memguyI am wondering now that i got the general process of most of the different version controls down , and terminology /structure of the repo's....I have a question related to project hosting websites and web based revision control software05:17
memguyThe question is 1) is behind the scenes when one signs up with things like savannah , sourceforge , launchpad , codeplex, cloudforge , bitbucket , gitorious ,...etc are they all storing the projects in a revision control software behind the scenes like cvs,svn,git.hg, bazzar,..etc05:20
memguy2) I just recently realized that web based version controls work much in the same way as  command line cvs ,svn,..etc. So i am kind of wondering when i reach a website repo how to relate it back to the command line . i.e say i go to cvs web viewer site  can i just uses the url i am at as the repo   and do a command line cvs -qd whatshouldbehere get -P src05:24
memguyI guess i am trying to just by going to a web repo site finding out right from that how to get it by command line05:25
memguyIf i can completely relate the web repo gui buttons in the website itself to  cvs command line that would be so awesome but the thing stopping me is figuring out the repo location from the website... without googling my butt off for an alternative repo that i can get from command line05:28
vilamemguy: web sites can do whatever they please, they are no rules. Most of the time, some hint about the repo/branch is described on the page, but again, no hard rule there either.09:12
vilas/they are/there are/09:12
memguyI see github does a good job of providing the git repo like over http or https or just download the folder as a normal file download09:15
Demosthenexi'm using bzr 2.5.1 on an old ubuntu, i have a simple repo in a dir with a bunch of org-mode (text) files. cron job commits hourly if there's any changes. had a computer crash during a commit, had to break a bzr lock. working dir says run update, update says a revision is not found and fails. where to go from here?17:00
mgrandican you see if the revision its trying to get is actually a commit?18:14
mgrandias in @Demosthenex is it a recent commit?18:27
mgrandi(brb software upgrade)18:28
Demosthenexi see the long revision string lists a date AFTER the latest commit in the log18:49
Demosthenexor rather what it says is missing18:50
Demosthenexbut if i try uncommit, it wants to rollback a commit made yesterday18:50
mgrandican you checkout just the latest commit18:53
mgrandithat you know you made?18:53
Demosthenexi'll give that a shot when i'm at the machine next19:37
memguyone last thing with revision control current does anybody know what most project managers and code developers like to uses for the repo ? Me personally i imagine 99% of things now adays are either git , cvs ,svn , and maybe hg  at least for the opensource / free software community19:51
memguyFor the closed source windows, mac, ...etc os they uses there on proprietary  RCS some times like TFS ...etc19:52
memguyIBM uses clearcase , cpvc ,...etc19:53
mgrandiperforce, bitkeeper, plastic19:53
memguyWould i be missing any major players in the repo software category19:53
mgrandifossil (open source)19:53
memguyway but those don't seem used all that much19:54
memguyi am talking about the 99%19:54
mgrandii guess20:07
mgrandiplastic i know is sorta big20:07
mgrandiand bitkeeper used to host hte linux kernel at one point =P20:07
memguyya but bitkeeper broke into git and hg21:14
mgrandiit still exists as a product though21:14
memguyya but i am talking about most of the projects21:14
mgrandiand now apparentloy open source =P https://www.bitkeeper.org/21:14
Demosthenexmemguy: bzr check! =]22:12
Demosthenexand bzr check bugged out.22:16
Demosthenexbranch clone, thats ok, replaced original.22:19
mgrandigood to hear =)22:37

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