YankDownUnderadriano_: What's up?00:12
adriano_I'm getting a poor performance in my laptop00:12
adriano_Using Ubuntu-MATE00:12
adriano_Or any other linux distribution00:12
adriano_My CPU is AMD E-35000:13
YankDownUnderadriano_: So *any* linux distro you try to run on this is "lagging", eh?00:13
adriano_And Web Browser lag so much too00:13
YankDownUnderadriano_: Here's something to test out - since you're testing things out - download a 32-bit version (of whatever) and try that...see what you get, hmm?00:14
adriano_My Laptop have 3gb RAM00:14
adriano_It'll work?00:14
adriano_I have a Windows 7 installation on another partition and runs smoothly00:16
adriano_Anyway i'll try a 32bit version.00:16
adriano_The Ubuntu-MATE it self.00:16
YankDownUnderadriano_: Look, that particular processor appears to have been specifically created for laptops with an MS OS on 'em...so, since most linux distros are fully 64-bit, they're going to push that puppy to the max...HOWEVER, if you want to test something out, try a current 32-bit version - OR - the other option is to get something "older" - like Ubuntu 14.04...and see how that does, hmm?00:16
adriano_I see00:17
adriano_But i believe you when said about MS OS improved CPUs00:17
adriano_It makes me sad :-/00:17
adriano_I had an A4 Desktop00:18
YankDownUnderadriano_: But hey, get you the Ubuntu-Mate 16.04, pop it on a USB, and fire it up - test it...if it's fast? Well, then you have the option to install it, eh...00:18
adriano_I'm downloading right now00:18
YankDownUnderIt's not about "MS OS Improved" CPU's - it's all "smoke and mirrors" - MS uses the CPU differently than does any other OS...so they take big shortcuts...(all based on lies to the public)00:18
adriano_hummmm... Tell me more about this conspiracy :-P00:19
YankDownUnderadriano_: MS started to play the "Devil's game" back in 1991 - before Win95 came out - so, they've made "pushes" on AMD and Intel - along with all the rest of the hardware developers. Then into software developement. SO, this answers qeustions that are easily answered - WHY are all the games programmed to run on Windows? Why are some CPU's "fast" under Windows but slow on anything else? Why isn't MS Office compiled for linux00:23
YankDownUnderif it's compiled for OSX? Why does MS have such a huge part of the market share? (Because nearly every new PC has Windows on it - get it?) Does any of that make sense, hmm?00:23
adriano_I see00:24
adriano_I think make sense00:24
adriano_I've found a xubuntu 16.04 i386 on my folders. I'm writing on an USB flash drive.00:26
YankDownUnderadriano_: Good on ya, mate. Boot it up, play with it - and then you can decide what to do. You've got options.00:26
adriano_Well, in the worst case, i'll continue to use the Ubuntu-MATE i've already installed.00:28
YankDownUnderadriano_: Test it. If anything else, there are some tweaks to possibly make your current installation work a bit, er, well, faster than slow, eh?00:29
adriano_Going to reboot my laptop00:39
adriano_See ya00:39
cheers460Cheers everyone. Since amd dropped fglrx for the 16.04 distros, anyone know the lead time of amdgpu? The open source driver is okay but I can't get boinc crunching working with it. Should I just drop back down to 14.04?00:57
cheers460I talked to amd guy back in march and he says wait a couple months but as far as I can tell its not out yet?00:58
YankDownUnderadriano_: So?01:03
adriano_YankDownUnder: I had little increase in performance01:03
adriano_It's not drastic, but better than i'm having with amd6401:03
adriano_going to switch to Ubuntu-MATE i38601:04
YankDownUnderadriano_: So you've got that as an option...I also have to ask - when you installed Mate in the first place, did you install the suggested third party drivers for your system as well?01:04
YankDownUnderadriano_: Had to ask...01:05
adriano_For the CPU, just a package called microcode01:05
YankDownUnderadriano_: Yes...that's kinda important...01:05
YankDownUnderadriano_: As well, you might want to look into the "Mate Tweak Tool" - which will assist in cutting down some things...along with that, you might want to disable some of the effects - anything to do with transparency or animation - etc etc etc..."clean up" things...that reduces the load on the CPU, ya know.01:07
