yofel!testers | 16.04.1 candidates are out: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/363/builds08:07
yofelhm, bot is in vacation mode08:12
valoriehmmm, so are the images08:19
valoriezsync, rsync and wget all fail08:19
yofelhm, zsync works for me08:29
acheronukcdimage.ubuntu.com: No route to host08:34
acheronukhttp gives a 404 here08:35
valorieit's late; I'll try again in the morning08:36
acheronukzsync as well08:36
jimarvangood morning peeps :)08:46
jimarvananything fascinating happening?08:46
acheronukjimarvan: not sure. I've not been on here much for a few days08:52
santa_good morning everyone09:05
santa_clivejo: yo I have a nice progress here towards the qt build depend bumping09:11
santa_I might have something reasonably decent today09:11
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clivejosanta_: nice one10:06
clivejoacheronuk: nice to see you back :)10:08
* clivejo dances 10:34
clivejoIm rich!! 10:35
kfunkI envy you, didn't get as much10:37
davmor2kfunk: is that how much they pay you to use windows 10?10:38
kfunkdavmor2: oh, I'd switch instantly if I got that money in return :)10:39
davmor2kfunk: yeah they forget to tell you you have to pay it back in monthly subscriptions10:44
clivejoLOL I won free M$ software few years ago10:45
clivejounfortunately there was no cash equivalent10:46
clivejowhich I told them was the correct value of the software10:47
clivejohi jimbo!11:03
* acheronuk is slowly melting11:22
acheronukhuh. another nvidia update just killed plasma11:30
acheronukreboot fixed it, but that is annoying.11:31
clivejonvidia is getting a lot of killer updates in yakkety11:55
acheronukthis was the graphics drive ppa in xenial12:00
clivejohave you a xenial test box?12:01
acheronukplasma used to seem to survive until a reboot before, but now seems not to like driver updates12:01
acheronukclivejo: this main machine is still on xenial12:02
clivejoany VM?12:02
acheronukI'm being a bit of a coward not putting YY on it yet12:02
clivejoIm backporting FW5.2412:02
acheronukmuch orange!12:03
clivejolot of lintian whining going on12:04
acheronukdid I see plasma 5.7.1 somewhere as well?12:05
clivejoin staging-plasma for yakkety12:06
acheronukahhh... :)12:06
clivejoif FW ever builds I plan to backport it12:06
clivejobut Im only in for lunch and have a few hours of power washing to do!12:07
acheronukstill catching up here. an old uni friend paid me a visit at the weekend, and it was a bit hectic!12:07
clivejomuch drinking to be done12:07
acheronukthink I'm still recovering. can't cope nowadays!12:08
clivejoI know how you feel12:08
clivejoin uni I could drink and still function fine the next day12:08
clivejonow Im suffering for a week after!12:08
acheronukthe heat is not helping either12:09
clivejosweat it out of ya!12:09
clivejoIm enjoying the washing12:09
acheronukit's going to do that, for sure12:09
clivejonice fine cool spray12:09
acheronuknow there's an idea!12:10
clivejoits refreshing!12:11
jimarvanIt is so damn hot today12:15
jimarvanlove it12:15
clivejoyou are used to a hot climate!12:15
acheronukI normally do12:16
acheronukGreece? or did I get that wrong?12:16
jimarvanUK :)12:20
jimarvanI will go back to Greece after summer12:20
clivejoback to work, chat later12:25
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acheronukhmm. not sure I've set this BNC up correctly14:05
santa_god damned ccache XD15:02
santa_it can make ftbfs some packages15:03
clivejocan someone do a quick test install of frameworks 5.24?15:06
mamarleyclivejo: On Yakkety?15:06
mamarleySorry, no Xenial VMs or boxen at the moment. :(15:07
mamarleyI could create one when I get home from work though if you still need testing.15:08
clivejojust need something quick15:08
mparilloclivejo: I have a Xenial VM, if you still need a tester.15:17
clivejois it disposable?15:17
mparilloBooting it now.15:18
clivejocan you do test install of staging-frameworks please15:18
clivejojust see if what it wants to remove is sane15:18
marco-parilloclivejo: OK, I am in XX15:24
clivejothis will break it15:24
