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octacianDoes anyone know if Unity3D still works on Linux? I get Service Not Available when I try to sign in00:18
deadgrubwhen I upgraded my ubuntu system last night, grub crashed halfway, and now when I boot I just get grub>00:23
deadgrubI've tried various things I found on the interwebs, but so far I've not made any progress00:23
naccdeadgrub: i would probably boot into a live USB and 'fix' the install that crashed00:24
al_nz1ok, so I booted live USB, deleted the secondary disk that had my home folder, formatted it as ext4 and rebooted. Now when I try to login it flashes some text and I am back to login screen. I can however login as guest.00:24
deadgrubI booted off the install cd and chrooted into the system and successfully reran dpkg --configure -a and it finished fine00:24
deadgrubbut still grub>00:24
naccdeadgrub: ah :)00:24
al_nz1do I just need to create /media/home00:24
trismoctacian: still works, that was a bug in one of the older versions, what version do you have?00:24
deadgrubit's particularly frustrating as I have 8 machines like this, all headless, and I upgraded all of them using fabric00:24
naccal_nz1: does the user you are trying to login as not have a $HOME any longer?00:24
deadgruband they all died identically00:24
naccdeadgrub: what version of ubuntu?00:25
al_nz1nacc: no - nobody has a /home anymore00:25
OerHekshold shift @ boot, choose recovery, login and run dpkg-reconfigure -a and update again00:25
deadgrubnacc: this looks very similar to what I saw: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=233091500:25
al_nz1OerHeks: that @ me?00:25
deadgrubbut that didn't work00:25
deadgrubhow many lines can I paste?00:26
nacc!paste | deadgrub: use a pastebin for any multiline posts00:26
ubottudeadgrub: use a pastebin for any multiline posts: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:26
OerHeksal_nz1, no, for deadgrub00:26
al_nz1OerHeks: ahh soz00:26
deadgrubis the last lines00:27
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naccal_nz1: what does it 'flash'? can you login on tty1 (ctrl + alt + f1)?00:27
naccdeadgrub: and it just hangs there00:27
naccdeadgrub: ?00:27
al_nz1nacc: I am logged in as guest, can terminal from there and su root00:27
deadgrubthey all crashed at that point, and all are grub> now00:27
deadgrubon one machine I did the dpkg configure -a and it finished00:27
deadgrubbut no change00:28
naccal_nz1: that's not the same00:28
deadgrubI have not yet tried boot-repair, mentioned in that article00:28
deadgrubbut it's not on the livecd00:28
deadgrubit appears to be some ppa00:28
deadgrubis it worth trying?00:28
deadgrubis there any guide to debugging grub brokenness?00:29
deadgrub(for example, I don't know whether grub is even looking in the right place for the config)00:29
Eli-5dcedeadgrub - just asking i haven't seen your whole chat... Is your grub broken?00:29
al_nz1nacc: the background to all of this is I setup my OS disk as a SSD, and then followed a guide to move /home to a seperate disk - this was fine. I still have "old home" on the ssd. (there was virtually no data in my /home directory and Im the only user), but then I realised the secondary disk for "data" was NTFS formatted. I have since booted a live CD and formatted the normal disk as ext4, but00:29
al_nz1now need to rsync the old home with the new disk and make sure the OS knows where its home is etc00:29
octaciantrism: I have 5.1.0f300:30
deadgrubEli-5dce: well it's not working.  I don't know whether grub itself is broken, or the configuration part00:30
trismoctacian: yeah that's really old, there are newer builds here: https://community.unity.com/t5/Linux-Editor/Unity-on-Linux-Release-Notes-and-Known-Issues/m-p/2323665#U232366500:31
deadgrubI can type commands into the grub> prompt00:31
Eli-5dcedeadgrub: can you not boot into your system?00:31
deadgruband even boot some random kernel00:31
naccdeadgrub: you *can* boot from the grub prompt?00:31
deadgrubgrub does not bring up the menu, just a prompt00:31
al_nz1nacc: yes I can login from CLI after CTRL-ALT-F1 - it complains that I have no /home and uses HOME=/ instead00:31
al_nz1nacc: I then get a terminal prompt00:31
naccal_nz1: right, so you should, as root, fix that00:31
naccal_nz1: probably ...00:31
deadgrubI can start a kernel with linux /vmlinuz \n boot00:31
deadgrubbut it doesn't have all the other stuff like initrd and root00:32
deadgrubso it gives up00:32
al_nz1nacc: ok - and how would I do that?00:32
naccdeadgrub: right, so it's probably not seeing your configuration file, which might mean it's not seeing /boot00:32
deadgrubboot is part of /00:32
deadgrubnot a separate partition I mean00:32
naccsure, i just mean it's not seeing the disks00:33
deadgrubbut how would it boot /vmlinuz in that case?00:33
deadgrubor is that separate00:33
naccdeadgrub: hrm, good point :)00:33
deadgrubit does have (hd0) etc00:33
naccdeadgrub: ok, can you ls (hd0),/boot ?00:33
nacc[iirc, that's the syntax]00:33
deadgrubinterestingly, it wouldn't let me before, something about secure mode not allowing ls.ko00:34
Eli-5dcedeadgrub: have you ever tried reinstall? or booting into ubuntu-live and install boot-repair and do reccomended settings?00:34
naccdeadgrub: grub has tab-complete00:34
deadgrubso I switched to old fashioned boot, and ls works00:34
naccdeadgrub: yeah, i think it's a secure boto issue00:34
deadgrubsecure boto (/me goes web searching)00:34
naccdeadgrub: the grub update you're referring to, i think is from LP: #157472700:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1574727 in shim (Ubuntu Xenial) "[SRU] Enforce using signed kernels and modules on UEFI" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157472700:34
naccdeadgrub: sorry, "secure boot" (typo)00:34
deadgrubah ok00:35
deadgrubnot the aws python wrapper then00:35
naccdeadgrub: :) sorry about that00:35
deadgrubno problem00:35
deadgrubok, so perhaps I could go back a version on grub?00:36
deadgrubjust looking, 1 machine of the six reliably booted00:36
deadgrubhow interesting00:36
naccdeadgrub: hrm, strange...00:36
naccdeadgrub: i would think they'd all be the same, if identical00:36
deadgrubis from that machine00:37
deadgrubis that the same grub that is broken?00:38
deadgrublooks like it00:38
deadgrubso for some reason 1 of 6 identical machines didn't break00:38
deadgrubthese are intel braswell machines, if that is useful00:39
nacc!info grub-efi-amd64-bin xenial00:39
ubottugrub-efi-amd64-bin (source: grub2): GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (EFI-AMD64 binaries). In component main, is extra. Version 2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.1 (xenial), package size 637 kB, installed size 2754 kB00:39
naccyeah that's the latest version (from updates) in 16.0400:39
naccdeadgrub: i assume you have console logs?00:39
naccdeadgrub: did they all upgrade with the same output, etc?00:39
deadgrubI don't suppose I could just dd the bootsector or something00:39
deadgruball identical, but 5 hung on that line I pasted earlier00:40
deadgrubthe last continued to completion00:40
deadgruband when I used livecd to chroot in, I could complete that machine, though it still doesn't boot00:40
naccdeadgrub: i'm assuming you didn't make any other changes, they were all using secure boot already (BIOS setting, usually), etc?00:42
TylerHoffman Any free VPNs that does nto rquire subscription00:42
deadgrubI believe so, though it's easy for slight divergence to occur (e.g. upgrade timing)00:43
deadgrubI have to assume that they are subtly different at this point00:43
deadgrubalthough they all have the same software installed00:43
octaciantrism: thanks. I'll take a  look. I'm looking for open source game engines. But can't find anything good for both 2D and 3D.00:43
orlockoctacian: iD open sourced some of theirs i think?00:44
Eli-5dceTylerHoffman : Nope, unless you have a miracle that you can make ur own... You're just out of luck00:44
deadgrubbtw, is this the best channel for this?00:44
octacianorlock: can you give me the website?00:44
Eli-5dcedeadgrub: if you have any issues mostly with ubuntu and it'00:45
orlocki dont know what it is00:45
orlockbut.. you know iD, right?00:45
octacianorlock: no. I don't00:45
deadgruboctacian: what do you mean by game engire for 2d and 3d btw?00:45
orlockoctacian: responsible for advancing PC gaming more than any other company with the exception maybe of Valve00:46
Zganhello any one know how to control fan speed on ubuntu00:47
deadgrubZgan: do you mean to set the speed once, or set the policy?00:47
Zganset the speed00:47
naccdeadgrub: when you said the grub install crashed, what did you mean earlier? the hang from the forums post? or did `apt` say an error occurred?00:48
deadgrubZgan: may I ask why you want to set it?  it should normally be under automatic feedback control00:49
deadgrubnacc: the hang00:49
deadgrubso initially I pushed a full-upgrade out, and 5/6 machines hung on that line Installing for x86_64-efi platform.00:50
naccdeadgrub: ok, just checking00:50
deadgrubthe remaining machine came back happily00:50
deadgrubI then livecd'd a dead (grub> prompt) machine and finished the dpkg --configure -a manually, but that didn't fix the problem00:51
orlockoctacian: https://github.com/id-Software00:51
deadgrubZgan: setting it manually risks ruining your cpu00:51
naccdeadgrub: after you did that (dpkg --configure -a chroot'd), did you run another `apt update; apt upgrade` for good measure?00:51
deadgrubI did not00:52
orlockoctacian: That what you were after?00:52
naccdeadgrub: ok, could you try that?00:52
OerHeksand update-grub perhaps?00:52
deadgrubpartly because I had unplugged the network :)00:52
naccOerHeks: good call00:52
deadgrubbut I will go and try that now00:52
naccdeadgrub: as OerHeks said, also maybe `update-grub` at the end, for good measure00:52
deadgrubI will.  be back in a while - it's super tedious with all the manual mounting stuffs00:52
naccdeadgrub: sure00:53
irregularHi guys, how do I find out what kind of desktop (?) I'm using, i.e. if I am using kde or gnome?00:53
naccdeadgrub: the other thing to check on is `update-secureboot-policy --enable`00:53
naccdeadgrub: which should ensure that secureboot is on in your stack (with a nice little debconf UI)00:53
naccdeadgrub: (might need to not pas --enable to get the prompt)00:54
sarkishey all - how can i see if some package is stuck in a bad state? so the behavior im seeing is that apt-get upgrade <some package> wants to install / restart other packages that have *nothing* to do with package being upgraded00:55
orlockblame systemd00:55
sarkismy only guess is they are stuck in a half installed state so apt-get retries every run?00:55
sarkisseeing this behavior on 14.0400:55
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octacianorlock: thanks. I'll consider. Prob gonna go for Unity3D though.. I already have SOME experience there00:56
naccsarkis: before you do the upgrade (note upgrading one specific package is not really something you usually need to do), does `apt-get -f install` want to finish something?00:59
naccsarkis: in fact, i don't think upgrade takes any parameters :)00:59
naccsarkis: it's just upgrading them all01:00
sarkislol that might be the problem01:00
naccsarkis: read `man apt-get` :)01:00
sarkisit should be apt-get install <package-name>01:00
naccsarkis: yes, that would just install the one package (and any deps); if there are leftover unfinished installations/configurations, those will get rerun (and can be run before the new pacage install with `apt-get -f install`, usually)01:01
sarkiscan i see what its going to run ... scared to run apt-get -f install on production01:01
sarkiswill it prompt?01:01
naccsarkis: it should always prompt to confirm iirc01:02
naccsarkis: `apt-get -f install` means to fix it01:02
naccsarkis: it should only do something if you've got broken packages already01:03
deadgrubok, 64 new packages...01:03
naccsarkis: which ... you should never have in production, because you should have already tested this in dev :)01:03
deadgrubis there a way to force apt to reinstall everything grub related?01:03
naccdeadgrub: you could try `apt-get reinstall grub*`01:03
deadgrubupdate-secureboot-policy, ok thanks01:03
deadgrubnacc: doesn't that only reinstall the virtual package01:04
deadgrubwhy is update-initrd so slow, and why does it have to run a zillion times?01:05
deadgrubok, apt update && apt full-upgrade complete01:05
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deadgrubupdate-secureboot says not DKMS pacackes, so doing nothing01:08
effectneti am clicking things and it's grabbing it instead of clicking it.  i have tried two mice now.  what is happening?01:09
deadgrubeffectnet there's an accessibility thing that turns that on and off, perhaps in mouse settings?01:09
minimecirregular: how comes you don't know what window manager you are running? I would look for some processes like 'pidof gnome-settings-daemon' for gnome3 or 'pidof unity-settings-daemon' for unity. I never tried KDE, but there is probably some 'pidof kde-<TAB>' process or 'pidof qt5-<TAB>' process running for KDE.01:10
effectnetk thx ill check01:10
deadgrubeffectnet: sorry, I can't find it here, but I remember it was something like click ones to drag, twice to click01:11
deadgrubfor people with trouble with coordination01:11
snfgfI'm getting error01:12
snfgfCouldn't find any package whose name or description matched "libgcrypt11:i386"01:12
snfgfI have 'dpkg --add-architecture i386'01:12
deadgrubnacc: OerHeks: ok, update-grubbed, it seems to have done things.  Is there anything else I should do before rebooting again?  is there something like install-mbr?01:13
snfgfI am using 64 bit pc01:13
minimecirregular: or simply logout and choose the installed window manager you want.01:13
deadgrubsnfgf: something like libruntime32?01:13
deadgrubsudo apt-get install ia32-libs maybe?01:14
snfgfwouldn't that install too many?01:14
snfgfI specifically need libgcrypt11:i38601:14
deadgrubI recall that there is some special glue library that enables 32bit libraries on 64bit machines01:15
deadgrubI'm sorry I can't be more precise, but that might be what you need01:15
octacianWhat language do apps for Ubuntu use?01:16
deadgruboctacian: all the languages01:16
snfgfI think I have that. I have installed other 32 bit libraries successfully. But this one it can't find. I am using Debian btw.01:16
snfgf#debian won't let me speak01:16
octaciandeadgrub: what's the most common?01:16
ubottuUbuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!01:16
deadgrubsnfgf: ok, I don't know anything more, sorry01:17
salamanderrakedeadgrub: Ancient Arimaic or Coptic01:17
Bashing-omirregular: What returns ' echo $DESKTOP_SESSION " " $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ' ?01:17
pitiyeguys i have java 9 installed and i get the following error01:17
pitiyePlease ensure JAVA_HOME points to JDK rather than JRE.01:17
deadgruboctacian: that's not really answerable I'm afraid01:17
pitiyeJDK Required: 'tools.jar' seems to be not in Studio classpath.01:17
deadgrubpitiye: did you install jdk?01:17
pitiyei dont see any tools.jar in the jdk01:17
pitiyedeadgrub: yes01:17
octaciandeadgrub: ok.. guess I'll research more about specific apps lol01:18
deadgrubsalamanderrake: I resisted that urge.. you didn't :)01:18
deadgruboctacian: what is your goal?01:18
pitiyedeadgrub: sudo apt-get install oracle-java9-installer01:18
deadgrubthat's not the jdk I think01:18
deadgrubthough I haven't installed java901:18
pitiyedeadgrub: i dont see any tools.jar in the jdk01:18
platzI would like to transparently "tunnel" a usb device (keyboard) through Ubuntu so that we have: [usb keyboard] -> [ubuntu box] -> [target box]. So, `[target box]` would think it's using `[usb keyboard]` directly. Is it possible?01:18
deadgrubnormally I use openjdk-jdk01:19
pitiyedo i have to switch to java 8 ?01:19
deadgrubplatz: yes01:19
orlockplatz: yeah01:19
pitiyedeadgrub:  google does not recommend openjdk01:19
orlockplatz: USB over IP01:19
platzyes, usbip - unfortnuately the target box is a windows box01:19
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orlockplatz: are you aware of the tool X2VNC?01:20
deadgrubplatz: synaptic?01:20
platzwhich i can't seem to get working with usbip01:20
deadgrubI think is the name01:20
SchrodingersScat!synergy | platz01:20
deadgrubsynergy.  that's it01:20
platzX2VNC? no, i will look into that01:20
SchrodingersScat!info synergy | platz , got it first01:20
ubottuplatz , got it first: synergy (source: synergy): Share mouse, keyboard and clipboard over the network. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.2-0ubuntu2 (xenial), package size 772 kB, installed size 3441 kB01:20
platzsynergy also sounds good, yes01:20
