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mardyjamesh: hi! Would you like to add https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/online-accounts-api/timeout-1603706/+merge/300416 to your silo?07:19
* jamesh looks07:20
jameshmardy: we've generally disabled "exit on inactivity" behaviour for tests.  Wouldn't that make more sense?07:24
mardyjamesh: it's something that we actually want to test :-)07:53
jameshmardy: sure, but you only need to test that in the "does the daemon exit on inactivity?" test07:54
mardyjamesh: well, I also want to catch any regressions where the daemon exits when it shouldn't07:55
mardyjamesh: I agree this could be restricted to a couple of tests, though, and not to the full suite07:56
jameshmardy: that would probably be the best option.   For thumbnailer-service, we used an environment variable to override the inactivity timeout: had timeouts disabled entirely for most tests, and a fairly short timeout for the test that checks it actually exits.07:59
jameshmardy: anyway.  The silo is now rebuilding with your branch added.08:00
mardyjamesh: excellent, please let me know if you see some failures, then I'll have no choice than following your advice08:00
jameshwell, the it didn't consistently fail before, and your changes will probably make them less likely.08:02
mardydbarth: looks like the fix for bug 1593805 is working fine, can you approve silo 14?08:54
ubot5bug 1593805 in libsignon-glib (Ubuntu) "libsignon-glib fail to authenticate account" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159380508:54
dbarthmardy: ah cool; yup08:57
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brunch875Can krillin run in desktop mode / libertine?10:07
bregmabrunch875, yes, technically it can but realistically it's a little under-powered and short of storage, and does not have a way to connect an external display device making classic GUIs difficult to use10:23
bregmayou can, of course, always remote connect in using ssh or similar, if you're comfortable using only the command line10:24
matv1any news on that meizu mx6 release yet? that was suposed to be today right?10:25
tuttle955ithe keyboard has last word syndrome10:46
jameshmardy: there were two build failures in the silo after adding the new MP, so it looks like the race condition is still present.  I've left some details onhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/online-accounts-api/+bug/160370611:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 1603706 in online-accounts-api (Ubuntu) "Possible races in tst_daemon tests." [High,Confirmed]11:48
mardyjamesh: argh! Ok, thanks11:48
jameshmardy: it's the end of my work day, but if you want to try more builds, feel free to kick off more builds from https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/168111:50
mardyjamesh: ok!11:50
mardyjamesh: btw, do you know what this error means? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/273906836/buildlog_ubuntu-vivid-amd64.account-polld_0.1+16.04.20160627-0ubuntu5_BUILDING.txt.gz11:51
matv1what is the world coming to when 2 germans dont even get each others sense of humor :/12:13
matv1dont worry ogra_ in holland we did laugh about that12:14
ogra_would be funny if oSoMoN now implemented it secretly and made it say something funny then though12:15
matv1that would be AWSUM!12:16
matv1but i guess even at Canonical there must be a rule about eastereggs :(12:16
* oSoMoN puts it in his list, schedules it for Easter 201712:17
matv1lol :)12:17
matv1I guess you could make the full shell rotation switch listen to --no-australia-mode12:20
dobeymardy: that means "go install" failed, and go tools are really bad at reporting what the problem is12:54
mardydobey: thanks! Will investigate13:04
david89Hello. Has anyone had any success using the13:16
david89Ubuntu SDK outside of Ubuntu? Am I mistaken in believing that it is only a QtCreator plugin?13:16
ogra_there is work going on to make the SDK a snap package ... then you should be able to just install it everywhere13:17
david89ogra_: any links I can look at?13:18
ogra_no idea ... once it is there you should be able to just "sudo snap install <however the name of teh snap will be>"13:19
dobeyonce you install snap on a distro where it works :)13:19
david89yea I was about to ask..13:20
ogra_it works on all distros13:20
ogra_well, except RHEL i guess13:20
dobeyexcept ones with old kernels?13:20
ogra_you just need to install snapd on your distro13:20
david89just checked Arch has snapd in community13:20
ogra_it defaults to devmode install on all distros that dont have the necessary bits13:20
dobeyoh yeah, arch should be "ok"13:21
david89I need to read up on these new 'packages'13:21
ogra_zbenjamin, ^^ do you know where the SDK snap stands ?13:21
ogra_(asking across the table via IRC :) )13:21
david89ogra_: hahaha, thanks13:21
zbenjaminogra_: what do you mean? The IDE? Or the ui toolkit?13:22
ogra_i thought there are plans to package the whole Ubuntu SDK as snap (i guess that would need both if you want to produce something useful with it)13:22
david89I mean, without being able to use the ui toolkit the IDe is poretty useless13:22
zbenjaminso, the next public release of the SDK will always use containers to build. SO in theory everywhere where you can have lxd containers the IDE should be useable13:23
ogra_well, david89 is asking about running the IDE (and sdk) on arch13:23
zbenjaminwe had a basic snappy version of the IDE before but it did lack all the work on interfaces. So i'm looking into whats required atm13:23
ogra_ah, cool13:24
zbenjaminyes, so arch should be doable13:24
david89pretty much this ^. I tried out ubuntu in a vm but was having problems with QML and opengl13:24
