paddatrapperMorning all04:45
Kilosmorning inetpro Sicelo paddatrapper andrewlsd anton_may thatgraemeguy theblazehen and other lurkers06:09
KilosMaaz tell superfly You are late!06:10
MaazKilos: Okay, I'll tell superfly on freenode06:10
chesedogood morning all06:20
Kiloshi chesedo urbanslug 06:27
superflyKilos: I'm sorry, the train was a little late this morning06:39
Maazsuperfly: By the way, Kilos on freenode told me "tell superfly You are late!" 29 minutes and 25 seconds ago06:39
superflySicelo: interesting06:40
Kilosas long as youre ok superfly all good06:40
superflyohi thatgraemeguy, chesedo, paddatrapper06:40
superflyKilos: I'm fine06:40
thatgraemeguyhi fly06:40
superflyeven a little bit of rain this morning06:40
inetprogoie more06:54
Kilosdag my pro06:55
magespawngood morning06:55
Kiloshi there magespawn 06:55
Kilostime for chores and sheep herding, wbb07:03
paddatrapperRain makes everything late. I was 15 minutes late for my first lecture this morning... 07:03
magespawnpaddatrapper: pretend it is always raining and be 15 minutes early07:12
paddatrappermagespawn: I'm usually there 30 minutes or so before... Today was particularly bad07:15
SEptickubuntu changing my life07:22
nsnzeromy install is as stable as plutonium - its changing me as well 07:33
paddatrapperI found mine to be a bit buggy, but KDE plasma on Debian is as stable add07:35
paddatrapperAs a rock.... 07:35
paddatrapperWhy is enter so close to the backspace?.. 07:36
nsnzeroconsidering i am running a LTS - it should  be like a rock - but i got sandstone - looks solid but crumbles with  little pressure 07:37
* Kilos waves08:02
Kilosjust remember guys, 16.04 is still having many bugs sorted, so if you find probs report them and that will help the dev team08:03
Kilos14.04 lts is stable like granite08:03
nsnzeromorning Kilos08:04
Kilosmagespawn he kde peeps are becoming more and more08:04
Kiloshi nsnzero 08:04
Kiloshi Cryterion captine 08:05
nsnzeroi like unstable - keeps me going - like  a mistress - gets me excited in a nice way08:05
Kilosif you guys enjoy fixing bugs join the bugsquad08:07
Kilosthey are always crying for more help08:07
Kilosfor those that dont get the weekly news letter08:08
KilosMaaz kilos.newblog08:46
Kilosinetpro here come the waves08:46
SEpticfstab in kubuntu not wanna mount so easy as mint09:18
SEptichmm... hang on09:18
Kiloswhat do you want to mount09:18
KilosSEptic what are you breaking09:34
SEpticknow me too well...09:35
SEpticfstabbing a network share09:35
SEptictrying to install a dependency for teamviewer now ... keep getting forbidden IP with apt-get09:43
Kilosyou can use apt only nowadays09:44
SEpticyoh awesome09:45
Kiloswhat dependancy, isnt it in the repos?09:45
Kilosi havent been able to get the 64 bit version to work on 14.04 but the 32 bit works fine09:48
SEpticPackage gdebi is not available, but is referred to by another package.09:52
SEpticThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or09:52
SEpticis only available from another source09:52
Kilosoh my09:52
Kilosgdebi is and installer09:52
Kilostry change repos09:53
SEpticyea looking at that now hmm09:53
Kilosmaybe repo ubdating or something09:53
Kilosthere is a story about gdebi in there09:56
magespawni have been given persmission to run vm on the work pc10:30
Kilosthats nice magespawn 10:31
nsnzerowhat you installing ?10:33
Kiloslol something stable without bugs like 14.04 kubuntu10:34
nsnzerosince we have so many viruses here - i run lubuntu with windows 7 in a vm - reinstall windows was once a pain 10:34
nsnzeronow i just use use a backup of the image 10:35
magespawnso far win xp 64 prof, kubuntu 16.04 and ubuntu server 16.0410:36
magespawnthe win xp is for support of customers10:36
Kilosok ok10:36
magespawnhad one a day ago or so that was running win xp, and i could not remember my way around it all10:37
Siceloyesterday it was mentioned that kmail has a habit of losing mail - does this mean it loses mail in its local cache, or it wipes them from the server as wel?10:37
Kilosask  MaNI 10:40
Sicelootherwise, how are you Kilos?10:41
Kilosok ty and you?10:41
Siceloi'm well too 10:42
MaNIThere were various different bugs I believe, but mostly local cache, if you have a pop email address then local cache is of course everything.10:42