orlockplatz: lets you control a windows machine running VNC from a linux system using the linux systems kb/mouse01:20
orlockso you just mouse across to the windows display01:21
SchrodingersScatplatz: although note, they've since released a afaik not very freedom respecting version, and you may have to hunt for an older version.  Check though, because maybe I'm wrong and the world is nicer than I thought ;(01:21
platzI think i'll have to go the "over IP" route... but just for my own curiosotiy - is it not possible to "pipe" usb to an output port that is coming in ?01:21
deadgrubplatz: it's difficult for a bunch of reasons01:21
octaciandeadgrub: at this point I'm planning some type of task manager that connects with a remote server.01:21
platzdeadgrub: that makes sense, probably not possible then for that reason01:22
deadgrubin principle you could just forward the usb packets01:22
deadgrubbut they are typically fairly timing dependent01:22
orlockplatz: your problem seems to be with windows, rather than the concept01:22
deadgrubI expect a HUD (keyboard, mouse) would work fine though01:22
platzvery interesting, yes its USB is pretty low-level01:23
SchrodingersScatthat's always the problem, but we need answers01:23
deadgruboctacian: I'd pick an easy high level language, e.g. python01:23
octacianOK. What would the result look like? I like the look of programs such as xChat, Software Center, etc...01:23
deadgrubplatz: and of course you need to be able to write such a tool on windows too - which means getting in below all the standard usb drivers01:24
orlockoctacian: Theres many different gui widgets01:24
django_why doesnt this work01:24
django_export PATH=$PATH ~/bin/google_appengine/01:24
django_bash: export: `/home/django/bin/google_appengine/': not a valid identifier01:24
octacianok. Well, I'll look into it.01:24
orlockoctacian: those can usually be accessed via many different languages01:24
SchrodingersScatdjango_: thought it needed ; between them, so you're adding a space there.01:24
orlockpython is nice as it lets you make reasonably consistent cross-platform apps01:24
django_says: export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/google_appengine/01:24
platzdeadgrub: you're saying just forwarding the usb packets wouldn't cause the win box to register the usb device correctly?01:25
orlockwith things like PyGame and WxWidgets01:25
SchrodingersScatdjango_: ok, : then01:25
deadgrubplatz: I think it would be hard to make work.01:25
deadgrubjust experience talking though, I've never done anything serious on windows01:25
platzok!  it certainly agrees with the lack of information on attempting such a thing that i've tried to find..  i think the options over IP will have to do01:25
* SchrodingersScat whispers, no one has01:26
deadgrubplatz: if your heart is set on it, I'd work on getting linux-linux usbip working first01:26
deadgrubplatz: what is your goal?01:26
orlockOr look at a different way to solve your problem01:26
pitiyedeadgrub: i just installed jdk 8 and now it works01:26
platzlinux-linux usbip i've been able to get working already, yes01:26
orlocklike using an estabilshed protocol01:26
deadgrubpeople have pointed out off the shelf tools for virtual kvm01:26
pitiyedeadgrub: looks like jdk 9 is not compatible with android studio01:26
orlockplatz: you want to control windows from linux keyboard and mouse? use vnc01:27
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deadgrubplatz: so the obvious remaining reasons might be: you want to do it to learn; you want to forward some specialised usb device01:27
deadgrubthe first is good, but I suggest difficult and there are better things to learn; the second is probably better done with a sniffer cable01:28
deadgrubpitiye: I haven't use java9, sorry.01:28
platzorlock: the primary issue is desire to use keyborad that on certain version of windows will not recognize due to crappy intel drivers that cannot be replaced apparently01:28
platzso i thought I'd use another box to host the keyboard01:29
deadgrubbut I dont know that android uses java9 on the device, and who cares about security implications for the desktop environment01:29
orlockkeyboard.. drivers?01:29
platzintel usb driver01:29
deadgrubplatz: consider buying a kvm01:29
pitiyedeadgrub: np01:29
orlockplatz: so the motherboard USB drivers are screwy?01:30
platzdeadgrub: that is definitely something i will look into, thank you!01:30
platzorlock: apparently it's tied to the OS version - the newest version of windows doesn't have the issue, but i cannot upgrade it in that environment01:31
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platzlol, i just want to use my kinesis advantage01:31
platzthey've documented the issue on their website - it's basically a 'wont fix' because i guess it's not their problem01:32
platzbut i'll look into kvm01:32
platzor worst case use synergy01:32
deadgrubplatz, you've reminded me that I should also look into a kvm, given I have a stack of machines...01:33
orlockI've never had good luck with them01:34
orlockalways failed or been flaky/unreliable01:34
orlockhopefully better these days though01:34
platzdeadgrub: sysadmin?01:37
daemonhelp quick question, .. if two users execute the same program, are the memory requirements doubled?  from what i think i know, it doesnt require double the memory, because the process would get swapped?01:37
platz /itpro01:37
Kiritohttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal#How_to_create_upsidedown_and.2For_reverse_text_with_your_terminal lol, does this really need to be included in the wiki?01:41
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sarkishey guys whats the difference between pinning in /etc/apt/preferences.d and holding a package where it shows up as hi in dpkg01:45
tatertotswell guys my motherboard died in one of my ubuntu boxes, had an important file on it too, going to transplant the hard drive into another system and see if i can get my darn file01:45
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deadgrubplatz: ?01:47
platznvm, usually folks with stacks of machines tend to be sysadmin/itpro type of folks01:51
deadgruboic.  no, not sysadmin01:51
platzwel s/usually/sometimes01:51
platzah cool01:51
platzi could use more more machines myself01:52
platzcan always have more of a good thing01:52
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minimecsarkis: Imagine apt-pin as an old way of ppa. You are able to use a different repository for a set of packages, as long that this repository is lister in the sources.list. You can apt-pin the package and its dependencies to that custom repository and even set some priorities for the packages.01:57
reisiominimec: pin can also be used to stick to older versions, right?02:00
minimecreisio: Yes02:01
reisiookay, whew02:02
reisioschema intact02:02
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deadgrubnacc: Ok, I have learnt a lot of valuable lessons with this experience02:09
deadgrubone of which is: boot-repair is easier than trying to fix it yourself02:09
deadgrubI managed to get the machine to boot now02:10
deadgrubthanks for all your helps02:10
minimecsarkis: reisio: MY feeling is, that apt-pinned packages will even survice a release-upgrade, while packages on 'hold' might be upgraded to the new release. So I would prefer apt-pin, if the package is 'crucial'...02:12
weaksaucedoes ubuntu server have any firewall rules preconfigured at all?02:26
OerHeksweaksauce, no rules standard, https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/firewall.html02:28
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weaksaucethanks OerHeks must be that I need to have the isp add the server to the arp cache or stop filtering then.02:30
weaksaucei can connect via ssh from here to another server on the work network but this new server is not working02:30
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OerHekssudo ufw app list02:33
OerHekssudo ufw allow in "OpenSSH"  /or something like that02:34
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orlockIs there a standard way of joining an Ubuntu 16.04 system to an AD domain?02:52
weaksauceOerHeks i did iptable -L and it was basically all accepts03:01
ozzie-111Hello! This is the channel for getting help with Ubuntu, correct?03:03
weaksauceozzie-111 indeed03:04
ozzie-111Great. I think I might've broke my Bluetooth trying to get it to connect to my phone. Would anyone be willing to help me out?03:05
HowieDIYozzie-111: can you define broke a bit more?03:06
ozzie-111Well, my phone couldn't see my laptop, and vice versa, and both were on and visible. SO I ran a couple of commands, which turned out to be for 14.04 instead of 16.04, and now the Bluetooth icon isn't showing in my taskbar, and when I go into my BLuetooth settings, when I turn it on, absolutely nothing happens.03:08
HowieDIYozzie-111: have you tried a reboot on the computer yet?03:08
franciumQuick question, what is the latest 32bit version?  I tried the 16.04 and it told me i needed a 64 bit machine03:09
ozzie-111Yes and no. I ran three commands, then rebooted, then tried reversing the commands, but I haven't rebooted yet lol03:09
ozzie-111Think I should try rebooting again right quick?03:10
HowieDIYozzie-111: worht a quick shot to start off with03:10
ozzie-111Aiight. I'll be back to update either way03:10
asdffffsay it03:11
CodeMouse92Is there a way to get GCC 5.4 on Ubuntu 14.04?03:11
ozzie-111I'm back, and unfortunately, it didn't work03:12
HowieDIYozzie-111: which version of ubuntu are you running?03:13
ozzie-11116.04 lts03:13
HowieDIYUnity/Gnome/KDE? Lubuntu?03:14
OerHeksCodeMouse92, even yakety is not on 5.4 yet http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=gcc03:14
HowieDIYGuest50778: works03:14
CodeMouse92OerHeks: There is a PPA that gets ubuntu 16.04 up to 5.403:14
CodeMouse92I'm using it now03:14
CodeMouse92I just need to find SOME way to get it into Ubuntu 14.0403:14
CodeMouse92(The Trusty variant of that PPA only gets to 5.3)03:15
ozzie-111Honestly, I'm not quite sure... Kinda newish to Linux03:15
Guest50778Yes, I want to learn to use this. I must register my user name and password nick03:15
Guest50778¿Alguien en español?03:15
CodeMouse92!es Guest5077803:16
YankDownUnderGuest50778: If you read through the process at "freenode.net" - you will find out how to easily register your username/password and get everything sorted out. Si? Si. Verdad.03:16
ozzie-111It's the desktop version from ubuntu.com03:17
ax562sup YankDownUnder03:17
YankDownUnderax562: Another beautiful day, mate.03:17
ax562I concur03:17
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HowieDIYozzie-111: unfortunately, I'm not really familiar with that version.. I'm not of much help here for you03:18
ozzie-111Alright, thank you for your time!03:18
HowieDIYozzie-111: sorry.. :(03:18
YankDownUnderozzie-111: "desktop version" of, er, what exactly? If you don't mind my asking...03:18
ozzie-111Ubuntu 16.04 LTS03:19
ax562YankDownUnder is your nick a double entendre on purpose lol03:19
ozzie-111I think I broke my Bluetooth trying to get it working03:19
YankDownUnderozzie-111: So it's the straight-outta-the-box Ubuntu, using Unity as the desktop, yersh?03:19
YankDownUnderax562: yes it is...03:19
ozzie-111Straight out of the box, yes. Not sure about Unity, but I haven't done too much to it yet03:20
ozzie-111I'm rather new to using Linux03:20
ax562YankDownUnder you good with android?03:20
YankDownUnderozzie-111: Right oh...so you're up and running - well, relatively running...so what's happening? What's the issues you're having, mate?03:20
YankDownUnderax562: On phones, yes...on a PC? Er...not yet...not until RemixOS is up and running properly.03:21
ozzie-111Well, I was trying to sync my phone (Android, I think it's 4.4.4) to my laptop. Neither was detecting each other, and both were on and visible. So I looked online, and tried a possible solution. It didn;t work, though. So I rebooted and it still didn;t work. SO I tried reversing what I did, that didn't work. Then I rebooted, and here I am03:22
ax562yeah on phones03:22
YankDownUnderozzie-111: Right oh...so the phone is not seeing the laptop? When you connect, does the phone recognise that it's plugged into anything at all?03:24
ax562I was wondering if you understand the partition layouts a little better than me, specfically I was wondering if it was possible to partition the internal sd card.03:24
ozzie-111YankDownUnder: Sorry, I think I forgot to say, I was trying to connect them via Bluetooth.03:25
YankDownUnderax562: In most instances, phone makers/tablet makers - kinda don't follow a "norm"...03:25
OerHeksozzie-111, did you install mtpfs  and mtp-tools ?03:25
YankDownUnderozzie-111: AH, well, that helps.03:25
YankDownUnderozzie-111: Read above03:25
ax562did you try bluetooth manager ozzie-11103:25
ozzie-111I don't think I installed those03:26
OerHeksand mayby the tools do not trigger 'sudo mtp-detect ' so try that too03:27
ozzie-111And I went into the bluetooth settings, but not any manager03:27
OerHeksoh bt ..03:27
YankDownUnderozzie-111: Just in case you've not read this, bookmark it - or read it at your leisure: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/ubuntu-help/bluetooth-connect-device.html03:28
ax562the vicodens are kicking in...woe...03:28
ozzie-111Hey, I apologize, but I'll brb. I gotta find my kid's bottle03:29
YankDownUnderWhen my children were small enough, I'd have them in the office with me...gosh...good times that...03:30
OerHeksfind your own bottle.03:30
ax562I take it your an Aussie YankDownUnder?03:31
YankDownUnderax562: "Fake Australian"03:32
Bashing-omOerHeks: Mighty selfish of ya ^ .. Good whiskey is meant to be shared .03:32
ax562do you know who Bogut is on the Golden State Warriors?  He is Aussie..real Aussie :p03:33
ax562Andrew Bogut03:33
YankDownUnderI don't do sports. In any sense. None whatsoever.03:33
ax562nm then03:34
Kiritojesus, Guake only has about a hundred different pre-configured color schemes03:37
Kiritowhy can't gnome-terminal be the same? >_>03:37
Kirito100 is not even an exaggeration, I think there are more03:38
ozzie-111I'm back, sorry about that. And that link you sent, I already read that before doing anything else03:43
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theskillwithinhmm so I have AMD ubuntu installed but I have a intel processor?03:51
tatertotstheskillwithin no worries AMD in the file name just means it's 64bit03:52
energizerI've made a change in /sys/kernel/... and I'd like to keep track of the changes. What would be a typical directory/file for me to make note of this change?03:53
theskillwithiniv been a bit nurvous cuz I installed it on a mac pro desktop, and the hardware prob isnt very familiar.  Everything seems to work but the headphone jack only activates when u pluginto the speaker out as well haha03:54
theskillwithinwhats the off topic chan for this?03:54
Bashing-omenergizer: Well, I always comment in the file why and when I made the change ,,, and as well I do maintain a change_log of any and all changes I make to the system .03:55
theskillwithinpoopybutthole, I swear iv seen your nick in cs:go03:55
energizerBashing-om: where do you keep change_log?03:55
poopybuttholeprobably have03:55
theskillwithindo you run it in ubuntu?  iv experience performance problems with cs:go on ubuntu whereas works good in osx03:56
Bashing-omenergizer: Well .. that is a file you make up and can keep it anywhere you find handy . ( and as well keep that file also backed up ) .03:56
energizerok. i'm inferring there isn't a standard path for this sort of thing03:57
energizerBashing-om: ^03:57
Bashing-omenergizer: Correct, It is something you learn to do and adpat to your use case .03:57
n0obhi guys, how do i enable directory listing in homestead?03:58
Bashing-omenergizer: Mine " sysop@1404mini:~$ find /home -name chglog >> /home/sysop/less-used/chglog/home/sysop/less-used/chglog : .04:00
kumarshubhamhey guys is it possible that after deletion of useraccount, his/her cronjob will continue to execute?04:05
kumarshubhamwhat i think, it should not04:06
YankDownUnderkumarshubham: If the "cron" job was specific for a user, it would be deleted. However, if that user installed a system wide cron job, well, obviously, it will still run, hmm...04:07
n0obhow do i enable directory listing in vagrant homestead?04:08
kumarshubhamYankDownUnder how i am gona find , from where its running?04:12
YankDownUnderkumarshubham: Look through all of the cron jobs - if anything is pointing to the "dead user", well, that answers that question, doesn't it?04:13
YankDownUnderkumarshubham: Check this out: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto04:15
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mohsen-rashidihi. i need a package called 'rest' for compiling something but seems there is no package by that name in ubuntu repo. is there alternative?04:34
