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saeedam i have to speak english or mitonam farsi beharfam ? :D11:45
babakdostan dar mored script kasi mitone komakam kone?13:24
mangulflossie: salam kari dari inja?14:21
mangulflossie: nothing forget that ;)14:23
flossieThat's OK, I was trying to use Google to translate! :)14:25
flossiemangul: No probs14:27
mangulif u dont know persian then why u come here?its a persian channel14:27
mangulbut u are welcome!14:28
flossieAha, thankyou14:28
mangulat least tell us u dont know persian14:28
mangulthen we talk english with you14:28
flossieGood point14:28
flossieTo be honest, I was trying to see which countries are represented on IRC. I used to use it a lot when I started getting into Linux/Ubuntu around 2008.14:30
mangulhere's desert!14:31
mangulall people went to telegram!14:32
mangulbut i know! nothing's like IRC!14:32
flossieHow do you mean? Do people still use telegrams??14:32
mangultelegram.me i mean14:34
mangulits an application14:34
flossieAh, I see!14:36
flossieI'll have a look now14:36
mangulas u can see there is just 2 people here: me and you!14:37
flossieIs this it? https://telegram.org/14:37
flossieIs it like IRC but for phones tec?14:38
flossieetc, I mean14:38
flossieIt does look really interesting!14:38
mangulit has a blue logo14:39
mangulwith a white paper plane in center14:39
mangulyes thats it!14:40
flossieI shall try it on my HTC and maybe by Linux Mint (LMDE, I use mostly by the way)14:40
mangulit is available for web,linux,windows,abdroid,...14:41
manguli like irc more14:45
mangulalso it is not free and opensource14:46
mangulits client is14:46
mangulbut its server is not!14:46
mangulflossie: on what channels i can meet you?14:46
flossieYea, Telegram looks to me like a cross between IRC and WhatsApp.14:47
flossieNot so cool if the server is not open sourced though, I suppose14:48
flossieMy Linux account seems to default to #linuxmint-help14:52
flossieon the SpotChat server - although I always used to use Freenode mostly14:52
flossieOr especially #lau - Linux Audio Users - but I rarely use IRC14:53
flossieAn I can confirm I now have Telegram installed on my phone - I have one contact on there who uses it!14:54
flossieWhich channels do you use mostly?14:55
manguli have these in autojoin: #shangul ##_J128 #lumidify ##DaniKitten15:04
mangulflossie: ^15:04
flossieOK, I'll have a look - I don't use it very oftern at all15:15
flossieBut I like to know it's there..15:16
flossieThnaks, I've just discovered how to set more channels to auto-join! :)15:20
mangulflossie: how many months u discovered IRC?15:23
flossieI started using it in 2008-ish - but I never really use it anymore15:24
flossieI never got the whole syntax thing - registering with bots etc15:25
mangulthey are services15:30
flossieOne of my first experiences on IRC was getting told off in the OpenSUSE channel for "asking to ask"!15:30
flossieBut then I found the Mint and Ubuntu people much friendlier!15:31
mangulflossie: have u ever played irc games?15:32
flossieOK, I shall have a look in a sec!15:39
manguli played there15:41
mangulflossie: are u religios?15:42
flossie2 minutes - I am on phone atm15:46
mangulin a few minutes16:05

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