for £519:17
zmoylan-pii don't want to even imagine how bad a €20 smart watch is19:17
diddledanfor small values of “smart"19:17
ali1234not android though. i bet those ones aren't either... they're just android "compatible"19:17
ali1234they make sure to write that all over the marketing material19:17
zmoylan-pithis had notifications, music player controls and a few other things mentioned on the box19:17
ali1234but it doesn't actually run android19:18
zmoylan-pii think the outside of the box was the extent of the instructions mind... :-P19:18
ali1234i bet it was something like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bluetooth-Support-Notification-Pedometer-Compatible/dp/B00YUDQWDW/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1468783110&sr=8-3&keywords=bluetooth+smartwatch19:18
ali1234that actually has a phone built in by the way, so it can operate standalone19:18
zmoylan-piand i have been tempted by the dumbphones they sometimes have their for similar dosh19:18
ali1234but it is only 2G so it is largely useless19:19
zmoylan-pii should take a pic next time...19:19
zmoylan-pi2g is still around, though they are trying to remove the masts here in ireland to push people to 4g19:19
ali1234that thing actually runs the same OS as the recent nokia dumbphones19:20
ali1234it can even run some of the same apps19:20
zmoylan-pioooh s40. a decent little os19:20
ali1234not S4019:21
ali1234nothing to do with symbian at all19:21
zmoylan-pisymbian is s60. s40 is java based dumbphones19:21
ali1234oh yeah... well, it's not that either19:21
ali1234ah... S30 they call it i think19:23
ali1234no wait... S30+19:24
diddledanI thought it was still symbian just not the latest s6019:40
zmoylan-pione thing ms did was kill symbian deader than windows mobile...19:41
diddledanit’s amaziing how far android has changed since the htc magic19:41
diddledan(I had one of those!)19:42
diddledanref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTC_Magic19:43
zmoylan-pimy first was htc hero with the chin.  it was shipped with donut when i got it19:43
diddledanamazing to think that was only 7 years ago19:44
zmoylan-piof all the smart phones that i had i think the nokia e61i was the best.  decent keyboard, screen, battery life, apps19:45
zmoylan-piall downhill from that19:45
diddledanthey weren’t even fully-invested with touch back then, having that lil ball to navigate if you wanted19:45
diddledandoubling as a flashy thing19:46
diddledan288 MB RAM On the hero19:47
diddledan512MB internal storage19:48
diddledan(of which only 165 was available for apps)19:48
zmoylan-pithe most impressive app on the hero was google skies.  it impressed more nerds than any other app/feature19:48
daftykinsi've the far newer HTC Desire no the shelf, it too suffers from storage space making it useless19:48
diddledanI think I had the gnex after the magic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galaxy_Nexus19:49
diddledanwith a stop-over in iphone 3gs19:49
zmoylan-pii still have my iphone 3g on prepay here19:50
diddledanI’ve been sending them to a cash for phones reclaimation service19:50
diddledanmazuma methinks19:51
diddledanobviously that’s once I’d upgraded19:51
diddledanooh, zootropolis might land for purchase tomorrow19:53
diddledanthat looks fun19:53
diddledankids movies tend to be hilarious19:53
diddledanwith lots of adult “wink wink” jokes that go over the kids’ heads19:54
diddledanooh ooh, dark matter ep3 tomorrow, too (I’ve purchased the season-pass on iTunes!)19:56
diddledancurley braces are the manner of heaven21:02
diddledanhow do you spell that?21:02
diddledaneither way, C-style language construction is much nicer to my eye than things like ruby or python21:03
daftykinsmanner indeed21:03
diddledanand we won’t mention scheme21:03
daftykinsunless it's Wile E Coyote's ?21:04
diddledanhow are you supposed to grok this ruby code? (prepare for paste link)21:05
daftykinsi just got irritated with my mechanical keyboard to the point of doing something, so i've unplugged it and thrown it on a chair, now i've got a membrane based Dell cheapy i have spare in my spares box, it feels far inferior :(21:05
diddledanI still like my macbook pro’s keyboard and my old aluminium wired mac keyboard21:06
zmoylan-pii just hooked an ancient packard bell keyboard that was shipped with a winme pc many moons ago up to my new tablet which support otg connections... :-)21:06
diddledanalthough the keys are in the wrong places :-p21:06
zmoylan-piargos were giving them away for €99 8" lenovo tablet...21:07
diddledan“I’m hitting all the right keys! not necessarily in the right order, I’ll grant you that, but at least they’re all the right keys."21:07
daftykins"...alluded the monkeys in the typerwriter room." :D21:07
* zmoylan-pi wonders when they talk about infinite monkeys and infinite typewriters do they budget for the infinite staff who have to clean the poop out of the typewriters...21:08