xangua!find rest04:35
ubottuFound: gir1.2-rest-0.7, gir1.2-rest-extras-0.7, librest-0.7-0, librest-0.7-0-dbg, librest-dev, librest-doc, librest-extras-0.7-0, librest-extras-dev, python-lazr.restfulclient, python3-lazr.restfulclient (and 104 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=rest&searchon=names&suite=xenial&section=all04:35
mohsen-rashidiubottu, i`m gonna try librest.04:36
ubottumohsen-rashidi: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:36
ahrc333ffAnother quick way to find it is apt-cache search rest04:36
tgm4883ahrc333ff: FWIW, I believe that is all ubottu does there04:37
mohsen-rashidiahrc333ff, tried that. returned a long list with no precise outcome!04:38
ahrc333fftgm4883: interesting. the link at the end would have led me to think there is some webapi04:38
ahrc333ffmohsen-rashidi: do you know anything about rest? sometimes it helps to pipe the output into less, or a file, and scrollt hrough04:39
ahrc333ffe.g. apt-cache search rest | less04:39
mohsen-rashidiE: Unable to locate package librest04:40
mohsen-rashidiwhat`s going on here?!!04:40
ahrc333ffmohsen-rashidi: you have ot use the full name04:41
tgm4883ahrc333ff: nah, that is a pretty generic link.   http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-bots/ubuntu-bots/devel/view/head:/PackageInfo/packages.py#L9304:42
mohsen-rashidiahrc333ff, your right my friend. seems apt is not that intelligent! but the output says it`s already been installed!04:42
mohsen-rashidicompiling is way painful...04:43
ahrc333ffmohsen-rashidi: I'm guessing that one will do it for you. If that doesn't work I'd also install the librest-dev04:43
ahrc333fftgm4883: oh, cool! thx for the info04:44
tgm4883ahrc333ff: np, wondered about it myself one day so I tracked it down04:44
mohsen-rashidiahrc333ff, Thank you very much sir. that fixed it.04:45
ahrc333ffmohsen-rashidi: glad to hear it!04:45
ahrc333ffhopefully itwill compile now :) lol04:46
mohsen-rashidiahrc333ff, i hope so :)04:47
theskillwithinanyone know why ~/.composer/vendor/bin does not exist for me?04:48
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tgm4883theskillwithin: you might want to start with explaining what that is04:50
Bashing-omtheskillwithin: Why would it " sysop@1404mini:~$ ls -al ~/.composer/vendor/bin >> ls: cannot access /home/sysop/.composer/vendor/bin: No such file or directory " ?04:50
theskillwithinthe instructions for installing this (Scroll to bottom) http://www.magestead.com/04:50
theskillwithinapparent'y I am supposed to have a new cli command `magestead new`   and to do that it instructs me to add that to my path, but that doesn't even exit haha04:51
theskillwithinhmmm that is odd.04:51
theskillwithinOHHHHH  READING WORKS "Make sure to place the ~/.composer/vendor/bin directory (or the equivalent directory for your OS) "04:52
theskillwithinor equivalent directory for your os<----04:52
ninjapoldHey guys, quick strange question. Upgraded to 16.04 the other day and there's a tiny "notification" tab in the bottom left, what is it and how do I disable it?04:52
tgm4883ninjapold: running unity?04:53
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paranoidabhihi guys.04:56
theskillwithinhmm https://getcomposer.org/doc/04-schema.md#bin  nothing saying where this composer bin file coorisponds on linux04:56
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paranoidabhiI wanted to install theano on my computer(Ubuntu 16.04, GeForce 940M). The tutorial mentions two options 1. NVIDIA Jetson TX1 embedded platform 2. Ubuntu 16.04 with cuda 7.504:58
paranoidabhiWhich one should I follow? Link http://deeplearning.net/software/theano/install_ubuntu.html#install-ubuntu04:58
SocratesVeHow do I confirm my password irssi? Now I have the email but do not know where to place the command.04:58
ahrc333ffSocratesVe: The instructions are usually in the email...04:58
SocratesVeYes, it is a friend, but in what area I irssi place? How do I know if confirmed?04:59
theskillwithinhmm its not in /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin eaither05:00
SocratesVeYes, it is, but in what area I irssi place? How do I know if confirmed?05:00
snkcldwhy am i seeing upstart --user in 16.04? isnt 16.04 using systemd?05:04
ninjapoldtgm4883, no, Gnome05:07
leftistanyone having issues with wifi when you come out of sleep?05:11
leftistsecondly anyone having issues connecting to some wifi routers?05:11
Prasadlooks like this is a log of something05:12
Prasadwhats the topic here?05:13
leftistno topic05:13
leftistthere is a bug with wifi and sleep mode 16.04 ltw05:13
Prasadthere is bug in NetworkManager applet where it shows device not managed05:14
leftistyeah prasad05:15
PrasadI am unable to connect usb dongle as it is detected as CD-ROM most of the time05:16
Prasadin 16.0405:16
leftistbut i have  difficulty or the inability to connect to one of the isp routers here. i can to one of the other isp's here but one is impossible.05:16
leftisti'm using a touchscreen but i think i will just sell this thing. it's a pain05:16
Prasador wait for fix from ubuntu05:17
leftistwhen the power supply is connected, the arrow jets all over the screen out of control05:17
leftiststrange prasad05:17
Prasad14.04 is quite stable than 16.0405:18
theskillwithinI forgot whats that screencast recorder on ubuntu05:18
leftistheck man 10.10 was my favorite05:18
PrasadI love Ubuntu but bug makes me sad :(05:19
Prasadevery new version has new issues05:19
leftistany linux beats windows hands down05:19
leftistyou can always put osx on you machine you know.05:20
Prasadyeah but i like opensource os05:20
Prasadand ubuntu is currently on top05:20
leftistyeah definately maybe05:21
Prasadwhy other ppl are not talking05:21
justsomeguyI uninstalled gnome and unity. Now both NetworkManager and lightdm are missing. Consequently, systemd hangs while trying to start them. ...am I screwed?05:21
leftistprobably part of that bug. what version jussomeguy05:22
justsomeguyleftist: 16.04 LTS.05:22
leftistprasad probably in rio05:22
leftistyeah probably part of that bug05:22
leftistsudo service network-manager restart05:23
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leftisttry that05:23
justsomeguyleftist: Ok. I'll have to reinstall it first, but I'm sure I can find some .debs on launchpad for that.05:23
lucas-arghow do we select fastest mirror form command line or from wherever?05:23
leftisti think i will install centos desktop tomorrow just to see what is up with it these days.05:23
leftistok justsomeguy05:24
justsomeguyleftist: Do you have a link to the bugreport I could look at?05:24
leftistjsut a sec05:24
Guest47775i wo05:25
=== mortalius__ is now known as mortalius
leftisti lost it. my history is gone as well. i did a search and found out about the bug05:27
leftistsorry about that.05:27
Guest47775iwant to update to 16.04ubuntu studio05:27
leftisti've a problem with this laptop05:27
justsomeguyleftist: No worries. Thanks for looking. :)05:27
leftistno problem05:27
leftisttouchscreen is a real  pain in my opinion05:28
leftistpretty useless05:28
justsomeguyThey're really good fingerprint collectors. ...that's about it.05:29
ecHi, y'all. Old-school occasional Slackware and Arch user, currently using Ubuntu as a VM for the first time.05:29
ecWhere the hell is `man`? How can I install it?05:29
OerHeks!info manpages-dev05:31
ubottumanpages-dev (source: manpages): Manual pages about using GNU/Linux for development. In component main, is optional. Version 4.04-2 (xenial), package size 1999 kB, installed size 3610 kB05:31
justsomeguyIt should be as simple as 'apt-get install man', or 'apt-cache search man' in case 'man' isn't a valid package name. Are you using a really striped down configuration? Usually it's already installed.05:32
wyseguyhi guys05:34
wyseguyi have a dell e7240 and they ship them with ubuntu but its Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS 64-bit... i am running 16.04 now and most things seem fine, but one big drawback is that it heats up quick and the fan never seems to go below 30%05:35
wyseguycould this be due to upgrading? never tried Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS 64-bit on it05:35
Bashing-om!minimal | justsomeguy Install the DE that you desire05:36
ubottujustsomeguy Install the DE that you desire: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD05:36
wyseguyi also installed tlp and tlp-rdw and i have ran "top" and nothing is chewing up the cpu05:36
vince_I messed up and did a ddrescue --force ./ubuntuiso.iso /dev/receiving_ssd05:38
vince_I was able to delete the partitions created by basically making the SSD the installation medium... but there is one problem left05:39
vince_I now have an icon in the device listing that has the name of the installation ISO but is not a real device, how do I get rid of this?05:39
vince_or do I have to do a clean install in order to correct my mistake, and if so... shouldn't deleting the partition with cfdisk remove the label of the disk that I am seeing in Ubuntu?05:40
justsomeguy Bashing-om: Well, the real issue is that I need to fix my current install, which currently has no network access, and won't boot normally. The desktop environment isn't a big deal. Thanks for the link, regardless. Seems interesting. I'm just going to chroot in from a live disk and fix the broken packages that way.05:41
Bashing-omjustsomeguy: That works too .. but as you removed the DE(s) you are in for a long hard row to hoe .05:44
justsomeguyBashing-om: True.05:45
snkcldcan i build an ubuntu package without committing changes? when i attempt to build, it complains that there are uncommitted changes05:52
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Bray90820I'm getting a message saying "The volume boot has only 4.9MB of disk space left" and Idk why or really how to clean it up05:55
Bray90820I suspect it's old kernels but I'm not sure05:57
Bashing-omBray90820: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/1357093 ?? try ' sudo apt-get autoremove ' .05:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1357093 in unattended-upgrades (Ubuntu) "Kernels not autoremoving, causing out of space error on LVM or Encrypted installation or on any installation, when /boot partition gets full" [Undecided,Fix released]05:58
baymanwhen i adduser newuser, the /home/newuser wasn't created, why?05:59
Bray90820Bashing-om: What will sudo apt-get sudo remove do?05:59
Bashing-omBray90820: If you have the operational overhead, And the package manager is in a consistent state, will remove also old kernels .06:00
Bray90820is 94MB used in boot normal06:02
Bashing-omBray90820: 'df -h ' might tell the tale that it is the root partition at capacity .06:02
baymanhow to create /home/newuser when adding a new user using adduser06:02
Bashing-omBray90820: O would ecpect much more than 94MB to be used .06:02
Bray90820Oh wait never mind I was looking at the size of the partition now how much was free don't listen to me06:03
Bray90820104MB is used06:04
Bray90820Bashing-om: Is that  normal or what06:06
Bashing-omBray90820: stoll quite small .. mune with 3 kernels : 74860   boot74860   boot .. in megabytes .06:08
Bray90820Is there an issue you think?06:09
Bashing-omBray90820: The systen says so .. to see where ; ' df -h ' and cd / ' sudo du -sx * | sort -n ' .06:10
Bray90820There was an issue but then I did auto remove now there is 64MB available there was only 4.9 free before06:11
Bashing-omBray90820: Well. approximately 120Mb per kernel installed .06:12
sacarlson2bayman: that is strange as it should have auto created the /home/newuser06:12
Bray90820Well so you think everything is fine right now or do you think I should do something else or what06:14
Bashing-ombayman: perhaps ' useradd ' would have been better as with 'adduser' one has to supply the arguments to create . see: man useradd .06:16
Bashing-omBray90820: I have not seen your numbers .. or where the disk space is comsumed .. no way for me to advise further yet .06:17
Bray90820Do you wanna see the output of "df -h"?06:18
sacarlson2Bray90820: maybe ls -l /boot  better06:19
Bray90820Bashing-om: http://pastebin.com/raw/zBn0twyQ06:19
Bray90820Bashing-om: That was after doing auto remove06:20
Bashing-omBray90820: That would be a good indication .., as well as what the du command relates . ( change directory to / so we get a reading .. will take a bit and ignore du: cannot access ‘proc/........ ) .06:20
Bray90820So what does that mean to me?06:20
Bashing-omBray90820: Good so far " 180M  104M   64M  62% /boot " now what kernels are installed ' dpkg -l | grep linux- ' ?06:22
Bray90820Bashing-om: http://pastebin.com/raw/Mm14ftXi06:23
Bashing-omBray90820: Yeah .. did good .. but you have a small /boot partition. One can gain a bit more space with ' dpkg --list |grep "^rc" | cut -d " " -f 3 | xargs sudo dpkg --purge ' . and remove those packages marked 'rc' .. where that is the package is removed but config files remain .06:26
Bray90820So if I run the command it will remove those packages06:27
Bray90820dpkg --list |grep "^rc" | cut -d " " -f 3 | xargs sudo dpkg --purge06:27
Bashing-omBray90820: Uh Huh .. will do so .. any and all packaages that the package manager has marked 'rc' will be removed .. see in your output there are several so marked .06:29
Bray90820Yea I see that06:30
Bray90820So does it look good now?06:30
totesAnyone know if its possible to plug a vga into a server and into a laptop to c its display?06:30
Bray90820totes: Is it a gui?06:31
totesBray90820: Right now it doesnt have anything on it.06:31
Bray90820So it's not command line only?06:32
Bray90820Does it have a desktop environment like unity or gnome or anything on it?06:32
Bashing-omBray90820: Yepper, good .. you have the booting kernel and 1 back up / Now as you jnow you have a small boot partition . when a new kernel is installed .. once you know it is stable will have to "sudo apt-get autoremove" to keep that partition under control .06:33
Bray90820Bashing-om: Thanks06:33
Bashing-omBray90820: My bit to try and help. Carry on smartly :)06:34
totesBray90820: I Havent tried booting it up cause its so loud and outputs so much heat, so i would imagine it looks like any other server that has nothing on it. It has one of those drac cards though that allows remote access so maybe im suppose to use ethernet. Getting a monitor and keyboard would be tougher.06:35
Bray90820I don't think I will be able to help you on this one until you know what is on it06:35
EriC^^totes: look into PXE boot, i think that's what you want06:35
avis-is it possible to use older ubuntu and pay someone who have the whole ubuntu for that repo version cloned ?06:35
EriC^^avis-: why don't you use a newer ubuntu?06:36
avis-i believe in a beauty06:36
totesEriC^^: ah, now that sounds familiar. Otherwise i think a KVM switch would do.06:37
ikoniawhy would you need to pay someone ?06:37
ikoniait's still in the old-releases repo (or will be moved there)06:37
avis-i assumed i'd have to pay because i'm always out of luck iconia06:38
ikoniaavis-: ?06:39
EriC^^avis-: the old ubuntu might have security vulnerabilities06:39
avis-EriC^^, i accept.06:39
unkownsup guys06:40
unkowncant we run commands here lol06:41
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four-dogsHey guys, what r u doing here06:54
ikoniait's a support channel for the ubuntu linux distribution06:55
ikoniacheckout /topic06:55
superkuhOkay. I guess the update that Ubuntu was doing to it's us.archive.ubuntu.com repos yesterday was the completely removal of all archived lucid packages.06:57
superkuhThat's pretty fucking shitty.06:57
aasdlooking for girl06:58
sacarlson2superkuh: time to upgrade?06:58
aasdis there anyone ?06:58
aasdkız yok mu kız06:58
superkuhsacarlson2, let's not get into it. It's personal preference. Most of my machines run modern ubuntu. this one never, ever will.06:58
=== lolmac is now known as Guest75708
superkuhI get not providing security updates anymore, etc.06:59
superkuhBut removing the packages from the archives?06:59
aasdkız istiyom06:59
sacarlson2superkuh: hay I'm not an edge guy I run LTS 14.0406:59
EriC^^!ops | aasd06:59
ubottuaasd: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu06:59
avis-it definitely does not benefit the community or those with low end hardware06:59
four-dogsIs that mean it allows any question about the Ubuntu be asked here even it looks like much asinine?06:59
superkuhAs do I, on my new machines. But this isn't about upgrading.06:59
ducasseaasd: cut it out06:59
OerHekssuperkuh, use the old-release trick, don't complain that old repos go offline06:59
superkuhOerHeks, old-release trick?07:00
aasdip ni vr lan bana07:00
superkuhI'm definitely willing to try any solutions you can suggest.07:00
