tsimonq2infinity: could you (or someone with the permissions) please approve the libfm SRU ( bug 1562764 ) and once that lands in xenial-updates, do a respin of the Lubuntu 16.04.1 image?07:59
ubot5bug 1562764 in libfm (Ubuntu Xenial) "Pcmanfm crash on invalid path" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/156276407:59
davmor2Hey guys can someone add upgrades to the iso tracker please, making a start on netboot09:55
sakrecoerHi, where can i find the schedule for dot releases? i've found this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseSchedule however, it doesn't announce for when 16.04.2 release is scheduled..10:40
apwsakrecoer, likely an exact date has not yet been determined for 16.04.2, but it will be approximatly 6 moths from now10:50
sakrecoerapw: thank you! :) so, a good way to stay informed is to check /XenialXerus/ReleaseSchedule regularily?10:53
apwsakrecoer, i would expect to see it being put in provisionally quite soon, once the current one is out of the way10:57
davmor2Guys I'm having major issues with netboot detecting usb and networking in kvm I'm going to try on hardware but I assume it will be a real issue so just a heads up11:02
rbasaksakrecoer: you can subscribe to release schedule wiki page changes if you want.11:22
flocculantinfinity: do you know the download links on 16.04.1 are wrong? and no upgrade tests for it either11:25
davmor2infinity: netboot iso's for xenial are fubar, I get error while running 'modprobe -v usb-storage'  and then get No network interfaces on kvm and hardware11:28
sakrecoerthank you rbasak! :)11:28
davmor2flocculant: hey dude how's life11:29
flocculantjust emptied the kitchen of 3 buzzing hornets11:29
flocculanteverything is just great now :D11:29
davmor2cyphermox: one for you to look at too dude :) I'm using mini.iso from http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/xenial-updates/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/mini.iso11:38
coreycbhello, can an archive admin please promote python-aodhclient and python-monascaclient to main? this will help get some of our openstack packages out of dependency waits.12:40
coreycbhere are the accompanying MIR bugs: bug 1552415 and bug 159083612:41
ubot5bug 1552415 in python-aodhclient (Ubuntu) "[MIR] python-aodhclient" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155241512:41
ubot5bug 1590836 in python-monascaclient (Ubuntu) "[MIR] python-monascaclient" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159083612:41
coreycbwe also have packages blocked by MIR bug 1552415 if we could get a review of that.  thanks!12:43
ubot5bug 1552415 in python-aodhclient (Ubuntu) "[MIR] python-aodhclient" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155241512:43
coreycbbah, first 2 bugs above should have been 1590836 and bug 158606912:44
ubot5bug 1586069 in python-yaql (Ubuntu) "[MIR] python-yaql" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/158606912:44
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davmor2infinity, cyphermox: just tried server cd amd64 on kvm and got the same issue so there is a definite issue with the debian installer14:08
davmor2infinity, cyphermox: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-installer/+bug/160444114:26
ubot5Launchpad bug 1604441 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "D-I on 16.04.1 breaks on usb probe and networking setup" [Critical,New]14:26
infinitydavmor2: ORLY?14:55
jderoseinfinity: so no new RC ISOs yet, sans proposed?14:57
infinityjderose: Waiting on verification of a dhclient bug, so I can squeeze that in the respin.14:57
infinityjderose: Also looking at davmor2's claim that d-i is FUBAR.14:58
infinityjderose: And was sick and in bed all morning. :/14:58
jderoseinfinity: gotcha, thanks. i'm just anxious to get testing :)14:58
jderoseah bummer, sorry to hear your sick. bad timing for that14:58
infinityjderose: Like I said in my mail, don't let any of that stop you from testing!14:58
infinityjderose: You find bugs in the current daily, we fix them for the respin (maybe).  If you wait to test, nothing wil get fixed before release.14:59
jderosealready tested the crap out of yesterdays, now just need to do the same minus proposed14:59
infinityjderose: Kay.  Verdict?14:59
jderoseinfinity: this was the only thing I found - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/160417315:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 1604173 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "Clicking "Reboot Now" after 14.04-->16.04 upgrade has no effect" [Undecided,New]15:00
infinityjderose: Kay, and that's upgrade-only, so not ISO critical.  But should definitely be looked at.15:01
jderoseyeah true, can be fixed post ISO. plus, it's just slightly annoying, not a deal breaker by any means15:01