adriano_What does this do?01:07
adriano_The microcode01:08
YankDownUnderadriano_: All of the "desktop effects" cause the CPU to work harder...01:08
YankDownUnderAH...the microcode is for directly "talking to the CPU" as it were.01:08
adriano_In a ~90kb package01:10
YankDownUnderadriano_: Yes...code is quite small...smaller than you might realise in some instances, my friend.01:10
adriano_Anyway, thanks for the help YankDownUnder01:12
YankDownUnderadriano_: De nada, by all means, please have a great day.01:13
adriano_You talk portuguese?01:13
YankDownUnderadriano_: Ingles...de Los Estados Unidos...but I live in Australia now... :)01:14
adriano_Oh, i see01:14
adriano_By the way, i live in Brazil. Is night where i live :-)01:14
adriano_So, have a good day to YankDownUnder01:15
YankDownUnderadriano_: Brazil is beautiful - blessings, mate.01:15
adriano_Ok, see ya. (Australia is awesome too)01:15
dave__how to burn a slide show in ubuntu mate16-4 ? can anyone advise me04:56
nomic'burn a slide show?05:07
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aaranmorning, I have done something to my mate install, when I tap F12 it no longer drops down from the top of the screen its half way between monitors and half way down the screen08:13
YankDownUnderaaran: Have you logged out and back in again?08:15
aaranrebooted and its not changed08:16
YankDownUnderaaran: Right oh, fair enough. Strange that.08:17
aaranyeah, anything I can do to fix it? is there a config file that stores its location08:20
YankDownUnderaaran: Just a quick question - have you updated - like recently...?08:20
aaranI have the automatic updates runnin08:20
YankDownUnderaaran: Most of the actual configuration files will live in ~./config along with ~./local/share => that being said, something I've done in the past - especially when my desktop was acting freaky, was to log out of that account, go to the first TTY (ALT+F1), login and clean out all the crap in the ~./cache directly08:21
aaranOk, whats the actually application that drops down when you press F12 is it just a standard terminal with some fancy settings ?08:24
YankDownUnderaaran: "tilda"08:24
aarancould I try removing and adding it again would that not work08:25
aaranif I told it to purge08:25
YankDownUnderaaran: If you look for the "tilda" configs/prefs and delete 'em, well, that SHOULD resolve the issue, ya reckon...just thinking from a logical perspective...08:26
YankDownUnderaaran: In ~./config/tilda => you'll find a config file => so, that being said, you could "killall -9 tilda", then delete that configuration file, then login again and see if it's all happy again, eh...?08:27
aaranLet me give that a try thanks08:29
aarannope that did not work :(08:32
aaranalso tried a purge after and that did not work either08:32
Akuliwhats the problem?08:32
YankDownUnderaaran: Can't blame solar flares...hmm... :)08:32
aaranpressing f12 drops tilda half way down the screen and split between 2 monitors08:32
aaranlet me take a screenshot08:32
aaranthats 2 monitors, xchat is pushed up to the left of the right monitor08:34
Akuliis that mate-terminal?08:35
aaranthats the terminal you get when you press f1208:35
YankDownUnderaaran: Just another quick question - have you tried to change resolution and then change it back - to see if that does anything?08:35
YankDownUnderAkuli: "Tilda"08:35
aaranwith tilda open or closed at the time?08:35
YankDownUnderaaran: Open08:35
aaranthanks I will take a look after lunch08:42
YankDownUnderEnjoy your lunch. I'll eat my dinner. ;)08:42
Akulijust the first thing i found on google08:42
YankDownUnderIn the next week, there should be heaps of strange issues as the last of the updates/upgrades for 16.04.1 are pushed out to the world...hmm...08:47
TaZeRubuntu-mate the OS of champions12:19
TaZeRim an early adopter =)12:19
TaZeRi was soo excited when the first alpha of this ever came out12:20
scottd_Hi all12:36
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hoverbootsSo... What about the snap packages?13:22
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rastacalaverahas anyone had luck install s4a (scratch 4 arduino) on mate 16.04? I am using a 64bit machine and need 32bit dependencies but when i try to get apt-get install ia32-libs as recommend, there isn't any package in the repo17:41