ducasse!eolupgrades | superkuh07:00
ubottusuperkuh: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades07:00
ducassesuperkuh: read that07:00
superkuhducasse, oh wow. Never heard that before.07:00
sacarlson2superkuh: I'm not sure but there was old archives some place before when I needed them07:00
superkuhIt's not like I haven't tried to upgrade the OS on cloned drivers literally 7 times.07:01
OerHekssee the old-release edit https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades#Upgrading07:01
superkuhEr, drives.07:01
avis-is the trick to send you to a web page that says please upgrade to a supported version.   that wasn't even fools gold07:01
ducassesuperkuh: there are instructions on how to get old packages07:01
superkuhOh. Well, er, thanks.07:01
superkuhNot used to getting actual help rather than people telling me to upgrade.07:01
OerHeksno further support, that machine should not be online07:01
ducassesuperkuh: you still should :)07:02
superkuhRight. I keep all my userspace, x.org , etc up to date as much as I can myself.07:02
=== hellokitty is now known as Guest86597
avis-superkuh, i assume a man of your taste using hardy heron07:03
superkuhlucid. Last of the gnome2.07:04
avis-i accept.07:04
sacarlson2superkuh: oh you might like mint  as I never liked the user interface of ubuntu ofter that07:04
superkuhYou guys: I use modern Ubuntu with MATE on new machines.07:04
avis-i think lucid even nicer to me as a car ride than maverick07:04
sacarlson2superkuh: ya mate that's what mint runs07:05
sacarlson2and I also07:05
superkuhIt's just this one with all it's custom compiled stuff, gtk1 libs, and random changes cannot possibly be upgrade.07:05
superkuhExcellent. That fixed my problem. Thanks guys.07:11
=== skipper is now known as Guest32723
trijntje_Hi all, I got my system in an unusable state after upgrading to 16.04. I have no GUI at all, but I do have terminal and network access. How can I fix this?07:36
OerHekstrijntje, hold shift @ boot, choose recovery, login and run dpkg-reconfigure -a and update again07:37
EriC^^OerHeks: dpkg-reconfigure or dpkg --configure -a ?07:39
MACscrok, so i have logrotate in my /etc/cron.daily/, yet it doesnt appear to be running. If i manually run the script, it works fine without issue. Where should i look at next to find out why its not running daily like it should?07:39
OerHeksEriC^^, good Q...07:40
trijntje_EriC^^, OerHeks dpkg --configure -a gives "Errors were encountered processing python-minimal"07:40
EriC^^trijntje_: try apt-get install --reinstall python-minimal07:41
EriC^^trijntje_: is it mounted rw?07:41
trijntje_EriC^^: yes. But I cant --reinstall since I have broken packages ;)07:42
EriC^^does it say why it won't install it though?07:43
theyesmaninstall the package using gdebi-core07:43
trijntje_EriC^^: 8 broken packages. gstreamer1.0-clutter depends on libcogl15, but its not installable07:43
trijntje_EriC^^: python depends on python-minimal(=2.7.5-ubuntu3) but 2.7.11-1 is to be installed07:44
=== jat-clone is now known as Guest45750
trijntje_and 6 more07:44
trijntje_After upgrading to 16.04 python depends on python-minimal (version 2.7.5-ubuntu3), but it wants to install 2.7.11. So it won't continue the upgrade and I'm stuck with a broken system. Any hints on how to solve this?07:51
nschoeHi everyone, I'm having a weird problem: we have a custom apt repository, I have added the address in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/release.list, but then when I do apt-get update it fails with: http://lpaste.net/17051507:51
voiteri get this error message after an update: could not insert nvidia_340 required key not available07:52
nschoeTo give a little context, I'm trying to build a Docker image, I have done that several times and in fact, I have just built other images with the same apt depository and they don't fail like this. Any clue what can go wrong?07:52
voiteri don't find anything useful in search engines.07:52
ducassetrijntje_: grab the python metapackage from packages.ubuntu.com and force the install with dpkg?07:54
ducassevoiter: switch off secure boot07:56
=== _KaszpiR__ is now known as _KaszpiR_
ducassevoiter: alternatively, create a key and sign the module. there are howtos online, but you will need to do it after every kernel upgrade.07:57
cglockehey guys. any tips how to upgrade my ubuntu if the update-manager crashs due to a UnicodeDecodeError in python?08:00
ducassecglocke: can you pastebin the full error?08:02
voiterducasse, how do i disable secure boot?08:03
ducassevoiter: there should be a menu entry in the bios08:03
cglockeducasse http://pastebin.com/FyQNpT9M08:05
=== RoyalCheese is now known as RylChs
ducassecglocke: not sure, tbh. it could be a locale problem, which locale are you usibg?08:07
cglockewell.... I'm unsure. but it's a German locale08:07
ducassecglocke: try 'sudo locale-gen'08:08
voiterducasse, i can't disable secure boot but i changed from windows os to other os. that did the trick. thanks for the hint.08:11
ducassevoiter: that is disabling sb, some just label it differently :)08:12
cglockeducasse some locales seem to be updated. but the decodeerror still occures08:12
InvGhosthello, any idea why my speaker is constantly hissing, doesnt matter if headphones is pluged in or not. Also headphones have sligh hissing sound ( it was lounder, but i fexed it by turing alsamixer loopbackm to off). I tired to blacklist drivers to find who is making hissing sound. It seems that it makes sda_intel_somethig, but it also no sound if it's turned off. UBuntu 16.04 pc - asusn550jx08:16
voiterducasse, :P k08:18
loneshoesounds like it could be just a poor source?08:18
PrashanTcan anybody help me   i am getting this error08:18
PrashanTE: Malformed line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/virtualbox.list (dist)08:18
PrashanTE: The list of sources could not be read.08:18
PrashanTwhenever i am trying to sudo apt-get update in terminal08:18
sacarlson2PrashanT: what method did you use to add the repository?08:20
k1lPrashanT: please run in terminal: "grep ^ /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | nc termbin.com 9999" and show the output url here08:20
sacarlson2PrashanT: might try disable that repository and reinstall the later virtualbox repository08:21
PrashanTthis is the output08:23
k1ldid you delete some output?08:24
PrashanThere  new one .. i guess i missed08:25
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
k1lPrashanT: its still missing all the ppas. please run the command i gave you. it will make sure not to miss any output08:26
PrashanTi had run the command properly ,i have copied the whole output08:27
k1lthe outpu you showed is not matching the error you showed us08:28
PrashanThere it is08:29
k1lPrashanT: ok. since you try to hide something and i dont know why: your ppa file from virtualbox got an issue. you need to fix that. what it is i cant tell you since you dont show it.08:30
PrashanTcan u tell me another command to get the same output08:32
PrashanTi m not hiding anything08:35
sacarlson2PrashanT: maybe send back the command line you used to create the above as k1| command works for me08:38
sacarlson2maybe he can't see the ^08:39
PrashanTgrep ^ /etc/apt/sources.list08:39
sacarlson2nope that is incorrect08:39
sacarlson2grep ^ /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*08:39
sacarlson2in fact longer than that with the pipe08:40
PrashanTis that correct output now?08:41
sacarlson2PrashanT: much better08:42
PrashanTnow what's the deal now08:42
sacarlson2not sure takes time to analize08:43
gahanwhat's the quickest way to get rid of systemd in xenial and replace it with upstart?08:43
k1lgahan: there might be a fallback with upstart in grub. i am not sure right now if that is still there with 16.0408:44
CrapCrapCrapCrapOH CRAP!08:45
gahank1l: i'm using openstack to boot 16.04 images, would it still use grub? and I don't see upstart in menu.lst atm08:45
CrapCrapCrapCrapIts the crappy crap-crapper of crappy crappers with extra CRAP!!!!!!08:45
k1lgahan: its grub2 not grub1 anymore08:45
CrapCrapCrapCrapwho kicked me?08:45
CrapCrapCrapCrapwas it the crap monster?08:46
PrashanTis there any solution ?08:47
k1lgahan: upstart-sysv  should be the package that reinstalls upstart08:48
k1lgahan: but i would test that in a dev enviroment first.08:48
sacarlson2PrashanT: sorry humans here we are slow08:49
sacarlson2PrashanT: not computers08:49
sacarlson2PrashanT: my line does not match yours:  mine:  /etc/apt/sources.list:deb http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian trusty contrib08:50
* YankDownUnder looks for humans...or semi-humans...08:50
sacarlson2PrashanT: as I asked you before how did you install this and I got no answer form you, it seems you did it manually or ??08:51
PrashanTyes manually08:52
sacarlson2PrashanT: well that's why it didn't work08:53
PrashanTthen what08:53
PrashanT's the solution08:53
sacarlson2PrashanT: make it match mine that is correct08:53
sacarlson2PrashanT: and again apt-get update08:53
sacarlson2PrashanT: remove the line below it with non-free08:54
PrashanTlook i am new on linux...  how should i do that08:54
sacarlson2PrashanT: you said you did it manually so I assume you know how to use an editor08:54
YankDownUnderPrashanT: Open a terminal, and type: sudo apt-get update08:54
sacarlson2PrashanT: what ever editor you like with sudo08:55
PrashanT sudo -H gedit08:55
sacarlson2not sure what the -H does but I guess so08:56
PrashanTi m getting error Failed to register: Timeout was reached08:57
PrashanTwhile opening with editor08:58
sacarlson2PrashanT: is this a remote box?08:58
sacarlson2PrashanT: you sudo -H gedit ; works for me08:59
PrashanTwhat is remote box?08:59
sacarlson2like did you ssh into it?08:59
sacarlson2is it in your room09:00
sacarlson2or high up on some mountain top09:00
PrashanTu mean someone has access to my machine?09:00
sacarlson2that depends if you let them09:01
PrashanTi let my friend one time ... after that i don't know09:01
sacarlson2your not answering my question09:02
sacarlson2well anyway edit the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/virtualbox.list  and fix it09:02
sacarlson2next customeer09:03
PrashanTnow i have opened09:03
PrashanTwhat  i have to change?09:04
=== lethu_ is now known as lethu
sacarlson2when compared with mine seems it's missing trusty in the line.09:05
sacarlson2as the line I pasted above shows09:05
PrashanT/etc/apt/sources.list:deb http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian trusty contrib this one?09:07
sacarlson2PrashanT: and remove the line bellow it with non-free for now09:10
sacarlson2PrashanT: or comment it out09:10
PrashanTi am getting confused which line  should i delete and which to add09:11
sacarlson2PrashanT: just put a # in front of the line that has non-free in it09:11
sacarlson2PrashanT: as the # is the comment out this line symbol09:12
PrashanTafter saving the file should i do sudo apt-get update?09:12
sacarlson2now show me the line that is left here:09:13
sacarlson2should be only one line not #09:13
PrashanTsame error09:13
PrashanTi am getting09:13
PrashanTi edited this09:14
sacarlson2PrashanT: what is the file name of that file?09:17
PrashanTsudo -H gedit /etc/apt/sources.list09:18
sacarlson2sorry it seems yours is in a different location. so comment out what you just did09:19
sacarlson2PrashanT: or delete the line you added09:19
sacarlson2PrashanT: you path is here: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/virtualbox.list09:20
PrashanTthen now?09:21
sacarlson2PrashanT: two options,  comment all the lines and see if the error goes away or comment the non-free line and make the same as mine09:21
PrashanTcan u send me ur source.list file09:22
sacarlson2PrashanT: no09:22
sacarlson2PrashanT:  the path of your file is here /etc/apt/sources.list.d/virtualbox.list09:22
sacarlson2edit that file09:23
PrashanTshould i comment non free lines too including the command u told me09:25
sacarlson2yes comment out the line with non-free in it09:26
PrashanTgetting this error now09:26
PrashanTE: Type '/etc/apt/sources.list.d/virtualbox.list:deb' is not known on line 74 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list09:26
PrashanTE: Malformed line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/virtualbox.list (dist)09:26
PrashanTE: The list of sources could not be read.09:26
sacarlson2make the only active line: PrashanT is this due to the mod that id mad d into ind deb09:27
PrashanTwhat's dat mean09:28
sacarlson2sorry was typeing already09:28
sacarlson2PrashanT:  what did you put in line one?09:28
sacarlson2I think due to the changes made from irc is corrupted09:29
sacarlson2paste bin the file09:29
sacarlson2on my screen deb becomes  a face09:30
sacarlson2there should be only 2 lines in that file09:30
sacarlson2path of this file?09:31
PrashanT /etc/apt/sources.list09:31
sacarlson2no the file we are working on is :etc/apt/sources.list.d/virtualbox.list09:32
sacarlson2and is the file that is causing the error09:32
sacarlson2so lets see it paste it09:33
sacarlson2pastebin it09:33
PrashanTi did it09:33
PrashanTthis is the link09:33
sacarlson2try look at your link and tell me that has only 2 lines09:35
sacarlson2and that link above is now this path: etc/apt/sources.list.d/virtualbox.list09:36
sacarlson2look carefully at the path09:36
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c0axHI. I have problem with ubuntu internet connection on network. I cannot even ping anyhing. An hour ago everything worked. And when I do reboot when I try to ping it says network unreachable09:36
c0axAnd now09:37
c0axit works09:37
sacarlson2good I fixed it without fixing it09:37
PrashanTso should i open this in editor etc/apt/sources.list.d/virtualbox.list?09:37
sacarlson2no PASTEBIN that file to me09:37
PrashanTwhich one?09:37
sacarlson2dude paste bin the file etc/apt/sources.list.d/virtualbox.list to me09:38
sacarlson2if it contains what I see in that file then some how it got mest up09:39
PrashanTit's empty09:39
PrashanTi am getting warning09:39
sacarlson2did you remove something from it?09:39
PrashanThere is the warning09:40
sacarlson2but from what was seen in the report you sent us we see this in it: http://pastebin.com/LqUVnLTR09:41
=== skipper is now known as Guest27039
sacarlson2how are you determining that it is empty?09:42
PrashanTi got messed up09:43
PrashanTi don't understand anything09:43
sacarlson2I'm not sure try another editor vi if you can09:44
sacarlson2and that link showed you again editing the wrong file09:45
PrashanTit is better i should shift to windows09:45
sacarlson2if your better at windows be my guest09:45
sacarlson2but not to edit this file09:46
NuZeI have a pb with installation of Ubuntu in my Mac (OS X 10,9.5)09:51
NuZeI waited several hours then this message appears in the box :09:52
NuZe"perf interrupt took too long"09:52
=== Ubuntu is now known as Guest11349
NuZedo you know what happened ?09:53
YankDownUnderNuZe: Have you installed all the third party drivers required - and also have you done an update?09:53
minimecNuZe: http://askubuntu.com/questions/621490/what-does-perf-interupt-mean https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=18763609:54
NuZeI think I downloaded Ubuntu, used unetbootin and start installation09:55
NuZeand my computer has the performance to do the installation properly09:55
NuZeso i dont understand09:55
YankDownUnderNuZe: Read the link that minimec gave you09:56
NuZethanks for the link, i'm checking09:56
NuZeall right i've read but what then ?09:58
NuZedo i have to wait more ?09:59
minimecYankDownUnder: NuZe: Also an interesting post... http://serverfault.com/questions/714648/how-to-disable-perf-subsystem-in-linux-kernel09:59
ducassecglocke: you still there? had to step afk.09:59
YankDownUnderNuZe: Read that one. I'm not the one with the issue...09:59
NuZeok i'm reading10:00
minimecNuZe: (comment2) cit. 'The kernel automatically determines a sample rate that could be used without impacting system performance and it logs it even when perf isn't active or even installed'10:03
NuZeright but my installation take a long long long moment10:03
NuZe(more than 10 hours)10:03
NuZeis it really normal ?10:03
sacarlson2I don't think so10:04
minimecNuZe: No.10:04
NuZeand here is my configuration :10:04
NuZeProc : 3,06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo10:05
NuZeMemory : 8 Go 1067 MHz DDR310:05
NuZeit is enough to install ubuntu right ?10:05
sacarlson2with min 10gb disk space I guess10:06
trijntje_ducasse: getting the python matepackage is a good idea, I'll give it a go. Sorry for slow response, I missed your reaction10:06
sacarlson2NuZe: I haven't done a unetbootin install in a long time.  that's where you boot from ethernet and install?10:07