diddledanaww, that video is blocked in the UK21:08
diddledanbecause it contains content from BBC Worldwide21:09
zmoylan-piworks in ireland :-)21:09
diddledanI don’t get that at all. it’s BBC who own the rights and I pay their bills! why can’t I see it?!21:09
zmoylan-pibecause it means you're a commie downloader...21:10
diddledanI would understand it being blocked everywhere EXCEPT the UK but blocked in the UK only seems a bit backasswards21:10
daftykinsnever got on with apple peripherals myself... not much of apple anything actually ;)21:10
zmoylan-piyou're supposed to use iplayer21:10
* diddledan hides his OS X user-agent string21:11
daftykinsshopping for new keyboards but everyone's started ditching the right hand context menu key down by super and alt gr - and turned it into a silly "Fn" that does daft media things21:13
diddledanI don’t get those fn keys at all21:15
zmoylan-pithey have to squeeze in those extra media keys no one wants so normal bogstand keys have to go...21:15
daftykinsand then often you get close to the norm, but they'll only show you the nasty US layout ;)21:16
zmoylan-pithis is a keyboard i intend to get at some point gods of internet commerce permitting... http://cherryamericas.com/product/g84-4100-miniature-keyboard-2/21:16
diddledandaftykins: even worse is shipping you the US layout21:16
zmoylan-pithe fun i had getting the £ symbol in the 80s and 90s...21:17
diddledanIreland doesn’t believe in the £ symbol though!21:17
diddledanunless you used it for the Irish pound?21:18
zmoylan-piloading network drivers, memory drivers and then an accounts system that wanted a lot of conventional memory meant there wasn't always space for the keyboard drivers21:18
daftykinsdrivers... for keyboards!?21:18
zmoylan-piwe used it till the euro came along, it's still on irish keyboards but we use the € more now21:18
daftykinsthat's the other thing actually, a lot of just keyboards and mice want software now, ridiculous21:18
zmoylan-pikeyb uk in dos21:18
diddledanI love that old programs required memory below 640KB to work21:19
diddledanfree memory*21:19
diddledanor: s/(memory)/free \1/ :-p21:19
zmoylan-piyou could get weird dos versions to give you 700k+ low memory... could make computer act weird though21:19
* diddledan likes confusing people with regexes21:19
diddledanwait, wha?21:20
diddledanyou need the £ symbol for when you’re talking with the mainland21:20
* diddledan ducks21:20
diddledandamned colonies21:21
* diddledan ducks again21:21
zmoylan-piwe do a lot of dealings with nigeria and they use the £.  they drink more guinness there now and it's stronger stuff too21:21
diddledanso if you’re knocking-off the guinness factory you make sure you get the nigerian shipment container?21:22
zmoylan-piguinness takes security _very_ seriously21:22
diddledanwell yeah. otherwise they’d be unable to sell anything because it’s all been drunken21:23
diddledandamned staff21:23
diddledandrunk-in-charge of a brewery should be an offence21:23
daftykinsmy mate was in Dublin this weekend sampling some, i've asked him to have one once he gets home and to compare21:23
daftykinsdiddledan: and a bucket list entry21:23
zmoylan-piit should be identical.  they send vans around to ensure that guinness everywhere is 'proper'21:24
zmoylan-piof course outside ireland you find a lot of places can't even pour a pint right21:24
diddledanlike the BBC detector-vans?21:24
daftykinsyeah but this is Guernsey, the oft forgot21:24
daftykinsall that TV license checking they don't do21:25
daftykinsjust FUD21:25
zmoylan-piif guinness is on tap, then there's a van there sometimes to check the pipes21:25
zmoylan-piyou see them all over dublin and rest of the country21:25
daftykinsah har21:25
daftykinsmaybe i'll make it over again someday21:25
zmoylan-piguinness saved irelands economy in wwii... http://www.irishcentral.com/roots/history/How-Guinness-saved-Ireland-in-World-War-II.html21:27
diddledandid you sell it to the Germans?21:35
zmoylan-piif they wanted to pop over and pick it up yes...21:35
zmoylan-pii do remember reading of a german interned after he ended up in ireland escaping from the camp leaving a note to the effect. 'have escaped for the weekend, going to dublin for dinner and a show, back tuesday'21:36
diddledanUSB has had a version bump to enable super-fast charging? https://twitter.com/MikeStucka/status/75479645618008884121:57
diddledanhow floppy drives worked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHRc-QMoUE421:58
zmoylan-pi8" disks.  just going out of fashion when i started...22:00
zmoylan-pithe physical size of those floppy drives...22:03
zmoylan-picommodore pets... i learned to type on those...22:08
* zmoylan-pi wonderws if i can start sending replies in ogham to next emojii message i get...23:09
zmoylan-pichallenge accepted... :-D23:30

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