flocculantthe trouble with having 'support' stuff at a blog is why should someone have to go to 2 places? 07:46
flocculantdepends what you anticipate being not in docs - but how would you get that so people can read it offline07:47
knomeflocculant, the content i was thinking about is more of a "deeper insight to xubuntu" -like08:08
knomenot a support question purely08:08
flocculantok - wasn't sure from reading backlog 08:09
knomeof course anything that answers technical questions should be in the docs...08:09
knomeyeah, could have been less ambiguous08:09
knomei guess in a way a bit similar than the small details article08:09
knomenot that tiny bits, but explaining things on a larger scale08:10
knomei guess i should try to give an example :P08:10
flocculantnot really necessary :)08:10
knomeoki :P08:10
knomebut yeah, it's not clear in my mind either08:10
flocculantI'll let you off of that hook :p08:10
knomei mean i was thinking something like explaining the different themes08:11
flocculantjust so long as it's not a wholesale destruction of docs :D08:11
knomeand how they work (or don't) together08:11
knomeand could be something about gtk2/gtk3/qt08:11
flocculantthat makes sense then :)08:11
knomeso once you've read "this is how you change your GTK, WM and icon theme"08:11
knomeyou might want to read why there are different kind of themes..08:12
knomeor types08:12
flocculantyou then need to read the 'why qt screws things up, and how to make it a bit better' :p08:12
flocculantthough it doesn't now afaik08:12
knomecan do that08:13
knomeand i don't think THAT really belongs to the docs anyway...08:13
flocculantI'd agree08:15
flocculantimo docs should only cover what we supply 08:15
knomethat, and the scope should stay technical09:14
bluesabreknome, Unit193: from what I've seen, other themes have multiple distributor logos and the ideal one for the desktop is symlinked13:39
knomeright, that's one possibility13:40
knomeotoh, we could have a xfce specific logo as the distributor for upstream13:40
knomeas it's a theme specifically targeted at xfce users13:40
knome(hence the name and all)13:40
knomeanyway, i got to run pretty much13:41
knomewill be back later today13:41
bluesabrehave fun pretty much running (walking briskly?)13:41

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