ikoniayes, using the sudoers file00:00
Grorcolike this coyana ALL= NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/synaptic, /usr/bin/software-center, /usr/bin/apt-get00:01
Grorcocoyana is her name00:01
GrorcoI got to leave for work, I'll have to read up on sudoers some more I'm assuming it's something off with the ALL= NOPASSWD part00:06
virtuosojSo I heard about the upcoming update for low-gfx Unity on 16.04.   How can I enable this??   I tried some command that just ended up breaking Compiz for one session00:08
fk_007using trusty on an acer easystore h340. system load average according to top is around 1.09. Seems like high interrupt activity with continuous ksoftirqd processes. any known issues with this setup or fixes to bring down the load? is it normal or something to be concerned about?00:10
saitoh183im getting a 302 error with apache. what would be the proper grep syntax to get Redirect / RedirectMatch / RewriteRule with [R] / RewriteRule with a fully qualified URL as a target / Location: header returned from application00:14
codepython777how do i update setuptools on ubuntu 14.04LTS?00:15
ikoniaupdate from what to what00:16
ikoniasaitoh183: grep is used to find things, not set things00:16
saitoh183ikonia: i know i was told to use grep to find the redirect info out because im trying to figure out why im getting a 302 error ...where it is coming from00:17
ikoniasaitoh183: just look in the vhost config00:18
ikoniayou don't need to grep, just read the file00:18
codepython777whats the best way to upgrade/install setuptools for ubuntu 14.04LTS?00:18
ikoniacodepython777: upgrade from what to what00:19
saitoh183ikonia: that is the thing...i dont have a redirect line in the vhost...basically i have a nginx in front of a apache and for some reason the only vhost that doesnt work is my nextcloud00:19
ikoniasaitoh183: so it would be nginx doing the redirect, not apache00:20
saitoh183ikonia: that is what i figured but i cant figure out why it isnt working... see here: https://help.nextcloud.com/t/apache-with-nginx-ssl-reverse-proxy-in-front/1650/200:21
ikoniasaitoh183: 302 is not found, so look on your apache errors what it's looking for and why it's failing00:21
ikoniasaitoh183: not sure why you're looking in apache for redirects on a 302 error when the redirect is on ngnix00:22
ikoniajust look at the apache logs, see what its looking for and why it's failing00:22
codepython777ikonia: sudo pip2.7 install --upgrade setuptools --> What is the correct way of doing this on ub 14.04LTS?00:22
ikoniacodepython777: use the package from ubuntu package manager00:22
saitoh183ikonia: cuz the error appeared in the apache log00:23
saitoh183ikonia: but i figured it was nginx00:23
ikoniasaitoh183: yes, it will as apache is erroring00:23
codepython777ikonia: what happens when one runs that on top of setuptools from package manager?00:23
ikoniacodepython777: you shouldn't do that00:23
codepython777ikonia: if i do pip install ansible - it complains00:24
ikoniathen don't do that00:24
ikoniastop using pip00:24
ikoniause the ubuntu package manager00:24
saitoh183ikonia: nginx log also has the 302 error in access log...i turned on debug for error log...00:25
ikoniasaitoh183: ok, so do the same on the ngnix server00:25
alekzantherdon't know if this is the place to ask, but is there a "store" or GUI of some kind for snap packages?00:26
saitoh183ikonia: i turned it on for the ngnix error log but the thing is that i dont know what im looking for..lol00:28
ikoniawhy is that funny ?00:28
ikoniaif you don't know how to read the log files, I suggest you read up on it, or get some tips from the ngnix channel00:29
saitoh183ikonia: well i mean what to look for that would point to why this vhost is acting this way and all the others work00:31
ikoniasaitoh183: read the error log, the error log will show you what it's trying to hit and why it's erroring, then work out why that situation is happening00:31
saitoh183ikonia: i guess i will check with the nginx channel...the browser error is too many redirects and in the log i see the same request coming in over and over but dont see what is causing it00:36
ikoniaprobably a redirect loop00:37
alekzanthersounds like it00:38
saitoh183ikonia: yeah but what is causing it is what i cant figure out00:39
ikoniaread the log00:39
ikoniathe log will show whats been called00:39
ikoniathen look at that "call" in relation to how the config will serve it up00:39
ikoniawork it through00:39
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maestrojedI am confused. I am a user maestrojed and I am in the group www-data. I have a file that is owned by www-data:www-data. When I, as maestrojed try to rm it I get permission denied. The directory that the file is in has permission drwxrwxr-x.  The file has permissions  -rw-rw-r--00:56
Blakes5maestrojed, I'm no wiz on linux permissions but I believe there are only two people who can remove it, root and the owner. Try chown01:00
Blakes5then try to remove it.01:00
maestrojedBlakes5 ok01:01
alekzanthermaybe the www-data user took ownership of the file, instead of the group? I'm no expert either :P01:01
linuxmodderANYONE that  runs / works with the keyserver.ubuntu.com in channel if not anyone know where to get ahold of them?01:03
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Guest47621hey guys. new to ubuntu, come from another distro. i can't seem to install the openvpn plugins for networkmanager. ubuntu software shows nothing01:07
Guest47621how can i do this?01:07
Guest47621i found tutorials on how to setup an openvpn server, but i just need the client end to i can CONNECT to a VPN service01:07
Guest47621i am totally lost01:08
Guest47621my only option is PPTP it would appear01:08
Guest47621i enabled all the extra repositories as well01:08
Guest47621what am i doing wrong?01:08
alekzantherhave you checked https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenVPN ?01:09
Guest47621yep. got that tab open already01:09
Guest47621installing the server.. is that what i want to do?01:10
Guest47621i don't want to run an openvpn server, i just wnat to connect to one01:10
Guest47621this is why i am lost01:10
Guest47621guess i'll keep searching for now01:11
alekzantherwell I guess you've found the tutorials I've already found01:12
Guest47621thanks :(01:12
Guest47621this was so easy in fedora distros, i could just do it all in the GUI01:12
alekzantherdo you have a .ovpn-file?01:12
Guest47621i figured Ubuntu being Ubuntu, you know, that it would be a breeze01:12
Guest47621i have a file from the vpn service01:13
Guest47621that needs to be imported01:13
alekzantherthis url seems to hint at something in that direction: http://askubuntu.com/questions/460871/how-to-setup-openvpn-client01:13
Guest47621it worked ginebut i just need the OpenVPN option to show up in NM01:13
Guest47621i get so frustrated and impatient at tasks that should be much easier than they are01:14
Guest47621alekzanther: checking that link now lets see what it holds :P01:14
alekzantherwell you said you already got it to work, but that you also want it to show up in NM-dropdown i guess01:15
Guest47621no no. i had it working on other distros01:15
alekzantheroh okay01:15
Guest47621like, in mint, Synaptic let me do it01:15
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Guest47621i don't seem to have that on ubuntu for some reason01:15
=== |||||||||||||||| is now known as \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
Guest47621and Ubuntu Software is not showing me anything openvpn related01:15
Guest47621tfw i should have just stuck with mint01:16
=== \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ is now known as ^5
Guest47621i got myself into this one i guess01:16
Guest47621the thing is i want to do it in the GUI, not from the CLI01:17
Guest47621ubuntu seems to do everything else for me, short of wiping my ass01:17
alekzantherwell openvpn may not be ubuntus finest hour, but there are some fine hours otherwise01:17
alekzantheralso, have you restarted the networkmanager after installing openvpn?01:17
Guest47621yea i was really looking forward to trying out unit01:18
Guest47621i want to install openvpn from the GUI, if i can't even do that, then ubuntu is not for me01:18
Guest47621i avoid the CLI as much as possible01:18
alekzantherhold on01:18
Guest47621i got tired of the breakage in arch-based distros01:18
Guest47621is Ubuntu Software the ONLY GUI package manager i can use here?01:20
SchrodingersScat!info synaptic | Guest4762101:20
ubottuGuest47621: synaptic (source: synaptic): Graphical package manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.83 (xenial), package size 1333 kB, installed size 6929 kB01:20
SchrodingersScat!ohmy | Guest47621, also this.01:21
ubottuGuest47621, also this.: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList01:21
alekzantheralso, the package you'd want is network-manager-openvpn-gnome01:21
alekzantherso "sudo apt-get network-manager-openvpn-gnome"01:21
* Guest47621 composes himself01:21
Guest47621my apologies01:21
alekzanther*** so "sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn-gnome"01:21
Guest47621severe agitation from distro hopping has me at my worst :(01:21
linuxfoolHello everyone. Can I use dnsmasq as a total replacement for network manager? I'm trying to use dnsmasq as a server to PXE boot some clients and I think there is some conflict between netowrk manager and dnsmasq.01:21
Guest47621SchrodingersScat: besides Synaptic, and without using the CLI, is there really no other way to achieve this?01:22
Guest47621if not, then synaptic it will be! lol01:22
alekzantheryou know which package to get right?01:23
ubottuYou can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Muon, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 30000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!01:24
SchrodingersScatGuest47621: those are the only two gui i know of, the software center and synaptic.  hypothetically they both use an apt backend anyway.01:24
Guest47621alekzanther: sorry just saw the link you posted. the webchat makes it very difficult to see as i am usually on Hex :(01:25
Guest47621SchrodingersScat: and i can't force Ubuntu Software to show those additional programs?01:25
Guest47621i mean i would love to do it all in one place, that would be awesome01:25
SchrodingersScati don't use software center idk what you're talking about, learn to love apt pls01:26
alekzantherwell, there's a very good store made by the ubuntu mate team as well, called the software boutique01:27
alekzantherthe package is called ubuntu-mate-welcome01:27
Guest47621SchrodingersScat and alekzanther: thank you both for clarifying this for me. i can stop obsessing now and looking for something that isn't there haha01:27
Guest47621i will carry on now :)01:27
alekzantherinstall the software boutique01:28
alekzantherit has spotify and kinds of stuff in there for you to just press to install01:28
Guest47621ahhh alright i will have a look at that for sure. first time hearing of it01:28
alekzantherworks with snaps, apts and all kinds of 3rd party ways of getting the right software to your computer01:29
alekzantherlike steam, skype, etc01:29
linuxmodderANYONE that  runs / works with the keyserver.ubuntu.com in channel if not anyone know where to get ahold of them?01:29
alekzantherdid you get the network manager to show openvpn btw?01:30
Guest47621alekzanther: one sec. trying now01:31
alekzantherI got mine to show it now by that package install so :)01:32
SkyAbovehello there01:32
* alekzanther likes reproducible stuff01:32
alekzantherSkyAbove, hi!01:33
Guest47621alekzanther: yes!! ty01:33
Guest47621now let me try to import my VPN file and see how that goes01:33
Guest47621whole new can of worms :P01:33
* alekzanther is almost scared01:33
Guest47621The file 'cryptofree_linux-udp.ovpn' could not be read or does not contain recognized VPN connection information01:36
=== SkyAbove is now known as SkyBellow
Guest47621why... why must it be so difficult.. i just can't comprehend01:37
Guest47621sometimes i miss winbl0wz for these reasons01:37
Guest47621alekzanther: my mistake. i selected the wrong file01:39
Guest47621it WORKS now... thank you01:39
linuxfoolHello everyone. Can I use dnsmasq as a total replacement for network manager? I'm trying to use dnsmasq as a server to PXE boot some clients and I think there is some conflict between netowrk manager and dnsmasq.01:40
Guest47621lol. looks like im not the only one with frustration :P01:41
SkyBellowhow install ubuntu together with windows??01:42
Guest47621i didn't install my anything linux besides windows. i got rid of windows. windows is the biggest NSA spyware program in existence01:43
Guest47621plus my HD is free to hold more now :)01:44
Guest47621ok off to use my VPN connection now01:44
Guest47621thx again guys01:44
jon_hello.  using 1604 on a lenovo yoga 13 everything working fine but it is not recognizing track pad at all01:44
jon_but it did early on.  something changed, i think when i typed restart x01:45
jon_is there a way to rebuild the parts of this that look for the trackpad?  it is not showing up at all in xinput01:45
quizzy85SkyBellow: Dual boot01:45
alekzantherGuest47621, so it worked out fine?01:46
Guest47621alekzanther: absolutely. i hate this webchat though. hurts my eyes and i can barely see who is addressing me01:46
quizzy85SkyBellow: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot01:46
Guest47621gonna get my hexchat installed next with my nice dark background01:46
quizzy85Guest47621: PokieGo is the latest and greatest free spying tool01:47
Guest47621alekzanther: i still think it should have been simpler. without you telling me the name of that package to install, not sure where i'd be by now01:47
Guest47621quizzy85: i don't own a smart phone01:47
Guest47621only one at work with a fliip phone still01:48
Guest47621they say i'm dumb, jsut like my phone and call it a dumb phone lol01:48
Guest47621do i care? nope.. i don't pay for the bill01:48
quizzy85good man01:48
bilb_onodoes anyone know where the update-initramfs package comes from?01:49
Guest47621i do get irritated though when i need to look something up away from home... and having to CALL someone to SEARCH GOOGLE for me01:49
bilb_onolike when I am told to do sudo updpate-initramfs -u01:49
Guest47621that is what i don't like01:49
bilb_onoI always get this: sudo: updpate-initramfs: command not found  even though I have done sudo apt-get install  initramfs-tools successfully01:49
bilb_onoarghh typos01:50
bilb_onook nvm01:50
Guest47621quizzy85: i will pass that message on to my coworkers though. i don't understand why ADULTS find such pleasure in such a ridiculous game01:50
Guest47621alekzanther: i did say thank you if you didn't catch it. i don't want to be rude01:51
Guest47621before i go hehe01:51
quizzy85Guest47621: Im going to start .jpg shaming 30+ Pokie fools. Website to come01:51
Guest47621haha very nice :)01:52
jon_can i install fresh ubuntu from a stick and not lose any of the data that exists on current install?01:52
alekzantherGuest47621, well the power of your installation is that you own it now. also, I've never used openvpn myself and I still kind of helped you through it, so it's just a matter of using the system long enough - like "winbl0wz" familiarity. also, there's not a "winbl0wz" freenode irc chat for you to ask questions I think :)01:53
alekzantherdamn it all, effort wasted01:53
SkyBellowIs Ubuntu really good?01:55
SkyBellowI mean... the best distribution?01:56
tortibIf you want a working linux distro that most stuff works OOB then yes01:56
tatertots@jon you want to (re)install ubuntu from usb stick without losing data that you have on the hard drive in the "existing" ubuntu installation?01:56
quizzy85SkyBellow: You got the .iso free right so there is a benefit already right. Most things can be done in GUI but make Terminal your friend.01:57
tatertotsSkyBellow the term/phrase 'best' is subjective01:58
tatertotsthe ford f-250 beats the Lamborghini in the race when 2 tons are attached to the back of both vehicles ...remove the 2 tons and the Lamborghini beats the ford f-25001:59
alekzantherSkyBellow, I've used arch, debian, opensuse, fedora, manjaro... and I still fall back to ubuntu because for some reason steam works best there :P02:00
tatertotssee so in the context of that race one can't simply say "well the Lamborghini is best" without knowing if the cars will have to haul a 2 ton load or not during the race02:01
alekzanthertatertots, that's not the best metaphor but... i'll let it slide02:03
linuxfoolCan I used dnsmasq as a total replacement for network manager?02:05
alekzantherlinuxfool, OK let's get an answer to your question then02:05
alekzantherlinuxfool, nope... they serve different purposes i guess: https://wiki.debian.org/HowTo/dnsmasq#Local_Caching_using_NetworkManager02:07
marco^can somebody help me with getting my encrypted ubuntu to boot? grub couldn't find the boot partition and know after i changed some stuff i get a kernel panic - not syncing. http://pastebin.com/rNMZf1yD02:08
linuxfoolThanks, alekzanther. Does network manager do anything that can't be done with built-in commands on the command line? I'm going to be running a wired LAN that's not connected to the internet.02:08
linuxfoolAnd the whole purpose on the LAN is just to boot up some diskless clients.02:09
alekzantherI'm not sure what you're aiming at with the network manager, but it seems dnsmasq can act as a dns forwarder and dhcp host... it can serve names if local machines which are not in the gateway/router dns etc02:13
hiexpooops why'd you encrypt the boot looder02:13
hiexpoback to the drawing board02:14
hiexpoMarco, what made you Encrypt the boot loader?02:16
alekzantherlinuxfool, it seems you'd like a server to act as an dhcp/dns host and forward the clients to the correct server with the image files to boot from I guess02:17
marco^did i encrypt the boot loader? my /boot partition is ext2 and not encrypted02:17
alekzantherjust do it then, shouldn't be too hard since you already got yourself in the position of having some thin clients waiting to boot02:18
alekzanthermarco^, got any other linux distro on the disk you could boot to?02:18
marco^i'm currently on a live usb stick02:19
alekzantheryou should try to update-grub02:20
alekzanthermaybe this link can help you out http://askubuntu.com/questions/145241/how-do-i-run-update-grub-from-a-livecd02:20
linuxfoolalekzanther: Correct. I can't tell if network manager is the problem or something else. Sometimes is works and other times it doesn't.02:20
marco^i already did that using chroot and it displayed no error02:20
alekzanthermarco^, did you mount the drives as stated in the link?02:21
marco^yes i used that exact askubuntu answer a few minutes ago02:22
alekzantherand what does it say when you run update-grub then?02:23
alekzantherand have you followed that tutorial to the letter?02:24
marco^yes i printed some boot options ending with windows (loader) if i remember correctly. i'll try that once more02:25
alekzantherlinuxfool, how is the network setup? Are there more than one DHCP-servers in the network? what does it say when it doesn't work? "Can't reach local-domain-name blabla" or just a connection error?02:25
Bashing-omlinuxfool: In your given situation, why do you even need a network-manager ? I run a stationary desktop .. and I manage networking my self .. no need of a fancy manager here .02:28
marco^alekzanther: here are the results from update-grub http://pastebin.com/P3itpDkf02:28
alekzantherHe doesn't need it, he's just troubleshooting02:28
alekzanthermarco^, are you sure you have the correct boot order in bios/uefi? :)02:29
marco^well yes it's booting from my harddrive into grub, then i select ubuntu, i type in the password to unlock 'swap' and then it shows me a busybox prompt02:31
marco^or atleast it did that before, now it show me a kernel panic before i can type in the pw probably because i messed with fstab/crypttab02:32
linuxfoolalekzanther, Bashing-om , I'm trying to run Porteus Kiosk clients off my ubuntu desktop which is acting as the server. I'm using the script provided by Porteus to get everything running. For example, I've disconnected my internet connection and restarted the network manager then run the script. The script is here: http://pastebin.com/2GtNfavY02:33
alekzantherwhat version did you have?02:33
alekzanthermarco^, maybe you experienced this bug then: http://askubuntu.com/questions/616663/after-new-ubuntu-15-04-installation-startup-asks-for-password-even-though-no-di02:33
linuxfoolAfter I run everything the server simply doesn't have an IP address. When I assign one to it with "sudo ifconfig eth0", which is the IP address the clients are supposed to look for for their PXE boot, the boot fails.02:34
linuxfoolWhen I plug the internet connection back up, it will work sometimes, but not everytime.02:34
marco^no i'm expecting it to ask me for a pw because i installed ubuntu on an encrypted luks partition (following this guide: http://thesimplecomputer.info/full-disk-encryption-with-ubuntu)02:35
linuxfoolAnd it only works when I retart network manager02:35
alekzantherlinuxfool, I'm definitely no expert and I don't think I can dig any further than you in this, sorry02:38
linuxfoolThanks for the effot, alekzanther02:39
alekzanthermarco^, maybe it got f***ed up when you fiddled with fstab etc?02:40
alekzantherlinuxfool, the kiosks are aimed at talking to some DNS?02:41
marco^alekzanther:  yeah maybe, i'll probably just reinstall ubuntu. thanks for your help :)02:42
alekzanthermarco^, hope you get a better experience next run :)02:42
ninguif I have a package installed that is newer than the current apt sources list, is there a way to tell apt-get to remove it and install the latest that it knows about?02:43
ninguI mean an automatic, non-manual way02:43
heyaapt-get update02:44
ninguwhat about it?02:44
ninguI've done that already02:44
Bashing-om!ppa-purge | ningu02:46
ubottuningu: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html02:46
ninguubottu: ok, but it isn't a ppa02:46
ubottuningu: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:46
SchrodingersScatningu: just uninstall it?02:46
ninguSchrodingersScat: yes, I will do that02:46
ninguI was just wondering if there was a better way, that's all02:46
SchrodingersScatI don't think you need anything special to remove a package and not install a version that apt doesn't know about02:47
Bashing-omningu: Then that begs the question, how you got an elevated version installed ?02:47
ninguBashing-om: I was testing a beta version of postgresql and now I want to go back to the 9.5 version of libpq. I can do it manually, the question was not how to do it at all but how to do it by only specifying the package names and nothing about the specific versions02:47
ninguapt should be able to know what the latest libpq is in its sources list and install that. but apparently it isn't any sort of default-supported option so I'd have to script it02:48
Bashing-omCLI is your feoend .. but if ya got synaptic installed .. synaptic should be able to handle removing a package that the package manager is aware of .02:50
ninguof course, you're missing the point. why should I have to look up the latest version of libpq and whatever other packages and copy/paste it? it's clearly something that could be automated and I wanted to know if someone had already done it02:51
ningubut since they haven't I will just write something myself, probably02:51
hanasakirunning thunderbird and have a self signed ssl for my personal imap server.  thunderbird pops up and asks if I want to accept the ssl cert.  when I click "confirm" nothing happens the dialog box stays up.  How can the cert be added?  same issue if I goto the prefernces and try to accept03:15
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lickalottducasse, you still awake?03:39
lickalottjust got back03:40
tortibis there a cron gui?03:41
tortibfor gnome03:41
lickalottanyone have any idea why 3 other systems (all different OS's) would be able to mount an NFS share except my ubuntu laptop?  I just had to rebuild the server and re-share out the folders.  Is there some caching that happens with NFS on the client side??03:42