zbenjamini will need to work on making sure to include all the required tools. So i think that could still take a while until we have something useable here13:24
ogra_it will likely not be small either :)13:25
ogra_but the ability to run it on all distros will compensate for that13:25
zbenjaminno :D, the non working version of it i just snapped is 80Mb :D13:25
david89not sure where you guys work or what ubuntu plans are, but I think getting the IDE available to everyone should be a top priority13:25
ogra_oh, thats tiny !13:25
zbenjaminfor now, without any tools13:25
ogra_i would have expected it to rather be in the several 100s13:26
zbenjaminlets see when i'm done ;)13:26
zbenjamindavid89: just next to providing a way to build snaps FROM the IDE right ;)13:27
zbenjamindavid89: lots of top priority tasks atm13:27
david89for me thats the 'i' in IDe ;)13:27
zbenjamindavid89: right now we have only click packaging support13:28
david89well I'm pretty excited13:28
david89keep up the good work!13:28
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grasstypeIt seems like finding manuals for things shouldn't be this hard13:46
grasstypecpp has a couple of websites dedicated to it. But official and complete ncurses documentation seems to be a little wonky13:47
grasstypetldp I guess is the place to go13:48
grasstypeah! got id13:54
david89grasstype: share!13:55
grasstypeapt-install ncurses-doc13:56
grasstypebam, man page13:56
grasstypewhich already changes how I've been using it from tutorials - using #include <curses.h> instead of #include <ncurses.h>13:57
david89what are you working on?13:59
grasstypesorry about that. Playing with c++ and roguelikes14:00
grasstypeFor some reason every now and then keys stop working in this app - can't delete, press enter, etc14:01
grasstypeDamn you OTA 11! or... whatever causes that. Reload fixes the problem though14:01
grasstypeBut yeah, the problem with tutorials is there is there always seems to be a point where something isn't explained and doesn't make a whole lot of sense14:03
grasstypeeven with the good ones14:03
grasstypeThere was one by Solarian Programmer that I liked, but it refactored all the code into classes, sometimes without any clear benefit, and all without explaining implementation - I had to download his source code to figure that out14:05
grasstypeWhich, btw, was fun. Started a couple days of delving into classes and whys and hows14:05
grasstypefunny thing is btw I chose my name before pokemon go came out, and now I feel prophetic14:13
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Guest90180Does anyone know if there is a version of linux that will allow you to use a touch screen on a laptop i.e. Lenovo Flex 317:20
k1lGuest90180: this is the ubuntu-touch (phone) channel. for ubuntu (and touchscreen) issue ask in #ubuntu . for general linux help ask in ##linux17:21
altker128Random observation:  Using "interactive" as the CPU governor on N4 has made the responsiveness better and has not (to my observation) negatively affected battery life17:23
k1luh, the governour topic is a very controversial one on android too. there are lots of custom kernels tweaking the governours17:25
mhall119mariogrip: will be there in 2 minutes17:32
mariogripmhall119: ack17:32
altker128k1l: Yeah, I looked at some of the actual code and kernel commits.  I think Intel did a study on this and showed it's better to ratchet the CPU to 100%, finish the workload and drop to idle than jump between states.  Once you launch an app, after all the dynamic stuff, the CPU utilization should drop to near 0.17:34
mhall119mariogrip: bah, hangouts aren't working, give me a minute17:36
mariogripmhall119: no problem17:37
ahoneybunwhat's going on17:42
ahoneybunwhat is ubuntu-pd and staging?17:42
ahoneybunmariogrip: is this the patreon hangout?17:43
ahayzenHi, i've noted weird stuff happening recently on my mako (updates not working and claiming i need to sign in, the hotspot option being available! the system-settings app reporting that i'm on revision 1) ... Now while reporting unrelated another bug and trying to get the device version, i ran $ system-image-cli -i   and got "ImportError: Entry point ('console_scripts', 'system-image-cli') not found" ... is this a known issue with todays17:46
ahayzenimage or should i just reflash ?17:46
ahoneybunthat's odd ahayzen17:52
ahoneybunI'm on stable so can't say for sure17:52
ahoneybunalso made it writable lol17:52
ahayzenyeah i'm on ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en17:52
ahayzenand mine has been writable for a few years now :-) .. but i only reflashed it this morning!17:53
ahoneybunany reason why there is a krillen image for flo?17:53
ahayzenyou used to get the here stuff if you used krillin for mako, dunno if still the case17:53
ahoneybunmoving to rc-proposed/ubuntu for flo17:53
mariogripahoneybun: no, it's the weekly call with mhall11918:05
dobeyahoneybun: you probably broke it, making it writable18:11
padhuanybody using moto E gen 118:11
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embrikSorry to say, but I want to install android on my ubuntu phone Aquaris 4.5. I've tried to follow a how-to, but it stops on the first step, trying to start a flash-tool19:52
k1lthere is a tool from bq to flash android on it. be aware to put your device into fastboot mode.19:53
embrikk1l, Ok, thanks I'll search there then19:55
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hellslingerhi guys, I have an aquarius m10, and I did an apt dist-upgrade yesterday with the root partition remounted read/write and now the screen won't turn off and the power button does nothing, any ideas?22:14

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