ducassetrijntje_: i _think_ that would help, but something else might also be b0rked... i could also be wrong ;)10:08
NuZe@sacarlson2 yes I partitioned my hard drive, the part reserved for Ubuntu to 90GB of memory.10:08
sacarlson2NuZe: more than enuf10:08
NuZe@Sacarlson yes exactly10:09
sacarlson2NuZe: has it worked before on other systems?10:09
trijntje_After upgrading to 16.04 python depends on python-minimal (version 2.7.5-ubuntu3), but it wants to install 2.7.11. So it won't continue the upgrade and I'm stuck with a broken system. Any hints on how to solve this?10:19
trijntje_it must be nice to have so much free time10:19
haasnIs Ubuntu planning on porting more of the /etc/init.d scripts to systemd .service files? I noticed many services are run through the init.d<->systemd bridge even where the upstream projects already contain systemd unit files10:19
=== HashNuke___ is now known as HashNuke
gahank1l: thanks. it seems like `sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove systemd` will remove systemd and install upstart-sysv. am I likely to encounter problems? I looked at grub.cfg and it there isn't an option for upstart10:26
iamkiranHello world!10:29
iamkiranI got a problem while start mysql in ubuntu. Here is the snippet: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20021863/10:30
iamkiranAnyone free to help.Thnx in advance10:30
sacarlson2iamkiran: looks like you forgot your password10:32
anonymoshelllo world us ubuntu10:32
iamkirani am entering correct password10:32
iamkiransacarison2: i am entering root password10:32
sla3kpassword is being used (using password: YES) but it is incorrect! maybe it's not for the user 'root'10:33
sacarlson2iamkiran: root password of the system is not the same as root password of mysql10:33
anonymoshello i hacking password unbuntu windows 710:34
anonymospassword linux root pass"toor"/10:34
iamkiransacarison2: mysql password is same as my root password10:35
YankDownUnderanonymos: Is there a problem you require assistance with?10:35
sacarlson2iamkiran: that my or my not be true depending on how you set it10:35
=== Si is now known as Guest38624
sacarlson2iamkiran: have you ever logged in on this mysql system before?10:36
iamkiransacarison2: Nope, I got this error after intalling it.10:37
sacarlson2iamkiran: ok10:37
YankDownUnderiamkiran: So you've just installed it - and that's that? Nothing more nothing less?10:37
iamkiranyup I install it and then this error when try to logged in?10:38
YankDownUnderiamkiran: Here's something to quickly read: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-install-mysql-on-ubuntu-linux-16-04/10:39
sacarlson2iamkiran: I think the default root password for mysql is no password at all or blank10:39
sacarlson2iamkiran: oh ya when you install it, it asks you what you want the password to be but if you just push ok the password is blank10:40
iamkiransacarison2: How can I change no password or blank?10:41
sacarlson2iamkiran: you first login with root and no password and then change it10:41
sacarlson2iamkiran: other option is to uninstall it and install it again and this time be sure to remember what you set the password to be10:42
YankDownUnderiamkiran: $ mysql -u root -p10:42
sacarlson2ya like that10:42
=== k3dare is now known as kedare
YankDownUnderiamkiran: Here's some GUI tools... http://www.ubuntugeek.com/mysql-server-administration-tools.html10:43
iamkiranhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/20022873/   when trying to login using no password10:44
iamkiransacarison2: I have tried uninstall and again installing it multiple times.10:44
iamkiranBut does not work?10:44
sacarlson2iamkiran: then you do remember what you put in those boxes at install time?10:45
iamkiranYa, I remember it? It's the same password?10:46
sacarlson2iamkiran: and install went without error?10:46
iamkiransacarison2: I got no error while installing?10:47
iamkiranI want to remove mysql completely from my computer and then re-install it?10:47
sacarlson2iamkiran: yes the username and password should match and you sure you used root as your username?10:47
iamkiranBut every time it uses cached version.10:47
mikatoneHi need some help on how to flush ufw rules on a rescue mode VPS that outputs strange behavior after chroot the filesystem and ufw disable https://gist.github.com/anonymous/725af5cd0a70cb6b8c96d0cb856c784710:48
sacarlson2iamkiran: do apt-get purge mysql10:48
sacarlson2it should get rid of the original passwords10:48
iamkiransacarison2: I am getting error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20023286/10:50
sacarlson2iamkiran: sorry what is the package you installed10:50
sacarlson2do it to that10:50
sacarlson2iamkiran: I'm guessing  mysql-server  mysql-common10:52
sacarlson2purge those10:52
iamkiranya mysql-server10:52
sacarlson2yes that too10:53
sacarlson2purge it10:53
TerrrrrHey, my password works to sign in to my xubuntu account, it also works to unlock my account if i lock it. However, the password doesnt work in terminal.... any ideaa?10:53
iamkiransacarison2: I have done: apt-get purge mysql-*10:54
sacarlson2iamkiran: not wise to use *10:54
sacarlson2iamkiran: it can cause major damage as we learned yestarday10:54
iamkiransacarison2: I think this should remove everything related to everything.10:55
sacarlson2iamkiran: true but sometimes removes more than you know10:55
Mir4g3Terrrrr: did you tried do login with the right mysql pass? Like "mysql -u root -p" and then type your password for mysql root user?10:55
TerrrrrIll try10:55
TerrrrrI was just doing sudo apt-get update and obv it asked for pass10:56
TerrrrrRestarted computer a few times, same thing10:56
iamkiransacarison2: After, do I have to run apt-get autoremove10:56
TerrrrrOts a fresh install, cant even get mysql because apt-get requires password10:57
TerrrrrYet pass works to login,to comp account10:57
TerrrrrIs my keyboard layout possobly screwed?11:00
sacarlson2Terrrrr: caps lock maybe?11:00
TerrrrrNope this is weird11:01
TerrrrrIm even copyong and pasting it from notepad11:01
TerrrrrIs that eeven possible11:03
TerrrrrFresh installed. Logged in. Successfully ran "sudo ufw enable" with pass in terminal. Updated through Software Updator. Restarted computer, pass only works for logging into user accout. Pass does not work in terminal nor Software app. Pass basically only works to sign in, but nothing else while signed in.11:05
=== Tone is now known as Guest37071
TerrrrrProbably tenth linux install, first problem like this11:06
YankDownUnderTerrrrr: Bluetooth/wireless keyboard and mouse?11:07
TerrrrrBoth wired11:08
TerrrrrPossibly keyboard layoiut?11:08
YankDownUnderTerrrrr: Right oh. Just wondering. Because that is all very strange.11:08
TerrrrrYeah im stumped11:08
iamkiransacarison2: I have to reinstall mysql after that? But I think it will use cached version while installing?11:08
YankDownUnderTerrrrr: That I'm not sure of - however, if you go into the control centre and double check, well, then you'll know, hmm?11:08
trijntje_After upgrading to 16.04 python depends on python-minimal (version 2.7.5-ubuntu3), but it wants to install 2.7.11. So it won't continue the upgrade and I'm stuck with a broken system. Any hints on how to solve this?11:10
iamkiransacarlson2: I think reinstalling will install cached version.11:11
TerrrrrYankDownUnder can you twll me your keyboard layout. Sertings, Keyboard, Layout11:12
YankDownUnderTerrrrr: Mine is US11:12
sacarlson2iamkiran: after purge it should require asking for the passwords again I would think11:12
sacarlson2iamkiran: I assume you used apt-get purge11:13
iamkiransacalson2: Ya , I used apt-get purge11:13
sacarlson2iamkiran: so did you try install it now?11:14
iamkiransacarlson2: It removed mysql.11:14
sacarlson2well now install it11:14
minimectrijntje_: Can you try to refresh the repository datase again? 'sudo apt-get update'...11:14
iamkiransacarlson2: I am running 'apt-get upgrade'. Then, I will start installing.11:15
sacarlson2oh bad move in my opinion11:15
sacarlson2probly will take 10 hours11:16
iamkiransacarlson2: I guess so,11:17
iamkiranmy bad11:17
sacarlson2iamkiran: and if you didn't already notice 95% of the people in here are here after upgrade problems11:18
iamkiransacarlson2: I run 'apt install mysql-server mysql-client'11:18
iamkirann is downloading11:19
TerrrrrYankdownunder maybe something to do with terminal encoding? Kinda a noob11:19
iamkiransacarlson2: It didn't asked to enter password or something11:19
TerrrrrLooking at terminal tab11:20
yossarianukhi - this database breach - is it the login for https://login.ubuntu.com/ that has been hacked ?11:20
sacarlson2iamkiran: dam well hack it then.  there are ways to change the root password in mysql11:20
sacarlson2I'll find the link11:20
iamkiransacarlson2: And same problem, as before11:21
iamkiransacarlson2: thnx man11:21
sacarlson2iamkiran: mysqladmin password your-new-root-password11:23
yossarianuki.e - the forum that was hacked - should I change the login.ubuntu.com SSO login ?11:23
sacarlson2iamkiran: not sure we have to install that mysqladmin or not11:23
sacarlson2opps wait that won't work11:23
iamkiransacarlson2: I tried it before.11:24
trijntje_minimec: It does look for xenial, but running sudo apt-get upgrade after gives the same dependency error11:24
sacarlson2iamkiran: ok what did it do?11:24
sacarlson2iamkiran: sounds like it should work mysqladmin -u root password your-new-root-password11:25
=== jat-clone is now known as Guest96524
sacarlson2iamkiran: seems the app is already installed on my system11:26
minimectrijntje_: Yeah. It seems that your 'python' package is still on trusty. I would try 'sudo apt-get install -reinstall python'. Next step would be to remove the python package from /var/cache/apt/archives.11:26
=== nazmul is now known as pnazs
minimectrijntje_: it's '--reinstall' not '-reninstall'. That should force the redownload of the package i think.11:28
iamkiran1sacarlson2: I am getting this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20025925/11:28
TerrrrrSorry know i said this, gonna try one more time11:28
=== iamkiran1 is now known as iamkiran
sacarlson2iamkiran: oh it seems mysql server is not running11:29
sacarlson2iamkiran: so we will have to restart it11:29
trijntje_minimec: I've remove the entire cache, and I still get the same error11:30
TerrrrrI just freshly installed and updated Xubuntu. I can log in log out, lock and unlock my account no problem with my password. BUT my password doesnt work for anything while logged in. Doesnt work for terminal nor the software center. But again, i can log in and out fine.11:30
sacarlson2iamkiran: and you are on ubuntu version?11:30
iamkiransacarlson2: ok I am restart it11:30
iamkiransacarlson2: I am using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS11:30
sacarlson2iamkiran: I think they changed restart at this point11:30
minimectrijntje_: Hmm... Can I see your sources.list? 'cat /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit'11:31
iamkiransacarlson2: I used sudo service mysql restart. But then run mysqladmin but nothing happen.11:32
trijntje_minimec: I dont have pastebinit on that system. But it has sources for xenial and points to archive.ubuntu.com. It was pointing to a local mirror but I just changed that11:33
trijntje_local mirror = for my country, not something on my LAN11:33
sacarlson2iamkiran: and restart showed no errors?11:34
iamkiransacarlson2: no any error and no any output too11:34
sacarlson2iamkiran: that's because they now use systemctl11:34
sacarlson2in 16.0411:35
sacarlson2I think11:35
minimectrijntje_: 'dpkg -s python'? Did you put the python package on 'hold' in 14.04? What if we just downloaded 'python 2.7.11-1' and 'dpkg -i' it (just to make that update work)? It's not a 'good' solution but might work.11:35
oezsoyhi im bored11:36
sacarlson2iamkiran: might this work?  sudo systemctl enable mysql.service11:36
oezsoyanybody try lubuntu11:36
sacarlson2oezsoy: yes fine product11:36
oezsoyim using xubuntu xfce11:37
oezsoywhichone faster11:37
its100bestI love gnome 3.2011:37
oezsoyxubuntu or lubuntu can anyone help me?11:38
iamkiransacarlson2: I run that command and it says *Synchronizing state of mysql.service with SysV init with /lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install...11:38
iamkiranExecuting /lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install enable mysql11:38
laserbeak4445there both lightweight DE so there should not be a huge difference.11:38
oezsoythnks laserbeak11:39
sacarlson2iamkiran: ok try login now or try sudo netstat -pant | grep mysql11:39
laserbeak4445but Lubuntu is the lightest11:39
oezsoymore than faster11:39
oezsoylast question11:40
oezsoywhy firefox so bad?11:40
oezsoyin linux11:40
iamkiransacarlson2: sudo netstat -pant | grep mysql11:40
iamkirantcp        0      0*               LISTEN      5524/mysqld11:40
trijntje_minimec: dpkg -s shows python 2.7.5-ubuntu311:40
roryBegs the question really. You should be more specific oezsoy11:40
minimectrijntje_: I remember something now. With 16.04 you should be able to install local packages with 'apt'. It will trigger the dependencies from the repo. So downloading and installing the xenial package should work.11:41
sacarlson2iamkiran: cool then it is now running so can you now login?11:41
oezsoyfirefox too slow11:41
sacarlson2iamkiran: or I should say change password11:41
iamkiransacarlson2: Can we change password using mysqladmin11:42
sacarlson2iamkiran: this should now work: mysqladmin password your-new-root-password11:42
trijntje_minimec: manually installing python with dpkg -i gives a similar error, python pre-depends on python-minimal11:42
yossarianuklaserbeak4445: bodhi is even more lightweight (and still a full desktop - unlike say openbox)11:43
minimectrijntje_: so 'sudo apt install python_2.7.11-1_amd64.deb' in the folder where you downloaded the package should work.11:43
yossarianukoezsoy: its not bas in Linux, its bad in unity - fine in KDE for example11:43
oezsoyi have some problems  ihave ati hd 8250 graphic driver why ubuntu 16.04 cant support catalysis ?11:43
its100bestoezsoy, try '(Web) epiphany' I use it on Arch.11:43
oezsoythnx its100best11:44
oezsoyi will try11:45
oezsoyi can install ati drivers on ubuntu 14.0411:45
oezsoybut icant install ubuntu 16.0411:46
trijntje_minimec: sudo apt install also doesn't work, same dependency problem for ubuntu-minimal11:46
=== iamkiran1 is now known as iamkiran
oezsoycan anyone install ati graphic driver on ubuntu 16.04?11:47
iamkiransacarlson2: I am getting the same error: mysqladmin -u root password 1234@Ktm11:47
iamkiranmysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed11:47
iamkiranerror: 'Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)'11:47
=== Guest36078 is now known as rezzed
sacarlson2iamkiran: take the @ out of your password11:49
sacarlson2iamkiran: and this mysql server is local or remote?11:50
minimectrijntje_: Wow... Hmmm.. ppa as are disabled during upgrade. So you should not have an activated ppa that blocks something, right? You don't have any packages on 'hold', right? Try 'sudo apt install --reinstall python-minimal python'. Somehow out of ideas...11:51
HoloIRCUser2Bhagwaan kaise mileage?11:51
iamkiransacarlson2: mysql server is local11:51
test_hi can anyone help me with wifite11:51
oezsoyaranızda türk varmı hacılar11:51
sacarlson2iamkiran: ok11:51
sacarlson2iamkiran: and what happens without @ like mysqladmin -u rood password 123411:52
HoloIRCUser2Kisi ko Pta h?11:53
test_hi plz im new and trying to get wifite to work11:53
minimectrijntje_: maybe ad python2.7 to that --reinstall command...11:53
iamkiransacarlson2: mysqladmin -u root password 1234Ktm11:53
iamkiranmysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed11:53
iamkiranerror: 'Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)'11:53
iamkiransame error11:53
test_is anyone there ?11:54
roryhi test_ can you describe what you're trying to do and what's not working?11:55
HoloIRCUser2Bhagwaan kaise milenge?11:55
HoloIRCUser2Kisi ko Pta h?11:55
test_hi rory i can get wifite to run it scans the network and capturs the handshace then says no wps dic file found11:55
roryHoloIRCUser2: try #ubuntu-in11:56
rorytest_: That sounds like it's expecting you to provide a wordlist file for dictionary attack.11:56
trijntje_minimec: still no, I'm afraid. Maybe I should do a fresh install, I was hoping it just a matter of getting the right apt command11:56
test_yes ive got thr rock you test11:57
sacarlson2iamkiran: we are still running now : sudo netstat -pant | grep mysql  ;   I think we are11:57
roryWhat is the exact error message test_ ?11:57
mcphailiamkiran: is that even the correct syntax for the mysql command? I haven't used it in years, but that wouldn't have worked when I last tried11:57
test_rory  no WPA dictionary found! use -dict <file> command-line argument11:58