Siceloyeah :P10:44
SiceloPOP sucks .. i don't use that10:44
Kilosi use it10:44
Kilosand im sure all my gmails are still there in the sky10:44
Kilospop only copies new mails down to my thunderbird10:45
nsnzeropop downloads the email to the local cache - the server copy is destroyed unless - leave copy on server is selected10:45
Kilosi must have done that then10:46
Kilosmountains of mail up there10:46
nsnzeroaaah good - i use pop for most mails but imap when i need to save them for long term 10:47
Siceloi'm lucky that all services i use do support IMAP. 10:53
Siceloanyway, i was just asking re: kmail in case i feel like using it some day .. for now - mutt all the way10:55
nsnzerotext based email client ?  takes away the beauty of the desktop 10:59
Siceloi use mutt, irssi, etc. .. so yeah ;)11:00
Siceloi said yesterday .. for me a DE is just a launcher :p11:01
Siceloi could even work without one .. but i also need to browse internet in a better way than lynx/elinks11:01
nsnzeroi tried irissi and send mail - i got lost trying to set it up - maybe i didnt try hard enough11:01
Sicelothere is only one thing annoying about irssi (for me) .. you can't do /ns id for example11:03
Siceloyou have to /quote ns id ...11:03
Sicelowhich can suck sometimes11:03
nsnzeroSicelo: you are hardcore linux  - i am more of the pretty buttons and animations type11:03
Sicelonah .. just a noob still11:04
nsnzeroyou cant be a noob - cos i have to google the commands you quote to see what they do !11:07
Sicelonah .. i know irssi because i use it .. doesn't mean i know other stuff :)11:09
MaNII've not looked at it in over a year though - so maybe it's all fixed I'm not sure11:10
SiceloMaNI: you mean kmail?11:11
MaNII'm just not really willing to trust anything thats ever had that sort of issue, data loss bugs are serious in my books11:11
MaNIand yeah pop isn't great - but at the time I had a bunch of legacy pop email 11:12
Siceloyes, for sure11:15
MaNIThe initial bad stuff was years ago though - I mean kde4 happened 8 years ago, so thats a lot of time for things to be fixed, so perhaps at some point it is all in the past. At the same time I've sort of 'periodically checked in' with people I trust since then and asked them if it works properly yet and the general consensus was 'still broken', but I've not checked in over a year now so who knows, some research might be in order, heh11:18
paddatrapperI use kmail, but only for IMAP. Been mostly stable11:22
paddatrapperIt certainly has its quircks though11:22
magespawnwhat is tha nem for htop to install, keep getting cannot locate package11:24
magespawnthis is 16.0411:26
nsnzeroi think htop is part of sys-utils - wait11:26
Sicelohtop is standalone11:27
Sicelojust apt-get install htop11:27
Kilosapt only11:27
Sicelo(or is that apt install nowadays?)11:27
magespawnthat is where i get the error so something not right somewhere, let me check11:28
magespawnhmm does not want to connect za.archive.ubuntu.com11:29
nsnzeroyip my bad - sudo apt install htop11:29
nsnzeroserver is down - some index files failed to load error11:31
Sicelointernet problem?11:33
Sicelodns maybe?11:33
nsnzeroits from yesterday afternoon - maybe repository maintenance in progress 11:34
nsnzeroi connect to my laptop via ssh from my android phone and run htop - that way i can see exactly what is running on my system at any moment on the phone11:36
magespawnlooks like it is working fine now11:36
nsnzeroupdates - oh yeah 11:37
dlPhreakHello all12:10
Kiloshi dlPhreak 12:12
Kilosyou still alive12:12
dlPhreakAlive, dead, what's the difference?12:17
dlPhreakJK lol 12:17
Kilosyou make more noise when alive12:17
magespawni have not seen any dead people chatting here12:17
dlPhreakYeah but I'm undead, magespawn hehe12:19
magespawnfree willed i am assuming12:26
magespawnno zombie's allowed here12:26
magespawnget it right eventually]12:26
magespawni give up12:26
Sicelohmm, that 'bug' i talked about yesterday with the charging icon seems serious ... even though the laptop is discharging, as long as the icon 'thinks' the laptop is charging, it does not automatically hibernate :-/12:34
dlPhreakWhich DE are you using, Sicelo ?12:37
Sicelocould just be debian jessie's version that's broken12:38
