dholbachgood morning05:25
tsimonq2hey hey hey dholbach! :D05:25
dholbachhey tsimonq205:25
tsimonq2how are you dholbach?05:25
dholbachvery good, just waking up :)05:25
dholbachhow about you?05:25
tsimonq2great :)05:25
tsimonq2dholbach: are you at the sprint? :D05:26
dholbachno, I'm not05:26
tsimonq2oh okay05:26
dholbachhum, the new thunderbird doesn't display any of my messages... it only does in --safe-mode05:37
Kiloshi dholbach svij belkinsa and all others06:11
tsimonq2o/ Kilos, how are you?06:12
Kiloshi tsimonq2 ok ty and you?06:14
tsimonq2great Kilos :)06:18
dholbachhi Kilos06:33
tsimonq2o/ svij! how are you?06:43
svijtsimonq2: good good, just came back from a quick run… and you? :)06:43
tsimonq2great :)06:51
MooDoomorning all07:07
Kiloshi MooDoo07:08
Kilosi go do chores, wbb07:08
tsimonq2o/ MooDoo07:10
czajkowskidholbach: does that mean you have no email :)07:47
czajkowskithat could work07:47
dholbachit's 2016 people - email is so 1970s07:49
* tsimonq2 kicks dholbach 07:50
tsimonq2dholbach: email is so 200807:50
tsimonq2(first time I used it :P)07:51
tsimonq2dholbach: IRC on the other hand... XD07:51
dholbach*I* didn't use email in the 70s, however old you think I am07:51
svijthere are old people… and there is dholbach.07:52
tsimonq2you weren't born yet...right? :D07:52
czajkowskipoor dholbach07:52
czajkowskiIRC does age one :)07:53
dholbachtsimonq2, and I didn't mean to turn this into a "I'm more old-school than you" contest - it was more me trying to say "it's time the world moves on to something better then email"07:53
dholbachtsimonq2, '7907:54
tsimonq2dholbach: I was joking around :P :)07:56
tsimonq2dholbach: but I see07:56
* tsimonq2 called it! \o/07:56
svijdpm: hey hey, did you get hold of Mark yet? :)09:24
=== MooDoo is now known as Guest47299
=== Guest47299 is now known as MooDoo
mhall119jose: dpm is in Heidelberg and I've got to run kids to school, is there anything you needed us for in today's UbuConLA call?13:51
josemhall119: nope, but can we move this to a weekly call?13:52
mhall119sure, starting next week?13:53
mhall119sounds good to me13:53
josewe're only a couple weeks away so it's mostly final stuff13:53
tsimonq2mhall119: will there be a Q&A today?13:54
tsimonq2oh okay13:54
tsimonq2then sleep for me, o/13:54
josethose days when I could sleep...13:55
dholbachall rightie... I'm heading to the airport now - see you all tomorrow again! :-)14:08

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