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sil2100We would need to have mir building all required binaries for arm6407:51
sil2100For xenial+ (so xenial and yakkety essentially)07:52
sil2100I tried a test build in my xenial-enablement silo but it fails to build due to some files missing during install07:53
duflusil2100: Please join in then: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/157986608:08
ubot5Launchpad bug 1579866 in Mir "Android graphics platform doesn't get packaged for arm64" [Medium,Triaged]08:08
dufluEurope wakes up, and Launchpad buckles, times out instead of working.08:42
dufluTime to change focus08:42
sil2100duflu: thanks! Could someone bump the priority up? Since this is a critical bug from our xenial POV09:04
sil2100duflu: without this fixed we cannot get xenial arm64 images building for testing09:04
duflusil2100: Well I've run out of time to do what I was doing. Will attempt a proposal for you now09:08
dufluMay or may not work09:08
sil2100duflu: thanks! Just modifying the debian/control parts didn't do the job09:08
sil2100duflu: the link I attached has a build log from that attempt ;)09:09
sil2100It's missing some files during install09:09
sil2100So maybe the build system doesn't build something for arm64 that it should?09:09
sil2100https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-004/+build/10483762 <- I used a test MP with the debian/control changes to see where we're at09:10
sil2100dh_install: missing files, aborting09:10
sil2100Looks like pretty critical files seem to be missing09:10
duflusil2100: Did you also change 'rules'?09:15
dufluSearch armhf09:15
dufluI'll try...09:15
sil2100No, I didn't go that 'deep' ;)09:21
duflusil2100: Because 'rules' tells it to not build the android platform (drivers)09:28
dufluI've proposed a branch09:28
dufluMight not work09:28
dufluBut meeting now09:28
dufluthen EOD probably09:28
sil2100Yeah, let me forward that to my test branch and rebuild, seeing if it fails on my silo09:28
sil2100duflu: thanks for looking into that09:28
dufluNo problem09:29
duflusil2100: On that note we also have an Nvidia driver and 'rules' tells packaging to not build that either (!?)09:30
dufluIt's also not totally finished09:30
* duflu wonders if Larabel is listening09:31
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tedgbregma: Can one run U8 yakkety in qemu?18:29
bregmatedg, I don't think so , for lack of Mir-capable drivers (just like on a RasPi)18:31
tedgbregma: Ah, okay. I thought that I had done it once, but not sure how.18:32
tedgbregma: Is there a way to do SW rendering?18:32
bregmaI keep asking the Mir guys that and I never get a completely straight answer, but I don't think so18:33
kdubtedg, I think goldfish, the android emulator, might work (in the sdk?) but haven't used that in a long time18:40
kduband iirc, that's qemu-based18:41
tedgkdub: Cool, we'll look.18:42
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