=== urbanslug is now known as zipper
LangjanHi Kilos hoe gaan dit?12:57
Kilosok dankie Langjan en jy12:58
LangjanOok goed dankie, hulle voorspel warmer weer...12:58
Langjanhet jou goed daar aangekom?12:58
Kiloshoog tyd12:58
Kilosnee 12:58
Langjaneish! ok ek volg op12:59
Kilosai! als so sleg orals ne12:59
Kilosnerens doen hulle hul werk nie12:59
Kiloshulle het my ook nie gebel nie13:00
Kilosek gaan more hospitaal toe vir my prostaat pille en bors xstrale13:00
LangjanSal jy heeldag weg wees? Watter hospitaal?13:01
Kilosons ry 5 uur in die oggend en min dat ons voor 4nm tuis is13:03
Langjanwatter hospitaal?13:04
Langjanok ek sien dankie13:04
Kilospro so se keep up man13:04
LangjanWat beteken "pro so se keep up man"?13:06
Kilosinet pro se dit vir my as ek stadig is13:06
Kiloskeep up man13:07
LangjanOK sal hulle moet laat weet dat more nie sal werk nie13:07
Kilosdankie my vriend13:07
LangjanKan sien jy is nie 'n vrou nie13:07
Langjankan nie multitask nie13:07
Langjanantwoord net een op 'n slag13:08
Kilosnee ek kan net een ding op n slag doen13:08
LangjanEk sien so ja, moet net een vraag op 'n keer vra - once upon a time, not twice together13:10
LangjanVoel jy OK vandag?13:10
Kiloshoes nog kwaai13:10
Kilosoggend en saans13:11
LangjanEk stuur vir jou 'n goeie hoesresep as jy wil13:11
Kilosres van die dag nie ondraagbaar nie13:11
LangjanDis seker hoekom jy nie vra wat ek gebreek het nie, lmga13:12
Kilosdis die slym goed wat uit die longe kom13:12
Kilosso moet hoes13:12
Kiloshoes resep van wat13:12
Kilosek vat suiker op ui13:13
Kilosen vicks acto plus13:13
Langjansuiker? dis gif man13:13
Kilosen heuning en gemmer13:13
Langjanklink beter13:13
Langjankyk op e-pos13:13
Kilosepos soos jy13:14
Langjannee man, jy moet jou masjien stel om meer gereeld af te laai13:14
Kiloslol ek het nou net afgelaai13:14
Kilosnou is hy hier13:15
Langjanhys lankal daar, dis daai kde wat so stadig werk13:15
Langjanbly jy erken, jy kom reg boet13:16
Kilosjy nogal parmantig vir n toppie ne13:16
LangjanJa want ek is ver weg en kan boonop vinnig hardloop13:17
LangjanVlieg jy nog 1 sept?13:17
Kilosons hoop so13:17
LangjanWie gaan my help my goed regmaak?e13:17
Kiloswag vir boetie te kom kuier laat ek hom kan pla vir lang ponde13:18
Kilosek sal nog hier wees13:18
Kilosnet 8 huur voor julle13:18
Langjanwaar is boetie?13:18
Kiloshy ook siek haha13:18
Langjanwats verkeerd13:19
Kilosalmal het die griep goed13:19
Langjannet nie ek en Juanita nie13:19
Kilosmooi want julle sterk ne13:19
Langjanja maar was nie 20 jaar terug so nie13:20
Kilosverkeerd ge eet13:20
Langjannee, het nie dieet aangevul nie 13:20
Kiloso ja dit ook13:21
Langjannet dit13:21
Kilosoompie ek moet gaan skape kraal toe jaag13:21
Kilossal jy later nog hier wees13:21
Langjanok 13:22
Kiloswees soek intussen ne13:23
SEptici think my fstab is executing before my networks are established... where does rc.local fit into the booting sequence of kubuntu?13:26
Langjanek soek, lmga! 13:27
Kilossoet nie soek nie man14:25
KilosLangjan skrik wakker en weet wat ek wou se14:25
LangjanHoe moet ek weet wat jy wou se as jy dit nie se nie boet?Lmga14:27
Langjanhet jy nie op die skaapdrolle gegly nie?14:27
Kilosdink wat pas beter man14:27
Kilosek sukkel met my volk14:29
Langjaneks nie volk nie, eks 'n  boer!14:30
LangjanVanaand gaan die volkies koring sny, koring sny - jy ken die volkspeleliedjie?14:31
Kilosdis presies die volk van wie ek praat14:31
Langjannee my pigment is te min daarvoor14:31
Kilosdie wat gekyk het hou die ander volk werk14:31
pavlushkaGood evening ZA!14:32
Langjannee hulle het voor gewerk, die ander moes byhou14:32
Kilosevening pavlushka 14:32
Langjanhi pavlushka howzit?14:32
LangjanJy moet baie siek wees14:33
Sicelohi hi pavlushka :)14:33
Langjanvergeet om te vra wat het ek gebreek14:34
Kiloso ja14:34
pavlushkaLangjan: It was great, just missed it by a pico margin, :p14:34
LangjanWhat did you miss pavlushka ?14:35
Langjanpico margin?14:35
pavlushkayesterday I was helping someone trouble shooting his wifi, we missed something at the beginning, I am repenting for that, :(14:36
Kilosoh is it fixed now pavlushka ?14:36
Langjanwell sounds like you found it again, so?14:36
Sicelotell us more14:36
LangjanWat het ek gebreek Kilos ?14:37
Kiloswb aquarat 14:37