SCHAAP137rastacalavera: sudo dpkg --add-architecture i38617:44
SCHAAP137sudo apt-get update17:44
SCHAAP137and retry17:44
rastacalaverastill says no installiation canidate17:46
rastacalaverasays that these are available instead "lib32ncurses5 lib32z1"17:46
SCHAAP137try: sudo apt-get install package-name:i38617:46
SCHAAP137just put :i386 behind the packages you need in 32-bit form17:46
rastacalaverawell, they don't say what the specific package is called17:47
rastacalaverathe instructions i am following here: http://s4a.cat/ don't say either17:47
rastacalaverawhen i run the app i get " could not find the module vm-sound-pulse aborted (core dumped)17:48
rastacalaverawould that be pulse audio 32bit stuff maybe?17:49
SCHAAP137i get this when i open the package in GDebi package installer17:49
SCHAAP137allows me to install it, with 4 extra dependencies to install17:50
SCHAAP137i have amd64 with i386 added as well17:50
SCHAAP137try manually opening the .deb with GDebi, it should show you something similar17:50
SCHAAP137then reinstall17:51
rastacalaveraok thanks i'll try17:52
rastacalaverai'll uninstall it first i guess17:52
SCHAAP137it just says i need these 4 extra i386 packages for it17:52
SCHAAP137it's likely these were not installed, forcibly skipped and being unavailable, earlier when you used dpkg manually to install the .devb17:53
SCHAAP137i'm convinced it'll work17:54
Artemis3the problem i see is thats a very old binary compiled at a time multiarch wasn't very well defined (names lib32 in front of lib is a dead giveaway)17:54
Artemis3it might work doing fancy symlinks.. but a recompile would be the cleaner solution17:55
Artemis3or simply use an old debian install for it17:55
SCHAAP137the dependencies seem to check out though, over here17:57
SCHAAP137it could still work17:57
Artemis3hmm you might have luck using someone's ppa17:57
Artemis3then force install it17:57
rastacalaveraI'm going to try gdebi now, just finished uninstalling it17:58
Artemis3if ldd binary doesn't complain...17:58
rastacalaverasays it will install 24 additional packages17:58
SCHAAP137if these dependencies check out, there's a chance that kind of symlink stuff is already done, for background compat reasons17:58
rastacalaveradon't see the details like in your image17:59
SCHAAP137yeah that's an extra clickable button17:59
Artemis3this ppa has it: ppa:llxdev/xenial18:01
Artemis3if i were you, i'd get rid of that deb and use that instead18:02
Artemis3or compile it yourself18:02
rastacalaveraif this doens't work I'll go that route Artemis318:02
rastacalaverathanks for the ppa link18:02
rastacalaveradid you just google s4a ppa to find it?18:02
Artemis3search inside launchpad18:03
rastacalaveraah, i saw the package list but didn't know what category to search18:03
rastacalaverayou looked there?18:03
Artemis3just search the app and dig within the answers18:03
Artemis3nah at launchpad18:03
rastacalaveraoh ok sry18:03
Artemis3if its inthe official repo even better18:03
Artemis3do search there first18:04
rastacalaveraok schaap137, the install still gave me the same error18:06
rastacalaveraThanks for the help guys, I'll dig in later and hopefully it'll work out18:17
t3kg33kIn 16.04, is there an easy way to remove unwanted software (Thunderbird, Pidgin, etc.) without having to use a terminal? This is question is geared mostly for the common user that do not know how to use the terminal.19:53
Akulibetter yet, use another tty instead of the terminal! :D19:55
t3kg33kAkuli: yeah, I gues Synaptic is an option. I just wish the new Software Boutique had the option to remove software that is preinstalled.19:59
Akuliit doesn't?20:00
Akulii've heard its great, but i guess its not then20:00
t3kg33kAkuli: it seems the new Software Boutique is only used for installing additional software.20:01
Akulithen we need synaptics20:01
Akulipersonally i never use it :)20:01
t3kg33kLooks like the installation of Ubuntu Software Center may be the better choice than Synaptics since it has better user interface for someone new to Linux and Ubuntu.20:07