iamkiransacarlson2: I ran it.11:58
sacarlson2iamkiran: at this point you might try #mysql  as I'm out of idea why that won't work.  thing seemed to have changed in 16.04 that I have not seen11:58
mcphailiamkiran: for example, you'd need "--password=password" or "-ppassword"11:58
rorytest_: Did you try specifying -dict /path/to/rockyou.txt ?11:58
test_no how would i do that11:58
test_its in my download folder11:59
rorytest_: What full command are you running please11:59
iamkiranmcphail: what's the full command?11:59
rorytest_: -dic ~/Downloads/rockyou.txt11:59
test_rory i run wifite as root do the scan and capture the handshake11:59
rorytest_: as an extra argument to what you're already running11:59
minimectrijntje_: It should be like that. I would give it another chance here in the #room. By the way. I think pastebinit is now installed per default. I don't remember having it installed on the 16.04 installation and I have it. I would be interested in the error messages you get and the sources.list. Also you should have a new downloaded python and python 2.7 package in /var/cahe/apt. What versions are these?11:59
rorytest_: then it's -dic /home/your_username/Downloads/rockyou.txt11:59
mcphailiamkiran: try "mysql -u root --password=yourpassword"12:00
iamkiransacarlson2: ok, I entereing in root mode.12:00
test_command not found12:00
rorytest_: often, as in this case, the error message tells you exactly what to do, I can't really give any more precise instructions than what's already there12:00
test_ok thank you very much rory12:00
minimectrijntje_: We could also try to locally download the new version of 'python-minimal'12:00
rorytest_: What is the full command you're running please? Tat will include "wifite.py"12:01
mcphailiamkiran: "man mysql" is _very_clear about the syntax12:01
sacarlson2mcphail: it seems to me that mysqladmin won't even connect to his localhost,  I'm not sure why12:01
iamkiranmcphail: mysql -u root --password=yourpassword is login command12:01
test_i open termian type sudo -i to root then just type wifite and it opens12:02
roryOK so instead of just typing "wifite"12:02
sacarlson2iamkiran: oh so now you login ok?12:02
mcphailiamkiran: aah - you're using mysqladmin?12:02
roryyou need to type "wifite -dict /home/your_username/Downloads/rockyou.txt"12:02
roryor wherever rockyou.txt actually is12:02
iamkiransacarlson2: nope, not logged int12:02
trijntje_minimec: I've aready tried getting the latest python and python-minimal debs using wget, those dont install either :(. Ill trypastebinit soon, after its done running apt-get dist-upgrade12:03
iamkiranmcphail: I want mysqladmin to change password of mysql.12:03
mcphailiamkiran: how did you install mysqladmin?12:03
sacarlson2mcphail yes were trying to reset iamkiran's  password for root with mysqladmin,12:03
iamkiranmcphail: I think , mysqladmin is already installed.12:04
roryIt's not really for me to say, but frankly if you can't figure it out you probably don't deserve to get onto whatever wireless network you're trying to get into :D12:04
sacarlson2mcphail: oh it might be from his old install before upgread for this mysqladmin12:04
roryI have to work now afk12:04
sacarlson2mcphail: as far as I can tell iamkiran's mysql server is running as we see the port active in netstat12:06
mcphailiamkiran: and does your password have special characters?12:06
sacarlson2mcphail: it seems he had an @ in his password12:07
iamkiransacarlson2: mysql server is running but don't have any idea why not login12:07
iamkiranmcphail: ya , password contain special character12:07
mcphailiamkiran: does mysqladmin --user=root password "my password with funny ch@racter$" work?12:08
tatertotsgood morning everyone12:09
iamkiranmcphail: mysqladmin --user=root password "1234@Ktm"12:10
iamkiranmysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed12:10
iamkiranerror: 'Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)'12:10
=== test is now known as Guest68185
iamkiranIt didn't work for me.12:10
Guest68185sorry rory when i open wifite internet gopes off12:10
trijntje_minimec: no pastebinit, maybebecause this was a 14.04 install. /var/cache/apt/archives has python 2.7.11-112:10
minimectrijntje_: Ok. did dist-upgrade do something?12:11
mcphailiamkiran: and if you try with a password, ie. mysqladmin --user=root --password=existingpaswword password "jkhkhJK"?12:11
Guest68185any one plz help me with wifite12:13
minimectrijntje_: I found a forum thread treating a 16.04 python-minimal upgrade problem but with a different error. maybe still worth a read https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=232186112:13
iamkiranmcphail: mysqladmin --user=root password="1234@Ktm" password "1234Ktm"12:13
iamkiranmysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed12:13
iamkiranerror: 'Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)'12:13
iamkiranmcphai: I am getting this error.12:13
draco__what is mysqladmin ? it shuould be mysql -u root -p12:14
tatertotsGuest68185 do you plan to change anything so when you run wifite your 'internet' doesn't go off?12:14
draco__and don't time your pass in command!12:14
draco__use -p and give it latter12:14
draco__using pass in command saves it in logs12:14
minimectrijntje_: What if we just purged python and then 'sudo apt install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop' or 'dpkg-reconfigure ubuntu-desktop'? Still better than a fresh installation.12:14
mcphailiamkiran: no, that isn't what I asked you to type12:15
tatertotsor are you going to leave things the way they are ?12:15
Guest68185tatertots i dont know how to do that i can run wifite get the handshake but no wpa dic file12:15
HerbY_NL2Hello, I have a new installation of ubuntu gnome 16.04. When I press alt left or alt right my session is locked and I find myself on tty1. Google doesn't have the answer. Anyone here?12:15
iamkiranmcphail: mysqladmin --user=root --password="1234@Ktm" password "1234Ktm"12:16
iamkiranmysqladmin: [Warning] Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.12:16
iamkiranmysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed12:16
iamkiranerror: 'Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)'12:16
mcphailiamkiran: ha! progress ;)12:16
mcphailiamkiran: you may have mixed up your old and new passwords12:17
iamkiranmcphail: ya, now getting 3 line error12:17
Guest68185no WPA dictionary found! use -dict <file> command-line argument   with wifite >?12:17
iamkiranmcphail: I try to completely uninstall mysql. I purge it.12:17
tatertotsGuest68185 have you had very much networking experience?12:18
mcphailiamkiran: what is your existing password? is it 1234@Ktm or 1234Ktm?12:18
Guest68185tatertots no im new to ubuntu12:18
iamkiranmcphail: 1234@Ktm is the actual password12:18
=== ResQue_ is now known as ResQue
tatertotsGuest68185 have you had very much networking experience?...Being new to ubuntu isn't what i asked...i know ccnp's that have never used ubuntu12:19
Guest68185no networkin experiance no12:20
mcphailiamkiran: OK, try mysqadmin --user=root -p password "mynewpassword"12:20
tatertotsah i see12:22
iamkiranmcphail: Nope, it didn't work.12:22
Guest68185tatertots anty sduggestion12:22
iamkiranmcphail: mysqladmin --user=root -p password "1234@Ktm"12:22
iamkiranEnter password:12:22
iamkiranmysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed12:22
iamkiranerror: 'Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)'12:22
mcphailiamkiran: did you get a prompt for a password?12:22
iamkiranmcphail: ya, i got prompt for password12:23
trijntje_minimec: I cant purge anything either, dependency problems12:23
mcphailiamkiran: and you're sure you have the correct password for root?12:24
tatertotsyou mentioned losing connectivity when you ran a particular command...could you take a guess at why that happened? i'm going to refill my coffee while you think about that for a second12:24
iamkiranmcphail: ya, i entered correct password12:24
mcphailiamkiran: and "mysql -u root --password=yourpassword" allows you to log in?12:25
Guest68185tatertos when i run wifite my wifi icon disapers and i have to restar my computer to get it on again12:26
computer1people anyone knows how to use xmgrace? how can i draw a scatter plot?12:26
iamkiranmcphail: mysql -u root --password='1234@Ktm'12:27
iamkiranmysql: [Warning] Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.12:27
iamkiranERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)12:27
minimectrijntje_: Hmmm... You need some help from a 'master' here on #ubuntu. I think it's worth to investigate, because 'upgrade leading to a broken package system' is heavy. I mean it's the nightmare situation...12:28
=== waxhead is now known as wackshead
trijntje_minimec: So far, I've only had a 33% success rate with upgrading14.04 to 16.04 :)12:29
mcphailiamkiran: ok, you're going to have to check the logs or your config. My guess is you've either set up the wrong password or you've configureed mysql in such a way as to deny logins12:29
=== wackshead is now known as IonTau
iamkiranmcphail: ok, I really appreaciate your help. Thnx12:30
tatertotsi'm back12:30
tatertotsGuest do you have a particular guide you are following?12:31
minimectrijntje_: Yeah... I hear bad about 16.04 upgrades. I did a fresh install and did not touch any 14.04 installations for upgrade unitl now.12:32
minimec@all we need some help by a 'package system master'. We have 14.04-16.04 upgrade situation where python is still on the 14.04 trusty version and breaks the package system. trijntje_ and me would be happy to get a hint.12:33
computer1people anyone knows how to use xmgrace? how can i draw a scatter plot?12:33
mcphailiamkiran: you can try resetting the root password, if you wish12:33
trijntje_minimec: this time ligthdm crashed during the upgrade, I think thats why the upgrade halted half way and why it is in such a weird state12:33
trijntje_minimec: more people should do iso image testing12:33
iamkiranmcphail: I will try to reset password.12:34
minimectrijntje_: more people should do 'do-release-upgrade' testing...12:34
mcphailiamkiran: you need to shut down the mysql daemon then run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-whateveryourversionnumbermaybe"12:34
acovrigI have a fresh install of 16.04 server and get nothing on the display on boot unless I remove $vt_handoff from grub on boot, what is a good permanent solution for this? /etc/grub.d/10_linux?12:35
computer1people anyone knows how to use xmgrace? how can i draw a scatter plot?12:38
=== minerva is now known as Guest57443
iamkiranmcphail: I recofigure, but after then when I try to login, it denied.12:39
Guest57443hi, i'm trying to upgrade from ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04. if in the software updater i select 'notify for any new version' i get a suggestion to upgrade to 15.10, if i select 'LTS only' no option is proposed.12:40
Guest57443is there a way to upgrade directly to 16.04 ?12:41
k1l!ltsupgrade | Guest5744312:41
ubottuGuest57443: Users of 14.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 16.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for July 21st.12:41
MyrttiGuest57443: wait a few more days, profit.12:41
k1lyour only chance is to use the developer upgrade path if you want it now.12:41
sacarlson2iamkiran: I think I found what was missing to recover root password here: https://www.howtoforge.com/setting-changing-resetting-mysql-root-passwords12:41
mcphailiamkiran: well, you're getting well beyond my knowledge (or memory...) I'm afraid. I'd guess something is wrong in your configuration, but I don't know how to proceed from here. Rememebr to check the mysql logs under /var/log, where you may get a hint. I think you're going to have to ask in a mysql channel12:41
Guest68185thank you tatertots il keep looking and trying12:41
mcphailiamkiran: what was the exact command you entered for dpkg-reconfigure, by the way?12:42
sacarlson2iamkiran: it requires shutting down mysql server then bringing up in safe mode with: mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables,  I haven't tested it but sounds it should work see link for details12:43
iamkiranmcphail: sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server12:43
sacarlson2iamkiran: that might also work12:43
sacarlson2iamkiran: and maybe an easier solution that what I just sent you12:44
iamkiransacarkson2: I tried before, It no password column availble.12:44
mcphailiamkiran: no, you need mysql-server-numericalversionnumber to work12:44
mcphailiamkiran: type "sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-" then press "tab" to see the options12:45
sacarlson2mcphail: oh tab that might be what iamkiran was missing12:46
mcphailiamkiran: if you select the correct thing, you will get a prompt to set up a password12:46
iamkiranmcphail: sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.712:47
iamkiranAppArmor parser error for /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld in /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld at line 9: Could not open 'abstractions/mysql'12:47
iamkiranChecking if update is needed.12:47
iamkiranThis installation of MySQL is already upgraded to 5.7.12, use --force if you still need to run mysql_upgrade12:47
computer1people anyone knows how to use xmgrace? how can i draw a scatter plot?12:47
iamkiranmcphail: But still seems no working12:48
sacarlson2iamkiran: so did you say you already tried this: mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables  with precursor of the above link?12:49
k1lcomputer1: i guess the project got a howto or other documentation on their website12:49
sacarlson2iamkiran: that is suposed to bring up mysql with no password for root12:50
iamkiransacarlson2: ya, I already tried that one.12:50
iamkiransacarlson2: ya but the problem come when setting new password for root user.12:50
sacarlson2iamkiran: but at that time your using wird caricters12:51
mcphailiamkiran: this time, I am completely out of ideas ;)12:51
computer1k1l: i cannot find it, and i cannot find anything related to a scatter plot. been at it for 2 hours12:51
iamkiranmcphail: ok, no problem.12:52
k1lcomputer1: http://plasma-gate.weizmann.ac.il/Grace/doc/UsersGuide.html12:52
sacarlson2mcphail: what do you think of the mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables  idea?12:52
ioria!info grace12:52
ubottugrace (source: grace): XY graphing and plotting tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:5.1.25-1build2 (xenial), package size 1291 kB, installed size 4033 kB12:52
iamkiranmcphail: I really appreaciate your help.12:52
sacarlson2mcphail: at this point he can't even login as root12:52
mcphailsacarlson2: I'm afraid I don't knwo anything about that12:52
mcphailsacarlson2: the dpkg-reconfigure thing always let me change root password in the past12:52
sacarlson2nor do I just read the google link12:53
mcphailiamkiran: good luck12:53
iamkiranmcphail: thnx12:53
mcphailsacarlson2: I'm always reticent to recommend anything I haven't tried myself12:53
computer1k1l: i don't get it, they wrote scatter or line plot, are they assuming it is the same thing?12:53
sacarlson2mcphail: oh ok ya I think it's always worked for me too.  maybe a change in 16.0412:53
b3h3m0thwhat is the procedure for installing docker on ubuntu 16.04 Server12:53
sacarlson2mcphail: ya and in this case It would require I bring down my site just to test it and I don't want to do that12:54
k1lcomputer1: its just how the data is printed into the plot.12:54
iamkiransacarlson2: Thnx man, i really appreciate your help. I have to go now.12:55
computer1k1l: i have a data set that i want to plot as just dots, no lines12:55
computer1k1l: like this https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/af/Scatter_diagram_for_quality_characteristic_XXX.svg/250px-Scatter_diagram_for_quality_characteristic_XXX.svg.png12:55
ducassetrijntje_: still no luck? sorry, i've been afk.12:57
trijntje_ducasse: no luck. And I dont think I've ever even installed something from outside the repo on this system12:58
ducassetrijntje_: can you pastebin the output from a dist-upgrade for example? i'd like a closer look.12:59
trijntje_ducasse: I dont have pastebinit, and I cant install it due to the dependency problem13:02
ducassetrijntje_: oh, what fun :) ok, what did the manual install of python say?13:03
trijntje_ducasse:$sudo apt-get dist-upgrade The following packages have unment dependencies:13:03
trijntje_python: Depends: python-minimal (=2.7.5-5ubuntu3 but 2.7.11-1 is installed13:03
trijntje_ducasse: maybe I should install the lower version of python minimal to try to resume the upgrade?13:05
ducassetrijntje_: i'm not sure, looks like the upgrade left your system in a seriously broken state. you might want to consider if a fresh install is simply faster.13:06
