Kilosmorning everyone06:18
paddatrapperMorning Kilos06:38
Kiloshi paddatrapper 06:38
paddatrapperHow goes it? 06:38
Kilosnot too bad ty and you lad?06:39
paddatrapperI'm good. Wonderful day out, so probably won't be online too much 06:39
Kilosget some UV's06:40
paddatrapperExactly. Lol06:40
Kilosi spend lots of time in the sun in winter06:40
Kiloshouse too cold06:40
paddatrapperIt's the only place that is sometimes warm 06:40
paddatrapperShade and houses are freezing 06:41
Kilosas you get older it gets worse06:41
paddatrapperI'm sure 06:46
Kilosso stay young06:49
inetproyay, I'm back Oom 09:44
inetprogoiedag mense 09:44
Kiloswb inetpro 09:49
Kilosglad to see you survived the ordeal09:49
inetproquassel server had disk errors needing manual intervention after a reboot yesterday 09:57
inetproa repair fixed it... hopefully not something else damaged 09:58
Kilospainful when rebooting causes probs09:59
inetprobut it's due for an upgrade anyway... just not now 09:59
Kilosold server os running10:00
pavlushkaHello Kilos inetpro Na3iL !10:58
pavlushkaahoy ZA10:58
Na3iLHello friends11:09
Kiloshi pavlushka 11:09
Kilosnot many here atm i think11:10
Kilosthey start appearing lowly 11:10
pavlushkahow are you Na3iL ?11:11
Na3iLI am very good pavlushka ty, yourself? 11:11
pavlushkaNa3iL: Having my Rizk, :)11:12
Na3iLIf I remember well, it's a casino11:13
Na3iLright? 11:13
Kilosmust be food11:13
Na3iLaw, is that a special food in South Africa? 11:13
Kiloshe is in bangladesh11:14
Na3iLAh yep I forget this11:15
Kilosspends lots of time thinking about food i think11:15
Na3iLI am a big fan of foods btw :p11:15
Na3iLwe have a special plat in Tunisia we call it Koskous 11:16
Na3iLYou should eat it Kilos :D 11:16
Kilosill try it one day Na3iL , i have heard the word before11:16
Na3iL:D 11:17
KilosNa3iL send a recipe11:19
Na3iLtake a look Kilos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Goatuk9dnPQ11:20
Kilosnot a cooking video i hope11:20
Kilosvideos eat my data11:21
Na3iLaw, let me check for a text version11:21
Na3iLhere is http://www.cookitsimply.com/recipe-0010-01376s2.html11:21
Kilosyou people and youtube11:21
Na3iLyw :)11:23
hibanatime for me to say good bye again13:14
hibanaKilos: tot weersiens13:14
inetprobye hibana13:15
superflyNa3iL: that looks delicious13:38
Na3iLhaha superfly if you can come to Tunisia, I will invite you to try it :D 13:38
superflyNa3iL: I'm sure I can persuade my wife to make it :-) (that's if I don't)13:39
Na3iLokay 13:39
grembleGood afternoon 13:45
superflyhi gremble13:46
grembleAre you well superfly?13:48
superflywell enough thanks, and you?13:49
grembleI am well thank you. Only complaint is cold feet. 13:50
superflyI need to go, catch you all later13:53
Kilosmissed hibana14:35
Kilosand fly14:35
Kiloshi gremble 14:35
grembleHow are you Kilos?14:35
grembleWell and warm?14:35
Kiloswarm yes ty half under the blankets already14:36
Kiloshow are you?14:36
grembleI am well thank you14:38
Kiloshi SEptic 16:04
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za16:04
Kiloswhere are you?16:05
SEpticeastern cape16:05
Kilosfeel free to hang here 24/7 and just shout if you need linux help16:06
SEpticbeen using linux for 2 or 3 years, trying to help out and learn more at the same time16:06
SEpticcool, thanks16:06
Kiloswe have experts i n all the fields here16:06
Kiloshave you seen our site?16:07
Kilosthis is our official support channel but whe arent tied to the topic unless someone is being helped16:09
SEpticgood to know16:10
