nhainespleia2: ooh, the Ubuntu USB keys are cute!  :)04:21
nhainesAlso, the OCLUG leader was surprised to hear that they were available finally and said "Well what are we waiting for?  Let's buy a bunch so we can have them to give to new attendees!"04:22
DonkeyHoteido they have 16.04.1?04:23
lynorianDonkeyHotei, no the release canidate is not out yet and still being tested04:23
lynorianbut release team said they will probably respin everything tommorow04:24
DonkeyHoteia bit early for the keys to ship, then04:24
lynorianDonkeyHotei, yes the iso is not quite realeased yet04:25
pleia2traditionally the CDs/DVDs have been the original release, not the .1 release04:27
pleia2this is in keeping with that, but they had a lot of vendor problems with the USB sticks, hence their lateness, I'd prefer if they weren't delayed further04:27
DonkeyHoteiright, but they already waited this long…04:28
pleia2resetting the clock at this point would likely mean we wouldn't get them until September04:28
DonkeyHoteibut they're still writeable, right?04:28
pleia2sure, but Canonical isn't going to spend days reflashing hundreds of drives that were tested and shipped to them04:29
pleia2that might take until September too :)04:29
DonkeyHoteiperhaps not, but locos and lugs could04:29
pleia2I'm not04:29
pleia2I can't make the time to flash and test every drive, I have a life and a job /o\04:30
DonkeyHoteii'd imagine most lugs would pass out few enough of them that it wouldn't take undue time, and certainly less time than discs04:31
nhainesIt takes about the same amount of time to burn a DVD and flash a USB drive.  Except that flashing USB drives is far more manual unless you have a $15,000 duplicator.04:32
nhainespleia2: try to talk your job into letting you reflash USB keys as a 20% project!04:33
pleia2yeah, I didn't burn DVDs either ;)04:33
nhainesI would usually burn a max of 5 DVDs.  ;)04:33
pleia2nhaines: if we had 20% projects (we don't), I can think of about a million things I'd rather do :)04:33
nhainespleia2: it can be a pilot test.  :)04:33
nhainesThe only reason I burn DVDs at all now is because I know a very nice old man who always says hi at SCALE and asks to be mailed DVDs because his bandwidth is too slow to download 32-bit ISOs.  And even then he mostly mails blanks and SASEs to me, which is awfully nice.04:34
pleia2I still do for my Lubuntu PPC mac04:41
pleia2or if I'm doing ISO testing and for some reason the USB tools, partitioner and dd are misbehaving, but given all the options that's less common these days04:42
lynorianhttps://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/download.html if you have problems booting usb for some reason this may be of use04:44
darthrobotTitle: [Plop Boot Manager 5.0 - Download]04:44
lynorianthink it is x86 assembler so it doesn't work on powerpc04:45
pleia2it's usually a problem with creating them, not booting them (and my ppc mac doesn't have the *ability* to boot from usb)04:46
lynorianthis lets you basically chainboot of the usbv04:46
DonkeyHoteipleia2: it can boot from ieee139404:55
nhainespleia2: I'm chatting with the Community Team about LoCo and community help, if you have comments or concerns.  We're doing a hangout.18:07
pleia2nhaines: thanks, I'd like to but my office is currently being occupied by someone fixing our printer, and then I have a work meeting18:22
nhainespleia2: Oh, I was just going to pass along anything you had to mention.  :)18:23
pleia2oh, heh :)18:27
pleia2not prepared to articulate specific problems right now18:27
nhainespleia2: no worries!  I should've given more notice.  :)18:29
nhainespleia2: work items for everyone!  \o/19:17
nhainesWe've had positive results from the pilot test program, so we're going to be expanding Meetup.com sponsorship to any LoCo team who wants it.19:18
pleia2cool, will they fix billing? ;) still getting an error today19:18
nhainespleia2: yes, Michael is working on that.  ;)19:56

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