daftykinsargh it fires up a demo just viewing that page00:00
daftykinsBE WARNED00:00
diddledan_it's not an illegal file though, so it only uses your bandwidth for a bit00:09
diddledan_until you leave the page00:09
daftykinsyeah just didn't fancy the peer connections if it was going to share to more visitors00:09
daftykinsdiddledan_: a mate has been keeping his Nexus 4 on an ancient android version because they developed a flaw where the front facing camera (i think he likes to skype his partner with it) being used can totally bug out the phone... today he messaged to say he's on too old a version to install pokémon go.00:37
daftykinsso that's at least one soul saved...00:37
zmoylan-pihe can buy a cheap burner android for pokemon go... :-P00:39
daftykinswell he just has to suck it up and update the phone00:41
diddledan_and stop skyping his willy to his partner00:41
daftykinsno more free willy00:42
daftykinsaww man that should've been the headline at the reg when ubuntu 14.10 went EOL :)00:42
diddledan_isn't willy 15.10?00:42
zmoylan-piso opera isn't been bought by the chinese.  only their browsers00:42
daftykinsdiddledan_: sorry yep, right you are - mental typo.00:44
diddledan_why can't foreigners understand that it's Ubuntu year.month[with-preceeding-zero] and assume that there's a thing called Ubuntu 16?!?!00:52
diddledan_this is an awesome one to ubuntu-devel: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2016-July/016741.html00:53
daftykinswe had another of those irritating ones in #ubuntu-discuss yesterday(ish) saying all ubuntu mirrors should be HTTPS.00:55
diddledan_that wouldn't make a difference to security00:56
diddledan_everything is PGP signed00:56
diddledan_I've had similar discussions myself00:57
daftykinsi think their angle is that a new user would not verify that00:57
daftykinsbut i think that person was just a tinfoil flouter00:58
zmoylan-piif they're not using lead foil by now how can you take them seriously... :-P00:59
diddledan_^^ +200:59
daftykinsthey complained about the heavy hats01:00
daftykins"something something helmet hair"01:01
daftykinsi've ordered an £80 new mechanical keyboard!01:02
zmoylan-pithat's just the paranoia from the lead exposure kicking in...01:03
daftykinsyou might say they'll be lead to ruin01:05
diddledan_damn that's an expensive keyboard01:06
daftykinsoh my word, Toshiba are making QLC NAND - (quad level cell)01:06
diddledan_what did you get?01:06
diddledan_yeah I saw something about QLC earlier on the reg but didn't read it01:06
daftykinsnot really, my original blank das keyboard from many moons ago was a good £120 back then01:07
daftykinsmmm, avoid it - all TLC and further should be banished!01:07
daftykinssteelseries Apex M50001:08
daftykinsbelieve it or not this is the least gimmicky one i could find01:08
diddledan_looks like an IBM01:08
diddledan_although.. blue moodlighting?!01:08
daftykinsi'll turn that off, but i don't mind the idea of a slight backlight on01:09
daftykinssometimes i'm lurking in the dingy dark room ;)01:09
diddledan_for when you compute beyond dusk without getting-up and thus are sitting in a dark room because the light switch is too far away01:10
diddledan_wtf key is that next to right-alt?01:10
daftykinsyeah that's the one disappointing thing, silly custom key01:11
daftykinsof course that's US layout, i got a UK off amazon - or rather it says they'll get stock in 1-2 months ;)01:12
diddledan_damn that's a long time to wait for instant gratification01:12
daftykinsit's really sad to be typing on a membrane again :(01:13
daftykinswhy oh why das, did you have to fail so partially01:13
diddledan_insane in the membrane01:13
daftykinsi'm kinda sad to have something labelled again01:13
daftykinsquite enjoyed friends not being able to use my PC01:13
diddledan_I wonder when the new google nexus device(s) are due01:28
daftykinsi just read a suggestion that my N5 might get 7 Nougat after all - and also claims that August time might bring a final together with talk of next devices01:29
daftykinsi can stay put if it gets 701:30
daftykinsi got a new battery rear cover for £12 on ebay, seems to have sorted my poor signal down here in the granite of my ground floor01:30
daftykinsmy my my, what to do.01:32
zmoylan-piwhen signals can't make it through phone cases... :-)01:33
daftykinsno i think it's that my friend opened it up and snapped the clips, this design has antennae in the rear panel01:34
daftykinsi reckon it must've had a weak or temperamental connection01:34
daftykinsyou guys ever get that problem where you're trying to get someone to do some work for you, but they never call back? :|01:35
daftykinsso annoying to have to chase someone, it's not even work for me, but a client01:35
diddledan_sweary: https://twitter.com/0xabad1dea/status/75521484118756556801:38
daftykinswow that is an angry creature01:42
zmoylan-pii reckon i know so many areas of computing because it's often impossible to depend on others01:42
daftykinsi happily tell people to change their OS when they're being idiots :)01:42