lickalottjust FYI; it works via windows, fedora, debian (raspberry pi) and android.  But for some reason Ubuntu is giving me the finger for that 1 path.03:42
lickalottbecause I have to run the mount command as sudo (root), I'm thinking it's something having to do with root access to that particular folder?  I did chown it.03:43
snkcldwhat is the differnece between "debian" and the "debian.master" directory in the ubuntu-xenial repo?03:59
Guest74306guys i have a problem04:12
Guest74306I turned on my pc and there was a power blackout and thundering so i plugged all the cables but the system wont shut down04:12
lickalottak48, you need help?04:12
lickalottGuest74306, huh?04:13
Guest74306I pressed the power button and plugged off all the cables but it is still working04:13
Guest74306how do i kill it?04:13
theskillwithinyou unplugged the power cord?04:13
lickalottGuest74306, sudo init 004:13
lickalottinside a terminal04:14
lickalottak48,  /j #INSERTCHANNAMEHERE04:14
tatertotsif it's still powered on without being plugged into electrical power don't worry about it, it'll be fine04:14
lickalottspace between the j and #04:14
* lickalott giggles at tatertots04:14
Guest74306it asks for a password but i do not have it04:15
tatertotslaptop or desktop?04:16
Guest74306please i need to get this out of the store before the owner comes back04:16
=== aaron is now known as Aaron
tatertotsand your goal is to have it in a powered off state correct?04:16
Guest74306yes or it will heat up in my bag04:17
lickalottGuest74306, is it an ubuntu laptop?04:17
tatertotsremove the battery04:17
lickalottdo what I just saud04:17
lickalottopen a terminal and type sudo init 004:17
lickalottit will shut it down04:17
lickalottelse hold the power button for 10 - 15 secs04:17
Guest74306it says enter password for username04:17
tatertotswithout being plugged into a electrical wall outlet and without a battery a laptop cannot remain powered up.04:18
tatertotsREMOVE THE BATTERY04:18
Guest74306do i need to open up the laptop and take out the cmos battery?04:18
lickalottoh...tater it may be one of those newer ones (i.e. sager/clevo) that have the battery screwed in.04:18
Guest74306wait i will get a screwdriver . owner must have kept one somewhere. its dark and i have to take this before he comes back04:19
lickalotttatertots, i feel like we could be accessories to a robbery at this point.04:19
Guest74306o shit shit shit hes back time to go yolo04:19
lickalottcfhowlett, I need your brain brother04:20
cfhowlettlickalott, details?04:20
Aaronwhat a thief;04:21
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lickalottserver with NFS shares.  ubuntu laptop will mount 2 of the 3.  I get errors when mounting the 3rd (will provide the error shortly).  THe biggest difference is the 2 that work are zpools on the server.  THe 3rd is the Downloads dir from my server profile path.04:21
cfhowlettlickalott, I have no experience whatever with zpools, servers or shares.  perhaps #ubuntuserver channel?04:22
theskillwithindang my sound is all messed up.   so the headphone jack only works when I both plugin my headphones to the headphon jack AND plugin something to the output jack which seems to detect the switch then outputs sound to the headphone jack04:22
lickalottk.  I'll check them out.   Reason I'm asking here is; windows works, android works, Fedora works, and debian/raspberry pi works.   It's only my ubuntu laptop that is giving me the finger04:23
theskillwithinI guess its not familiar with the mac pro sound setup04:23
cfhowlett!mac | theskillwithin the mac folk might be a more helpful resource.04:24
ubottutheskillwithin the mac folk might be a more helpful resource.: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages04:24
cfhowletttheskillwithin, fwiw, my mac air puts out sound with no issues on ubuntu04:24
RonWhoCaresThe last upgrade to my computer caused the external monitor resolution to be limited at 1024 x 768.  Any idea how to undo this?  I am using Ubuntu 16.0404:30
lickalottcfhowlett, just got it!  FYSA  - http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-server-73/nfs-access-denied-by-server-while-mounting-934161/.  because you have to run the mount command with sudo you have to have no_root_squash in the hosts /etc/exports file or it won't allow the execution as sudo.04:34
cfhowlettlickalott, yeah, sorry mate.  ask the #ubuntuserver channel.  too far above my pay grade to help04:35
lickalottI got it figured out.  I was just information sharing04:35
reneea pop up saying update information comes up and says this:Failure to download extra data files04:36
reneeThe following packages requested additional data downloads after package installation, but the data could not be downloaded or could not be processed.04:36
reneeThe download will be attempted again later, or you can try the download again now.  Running this command requires an active Internet connection.04:36
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ramrebolHi. I need to download flash from https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer (to watch facebook videos on firefox), but I can't download the file from that link because ask me some launch application. How can I get the file?04:43
ramrebolplease, try to download flash from adove website, it is impossible :/04:45
cfhowlett!flash | ramrebol04:46
ubotturamrebol: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash04:46
ramrebolcfhowlett: thank! now its working :)04:52
cfhowlettramrebol, happy2help!04:52
RudyValenciaSo I'm trying to set up Linux as an alternative to VMware ESXi, what is a good frontend for KVM that doesn't require an X session?04:56
=== nameless1 is now known as nameless
cfhowlettrenee, you attempted to install the ubuntu-restricted-extras.  you do not HAVE to accept the MS files.  ( I do not).  Outcome will be that websites and documents using MS fonts will trigger a linux alternative font instead, possibly effecting the final rendering05:01
snkcldRudyValencia: virsh does not require X, afai05:01
iAshayanyone using ubuntu cloud05:02
RudyValenciasnkcld: I want a GUI not a CLI05:02
reneecfhowlett, Oh..thanks :)05:02
snkcldyou want a GUI... without X?05:02
RudyValenciaLike a Web UI or something I can use from Windows05:02
cfhowlettiAshay, "is anyone ..." questions waste time and bandwidth.  state your issues.05:03
snkcldRudyValencia: ah, i wish i knew of one like that05:03
cfhowlett-iAshay ask #ubuntuserver channel05:09
iAshay_are there any command line clients for google search05:10
LoshkiiAshay: cli-google05:13
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gryLoshki: thank you, cunning05:28
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CountryfiedLinuxCan I add a different application menu to Plasma 5 or are the 2 default options the only 2 available?05:42
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
xubuntuwhat does 'iF' mean in dpkg -l06:09
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest37585
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torpetis someone here from the ubuntu gnome team?06:13
torpetwill the gnome3 ppa make it into 16.04.1?06:14
ducassetorpet: no, it is just a point release06:23
torpetducasse: i mean this one (https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/ubuntu/gnome3?field.series_filter=xenial), not the staging ppa06:24
ducassetorpet: there will be updates, but not any new software as none is added after a release. only bug and security fixes.06:25
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fribmy unity control center has no printer icon what can I do ?06:31
tatertotsdon't you hate you spend lots of time getting ubuntu the way you want it ...then you apt get update/upgrade and it just trashes all the work you did06:33
torpetducasse :so 3.18.2 -> 3.18.3 counts as upgrade?06:33
torpetit's technically still the same major version06:34
specialedgei like when i try to fix my ssh keys for my various local clients and when i get home from work discover i've locked myself out of the remote server06:34
ducassetorpet: not sure about that particular package, but no new package versions are introduced except under special circumstances.06:35
specialedgethis makes a perfect opportunity to learn how to script my installation/configuration i suppose...06:36
fribi can't connect to cups server what should I do ?06:39
tatertotshow are you trying to connect to it?.....did you reboot yet?06:40
fribtatertots, i get "unit.cups service is masked"06:42
fribhttp://localhost:631 shows nothing06:42
fribunable to connect06:42
frib● cups.service06:43
frib   Loaded: masked (/dev/null; bad)06:43
frib   Active: inactive (dead)06:43
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Guest80196Hi everyone, how can we change the Radeon driver option e.g "TearFree" in Ubuntu 16.04?06:46
tatertotshave you tried restarting the service?...have you tried to unmask the service?06:50
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Dead_OfficeI'm working on Ubuntu 16.04 and still can't install third party .deb packages although they said they have fixed the problem . How do I fix this ?06:57
Dead_OfficeWhen I double click on a .deb file Ubuntu software pops up . The I hit install and nothing happens06:58
ducasseDead_Office: install gdebi, and use that to install .debs06:59
ahrc333ffDead_Office: the command line utility for installing .deb files is 'dpkg'. Type dpkg --help for more info.07:01
tob12Hi guys. Is there a way to sudo apt-get from a specific source (specifically PPA)? I'm trying to install a package from a PPA & I believe sudo apt-get is grabbing the package from the main repos07:02
Dead_Officeducasse, gdebi keeps reporting missing dependences .07:02
ducassetob12: you can specify the package version07:02
Dead_Officeahrc333ff, I try it07:02
ducasseDead_Office: gdebi should install those, are you sure that package is for your ubuntu version?07:03
tob12Aha, thanks07:03
Dead_Officeducasse, it for Debian that's for sure . e.g https://github.com/adobe/brackets/releases/download/release-1.7/Brackets.Release.1.7.64-bit.deb07:04
ducasseDead_Office: ubuntu isn't debian, is it?07:05
Dead_Officeisn't the core lol ? Anyway it's .deb file pardon my ignorance07:05
Dead_Officeisn't it*07:06
ducasseDead_Office: if your ubuntu version doesn't have the dependencies then you can't install it.07:06
ducasseDead_Office: ubuntu is _based_ on debian, they are not the same.07:06
Dead_Officeducasse, Brother .deb files not installing using Ubuntu software . I need help I'm sorry but I'm not good with dem terminologies07:08
tatertotsmy ISP needs to get it together07:09
ducasseDead_Office: find out which ubuntu version the package is for and install that, or get a version that is built for your ubuntu version.07:10
Dead_Officeducasse, Gimme an example of a package that ubuntu software must be able to install just to make sure that ubuntu software isn't the problem07:11
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ducasseDead_Office: if it says missing dependencies, then ubuntu software is not the problem.07:12
Dead_Officeducasse, Sir yes sir . Ubuntu software wasn't the one reporting the missing dependences it was gdebi07:14
Dead_Officeducasse, I have a lot to learn . Thanks for your time brother07:14
ducasseDead_Office: same thing. the download page doesn't say which ubuntu version(s) it should run on, i suggest you ask them.07:14
SkyBellowIs IRC still used inside companies?07:15
Dead_Officeducasse, Correct just saw it here https://github.com/adobe/brackets/issues/1238007:16
Dead_Officeducasse, I thought it was ubuntu software lol07:16
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Dead_OfficeLiving on the edge is always hard . I probably should get Ubuntu 1.04 (JK god damnit don't get angry on me now. Shieet )07:18
ikoniaDead_Office: stop trying to swear please07:18
Dead_Officeikonia, Sorry I'll shut up now07:19
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ankitubuntu 16.04 no sound07:35
ankitplease help anyone07:39
tatertotshi ankit07:41
ankitubuntu 16.04 no sound07:41
tatertotseven after a reboot?07:41
Aaronadd your username to the sound group07:42
ankithow to add username??07:42
=== skipper is now known as alt_r0x0r
ankitwhat should be username???07:45
seanballaissudo addgroup <username> audio07:45
Aaronankit, the user name you currently use07:46
Aaronin the system;07:46
ankiti don't know which username07:46
ankitusername to login into laptop???07:47
ankituser is already a member of audio :)07:49
ankitno luck :(07:50
|avalon|was that from the very begining or suddenly stop working?07:51
ankitafter upgrade to 16.0407:52
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ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/07:53
ankitavalon no sound:(07:55
|avalon|idk, really07:57
|avalon|fresh install?07:58
|avalon|that could be solution...07:58
PandraHello, Im having trouble understanding VNC - I would like to have a screen of the VNC (that has root access) to be shared to more then one location so that users can control but have no access to the sudo password; could i have links or directions please?08:12
ahrc333ffPandra: If you give root access to the VNC instance,  users will have root level priveleges and can do and modify anything in the computer.08:17
avis-people in italy need to access my freenode profile.   further everyone knows my name, by my dropbox profile (logs) -- who are legit.  what tools that are gtk or passing can be used to parse regular information for these purposes ?08:17
avis-oops FACEBOOK08:18
Pandraahrc333ff: when i say root access i mean an account that has root access but requires a password08:19
PandraPardon me, i need to go eat dinner08:20
=== the_ant1 is now known as the_ant
ahrc333ffPandra: I haven't used VNC on *nix in a while as I do all of my work from the terminal. But, it's a server and you can setup for multiple users. To the best of my knowledge, the user who logs on should retain their priveleges. So, if 'joe' is a sudoer on the local machine, he also should be when he logs onto via a VNC client.08:24
computerpeople, do you get mouse lagging in ubuntu? especially after writing text?08:24
[[thufir]]I have purged asterisk, and ran auto-remove, but re-installing asterisk still gives me an empty /etc/asterisk directory.  can I "run" asterisk-config package somehow?08:27
ahrc333ffcomputer: sorry, i haven't experienced this issue08:31
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edenrozHello, i need a ligh usb ubuntu install, something like lubuntu, that has to work on my desktop and on my laptop. I have a 64gb usb3.0 stick. I was wondering beetwen a normal install and a persistent live install. I'll have to runs VMs, c code with OpenMPI and 64bit simulation. Currently my external hd drives with ubuntu is dying so i need to switxch fast08:43
ikoniaso neither of those options are good options08:44
edenrozikonia: I would hate two full instal on the 2 laptop08:44
ikoniathats up to you,08:44
ikoniabut running from an external USB device and running VM's is a bad idea, running a live persistant setup and doing that is even worse08:45
edenrozikonia: with this usb3.0 hd external install i was running very good, a bit sloow but okay08:45
ikoniaI disagree, but if you're happy with that, just do the same again08:45
ikoniait's going to be very slow running from a usb stick08:45
edenrozikonia: am open to suggestion08:46
ikoniainstall ubuntu properly08:46
edenrozikonia: even if usb 3.0?08:46
ikoniayes, even usb3 , usb 3 is the interface, the usb stick is still slow08:46
edenrozikonia: i get something aroun 40 50 mbs08:46
ikoniayou wont get that running the OS08:47
ikoniabut if you disagree, just get on and start doing it08:47
edenrozikonia: i see08:47
edenrozikonia: the problem is i cannot tamper with the laptop hd08:47
ikoniawhy ?08:47
edenrozikonia: it has a warranty and a payed copy of win708:47
ikoniainstalling ubuntu won't impact the warrenty08:48
ikoniaand don't delete windows, dual boot it08:48
edenrozikonia: am worried about future problem if i decide to take that "free-as-prison" win 10 upgrade08:49
ikoniait will not impact your upgrade08:49
surajping edenroz08:49
edenrozsuraj: hi08:49
ikoniaif you boot windows, you boot windows exactly the same as you do now08:49
edenrozikonia: doesnt win10 tamper with partition table?08:50
suraji have problem with my wifi driver on ubuntu mate08:50
ikoniaedenroz: no08:50
Pandraahrc333ff: Oh ok.. well all i really want is for a user to access the desktop remotely. Kind of like teamviewer.08:50
ducassePandra: any user that logs in to that account via vnc will be able to run sudo if the account has access to it08:52
mantis_h r u08:54
ahrc333ffPandra: How many users? if it's a few, just give each of them a server on a specified port. if there are many, then you have to setup (I believe TightVNC) to dynamically allocate. but it's probably more work08:55
hehemantis_: hi08:55
bvishal4uI wanna know is there any application to connect to VMware infrastructure08:58
bvishal4ufor ubuntu desktop08:58
[[thufir]]I have purged asterisk, and ran auto-remove, but re-installing asterisk still gives me an empty /etc/asterisk directory.  can I "run" asterisk-config package somehow?08:58
ikoniabvishal4u: define "connect"08:59
bvishal4uikonia i cant understand, how to define connect?08:59
ikoniabvishal4u: what do you mean by "connect" to vmware infrastructure08:59
Pandraahrc333ff: Oh ok.. for me if i do anything it will ask for the sudo password :o ; Right now i only need 4 users to access - You see i have a CLI running (Such as for a game) that may need manual restarts/stopping (ctrl + x kinda thing) - they wont see it if they log into their own instance..?09:01
bvishal4uok I am new to Ubuntu09:01
bvishal4uand as like windows i wanted to access vmware vsphere vcenter server09:01
ikoniabvishal4u: vsphere is now served up via a web interface09:01
bvishal4ubut our infra is on 4.1 & 5.5 i think i dont have web client for those09:02
ikonia5.5 does09:02
bvishal4uand how about 4.1?09:02
ikoniabvishal4u: not really09:03
=== Carkus is now known as Carkus_
ikoniayou can try running the client in wine, but it really doesn't work properly from my personal experience09:03
specialedgeim getting a Permission denied error when i execute "echo 1 > /etc/pure-ftpd/conf/TLS" in bash09:04
specialedgedoes this require a sudo?09:04
ikoniaspecialedge: look at the permissions on the file09:04
bvishal4uthanks ikonia, thanks for your help09:06
ahrc333ffspecialedge: what ikonia says :) if you're unfamiliar with that, "ls -la" will show you the permissions and ownership.09:07
ahrc333fffor each file09:07
specialedgejesus and i just installed my VPS from mounted ISO via VNC and i cannot recall it prompting me for root password09:07
specialedgetears emoji09:08
ikoniait shouldn't have asked for a root password09:08
ikoniathere is no root password on ubuntu09:08
ahrc333ffalso, it's not necessarily a good habit to get i the habit of using sudo. perhaps giving the pure-ftpd it's own user and giving that user ownership over the file is the way to go. then you would su ftpduser, for example, and you could make the changes.09:08
ikoniai_am_alive_here: why don't support kali here09:10
specialedgeikonia: so in order to enter a root prompt i use "su -" and it prompts me for a password09:10
ikoniaspecialedge: no09:10
i_am_alive_hereanyone know how to full disk after ive allready installed my os09:10
ikoniaspecialedge: you use sudo09:10
ikoniai_am_alive_here: we do not support kali here - please stop asking09:11
ikoniaspecialedge: eg: "sudo -i"09:11
ahrc333ffi_am_alive_here: sorry, i've only done FDE as part of the initial install from a gnu/linux insatll09:11
specialedgeikonia: thank you very much09:11
i_am_alive_hereanyone rec truecrypt despite no longer being supported or any forks that support fde?09:12
specialedgeahrc333ff: i understand what you're saying and I agree, it's just im following a tut to configure the system services. not even there yet!09:12
ahrc333ffi_am_alive_here: veracrypt has picked up the reigns09:13
ahrc333ffspecialedge: gotcha :)09:13
ikoniai_am_alive_here: stop09:13
ikoniai_am_alive_here: final warning- we will not support your kali setup09:13
ducasse!kali | i_am_alive_here ask here09:15
ubottui_am_alive_here ask here: Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)09:15
i_am_alive_hereim running ubuntu too..im trying to kill to birds with one ston here..so forget my kali question..anyone use veracrypt for a fde on "ubuntu"09:15
Pandraahrc333ff: Btw i have tight installed - I havent found much information for sharing the same screen between 2+ users though..09:17
ducassei_am_alive_here: we don't support veracrypt either, it's not in the repos09:18
ahrc333ffPandra: I'm not sure if you can share the same 'screen'. That would be people fighting over mouse and keyboard input09:18
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=== jat-clone is now known as jatt-clone
Pandraahrc333ff: well, tbh they dont need to be on at the same time... just different select users to able to do things on the desktop when necessary- you see i can loginto my account and run the CLI for a game server, I just want them to be able to see the screen and perform simple actions that dont require sudo (So i don't need to share the sudo password) - Ive tried to run teamviewer but that kills my current VNC session09:21
Daleis anyone able to assist me, i upgraded the kernel on my pc. and now im stuck at the lighdm login manager09:21
Daleit used to auto boot into kodi.09:22
ducasseDale: boot back into the previous kernel09:24
Dalei did, it dosent work either09:24
Daleim just stuck at this login screen. which i cant do anything with as remote console access only09:25
=== jatt-clone is now known as jatt
ducassewas anything else upgraded?09:26
Dalei was trying to upgrade to a 4.2 kernel as i was on a 3.13 one, that was all that was changed09:26
Dalethat didnt work to boot into, so iw ent back to the original kernel. and here is where i am09:27
ducasseDale: is this trusty, and you installed the hwe stack?09:27
Dale$ uname -a09:27
DaleLinux htpc-livingroom 3.19.0-65-generic #73~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jun 29 21:05:22 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux09:27
ducasseDale: did you also upgrade x?09:28
Pandraahrc333ff: http://www.tightvnc.com/vncviewer.1.php there is this -shared option, im just not sure how to use it09:28
Daleno, but i did just reinstall it from a purge just now09:28
Daleand it didnt help09:28
ducasse!hwe | Dale09:28
ubottuDale: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack09:28
ahrc333ffPandra: I was just doing some quick searching, and tigervnc looks a little more user friendly09:28
ducasseDale: try installing the updated x as well.09:28
Dalei just tried09:29
Daleits the newest version09:29
ducasseDale: did you follow the instruction from the link above?09:29
Pandraahrc333ff: So i need to uninstall tightvnc on the server and install tiger instead, correct?09:29
Dalei reading it now09:29
ahrc333ffpandra: not necessarily, the two can probably exist side by side. but if you wanted to get rid of it that seems reasonble if you're not planning on using it09:30
Daleis 14.02 on 4.2 now?09:31
=== dadall is now known as dada_ll
Pandraahrc333ff: Oh ok.. i will take alook at tigervnc09:31
ahrc333ffPandra: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC/Servers09:31
Pandraahrc333ff: thanks for your help - i will see what i can do09:31
ahrc333ffFYI. what exactly do they need to do?09:31
ducasseDale: the xenial packages are the latest, i think09:31
ahrc333ffa VNC server might be overkill09:32
Dalexenial are 4.4 afaik09:32
ahrc333ffyou can forward X11 apps through SSH. so if they just need to move files around, that can actually be done through SSH09:32
ducasseDale: yes09:32
ahrc333ffe.g. you can ssh user@server.com, and once in it type "firefox" and it would launch09:32
Daleits strange though. i know its not my gpu driver09:33
Dalenvidia-smi shows current info on the card.09:33
=== jatt is now known as jat-clone