jderoseinfinity: so there are d-i problems that were found? i mean, i'm assuming FOOBAR might not be code for "works perfectly in every way" :P15:03
infinityjderose: Yeah, I'm grabbing a mini.iso and server.iso to confirm right now.  Maybe I'm crazy, maybe davmor2 is.15:04
infinityHotel wifi isn't being my bestest friend today, though.15:04
jderoseinfinity: gotcha. for what it's worth, i didn't find any problems with the server ISO (although we only test amd64, don't test i386)15:05
infinityHe claimed amd64 was bust, so...15:05
infinityI'm considering blaming him instead. :P15:05
jderoseinfinity: guess it could be something unique to the mini ISO. that's also something we don't test15:07
infinityHe claimed mini and server were both broken.15:08
infinitydavmor2: Can you confirm exact versions you tested, and what qemu cmdline you use to reproduce your woes?15:08
infinitydavmor2: We seem to have conflicting reports of awesomeness. ;)15:08
infinitydavmor2: FWIW, a simple "kvm -m 2G -hda disk.img.server -cdrom mini.iso" worked fine here and got me a network.15:11
davmor2infinity: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/xenial-updates/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/mini.iso and http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/xenial/daily/current/15:11
infinitydavmor2: "current" links don't fill me with confidence of versions being correct. :)15:12
davmor2infinity: command I use is kvm -m 2048 -vga qxl -cpu host --soundhw ac97 -cdrom Downloads/xenial-server-amd64.iso -hda kvm-images/ubuntu20hda.qcow2 -pflash kvm-images/bios.fd and replace the xenial-server-amd64 with mini.iso15:12
davmor2infinity: also I tested netboot on hardware15:13
davmor2same issue15:13
* infinity tries your CLI.15:13
davmor2infinity: you'll need uefi in play15:13
davmor2maybe that is the cause15:13
infinityOh, "bios.fd" is actually not a BIOS? :P15:14
davmor2I aslo have secureboot enabled on both kvm and hardware15:14
jderosedavmor2: that could be. BIOS mode installs were fine for me, but i didn't test UEFI server installs15:14
infinityMight be easier for me to just reboot and play, then.  I never got around to setting up kvm with SB with Microsoft keys.15:15
davmor2infinity: bios.fd is the uefi file I pull from downloading uefi package that I can't remember the name of15:15
infinity/usr/share/qemu/OVMF.fd ?15:16
davmor2infinity: that's the one15:16
infinityDo you have the MS keys in your keyring?15:16
davmor2no it's /usr/share/ovmf/OVMF.FD iirc15:17
jderoseinfinity: yeah, i use the files from the ovmf package. but there is some trickiness using xenial or newer as the host, at least in my experience - http://blog.system76.com/post/139138591598/howto-qemu-w-ubuntu-xenial-host-uefi-guest15:17
infinitySame file. :)15:17
davmor2infinity: I do and I set it against shim15:17
jderosedavmor2: so you're only hitting an issue with secure boot is enabled?15:17
davmor2jderose: let me turn it off and see15:18
jderose(i've still never gotten around to playing with secure boot with qemu, probably should at some point)15:18
infinityI'll have to bounce and look once this ISO is down.  A dmesg from the failing install would be good.15:20
infinityI'm guessing it might be refusing to validate module sigs or something, but I can't quite fathom WHY that would be.15:20
davmor2so with uefi only it gets past the issue so it is just secureboot15:21
davmor2let me double check it on hardware though15:21
infinitydavmor2: Definitely want dmesg from the failed systems, then.15:22
infinityIt's almost certainly our module sig validation patches in play, but they should be happy.15:23
infinityHrm.  Unless the build system accidentally strips the sigs off the modules or something awful.15:23
infinityWill poke in 20m. :P15:23
* infinity kicks the WiFi.15:23
apwdavmor2, yeah can we get some dmesg output or something in the failing mode ...15:24
davmor2sorry was confirming with no secureboot on hw I get screwy gfx but it gets to networking now15:26
apwinfinity, or whats in the udebs arn't signed15:32
davmor2apw, infinity: not the best d-i installer in the universe if I disable secureboot http://people.canonical.com/~davmor2/desktop-screenshots/screwy-gfx.jpg15:32
apwi assume the netboot uses udebs15:32
infinityapw: Indeed.15:33
jderosedavmor2: i see the problem, the screen is too glossy! :P15:34
davmor2apw, infinity: any clues as to how to get dmesg of a system that has no usb or networking?15:34
apwinfinity, ok picked random udeb ... they seem signed ... ~Module signature appended~15:35
infinityParaphrase the bits that talk about loading the modules?15:35
infinitydavmor2: How do I enable SB and inject MS's key in OVMF?15:35
davmor2infinity: see pm15:37
xnoxdavmor2, one should be able to run qemu kvm with uefi in serial mode, and then esentially $ cat /var/log/syslog should generate all the output in your terminal on the host....15:39
xnoxpipe to pastebinit or some such15:39