SEpticwas having issues the other day plugging 2 external screens into my laptop, but i need to try 1 or 2 more tests before asking questions16:11
SEpticbeen looking for a local irc linux chan, found one!16:12
Kilosthe lugs have gone quiet16:12
Kiloseveryone has become too busy these days16:13
Kilossomeone here will be able to help you im sure16:14
Kiloswhat OS are you using16:15
Kilosyou just have to be patient here till someone wakes up16:15
SEptici'm running ubuntu 17.3 on my laptops16:17
SEptic18 looks good but hanging on until i have a weekend to mass upgrade16:18
Kilosim lost16:19
Kiloswhere did you get 17.316:19
Kilosand 1816:20
Kiloshi inetpro i see Mzolisto is back as well16:20
Kiloswas he aslso a reviced casualty16:21
SEpticmy bad .. mint 17.3 and 1816:21
Kilosthats fine16:21
Kilosthere are other mint users as well16:22
SEpticused to use ubuntu hmm 12 i think? then tried mint and it just stuck16:37
Kiloslol that happens16:37
SEptici'd like to get more involved, i can sit in on this tuesday meeting yes?16:52
Kilosyes everyone is welcome16:53
Kilosand you can hang out here all the time as well16:53
Kilosyou can invite others to attend as well16:54
SEpticgreat, thanks16:56
inetproKilos: uh oh!17:11
Kilosinetpro what?17:11
inetproI goes those accounts just autoconnected after the restart17:12
Kilosonly one17:13
Kilosi dont see the other guy17:13
* inetpro noticed two unused accounts17:13
Kilosi forget the other guys nick17:13
Kilossay hi to the new guy inetpro 17:14
inetprohello newguy17:14
KilosSEptic he means you17:14
Kilosinetpro is our mr fixit17:14
inetprooh my, hello SEptic17:14
SEptichaha hello17:14
Kilosbut he makes you work for it17:15
inetprowhere did you find him Kilos?17:15
SEpticfair enough17:15
Kiloshe found us17:15
inetprohaha... ok17:15
Kilosdont know what took him 3 years17:15
Kilosmaybe mint users are a bit slower17:15
SEpticit seems so yes17:17
Kilosinetpro you didnt tell him welcome17:19
Kiloswhen you say it peeps hang around17:19
Kiloswhen i say it they go fishing tomorrow17:19
SEpticused to live on irc as a kid ... been many years17:27
Kilosi only learned about irc about  8 years ago17:29
SEptici stopped about 2006, want to learn and help with this ubuntu stuff and heard about irc chans and here i am17:36
Kilossoon you will be using ubuntu17:36
Kilospreferably kde flavour17:37
SEpticlol! k i won't fight it ... i'll make a vm in the meantime17:38
SEptickubuntu yes?17:40
Kilosi dunno about 16.04 , im still on 14.0417:41
Kilosinetpro advise17:41
SEptici see 16.04 is long term17:41
Kilosyes as is 14.0417:42
Kilos5 years support17:42
Siceloand 12.04 :p17:42
Sicelo(which i nuked on laptop last week)17:43
Kiloshaha i still run 12.04 on old desktop17:43
Kilosworks well on slower pcs17:43
Siceloold ThinkPad X40 :p ... 1GB RAM, 1.4GHz Pentium M processor17:44
Siceloincredibly, latest stable Debian runs awesomely on it 17:45
Sicelobut you won't believe this (at least i couldn't ...)17:45
SiceloGnome 3 seems to be a lesser resource hog than Cinnamon DE (which is used in Mint)17:45
Siceloi practically couldn't do anything on the laptop with Cinnamon .. but Gnome 3 works just fine .. it's slower than XFCE, but definitely useable17:46
Siceloanyway .. i have a problem with gdm3+gnome-shell combination, 17:47
Siceloso currently using lightdm+gnome317:48
Siceloanyone ever played with the JACK Audio Connection Kit?17:51
SEpticthe big + for mint is for ppl changing from windows, wiped my wife's windows on her laptop (Dell Inspiron 1545) and forced her to use mint with very little moaning17:51