aquarius_hey, gang. As part of a normal package update, my 14.04 machine has popped up a debconf window saying "Disable UEFI Secure Boot?". The help dialog says that "Secure Boot is not compatible with the use of third party drivers". I don't think I have any third-party drivers; the Additional Drivers window doesn't show any. Why am I being asked to disable Secure Boot, and do I need to do it even though I shouldn't?09:36
=== jatt is now known as Guest78097
Daleokay  i installed the new kernel09:38
Daleand x09:38
sacarlson2aquarius_:  are you running from with a virtual machine?09:38
aquarius_sacarlson2, no; this is on normal desktop hardware.09:39
SnoopyDggHello! Couldsomebody explaint to me, why my crontab didn't run? '25 9 * * SUN mysqldump -u root -pPASSWORDHERE --all-databases --routines --triggers > alldbs.sql' I'm on Ubuntu 14.04. It runs fine when I do it from SSH.09:41
PandraHello, has anyone used tigthvnc extensively? I found, and quote, "In TightVNC, this is the default mode, allowing you to share the desktop with other clients already using it." But how do i actually do the sharing?09:42
ikoniaSnoopyDgg: you don't just run commands from cron09:42
SnoopyDggikonia, how do I do it?09:42
ikoniaSnoopyDgg: the cron shell is quite limited, so you have to make sure the environment is setup, most people call a script for that reason09:42
ikoniaSnoopyDgg: why is the word "Sun" in your cron09:42
SnoopyDggikonia, so it's run on sunday09:42
ikoniayou put the day number, not the name09:43
Daleducasse: are you still here09:43
SnoopyDggat 09:2509:43
SnoopyDggikonia, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18919151/crontab-day-of-the-week-syntax09:43
ikonianot interested in that09:43
SnoopyDggikonia, exactly from wikipedia "Saturday, or use names; 7 is also Sunday)"09:44
ikoniaright, the names aren't always supported09:44
ikoniait depends on the version09:44
ikoniaso be safe, use the numbers, but it's up to you09:44
SnoopyDggikonia, so it didn't run because of SUN or something else? You said "you have to make sure the environment is setup, most people call a script for that reason" what does that mean?09:45
ikoniaSnoopyDgg: no, I explained to setup the environment09:45
ikoniaI'm just offering you advice about the name SUN on the side, you can ignore it if you want, it's all up to you09:46
diskinfrom man 5 crontab: 'Months or days of the week can be specified by name'09:46
SnoopyDggdiskin, but why it didn't run?09:46
ikoniaSnoopyDgg: I've just told you09:46
ikoniaSnoopyDgg: the cron environment is minimal09:47
ikoniayou need to setup your enviornment - thats why a lot of people wrap it in a shell09:47
ikoniaSnoopyDgg: also look at the cron log, did it try to execute and fail, or not try to execute09:47
SnoopyDggikonia, where is cron log located?09:47
ikonia /var/log - where all the logs are09:47
ikoniacome on, this is basic cron and basic debugging09:48
ikoniayou can't expect to use tools without this level of basic understanding09:48
SnoopyDgghow else am I supposed to learn?09:48
ikoniaby doing it and reading09:48
SnoopyDggikonia, that's exactly what I'm doing, isn't it?09:48
ikonianot just saying "it's broke" "how do I" "where is that"09:48
ikoniano, you're just asking for people to fix it09:48
ikoniayou've not even checked the logs, you've not checked if cron logs, you've not checked crons shell env09:49
ikoniaall of this would be clear steps if you'd not just read the headline of a wiki to look at the format for a cron entry and done it09:49
SnoopyDggI don't even know how to do it09:49
ikoniadon't know how to do what ?09:49
Daleread logs i guess09:49
kromwellIn VirtualEnv I install BeautifulSoup4 and it says it installed, but when I go to terminal and try to import it, it says no such module exists.09:58
kromwellThe path it refers to is /usr/local/lib/python3.4/dist-packages09:58
kromwellwhen it says it is installed09:58
kromwellEach virtualenv should store modules in a specific location and not in /usr/local/lib/python*/dist-packages, right?09:58
kromwellSo why isnt mine doing that?09:59
kromwellI'm using pip09:59
kromwellbut I read that pip is compatible in virtualenv and that setup.py install isnt necessary10:00
sacarlson2SnoopyDgg: I'm not sure but in many cases I have had to put the full path to what I run in cron as the shell is not setup the same at the account you use normaly10:02
kromwellNevermind.It turns out it was installed but I invoked it under an incorrect name.10:04
sacarlson2also SnoopyDgg: I've never seen SUN used in cron,  numbers 0 - 6  are used with "0" being sunday10:11
SnoopyDggsacarlson2, what shell would look like in my case?10:12
ikoniait's not a shell10:12
ikoniait's the shell environemnt10:12
ikoniaa user shell env is a lot more complete than the stripped down cron10:12
ikonianow I've told you that - research it10:12
sacarlson2SnoopyDgg: if you want to see what your default env for your normal system is as far as path you could try >echo $PATH10:13
sacarlson2but no need to setup path if you just enter the full path the the file you want to run10:14
Daleanyone know why my autologin wont work after updating my kernel10:14
ikoniawhat do the logs show10:14
Daleit just keeps going to the lightdm login screen10:14
ikoniawhat do the logs show10:14
ducasseDale: look at ~/.xsession-errors and the lightdm logs10:15
Dalewhere do i found those logs10:16
ikoniain the path you've just been show10:17
ikoniahe's given you the full path10:17
ikoniaDale: what kernel did you ugprade to10:17
Dale$ ls -lah ~/.xsession-errors10:17
Dalels: /Users/Dale/.xsession-errors: No such file or directory10:17
ikonia /users ?10:18
Dalei was on the wrong screen for ssh10:18
Dalei found the log10:18
ikoniaread the log10:18
ikoniadon't pastebin it10:19
Dalei did read it10:19
ikoniayou're just asking us to do the work for you10:19
ikoniaDale: ok - so what stands out in the log10:19
Dale id say /usr/sbin/lightdm-session line 29 no such file10:19
ikoniaDale: so if you look at that log - there are a good few errors you need to fix10:19
ikoniaset about fixing those errors10:19
Daleis there another log location specifically for lightdm10:21
ikoniayou've just got the info10:21
ikoniawhy are you looking for another log - rather than fixing those issues10:21
sacarlson2Dale: might look at /var/log/system see maybe some disk failed to mount or ??10:22
ikonia /var/log/system ??10:22
ikoniathats not even a log file10:22
sacarlson2sorry /var/log/syslog10:23
ikoniawhy would he look at that ?10:23
sacarlson2I see permision problems on /tmp dir so maybe tmp is mounted to ??.  maybe I didn't look back into what he's doing10:24
ikoniayou don't need to look at a log10:25
ikoniajust mount or touch /tmp/test10:25
ikoniabut fix the errors in that log - the startup looks to be a mess10:25
sacarlson2yes touch /tmp/test would prove that it is mounted.  so maybe the user that runs lightdm doesn't have perms to access or create files in it10:26
sacarlson2on my system /tmp is setup with perms of 777 that you would expect all could write and read from10:28
Dalei have no idea whats wrong. im about to just nuke the entire thing10:28
ikoniathe logs show you what's failig10:29
Desusacarlson2: should be 177710:34
Desufor obvious reasons10:34
Grorcohello all10:34
sacarlson2Desu: you are correct as I just looked at drwxrwxrwt  and didn't count the 110:35
Daleive adjusted perms it didnt help. like i said im at a loss10:35
Dalei never said lightdm didt work, i merely said it doesnt autologin anymore10:36
sacarlson2yes so that means you manualy can login if you enter user pass?10:36
Dalei could if i had a keyboard possibly10:36
sacarlson2so you have not proven if you can login at all10:37
Daleunless i can do it over ssh i cant do much of anything10:37
sacarlson2how do you see the logs if you don't login?10:37
ahrc333ffThat's a login :)10:38
sacarlson2oh create a new user with ssh and try login to that10:38
Daleim already logged in through ssh10:39
sacarlson2create a fresh new user10:39
Dalewhy would i do that10:39
sacarlson2to get rid of all the changes made in your preset account and start from a default one.  just a hunch10:39
bekksFor testing autologin.10:39
sacarlson2I assume you can't login to X your just login on ssh to text10:40
Dalenot that i know of10:40
bekksDale: Pastebing "mount" please.10:40
bekksMaybe you have a readonly system currently.10:41
sacarlson2bekks: good point10:41
bekksDale: Are you on a live cd currently?10:42
bekksDale: So pastebin "dmesg" as well please.10:42
Dalehow can you pastebin that10:43
bekksdmesg | nc termbin.com 999910:43
bekksDale: Did you just restart your box?10:44
Daleuh recently yes10:44
bekksDale: And what is the content of the logs now, after the restart?10:45
Dalethey're identical10:45
=== jat-clone is now known as jatt
bekksDale: I strongly doubt that :)10:46
Dalelooks the exact same to me10:47
=== skipper is now known as Guest51442
bekksWhich log is that?10:47
Dale ~/.xsession-errors10:47
bekksDale: And whats are the outputs of "uname -a", "lsb_release -a", "ls -lha /tmp", "ls -lha /usr/sbin/lightdm-session"?10:48
bekksDale: You are using kodibuntu, are you?10:51
ducassethe perms on /tmp are screwed up, at least.10:51
ducasseafaik kodibuntu is not an official flavor10:51
bekkshttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuFlavors does not list kodibuntu, so it isnt an official flavor.10:51
bekksYeah, perms on /tmp are not 1777, as can be seen.10:52
Dalewhat would i do to ajust the perm10:52
ducasseDale: 'man chmod'10:52
bekksDale: you have been told to run chmod 1777 /tmp already.10:52
Dalesweet. that fixed it10:53
Dalethank you so much10:53
Dalei guess installing a diff kernel messed with the /tmp permissions10:54
bekksYou did that, and you didnt fix permissions as you stated earlier.10:54
Dalei said "guess" not did10:54
Dalei did it when10:55
bekksNo, as can be clearly seen you did not set 1777 earlier.10:55
Daleim just stating i never changed the perm from the earlier install.10:55
Dalei thought 777 was the correct perm to use10:56
bekksAnd you did not set them to 777 earlier.10:56
bekksThat can be clearly seen in you pastebin.10:56
Dalei attempted to10:57
Dalehere we go if ound it10:58
Dale"sudo chmod 777 /tmp"10:58
Dalei tried that earlier10:58
bekksDale: You pastebin proves that you did not.10:59
Tex_Nickthank the people that helped, and move on to something else ;-)11:00
Dalei did thank him11:00
bekksDale: And this discussion can be considered be pointless, since your problem is solved already, even for a non-official flavor.11:00
\9for how much longer is 15.10 supported?11:05
ubottuUbuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) was the 23rd release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.10 - Read the release notes at http://ubottu.com/y/wily - Scheduled to go EOL in July, 201611:05
bekks\9: it is dead already.11:05
\9it's still in the topic though11:06
\9and that factoid is unclear as to when in july it becomes EOL11:06
bekksYou have two weeks for updating left11:07
Tex_Nicktwo options, move up to 16.04 or back to 14.04, Ha11:09
\9bekks: thanks, that should be enough for me11:11
=== christel_ is now known as Guest60283
xchatterIs there a simple command with which I can see when a system wide update/upgrade command was last successfully executed?11:20
Seveasthere is no such thing as a 'system wide update/upgrade', so no.11:21
xchattersudo apt-get update11:21
xchatterapt-get upgrade11:21
\9xchatter: /var/log/apt/ can help with that11:21
kromwell"(libicui18n.so.48: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)"11:22
kromwellWhat does 48: refer to?11:22
kromwellIs it a process id?11:22
\9patch version, I believe11:22
Seveasno, a soversion11:23
xchatterI had installed a package on my fathers Ubuntu  system 6 months ago. But I don't get a chance to visit him. I want to check whether it is updating. My father has no clue about computers but my brother could manage to enter a simply Linux command.11:23
Seveasindicates binary compatibility (libicui18n.so.48 is not compatible with libicui18n.so.anything-but-48)11:23
Seveasxchatter: /var/log/apt is only kept for 2 months, so you can see if there was an update in the last two months11:24
ahrc333ffxchatter: open up his routers firewall, setup an ssh server, and you can manage his machine remotely :)11:24
bekksOn a 14.04, the logs are kept longer than 2 months.11:25
bekksUsing logrotate, they are just rotated once a month.11:25
Seveasheh, just realized that this system is less than 3 months old :)11:26
kromwellSeveas, would it be advisable to then uninstall libicui18n.so.48, run apt-get update and reinstall it?11:27
Seveasyeah, 10 months (current + 9 archived) is normal11:27
bekksThey are just kept, 13 months here, currently.11:27
Seveaskromwell: no. What is the actual problem you have that makes you suggest something this crazy? :)11:27
Seveasbekks: hmm, the second system I looked at is defeintely older than 10 months11:28
Seveastime to actually look at the logrotate config....11:28
Seveas/var/log/apt/history.log {11:28
Seveas  rotate 1211:28
Seveas  monthly11:28
Seveasso, a years worth :)11:28
\9kromwell: what are you doing that causes that error? please post the exact command and output into a pastebin11:28
\9!paste | kromwell11:29
ubottukromwell: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:29
kromwellSeveas, sure. One moment.11:29
kromwell\9 , did I past multiline text? I thought I removed the newline characters and it displayed as a single line?11:30
kromwellIt may just be displaying that way on my client, in which case I apologize11:30
xchatter/var/log/apt gibt es nicht,11:30
bekksDann hast du kein Ubuntu.11:30
\9kromwell: er. i was asking what are you doing that causes that error11:30
\9you posted the error but the command causing it is unclear11:30
bekksxchatter: Then you dont have an Ubuntu system :)11:30
kromwellOh, sorry. I havent slept in a long time and its 4 am. I read your post about the problem as being posted by Seveas.11:31
suvrathello i need help regarding ubuntu11:31
xchatterbekks, I don'11:31
xchatterBut my father does.11:31
suvratanyone can help me ohh11:31
bekksxchatter: Then there is a /var/log/apt11:32
xchatterhead /var/log/apt -> Fehler beim lesen11:32
bekkssuvrat: you need to ask a specific question :)11:32
bigpetSo I installed Ubuntu for a friend on his Lenovo G700. Everything worked sort of alright, but after an update this week his BCM43142 wifi chip does not work anymore. "modprobe wl" outputs "could not insert wl required key not available"11:32
bekksxchatter: head being used on a directory throws that error.11:32
suvrathow do i download youtube vedio11:32
xchatterkein solches Verzeichnis sagt mein Bruder11:32
bekksxchatter: This channel is nglish only.11:32
Seveasxchatter: it's a directory, not a file. Let him mail you all files in there11:33
bigpetsecure boot should be disabled, it's set to "secure boot: [Disabled]" but underneath it says "Secure Boot Status: enabled" in the bios11:33
suvratbekks how do i download youtubr vedio?11:33
xchatterIn which file can I see when the uprade command was last successfully executed.11:33
bekksxchatter: Depends on the files in that directory. Let him mail you all files.11:33
Seveasxchatter: you can't. But you can see which package was updated when.11:33
suvratbekks seveas how do i download youtube vedio from ubuntu11:34
sacarlson2suvrat: did you look at http://askubuntu.com/questions/63270/how-do-i-download-a-youtube-video11:34
Seveas!repeat | suvrat11:34
ubottusuvrat: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:34
Tex_Nicksuvrat: that's not an ubuntu support question, however the firefox video downloadhelper works well, many other options ... google it11:34
kromwell\9, http://pastebin.com/nUU25tQT11:35
egrainhi. she wants a libCWCore.so.1 from me. is there a way for me to find out which package contains it?11:35
suvratthanks all11:35
kromwellThe log is created by invoking phantomjs via selenium11:35
\9egrain: https://packages.ubuntu.com11:35
Seveasegrain: who's she and why does she want it?11:35
Seveasegrain: apt-file search libCWCore.so.111:35
Seveaskromwell: how did you install phantomjs?11:36
egrainSeveas, some weird photo book editing thing. CEWE fotobuch.11:36
bekksegrain: https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Fotobuch/11:37
Seveasegrain: looks like that file does not exist in any ubuntu package, apt-file returns nothing11:37
kromwellSeveas, sudo apt-get install phantomjs, the second error listed there is because I used export DISPLAY:10 when I was trying to run firefox headless11:37
Seveashm, that *should* install all the dependencies as well11:37
egrainwell, doesn't. the whole package is fucked up. gives you hardly any documentation how to install it. if i didn't know where i had to look for, nothing would have happened.11:38
egrainyou first need to chmod +x the .pl file. nothing about that on the download page, nor that you have to start it in the terminal. and then when you start the "mein fotobuch" thing like you are supposed to, it tells you: library not found.11:39
bekksegrain: Unoack the tarball, make the install.pl executable, run it.11:39
egraini got all that.11:39
egrainoh! it gets better. for the EULA you need to know the man page / vi commands.11:39
bekksAnd there are even screenshots on the download page :)11:39
bekksegrain: you can use a graphical text editor as well.11:40
bekksNo need for "man" or "vi".11:40
egrainnot when you install it.11:40
bekksYou could even use LibreOffice for reading it.11:40
kromwell<Seveas> hm, that *should* install all the dependencies as well11:40
kromwellI'll try reinstalling and then linking to the binary path when I call PhantomJS through Selenium11:41
egrainif start the install.pl file with "execute program" (don't know the exact english word. everything is german here), nothing happens.11:45
jattperl install.pl11:45
egrainonly if i do it via terminal, which brings me back to the needing to know that "q" exits the EULAS wehn i few them.11:45
bekksegrain: And whats the problem at that point, since you do know it?11:46
egrainthat after i installed it it tells me it can't find the libCWCore.so.1.11:47
egrainwhich brought me here.11:47
egraingoogle told me nottin.11:47
bekksegrain: This is the totally wrong place for complaining about a 3rd party software which isnt shipped by Ubuntu. :) Point your complaints to the authors of that software :)11:47
bekksegrain: So whats the output when running the installer?11:47
egrainoh, that's all good. installs and everything.11:48
egrainbut when i start the foto buch thingy, it gives me: "error while loading shared libraries: libCWCore.so.0: cannot open shared oject file. No such file or directory.11:49
egrainoh, it's 0, not 1.11:49
egraini'll try the apt-file search thing.11:49
=== andrea is now known as Guest24934
_peter_!Trainfiles David Allen - Getting Things Done (epub).rar11:50
ubottu_peter_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:50
bekksegrain: Did you install that software as user?11:50
egraini did.11:50
bekksegrain: So can you please pastebin "ls -lha /home/youruser/.Cewe/" please?11:51
=== theskill_ is now known as theskillwithin
egraini don't have a .cewe. i could offer you ~/CEWE11:52
bekksYeah, that would be fine, too.11:53
bekksAnd it should be .Cewe, not .cewe11:53
egrainyes yes. none of it.11:53
voozeanyone good with gpg for uploading to ppas? I have uploaded with dput but nothing happens on lauchpad. I suspect it might have something to do with my gpg-keys.. The thing is: if I use gpg --list-secret-keys they are indentical to gpg --list-public-keys.. Is that okay?11:54
bekksegrain: So will you pastebin what you have? :)11:55
=== Guest30104 is now known as mosene
egrainpatience, young one.11:56
Tex_Nick lol11:56
egraintake forever for firefox on this thing to load. and i don't know any paste tools in ubuntu.11:57
bekksegrain: can you pastebin "cd /home/youruser/; find . | grep -i cewe" as well?11:57
bekksYou can use  ... | nc termbin.com 9999 instead of messing with firefox.11:57
bekksyoung one :P11:57
\9find ~ -iname '*cewe*'11:57
bekksOr that :)11:58
ankitubuntu 16.04 no sound11:59
ankitanyone help me11:59
ankitstruggling since last month11:59
egrainankit, did you select the right output? since 16.04 it switches to hdmi sometimes when i don't want it. when closing / opening the lid for example.12:03
ankitegrain i have selected Speakers - Build-in Audio12:04
singamhi guys use www.pazhanji.org12:04
singama free file transfer service dedicated to #ubuntu12:04
=== xero is now known as Guest15051
egrainankit, checked the alsamixer? in the terminal type "alsamixer"12:05
singamankit:  www.pazhanji.org12:06
royWoohoo.. did the upgrade 15.10 to 16.04 a few minutes ago. Still a working desktop :D12:06
ankitnope few days back i upgraded12:07
singamroy:  my server is running in ubuntu 18.10 custom version beta ... www.pazhanji.org llook how fast that is12:07
ankitnow sound is not working12:07
singamankit:  can you hibernate it?12:07
ankitheadphones are working fine12:07
ankitno option showing to hibernate12:07
singamankit: try installing the drivers?12:07
roySingam, nice. Didnt know it was out yet. But i try to keep it at the normal released versions hehe12:08
jattsingam: ubuntu 18.10 has not been released12:08
egrainankit, i really think you should check the alsamixer. there you can enable headphones and speakers separately.12:08
singambeta is released12:08
ankiti did check alsamixer12:08
bekkssingam: 18.10? No :)12:08
singamyes its developers preview12:08
singami got it .12:08
bekkssingam: 16.10, not 18.1012:08
egrainankit, then i'm sorry. i don't know. best of luck though.12:09
singamno its 18.1012:09
\9Sigyn: you've been spamming your website in here for days now12:09
\9stop it12:09
singamankit:  tell me your audio hardware12:09
ankithow to check??12:09
ankitsingam how to check audio hardware?12:09
singamswitch your headphone in and rigght click on audio icon12:09
singamtthen select properties12:09
singamor something like that12:09
egrainlspci |grep Audio ?12:10
singamdont do that it will grep ur audio and not working lol12:11
ankit00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)12:11
ankitthis is the output of the command12:11
singamok all u need to do is to install intel drivers12:11
ankithow to do that??12:11
singamdo u want me to link u?12:11
jattsingam: what does lsb-release -a show in your machine?12:12
jattI mean lsb_release -a12:12
singamankit:  pazhanji.org/download/file?key=1995912:13
egrainwhy do i think this singam guy is up to no good?12:13
ducasseankit: i wouldn't download _anything_ that guy links to12:13
singamim a legit guy lol .. just need people uising my website12:14
singamthats my website to transfer file12:14
ducassesingam: you've been told a million times to stop spamming your site!12:14
singamim not spamming .. im giving links to people12:15
singamwhich helps them out12:15
egrainyou mean just like google?12:15
singamno not like google12:15
hxr1Hi Guys, I need some advice. I've just upgraded my rig to SLI GTX 1080.. and when Im trying to install or boot ubuntu it says "unknown chipset ..." an screen goes blank. Any idea how could I possibly launch ubuntu on that PC?12:15
singamthis way u can transfer your files12:15
bekksLike a spammer, not like google.12:15
=== mike_ is now known as Guest22562
ducassesingam: there's a reason you're getting kicked and banned from channel after channel12:16
singamand  there is a  reason i still keep spamming12:16
=== Guest22562 is now known as mikemenk
hxr1or how to boot ubuntu with some generic drivers ?12:16
singamhxm: use this link pazhanji.org/download/file?key=1995912:16
singamhxr1 use this link www.pazhanji.org/download/file?key=1995912:16
bekks!nomodeset | hxr112:17
ubottuhxr1: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter12:17
hxr1singam, Im not interested in SPAm :P12:17
singamwell its not12:17
ducasseit is12:17
singamits just me helping people12:17
egrainanyway, i still need help with the libCWCore.so.0 being missing. anyone?12:17
royHow can the key be the same for different downloads?12:17
singamroy its not different downloads12:17