diddledan_what do you tell them to use?01:42
zmoylan-pidos? :-d01:43
* diddledan_ is appling right now01:43
daftykinswell as an example, over in #kodi we often get folks trying to use a distro which doesn't have packages, so i say just use a *buntu and get on with life, but then you get all the politics and how they won't run a *buntu because they don't like the cereal Mark Shuttleworth eats and all that bs01:43
diddledan_omg he eats cereal?!01:44
diddledan_cereal killer!01:44
daftykinshe's like Dexter Morgan 2.001:44
daftykinsi reckon i'm gonna work on the third PC, complete the fleet and then consider listing them for sale01:45
daftykinsthis might end up being a mistake :P01:48
ali1234daftykins: tell them to use debian then02:57
daftykinsno, that's what i sway them away from02:58
daftykinsdeb trashes the packages because of their policy on not having the integrated ffmpeg02:59
ali1234oh, it's one of those02:59
daftykinsthey're also typically behind on versions with their own, modified ones02:59
ali1234i always forget how broken kodi actually is02:59
daftykinsyou say it's broken because it uses ffmpeg internally?03:00
ali1234no, it's broken because the developers expect every operating system in the world to bend to their will03:00
ali1234fairly common really03:00
daftykinsso they should do it the debian way huh?03:01
ali1234they should let debian do whatever they want with the code03:01
ali1234or not release it under an open license03:01
daftykinsbut they do, it's me that's saying debian folks should take their high horse position that breaks the program elsewhere :)03:02
ali1234it wouldn't break a properly written piece of software03:02
ali1234hence kodi is broken03:02
daftykinsffmpeg changes too quickly to be relied upon as it gets updated03:03
daftykinsi see where you're coming from but that attitude is exactly what's wrong with open source03:03
ali1234well, it's a good thing debian has a stable release policy then, isn't it?03:03
daftykinsi think there's more to it than that03:04
ali1234there's always more to it03:04
daftykinssorry, did i insult your distro of choice?03:04
ali1234no. i don't use debian03:04
daftykinsthen cut the crap03:05
daftykinsoh look, a tumbleweed03:05
diddledan_I'm still awake?!03:11
diddledan_wtf is wrong with me!!03:11
diddledan_and why is there a person here with the name "wrong"?03:11
Myrttibecause it's hot03:11
diddledan_ello Myrtti03:11
Myrttididdledan_: mmmrrrh.03:12
zmoylan-1iadd a little heat and everyone is awake03:25
mapppsjust speaking to my friend03:26
mapppsthe sooner eu is disbanded the better03:26
zmoylan-1iof course someone will have to write and correct the daily mail that hackers in this weather still code at night by the light of their screens but have their hoodies down...03:27
zmoylan-1ithe eu will be around a long time.  too useful to not exist03:27
mapppsits done03:28
mapppsunions dont work03:28
mapppslook at whats happening03:28
zmoylan-1iunions work very well03:28
=== zmoylan-1i is now known as zmoylan-pi
zmoylan-pimost of the rights workers have came from unions03:28
ali1234he doesn't mean that kind of union03:30
mapppsannoyed me tonight03:31
mapppsmy mate said only loses smoke..knowing my mum smoked and died..and i smoke03:31
zmoylan-pismoking is an addiction.  my brother smokes on and off.  he's quit multiple times but in high stress times goes back to ciggies.  currently he vapes which so far the evidince is that it's not as bad...03:32
mapppsit is what it is03:33
mapppswe are all adults03:33
zmoylan-pisome of us are more susceptible to addictions than others so it's not a level playing field03:34
mapppsI drink and smoke ....i wish i had a famly and kids but i dont03:35
mapppsinstead im always out03:36
mapppsprobably average 30pints a week03:36
ali1234you don't have to go out to drink and smoke all day03:37
mapppsi work too:)03:38
mapppsi havent seen my sister for 2 years you know, she lives near my dad03:39
mapppsshe had a kid a year ago..and yet i see my friends kids way more than her03:39
mapppsbut its life03:39
daftykinsidgaf about family03:56
zmoylan-pihaven't seen some of my family in over 15 years, don't plan on changing that ever03:57
mapppsyou dont live at home daftykins ?03:57
daftykinsno i have my own place in the capital03:58
daftykinslived here 3.5 years now03:58
daftykinsfamily is a bit different on an island though, all too close...03:58
mapppspeople say "oh you havent seen your niece" -- hang on03:58
zmoylan-piliving in ireland i wouldn't know about that at all... :-P03:59
mapppsthey could come here03:59
mapppsgib vs uk...hardly a holiday for me in uk03:59
mapppsplus im told i cant drink03:59
mapppsits like being at school03:59
daftykinszmoylan-pi: but there's miles! ;)04:00
mapppsso i may aswell stay where i am:P04:00
mapppsi played blackjack for 2 hours....boring as04:02
mapppsbut its that or drink04:02
daftykinspretty sure there are other options!04:02