Siceloi've also got two ex-Windows guys that I introduced to Linux .. pointed them to Mint too. They are happy about it too17:52
Siceloah yes .. meant to ask this:17:53
Sicelohttps://www.isignite.co.za/wizard/BusinessRisk/Products?tab=%23CloudServer   <== do you know any better deal than this?17:53
Siceloi want just a basic site/blog and i don't expect a lot of traffic17:53
Sicelomust be local17:54
inetproKilos: sorry I was on the phone18:03
Kilosyou like scrolling back far18:03
nsnzeroi use mint too - on another laptop - this 1 is KDE18:05
Sicelonever used KDE, although i've heard good things about it18:07
SEptici alway have a good laugh to myself when theres that communal office sigh about end of day windows upgrades18:07
nsnzerohi Slcelo - mint made me change to linux but KDE made me stay18:08
SEpticlol nice18:09
Sicelotbh, i spend a lot of my time in a terminal ... can't say that either Gnome or KDE affects my use case much18:10
Sicelowill test KDE one of these days soon however18:10
nsnzeroSEptic: windows 10 upgrades brings my office network to a stand still - i just disable the upgrader 18:10
Sicelonsnzero: WSUS :)18:11
Siceloor whatever it's called nowadays18:11
SEpticja look, since the whole pushy win10 update story, not interested in running that as my main OS18:13
nsnzeroSicelo: there is a a version of mint with the KDE Desktop - try it out . it uses KDE 4 which is stable and mature 18:14
SEpticyes, have to run VMs for proprietary software, but my main OS is mint on SSD 18:14
SEpticaah ok cool will check18:14
SEpticboot time is mental18:15
Sicelonsnzero: will just install kde on top of this ;)18:15
nsnzerothat works too18:16
Sicelojessie seems to have 4.11 .. i guess should be good enought18:17
nsnzeroms is good at marketing - but win10 it not wining the hearts of all 18:18
SEptic... and those useless tiles18:19
SEptic*puts head in hands*18:19
nsnzeroyou can always test KDE Plasma in a VM - its not stable or mature enough for me to recommend - use it just for the challenge of it  18:20
SEpticyea, dl'ing a bunch of .iso18:21
Siceloi've read aobut Plasma too .. aiui it was at least touch-screen focused?18:21
captineevening all18:22
nsnzeroSicelo: i dont recall but i guess touch is the new in thing 18:23
Kiloshi captine 18:23
nsnzerogood evening captine18:23
Sicelohi hi captine 18:24
nsnzeroKilos: how you feeling ?18:24
Kiloshehe with my hands18:24
Siceloyes nsnzero .. i read about it while comparing window managers suitable for tablet us. apparently plasma was making very good progress18:24
Kilosactually flu is improving ty18:24
nsnzeroSicelo: while touch looks good (and awesome in the movies) i really not a fan - have a wndows 8 touch tablet lying around somewhere - it never impress me other than the marketing hype 18:27
Sicelobut if you chroot a linux distro in your android phone for example .. a touch-optimized WM helps18:28
Siceloparticularly as capacitive touch panels took over the accurate resistive panels of yester-year. unless you pay for some expensive 'modern' stylus/pen18:30
nsnzeroSicelo: thats true 18:32
Sicelojust looked at the meeting agenda ... 18:33
Sicelodoes ubuntu-za sometimes organize events?18:34
Kilosyes when someone has time18:34
Sicelowhere could i see some past events? and past meeting minutes?18:35
Kilosinetpro ^^18:36
Kilossuperfly ^^18:36
Siceloah .. got the past minutes 18:36
Sicelowill try to be here for the next meeting as audience :)18:39
SEptici'm using hexchat atm, better recommended irc clients?18:39
Kilosyou are welcome18:39
Kiloson kde?18:39
Kiloshexchat is good for gnomd18:39