sacarlson2hxr1: how many SLI... card did you install just one?12:17
singamits same download12:18
hxr12 x GTX 108012:18
hxr1ubottu, thx mate, I will start reading now12:18
ubottuhxr1: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:18
singamubottu: hi12:18
singamubottu sex12:19
singamubutto roy sex12:19
bekks!ops | singam12:19
ubottusingam: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu12:19
roySingam think its better that you just leave this channel12:19
singamubottu:  roy hxr1 www.pazhanji.org BeerBaron robairt d D-Boy12:19
ubottusingam: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:19
sacarlson2hxr1: so you added 2 x GTX and maybe one build in card?  if so did you disable the built in card?12:19
singamubottu:  roy hxr1 www.pazhanji.org BeerBaron robairt e-dard_afk eddy8312:20
ubottusingam: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:20
singamubottu:  roy hxr1 www.pazhanji.org BeerBaron robairt e-dard_afk eddy8312:20
singamubottu:  roy hxr1 www.pazhanji.org BeerBaron robairt e-dard_afk eddy8312:20
singamubottu:  roy hxr1 www.pazhanji.org BeerBaron robairt e-dard_afk eddy8312:20
singamubottu:  roy hxr1 www.pazhanji.org BeerBaron robairt e-dard_afk eddy8312:20
Tex_Nicksingam: please don't tease the bot, it's sentient ! ;-)12:20
hxr1sacarlson2, my motherboard doesn't have any integrated graphic card12:20
hxr1what I've read before is the problem with the drivers , which are not available yet for linux12:21
bekkshxr1: Did you try the nomodeset parameter?12:21
hxr1sacarlson2, actually if it would have integrated it would be even easier, I would just plug my screen to that one ;-)12:22
hxr1bekks, Not yet, I've just got the links to the article about it. Im going to try in a sec12:22
ankitsngam i did reinstall alsa12:26
ankitbut still sound is not working from build-in speakerds12:27
ankitbut still sound is not working from build-in speakers12:27
sacarlson2ankit: built in as in a laptop I take it?12:28
ducasseankit: maybe the output is muted12:28
ankitoutput is not muted as i attach headphones they are working12:29
ankityes laptop speakers are not working12:30
noizexanyone using clang with Ubuntu 16 and being able to compile with -std=c++11 ?12:31
noizexseems like it's all messed, can't figure out what I need12:31
\9noizex: it works fine for me12:31
noizexeither missing headers, or it's unable to link12:31
hxr1success, at least I've logged in to LIVE version12:32
hxr1nomodset resolved that :)12:32
ikonianoizex: "compile" is generic12:32
ankitsacaelson2: laptop speakers are not working12:32
ikoniait depends what you're compiling and how12:32
ikoniait's not a generic "this works, this doesn't"12:32
noizexikonia: anything really, I have problems compiling a file with #include <iostream> int main { std::cout << "foo"; }12:33
ikonia"a problem"12:33
sacarlson2ankit: I think I see a solution here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/117842/no-sound-from-speakers-but-headphones-work12:33
noizexcan't find iostream12:33
ikoniayou must understand people need details to actually be able to help12:33
ikonianoizex: ok - so thats it not able to find the header12:33
noizexit's picking Selected GCC installation: /usr/bin/../lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/5.4.012:33
ikoniawhat has that got to do with it12:34
ikoniait can't find a header12:34
noizexprobably version of headers it will be looking for12:34
juanonymousis it possible to have two different hostnames?12:34
ikoniawhere is it looking for the header12:34
ikoniajuanonymous: in what respect ?12:34
sacarlson2ankit: as it says this: sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf;  Now add the following line at its end: ;  options snd-hda-intel model=generic12:34
ikoniajuanonymous: can you give the usecase12:34
noizexthough it doesn't include 5.4.0 path to include12:34
juanonymousi saw a user in irc have a hostname of this -harfox (~harfox@Playboy.Kab.el.Gy) has left #bacolod (SailingTheSevenSeas)12:35
juanonymousbut when i tried checking the real hostname12:35
noizexikonia: I asked a general question because I thought it may be usual problem, I found some posts that it's broken for Ubuntu, if anyone can try and help I will provide sample code or whatever is needed12:36
juanonymousit points to - khusus.dewasa.yang.bisa.nonton.xxx-online.video.12:36
ikonianoizex: where is it looking for the headerts12:36
\9juanonymous: that doesn't have anything to do with ubuntu. take it to the channel ops12:37
noizexikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19761117/12:37
ankitsacaelson2: i tried this one, also not working out :(12:37
ikonianoizex: don't want a paste,12:38
ikonianoizex: just an answer, where is it looking for the header12:38
\9the paste has the list of paths12:38
ikoniaright, but where is it looking for the header you need12:38
\9in.. those paths?12:39
noizexok, I'm confused12:39
noizexI gave you list of paths compiler tries to look in for iostream12:39
ikonianoizex: where is the physical header file12:39
noizexwhich is in /usr/include/c++/5/iostream or /usr/include/c++/4.9/iostream12:39
noizexand I have no idea why it won't look there12:39
ankitanyone help me to fix ubuntu 16.04 no sound from speakers but headphones are working fine12:39
ikonianoizex: have you told it to look in there ?12:40
noizexit seems like it uses GCC headers and it should just pick these12:40
\9shouldn't need to tell it to look there12:40
\9it's a standard header in a standard location12:40
ikoniaif you look at the search path - it's not looking there12:40
ikoniaso is the environment screwed up ?12:40
ikoniatell it to look there and see if it works12:40
\9that's what i'd think too12:40
\9ankit: are you sure your speakers are not physically broken?12:40
noizexikonia: I tried adding it by hand, but it feels wrong and got another error: /usr/include/c++/5/iostream:38:10: fatal error: 'bits/c++config.h' file not found12:41
ankit\0 i don't know actually, they are fixed into laptop :)12:41
ankit\9i don't know actually, they are fixed into laptop :)12:41
\9i see12:41
cerionhi. I use redshift-gtk. It automatically added a .desktop file in ~/.config/autostart. But that does not launch it at login. In fact, X-GNOME-Autostart-enabled was set to false in the .desktop. SO i set it to true. But nonetheless, redhsift-gtk is not launched automatically. What's wrong ,12:41
ikonianoizex: ok - so now it's looking for a different header12:41
ankit\9  don't know actually, they are fixed into laptop :)12:41
ikonianoizex: where is that header ?12:41
codepython777has anyone made a deb file here recently?12:42
ikoniacodepython777: just ask your real question12:42
codepython777I was thinking of making a .deb file to install cmake in /opt12:42
noizexhere: /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/c++/5/12:42
paranoidabhiI am new to linux. I wanted to automate upgrades. I tried this solution https://github.com/abhigenie92/unattended_upgrades_repos. If possible can anyone give me suggestions on how to improve it. Or suggest better solutions.12:42
ikonianoizex: ok, so from your path, iut's not looking there - so you can expect it to fail12:42
noizexI tried adding it too then it comes to linker errors12:42
sacarlson2ankit: I'm sure you tried this: up vote         0         down vote                                         I had the same issue. Go to "System Settings" select "Sound" and then  select "Headphones" as the option in the the "Connector" drop down menu  list.12:42
codepython777does anyone have a simple way of doing that? I've a script that compiles and installs it in /opt12:42
ikonianoizex: so that means it's working then12:42
\9ankit: try use 'alsamixer' in console, press F6 and go through the devices listed12:42
sacarlson2ankit: like it might be reversed12:42
ikoniayour build environment is just wrong12:42
\9maybe it's just muted?12:43
ankit\9 there are two options default, HDA Intel12:43
codepython777I was looking at this: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=910717 - how do you put a compiled package into this form?12:44
\9so you just have one device12:44
noizexikonia: I don't know, it's fresh installation and I thought it should work out of the box, I installed clang packages and just can't get it to work12:44
ikonianoizex where did the clang package come from ?12:44
\9ankit: are there any volume bars present? are the headphones currently plugged in?12:44
ikonianoizex: you can't get it to work as your environment is not looking in the right places, setup your environment12:44
ankit\9 yes12:45
\9so it's there, and is not muted?12:45
\9your 'yes' doesn't really tell which question you said yes to12:45
ankitvolume bars are presents and headphones are plugged in12:45
sacarlson2codepython777: I've only made 2 deb files but it's been some time.  the methods should still be in my github on those projects12:46
ankitand Headphone is not muted in alsamixer12:46
\9what if you unplug the headphones?12:46
pavlushkasuddenly my ram and swap is getting saturated, so I closed the browser and other apps, now running only Hexchat, file browser and terminal, but the resource is still almost zero, have 2 GB ddr2 ram, 2 GB swap on intel celeron 540m processor, running Xubuntu 16.04, 64 bit.:(12:47
ankit\9 headphones gets muted and speaker bar gets unmuted12:47
\9ok so the sound card is working fine12:47
Tex_Nickankit: yeah unplug the headphones, they usyakky mute the speakers12:47
\9my guess would be physical damage if they don't work while headphones are unplugged, but i cannot tell for sure12:48
\9we've reached the end of my knowledge12:48
noizexikonia: will check what libs it links and why it doesn't find standard library defs, thanks anyway12:48
ankitTex_Nick any idea??12:49
Tex_Nickankit: let me scroll up a bit to see what your original post was12:50
ankitTex_Nick sure12:50
sacarlson2codepython777: I used a very simple script to make a deb file https://github.com/sacarlson/Backdoor/blob/master/make_deb_git.sh12:51
codepython777sacarlson2: if i want to install in /opt, - how can we change it?12:52
sacarlson2you basicly just setup the package dir as if it was root and put /opt/... whatever contents you want12:53
sacarlson2then run the script as far as I recall12:53
egrainare there ia32-libs packages? i found some tutorial for my CEWE Fotobuch problem, but the packages they want me to install she doesn't find. like ia32-libs-multiarch and ia32-libs-gtk. so i'm guessing i need to add another repository. i would appreciate the help, obviously.12:53
Luka00Hello people what is harmful intel_idle.max_cstate=1?12:53
sacarlson2the other part are the startup script and the remove scripts12:53
codepython777sacarlson2: i want to build it for cmake. How do i make sure that ubuntu does not execute apt-get install cmake once my package is installed?12:54
Luka00I continue to have freezing problems and would like to try this solution12:54
sacarlson2you can expand on the script so that it does the compile first then moves the bin into the location you desire12:54
ankitTex_Nick any idea??12:56
Luka00trying not to burn my laptop12:56
ankitTex_Nick ubuntu 16.04 no sound12:56
codepython777sacarlson2: does apt-get compare metadata ?12:57
ioriaankit, have you tried to boot a liveCd 16.04 and test it ?12:57
ioriaankit, try12:58
sacarlson2codepython777: apt-get just uncompresses your set of files and puts them into the locations you setup in the deb file.  it also runs some the scripts that do the init of the setup and also the option to remove12:58
Tex_Nickankit: so you say you only have 2 options, default & HDA Intel, is that in sound settings ?12:58
_28_riaHello, "env|grep XDG_DATA_DIRS" gives some systemwide data dirs (in Ubuntu 16.04), but, when I tried it in Ubuntu 14.04. It doesn't have this env variable, Is there something similar, I could use for this in Ubuntu 14.04? maybe some core utility or some text file in the /proc, or something?12:58
ankitTex_Nick yes12:59
ioriano, in alsamixer12:59
geirhasacarlson2: line 10 may remove more than just ".git files". You should drop the use of grep and xargs12:59
ankitTex_Nick third one is enter device name12:59
codepython777sacarlson2: if a user tells apt-get install cmake, when my cmake is installed - how does it compare the version number? using meta data?12:59
sacarlson2geirha: if it could it didn't seem to remove anything needed as it works fine13:00
sacarlson2codepython777: you specif the version number in the config files.  I would have to read it to remember I wrote this years ago13:01
geirhasacarlson2: It's a bug waiting to happen. The cd commands too, but those are much less likely to occur13:01
ankitioria yes in alsamixer settings13:02
Tex_Nickankit: in system setings.sound you should see some tabs ... Output, Input, Sound Effects ... ??? do you see that ?13:02
ankitfour tabs13:02
Tex_Nickok so on the output tab is that set to analog output ?13:03
ankitOutput, Input, Sound Effects, Applications13:03
codepython777sacarlson2: i was hoping there are better tools for this now...alien?13:03
sacarlson2codepython777: the version is specified here: https://github.com/sacarlson/Backdoor/blob/master/backdoor.debpackage/DEBIAN/control13:03
sacarlson2codepython777: ya there must be as this was the method 2 years ago and I didn't research much when I wrote it as I was in a hurry13:03
kromwellHow do I add a binary I just unpacked to path?13:03
ankitTex_Nick http://imgur.com/XMmh6M213:04
Tex_Nickankit: Output tab ... Play sound through ... Analog Output ?13:04
ankitTex_Nick http://imgur.com/XMmh6M213:04
Tex_Nickok i see the pic13:04
kromwellwhere ~/otp/bin is my binary13:05
kromwellis this correct?13:05
kromwellTo add a binary to the path13:05
\9that is right13:05
\9you should add that to your ~/.bash_aliases13:05
sacarlson2geirha: you are welcome to put in a PR as I no longer support it13:06
codepython777sacarlson2: seems like alien --to-deb is the easiest way13:06
codepython777can't figure out how to tell it to install in /opt though13:06
codepython777also, not sure if alien compiles and then installs or is it a source .deb file that i've to compile?13:07
sacarlson2codepython777: why must it be in /opt?  you can add to the init script to move it I guess13:07
Tex_Nickankit: what is that switch at the right side of the volume control ?13:07
Tex_Nick"Output Volume"13:08
ankitTex_Nick Mute/unmute13:08
codepython777sacarlson2: I'm using everything from /opt - so need it all in /opt13:08
Tex_Nickyeah so it's in unmute ?13:08
ankitTex_Nick yes13:08
sacarlson2codepython777: create a simbolic link in /opt or move it13:09
codepython777sacarlson2: do you know what alien does, when i do alien --to-deb cmake.tar.gz?13:09
codepython777where does it install things?13:09
sacarlson2codepython777: no I don't recall what alien does13:09
codepython777it generated cmake_3.6.0-2_all.deb ?13:09
codepython777how do i peek into it?13:10
sacarlson2I only have a full understanding of how debs work13:10
codepython777how do i look into this .deb file?13:10
sacarlson2you can open a deb file with your file manager from arkive  it's just a standard compressed file13:10
EriC^^codepython777: dpkg -c /path/to/deb13:11
codepython777sacarlson2: it only has ./cmake/Source files it seems13:11
codepython777I want it to have compiled version of cmake13:12
Tex_Nickankit: above ioria asked if you had tried booting into a live dvd, i think that;s a good idea, it would be my first step at this point13:12
sacarlson2no it has to have the standards of deb in it13:12
codepython777how does one convert package-src.deb to package.deb?13:12
codepython777EriC^^: Thanks.13:13
EriC^^codepython777: no problem13:13
ankitokay I will download 16.04 and make a bootable usb13:13
Tex_Nickankit: boot into a live session and hit the "Test Speakers" button13:13
codepython777I want to get a .deb file that has compiled cmake inside it, and installs it in /opt13:13
sacarlson2codepython777: the DEBIAN directory would have to be in the *.deb file or it would not be considered a deb file13:13
ankitis there a way to boot live session without downloading 16.04??13:14
Tex_Nickankit: there is a switch on the headphone jack that disables/enables the speakers, it that switch isn't making good contact, it could keep the speakers disabled,13:15
sacarlson2Tex_Nick: good point ankit it could be a hardware problem not a software one.  any other booted iso to try to verifty that?13:16
egraini think i got i!13:16
egrainthanks for your help, i guess.13:16
dumasis there a known bug in 16.04 with audio? my speakers stop producing sound and i have to log in and out to get it back13:17
sacarlson2dumas: well ankit has been complaining just seconds ago of no sound from speakers but sound with headphones on 16.0413:18
Luka00anyone can tell me how to set intel_idle.max_cstate=1 and how dangerous it is?13:18
Lewoco_Completely off-topic, but is anyone able/willing to answer some questions related to finding rental accommodation is the USA?13:19
cfhowlettLewoco_, ask in #ubuntu-offtopic please13:20
dumaslol my problem is when i unplug my headphones sound doesn't come from my laptop's speakers13:20
ducassedumas: if it works with a relogin you could try restarting pulseaudio. maybe it doesn't properly detect the switch.13:22
Tex_Nickankit: i understand that you want to get it fixed fast, and prefer to not have to burn a live dvd, however a live dvd can sometimes be your best friend13:23
ankitsure thanks13:23
dumasTex_Nick, ducasse: could this maybe help? >https://github.com/yktoo/indicator-sound-switcher13:26
sacarlson2Tex_Nick: you still use dvd?  doesn't everyone use at least a usb flash to install?  it's even faster to install an iso direct off a standard sata drive13:27
Tex_Nicksacarlson2: lol good point sir, yeah i still burn an optical disk of all my distro installs13:28
sacarlson2Tex_Nick: to each his own, besides saving 30 cents it installs 10X faster.  I haven't had a working dvd reader on my system in some time.  they don't seem to last or just get dirty13:30
Tex_Nicksacarlson2: hmmm well i have some optical drives that are 10 or 15 years old and still work & several hundred dvd disk backups maybe 20 years old or so, that i still read data from at times, autocad files13:32
Tex_Nicksacarlson2: but you're right i shouldn't tell other people to burn dvds HaHa13:33
curlyearsgreets.  Yet another insane booting problem.13:52
curlyearsI can now boot off my DVD drive, or my HDD.  But I cannot seem to boot off a USB Thumb that has animage of the 16.04 install DVD on it.13:53
ikoniacurlyears: you know the drill - you want help provide details13:53
ikoniasaying "cannot boot" doesn't help anyone13:53
curlyearsThe BIOS has two places to affect boot priorities.  Ibn the first, it offers a slection of the 250GB ssd, or "other bootable cards inserted" I have the SSD sel;ected.13:54
madhu__f10 : hi13:54
madhu__pintman : Hi13:55
curlyearsin the other, it allows me to select the first, second and third boot priorities.  I hyave all 3 set to "USB-HDD" which is the closest description to what I actually have here.  It still keeps booting from the SSD13:55
madhu__how to install drivers while installing server os 12.0413:55
ikoniacurlyears: most bioss will allow you ro override boot order with F1213:55
ikoniacurlyears: you need to contact/research you motherboard / bios info about how to use it13:55
ikoniait's not an ubuntu problem13:56
madhu__arooni :13:56
ikoniacurlyears: the only thing to make sure of, is that your bootable usb disk is actually a sane bootable media device (boot something else with it to test)13:56
curlyearswhat am I doing wrong?  The other options for USB include USB-FDD, USB-LS120, USB-CDROM, USB-Zip would one of those selections be more likely?13:57
ikoniacurlyears: we don't support your bios13:57
madhu__Hi Arroni Znc13:57
ikoniathey are just media types13:57
ikoniamadhu__: please stop saying hi to every single person13:57
madhu__Arooni Znc : how to install drivers while installing server os13:57
josh-milleranyone every installed WMIC on Ubuntu 16? I'm trying to follow this guide http://techedemic.com/2014/09/17/installing-wmic-in-ubuntu-14-04-lts-64-bit/ but I get this error when attempting to make it Can't use 'defined(@array)' (Maybe you should just omit the defined()?) at ./pidl/pidl line 58313:57
madhu__Ikonia : I am trying if any one free13:58
ikoniamadhu__: thats not how you do it13:58
ikoniamadhu__: just ask the channel and wait for a response13:58
curlyearsikonia:  I don't have anything else to boot with it.  The 14.04.4 "Create Install Disk" utility claimed the installer was written correctly to the USB.  That's it.  All the information I have .  And nno, I have no freinds or neighbours with computers I can ask to let me try this on theirs.  )-:13:58
ikoniacurlyears: so either a.) learn how to fix/use your bios b.) verify the install media is sane13:59
ikoniacurlyears: those are you two options13:59
cerioncurlyears: then try to recreate an installation media. May be with another usb key13:59
popeymadhu__: drivers for what?14:00
madhu__Popey : Hardware raid controller Megaraid M1115 controller drivers14:02
popeymadhu__: are they not supported by a recent kernel?14:02
=== Murzzilka is now known as murzzilka
madhu__Popey : yes14:02
popeymadhu__: so why do you need drivers?14:03
madhu__Popey : to detect Raid array14:03
curlyearsOK, using CD/DVD creator, how do I tell it to use a .iso to create a bootable install disk?14:03
popeymadhu__: why not 14.04 or 16.04? 12.04 is a touch old.14:03
popeymadhu__: 12.04 goes out of support in less than a year.14:04
madhu__Popey; it is x3100 M5 v3 series. 12.04 will support m4 servers14:04
curlyearsmadhu:  so will all the newer versions14:05
popeymadhu__: you are way better off using a newer version.14:05
OerHeksmadhu__, but you already know it is a fakeraid device14:05
popeyoh, ew14:05
madhu__Popey: My boss said add controller and go head14:05
popeymadhu__: is this an existing 12.04 install? Can you explain?14:06
popeyor a new install?14:06
madhu__fresh install14:06
popeygreat, so use a newer iso14:06
curlyearsgo with 16.0414:06
madhu__The existing software tested in 12.04.14:07
curlyearsmadhu__: how do you have existing software on a fresh install?14:07
madhu__In ubuntu hardware certified. there is not hardware14:07
popeycurlyears: I assume the software they want to install on 12.0414:08
curlyearsmadhu__: how old is your hardware?14:08
madhu__New one x3100 M5 v314:08
\9sounds like you should invest in testing it on 14.04, lest your software winds up depending on an unsupported operating system version14:08
curlyears\9, good point14:09
curlyearsmadhu__: nice model number, who is the manufacturer14:09
madhu__I will check with my vendor14:09
curlyearsOK, using CD/DVD creator, how do I tell it to use a .iso to create a bootable install disk?14:10
ikoniacurlyears: I don't hink you do14:10
ikoniait's a CD/DVD creator14:10
ikoniaare you trying to make a CD/DVD or another usb ?14:10
curlyearsOkonnia:  OK, then how do I use a /iso to create a bootable install DVD?14:10
\9curlyears: if you're on linux right now you can just use dd to create it14:10
\9er, install dvd?14:11
\9wasn't this about usb?14:11
sukhjitsup guys14:11
ikoniacurlyears: ok, so you're making a DVD now14:11
ikonia\9: yes, we randomly jumped to DVD, keep up14:11
madhu__please give me steps14:11
curlyearsikonia:  since I can't get the existing USB to boot, I am going to the obvious backup route, yes14:11
ikoniacurlyears: so if you right click on the DVD image it should give you an option to burn it14:12
curlyearsdo you mean the .iso?14:12
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=== alexandros-C is now known as alexandros_c
curlyearssee, I am hopeless with GUIs.  I never had this much trouble getting along with the CLI14:12
ikoniaplease don't use that excuse14:13
ikoniaas you've struggled to do what we've asked on the command line too14:13
ikoniayou can burn a dvd from the commandline if you want14:13
madhu__Please let me know. How to create ISO with adding new drivers and kernel14:13
madhu__So that I can able to install in the future14:14
sarbojitmadhu__, you dont need to create an ISO... ubuntu comes with a bootable iso.14:14
