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bzoltanMirv: here I am ... not yet on the other side10:23
Mirvbzoltan: +1 for 50%10:27
bzoltanMirv:  community first, so it is 51% :D10:27
kalikianazsombi: I think you should check out bug 160345210:49
ubot5bug 1603452 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "[SDK] Change leading action background to red and icon to white" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160345210:49
zsombikalikiana: I saw that, and Rae wanted me to introduce action'specific coloring, like negative actions should have red color only...10:53
zsombikalikiana: which is not deductible from an action...10:53
zsombikalikiana: so the discussion got stalled...10:53
kalikianazsombi: Ah. Hmm so it's about who defines "negative"... maybe we should check this on Mumble, see if we might need new API10:59
zsombikalikiana: well, that si something I'd like to avoid: API to define action's kind!11:00
Mirvpopey: would you have time to merge https://github.com/popey/buds/pull/6 so that people get that when switching phones?11:16
ahayzendavmor2, I think i've fixed the weather-app's issue!11:17
davmor2ahayzen: woohoo!11:17
davmor2ahayzen: if you get a click package throw it at me I'm happy to kick tyres and stuff11:18
ahayzendavmor2, awesome, i'll just get a branch together :-)11:18
popeyMirv: done, thanks!11:30
Mirvthanks to you!11:32
ahayzendavmor2, i've direct msg'd you a link to the click :-)11:35
mzanettiogra_, you're so mean12:20
mzanettiogra_, that poor guy was pinging me for 2 days about --help and where the heck that australia option is12:20
ogra_REALLY ?!?12:20
ogra_oh my12:21
mzanettiI totally didn't get what his problem is (except the --help doesn't work *on* the phone)12:21
ogra_sorry for that :)12:21
mzanettionly saw the mailing list thread now and nearly peed my pants12:21
ogra_same here ... i'm currently entertaining the whole room at the sprint with my laughing12:22
ogra_i think we should implement it and actually have it say "Sorry Peter, i can not do that for you" (in Hal voice)12:23
svijwe should from now on call it "the australia bug"™12:24
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mhall119davidcalle: can you sanity-check https://code.launchpad.net/~mhall119/developer-ubuntu-com/apidoc-fixes/+merge/300490 for me?16:05
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ahayzenzsombi, o/ are you best to talk to about the BottomEdge component or is someone else better?16:58
zsombiahayzen: me :)17:11
zsombiahayzen: what's bothering you? be quick, I was about to close the lid :)17:12
ahayzenzsombi, hehe :-) ... so i put a url to a page in, and that worked fine. Other than the first time it'd take a bit to load ... So then i set preloadContent=true and instead of preloading the content, nothing happens, it is empty and the contentItem is null17:13
ahayzenis the preloadContent expected to work?17:13
zsombiahayzen: yes17:13
zsombiahayzen: you're setting source I hope17:14
ahayzenzsombi, i'm setting contentUrl17:14
zsombiahayzen: good17:14
zsombido you see any error printed a slog?17:14
zsombias log?17:15
ahayzenthere was nothing17:15
ahayzenand i could see that the contentItem was never changing from null17:15
* ahayzen double checks...17:15
ahayzenyeah nothinh17:16
zsombiahayzen: UITK gallery has the feature, it works there, though we may have somethign wrong there still...17:16
ahayzenok, i see pretty much all the other apps have an alternate solution17:16
zsombiahayzen: because th epreloadContent wasn;t there when they did it17:18
ahayzenlike in clock http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clock-dev/ubuntu-clock-app/trunk/view/head:/app/components/AlarmBottomEdge.qml .. they use _realPage to create it there17:18
ahayzenah :-)17:18
zsombiahayzen: and so far noone migrated to teh featureseems :/17:18
zsombiahayzen: I love when they push us to get features, but then never use those... This has been there for >4 months17:18
ahayzenzsombi, haha ... but maybe it is because the preload doesn't work as expected ?17:19
ahayzenin my case anyway..17:19
zsombiahayzen: noone complained for it so far.. so noone tried it...17:19
ahayzenzsombi, ok, shall i attempt to create a mini app of the problem and report a bug ?17:19