mapppsannoying had to play £25 a hand...other table was full of people i dont want to speak to04:02
daftykinsah your new Gib family! ;)04:03
mapppshahaha no04:03
mapppsidiot at te casino says " are you a member" "no, why bother" "you get points"04:03
mapppsso yea you get one beer after yu lose 1k04:03
mapppsthink i can manage without:P04:04
mapppsi dont want these people knowing where i live or what i do04:04
daftykinswhat a deal!04:05
mapppsbest part is04:07
mapppsthese people are so stupid04:07
mapppsthey ask my name i say mark plant04:07
mappps"not understand"04:07
mappps"plant like in the garden"04:07
mapppsits not even a hard surname04:07
mapppsall gone sleep?04:36
Myrttitrying to04:41
daftykinsmust eat ice cream to cool down04:42
daftykinsnah i finished a PC upstairs :P04:42
mapppsice cream now?04:44
daftykinsit worked!04:52
daftykinshells yeah, i'm dying here04:52
daftykinsi was just doing some labour intensive work in an already hot room, i'm knackered!04:52
daftykinsdown here on my coolest floor it's 24 deg04:52
mapppsits that hot there?04:56
mapppsi just spoke to my dad, its gonna be 32c in london today04:57
mapppswhat the hell04:57
mapppshotter than here04:57
zmoylan-pihotter in uk and ireland in someplaces than the med allegedly04:57
daftykins"Weather for Guernsey, United Kingdom | Temperature: 72°F / 22°C; Humidity: 69%"05:00
daftykins22, @ 6am05:00
daftykinsmy mates are telling me they're enjoying being at work XD05:05
daftykinsugh 28 on the BBC weather app predicted for today05:06
mapppsdaftykins,  how is the weather normally there06:01
knightwisemorning peeps06:22
MooDoomorning all07:07
mapppsmorning popey07:18
mapppshows the south east?:) i was told it's rather hot, and i checked and woking's going to be 32c today!!07:19
popeyI'm in Germany, so dunno :)07:21
mapppsguten tag:)07:39
davmor2Morning all08:05
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:08
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Tuesday, and happy Raspberry Cake Day! 😃08:40
davmor2JamesTait: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/8305118/prince_raspberry_beret/ the cake is a lie08:47
JamesTaitClever, davmor2. ☺08:51
davmor2JamesTait: I thought you'd like it :)08:51
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=== Guest47299 is now known as MooDoo
MooDoohello all12:08
zmoylan-pii'd wave but it's too hot...12:08
MooDooterrible isn't it :(12:11
zmoylan-pihumidity 61% which is less than usual so it could be far worse12:12
MooDoodon't worry though "Winter is coming" :)12:14
zmoylan-pithursday if irish forecasts are to be believed... :-)12:14
davmor2zmoylan-pi: no it's not it's a lovely 21°C and what humidity don't you just love an aircon unit12:45
* zmoylan-pi casts out of warranty on davmor2's aircon...12:54
davmor2zmoylan-pi: nope it's working fine :P12:57
* zmoylan-pi checks the footnotes and observes it's a fail at 0200 in the morning spell... :-P13:00
Myrttiif anyone fancies pretty/cool flight/compression socks, http://nabeesocks.com/ has -50% due to moving manufacturing facilities.13:02
davmor2zmoylan-pi: oh that is fine it is turned off then so the spell will fail muhahahahaha beside if it does I'll just go buy a new one :D13:02
* zmoylan-pi licks thumb and flips the page to 'menopausal hot flashes spell'...13:03
* davmor2 snaps zmoylan-pi wand so it back fires on him14:01
davmor2SebthreeBQM10HD: how do15:37
SebthreeBQM10HDdavmor2, I am ok,  just trying to sort out the venue for an event I am hoping to organise and probably for Linux Presentation Day as well15:37
SebthreeBQM10HDhow about you?15:37
davmor2mostly tired15:38
davmor2but good15:38
SebthreeBQM10HDdavmor2, where about's are you in UK?15:47
SebthreeBQM10HDdidn't you do stuff on Ubuntu Touch as well?15:48
davmor2Yeap in the UK Wolverhampton15:48
SebthreeBQM10HDand you did Ubuntu Touch?15:48
davmor2I work on all things I'm in the QA team15:48
SebthreeBQM10HDok cool :)15:48
SebthreeBQM10HDdavmor2, I got a great idea for an event :), but getting venue sorted out first properly etc15:49
SebthreeBQM10HDthen i guess maybe get a few people from else where to come as well15:50
SebthreeBQM10HDif goes to plan enough :)15:50
davmor2good luck15:58
SebthreeBQM10HDdavmor2, may even show some UBuntu convergence and such at the event :d,  oh sure that may not be quite ready for general public, but could be worth having at an event ?16:00
zmoylan-pibanana hammock19:03
diddledan_you pervert19:04
daftykinsi now imagine zmoylan-pi as the aged version of "The Todd" from Scrubs19:05
zmoylan-pithe famous pain scale scene...19:06
zmoylan-pigreat show...19:07
davmor2diddledan_: just came across this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTii7i-195E19:10
daftykinsone does not simply cover Phil Collins!19:10
davmor2daftykins: no one has to do it damned well and this isn't the one I was looking for either :)19:11
diddledan_davmor2: that's good21:02
daftykinsyou're a spy!23:10
zmoylan-pii believe the correct term these days is an informer...23:11

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