xubuntu70wIs it any difference between the updates in softwareupdater and the updates in the software ?00:14
xubuntu70wAfte i run the softwareupdater and then open the software, it is still show 1 update even after reaload.00:15
knomewhich updates?00:15
xubuntu70wI am not sure. Think it was for stabilyty or something like that. I just installed it.00:15
knomemaybe the updater doesn't do the dist-upgrade updates, eg. kernel updates and such then00:16
xubuntu70wSometimes the software shows more updates, i dont know why.00:16
knomei don't use either myself...00:16
forestCan anyone explain why several applications (e.g. chromium, firefox, clementine) no longer respect my font settings, both in their main window areas and in menu bars, after upgrading from xubuntu 15.10 to 16.04?  Or better yet, how to fix it?01:39
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mrkrampsforest, applications restarted?01:41
forestmrkramps: Yes, applications restarted. Whole system restarted. Only a few apps are misbehaving, though they looked fine before the upgrade.01:42
xubuntu22wbeen checking for a while now -- anybody know of an ETA for the LTS upgrade to 16.04.  That is, I'm running a whole bunch of xubuntu 14.04 machines, and I'd really like to upgrade them to xubuntu 16.04.  I have a ton of other changes I'm holding off that can't wait much longer.05:14
cfhowlettxubuntu22w, later this month.  21st IIRC05:15
xubuntu22walso where to find the MD5 sum for the ISOs?05:17
xubuntu22wThanks for the reply!05:18
xubuntu22wcfhowlett, Thanks again!05:21
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webushi to all!13:42
webusafter latest upgrades my wifi stop working. after upgrades to this kernel 3.16.0-77-generic13:43
webushow can i fix it ?13:43
cfhowlettwebus, reboot, at grub go to your advanced options and choose an older kernel13:44
webuscfhowlett, i'm trying to install broadcom-sta-dkms. but this module builds with errors. some people on linux channel sad  my my kernel is too old.13:45
cfhowlettwebus, broadcom?  bcm 43** edition?13:45
cfhowlettalso  what version of xubuntu13:46
webusthis one13:46
webus broadcom-sta- for kernel 3.16.0-77-generic (x86_64)13:46
webusi'm now on xubutu 14.0413:46
cfhowlettno what wifi chipset do you have13:46
webuscfhowlett, 08:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM43142 802.11b/g/n (rev 01)13:47
cfhowlettah.  do you have an ubuntu USB or DVD install disk around?13:47
webuscfhowlett, no way. just installed this linux 2 years ago i think. but i can create dvd. and what next ?13:48
cfhowlettwebus, if you have the install dvd, the broadcom packages are present.  sudo dpkg -i a couple of .debs and wifi jumps right up.  I do it often13:49
webuscfhowlett, wait. which packages should i install ? all from dvd ?13:49
cfhowlettthis is the link.  not all packages will be present as they have been rolled into subsequent kernels.13:50
webusor only packages with broadcom word in name ?13:50
webuscfhowlett, thanks! i'm trying it right now13:54
cfhowlettwebus standing by13:54
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webuscfhowlett, ok. im created DVD with xubuntu. what next ? i cant find any broadcom debs on this dvd14:39
cfhowlettwhat ubuntu version do you have??14:39
cfhowletton the .iso14:39
webusxubuntu 14.04.4 LTS14:40
cfhowlettlook in /cdrom/pool/restricted/b/14:40
cfhowlettbcmwl-kernel-source* should  be present14:41
cfhowlettwebus, gotta go.  see the previous link.  in 16.40 xubuntu, the /main/d/dkms /main/f/fakeroot and /restricted/b/bcmwl packages are available in pool.  sudo dpkg -i those .debs and you should be good14:56
webuscfhowlett, thanks. already did it. but it not helped me14:57
cfhowletterror messages?14:57
webusno error messsages14:57
webusjust i dont see wlan connections14:57
cfhowlettbring this question to the main #ubuntu channel.  should be solvable14:57
webuscfhowlett, thanks! the main problem is Secure Boot in BIOS. first i disabled proprietary drivers. next disable secure boot. install all packages and all works!!!15:38
webusthank you again!15:38
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xubuntu74wHello, a HP keyboard isn't recognised by xubuntu 16.0417:55
xubuntu74wWhat should I do?17:55
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xubuntu31whelp i have problem with chromium22:25
xubuntu31wok thanks22:41
Wayward_VagabondImpatient and not giving any specifics about the problem?23:08
knomebut not too thoughtless to judge others23:10

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