zsombiahayzen: precisely17:21
ahayzencoolio i'll do that :-)17:21
zsombiahayzen: meantime I'll give it a quick look17:21
zsombiahayzen: so you're having the default setup, and use contentUrl + preloadContent, right? async as well?17:21
ahayzenzsombi, effectively it is this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/20061072/ .. with the addition of the height/width being set when the contentItem loads17:23
zsombiahayzen: ehm... why the heck do you set the height/width of the contentItem?17:24
ahayzenotherwise it would be transparent :')17:24
zsombiahayzen: do you set that in the LocationsPage?17:24
ahayzenand in all the examples in the docs ... the contentComponent has to have the width set17:24
ahayzenwell i was setting that in a thing afterwards ... but i also tried setting in there17:25
ahayzenbut maybe that wasn't working17:25
ahayzenas per docs "The content must specify its width and height."17:25
zsombiI think it should... the examples do not change the contentItem afterwards...17:25
ahayzenok, well it is a Page17:25
zsombiahayzen: yes, but not in BE, but in the content17:26
ahayzenok, i'm gonna try setting it to a fixed width see if that makes it work...17:26
ahayzenno different :-/17:27
zsombiahayzen: ok, I can repro as well, it works with contentComponent, but not with contentUrl17:29
ahayzenmaybe i can just put a Loader in the contentComponent for now lol17:29
zsombiahayzen: nooo, you can embed you rpage in a Component, that will be compiled only when the element will be created17:30
ahayzenokies :-)17:30
zsombiahayzen: Like Component { id: thePage; LocationsPage {} }17:30
zsombiahayzen: but report the bug!17:30
ahayzenzsombi, thanks, i'll try it :-)17:31
zsombiahayzen: yw17:32
ahayzenzsombi, sweet that works thanks :-D17:35
ahayzenzsombi, reported bug 160450917:43
ubot5bug 1604509 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "In the bottom edge component, using preload=true with contentUrl results in an empty page" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160450917:43
mike00hi appdevs, is there any way to change the dimension of an icon inside a button?17:44
zsombiahayzen: CRAP, it's a one liner@17:48
ahayzenzsombi, hah :')17:48
ahayzencan it get in for OTA12 though :-D hehe17:48
zsombiahayzen: I have !d->url.isValid() instead of d->url.isValid() :D17:49
zsombiahayzen: no way, OTA12 flew away long ago, we're already working for OTA1317:49
ahayzenhaha, i'll just use the component solution for now :-)17:49
zsombiahayzen: pls do, mentime I'll fix it tomorrow, it's a really small one17:50
ahayzenawesome thanks :-)17:50
mike00please, some appdevs can help me?18:02
zsombiahayzen: haha, I couldn't stand :D18:13
zsombiahayzen: pls check https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/pleaseBottomEdgePreloadUrl/+merge/30050918:14
ahayzenzsombi, hehe awesome ok :-)18:14
zsombitimp: kalikiana: ^ pls one of you review the above ^18:14
zsombiahayzen: so hope your "workaround" wouldn't be there for long...18:14
ahayzenhah :-) or other people won't hit the issue18:15
zsombiif they do, we have a fix and a workaround18:15
ahayzenexactly :-)18:17
ahayzenzsombi, that seems to fix the bug for me, thanks :-D18:29
ahayzenzsombi, if you are still about, the docs say for the BottomEdgeHint that the "Locked status value is set automatically when the system detects a mouse attached." ... I have a laptop with a touchpad and it gets set to Inactive not Locked :-/18:39
ali1234what is the correct way to set up a development chroot?19:28
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kalikianazsombi: I was going to be the tim was super fast :-D23:02
s_m_cCan I ask a question about snappy here?23:09
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s_m_cI'll ask anyway :-)23:24
s_m_cI have installed a snappy VM image (seems to be 15.04), and also installed 16.10 into a VM. While documentation about using snappy refers to using the command "snap", in both the snappy image and the wily image, the snapcraft package seems to only provide the command "snappy".23:27
s_m_cIs this just that the documentation is out of date and the command "snappy" supercedes the command "snap"?23:29

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