sarbojityou can use usbnetbootin to create a bootable usb stick though14:15
madhu__Sarbojit : Some times we need to add new hardware drivers and new kernal14:15
madhu__in case if not support exising releasaed image14:16
sarbojitmadhu__, it is "kernel" and not "kernal" :-) by the way what exactly you're trying to achieve ?14:16
curlyearsOK...when I click on the .iso, it pops me up in CD/DVD Disk Creator.14:16
ikoniamadhu__: lets try to make this easy14:16
ikoniamadhu__: have you tried installing 16.04 on your current hardware, yes/no14:16
madhu__No yet14:17
Desucurlyears: do you want to use a usb stick?14:17
ikoniamadhu__: do that14:17
sarbojitgood old flowchart way !14:17
ikoniamadhu__: if it fails/has problems - tell us about them14:17
madhu__thank you14:17
curlyearsWhen I choose the USB as the source, it shows mwe the contents of the USB, which appear upon casual inspection to be correct for an installer disk14:17
ikoniacurlyears: can we cut to the chase here14:18
ikoniawhat do you need help with ?14:18
madhu__Last question; there is a possibililty to add third party drivers while installing os.14:18
ikoniamadhu__: yes,14:18
madhu__Like that any ption in ubuntu14:18
ikoniamadhu__: in ubuntu ? are you not using ubuntu ?14:18
curlyearsbut it won't let me select the DVD drive, even though there is an empty DVD loaded, and the system will show me the blank directory of the DVD.  The system, when I place the DVD in the tray and close the rtray, tells me it can't open the drive, it is already selected.14:19
ikoniacurlyears: burn it on the command line14:19
sarbojitmadhu__, what is the distro you're using?14:19
ikoniacurlyears: you say you're happy with that - do that14:19
ikonia!install | curlyears14:19
ubottucurlyears: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate14:19
sarbojitand to answer your question, it is possible to add 3rd party drivers while installing the OS but make sure proper config files are done so new OS finds them after a reboot14:19
ikoniacurlyears: read the URLs - and I mean read them rather than skim them14:19
curlyearsikonia:  using dd?  I don't think I have ever burned a DVD using dd14:19
ikoniacurlyears: no, thats not how you burn to a cdrom14:20
madhu__I try both 14.04 and 16.414:20
popeygood idea madhu__14:20
madhu__Update you after installation.14:21
madhu__Thank for all14:21
neil_where would I ask about a java problem?14:21
ikonianeil_: or ask #freenode how to use alis and search for channels14:21
neil_ikonia, thanks14:22
jattin #java14:23
curlyearsikonia:  those pages don't cover upgrading from 14.04 to 16.0414:23
ikoniajatt: no - in hava14:23
ikoniacurlyears: thats not what you said you where doing14:23
ikoniacurlyears: you said you wanted to make bootable media14:24
ikoniacurlyears: then it jumped randomly to dvd14:24
ikonianow it's randomly I want to upgrade14:24
curlyearswell, that is what thefirst link pulled up, instructions on upgrading14:24
ikoniacurlyears: you need to give real inforamtion14:24
ikoniacurlyears: right - so thats not what you are doing, so ignore that, and move to the next one14:24
ikoniacurlyears: are we really having to filter documents for you ?14:24
curlyearsikonia:  I went to second URL, followed the directions step by step, ran into the same problem as before.  It won't let me select the DVD drive the blank disk is in.  The DVD is listed in the choices pulldown, but it is greyed out14:28
ikoniacurlyears then either your device is not a DVD burner, or the media is not usable14:29
ikoniacurlyears: you can use the command line if you want to make it happen and see what error you get14:29
curlyearsikonnia:  and yet the DVD burner exists in the launcher bar, and when I click on it, I see an empty disk14:29
ikoniacurlyears: doesn't mean it sees it as a burner14:30
ikoniait can read, can it write....14:30
curlyearswhat conmand line is that?14:30
ikoniacurlyears: I'm sure you can look it up14:30
ikoniayour familier with using the command line more than the gui14:30
curlyearsWhy would it not see it as a burner?  It *IS* a burner14:30
ikoniacurlyears: did you check the media ?14:31
ikoniacurlyears: is it a CD or a DVD14:31
ikoniado you have another one to verify14:31
curlyearsi pointed out that that was in the past (about 6 years in the past)14:31
curlyearsit's a DVD blank.  Yes, let me try swapping the disk for anopther14:31
ikoniacurlyears: you absorb an awful lot of time with your problems and the way you address them, so I'm not going to do the leg work for you - I'll help you, but I'm not going to read documents for you14:31
curlyearsswapped another disk in.   No joy.   System sees it, recognizes it as a DVD+R, but the burner I get when clicking on  the .iso has that drive greyed out in the selection menu14:34
curlyearsikonia:  I looked at the two documents you linked, nothing in them helped.  You tell me to use the command line, I say "How do I do that?"  and you start complaining about doing my reading for me.  Point me to a doc or tutorial14:35
ikoniacurlyears look up the command yourself14:36
curlyearsWHAT command?  I know of no way to look up a man entry by describing what you want to do.14:36
ikoniacurlyears: ahh it's not mounting the usb is it14:36
ikoniacurlyears: google how to burn dvd's on the command line14:36
ikoniacurlyears: sorry - the DVD14:36
ikoniacurlyears: you wont be able to burn to it, if it's trying to mount it14:37
ikoniaeg: when you click on it to see if it's empty,14:37
curlyearsthe USB is the source of the .iso.  it is mounting it and reading it just fine14:37
ikoniacurlyears: check this http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/burn-a-dvd-on-ubuntu14:37
curlyearsit automatically shows a DVD or a USB in the launcher when you  insert them.   How do I disabl;e that?14:37
ikoniaI assume you're using 16.0514:38
skinuxI just tried executing a JAR, I got a dialog telling me to set executable bit. I forgot how to do that. Help please?14:40
ikoniachmod +x14:40
ikoniaskinux: man chmod for more details14:40
ikoniaskinux: or right click properties in the gui14:40
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jattskinux: chmod14:41
curlyearsno, I am using 14.04.4, as I have stated repeatedly.  I am attempting to upgrade to 16.414:41
ikoniacurlyears: there is no upgrade path until 16.04.114:41
paranoidabhiI am shifting from hdd to ssd on the same very machine. I need to reinstall packages. How can I do this with apt? That is create a list of a packages and then install again.14:41
curlyearsikonia;  well, then, I guess I'm trying to INSTALL 16.04 over 14.04.414:42
ikoniacurlyears: so you want to do a clean install ?14:42
curlyearsikonia:   yep14:42
ikoniacurlyears: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/burn-a-dvd-on-ubuntu so that is still valid14:42
curlyearsikonia:   step two contains the following:  16.04 LTS no longer comes with a CD/DVD burner, so using the Ubuntu Software Store, search for ‘Brasero’ and click ‘Install’.14:43
ikoniacurlyears: right - so again, ignore that step14:43
ikoniabut it wouldn't hurt to verify14:44
ne8cfldid I do this smart ctl test right? are those values ok? http://paste.ubuntu.com/19773389/ i can't read anything out of it14:46
Desucurlyears: why not use a usb stick?14:46
cfhowlettline 18, ne8cfl "PASSED"14:46
curlyearsBasero is telling me "<blah>AMD64,iso" is an "unknown disk image type"14:47
ikoniacurlyears: so your image may not be sane14:47
ikoniacurlyears: "blah"14:47
curlyears\Desu:  I can't get my system to boot freom a USB thumb14:47
ikoniacurlyears: how about the full dtails14:47
ikoniacurlyears: as I've asked you14:47
Desuthat can probably be fixed14:47
ikoniacurlyears: what is the exact name of the image14:47
curlyears...amd64.iso is all Braseros is showing me.14:48
ikoniacurlyears: what is the name of the iamge14:48
curlyearsI can't seem to copy it from the USB stick, ikonia.  WHen I try to highlight the filename for a copy, it just selects the entire image, including the little icon of the DVD.  I don't think I can paste that here. can I?14:49
ikoniacurlyears: what is the name of the iamge14:49
curlyearsubuntu-16-04-desktop-amd64.iso     (I had to switch back and forth between the windows and manually copy that, copy & paste wouldn't work14:51
ikoniayou could just type it14:51
ikoniait's 30 chars14:51
curlyearsikonia:  it's too long for me to remember accurately14:51
ikoniacurlyears: have you checksummed the image14:51
curlyearsI *DID* just type it14:51
ne8cflidk I think I got hdd problems. since i reinstalled my os I just get problems. yesterday my system wouldn't boot up anymore [initctl: Event failed]. after another reinstall ubuntu keeps freezing on me14:51
curlyearsikonia:    *blush*   no, I haven't14:52
cfhowlett!md5sum | curlyears14:57
ubottucurlyears: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM14:57
curlyearsI can't seem to locate sha256sums utility.  It is not recognized on my system as instal;l;ed, and apt-get says it can'rt find anything by that name15:01
jattcurlyears: it's provided by coreutils15:02
curlyearsjatt:  then shouldn't it already be on my system?15:03
jattcurlyears: what does /usr/bin/sha256sum say?15:04
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jattcurlyears: I think you were trying sha256sums instead of sha256sum?15:08
curlyearsjatt.  no, I accedntally typed a "-" where I should have typed a "." in the filename to be checked.  *blush*  that I why I wish I could *ALWAYS* use cut&paste for long file names15:09
curlyearsnow I just have to wait tot he file of 16.04 desktop-64  sha sums to finish downloading (1.4 GB *sheesh*)15:10
curlyearsI had strongly hoped that instaling 16.04 would have gone much more smoothly than this )-:15:12
ikoniacurlyears: it does for most people15:12
ikoniaI think the operator is the problem here15:12
* curlyears smakcs ikonia around a bit with a small trout :p15:13
ikoniaerrr no15:13
ikoniaI'm not messing around15:13
ducassecurlyears: just curious - why can't you always copy and paste long file names?15:13
ikoniayou need to tighten up how you use your system and how you request help15:13
curlyearsducasse:  when I am looking at, for example, the USB stick from the GUI, if I click on the name under a file, it insists on highlighting the small icon above it.  That won't work if I try to paste it to a command line.15:14
ducassecurlyears: use tab complete instead15:15
brohanHello. I have a laptop that the hdd failed. I am getting ready to do a fresh install of ubuntu with a 120GB ssd, and 750GB hhd. This computer has uefi / secure boot. What is the best setup for me on install?15:16
curlyearsI understanmd what you're telling me about tightening up how I ask for help, but have no clue what you're telling me about "tightening up" how I use my system, Ikonia15:16
ikoniacurlyears you make a lot of mistakes, your system appears to have problems, etc15:17
brohanThere will be NO dual boot with Win etc. Do I disable secure boot? I figured 1GB for /boot, 16GB for swap, the rest (113GB) for / and then /home on the 750 hdd15:17
ikoniabrohan: 1GB for boot is crazy big15:17
curlyearsikonia:  yes, I do make a lot of mistakes.  I am a disabled 63 year old Olde Phart.  So sue me.15:18
ikonia16GB for swap is a huge ammount, are you using syspend15:18
brohanikonia: ok. What do you recommend15:18
sacarlson2brohan: it's been some time for me but it seemed easy on my last install with 14.04 for uefi most important was to setup my bios to be in that mode I think.  the boot auto detected it and did most of the rest15:18
curlyearsMy system does have a lot of problems, most of which are NOT my fault (some of which are, though, to be honest)15:18
ikoniacurlyears: ok, so you need to tighten that up15:18
ikoniacurlyears: pay closer attention15:18
brohanikonia: my laptop has 12GB memory, I thought swap should double that?15:18
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ikoniabrohan: no no no, thats a long dead model15:18
brohanikonia: ok, how much for boot and swap so you recommend, given the 120GB ssd15:19
ikoniabrohan: no more than 500mb for boot - max15:19
curlyearsIknoia:  I have tried to do everything you (and others) have told me to do as you have told me to do it.  It doesn't always result in the expected results.  How is that my fault?15:19
ikoniabrohan: are you planning on ussing syspend/hibernate15:19
brohanikonia: yes15:19
rypervenchecurlyears: If you click on a file, then press F2, it will let you rename it, out it also highlights the file name, so you can then copy it. After using ctrl+c, you can click off of the file or press enter or esc I think to not rename it15:20
ikoniacurlyears: it mostly doesn't result in the right result because you don't do exactly what you are told/read the instructions properly15:20
brohanikonia: or . .  maybe not since I now have the SSD15:20
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ikoniabrohan: ok, so if you need to use suspend/hibernate, you need 12GB so it can dump all your ram into swap, if not, no more than 3 GB of swap15:20
involvedi am in a live session of ubuntu15:20
involvedi am going to install that and in the first step i get this error15:21
rypervencheinvolved: H there. Can you ask your question in one message? (It makes it easier for people to follow)15:21
brohanikonia: Gotcha.With having my size ssd, it wouldn't hurt to have that much swap would it?15:21
involvedThis machine's firmware has started the installer in UEFI mode but it looks like there may be existing operating systems already installed using "BIOS compatibility mode". If you continue to install Debian in UEFI mode, it might be difficult to reboot the machine into any BIOS-mode operating systems later.15:21
involvedIf you wish to install in UEFI mode and don't care about keeping the ability to boot one of the existing systems, you have the option to force that here. If you wish to keep the option to boot an existing operating system, you should choose NOT to force UEFI installation here.15:21
ikoniabrohan: define hurt ?15:21
ikoniabrohan: it will use up your space, how much space you have on your system is your risk/problem to manage15:21
involvedForce UEFI installation15:22
brohanikonia: cause me to now have enough space on ssd for /boot and /15:22
ikoniabrohan: ???15:22
involvedwhat should i do in this step ?15:22
ikoniabrohan: you have 120GB ssd, you use 12GB on swap, you have 120GB - 12GB15:22
ikoniabrohan: surely you can work if you have enough space for your other file systems /15:22
brohanikonia: exactly, 108GB for boot and / seems enough to me15:23
ikoniabrohan: so you know boot is 500mb15:23
brohanikonia: /home will be on my 750GB hdd15:23
ikoniabrohan: so you've got 120 - 12GB, -500mb15:23
ikoniabrohan: so do you think your root file system will fit in over 100GB of SSD ???15:23
brohanikonia: correct, seems plenty for root to me :-)15:23
brohanikonia: given that I understand ssd work best when less than 50% of space is used15:24
ikoniabrohan: I don't think thats true15:24
rypervencheinvolved: Do you need the other operating systen or are you wiping the whole drive?15:24
sacarlson2involved: hard to answer that without knowing what you have left on the drives that you might want to keep15:24
curlyearsikonia:   you have been extremely helpful to me over the past several months, and for that I thank you.  I do the best that I can, rather than just roll up in a ball and wait to die as many people in my circumstances do.  I apologize fornot being right smack on top of things.15:24
ducassebrohan: you don't need swap for suspend, but you do for hibernate.15:24
ikoniacurlyears: you don't have to be on top of things15:25
brohanikonia: if you had that drive setup and were installing a fresh ubuntu, how would you set it up15:25
ikoniacurlyears: you do need to pay more attention and do more research15:25
involvedsacarlson2, i need to other operating systems also15:25
ikoniacurlyears: eg: you hadn't really done anything before coming here and asking "why can't I boot"15:25
brohanikonia: I don't do anything out of the ordinary,not a gamer, video editor, etc15:25
sacarlson2involved: oh like dual boot windows or something?15:25
rypervencheinvolved: Then DON'T choose to force UEFI.15:25
curlyearsikonia:  I do pay attenion.  My high levels of untreated chronic pain make the sort of accuracy and precision needed to this difficult for me to accomplish.15:26
involved acarlson2, i have windows  7 and ubuntu 14.0415:26
ikoniacurlyears: I don't believe you do pay attention, thats just my personal opinion though15:26
sacarlson2involved: ya I have to agree with rypervenche if you plan to boot any other systems you should abort this install15:26
ikoniabrohan: something like /=25GB, /boot=500mb, swap=12GB, /home=the rest15:26
ikoniathat way you system will be fast,15:27
involvedsacarlson2, what should i do then ?15:27
ikoniathen mount your big disk on other directories, like /home/user/media (if you wanted somewhere to put your videos for example)15:27
sacarlson2involved: does windows boot from uefi?  I don't know enuf about windows 7 to help any farther15:27
curlyearsikonia:  thqt is NOT true!!!!   I spent *DAYS* tyring to figure out what the problem was.  It never occureed to me to unplug the 3TBdrives and set the BIOS out of EFI mode, since when I installed th drives, not being in EFI mode caused TONS of troubles15:27
brohanikonia: Thank you :-)15:27
ne8cflcd ..15:27
ikoniacurlyears what about today with your non-booting usb15:28
curlyearsI folloed dozens of suggestions from the more knowledgeable members of tyhe channel, all to no avail.  Not their fault, and not mine.  Apparently this MB has a strange BIOS on it15:28
involvedsacarlson2, i installed one time and it is my twice times because i got this error that grub cant install in the end of installation15:28
curlyearsikonia:  I fought with that all yesterdfay afternoon, and all this morning15:28
ikoniacurlyears but what have you actually done15:29
Dandelsikonia, stop being an asshole15:29
ikoniaDandels: please don't call me names, and don't use that language15:29
sacarlson2involved: does windows still boot in this present bios mode?15:29
curlyearsI asked one question that, I believe, you resp[onmded to with "We don't support your BIOS here."15:29
involvedi cant boot with my other OS now i just can use live session15:29
ikoniacurlyears: right, but you hadn't tried the other things, eg: verifying the usb, verifying the image, building a DVD, etc15:30
sacarlson2involved: most bios are setup to run in compatible mode (old mode)15:30
involvedsacarlson2, i cant boot any of my oSs15:30
ikoniacurlyears: it's ok not to know, but you would really benifit from trying a little more on the actual understanding of how something works/the fix, rather than just asking for a fix15:30
ikoniacurlyears: everyone learns, so it's no problem starting at the bottom of the information tree,15:30
involvedi have my drivers from ubuntu and windows7 but i cant boot to them15:30
rypervenchecurlyears: See my private message, please.15:31
sacarlson2involved: sounds like you changed your bios to uefi and now windows will no longer boot.  you would have to put bios back in compatible mode to get windows working first. then install ubuntu in that mode not uefi more15:31
curlyearsup until today, I *COULDN'T* nuild a DVD, I didn't have an available DVD writer drive.  As for "verifying" the USB, as I have tried to explain, I am alone ehere with *ONE* computer.  I have no one I can just pop in on and ask to use their computer to check my USB thumb out15:31
involvedi looked for uefi mode in bios setting but i couldnt find that15:32
ikoniacurlyears totally understand that, but you didn't try a DVD, until told to, you didn't check the iamge, until told to etc,15:32
sacarlson2involved: the other posibilty is you corupted the /boot section of uefi to make windows not boot if windows was installed that way. in that case I'm not sure what you should do.  as I said I'm not a windows guy15:32
involvedin advanced mode15:32
ikoniacurlyears: again, it's not a problem to not know, but you'll knwo a lot more if you read a full article for example and discard what you don't need, rather than just cut to the bit you want15:32
involvedsacarlson2, i didnt do any change on bios setting15:33
sacarlson2involved: so you never change the bios setting in uefi?  I'm prity sure I can't help you15:33
involvedsacarlson2, what is problem then ?15:34
involvedsacarlson2, at first i could choose between uefi and bios mode but now i cant choose15:36
curlyearssacarlson2: what do you mean, exactly, by "now I can't choose?"15:37
involvedcurlyears, when i enter f12 i directly see install ubuntu15:38
sacarlson2curlyears: I don't remember saying that, can you give me a time stamp?15:38
involvedcurlyears, i cant choose between uefi and bios mode15:39
curlyearssacarlson2: you didn't, involved did. Apologies15:39
curlyearsinvolved:  are the choices greyed out?15:40
sacarlson2curlyears: np15:40
involvedcurlyears, i cant see choices i just see try ubuntu and install ubuntu after f1215:41
curlyearsOH!   you're looking in the wrong place, I think, involved.  You need to reset your system, and hold down the "delete" key until you see a message that says something like "prepare to enter setup"15:41
curlyearsthen you have to find which setup menu has the UEFI selection in it15:41
involvedoh my god15:41
involvedi should choose UEFI?15:42
involvedthere ?15:42
curlyearsask sacarlson2, I don't know15:42
involvedafter delete ?15:42
sacarlson2involved: all I could find in a short time was this http://linuxbsdos.com/2014/05/30/dual-boot-ubuntu-14-04-and-windows-7-on-a-pc-with-uefi-firmware/15:42
sacarlson2see I'm just too slow15:43
sacarlson2missted it by 10 sec15:43
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involvedi entered delete but any result15:56
involvedmy bios setting is runs with f215:57
involvedi cant see any choise for uefi15:58
involvedin my bios setting15:58
curlyearsinvolved:  hoe about for EFI?15:59
sacarlson2involved: I did find this involved: all I could find in a short time was this http://linuxbsdos.com/2014/05/30/dual-boot-ubuntu-14-04-and-windows-7-on-a-pc-with-uefi-firmware/15:59
involvedcurlyears, i didnt see EFI there in advanced mode15:59
sacarlson2involved: all I could find in short notice that should be similar to what you would need to do to boot both windows 7 and ubuntu16:00
curlyearsinvolved: just how old is this system?16:00
involvedi see bios is from 201216:00
involvedphoenix bios16:00
sacarlson2involved: I assume the ubuntu install detects if efi is active or not but I could be wrong16:01
curlyearshmmm....UEFI was around before 2012, for sure.  Strange.16:01
involvedcurlyears, what is your idea ?16:02
sacarlson2involved: it's also posible you might be able to flash the bios, but that could be risky16:02
involvedis it possible that i loose my drivers?16:03
curlyearsinvolved:   The only Idea I have might  be considered offensive by you.16:03
involvedhow to flash bios?16:03
dstarhis it possible to get VNC working on 16.04 desktop?  Everything guide I've followed leaves me at "gray screen"16:04
involvedi have ubuntu 14.04  windows 7 and mint  on my drivers and i really dont want to loose mt data16:05
dstarhIdeally i'd like to keep with unity.  It's a headless media server but there are a few gui apps I needed16:05
sacarlson2involved: this give you some clues for bios flash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qqf45klqvUA16:05
ducassedstarh: vnc does not work with unity16:05
curlyearsinvolved:  you'd need to go to the Website for Phoenix, look to see if there is an update available for your specific BIOS versino  number, download that and probably a special program to install it.  *WARNING*  if *anything* goes wrong with a BIOS flash attempt, your comuter essentially becomes a brick16:05
dstarhducasse thanks was coming to that conclusion16:06
dstarhguess I'll fire up gnome16:06
ducassedstarh: not gnome or kde either, you can't have 3d accel.16:06
curlyearsisn't unity the default GUI for 16.04?16:07
dstarhcurlyears it is the default16:07
dstarhducasse xfce then?16:07
ducassedstarh: yes, but disable the compositor16:07