clivejobut I just want to know if it installs ok15:25
clivejoalso what it wants to remove15:25
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marco-parillosudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-frameworks ?15:26
yofeluse a chroot?15:26
clivejoyofel: I cant really afford the bandwidth :(15:27
yofeluse a container.................15:27
clivejoah true15:27
Guest65680we have it for a reason15:27
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clivejomarco-parillo is already doing it for me :P15:27
clivejoIm getting ready to upload plasma15:28
clivejochance are its fine, but just wanted to double check15:28
santa_upload where?15:28
santa_do you want to test the qt build depend bumping in the upload?15:29
clivejonot at this point15:29
clivejothis is a backport15:29
santa_ah, its a backport15:29
santa_but I don't understand15:29
santa_doesn't need qt 5.6?15:30
clivejobut for 5.7.2, yes Ill want to test the script15:30
clivejoits does15:30
santa_but it's already in backports15:30
clivejoacheronuk built us a test build15:30
santa_ah, ok15:30
clivejofor XX and YY15:30
marco-parilloThat was successful. Next step is apt update, then the upgradable: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20047717/15:31
clivejothats the build FW and Plasma are based on15:31
santa_right now I'm doing a test rebuild of fw and plasma with the bumping stuff I have15:31
marco-parilloclivejo: And this is what a full-upgrade will remove / add / update: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20048366/15:36
acheronukthat list is expected really15:38
clivejosimilar to YY at this stage15:39
clivejothanks marco-parillo15:39
marco-parilloMy pleasure15:39
clivejocan you let them install15:39
marco-parilloSure thing15:39
marco-parilloNow, if it truly destroys my kittens, I am not so good at recovering. I will just use the opportunity to test the 16.04.1 image.15:40
clivejosanta_: your script might get tested sooner rather than later!15:40
clivejoas long as you know your kittens are going to be fried!15:41
acheronukthat sddm removal seemed a bit nasty at first, but fallout from needing a new workspace version I think15:41
marco-parilloI would pref we revet to LightDM with its built-in guest session.15:41
clivejomarco-parillo: but maybe keep it running after it installs15:41
yofelyou *can* use lightdm if you want. It's just completely untested15:42
yofel(the kde frontend that is)15:42
clivejodepending on how quick or slow LP is plasma is about to be uploaded and will need testing15:42
acheronuklightdm works better with xephyr as well15:43
acheronukor actually *works*15:44
clivejowho does this voice over ?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9MtFqkRFwQ15:44
yofelexcept that we're deprecating X11 :P15:46
clivejopoor x1115:47
clivejolike an old work horse shot in the head :(15:47
yofelI'm not sure if this mutation of a thing still has the right to be called a horse..15:48
* acheronuk recalls using CDE on Sun X server workstations15:50
clivejoupload in progress15:51
clivejohave to go for a bit15:51
marco-parilloclivejo: This is my kosole scroll-back: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20050362/15:54
marco-parilloI did not get the little tray notification saying a re-boot is required.15:55
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> A reboot will probably kill your kittens16:02
mparilloProbably. I will need to soon.16:10
acheronuksanta_: from the ML, yofel kindly got my ssh key added to depot.kde.org the other day16:33
acheronukclivejo: later in the week I would like to try to get a better handle on some of the automation scripts if you will be about?17:13
mparilloclivejo: After applying updates, I was unable to shut down via the Application Launcher. Instead, I had to sudo poweroff. After a reboot, I saw glowing Kubuntu logo, but now have a tty login prompt.17:18
clivejoacheronuk: sure, give me a shout17:20
clivejosanta_ has been working on them to include a bumping function17:21
clivejoplasma 5.7.2 is out, you could try staging that :)17:28
