arcasacranew user here!17:20
arcasacraHi ya everybody!17:20
dool7How can I get DVD's to play in VLC ?21:42
Checkfxhello all !23:02
Checkfxi just tried ubuntu studio with a live dvd! So after seeing it .. just wanted to pass here to tell ya how impress and gratefull about it ! you made my day today !23:03
dool7on behalf of all Ubuntu Studio users, I'm glad you enjoyed it23:04
Checkfxwonderfull distro23:04
dool7I replace the XFCE toolbars with Cairo-dock though23:04
Checkfxi hag a RT kernel before and use Qjack, rakkarack and ardour ... hydrogen to !23:04
Checkfxbut seeing all of those already on the distro and all the others ... wow !  loooooooooooove it !23:05
Checkfxperfect job and fuc_k you cubase ! pouhahahaha !23:05
Checkfxsee ya --all23:06
Checkfxwill be back to  help if im alow !23:06

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