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davmor2apw, infinity: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20051421/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/20051642/  I'll try and dig out a /var/log/dmesg too but I couldn't find one so that is just the command dmesg and syslog16:06
davmor2xnox: mount the hd and wrote it there in the end ;)16:06
infinity[    0.000000] Secure boot enabled16:08
infinityJul 19 15:44:31 hw-detect: modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'usb_storage': Required key not available16:08
apwinfinity, do you have shell, if so you could check what keys are in the keyring16:11
infinityapw: I will shortly.  That was from davmor2's paste up there.  I'll get to where he is in a few minutes.16:11
davmor2apw: I have shell open now if you tell me what to do I can do it16:12
rtgapw, didn't we have trouble with time of day impacting these keys once upon a time ?16:13
apwrtg, we had cases where if the first byte was 0 that they didn't work, so randomly, but that one looks long enough16:15
rtgapw, I was just thinking of the absolute platform time predated the MS cert, then it might cause issues16:16
rtghmm, RTC time: 15:44:21, date: 07/19/1616:17
* xnox thought we explicitely fixed secureboot stuff to ignore time16:17
xnoxare udebs signed, or just debs?16:17
infinityYeah, my VM here has a sane time, that's not the issue.16:17
rtgxnox, keyrings are somewhat independent of secureboot16:17
rtgxnox, just .ko's16:18
apwxnox, i opened up block-modules and one i picked in there had some kind of signature appended16:18
davmor2I'll update the bug to say it is just secure boot16:18
davmor2apw, infinity: this is the bug I'm using feel free to swap it all about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-installer/+bug/1604441 as it most likely isn't d-i now16:21
ubot5Launchpad bug 1604441 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "D-I on 16.04.1 breaks on usb probe and networking setup on secureboot" [Critical,New]16:21
infinityFound the bug.16:30
infinitySpinning up test fix.16:30
davmor2infinity: yay \o/16:31
rtgin d-i ?16:31
infinityrtg: We miiiiight be stripping modules.16:31
davmor2To quote Muttley Shuggin' fashin' shuggin' fashin' dick dastardly16:32
infinityLobbing a test build at my PPA.16:33
slangasektsimonq2: hi, did you happen to see the email I sent asking about lubuntu image sizes?  16.04.1 around the corner and everything's still reporting as 'oversized'16:34
davmor2infinity: but yay for iso testing16:34
xnoxdavmor2, well, we kept using old kernel with all d-i builds, so this is first d-i build with new kernel...16:38
infinitydavmor2: http://ppa.launchpad.net/adconrad/ppa/ubuntu/dists/xenial/main/installer-amd64/20101020ubuntu451.4~ppa1/images/netboot/mini.iso17:03
infinitydavmor2: Testing locally too.17:03
davmor2infinity: downloading17:06
infinitydavmor2: Seems to get past that hump for me at least.17:08
* infinity uploads.17:08
infinitypitti: ^-- Review, please.  The i386 image size bump is to match yakkety (for my peace of mind, and also because the slightly fatter modules didn't fit anymore :P)17:11
wxlinfinity: just curious on the eta of that respin for trusty.17:11
infinitywxl: trusty?  It's still dailies...17:12
infinitywxl: Did you mean xenial?17:12
wxlinfinity: derp. yes.17:12
infinitywxl: Once this d-i change lands, I'll rebuild the world.17:12
infinitywxl: So, likely an hour or two?17:12
infinityslangasek: Or if you'd like to take my d-i upload?17:12
* infinity will self-review in 5m.17:13
wxlk cool. thx for your hard work infinity :)17:13
pittiinfinity: done17:15
xnoxinfinity, is 5m as per bdmurray guidelines "long enough time pass i cannot even remember i did this"17:16
infinityxnox: Heh.17:16
* xnox wants whatever infinity is drinking17:16
infinityxnox: Nothing, sadly.  Too sick to.17:16
rtginfinity, 'Strop stripping modules' ?17:17
infinityrtg: Oh, close enough.17:17
infinityThe best bit is that I've put that in three changelogs and pitti reviewed it, and no one noticed.17:18
infinityrtg: So, we'll just hone our stripping a bit.17:18
infinityWith a strop.17:18
pittiStrop stipping?17:18
rtgrazor sharp :)17:18
xnoxEnterprise class engineering =)17:19
infinityThe engineering bit was right.17:19
infinityIt was the technical documentation that wasn't.17:19
infinityI'm okay with that.17:19
infinityTempted to upload trusty with the same typo, just for consistency.17:21
infinityAnd lolz.17:21
jderoseinfinity: hehe :P17:22
infinitydavmor2: I assume you got a successful install out of that?  I'm still mid-install on hotel WiFi, but at least all the module loading bits were good.17:23
davmor2infinity: sorry food got called, installing now17:59
davmor2install has an ip address and is downloading files \o/17:59
davmor2infinity: ^18:00