mparilloclivejo: So after staring at the tty login prompt, I figured I would startx. Black screen. You were right. Kitten roadkill.17:39
clivejoplasma 5.7.1 is building as we speak17:40
clivejoif you can snapshot the machine and then install it17:40
santa_we are all building many things XD17:40
clivejomight be tomorrow at this rate17:41
santa_regarding the automation I think it's about time to start switching to the new tooling17:41
santa_maybe we could do the following17:42
santa_clivejo uploads to staging with the new tooling17:42
santa_acheronuk uploads a "test" to tritemio (my private experimental pseudo-ppas)17:43
clivejowhen you say new tooling, what do you mean?17:43
santa_the new scriptery17:43
santa_let me find that pdf17:43
santa_it may need a few updates that pdf, but explains the general idea17:45
santa_indeed, I have to update that pdf a bit17:51
clivejoI modified git clone all a bit17:52
clivejobasically to work with the old tooling17:52
santa_yes, I know, I also added some improvements on top of that17:53
clivejoLP is sooooo slow!18:02
santa_slow doing what?18:03
* mamarley kicks LP.18:20
clivejoah, that seems to have done it18:21
* clivejo presses retry button18:21
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clivejo!info libqjson-dev20:43
ubottulibqjson-dev (source: qjson): Qt-based library that maps JSON data to QVariant objects - development files. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.1-3 (yakkety), package size 8 kB, installed size 79 kB20:43
clivejo!info libqjson-dev xenial20:43
ubottulibqjson-dev (source: qjson): Qt-based library that maps JSON data to QVariant objects - development files. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.1-3 (xenial), package size 8 kB, installed size 79 kB20:43
valoriehmmm, cdimage still doesn't have the right image for testing 20:47
valorieyofel called !testers | 16.04.1 candidates are out: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/363/builds20:47
valoriebut wget, straight http, zsync and rsync don't work for me still20:48
valorieThe requested URL /kubuntu/daily-live/20160718/xenial-desktop-amd64.iso was not found on this server.20:48
valorieat cdimage.ubuntu.com20:49
acheronukvalorie: all links still broken here as well20:56
valorieI"m wondering where to report this20:59
valorie#ubuntu-devel maybe?20:59
acheronukif I go up a directory, it takes me to the YY daily builds, which is surely just wrong21:02
acheronukXX daily builds are still being done http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/xenial/daily-live/current/21:02
clivejoacheronuk: you busy?21:03
acheronukbut surely an ISO release candidate should be neither of those really?21:03
clivejowhy wont this build?21:04
acheronukclivejo: sort of. from tomorrow pm I will be able to spend more time on this week here doing stuff21:05
clivejoI cant see the problem for looking at it21:05
acheronukclivejo: I looked at that earlier, and don't immediately see why build deps for that failed!21:06
acheronuka manual logging in in pbuilder and going through the deps may give a clue?21:07
valorieanswer: valorie: s,daily,xenial/daily, and you're good to go.21:08
valorieso /kubuntu/daily-live/20160718/xenial-desktop-amd64.iso should be instead /kubuntu/xenial/daily-live/20160718/xenial-desktop-amd64.iso21:08
valoriezsync is workin'21:09
clivejotoo tired to figure it out tonight21:10
acheronukclive: ditto really21:10
valoriealso: [14:10] <infinity> valorie: FWIW, a fresh respin is in progress as we speak.21:18
acheronukclivejo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20091936/21:18
acheronuknot sure where that is picking up the dep on libwayland-client0 (>= 1.9.91)21:28
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acheronukclivejo: Ignore my last comment. Just me being dumb and tired and adding the wrong ppa version into pbuilder21:53
acheronukI'll have another look tomorrow21:53
clivejoyeah, look tomorrow with fresh eyes21:54

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