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involvedoh my od16:08
involvedcurlyears, what is your idea?16:09
curlyearswhat now, involved?16:09
ducasseinvolved: what options do you have in the bios under the 'boot' heading?16:09
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sacarlson2involved: if I were you I would at least backup all your home files from you windows disk.  I would just reinstall a fresh windows with my minimal knowledge it would probly take too long to figure it out16:09
involvedi just see priority16:09
involved1.flappy  2.harddisk16:10
involved3 .cd/dvd16:10
sacarlson2involved: I personally do all my windows operations in virtualbox from within Ubuntu so I can run both a the same time16:10
involved4.usb and so on16:10
ducasseinvolved: there is nothing regarding csm or secure boot?16:10
involvedi see secure boot16:11
involvedit is disable16:11
involvedi set password for my bios16:11
ducasseinvolved: ok, and there are no settings for uefi mode anywhere?16:12
involvedducasse, not at all16:12
involvedi searched exactly16:12
ducasseinvolved: what brand and model is this?16:12
involvedbios version 216:12
ducasseinvolved: i need the model number so i can look it up.16:13
curlyearsducasse:  BIOS is qpparently dated 201216:13
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involvedducasse, model number of my laptop?16:14
involvedor bios?16:14
ducasseinvolved: laptop16:14
involvedi see LB AH53216:15
ducasseinvolved: ok, give me a minute16:15
involvedducasse, is it what you need?16:15
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ducasseinvolved: yes, but i can't connect to support.fujitsupc.com, the site appears to be down. i was looking for the manual.16:17
involvedsacarlson2, what does it show?16:20
sacarlson2can't you open it?16:21
Cysc0has anyone here ever had an issue with getting laptop power savings mode to activate manually?16:21
sacarlson2only thing I note is a newer version of bios involved:16:21
SchrodingersScat!details | Cysc0 easier if you describe what's happening to you, rather than polling random people16:21
ubottuCysc0 easier if you describe what's happening to you, rather than polling random people: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.16:21
involvedsacarlson2, you mean i should install new version ?16:22
sacarlson2I don't think I would as windows ran ok with what you had.  if you have any hope to get what you already have running it's best to keep the original biow16:23
ducasseinvolved: only idea i've got is to load setup defaults, that should return it to a sane state16:23
sacarlson2involved: I had to flash mine one time I forget why oh was to get some virtual mode working that old bios doen't support16:24
sacarlson2I needed virtual modes to better support docker16:24
involvedducasse, i did factory defaults but any result16:24
involvedsacarlson2, it is not a risk ?16:25
ducasseinvolved: what happens when you try to boot from the hard disk?16:25
curlyearsinvolved:  flashing your BIOS is *ALWAYS* risky.  ANy errors will lead to your computer essentially becoming an expensive briick16:25
sacarlson2it's a bigger risk if you hope to get a drive that is already installed to work on another bios.  a new install will sense the bios and adjust what is needed at install time16:25
sacarlson2I had nothing to loose on my disk it was a fresh install16:26
curlyearsthe most common error I am aware of is an error in downlo0ading the binary BIOS image.  Be *SURE* to check any MD5 or whatever checksums for a precise match16:26
involvedducasse, i cant boot from hard disk i see no bootable device found16:28
sacarlson2involved: do you even have a windows 7 install cd or iso file for this fujisu?16:28
curlyearsinvolved:  are you absolutely certain the HDD is connected?16:28
sacarlson2involved: I am almost sure it will be needed to fix the corrupted efi or uefi or whatever this thing runs from16:29
ducasseinvolved: maybe your bootloader is just corrupted. can you boot the installer in live mode?16:29
involvedbut when i insert dvd or bootable flash i entirely redirect to install or try ubuntu16:29
ducasseinvolved: choose try ubuntu16:29
involvedducasse, i am in live mode now16:29
involvedducasse, i tried that16:30
involvedi see fore uefi?16:30
ducasseinvolved: ok, good. try 'ls /sys/firmware/efi' in a terminal16:30
involvedls: cannot access '/sys/firmware/ef': No such file or directory16:32
ducasseinvolved: ok, the laptop is booted in legacy mode.16:32
sacarlson2it must be like old legacy16:32
curlyearsducasse:  that won't work for him, he isin a Live DVD session.16:32
involved ls /sys/firmware/efi16:32
involvedconfig_table  fw_platform_size  runtime      systab16:32
involvedefivars       fw_vendor         runtime-map  vars16:32
curlyearsoh, never mind16:33
ducassecurlyears: of course it will16:33
curlyearsoh, never mind16:33
ducasseinvolved: ok, so it _is_ in uefi mode16:33
ducasseinvolved: pastebin the output of 'sudo efibootmgr -v'16:33
ducasse!paste | involved16:34
ubottuinvolved: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:34
involvedducasse, http://pastebin.com/xFPYKz1t16:35
ducasseinvolved: ok, also pastebin 'sudo parted -l'16:37
involvedducasse, http://pastebin.com/c0ziq5Xa16:39
ducasseinvolved: your problem is that windows and linux are both installed in legacy mode, but the laptop is in uefi mode. you need to somehow get it switched back to csm/legacy mode or reinstall everything in uefi mode16:41
MrMessyHi, I need help for hdmi related problem on ubuntu (because of tlp install). Is this the right place to ask?16:41
involvedducasse, what should i do now exactly?16:42
ducasseinvolved: i can't really help you with that, there was nothing in the manual about it. i recommend you try ##hardware, they might know more about your type of laptop, i don't16:42
chudakGood morning all!  I am wondering if RAW ubuntu desktop image can be found somewhere?16:43
ducasseinvolved: or just backup and reinstall16:43
guest-GEya5Rsudo -s -- << EOF16:43
guest-GEya5Rwget -O - https://content.runescape.com/downloads/ubuntu/runescape.gpg.key | apt-key add -16:43
guest-GEya5Rmkdir -p /etc/apt/sources.list.d16:43
guest-GEya5Recho "deb https://content.runescape.com/downloads/ubuntu trusty non-free" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/runescape.list16:43
guest-GEya5Rapt-get update16:43
guest-GEya5Rapt-get install -y runescape-launcher16:43
involvedducasse, it is no choice i have to back up and reinstall16:44
guest-GEya5Rapt-get update16:44
guest-GEya5Rapt-get install -y runescape-launcher16:44
guest-GEya5Rsudo -s -- << EOF16:44
guest-GEya5Rwget -O - https://content.runescape.com/downloads/ubuntu/runescape.gpg.key | apt-key add -16:44
involvedit takes me a long time16:44
guest-GEya5Rmkdir -p /etc/apt/sources.list.d16:44
ducasseguest-GEya5R: stop that!16:44
ducasse!paste | guest-GEya5R16:45
ubottuguest-GEya5R: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:45
curlyearsinvolved:   sometimes computer problems can take a VERY long time to correct16:45
guest-GEya5Rapt-get install -y runescape-launcher16:45
guest-GEya5REOFsudo -s -- << EOF16:45
guest-GEya5Rwget -O - https://content.runescape.com/downloads/ubuntu/runescape.gpg.key | apt-key add -16:46
guest-GEya5Rmkdir -p /etc/apt/sources.list.d16:46
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involvedducasse, no way16:46
ducasseinvolved: no way what?16:46
curlyearsinvolved:   sometimes computer problems can take a VERY long time to correct16:46
involvedreally thanks guys16:47
involvedi have to take a back up and reinstall16:47
ducasseinvolved: you could try in ##hardware first, there must be a way to switch csm back on.16:48
ducasseinvolved: it could save you a lot of bother16:48
involvedducasse, could you say my problem to them please ?16:50
=== RamPage_ is now known as RamPage
arianitI'm having strange visual problems with text not showing in terminal unless I highlight the text. See the attachment. Similarly, the menu icons will disappear. Both get fixed after re log in. Any ideas? https://i.stack.imgur.com/Eibh6.png16:51
involvedi am not good at english16:52
KrapulatHello, I’m getting this “varnishd[4705]: Error: Cannot read -f file (/etc/varnish/default.vcl): Permission denied” when trying to start varnish. And the file has read permissions. What can be the problem?16:53
ducasseinvolved: just tell them you need to switch csm/legacy back on16:53
involvedducasse, i cant send to channel16:54
ducasse!register | involved16:54
ubottuinvolved: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode16:54
curlyearsinvolved:  have you registered your nick yet?16:55
sacarlson2Krapulat: I assume that from within a term that you bring up?16:55
involvedit solved16:55
involvedi can send to channel16:55
involvedbut any answer yet16:55
ducasseinvolved: just wait, and ask again in a little while16:55
involvedi need to switch csm/legacy back on how can i do that16:57
involved<-- erasmus has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)16:57
involved--- ##hardware :Cannot send to channel16:57
ikoniainvolved: the guys in the channel #freenode can help you how to setup and register a nickname16:57
ikoniathen you can talk in ##hardware16:57
sacarlson2Krapulat: I have this problem in terminals infrequently when I more a file that has cntl caricters in it that sometims switch font colors and things, but on my system the term has a terminal>reset option that allows getting it back in normal default mode.16:59
Lee_76network question.  fresh install of ubuntu 16.04 lts 64 bit running on a VirtualBox.  I cannot see my windows network.  Are there configure instructions?  Yes I have samba installed.17:00
ricksebakI set up full disk encryption using this guide: http://thesimplecomputer.info/full-disk-encryption-with-ubuntu. But after installing Ubuntu and booting for the first time, I'm getting "cryptsetup: lvm not available". I'm not even using LVM. Anyone know how to fix this?17:01
sacarlson2Lee_76: I think you might want to set your virtual ethX to bridge mode17:02
sacarlson2Lee_76: this will make your virtual ubuntu apear to be on the same layer network as your windows that will allow samba to work17:03
ccha5someone know where I can get "keactrl" ? I installed kea-dhcp4-server but I don't find it and there is no keactrl in kea-admin package17:03
Lee_76sacarlson2, you mean in my Network section of my VM box config?  I have the 'attached to' set to Bridge Adapter17:03
sacarlson2Lee_76: yes17:03
ccha5on upstream documentation http://kea.isc.org/docs/kea-guide.html#keactrl17:03
sacarlson2Lee_76: so it was already set to bridge?17:04
Lee_76sacarlson2, yes17:04
sacarlson2Lee_76: and what is the ip seen on both your windows and linux box17:04
Lee_76sacarlson2, interesting, they are different17:05
Lee_76sacarlson2, my winbox have and my ubuntu box has
ducasseLee_76: they should be different17:06
sacarlson2Lee_76: different no they are on the same subnet17:06
Lee_76sacarlson2, ok17:06
sacarlson2try ping from ubuntu to win  ping
ducasse!pm | involved17:07
ubottuinvolved: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.17:07
Lee_76sacarlson2, timeout17:07
sacarlson2oh maybe win won't ping back anyway so try the other way17:07
ducasseinvolved: ask them yourself. if you need to register first, then do that.17:07
sacarlson2from win ping 192.168.1817:07
Lee_76sacarlson2, I did that, timeout17:08
sacarlson2sounds like some kind of firewall setting17:08
Lee_76on the win side?17:08
Lee_76sacarlson2, or ubuntu?17:08
sacarlson2Lee_76: most likly on the windows side or maybe even your router17:09
Lee_76sacarlson2, how come I can share and see folders on all of my win boxes17:09
sacarlson2that would probly indicate it's not on the router side.  I'm not sure17:10
sacarlson2is it posible you setup firewalls on ubuntu?17:10
Lee_76sacarlson2, its a new install.  If so, I did not configure it myself17:11
sacarlson2try ping the router I assume it's at
Lee_76sacarlson2,  from ubunt?17:11
Lee_76sacarlson2, that works17:11
sacarlson2might you have more than one ethernet port in hardware and or software emulation?17:12
Lee_76sacarlson2, you ean more than one ethernet connection in my router?17:13
sacarlson2fell free for anyone else to step in as I'm running out of ideas17:13
sacarlson2no on the computers17:13
ducasseccha5: there is no keactrl anywhere in the ubuntu repos17:14
Lee_76sacarlson2, only one ethernet connection17:15
sacarlson2we might try look at what the iptables looks like on linux side with sudo iptables -L  pastebin to us somehow17:15
ccha5ducasse: yes that's what I see too. Why ?17:15
=== freebsd_ is now known as t0pl3l
ducasseccha5: no idea, i know nothing about that package.17:15
ducasseccha5: i'm guessing you are expected to use systemctl instead to start/stop the service17:17
Lee_76sacarlson2, http://pastebin.com/xXNC5sqg17:19
MelamoI've broken my DB backup script twice, and I didn't notice for some time because cron fails silently other than a bit of reporting to /var/log/syslog. Is there a way to make cron fail loudly so when I typo a contrab file, or a script being run returns a non 0 status?17:19
sacarlson2Lee_76: ok17:19
ccha5keactrl does more that use a sart stop17:19
sacarlson2Lee_76: no firewall on linux side17:20
KiritoI'm guessing HDCP support is not currently possible in Linux?17:20
KiritoEven with Nvidia drivers obtaining DRM support17:20
ducasseccha5: as i said, no idea. just saw it did that from a quick search.17:20
ducasseKirito: it hopefully never will be.17:21
sacarlson2Lee_76: you say you had other windows systems on that net, can you have any of them try ping the ubuntu box17:21
ccha5thank you ducasse17:21
Lee_76sacarlson2, let me try that17:21
rcs32is there an old-releases equivalent to packages.ubuntu.com?17:22
KiritoAmazon: Won't sell Chromecast devices on Amazon, won't support streaming videos via Chromecast through Amazon Video, and won't let you stream videos in anything but horrendous quality on Chrome Linux17:22
KiritoMy care level for Amazon is dropping rapidly17:22
ducassercs32: probably not, eol releases are not supported in any way so you shouldn't need it17:23
Lee_76sacarlson2, I can ping the other windows machine from my ubuntu machine17:23
sacarlson2Lee_76: from ubuntu you can ping windows?  I wasn't even sure that could be done17:24
ducasseKirito: the kernel devs refuse to implement a video 'secure path', so it won't happen.17:24
sacarlson2so must be a firewall on that other windows box17:24
Lee_76sacarlson2, yes, I can ping all of my windows machines from my ubuntu machine17:24
sacarlson2make sure that windows box can also ping the router17:24
ccha5rcs32: on packages.ubuntu.com there are since precise17:25
sacarlson2oh including our first target windows, you can now ping that?17:25
Lee_76sacarlson2, take one comment I made back17:25
Lee_76sacarlson2, I can ping from my desktop to my ubuntu box without any problems17:26
sacarlson2Lee_76: on all but one windows box?17:26
Lee_76sacarlson2, yes17:27
sacarlson2Lee_76: ok then you can focus on the firewall this is on that box and that is not our problem that is a windows problem17:27
eelstrebori'm trying to decide on which is better for streaming - roku or chromecast or plex or something else17:28
Lee_76sacarlson2, ok.  I will see if I need to edit my smb.conf file17:28
ducasseLee_76: try this, see if anything helps https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba/SambaClientGuide17:28
sacarlson2Lee_76: no your problem is lower than that17:28
sacarlson2it's in the firewall of your windows box17:29
Lee_76sacarlson2, ok. thank you17:29
ducasseeelstrebor: streaming from what to what?17:29
eelstreborfrom a dvb device to wherever in my home17:29
ducassesacarlson2: can be both, if he can't connect to smb resources on the other machines either17:29
eelstrebori guess kodi is another option?17:30
sacarlson2ok if we pick another target computer that does ping then we can again isolate why they also won't work on samba17:30
ducasseeelstrebor: yes, but i know nothing about dvb. also look at emby rather than plex, it is open software17:31
rcs32ducasse: for example, is there any way to tell what version of a package was used in hardy?17:31
sacarlson2Lee_76: remove the none ping windows from any part of isolating samba problem17:31
ducassercs32: not that i know of, no. it's an eol release, nobody should need to.17:33
sacarlson2Lee_76: there used to be a way to do a direct connect  from ubuntu to samba from filemanager17:33
linossacarlson2, my laptop died on me  I'm using a different name now17:33
sacarlson2Lee_76: I have had in the past problems with the computers not originaly appearing but they would connect if directed with samba17:33
sacarlson2Lee_76: well did you recieve how you can use filemanager to connect direct to a windows computer with samba17:34
_28_riaHello, "env|grep XDG_DATA_DIRS" gives some systemwide data dirs (in Ubuntu 16.04), but, when I tried it in Ubuntu 14.04. It doesn't have this env variable, Is there something similar, I could use for this in Ubuntu 14.04? maybe some core utility or some text file in the /proc, or something?17:39
sacarlson2_28_ria: you want to change your default env at start of a term of an account?17:40
sacarlson2_28_ria: if so you might be looking at the export command17:42
brmmm3Hi, what is the best practice to manage shared data on a multiuser desktop? I've got a desktop for several users, encrypted homes, and a separate partition with shared data (pictures, music, videos, documents, etc.). Problems are always wrong access rights for new files. When user foo creates a file then file has user and group foo. Because user bar has wrong group then this user can't access this file. How do I solve such problems?17:44
MrMessy_after installing TLP for battery saving on laptop, xrandr can't detect my HDMI monitor. I uninstalled TLP and  it still not working. Tried 2 different monitors with different cables. Everything was working before TLP install. Any ideas?17:45
sacarlson2brmmm3: maybe setup groups that all your shares will be a part of and setup ssh servers on each that have a shared user name that is part of that group17:47
sacarlson2brmmm3: with ssh you can use sftp to move or sync files between units17:48
chudakGood morning all!  I am wondering if RAW ubuntu desktop image can be found somewhere?17:49
brmmm3Why use ssh or sftp when all drives are on the same computer???17:49
sacarlson2brmmm3:  oh when I saw multi user I assumed more than one computer.  then all the same with the groups17:50
sacarlson2brmmm3:  just skip the ssh part17:50
sacarlson2brmmm3: create a share group and any file that a user wants to allow other to share they would set that file to that group17:51
brmmm3I currently have "solved" it using a unique group for all users. The setup is that user foo is member of groups foo and users and group bar is member of groups bar and users. But every time a user, e.g. foo creates a file the file gets user and group foo.foo.17:51
brmmm3So user bar cannot access this file17:51
brmmm3How can I force Linux to create all files on the special partition for shared data to have always group users17:52
dharmaHi, i rebooted ubuntu in recovery modebut now i have a prompt and no clue17:53
brmmm3On Windows this is very easy because everyone can access all files which are not in users private directories17:53
TheAGuyHey, sorry im a newbie, could any of you direct me to a course of IT Security17:53
sacarlson2brmmm3: there must be a better way but you could have a cron job that checks every x min to do chmod to correct to be sure that some dir has all files and subdir set as you want17:54
brmmm3But on Linux I have no simple solution17:54
Count_Hhahah a guy17:54
sacarlson2opps I think it's chown17:54
dharmaI needed to free u space because it could not boot prolly due to no space to read config file17:54
brmmm3sacarlson2: This is a very bad hack17:54
sacarlson2brmmm3: why is that?17:54
dharmaExcuse typos my vision is bad and i am on my phone17:55
minimecbrmmm3: http://superuser.com/a/27778517:55
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brmmm3Imagine the parition has 2TB with 300000 files....17:55
sacarlson2brmmm3: good point17:56
brmmm3There must be a solution like a special mount option to force all created files on this parition to have the group users17:56
dharmaI tried to select ""Free up space" from recovery menu but it didnt accept carriage return as ok17:56
brmmm3Or is there an advanced system library which can do this on directory level17:56
brmmm3This would be a VERY elegant solution17:57
minimecbrmmm3: again... http://superuser.com/a/27778517:57
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brunch875great solution17:57
dharmaHow do i exit and restart from cmd line?17:57
sacarlson2brmmm3: ya minimec idea sounds perfect chmod g+s dir17:57
brunch875I'll write that one down17:57
Count_Hwhere do i find out the security problems with using ubuntu as a production server17:58
brmmm3minimec: Thanks! This a the solution I was searching for.17:58
Count_Hwhat weakneses does it have and how do i protect against them17:58
jattCount_H: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/security.html17:59
sacarlson2Count_H: the security of ubuntu off the self is quite good.  it's what you do to it after you install it is the mater17:59
SchrodingersScat!permissions | brmmm318:00
ubottubrmmm3: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions18:00
asdf-i screwed up a partition, created an image of the hdd using dd and now im trying to figure out how to fix the partition table so I can access the date in the image... http://pastebin.com/NY3Ckj1C18:00
dharmaOk i did sudo reboot and it's rebooting18:00
asdf-can anyone recommend anything?18:00
dharmaNow Recovery Menu won't let me select "clean"...what do i do?18:01
Count_Hsacarlson2:  so if i installed a vpn server and left too many ports open for example or employed weak authentication . something like that18:03
dharmaI know the problem file, it's a .deb i didn't delete yet, but im stuck in Recovery Mode loop18:05
sacarlson2Count_H: more like software flaws in software that touch the ports for example the old oscomerce had a flaw that opened the admin file manager up to move file and read most any file on the system that www-data could read18:05
SchrodingersScatasdf-: how have you tried to mount it?18:06
sacarlson2Count_H: so isolation between layers is needed when one breaks it won't take down everything18:06
sacarlson2Count_H: leave any files readable or writeable to any process if it doesn't need it18:07
eelstreborhmm, emby isn't in the repositories18:08
dharmaI'm at cmd prompt in ubuntu now, i just need to.navigate to the file and delete it, and restart18:08
=== luci93 is now known as luci1093
dharmaBut I'm not sure how18:09
gonuionhow to convert video to mp3 ??18:09
dharmaI think it involves rm at some point18:09
SchrodingersScat!info ffmpeg | gounion18:10
dharmaBut then i have to rm it from the trash, no?18:10
ubottugounion: ffmpeg (source: ffmpeg): Tools for transcoding, streaming and playing of multimedia files. In component universe, is optional. Version 7:2.8.6-1ubuntu2 (xenial), package size 1271 kB, installed size 1891 kB18:10
MonkeyDust!info winff | gonuion18:10
ubottugonuion: winff (source: winff): graphical video and audio batch converter using ffmpeg or avconv. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.5.3-6 (xenial), package size 110 kB, installed size 1299 kB18:10
sacarlson2Count_H: also make sure you don't leave ssh port open on default port it will always be hit by attackers, even with minimal chance if you have good passwords but it still takes resources off your system each time they try18:10
dharmaOr is rm perma delete?18:10
SchrodingersScatdharma: rm does not place things in trash, once you hit return it's effectively gone.18:10
dharmaOh good thanks, now i just have to list files in home or somewhere18:11
SchrodingersScat!tab | dharma: cd to change directories, tab complete helps, and then use rm when you're sure18:11
ubottudharma: cd to change directories, tab complete helps, and then use rm when you're sure: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.18:11