trijntje_ducasse: ducasse yeah, I'm running a backup of home now as well. dpkg -i older-python did resolve that dependecy issue, 7 more to go13:07
trijntje_hmm, the rest of the errors are for dependencies that are not installable13:07
ducassetrijntje_: you can keep manually installing packages, but that might simply reveal more problems.13:08
ducassetrijntje_: i'm not sure you would end up with a consistent system in less time than a reinstall would take.13:09
trijntje_ducasse: you're probably right, I'll just mess about untill the backup is done and reinstall anyways13:10
trijntje_cant wait for snap packages ;)13:10
ducassetrijntje_: you can use 'nc termbin.com 9999' instead of pastebinit so i can take a look, though.13:10
trijntje_ducasse: I installed python-minimal2.7.5, used apt-mark to put it on hold, and ran sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, and its still running. So who knows13:13
trijntje_minimec: ^^ fingers crossed13:13
ducassetrijntje_: well, hope for the best :)13:13
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ShotokanZHhi evryone13:15
ShotokanZHi installed i3 today (apt install i3) and tested it in xubuntu 16.0413:16
ShotokanZHdecided i didn't like it and went back to xfce13:16
minimectrijntje_: ducasse: Yeah... fingers crossed... By the way. I have to note down that 'nc termbin.com 9999' command. It could 'save lifes'...13:17
computer1k1l: like this https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/af/Scatter_diagram_for_quality_characteristic_XXX.svg/250px-Scatter_diagram_for_quality_characteristic_XXX.svg.png13:17
testwifite help plz13:17
ShotokanZHnow the sound indicator (the bar that appears when you raise-lower the volume) it's missing, and in it's place i now have a blue bar with written in: "Volume is at 10%"13:17
=== test is now known as Guest45413
=== Guest45413 is now known as phil
ducassetrijntje_: yes, nc is installed by default. is it still running?13:18
=== phil is now known as phil1985
ShotokanZHphil, you should ask in #kalilinux or something like that13:18
phil1985any one had wfite working13:18
ShotokanZHphil1985, you need to have aircrack installed and working, and just launch wifite13:19
phil1985thank you13:19
trijntje_ducasse: yep, X crashed during the original upgrade, and I have no idea how far it got before that happened13:19
computer1k1l_: i can't beleive it, i cannot find any information about a scatter plot in xmgrace, anywhere!! do you recommend a better program?13:20
phil1985installing aircrack now13:20
louis_I'm running Xubuntu 14.04 and recently, my software updater fails to download the 112mb of updates I have to install. Is there any way to update my distro version through the terminal?13:20
ducassetrijntje_: ouch. too bad the upgrade doesn't run in a screen session if you're not connected via ssh. run it in screen/tmux next time :)13:21
=== o is now known as Guest39238
trijntje_ducasse: yeah, I'll remember that. I guess it's just bad luck, I know I used to just play shooters while doing a dist upgrade without any problems. ubuntu ftw ;)13:22
ducasselouis_: 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'13:22
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ronalubuntu en español?13:24
ducassetrijntje_: these things happen, let's just hope you can fix it.13:24
ducasse!es | ronal13:24
ubotturonal: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.13:24
Picironal: escribe /join #ubuntu-es13:24
ronalListo, gracias!13:25
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=== DiHydrogenMonoxi is now known as irinix
ronalnadie responde en ubuntu-es13:40
ronalotra de habla hispana o latinoamericana?13:40
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jellyhi, do the webupd8 people have an irc channel someplace?  I think their apt repo is misconfigured, no "NotAutomatic: yes" in Release makes Update Manager try to upgrade all the packages it can from there13:46
jellythis was observed on a xenial amd64 system.13:46
mchelen2jelly: probably best to contact via email or twitter13:47
kyle__How do you get network-manager NOT to try and connect to wifi on the login window?13:56
master3testing 10113:59
kyle__master3: what about testing?13:59
master3my connection @kyle14:00
yossarianukkyle__: go to the profile14:00
ducassekyle__: 'nmcli set wlan0 autoconnect no' maybe?14:01
yossarianukkyle__: in tab 'general configuration' un-select  'automatically connect to this netowrk'14:01
=== Guest73831 is now known as med_
=== any is now known as Guest70928
yossarianuk(my way was via the gui rather than cli)14:01
ducasseyossarianuk: that will only work for that particular network14:02
kyle__yossarianuk: A) this is the login window, there is no profile there.  B) there are open aps close to me that crop up and disappear all the time.  That would require me doing that every morning for whatever ones are new.14:02
ducassekyle__: did you try my suggestion?14:03
kyle__ducasse: Must be a version differece.  It's complinianing about the syntax.14:04
x-fakhttps://bpaste.net/show/ffd514d026cc <-why sometimes updates needs to reboot and ask for it?14:05
master3hi x-fak14:05
ducassekyle__: should be 'nmcli device set....', sorry14:05
kyle__x-fak: Because sometimes they are kernel-level, or base library level, and sometimes they aren't.14:05
x-fakcan i get any more detail about the reason why i should reboot? Which update etc?14:05
ducassekyle__: (i don't use nm, just reading the docs)14:06
x-fakkyle__ ok14:06
yossarianukx-fak: normally it would be a kernel/glibc/nvidia-driver update14:06
x-fakyossarianuk , ok is there a way to know which update requires it on the command line?14:08
ducassex-fak: look at /var/run/reboot-required.pkgs14:08
yossarianukx-fak: good question - i'm unsure14:09
ronaljoin #ubuntu-ve14:09
ronaljoin #ubuntu-ar14:09
ronaljoin #ubuntu-es14:09
ducasseronal: try /join ...14:09
=== leon is now known as Guest33739
x-fakducasse , thanks, on my system it's "network-manager"14:10
ronalyae ducasse ////////14:10
ducassex-fak: in that case you could probably just restart that, but normally i would recommend rebooting when the system asks you to.14:11
kyle__Ugh.  NetworkManager was such a horrible idea.14:12
x-fakkyle__ , what do you mean?14:13
=== Guest33739 is now known as leon_
kyle__Thanks ducasse and yossarianuk!  I can't actually modify the connections (with my level of skill with nmcli), but I can at least delete them.14:13
kyle__x-fak: It's massively overcomplicated for no good reason.  Complications that arrise organically are one thing, they're good even. but complications in software that are just-because tend to be horrible.14:14
ducassekyle__: you could try wicd?14:14
kyle__Managing all of your network settings in dbus and storing them in a DB are NOT good ideas.14:14
x-faknetwork-manager is it a GUI application? Because i'm on a server14:14
kyle__ducasse: I do that on my debian and other boxes.  I may start on this one.  I was trying to keep it pretty much stock since this is the one I use for work.14:14
x-faki'll just remove this dumb application then14:15
ducassekyle__: yes, but nm is ritually unclean.14:15
ducasse(i shouldn't have said that, apologies)14:15
kyle__x-fak: It's got two halves.  A back-end that you can somewhat configure using their command, and a front-end GUI.  All of the graphical/desktop variants of ubuntu, and Fedora for that matter, use it for GUI integration/ease-of-use14:16
kyle__ducasse: Yeah.14:16
kyle__x-fak: Don't remove it until you've really delved deep into the networking & why you would want it or not.  It's fun to willy-nilly change things, but if the box is for work... things can get dicey really quickly.14:16
x-fakkyle__ i guess i dont need this at all if i'm using this ubuntu as a server?14:17
kyle__x-fak: That's generally my opinon, but change things at your own risk.  Also, if you're on wireless, get comfortable with a non-network-manager /etc/network/interfaces.d/ config before removing it.14:18
x-fakkyle__ i'm on wired ethernet on this server14:19
kyle__Mkay.  THen you're probably fine removing it.14:19
x-fakkyle__ ok the config of thet network is done by flat config file into /etc/network/interfaces.d/14:20
kyle__x-fak: On server I don't believe it even activates/turns on unless you install some specific meta-packages.14:20
kyle__master3: Use a forward slash, not a #.  /quit14:20
x-fakkyle__ i've installed some bullshit package for window manager, because i've tried to use interactive logon on this machine14:21
ducassex-fak: if an interface is managed by /e/n/i, then nm doesn't touch it unless explicitly told to.14:21
kyle__x-fak: Ahh.  THen maybe.14:21
trijntje_ducasse: sudo apt-get check gives no errors, I'm going to try to un-pin python-minimal and update that one as well14:23
x-fakducasse , touch what? what is  /e/n/i ?14:24
Picix-fak: /etc/network/interfaces14:24
ducassetrijntje_: wow! \o/ :)14:25
x-fakPici oh, ok14:27
trijntje_ducasse, minimec : I've got my GUI back after a reboot. In the end, I had to download the old version of python-minimal, pin it using apt-mark hold, resume the upgrade, and then un-hold python-minimal and upgrade again ;)14:32
trijntje_thanks for your help14:32
minimectrijntje_: nice ;)14:32
ducassetrijntje_: great! glad you fixed it :)14:33
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Laurencebhi, how do I fix this bluetooth error?14:41
Laurenceb Can't create RFCOMM TTY: Address already in use14:41
asgharpoloi am from iran and i cant download http://dl-ssl.google.com/android/repository/sysimg_x86_64-23_r03.zip with tor too, can you help me>14:48
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
ioriaasgharpolo,     http://mirrors.neusoft.edu.cn/android/repository/sys-img/android/14:51
srulihow can i login with tty but NOT mount ecryptfs?14:56
rach24pycan some one recommend a good ubuntu server hosting  service?15:00
bumblefuzzhi, I'm looking for an Ubuntu minimal ISO that isn't a netinstall. The ~40MB iso I've been able to find requires an internet connection to install. Is there an available Ubuntu ISO that has the absolute minimum number of packages installed?15:02
OerHeksbumblefuzz, no.15:03
OerHeksthe smallest iso needs a dvd or 2 gb usb15:03
LJHSLDJHSDLJHI don't know why on ubuntu my wireless connection fails and wireless card fails to detect the wireless network although it's confirmed available by other connected devices! sometimes it returns to normal using nmcli networking off|on , other times I have to restart the PC15:13
sarkissounds like driver issue15:14
davido_you have to restart the pc? Or can you just restart the network-manager service?15:14
LJHSLDJHSDLJHI've logged lspci and dmesg before and after restart and both are identical15:14
LJHSLDJHSDLJHlsmod is different but I'm not sure what is what15:14
alexarnaudDear all, I'm a blind person and I want to synchronize my iPhone with a Linux computer. Does someone of you have experience about that ?15:16
alexarnaudI've tried with Ubuntu 16.04 but the only result I have obtained was "The location could not be displayed" (in nautilus)15:16
ducassebumblefuzz: try the server image, but it depends on what your definition of 'minimal' is.15:17
ducassebumblefuzz: it will fit on a cd, though.15:18
tatertotsDear alexarnaud, by synchronize do you mean sync in the same context as apple does in the following article https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT20459915:18
xanguaalexarnaud: sync in what sense? You can get files and send, probably sync your music at most, Apple just doesn't like to get along15:19
alexarnaudtatertots, xanguaI meen syn photos, music and videos15:19
alexarnaud* I mean sync photos, videos and musics15:20
ducassealexarnaud: i don't think that is doable.15:20
alexarnaudducasse: It seems that it was or it is : http://www.libimobiledevice.org/15:21
ducassealexarnaud: maybe music, but i doubt videos and photos. ios is very closed. libimobiledevice breaks often when ios is upgraded.15:21
tatertotsDear alexarnaud that would be 'Photos synced from a computer*' which is the 4th media type from the top on the article https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT20459915:21
xanguaalexarnaud: Ubuntu already comes with libimobiledevice, since 10.04, and every major iOS update it will break15:22
ducassealexarnaud: in practise it doesn't work well. i gave away my ipad and bought an android device, which works much better.15:22
alexarnaudxangua: As I understand the avaiable release on 16.04 should again support iOs 9.315:23
tatertotsDear alexarnaud the type of sync you are wanting to do requires your iphone and itunes15:23
tatertotsthis type of sync requires you stay in apples ecosphere...software ecosphere15:24
xanguaalexarnaud: and support should break again with an iOS update, it's been like that since 201015:24
alexarnaudducasse: hmm, it seems you are right but it's not for me, it's for other users. Lots of blind persons have an iPhone because is better accessible for them than an Android device.15:24
ducassealexarnaud: all i'm saying is that you will quickly become frustrated with it, as it doesn't work well for long.15:25
tatertotsonce you leave apple's software ecosphere things don't work the convenient, cute, fun, and easy way they are intended and designed by apple to work, outside of their software ecosphere15:25
ducassealexarnaud: sorry, but that's just the truth.15:25
=== aaron is now known as Guest65680
tatertotsif you want convenient, cute, fun and easy it's best to stay inside of apples software ecosphere15:26
alexarnaudducasse: OK, I think it's more safe for an iPhone user to stay on Windows.15:26
ducassealexarnaud: it will be _hell_ for an inexperienced user, imo, as they will frequently face long, opaque error messages when it worked yesterday.15:27
=== Guest65680 is now known as ahoneybun
tatertotsmaybe one day apple will make a official itunes for Linux...........hahahaha...that has as about the same odds of happening as winning the lotto15:29
xanguaBetter odds at lottery15:29
tatertotsi got a little laugh out of even typing that15:30
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=== pkennedy_ is now known as pkennedy
jsteinHi, I wanted to upgrade an ubuntu system with separate partitions for / and /home. The old system had onle one user (id=1000) alice. I reinstalled from boot dvd, formatted / and defined the /home mountpoint in the menu. I have added a new user bob who got user ID 1001. I changed userid's in the passwd file and did an chmod bob:bob on bobs home and bobs ecrypt folder, same for alice. Now I can login as bob, but alice can not decrypt her old ecrypt15:34
jsteinWhat are the right user rights for /home/.ecryptfs ?15:34
hermeshi ppl15:34
tatertotsjstein was it your intention to make it difficult for alice to get to her files/folders ?15:37
jsteintatertots: of course not. Afterwards I see things did not work as expected...15:40
jsteinI do not understand, why the system can mount bob 's home automatic, but not alice 's15:40
kyle__jstein: Probably eve.15:41
kyle__Or maybe Mal is involved.15:41
hermescan I remove windows10 from a laptop and install ubuntu permanently?15:43
nv_Hi. Anyone know how why I can boot gparted 64bit live cd, but I am unable to boot Ubuntu64bit made with unetbootin? I had windows 10 installed on a new pc, I of course deleted the partition and now have a tough time installing my lovely ubuntu. Thanks.15:44
ProficientWombatYes, you can, hermes. What version of Ubuntu do you plan on installing?15:44
ProficientWombatnv_, is it throwing up any errors?15:45
nv_The latest stable version 64bit.15:45
ProficientWombatIs it displaying any errors, nv_?15:46
anonymoshelp me15:46
nv_It just says no bootable cd, except when I use gparted.  I downloaded the iso several times and it works on my other pc. THis new one had uefi not old bios. I suspect I messed up something there.15:47
akash_Hey folks15:47
nv_Thanks anonymos15:47
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GuidovanPossumhi, just checking I thought today was the release of the LTS update from 14.04 -> 16.04 since it's 3 months after the April 19th launch?15:47
PiciGuidovanPossum: its the 21st15:48
GuidovanPossumok thanks!15:48
PiciGuidovanPossum: also, nice nick.15:48
ProficientWombatnv_, perhaps it was a problem with unetbootin. maybe you could try re-installing it?15:48
=== hermes is now known as zamanf
anonymossalut terminal ubunt apt-update15:49
akash_I  tried to update my linux distro using apt-get update. But it is showing some error that - failed to get files, ignored files15:49
=== precise|caffeine is now known as precise
=== carecicles is now known as ebola-colacicles
nv_I will try it a few more times. I have done it a couple of times, with both gparted and ubuntu, but only gparted works every time.15:49
