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pasjrwoctxI have a rather techinal question regaurding vitural desktops in kubuntu.  Is anyone around?01:12
eleziumhi, what's the proper way to update to kde 5.7.1 with kubuntu 16.04?01:19
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itakeithzg: ok, thanks03:09
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chrisrhello. i need help with Kontact. since 15.04 to-dos from mails do not save said mail as attachment any more. adding them manually doesn't work. i can't get this to work, not even with a fresh install. and the only bug report i could find on the net is not being replied to.07:19
YankDownUnderchrisr: Have you tried installing the "backports" PPA to see if that does anything to resolve the issue?07:24
chrisrYankDownUnder: yes, i have. in three different kubuntu versions07:36
chrisrthis used to work in older versions07:36
YankDownUnderchrisr: Fair enough. And yes, kinda been there done that...I do know that in my last "battle" I had to remove pretty much everything to do with "accounts" - core and KDE - and then re-install them. Either which, I do believe that most of the devs are in a rush/bustle to get everything ready by the 21st of the month (16.04.1)07:37
chrisrYankDownUnder: so you did get it working?07:40
YankDownUnderchrisr: Yes...as stated above - removing everything to do with "accounts" - and then reinstalling them07:42
chrisrproblem, removing all this stuff could give me a broken plasma07:45
YankDownUnderchrisr: When I had resolved the issue with the "accounts", I ended up (after making sure I had the backports PPA installed) doing a "re-install" of the entire KDE desktop...07:46
YankDownUnderchrisr: I'm stating merely what *I* did to resolve my issues - so I'm not necessarily directing you to do the same...I'm used to breaking things - and my machine is NOT a production machine, ergo, I can experiment.07:49
chrisrYankDownUnder: that's the thing. i need to solve this in order to be productive. this used to be a huge timesaver.07:54
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YankDownUnderchrisr: Is it safe to assume you've asked in the dev channels, too, eh?07:54
chrisri asked in äkde07:55
chrisri'll do that later. gotta run now. but thanks a lot07:55
YankDownUnderchrisr: Cheers07:55
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amichairfollowing https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/PPAs, I get "E: The repository 'http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/ppa/ubuntu xenial Release' does not have a Release file". Is the ppa still supported?09:28
YankDownUnderamichair: You can always try again in 24 hours - could be doing file maint on the server...which DOES happen...09:30
amichairYankDownUnder: ah, ok. Just wanted to know if the docs might be out of date or something... but if it's supposed to work, I'll try again later. Thanks!09:30
YankDownUnderamichair: Coolbeans.09:31
amichairYankDownUnder: Cheerios.09:31
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fuzeis there any way to fix driver manager being stuck at "Collecting Information about your system"?10:31
YankDownUnderfuze: Kill it, then do it from the terminal with "sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall"10:45
fuzeYankDownUnder: the solution was to run update-apt-xapian-index10:48
YankDownUnderfuze: For me, I generally bypass any GUI tools when doing a "final" on installations - and prefer to do everything through the terminal - to bypass any strangenesses - especially in the case of Plasma...ditto with after a Kubuntu installation nowadays, I immediately install the PPA's for backports so that the latest Plasma is installed...fair enough.10:50
fuzeYankDownUnder: the drivers that installed automatically are open source ones that arent supported by software i use. also i could of used sudo ubuntu-drivers devices in terminal but i always prefer a gui unless something goes wrong10:52
YankDownUnderfuze: Fair enough.10:52
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viewer|35057hello, I have a question concerning Dolphin. How can I enable preview for images as default, so that I don't have to click the preview icon everytime. I cannot find setting options for my Dolphin, as suggested by users in another forum. I am running Kubuntu 16.04.11:43
soulviewer|35057: yes please, I would like the same11:44
lethuviewer|35057: click on the control button then adjust view properties11:45
viewer|35057Also, when I am using Firefox browser and try to for exmaple upload some photos, it fires up a file manager which is unknown to me ( it looks different as Dolphin) and there I can get any image preview, which make it hardly usable.11:45
lethusoul: click on the control button then adjust view properties11:46
viewer|35057Thanks. I got it. OMG...11:46
soullethu: do you know if it is possible to configure Dolphin for every directory, this way, lethu?11:51
viewer|35057Sorry, I have another question. I see that actually I already turn on the preview options. But it doesn't automatically show the preview. I also check that I didn't limit the size of image for preview. It seems that it only works at the default "picture" folder.11:51
soulviewer|35057: yes, I hate that Firefox browser...11:51
soulI think it only works on the directory you did it, viewer|35057. At least in my computer11:52
