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timypwhat does the output of my bash script show ’ between folders ? this is throwing of my script17:42
wxltimyp: possible encoding issue? still, you might want to check #ubuntu for general questions unrelated to the subject of ubuntu local communities (which is what this channel is about)17:43
Kiloswxl i posted the blog, ended up very different , i hope its acceptable to even writers17:55
wxli'm sure it'll be fine Kilos :)17:55
Kilospleia2 http://kilosubuntu.blogspot.com17:55
Kiloshopefully soon the LC and CC will take some action17:56
wxlmake sure you draw their attention to it17:57
Kilosand how do i do that?17:57
Kilosail them17:57
Kiloswill do17:58
wxlseems good, mostly17:58
wxlthe flow kind of peters out at the end but i think you get the general idea across17:58
svijwxl: are you joining the hangout meeting today?18:01
wxlsvij: aw forgot about that. what time?18:01
svijwxl: now18:02
wxlk hold on18:02
pleia2the actual link: http://kilosubuntu.blogspot.com/2016/07/greetings-ubunteros-opinions-below-are.html18:02
pleia2but a title for this post would be nice :)18:03
pleia2especially when we go to include it in the newsletter, we need a title like you've had in past posts18:05
Kilosoh my, ty pleia2 18:06
Kiloswxl done18:20
timypso whats the difference between irc ubuntu and ubuntu-locoteams?18:32
wxltimyp: #ubuntu is mainly for ubuntu users that need help. ubuntu-locoteams surrounds the notion of connecting people together with other physically close ubuntu users. does that make sense?18:33
pleia2locoteams tend to host events and go to conferences, that's what we talk about here, not user support18:34
wxlpleia2: although some locoteams offer local support :)18:35
pleia2yes, but not this channel :)18:36
timypwxl so if I have a question or concern about something in the Ubuntu community I'd post here if I am having a break/fix issue I'd posted in ubuntu?18:36
pleia2timyp: typically you'd start by talking to the folks in your local community where you live18:37
pleia2if you have a problem with them, or resources, want tips about running events, etc, you can talk about it here18:37
timypI see thanks18:43
wxlmight want to check server specifically23:56
wxloops wrong channel :/23:56

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