t3kg33kI just converted my Dad, a senior citizen, from Wincrap 10 to Ubuntu Mate 16.04 and he was asking how to remove software. I, personally, just bring up a terminal and remove that way but I can tell him to do that. He would need a nice GUI to help him out.20:08
t3kg33k*can't tell him to do that20:09
Akulii can make a really basic gui remover20:09
t3kg33kNext question: Does anyone know how to setup Ubuntu Mate as a lock down kiosk that launches a web browser to a specific web page at startup?20:12
Akuliset a start page in a web browser and add it in startup applications20:12
SCHAAP137he probably means something to prevent hassle with the system as well20:13
Akulimaybe the guest account?20:13
Akuliif we could just create a similar setup there20:13
t3kg33kAkuli: Well, whatever account is used to login would need to be locked down to just read only of that specific web site. Again, kiosk mode.20:13
t3kg33kI can setup autolaunch of Firefox to a specific web page, that's the easy part. I just need a kiosk mode so that the browser fills the entire screen and that specific account is locked down to no other user.20:15
Akuliyou want another account for that20:15
t3kg33k*no other use20:15
t3kg33kI haven't figured out how to get that Firefox autolaunch to launch at full screen yet either20:16
t3kg33kI'll be back on later...20:19
anthony_hdmi audio to work20:20
anthony_running ubuntu mate on my raspberry pi 3 and cant get AUDIO to work20:21
anthony_any suggestions20:21
mate|31880Hi everyone...23:27
ouroumovhi mate|3188023:28
mate|31880Hi ouroumov. I have many questions about Ubuntu Mate... Could you help me? I use Ubuntu 14.04.4 but wanna try ubuntu mate do you recommend that?23:30
ouroumovEspecially if you're already using gnome-session-fallback on top of standard Ubuntu23:31
ouroumovWhat's your hardware like?23:32
mate|31880Well... I'm not a expert on Ubuntu. I tried to learn something about 3 years ago but none of i saw convinced to me.23:34
mate|318804GB RAM, 750GB DD... intel core i3....23:35
ouroumovDo you have dedicated graphics hardware (AMD / NVIDIA) ?23:36
ouroumovmate|31880, I can provide you with a command to list your hardware specs if you want23:40
ouroumovType this in a terminal open with (CTRL+ALT+T) and copy/paste the resulting url here: inxi -ACDSMNIG | nc termbin.com 999923:41
mate|31880ouroumov: Sure. That help.23:41
ouroumov(you can copy stuff from the terminal using "CTRL+SHIFT+C")23:43
mate|31880Yes. Thanks!23:44
mate|31880Oh, I see... That thing says NVIDIA.23:45
ouroumovThe inxi command lists different aspects of your system's hardware23:45
ouroumovIncluding the drivers, which is neat.23:46
ouroumovSo anyway mate|31880, from what you told me your hardware is more than enough to run Ubuntu MATE.23:47
ouroumovIf you want to see what Ubuntu MATE can be made to look like, we have a pretty well stocked Screenshots category on the forums: https://ubuntu-mate.community/c/multimedia/screenshots23:48
mate|31880Sorry. I was searching you asked me. But I don't have install inxi. I'm installing right now.23:48
ouroumovright, sorry I forgot you're on 14.0423:49
mate|31880No problem23:49
ouroumovYou can install it using: sudo apt install inxi23:49
mate|31880Thanks! Well.   [1;34mGraphics: [0;37m [1;34mCard:[0;37m Intel 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller23:50
ouroumovmate|31880, use the command above to paste it on termbin.com rater, that way I can download it in my terminal and use the color codes (those [1,34m... stuff)23:52
ouroumovinxi -ACDSMNIG | nc termbin.com 999923:52
mate|31880I did.23:53
ouroumovIt should give you an URL :)23:54
ouroumovI need the URL to find the correct paste23:54
mate|31880Here is http://termbin.com/of2223:55
ouroumovOkay, so I don't expect you to run into any problems due to your hardware23:56
ouroumovEverything should be OK23:56
ouroumovOh wait,23:56
ouroumovYou might encounter a Wifi problem23:56
ouroumovI remember someone with a Qualcomm wifi having issue23:57
ouroumovBut if it's working fine right now on 14.04 it should be OK once you install the driver pack23:57
ouroumov(You're guided through those steps by the Welcome splash screen after the installation)23:58
ouroumov(And it's a one-click install)23:58

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