SiceloSEptic: irssi :p18:40
Kiloshexchat is fine imo18:40
SEpticah ok cool18:40
Kilosirssi is hard work18:40
Kilosfor me anyway18:40
SEptic... just wondering what all the cool kids are using18:41
Kilossome guys use quassel then they can bounce wirh cell as well18:41
Siceloirssi only for me on everything - laptop/pc/cell18:41
SiceloKilos: XChat dead? used to look good last i used it18:42
nsnzerohardcore - konversation on kde 18:42
Kilosun supported last i heard but still works18:43
Sicelosucks .. it seemed a good client. i guess hexchat is a fork?18:43
Sicelomeh ..18:57
superflyohi Sicelo18:58
* superfly uses Quassel18:58
superfly(and quasseldroid, and occasionally quassel-webserver)18:59
Sicelosuperfly: ;)18:59
* superfly doesn't know if he qualifies as a cool kid... probably not19:01
SEpticchecking out quassel ...19:16
Kiloswb everyone19:16
Kilosmajor netspit19:16
SEpticlol i rem splits when i used irc back in the day19:17
SEpticwalk down memory lane this weekend19:18
inetprogood night everybody 19:21
Kilosnight inetpro 19:21
* Sicelo is installing kde now :)19:44
Kilosnow we just wait for SEptic 19:45
Kiloskde might be a bit slow on that lappy19:46
Sicelookay .. i'll go back to Gnome then :p19:46
Sicelo(if it's unusable, that is)19:46
Kilostry it first though19:46
Kilosat times its worth waiting for19:47
Kilostakes some getting used to19:47
SEpticlol i'm on it19:47
Siceloi see it is pulling in vlc as a dependency .. /me has not used vlc in a long time19:47
Siceloland mysql .. wut :-/19:48
Sicelosqlite too, lol19:50
Sicelonow i'm wondering what all this stuff gets used for19:50
Sicelojre :-/19:50
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:12
Kilossee you tomorrow20:12
Sicelonightie Kilos 20:12
SEptici'm out20:26
Symmetriawho's awake20:51
Sicelonot happy about KDE, lol (from Gnome)20:52
Symmetriaheh, Im sitting here kinda freaked out haha20:52
SiceloSymmetria: any idea how i create/access another workspace in KDE?20:52
Symmetriaso, I knew I had like, a ton of work to complete, Im on a tight deadline, the work requires a crapload of concentration, and I only got 6 hours sleep last night20:53
Symmetriaso at 6am, I get up, I have a cup of coffee20:53
Symmetriaat lunch time, I take 200mgs of provigil (something that was recommended to me and that is avialable in Kenya over the counter)20:53
Siceloaw ..  that seems bad20:53
Symmetriaheh, I've now been working for 18 hours straight, my concentration is totally perfect, and I feel like I just woke up for 12 hours of good sleep20:53
Symmetriaits like... I took 10 cups of coffee and got all the alertness but none of the downsides, its... wierd20:54
Symmetriaand no, no idea on KDE :)20:54
Siceloi feel like i'm back on Windows :-/20:56
SiceloKDE looks good .. no lies20:56
Siceloand i see a few things here and there it does better than Gnome .. but err ...20:56
Sicelonow i have to RTFM before I can use workspaces ... i don't like that .. heck, even win 10 has them now20:57
Symmetrialol, I refuse to use X as a desktop system, heh, purely because of application support20:57
SymmetriaI stick to linux for servers20:57
Symmetriawindows 10 for desktop 20:57
Symmetriaand osx for notebooks 20:57
Symmetria(I'd love to run OSX as primary but osx without apple hardware doesnt work terribly well and I cant get apple hardware big enough to replace my current desktop specs)20:58
Siceloand some of us have no will to pay $$$ to apple anyway20:58
Symmetriaheh for me, I'd pay for it if I could find a machine that could do what my other desktop system can in terms of specs20:59