SchrodingersScat!find | dharma18:11
ubottudharma is not a valid distribution: kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed, xenial, xenial-backports, xenial-proposed, yakkety, yakkety-backports, yakkety-proposed18:11
dharmaThx i will try now18:12
mircx1Hello i need please a help what i need install in ubuntu version 14.04 for it  PEAK Library (libpeak)?18:12
SchrodingersScatdharma: find is a useful tool, find ~ -iname "*partofnameoffile*"18:12
dharmaGreat thanks18:13
MonkeyDust!find libpeak18:14
ubottuFile libpeak found in lmms18:14
MonkeyDustmircx1  looks like you have to install lmms18:15
dharmaPicked too eide search fragment and the screen keeps scrolling lol18:15
mircx1then this mean i need install lmms?18:15
ducassemircx1: what is libpeak for?18:16
mircx1configure: error: required PEAK Library (libpeak) not found18:17
ducassemircx1: what are you trying to compile?18:17
mircx1this http://pxys.sourceforge.net/pxys2-doc.html18:17
ducassemircx1: then no, you probably need something else that's not in ubuntu. read the docs for what you are trying to build.18:19
mircx1ok thanks18:20
dharmaHow do i make it stop scrolling and get a ptompt?18:20
agile_prghi all, I have a laptop with windows xp, no cdrom, can someone tell me how to install ubuntu on it?18:20
crafty1_agile_prg: put ubuntu onto a usb18:20
agile_prgI don't have a usb drive either18:20
crafty1_do you have an external dvd drive18:21
SchrodingersScatdharma: ctrl-c to close most things18:21
MonkeyDustagile_prg  download .iso ... put .iso on usb/dvd ... boot from usb/dvd ... follow instructions18:21
sacarlson2agile_prg: if grub2 is already installed you may have the option to boot an iso direct from grub2 from your sata disk18:21
agile_prggrub2 is not installed18:22
sacarlson2agile_prg: what is installed?18:22
dharmaOh thank you, that was endless18:22
agile_prgwindows xp18:22
SchrodingersScatdharma: and if it's a deb, you can do something like find ~ -iname "*partofname*.deb" , or if you have a general idea where it is then can just cd there now.18:22
SchrodingersScat!info ncdu | dharma: are you deleting this to recover space?  ncdu is also a handy tool for that.18:23
ubottudharma: are you deleting this to recover space? ncdu is also a handy tool for that.: ncdu (source: ncdu): ncurses disk usage viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.11-1build1 (xenial), package size 38 kB, installed size 94 kB18:23
crafty1_agile_prg: Beyond USB and an external drive you can PXE boot it.  Otherwise buy a drive18:24
sacarlson2agile_prg: I'm not sure how you would do it but the tool plop https://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/download.html seems to boot from anything18:24
sacarlson2agile_prg: but your better off barowing a usb flash drive18:24
gdevCan somebody tell me how to find out which esata version / max speed my esata port supports (laptop)? (ubuntu 16.04). My manufactor doesnt provide any informations about that18:25
dharmaHow do i address ppl here18:25
dharmaThanks and yes SchrodingersCat18:25
SchrodingersScat!tab | dharma, type the first 2-3 letters of their name then hit tab.18:25
ubottudharma, type the first 2-3 letters of their name then hit tab.: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.18:25
SchrodingersScatdharma: great, that fix you up?  and may not work in all clients ;(18:26
dharmaOops ...on phone how?18:26
dharmaNo I'm on a tiny phone and slow18:26
dharmaIt gave me the filename complaining about my *.deb syntax lol18:28
brohanHello all. I have had to replace my hdd. My home dir was on a seperate partition, which I copied to an external drive. I have reintalled ubuntu with my same username and password.18:28
brohanTe restore the rest do I merely copy my home directory back to the one that was created on install, then reinstall the programs?18:28
eelstrebori'm not going to bother installing emby - a LOT of dependency issues - i just don't the time to solve this18:28
crafty1_brohan: yes18:29
dharmaI do have my Linux Unleashed and my.magnifying glass18:29
dharmaReady to rm18:29
crafty1_brohan: be amazed at the convenience18:30
brohancrafty1_: when I reinstall the programs, they will not overwrite any setting files correct? For instance reinstalling chromium, it will keep my previous bookmarks, etc?18:30
crafty1_brohan: I would install the programs first; then copy over the old settings; good question18:30
MonkeyDustbrohan  bookmarks are backed up with chromium18:30
crafty1_Yeah Chrome bookmarks you generally export to HTML file18:31
dharmaIt asked if it can remove the file? Can. i answer yes?18:31
brohancrafty1_: MonkeyDust: oops. I started copying my old home before installing. Should I stop this, or let it continue, reboot / install, then simply re-copy all the hidden home directories18:32
crafty1_brohan: I mean worse case scenario you just copy the . folders again18:32
brohancrafty1_: sounds good. Thanks18:32
crafty1_Im just not sure like if you use IRSSI and reinstall it if it will overwrite the old .irssi folder for example18:32
dharmaIt appears to be rebooting18:33
SchrodingersScatdharma: nice18:33
dharmaOh thank you and everything holy18:33
sacarlson2nite all18:33
dharmaThat was scary18:33
reneecan't do update!Help!saying,error hash sum mismatch.Here is the full stuffs http://paste.ubuntu.com/19800671/18:34
dharmaWill get on proper Xchat in a moment18:34
ducasseeelstrebor: there is at least a docker image available.18:34
simon__ok i'm back from the desktop18:35
SchrodingersScatsimon__: received18:35
OerHeksrenee, seems like the .IN mirror is beiing synced, so wait a minute and try again?18:35
simon__my nick is messed up now18:36
ducasserenee: just wait and try later18:36
SchrodingersScat!nick | simon__18:36
ubottusimon__: Your nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with freenode.18:36
reneeI have been trying this for the whole day :D What does the error mean?18:36
SchrodingersScatrenee: probably that they're in the process of updating themselves18:37
GentooisDeathHello everyone! I am in DIRE need of your help! I was going to install Gentoo from USB to an external hard drive. When I ran the minimal installer from the USB, it seems to have automatically deleted my boot partition! When I try to boot into ubuntu with my internal HDD I arrive at the grub rescue prompt. Is there any hope?18:37
ducasserenee: use another mirror, then.18:37
simon__oh i have to sign out on my phone first lol18:37
crafty1_Gentoo would not do anything automatically I can promise you that18:37
=== simon__ is now known as dharma
crafty1_the minimal installer is just a shell prompt.  it does nothing when it boots18:38
GentooisDeathIt asked me if I wanted to "Boot from harddrive?" And I hit enter. Then arrived at a command prompt. I did nothing else and turned off my PC. When I tried to boot back into ubuntu I arrived at grub rescue.18:38
dharmathe 3 letter trick to type names is not working hm18:38
crafty1_depending on how many matches with Sch there are you may have to use another character.  Its like a bash prompt18:39
crafty1_Works for me though to SchrodingersScat18:39
SchrodingersScatdharma: works for me in weechat ;(18:40
agile_prgI found a 250 mb usb drive with only 220 mb free space18:40
ducassedharma: you need to press tab18:40
dharmaoh i did it wrong i'm sorry18:40
=== PaganMin is now known as GitGud
agile_prgis there a net installer for ubuntu?18:40
GentooisDeathcrafty1_ do you have any idea what could have happened? The Gentoo install literally asked me nothing else.18:40
dharmaSchrodingersScat, are you able to repost what you said earlier about ncurses?18:41
SchrodingersScat!mini | agile_prg: ok, the mini.iso is only 54M18:41
ubottuagile_prg: ok, the mini.iso is only 54M: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD18:41
dharmaSchrodingersScat, i missed that on my tiny phone18:41
crafty1_GentooisDeath: Did you run any partitioning commands?18:41
SchrodingersScat!info ncdu | dharma: this?18:41
ubottudharma: this?: ncdu (source: ncdu): ncurses disk usage viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.11-1build1 (xenial), package size 38 kB, installed size 94 kB18:41
agile_prgcan it use a wireless internet?18:41
crafty1_Question may be better directed to #gentoo18:41
GentooisDeathNo I did not All I did was boot the USB and hit Enter once when prompted if I wanted to boot from the hardrive18:42
OerHeksagile_prg, no, wired network only18:42
crafty1_So if you take the USB out and reboot does it not go back into Ubuntu18:42
GentooisDeathNo it boots into grub rescue18:42
OerHeksagile_prg, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD\18:42
crafty1_GentooisDeath:  Did you change boot priority or anything in BIOS18:42
GentooisDeathNo I checked that as well18:43
dharmaSchrodingersScat, i dunno, it was something to do with alternatives to using rm to make space or something18:43
crafty1_GentooisDeath: can you get a rescue bash shell?  There is generally an option.  We can check fstab18:43
SchrodingersScatdharma: yep, I like ncdu for checking what's using the most space to try to trim things down.18:43
dharmaall that fuss to install a newer OpenOffice just to get Base to read my app's note files from the SQLite3 database and the install doesn't even appear to have worked18:44
ducasse!bootrepair | GentooisDeath18:44
ubottuGentooisDeath: Boot-Repair is a simple tool to repair frequent boot issues you may encounter in Ubuntu. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair for more info.18:44
GentooisDeathI checked to see what partition were available in grub. Only hd(0) is available. And when I used the command ls hd(0) it returned this error: "Filesystem is unknown"18:44
GentooisDeaththank you ubottu18:44
GentooisDeathCurrently when I check in Discs it says my main HD has 240GB (100%) free space18:44
dharmaSchrodingersScat, ah ok it sounds kinda like Windows TreeSize app to me, very useful tool18:44
GentooisDeathBut I did enable disc encryption when I installed ubuntu18:45
crafty1_GentooisDeath: I would possibly ask the people over in #gentoo because it's been a while since I lost my mind on Gentoo; the process may have changed.  Also give that boot-repair a shot.18:45
GentooisDeathWill do thank you all for your help18:45
GentooisDeathGoing to be so screwed if I can't get my data back18:45
dharmai think i give up on OpenOffice to read this SQL file, i need another utility for manipulating databases now18:46
crafty1_Its there; I mean if you didnt mess with partitioning its still there.18:46
GentooisDeath#gentoo is on their main channel (on freenode)18:46
GentooisDeath*is their main channel18:46
crafty1_I think; I mean personally I dont remember an option to "boot from hard disk".18:46
dharmaor i'll just wait til i get my new bigger HDD so i can actually get a newer Ubuntu and install more stuff18:46
GentooisDeathI was thinking maybe tere was some error I didn't notice, which made it unable to boot from USB. And therefor it copied itself to my HD. But it seems like there would be some space used on my HD. And also it took only moments to reach the command line. If it formatted, and repartioned, it seems it would have taken longer18:47
ducasseGentooisDeath: you most likely just need to reinstall grub or something like that, see the link ubottu gave you.18:48
crafty1_!ask | zamanf18:52
ubottuzamanf: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:52
dharmai think my openoffice did install because it's saying 3.2, and before install attempt Synaptic told me it was 1.3 or something18:53
dharmabut i can't find OpenOffice's Base in there, it's not in the menu18:54
=== |avalon| is now known as |[a]valon|
creeepwhat does hash sum mismatch error mean while updating19:01
dharmai found the openoffice executables and base is not in there19:01
ducassecreeep: that you need to try later or use another mirror19:02
dharmait's telling me this software cannot be authenticated (back to square one)19:02
MonkeyDustdharma  current openoffice is version 5.119:02
dharmawhen i mark the Base component for install19:02
dharmaso it can't authenticate it because my installation is ancient?19:03
creeepducasse, is there a way to change mirror and automatically revert to current mirror after rebooting?19:03
ducassecreeep: not that i know of19:03
ducassecreeep: it would be an easy script to write, though19:04
dharmacan i go ahead and mark for install anyway and see what happens?19:04
creeepducasse, is this happening because there are too many people using the same mirror or something?19:04
ducassecreeep: no, probably because it is updating19:05
creeepducasse,okay thanks19:05
vltHello. I’m installing Ubuntu 16.04 on an HP "x2 tablet notebook" (using the standard ISO image written to a USB drive). This is my first installation on a tablet. Is there something I should know? Something to configure other than usually because it’s tablet?19:05
ducassecreeep: i've also seen updating fail, so you need to wait 24 hours for the next time the mirror updates19:05
MonkeyDust!tablet | vlt19:06
ubottuvlt: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch19:06
dharmai'm gonna click install anyway because i think it may just be a repository issue, not from any malware risk19:06
dharmaoh it can't fetch the files now lol19:06
vltMonkeyDust: Thank you!19:06
creeepducasse, okay.I'm really impatient :D19:06
ducassecreeep: then use another mirror :)19:08
Bashing-omdharma: "  because my installation is ancient " : How ancient ? what returns ' lsb_release -a ' ?19:09
ducassecreeep: (there probably aren't any updates on a sunday anyway, btw)19:09
creeepducasse, That's right.Any other reason why this error would pop up?19:10
ducassecreeep: nope.19:10
dharmaBashing-om, i'm on ubuntu 10.04 LTS19:11
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support ended on April 30 2015. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.19:11
Bashing-om!10.04 | dharma19:11
ubottudharma: please see above19:11
MonkeyDustdharma  you're working with a corpse19:11
dharmaMonkeyDust, lol19:12
dharmaBashing-om, oh you want me to type a command in the terminal19:12
Bashing-omdharma: Well .. no - not now that we know the root cause of the issue .. the repo for 10.04 no longer exists .19:13
MonkeyDustdharma  upgrade first, then ask again19:13
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=== med_ is now known as Guest73831
dharmaBashing-om, oh ok, well i got the install package off of the apache site but it was the redhat version i had to convert to deb19:14
dharmaMonkeyDust, i can't upgrade right now19:15
Bashing-omdharma: I do suggest a clean fresh install of 16.04 ... so much has changed since 10.04 the likely hood of a in-line upgrade succeeding is slim to none .19:15
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is a currently-supported !LTS release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120419:15
=== zel is now known as Guest48262
MonkeyDustdharma  there's no help for 10.0419:15
dharmaMonkeyDust, i'll see what i can do - i have no space on the drive, computer is old, it's a dual boot and it's overwhelming for me to figure out how to redo it all19:16
dharmai was gonna wait until i get a larger hdd but maybe i should just clean off the data and live with my *one* solitary copy on external drive.... and try to redo the dual boot with newer ubuntu19:17
dharmaplus i use truecrypt so that's one more level of complexity :/19:17
pepeehttp://worldwidemann.com/the-sad-state-of-linux-download-security/  ubuntu doesn't even offer https.19:20
mwddharma, you could abandon truecrypt and use LUKS19:20
dharmamwd i think i heard about LUKS at the LUG actually19:20
ducassepepee: take it to #ubuntu-discuss19:21
dharmathere hasn't been an installfest for a long time around here, i always have hardware problems trying to install19:21
pepeeducasse, ok, thanks19:21
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=== Psl is now known as Dorami-Doraemon
ioriadharma, cpu and ram ?19:22
dharmaoh disk-level encryption19:22
dharmaRAM 1.8GB, CPU Athlon LE-164019:23
ioriai see, thanx19:23
dharmaordering anything online is complicated becuase of my situation but that's another story... so i don't have the new drive yet19:24
atralheaven_Hi, I want to report a bug, please take a look at this: http://i.imgur.com/gAXUmwL.png I think its because of qt5, I have two menus here!19:24
dharmacan i keep the Vista install stuff on here for later and fresh install Ubuntu 12?19:25
atralheaven_in another program, the menu is only on the window, not at the top bar19:25
pepeedoes anyone have problems with chromium freezing when the computer is idling?19:25
Bashing-omdharma: Single code CPU ? Consider: Lubuntu is a faster, more lightweight and energy saving variant of Ubuntu using LXDE, the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. It is targeted at "normal" PC and laptop users running on low-spec hardware.19:25
mwdtwo menus is better than one19:25
pepeechromium 51.0.2704.79, running on Ubuntu 16.04 (64-bit)19:25
pepeewell, Kubuntu19:25
dharmaBashing-om, yes this was my goal Lubuntu or Xubuntu but i wonder if i tried and had problems, i forgot how i ended up with this install but i vaguely recall it being the only thing i had on hand that successfully installed19:26
atralheaven_please someone report that bug! thanks19:26
ducasseAsandari: if you want it reported do it yourself19:27
ducassesorry, Asandari19:27
Bashing-omdharma: Well old hardware .. many times it is the X stack ( X server ) that has support for the graphic card in use .19:27
dharmai can't trust making a recovery CD from this machine if my Vista partition was infected, though, can i?19:27
dharmaBashing-om, i see19:28
=== Guest7659 is now known as elias_a
Bashing-omdharma: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2130640&highlight=hardware <-Old hardware brought back to life .19:30
Xinold hardware, now to become wife?19:30
dharmaBashing-om, you're right... i just need to plan this out with my Windows (or ditch Windows altogether)19:31
dharmawhatever i do, i don't want Systemd =d19:31
Bashing-omdharma: Use the tools that you use the best .. Windows Might still be of use ( I ditched Windows a Long time back and have never looked back ) .19:32
dharmathe only reason i want windows on a partition is just for those rare things that may only run on Windows19:33
dharmalike Silverlight19:33
curlyearsOK.   I have the 16.04 .iso.   I want to use dd to burn an installer disk on my DVD drive, but I can't seem to locate the name of the dricve, or it's locationinthe filesystem. so I don't know how to complete the dd command.19:35
curlyearshelp please?19:35
ducassecurlyears: you can't burn with dd19:36
SourceSlayerHey guys19:36
SourceSlayerI have no sound19:36
SourceSlayerIn the sound menu, it says it's outputting to headphones but there are none plugged in19:36
SourceSlayerNothing is coming from the speakers and I already tried restarting Pulse19:37
SourceSlayerAny ideas on how ot correct his?19:37
AaronSourceSlayer, add your username to the audio group19:38
SourceSlayerHow do I do that?19:38
Aaronsudo adduser username audio19:38
SourceSlayerAaron: Do I have to restart now?19:39
Aarontry restarting X19:39
SourceSlayerIt's still silent.19:39
SourceSlayerAaron: Still nothing19:42
AaronSourceSlayer, then restart the computer19:42
SourceSlayerI ran sudo restart lightdm19:42
curlyearswell, dagnab it, ,Brasero won't let me do it, the box to select input source is greyed out when the output is set to m y DVD writer )-:19:43
mkquistsilly question-how to use single click to open files in 16.0419:46
iorianautilus -> preferences -> behavior19:46
MonkeyDustmkquist  open nautilus ... edit, preferences, behaviour19:46
MonkeyDustioria  was faster19:46
dharmai think i should make the recovery CD for vista, and get all my data off, and try a light Ubuntu install19:47
dharmadoes anyone know if Vista or Ubuntu gets installed first?19:47
mkquistMonkeyDust: that's the thing... I dont find preferences...19:47
SourceSlayerAaron, it's still trying to output to nonexistent headphones19:47
MonkeyDustmkquist  under Edit19:48
AaronSourceSlayer, did you put the right user name?19:48
MonkeyDustmkquist  what filemanager is it?19:48
SourceSlayerAaron, my audio used to work fine, could it be a screwed up port?19:48
ducasseSourceSlayer: run pavucontrol and amixer and check the settings19:48
dharmaok vista goes first19:49
mkquistMonkeyDust: nautilus I believe... default for 16.0419:49
dharmamwd can i install LUKS at any time or does it have to be at install?19:49
ceed^mkquist, Menu > Edit > Preferences19:49
ioriamkquist, hover the mouse on left corner19:49
MonkeyDustmkquist  maximimze the window, then click Edit19:50
ducassedharma: if you want to encrypt the root fs you need to do it at install time19:50
dharmai can always put the important data back on the drive, leaving enough space19:50
dharmaducasse, oh19:50
curlyearsBrasero doesn't work,. clicking on the .iso to write a DVD doesn't work, I am told dd won't do it, how in &^%^&$%&*$%*$%   do I do it.?  I've tried what the documents on the ubuntu site have recommended, none of it seems to work19:51
curlyearsI am in 14.04.4 trying to build a usable 16.04 install DVD from a .iso19:51
ioriacurlyears, i don't know why brasero not working, but on cli you can use wodim19:51
mwddharma, luks runs below your fs, so at install, assuming you mean for your system partition19:52
curlyearseither I can't specify the output I want19:52
mkquistioria: no luck.. this is just silly, never had a problem with previous releases..19:52
ioriacurlyears, man wodim19:52
ioriamkquist,  you mean you don't have File Edit View ? etc19:53
ceed^mquist, Do you have Ubuntu set to show the menu in the window bar or the top bar? Try hover the top bar with Nautilus in focus19:53
mkquistioria: nope... doesnt appear to be...  looking19:53
MonkeyDustmkquist  can you show a screenshot ... http://imgur.com/19:54
curlyears*wow*  wodim is prety complex, and when I do wodim --help | more, the top of the help file scrolls off the top of my screen before more kicks in )-:19:55
jingoHello, I've installed Ubuntu on my computer (windows 10) and now after the installation I get: error no such partition entering rescue mode. any idea how to solve this issue?19:55
dharmamwd, thanks that's what ducasse said i think19:55
curlyearsthere are an awful lot of options in wodim, almost none of which make much sense to me.  And how do I specify the input file and the output device?19:55
dharmai have to unencrypt my truecrypt stuff before migrating, right?19:56
mkquistMonkeyDust: http://imgur.com/AUMMN9s19:56
ducassecurlyears: you could try bashburn for a simpler way19:56
ioriacurlyears, wodim -v -eject dev=/dev/cdrw  (or sr0, or dvd) speed=8 image.iso19:56
mkquistMonkeyDust: I must have set something incorrectly...19:57
MonkeyDustmkquist  looks different from my nautilus, in unity ... the arrow icon on the right, what is that19:58
ioriamkquist, system settings -> appearance -> behavior  go to show the menu for a windows ....  what you have ?19:58
ceed^mkquist, are you in GNOME or Unity?19:59
bradyyyPRIVMSG #ubuntu :tes20:00
curlyearsioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19811682/    it failed, here's the output20:00
curlyearsIt makes almost no sense to m e20:00
mkquistceed^: gnome flashback20:01
curlyearswho recommended bashburn?20:01
ioriacurlyears, which device did you use ?   maybe it's not cdrw, but sr020:01
curlyearsI used "dvd"  want me to try again with sr0?20:02
mkquistceed^: I'll try unity and see whats up... brb20:02
jingoHello, I've installed Ubuntu on my computer (windows 10) and now after the installation I get: error no such partition entering rescue mode. any idea how to solve this issue?20:02
curlyearsthat seems to have sorted it , thanks, ioria20:03
ioriacurlyears,  no problem, it takes a while... just wait20:03
MonkeyDustjingo  did you install ubuntu on its own partition, or inside windows20:03
bradyyyit's a test20:04
MonkeyDustbradyyy  not here20:04
crafty1_jingo: Do you have Secure Boot disabled20:04