davmor2infinity: I'll continue with this install and confirm no further issues but I'm passed the point of failure previously18:01
davmor2infinity: I now have a booting desktop so I would say that is fixed I'll comment on the bug for pitti it'll be a pain in the arse to test the sru way so we'll stick with what we've done :)18:36
pittidavmor2: "test the sru way" hm? context?18:36
davmor2pitti: it's the debian installer how do you install it from proposed for a cd image?18:37
infinitydavmor2: I'm testing "the SRU way" right now (as in, downloading the proper mini.iso)18:37
infinityBut it should be identical to the PPA one I pointed you at.18:37
pittidavmor2: hm, I only know that for netboot18:37
pittioh, we build mini.iso too, not just netboot images?18:38
infinityWe do.  Which is much simpler to test for this case.18:38
infinityAnd yes, the mini.iso in proposed is also correct, as expected.18:39
infinitySo, I'd call that v-done.18:39
davmor2pitti: I've tested infinity's build which works fine and I have a booting desktop18:39
infinitypitti: Cool with sru-releasing that now?18:40
pittiinfinity: sure, it can't possibly break running systems18:40
infinityIt could, if I try really hard.18:41
infinityMaybe with an embedded worm that turns every installer into an attacker.18:41
infinityWhich, ironically, would require me fixing this bug first, since we couldn't load network drivers. :P18:41
* infinity waits patiently for pitti's releasy magic.18:44
davmor2infinity: so if I grab the proposed server image that should have the fix right?18:45
davmor2apparently not :(18:50
davmor2infinity: seriously strop stripping modules ;)18:52
infinityThere is no new server image yet, that'll be built once the new d-i is in updates.18:53
infinitypitti: Did we miscommunicate?  Am I releasing that, or are you?  (or did you and LP is lagging?)18:53
infinitypitti: Right, assuming miscommunication and releasing myself. :)18:56
rharperhi, could someone let the curtin bzr399 package into proposed to replace the older 389?19:15
infinityrharper: The one with only 1/4 bugs tested and verified?19:22
slangasekinfinity: he's asking for an overwrite of -proposed, not a release to -updates19:22
infinityOh, trusty.19:23
infinityI was looking at 399 already being in xenial.19:23
rharperslangasek: thanks for translating what I had in my mind  to the correct phrasing19:24
infinitypitti: Can you roll up some trusty langpacks in the next week?19:37
jderoseinfinity: are new respins in progress yet, or are you still waiting other packages?20:09
infinityjderose: Almost ready to start.  Another 10m or so before I start pushing buttons.20:09
infinity(Waiting on the publisher to finish)20:09
jderoseinfinity: awesome20:09
xnoxso hot in the uk at the moment20:20
infinityjderose: Respinaroo is respinnering.20:38
infinityjderose: Do me a favour and poke a bunch of flavour leads to get their poop in a group?  After battling a clod all day and bugs all evening, I'm done. :P20:38
jderoseinfinity: respinerrific!20:39
jderoseinfinity: hehe, well i could give it a try i guess, but that feels out of my jurisdiction :P20:39
infinityJurisdictions are fuzzy.20:39
jderosetrue, true20:40
bdmurrayis there a reason the xorg lts-xenial stack is still in proposed?20:55
slangasekinfinity: ^^ ?20:57
infinitybdmurray: Because I'm waiting for Timo and friends to tell me it's awesome and tested.20:58
bdmurrayinfinity: Is there a timeline for that?20:58
slangasekah, and also this is lts-xenial for trusty, so zero impact on 16.04.120:58
infinitybdmurray: This week or early next, ideally, so dailies can stop using proposed.20:59
infinitybdmurray: I'll poke them some tomorrow.20:59
infinityslangasek: Right.20:59
tsimonq2slangasek: it is oversized (we still aim for CD size) and it's an issue that I don't think we will be able to address in time for 16.04.123:40
* tsimonq2 tests to see if the bug fix got in the daily image23:44
tsimonq2infinity: ping, it's urgent, Lubuntu has no Alternate images: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily/20160718/ http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily/20160719/23:54
tsimonq2infinity: those sirectories are empty23:54
tsimonq2infinity: what's going on here?23:54
tsimonq2whoever else is on the release team as well, am I not seeing this correctly?23:55
wxltsimonq2: did you check if other flavors/images are affected?23:55
tsimonq2wxl: let me see23:56
wxli do know there was some sort of d-i image that was getting fixed23:56
wxlmight want to check server specifically23:56
jderoseinfinity: furious round of testing with the latest RC ISOs at System76... no issues found. so shiny, so chrome.23:56
tsimonq2wxl, infinity: Ubuntu Server is NOT affected, this is only a Lubuntu Alternate image issue23:57
wxltsimonq2: do you see any problem with any other image at all?23:57

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