Symmetrialol, hardware is the one thing I never go cheap on 20:59
Symmetriamy office at home ;p21:00
Siceloyou have the money to pay for it .. 21:01
SymmetriaSicelo lol, some of it, the rest I find reasons to make the company pay for ;p21:01
Sicelonice setup there .. what you do with it?21:01
Siceloat least you also have someone to pull strings with, lol ..21:01
SymmetriaSicelo heh, I work for a very large telco/ISP, as group head of strategy21:02
Symmetriaso everything from monitoring the network to network designs to working on 50 routers at once 21:02
Symmetriaheh, also video conferencing and everything else21:02
Sicelookay .. makes sense21:02
Symmetria(you'll notice the cisco telepresence camera on the top of the monitor on the far right)21:02
Symmetriathats a high def VC camera21:02
SymmetriaSicelo lol, the other stuff is mostly disk space - the problems of 2 much bandwidth, it leads to 2 much disk space21:03
Sicelo(got workspaces now .. the call them desktops)21:04
Sicelonow, to find focus-follows-mouse21:04
Siceloyou're living the life ;)21:04
Symmetriabtw, the reason I actually came in here, is anyone in here on FTTH 21:04
Symmetriawith proper bandwidth?21:04
SymmetriaI wanna do a speed / transfer test from where I am to someone on one of the FTTH ISP's in ZA21:04
Siceloi think people are sleeping .. i already can't buy an old apple .. so ftth is a dream i won't be realizing anytime soon, lol21:05
SymmetriaLOL, bandwidth for me is the one thing I DON'T pay for at all21:05
Symmetria(and I have stupid amounts of it, haha, especially considering I'm in Kenya)21:05
* Symmetria has 2 x 10G fibers into his house21:06
SymmetriaI'm gonna cry if I ever move back to ZA21:09
Symmetriaand have to go back to like, normal people bandwidth21:10
Siceloi say ZA has quite good b/w ... i come from Swaziland ..21:11
SymmetriaSicelo ZA bandwidth in terms of the rest of the world, and even in terms of the rest of east africa21:11
Symmetriasucks :)21:11
Symmetriabut its all relative21:11
Siceloyou don't want to be in Swaziland .. trust me21:12
Symmetrialol, I know the problems with swazi, I used to supply the bandwidth for the university there21:13
Symmetriaand I saw the costs involved and the tiny amounts21:13
Symmetriaheh we supply bandwidth into lesotho, but not swaziland21:14
Symmetriamaybe one day we'll start supplying there as well21:14
Symmetria:P I won't stop until we supply the whole continent hehe21:14
Symmetria(we also just bought out neotel)21:14
SymmetriaNeotel is gonna be a fun project when I start working on that network21:16
Siceloah .. focus follows mouse done21:19
* Sicelo no longer unhappy about KDE .. just harder to find some of the settings here21:20
Symmetriabtw, whoever designed the cacti database backend21:20
Symmetrianeeds a slap for making it horribly bloody complex 21:20
Sicelodunno it .. 21:22
Sicelothis? http://www.cacti.net/downloads/docs/html/unix_configure_cacti.html21:23
Symmetriayeah, its a monitoring / graphing tool21:23
Symmetriaexcept, heh, I needed a way to show me information differently so I was accessing the backend database to figure out what RRD's were where and draw my own status page 21:24
* Symmetria just discovered he could run 100gigabit over the same band spacing as a single 10gigabit using alien wave over 600 kilometers21:27
Sicelowhat ISP you're with?21:31
SymmetriaI work for Liquid Telecom group 21:32
Sicelowill check them out tomorrow .. i should be heading for bed soonish21:33

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