viewer|35057@soul But I don't think it is a directory specific setting. Wherever I click control - Dolphin settings - general - preview, the options for image are always on.11:54
viewer|35057@soul But other than in the "picture" folder, I just can't get the preview by default. I have to click preview.11:55
viewer|35057Is it a browser specific problem? I mean no image preview for file upload. What browser would you recommand?11:56
mparilloYes, FF is broken. I know if you install rekonq first, then Chromium will use kdialog.11:58
viewer|35057Thank you. I will give it a try.11:59
rajivmarswhen does plasma 5.7 come for update on kubuntu 16.04?13:52
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yossarianukrajivmars: not sure it will...13:58
yossarianukrajivmars: i believe it relies on qt 5.7 which is not available in ubuntu13:59
yossarianukrajivmars: however best to ask in #kubuntu-devel13:59
yossarianukkde-neon will have plasma 5.7.2 by the end of the day I think...14:00
MyXelfhi, could someone please explain what is taking plasma 5.7.0 so long to be available in the kubuntu-backports ppa?14:06
soeeit required Qt 5.6.x ^14:06
soeewhile Ubuntu has 5.514:06
soeeso Kubuntu packager have to backport newer version and make wit work on 16.0414:07
MyXelfis there any progress in the backporting of Qt?14:08
yossarianukMyXelf: this is one of the main reasons kde-neon exists14:08
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Tuxicklo, when i do a search, expecting just applications, i still get names of all files indexed, although i switched that off on desktop search17:03
Tuxickalso did clear history17:03
Tuxicknow i have a bloated .local/share/akonadi/db_data/ and mysqld using 500M ram17:04
Tuxickso question is: what to do about this?17:06
xrockso whats up17:26
xrockhello. is it safe to run kubuntu desktop under ubuntu studio?17:27
rajivmarshow to update the "qt" version in kubuntu 16.04?17:51
rajivmarshow to update the "qt" version in kubuntu 16.04?18:06
rajivmarsis it true that kde 5.7 has arrived for update on kubuntu 16.04 from today?18:09
denza242!info plasma-desktop18:12
ubottuplasma-desktop (source: plasma-desktop): Tools and widgets for the desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:5.5.5-0ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 1575 kB, installed size 7751 kB18:12
rattkingif you update qt expect everything that uses it to break until you rebuild that too18:14
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workHello, Do you guys know how to add pinch to zoom? Am using KDE Neon19:57
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rajivmarsI have just installed "office 2007" through wine. everytime after opening "ms word" when i am trying to close it, it shows this error ; "this feature requires MSXML 5.0 to be properly installed. Run setup and click repair to restore this component.21:08
rajivmarsAnybody please try to solve it.21:08
rattkingI would check and see if thats installable with winetricks first.. if not track it down and install it manually21:10
habitsHey guys, how can I configure Konversation to remain in the system tray only and disappear from task bar when I click "Close"21:33
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saigelI've gotten myself into Desktop Environment hell. Tried to install Mate (was going ok but something Bad(tm) happened). Now I can't even seem to uninstall because of dependencies and something segfaults while trying to uninstall. I've been searching forums, but haven't yet found how to remove ALL desktop environments without completely destroying the system. Once they're all gone, I will re-install just one. Anybody know how to force22:16
saigelremoval of all DEs?22:16
keithzgsaigel: I imagine if you remove xorg, the dependency chain will result in it removing all DEs as well. Might very well have other affects, however.22:23
keithzgThat you're getting outright segfaults while trying to uninstall would imply there's something pretty serious going wrong, however.22:25
keithzgHave you tried rebooting into recovery mode and proceeding from there, saigel?22:25
saigelThat's an idea. Uh, I don't think I've ever been in the recovery mode.22:27
saigelJust for kicks, I tried, sudo apt-get remove xorg22:29
saigelI got several "unmet dependencies", "... but it is  not going to be installed". Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages.22:30
saigelUnfortunately (for me), that gives me a list of packages that are installed, but not configured. so it goes nowhere.22:32
valoriethis isn't a Kubuntu issue though22:35
valorieso I would suggest #ubuntu22:35
valoriesounds like you want to run without a DE, which is basically Ubuntu server22:35
Kh_Me gustaria poner accesos directos de mis aplicaciones en mi escritorio pero no logro hacerlo22:56
Kh_I would like to put shortcuts of my applications on my desktop but I can not do22:56
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> #ubuntu-es22:56
Kh_I would like to put shortcuts of my applications on my desktop but I can not do22:57
Kh_i am use kubuntu 16.0422:57
keithzgKh_: You *should* be able to click-drag (as long as desktop widgets are unlocked).23:09
keithzgKh_: If you just want a more traditional "it's like a big file manager window" setup though you can just set the desktop layout to "Folder View".23:10
Kh_keithzg, Thaks!23:12

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