Kiloshy konnie iemand se wifi aan die gang kry nie14:37
pavlushkathere was actually a kind of device conflict, you will notice the device was using two module at a time.14:37
Kilosek weet nie, vertel jy14:37
pavlushkawl and bcma14:38
Siceloi saw the modules, but they were not in use :-/14:38
Kilosah so disabling the wrong one cured the prob14:38
Langjanniks nie, werk nie met kde nie! Lmga! 14:38
pavlushkano, we had make only one available, and the other one blacklisted14:38
Siceloyou blacklisted the 14:38
Kiloswag jou beurt kom weer14:39
Siceloyes :)14:39
Sicelobcma blacklisted, i guess?14:39
LangjanConflict never good, even on machines14:39
pavlushkathat was to find out which one to black list after testing both.14:39
pavlushkaby one at a time.14:39
Siceloor i should ask .. which one is best? wl, i suppose?14:40
Kilosnow you hve learned more so thats good14:40
pavlushkafirst removing both, and then modprobing one by one and testing.14:40
Siceloi learned about apt install :)14:40
pavlushkamay be wl, not sure14:40
pavlushkaSicelo: :)14:41
KilosLangjan whats with the docx files14:42
Kilosdont you know how to use gedit14:43
Sicelothat's what i've found out with helping .. you give something, and get something in return .. may be completely unrelated, but it's something14:43
Kilosor even type in the email14:43
pavlushkaSicelo: you can see it here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#Switching_between_drivers14:43
Siceloyeah .. i remember that from yesterday. ;)14:45
pavlushkalol @ Sicelo 14:46
pavlushkafor give something and get something14:46
LangjanWhats wrong Kilos, can kde not open docx files? I usually only use gedit to get rid of formatting that I don't need15:45
Kilosoh yes i opened it fine but15:45
Kilosattachments are painful things15:45
LangjanI have some odf files on my system, some Word xp and some docx, Unity handles them all well!!15:45
Kilosfill my desktop with junk15:46
Kilosyou use libreoffice so of course you can see stuff15:46
Langjanwell copy and paste to wherever you like or memorise and delete, I know its difficult to create folders in My Documents using kde15:47
Langjandont you use libre office?15:47
Kilosto open attachments yes15:47
Langjanok but you never create docs?15:48
Kilosdidnt you read the little book fly did for me15:48
Langjanlittle book about?15:48
Kilosreapiring win pcs from a linux usb stick and doing data recoveries etc15:49
Langjandont remember, but at my age that doesnt mean much15:49
Kilosoh yes15:50
Langjanoh no15:50
Langjanyou'll get there15:50
Langjanlet me check15:50
Kilosget some bacopa15:50
Langjanwhats the books name?15:51
Kilosoh my15:51
Kilosive forgotten15:51
Langjanlmga! hiehiehie15:51
Kilosit was just a guide on how to use the stick15:52
Kilosread your mail15:52
Langjanso now you need a guide on how to index15:52
Kilosno man thats was three drives ago15:52
Kilosor mor15:52
Kilosand this lappy came in since then as well15:53
Kilosand then the ssd15:53
LangjanGotta go somewhere, no sheep, chat later15:54
Kilosgo safe15:54
Kilospaddatrapper keep me informed as to what the weed says please16:08
paddatrapperWill do Kilos16:19
magespawnhome time, chat later all16:21
Sicelocya magespawn 16:22
Kiloslater magespawn 16:22
Kilossupper time16:28
LangjanEet lekker vriend, ons gesels weer vorentoe as jou kde nie breek nie. 16:40
Kiloscheeky old man16:51
inetproKilos: Opera browser sold to a Chinese consortium for $600 million (May be a good time to stop using Opera) : https://t.co/mG57kZ3OJp16:53
Kilosnow it will work even better16:53
Kilosmaybe not let it upgrade anymore thats all16:55
MaNImobile browsers will be a big loss, the desktop version is just a reskinned chrome these days anyway17:03
theblazehenWow. SMTP is from 1982..18:24
nsnzeroalot of the old protocols are still in use today - costs too much to update the infrastructure if it still does what it supposed to do18:33
theblazehenWell, SMTP, not so much. Mostly ESMTP these days19:17
Kilosevening inetpro superfly and other za peeps19:30
superflyhi Kilos19:31
theblazehenhi Kilos, superfly19:31
Kiloshi theblazehen 19:32
Kilosnight all. see you tomorrow avy19:33
pavlushkaNight Kilos superfly theblazehen , :)19:33

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