jingoMonkeyDust: I had some free space so I during the Ubuntu installation I created new partition and installed ubuntu on that partition (when I installed windows I left free space for the future Ubuntu installation)20:04
curlyearsioria:  that seems to have written an install DVD.  I am off to try to boot and install.  Obviously, I'll be a bit20:06
=== alexandr1 is now known as alexandros_c
jingocrafty1_: I cant find this setting on the BIOS20:07
crafty1_jingo: does it still boot into Win1020:09
dharmai'll ponder my reinstall later but i know it needs to be done ASAP, it just takes so much energy20:10
dharmai have a simpler question before i go20:10
jingocrafty1_: no, I get error message - error no such partition entering rescue mode20:10
SourceSlayerAaron, ducasse, do you have a sec20:11
SourceSlayerI installed pavucontrol but I don't know what setting to look for20:11
dharmaUbuntu doesn't put normal folders at the top of the folder list, it mixes them alphabetically with saved web pages' file folders20:11
curlyearsoff I go (he said, trying to break his irrational fears)20:11
dharmaso my workaround so I could see folders full of actual files and not saved web pages icons and stuff... was to put a numeral 1 before the filename20:11
=== alexandr1 is now known as alexandros_c
Mraskercould anybody help me? I scanned my ubuntu with clamav and i deleted three files because the seemed t be virus but i'm afraid they were not.20:12
MraskerNow i can logg into my account with the graphical interface20:12
dharmaoh god the clamav problems lol... mine never worked then one day it magically started working and scanning everything i downloaded20:12
dharmaso was my workaround the right thing to do so i see my folders listed at the top of the list? or did i overlook some other obvious fix?20:13
Mraskerthese are the files: /usr/share/mime/mime.cache    /usr/lib/mono/4.0/mscorlib.dll       /usr/lib/mono/4.5/mscorlib.dll20:14
crafty1_jingo: so you cant get into either OS is that right20:16
jingocrafty1_: right20:16
Mraskeri get to the login screen. i type the password and it gets me back to the login screen :(20:17
crafty1_jingo: OK - so does it open the rescue bash shell OK?20:17
crafty1_Alternatively you can boot off of the USB drive again to get some kind of os20:18
crafty1_and try to pull up the partition map using gparted and take a look20:18
=== amine is now known as Guest9467
dharmathanks for all the help, see you next time :)20:19
Mraskeri can access the bash shell.20:19
Xablo29https://webchat.anonops.com .............. Salon #Parole20:20
Xablo29https://webchat.anonops.com .............. Salon #Parole20:20
Xablo29https://webchat.anonops.com .............. Salon #Parole20:20
Xablo29https://webchat.anonops.com .............. Salon #Parole20:20
Xablo29https://webchat.anonops.com .............. Salon #Parole20:20
brohanHello. I just did a fresh install of ubuntu, upon reboot I got an error message: boot device not found. I can boot the live usb just fine, and enter BIOS where I have secure boot enabled. During install I did set a efi partition as well20:23
brohanAny help is appreciated20:23
EriC^^which laptop brohan ?20:24
brohanan HP envy dv720:24
EriC^^brohan: boot the live usb20:24
brohanEriC^^: That is what I'm using right now20:24
EriC^^ok great20:25
EriC^^open a terminal and type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999920:25
brohanEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19815087/20:26
EriC^^brohan: ok try sudo efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com 999920:28
brohanEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19815327/20:28
EriC^^brohan: sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt20:29
brohanEriC^^: Done20:30
EriC^^brohan: ls -lR /mnt | nc termbin.com 999920:30
brohantotal 020:31
EriC^^brohan: sudo umount /mnt20:32
EriC^^sudo mount /dev/sda4 /mnt20:32
brohanEriC^^: /mnt target is busy20:32
EriC^^cd /20:32
brohanEriC^^: Done output of ls is:20:33
brohanbin  boot  cdrom  dev  etc  home  initrd.img  lib  lib64  media  mnt  opt  proc  rofs  root  run  sbin  snap  srv  sys  tmp  usr  var  vmlinuz20:33
linosnetwork related question sharing folders and connecting between linux and windows machine.  I configure my smb.conf file and can now see my windows machines, but I cannot connect to them from linux20:33
EriC^^brohan: cat /mnt/etc/fstab | nc termbin.com 999920:34
brohanEriC^^: it says: cat: /mnt/etc/fstab: No such file or directory use netcat20:35
EriC^^brohan: that's odd20:35
EriC^^try ls -l /mnt/etc | nc termbin.com 999920:36
brohanEriC^^: This was a fresh install from liveusb. Obviously 2 drives, the 1st an SSd with /boot efi swap and /, the other with /home20:36
brohanEriC^^: ls: cannot access "/mnst/etc': No such file or directory20:37
snkcldwhy does the pulseaudio package for ubuntu have --disable-bluez ?20:37
GentooisDeathHello guys I am back. I managed to repair boot partition using the Ubuntu Boot-Repair Tool. However it is now not recognizing my password at the "Unlock Encrypted Volume" prompt. I know I am entering the correct password. Is there anything I can try?20:37
brohanEriC^^: It was mnt, I just typed error vs copy/paste20:37
EriC^^brohan: ah20:37
brohanEriC^^: I am copying / pasting your commande though20:37
snkcldis it because they are compiled as modules, and --disable-bluez disables them from being built in? but they can still be loaded as modules?20:38
EriC^^brohan: it doesn't make sense though, as you pasted earlier and etc was there..20:38
EriC^^brohan: do ls -l /mnt | nc termbin.com 999920:38
brohanEriC^^: total: 020:39
EriC^^sudo mount /dev/sda4 /mnt20:39
GentooisDeathAny idea's why I can't unencrypt my hard-drive after using boot-repair?20:40
brohanEriC^^: Did that, ls returns a linux structure20:40
EriC^^brohan: ok, cat /mnt/etc/fstab | nc termbin.com 999920:40
brohanEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19816950/20:41
jnorhi why does "feh --output-dir <somedir>" not work when I save20:41
jnor save images *_*20:41
EriC^^brohan: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done20:43
brohanEriC^^: done20:43
EriC^^brohan: sudo chroot /mnt20:44
brohanEriC^^: Done20:45
EriC^^brohan: ok, type mount -a20:46
brohanEriC^^: Done20:46
EriC^^brohan: grub-install20:46
brohanEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19817680/20:47
brohanEriC^^: perhaps I have the wrong version, I am running a 64 bit system :-(20:47
EriC^^brohan: no that's fine20:48
brohanEriC^^: ok20:48
EriC^^i think grub for legacy is installed20:48
brohanEriC^^: The system I made the liveusb is my work comp.20:48
EriC^^try apt-get install grub-efi-amd64-signed20:48
brohanEriC^^: FWIW I had efi enabled in BIOS the whole time. The install is done20:50
EriC^^try grub-install20:51
brohanInstalling for x86_64-efi platform.20:51
brohanInstallation finished. No error reported.20:51
brohanEriC^^: says done20:52
EriC^^brohan: ok, now to make sure it boots20:52
brohanEriC^^: We mounted which device, and then installed and ran grub correct?20:53
EriC^^mkdir -p /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot && mkdir /boot/efi/EFI/Boot20:53
EriC^^brohan: yeah20:53
brohanEriC^^: Copy and paste that whole line,even though this is not a dual boot with any Windows?20:54
EriC^^brohan: yeah20:54
brohanEriC^^: which partition did we want to mount. Are we including the Win part b/c they have the signature?20:54
brohanEriC^^: the mkdir command is done20:55
EriC^^we mounted sda4 at the beginning20:55
EriC^^then chrooted20:55
EriC^^brohan: cp /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/shimx64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi20:55
EriC^^brohan: cp /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/shimx64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi20:56
brohanEriC^^:  that 1st line failed to work, it returned:20:56
brohancp: cannot stat '/boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/shimx64.efi': No such file or directory20:56
Mitchell92I'm noticing on my notebook, some issues at times with accessing my email and software repo's are acting weird and hanging20:56
EriC^^brohan: hmm what's in /boot/efi ? try ls -lR20:57
brohanEriC^^: is that why you gave the 2nd line, is that to be instead20:57
EriC^^brohan: no both are20:57
yottameter_So I want to dual boot on two hard drives. Right now I've got windows 10 on the first hard drive and I want to install ubuntu on the second without affecting the first drive in any way. I want to be able to select which os to boot only by changing the boot order in the bios. I don't want to use grub. How do I make sure that no ubuntu bootloader files are put on the first drive during installation without physically disconnecting 20:57
brohanEriC^^: entered that command, it is WAY too much20:57
EriC^^brohan: ls -lR /mnt ?20:57
brohansays total 020:58
EriC^^brohan: try ls -lR /boot/efi20:58
brohantotal 104420:59
brohan-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root     121 Jul 17 13:51 grub.cfg20:59
brohan-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1067896 Jul 17 13:51 grubx64.efi20:59
EriC^^brohan: try mount | nc termbin.com 999920:59
EriC^^and ls -lR /boot | nc termbin.com 999921:00
curlyearsheigh hough!   I am here under 16.04, finally!   Thanks very much to ioria, especially, but many others helped.  thanks so much, guys (& gals?)21:00
rypervenchecurlyears: Nice^^21:01
brohanEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19819404/21:02
brohanEriC^^: and: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19819492/21:02
brohanEriC^^: Should I consider a re-install, It didn't take long to install, just recopy my /home, but I would just leave that alone I think21:03
brohanEriC^^: Or is then an HP thing?21:04
EriC^^brohan: nah21:04
EriC^^brohan: cp /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi21:04
curlyearsrypervenche: thanks21:04
EriC^^brohan: cp /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi21:04
Prodoxanyone here willing to help me with an ubuntu installation regarding the boot time in Windows during a dool boot21:04
brohanEriC^^: Done with no error21:04
curlyearsEric^^:  my personal ubuntu sacviour!   :p :p21:05
brohanEriC^^: Both done, no error21:05
curlyearsa "dual" boot, you mean?21:05
EriC^^brohan: ok, try to reboot21:05
EriC^^brohan: type exit first21:05
Prodoxmistyped, yes21:05
brohanWIll be back very soon I hope21:05
StumpDumbhello all. I'm having problems finding a spanish language learning program can anyone advise. thx21:05
yottameter_So I want to dual boot on two hard drives. Right now I've got windows 10 on the first hard drive and I want to install ubuntu on the second without affecting the first drive in any way. I want to be able to select which os to boot only by changing the boot order in the bios. I don't want to use grub. How do I make sure that no ubuntu bootloader files are put on the first drive during installation without physically disconnecting 21:06
ProdoxI installed ubuntu a while ago, but Windows took 5-6 minutes to just get past the slash screen. I still need windows for general every day stuff, so I need to figure out how to dual boot so that windows will boot normally (10 sec or so)21:06
ProdoxI read it has something to do with the location of the partitions on the hard drive?21:07
Bashing-omStumpDumb: Might get a better result in the spanish channel.21:07
Bashing-om!es | StumpDumb21:08
ubottuStumpDumb: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.21:08
StumpDumbthank you21:08
EriC^^curlyears: :)21:09
capitanocrunch!fi | capitanocrunch21:09
ubottucapitanocrunch, please see my private message21:09
=== kubuntu is now known as Guest54694
Guest54694EriC^^: No go. This time it said something like boot device no authenticated.21:11
EriC^^Guest54694: disable secureboot21:11
=== Guest54694 is now known as brohan
Khalas I can change the dns ubuntu mate21:11
brohanEriC^^: Ok, and never turn it back on? I will be enabling legacy correct21:11
EriC^^brohan: no, leave uefi on, but disable secureboot21:12
brohanEriC^^: That is also in BIOS correct21:12
brohanEriC^^: I thought they were one in the same21:13
EriC^^brohan: yeah21:13
bjrohanEriC^^: I'm back off my ssd. Thank you. Leave secure boot off then21:16
Prodoxill come back later for help21:18
KhalI can not access a specific web page21:18
EriC^^bjrohan: yeah21:21
EriC^^bjrohan: no problem21:21
johntittor2000My Ubuntu is dead21:32
johntittor2000Grub is in rescue mode21:32
johntittor2000I’ll come back later to ask for help21:34
Bashing-omjohntittor2000: What release ? dual booting Windows, and a Windows' update caused this issue ??21:34
curlyearssince this desktop has wired Ethernet networking only, I don't realy have a way to check if WiFi is working or not.21:34
curlyearsand I don't own any BlueTooth devices, so I can't checkl that, either  *heh*21:35
curlyearsbut otherwise 16.04 seems to be working well.   It is certainly faster than 14.04.4 on the same hardware (of course, the SSD ionstaad of an HDD probably accounts for most, if not all, of that perceived performance jump)21:37
khalil_are there any girls here21:49
compdocme me!21:50
k1l_khalil_: this is a technical support channel for ubuntu. not a dating channel21:50
\9 !ot | khalil_21:50
ubottukhalil_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:50
Anygma`i would like help finding python on ubuntu 16.421:50
\9what does finding python mean here?21:50
tgm4883Anygma`: 'which python'21:51
Anygma`python 3.5.221:51
k1l_Anygma`: its already included. what is the real issue?21:51
Anygma`how to find it, it's not in the menu21:51
bekksAnygma`: python is a terminal application, its not in the menu.21:51
k1l_Anygma`: what do you want to do? python is not a program like a brwoser21:51
Anygma`i understand it's supposed to be there but i'm not a programmer, my son wants to learn...21:51
\9it is there21:52
\9every system has python21:52
Anygma`and idle?21:52
\9that you'll have to install21:52
multifractalbuild failed with: "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lboost_thread". But according to this I have boost http://paste.ubuntu.com/19825094/. How do I proceed?21:53
Anygma`i looked on the net and there are direction for installing idle on ubuntu 14 but i did search for idle for 16.4 and it's not in the software list21:53
ikoniamultifractal: what are you building21:53
tgm4883!info idle | Anygma`21:54
ubottuAnygma`: idle (source: python-defaults): IDE for Python using Tkinter (default version). In component main, is optional. Version 2.7.11-1 (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 19 kB21:54
multifractalikonia Caffe ML library21:54
ikoniamultifractal: is there an ubuntu package for it already21:54
reisioAnygma`: it's in the default repos, AFAIK; apt-cache search idle; apt-get install idle21:54
ikoniamultifractal: so you need to what it's trying to link against, it will probably be something that it's building itself, thats failing, so it doesn't exist, so it can't link to it, or it could be just a generic library thats missing21:55
ikoniamultifractal: also look where it's trying to find the library21:55
Anygma`wow, i though ubuntu 16 was using python 3, but typing python in the terminal told me it's using 2.7.1221:56
ikoniaAnygma`: parts will use python 321:56
ikoniasome apps will depend on python 221:56
tgm4883Anygma`: if you want python 3, type python321:57
\9Anygma`: the python command is python 2, to use python 3, use python321:57
\9there's two versions of python installed on the system (unfortunately)21:58
Anygma`ah k21:58
Tin_manAnygma`,  here is a beginners guide to Python, might help you.22:01
multifractalikonia it's trying to build the libcaffe shared object http://paste.ubuntu.com/19826175/ I do have libboost-dev though. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/caffe-users/WmYCNwRixKk recommends reinstalling boost.22:03
multifractalHow do I reinstall boost?22:03
Tin_manAnygma`, thats probably not a good example it's a course, here is the one I was looking for.22:04
Anygma`Tin_man, thanks for the link :)22:06
emrHello, i'm using ubuntu xenial (4.4.0-31-generic x86_64) usb mouse and keyboard freezes somehow, and dmesg says http://paste.ubuntu.com/19826611/  what could be problem?22:06
Tin_manno problem, there are a bunch out there, so if that don't do it for you, just look for python beginners pdf22:06
snkcldis pulseaudio not started by systemd?22:07
snkcldbecause it isnt in listed in systemctl22:07
reisiosnkcld: it could be required by something else22:08
reisioimplicitly or not22:08
reisiofunctional but not listed22:09
snkcldi wasnt aware that that was a thing..22:10
_28_riaHello, "env|grep XDG_DATA_DIRS" gives some systemwide data dirs (in Ubuntu 16.04), but, when I tried it in Ubuntu 14.04. It doesn't have this env variable, Is there something similar, I could use for this in Ubuntu 14.04? maybe some core utility or some text file in the /proc, or something?22:25
reisio_28_ria: you can just set it if you want22:25
reisio_28_ria: if anything is trying to use it, it will use it after you set it22:25
reisiomight want to think about updating sometime22:26
johntittor2000i’m in grub rescue22:26
reisiotwo years is a long time to avoid updating22:26
reisiojohntittor2000: gj22:26
johntittor2000error: file ‘/boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod’ not found22:27
johntittor2000What do I do?22:27
_28_riareisio: I don't need to set it, I need to look at it. Different (u|li)n[iu]x|bsd systems have different systemwide datapaths defined, and I need to be able to dtermain them, crossplatform22:27
Jordan_Usnkcld: Pulseaudio in Ubuntu is run as a user service rather than a syatem wide service, and it looks like upstart is stuill used for managing user sessions / services (though I may be misunderstanding that last bit).22:27
Jordan_Ujohntittor2000: Is this a fresh install of Ubuntu?22:28
johntittor2000Nope, I’ve had it for a while22:28
Jordan_Ujohntittor2000: Do you have more than one hard drive?22:28
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_28_riareisio: like, in Ubuntu, global settings dir is /etc, but on some other unix system, I forgot, some bsd type it's /var/etc, On ubuntu - mounted disks show up under /media, but on some unix systems they show up under /mnt. etc. I need some way to determain it, so my program, that I write, knows where to put different types of files crossplatformly.22:30
Jordan_Ujohntittor2000: Try changing the boot order in your BIOS. Explicitly try booting from each drive, even if you don't think that drive could have grub installed on it.22:30
johntittor2000Jordan_U: But it boots my other OS’s22:31
Jordan_Ujohntittor2000: Unless it's prohibitively difficult it's usually an easy thing to try that will often get you back into Ubuntu where we can diagnose and properly fix the problem permanently.22:32
johntittor2000Jordan_U: I tried, but it only boots my other linux. I’ll try to probe ubuntu from my other linux’s grub22:34
Jordan_Ujohntittor2000: If it is prohibitively difficult then please boot a GNU/Linux system (like an Ubuntu liveUSB) and run boot info script: https://github.com/arvidjaar/bootinfoscript and pastebin the RESULTS.txt it produces.22:34
wheathhi all I installed lubuntu and it sees my wifi, I connect, it asks for password, I give it, then nothing happens22:35
wheathany ideas what I doing wrong?22:35
ax562can someone help me with this?22:38
ax562usually if I had that problem, turning off fastboot would resolve the issue22:38
ax562but at the moment fast boot is off22:39
ax562any ideas?22:39
OerHeksax562, if you claim that the 1st clue 'fastboot/hybernate' is not the issue, then the 2nd one: The NTFS partition is in an unsafe state.22:41
OerHeksgo back in windows and filechk the drive22:41
ax562yeah I went into power options, change what power button does, and fastboot is off22:42
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johntittor2000Jordan_U: I successfully probed ubuntu from the other OS, now I’m booting on Ubuntu.22:45
johntittor2000Jordan_U: that should I do once inside Ubuntu?22:46
reisio_28_ria: 'mount' is probably utterly cross platform22:51
reisioI would be surprised to see something other than /etc/ used, but I'm not sure it really matters22:51
reisioif you're making a package, you should make it for the specific package manager22:51
reisioand it won't be an issue22:51
NomadJimIf you're working with multiple screens or terminals, do you need to start an ssh-agent for each one? None of my new terminals can get a connection to the authentication agent if I start a new terminal with screen or start a new terminal with ssh22:53
=== RAX is now known as rax-
meggercatHi, I'm trying to find/install Microsoft fonts so my LibreOffice will save my .docx files without any problems. Does anyone know how to do that?22:59
=== rax- is now known as RAX
YankDownUndermeggercat: You can look into downloading WINE/Wine-tricks => in the "WINE Tricks package, heaps of core MS fonts are installed. Otherwise, there are "grey" ways of dealing with the situation.23:01
Khali need register channel23:02
meggercatYankDownUnder, are there no font files available for download?23:02
PiciKhal: see /msg chanserv help register and #freenode.23:02
KhalThanks Pici x)23:03
YankDownUndermeggercat: Check out this particular article...hmm...it might tell you a bit about what you're wanting to know, eh? : https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Microsoft_fonts23:03
YankDownUndermeggercat: And also this: (Ubuntu specific) => https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/+package/ttf-mscorefonts-installer23:04
thebluesquirelssh sshtron.zachlatta.com23:07
thebluesquirelonline tron in your terminal!23:07
johntittor2000_Jordan_U: are you there?23:09
Jordan_Ujohntittor2000_: Please pastebin the output of "debconf-show grub-pc".23:10
johntittor2000_how do i paste it to not spam?23:11
johntittor2000_Jordan_U: http://pastebin.com/y044nfDG23:12
Jordan_Ujohntittor2000_: Please pastebin the output of "ls -l /dev/disk/by-id/" and the RESULTS.txt from https://github.com/arvidjaar/bootinfoscript .23:14
_28_riareisio: so, I am not aware, using mount, I can determain per/system standard systemwide data paths?23:17
reisio_28_ria: no but you can determine mounted FSes, which I believe you also mentioned23:17
reisiounless that's what you meant by data paths23:17
reisio_28_ria: what are you trying to accomplish more generally?23:18
johntittor2000_Jordan_U: http://pastebin.com/eUYpbcaf23:19
_28_riareisio: no, first of all not everybody partitions their drives and I need to determain not mounted partitions, but standard system dirs. Like global settings go to /etc, executable files go to /bin, profile folder /home, etc. (for example).23:19
kylelazellhow are you all23:20
_28_riareisio: Different (u|li)n[iu]x|bsd systems have different systemwide datapaths defined, and I need to be able to dtermain them, crossplatform23:20
c3phalex1nanyone knows wonderfull chanells about discussion about security and hacking [exploit dev and vul research]23:23
c3phalex1nif you know something, please introduce that to me23:23
johntittor2000Jordan_U: can’t I just reinstall grub?23:24
oliveira_first time using hexchat23:32
johntittor2000Jordan_U: maybe run boot-repair23:34
reisiooliveira_: hi23:37
reisio_28_ria: /etc and PATH are pretty universal23:37
reisio_28_ria: $HOME should be, too23:38
reisio_28_ria: why do you need to determine them?23:38
theoremhmm, gnome-screensaver doesn't seem to trigger a screensaver.  it does seem to find the correct idle message ---23:38
theoremwhat does gnome-screensaver drive to call a screen blanking and the login after the screensaver ?23:39
reisioyou should only have gnome-screensaver _or_ something else running, not both23:40
theoremreisio: how do I know if something else is running ?23:40
reisiotheorem: ps aux | egrep -i 'screen|lock'23:41
love3Ubuntu makes me cry23:41
Jordan_Ujohntittor2000: Did you ever run boot info script? Re-running grub-install will probably solve the problem, but without diagnosing why it broke in the first place it may just happen again.23:41
theoremreisio: nothing else23:41
reisiotheorem: okay, what's the problem again?23:45
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