akash_Also issue with mysql, not getting installed due to it15:50
ProficientWombat@nv_ Oh okay, I see. Alright, well best of luck to ya, then15:50
nv_Thank you.15:50
anonymoscisco 90915:52
bumblefuzzwhat packages are in the ubuntu server install that aren't in an ubuntu desktop install?15:52
deependhey having trouble enabling a fourth monitor?15:53
deependtwo graphics cards, four plugged in15:53
deependcan only get three to work at a time15:53
anonymosje suis la pour15:54
ProficientWombat@deepend what is the 4th monitor doing?15:54
Pici!fr| anonymos15:54
ubottuanonymos: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:54
deependProficientWombat: blank/black. when i try to enable it fails to apply config15:54
anonymosremoved icloud bypass15:54
ProficientWombatdeepend: open the Terminal and run xrandr. what does it output?15:55
OerHeksbumblefuzz, the package tasksel i guess, that starts the text installer for server apps15:55
Picibumblefuzz: not much.15:55
deependProficientWombat: just without any args?15:55
bumblefuzzPici there's a package called not much?15:55
ProficientWombatdeepend: yup, it should list all the connected monitors15:56
ProficientWombatdeepend: unless I'm wrong. :P15:56
Picibumblefuzz: This is from a 14.04 server, but: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20050506/  , thats a comparison of the server and ubuntu-desktop tasks.15:56
deependk, lemme give that a shot. thanks ProficientWombat15:56
fugtodi am connected to the wifi but not the internet. google doesn't load in firefox. what can i try?15:56
ProficientWombatyup, no problem15:56
Picibumblefuzz: so that doesn't include picking lamp-server or email-server at server install.15:56
Picibumblefuzz: it was a diff of tasksel --task-packages ubuntu-desktop and tasksel --task-packages server15:57
deependProficientWombat: https://bpaste.net/show/5b0bf647a7a815:58
deependlooks like it says disconnected?15:58
bumblefuzzPici great, so are any of those tasks essential after install?15:59
bumblefuzzin other words, can I safely remove them from a server install?15:59
bumblefuzzand then install ubuntu desktop to make it a seamless server > desktop transition?15:59
Picibumblefuzz: The other tasks in tasksel? Only if you intend to continue running a web/email server, etc.  (also don't uninstall tasks, use apt directly)16:01
Picibumblefuzz: and these packages I listed are all small and unintrusive, I wouldn't bother removing them from an install if I was trying to turn it into a desktop.16:01
fugtodis anyone going to help me16:01
deependfugtod: this is the internet?16:02
ProficientWombatdeepend: hm, I'm not sure. Here are some links that may help, though: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30677684/ubuntu-xrandr-shows-hdmi-output-as-disconnected-when-it-is-connected16:03
deependI haven't installed nvidia drivers yet, wonder if that would make a difference?16:03
ProficientWombatdeepend: Ah yes, it very well may.16:04
deependi'll give that a try16:04
ProficientWombatok, hope it works!16:04
fugtodon my other device, deepend16:04
fugtodasus chromebox running ubuntu 14.04 lts16:04
deependfugtod: and you're on the same network?16:04
ProficientWombatsorry I wasn't more help, @deepend, haha16:04
deependno worries ProficientWombat16:04
deependcan you ping ?16:05
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=== iriix is now known as irinix
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meshuggah_is ubuntu lacking privacy support?16:09
=== security is now known as precise
Picimeshuggah_: in what context?16:10
meshuggah_dunno i go to the settings, there is security^privacy with everything set to enabled by default16:10
niko988I have a server with a static IP and a TLD. For my home network i always used DynDns (now dyn.com) with my Router to update there another TLD with my dynamic IP. So if I understood everything right DynDns is a normal DNS-Server with the ability to change the destination IP Adress of the Domain (or Subdomain)... Is it possible (or does it makes sence) to run a "dyndns-Server Script" on my own16:10
niko988Ubuntu machine? I don't want to have two seperate domains, and DynDns is a little bit expensive...16:10
meshuggah_and not long ago there was a scandal about ubuntu spying us and putting ads about what we do16:10
meshuggah_did that changed?16:10
k1lmeshuggah_: as you already said you can set the settings to your needs.16:11
=== precise is now known as topic
meshuggah_k1l, yeah, but 90% of people wont check this, as ubuntu is made for new people trying linux16:11
=== topic is now known as precise
OerHeksmeshuggah_, 90% is what you think16:12
OerHeksbut that is oke :-)16:12
meshuggah_OerHeks, why would veteran use ubuntu?16:13
k1lmeshuggah_: this is a technical support channel. do you have any technical support issue?16:13
meshuggah_btw, i installed it, dont take me wrong16:13
meshuggah_k1l, i got unity installed, i hate it, how do i change it for a real desktop environment?16:14
meshuggah_i cant even find the system settings16:14
meshuggah_they tried so much to make it easier, it is barely useable16:14
ducassemeshuggah_: you can drop the attitude if you want help. which desktop do you want?16:14
k1lmeshuggah_: ubuntu ships a lot of other desktop enviroments. just install one you like, logout and choose the other desktop on login page. no need to make a drama out of it16:14
meshuggah_i would like a list16:15
meshuggah_i like to try new things16:15
meshuggah_yeah, maybe gnome3, to see how it progressed16:15
k1lapt search desktop16:15
meshuggah_great, thank you16:16
meshuggah_it is only apt, not apt-get?16:16
Picik1l: thats a ridiculously long and mostly irrelevent list.16:16
k1lyeah. meshuggah_ can search for "desktop environment" which will shorten it a bit. but i think he will figure out how to use the search16:17
meshuggah_last time i used ubuntu, it was 8.10 version, things changed a bit :)16:17
tominatorHello All, quick question about Kernals, can I install a 32bit kernal on a 64 bit linux distro for backwards compatibility?16:18
asdf-i screwed up a partition table, ran out of space on the disk and created an image of the partition with dd and backed up the image.... what is the best way to recover the files?16:18
xanguameshuggah_: no, backward compatibility of what?16:18
Picimeshuggah_: this looks relevant fwiw: http://alternativeto.net/software/unity-1/?platform=linux16:18
k1ltominator: for what exactly? ubuntu is multiarch16:19
meshuggah_xangua, i dont understand what you mean with backward compatibility16:19
meshuggah_pici, thank i am checking it right now16:19
tominatorWell, I have linux on a little harddrive that I put from computer to computer when needed, and I was wondering if I can use it on a 32bit computer16:19
meshuggah_tominator, is it a 32 bits or 64 bits lunix?16:20
tominator64 bit16:20
tominatorI know normally that It is not backwards compatible16:21
k1ltominator: you cant switch the architetcure with an install like that16:21
k1ltominator: and what specific is 32bit only on your hardware?16:21
meshuggah_i may try LXQt, or lxde or gnome3, why not all 316:21
ducassetominator: a 32-bit install will run on a 64-bit machine, but not the other way around.16:22
mustmodifyI was just reading the documentation for NTP. If I sudo apt-get install ntp, do I need to set up a cron job to execute it? My impression is that I don't need to do anything... that it will automagically keep the clock in sync.16:22
tominatorThat's what I thought, I was just wondering if a different kernal might change that16:22
xanguatominator: no, you can't use a 64 bit OS on 32 bit only hardware16:22
ducassetominator: a 32-bit kernel (not kernal) won't run 64-bit binaries.16:23
meshuggah_am i right to think ubuntu doesnt install proprietary nvidia driver by default?16:24
k1lmeshuggah_: yes16:25
tominatorAlrighty, cool. Thank you for the help16:25
meshuggah_the one who wanted to rescue data, i would try with testdisk16:25
meshuggah_a bit complicated but works well16:25
tominatorHah, I just threw Lubuntu onto an old mac XD16:26
ducassemustmodify: you don't need to do anything, no. it runs when installed.16:26
tominatorOh, last question, can i set an iso image as an option for linux boot? The same way that memtest or the various version are installed16:27
mustmodifyducasse: thanks for the confirmation.16:27
meshuggah_i think you can, but how i dunno, tominator16:27
k1ltominator: grub can boot isos. yes16:27
meshuggah_i return at work, thank everyone for your helps16:28
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tominatoralrighty, I'll do some googling16:28
meshuggah_oh, if i let ubuntu opened but me afk, will screen lock in like 5 minutes?16:28
OerHeks !isoboot16:28
tominatorAwesome, thanks16:28
asgharpolohello shit guys16:29
meshuggah_meshuggah_, after 5 minutes by default16:29
meshuggah_bye bye virtual people16:30
asgharpoloi got http://mirrors.neusoft.edu.cn/android/repository/sys-img/android/sysimg_x86_64-23_r08.zip from you guys and i lost my bandwidth16:31
asgharpolowhats going on ?16:31
k1lasgharpolo: this is the ubuntu support channel. not the android one16:32
asgharpoloi live at iran i am going to download this link (https://dl.google.com/service/prod_unavailable.html) can someone put this link for me in a mirror please?16:33
ducasseasgharpolo: Not Our Problem™16:34
k1l!ot | asgharpolo16:34
ubottuasgharpolo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:34
asgharpoloare you a human also or not?16:34
Piciasgharpolo: consider asking #android for mirrors16:35
k1lasgharpolo: its enough now. you insulted the users when entering this channel. than only talk offtopic. no need to make any more drama now16:35
=== asgharpolo is now known as linuxlove
bhaveshany idea how can I get vHost for freenode to hide my IP?16:36
tonyyarusso!cloak | bhavesh16:37
ubottubhavesh: cloak is To get any kind of cloak (Ubuntu member or any other kind) you first need to set up your nick as detailed in this FAQ: http://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration - For Ubuntu member cloaks, ask in #ubuntu-irc and provide your laundpad page. For unaffiliated ones, ask in #freenode.16:37
bhaveshthanks tonyyarusso16:37
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dracutsUpdating an old Ubuntu server via 'dpkg -i linux-headers-3.19.8* linux-image-3.19.8*' - The thing that bothers ,e is that it automatically generates a new grub.cnf with the new kernel. How can I skip that step? I want grub.cnf untouched16:49
naccdracuts: so you want to install a new kernel but don't want it to be listed in grub?16:53
naccdracuts: also, why are you updateing an old server via dpkg?16:54
dracutsnacc: yes and seems easier to get exactly what I want16:55
tgm4883dracuts: out of curiosity, why don't you want it to touch grub.cnf?16:55
naccdracuts: well, the packages (linux-image in particular) will regenerate grub.cfg; I guess you could pass --no-triggers to dpkg, but that seems awfully risky if you don't know what you're doing.16:56
tgm4883I'd bet there is a better way to accomplish what he's trying to do16:56
dracutsnacc: what's my alternatives to install it? I need the kernel installed and that's it16:57
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
naccdracuts: why do you need the kernel installed if you're not going to boot to it?16:57
naccdracuts: sorry, just trying to get context16:57
dracutsnacc: This is a customer's server, we will boot it but want to see if certain modules are in it. It's basically a machine for testing16:58
naccdracuts: use apt-file ?16:59
naccdracuts: rahter than installing it16:59
naccdracuts: or if you have the .deb, i think you can list its contents16:59
dracutsnacc: I also want to 'dracut' out of it and make a new initrd17:00
dracutsnacc: let me try no-triggers17:00
naccdracuts: well, you can always make a new initrd after you install the package17:01
naccdracuts: also, dracut is a ... fedora-ism?17:01
mustmodifyany big preferences between using UFW vs the IPtables interface? My understanding is that UFW is just a simpler interface for iptables... but I'm doing some port forwarding and that line seems blurry.17:01
ducassemustmodify: ufw is just a frontend, if you want to do more complicated stuff but still want a frontend, look at ferm.17:02
=== root is now known as Guest94060
dracutsnacc: mkinird is dracut, and I want to make a new initrd, that's why I installed it, but I don't want it to boot to it automatically17:03
naccdracuts: ubuntu uses mkinitramfs (iirc) and/or update-initramfs. But in any case, installing a kernel, on a well-configured host (which it seems like you want) wouldn't change the default kernel (unless you left it at the default grub settings)17:04
dracutsnacc: If /etc/default/grub DEFAULT option != 0 ..17:06
naccdracuts: if you've already edited /etc/default/grub, you could either make it 'saved' and use that feature, or update that saved index17:08
lapideviridiIf I'd want to check weather the Lenovo Ideapad 100S 14" is compatible with ubuntu or not, sould I have to check all of the hardware components induvidually?17:15
dracutsnacc: --no-triggers does not work. menu.1st (old ubuntu) is still changed17:15
naccdracuts: how old is old in this case?17:16
dracutsubuntu 12.04.04 lts17:16
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zh1anything better then bleachbit on ubuntu?17:19
naccdracuts: hrm, it is supposed to not run the triggers; sorry not sure what else to suggest17:21
d3ad7rackhi all17:21
k1lzh1: why need bleachbit at all?17:21
k1lzh1: such "cleaners" are known to remove wrong files and make systems unusable.17:22
d3ad7rackgot a little bit of an issue that I'm not sure what caused it.... I did a fresh install of 16.04 and LAMP; now when I go to localhost to test out the connection I am getting a wifi-lock login screen. Anyone else had something similar happen?17:22
zh1k1l, yep, but my friend only knows how to use GUI stuff17:22
k1lzh1: so what does he want to do?17:23
zh1k1l, system clean on any junk ubuntu can have17:23
ducassezh1: he needs to understand the system to do that properly.17:23
k1li know people are trained by using windows for the need to clean their systems. but that is not an issue on ubuntu. is there a special issue?17:24
zh1for example duplicates17:24
zh1temp files17:24
tgm4883zh1: duplicates of what?17:24
zh1any duplicate files17:24
tgm4883zh1: this all seems like windows nonsense17:25
zh1most of the times can download stuff twice or more17:25
tgm4883zh1: I'm sure there is an app that will scan your home directory and find duplicates, but I'm not aware of it's name17:27
zh1tgm4883, fdupes yes17:27
ikoniawhy would there be duplicate files17:27
ducassei know rdfind can, but not any gui tools17:27
k1lbut there was a gui one too17:28
k1lfslint iirc17:28
ikoniawhy would there be "a mess" left by ubuntu17:28
tgm4883ikonia: welcome to the discussion ;)17:28
ducasseikonia: i think he means by the user :)17:28
k1lbut i see it as a witchhunt. but the users are trained to do that by windows.17:29
ikoniaif you can't clean up after yourself, how can you trust an app to do it blindly17:30
zh1ikonia, my friend can mess any pc17:31
ikoniaok - so using an application blindly to fix that will most likley cause problems17:31
ikoniamore so if it's him running it17:31
tgm4883zh1: TBF, downloading something multiple times won't mess up a PC17:31
ikoniajust clear the downloads directory17:31
zh1tgm4883, but wastes space17:31
tgm4883zh1: honestly, so?17:32
ralarXwhen I play audio with audacious, sometimes the playback gets stuck in some short piece that it repeats endlessly. When I then hit the mouse a little bit,it plays normally?17:32
OerHekszh1, so your issue is your friend, not ubuntu?17:32
tgm4883zh1: I mean, if it's really an issue, you could easily script something to check a few directories for duplicates17:32
OerHeksgive him a guest account :-)17:33
tgm4883Or just stick "fdupes -A -r -d -N ~/" in a cron job17:35
tgm4883could add a -q in there to hide the output17:36
zamanflive version?17:40
zamanfis there a live version?17:41
ducassezamanf: just choose 'try ubuntu' when booting the installer17:41
zh1OerHeks, at a certain level yes17:42
matzieLooking for help with ubuntu-fan networking, anyone familiar?17:42
MonkeyDustmatzie  ask your question and wait17:42
matziewhen create a fan network with fanctl <opts> - - dhcp , is there any way to pass extra args to the dnsmasq instance that is launched?17:43
=== Trystam is now known as Tristam
ducassematzie: you might have better luck in #ubuntu-server17:45
aliens_checker ?17:45
zh1tgm4883, -A and -N, what would they doo, cant seen them listed here on man17:45
matzie@ducasse cheers17:45
zh1tgm4883, just -A, found -N17:46
tgm4883run fdupes with -h and it will tell yu17:46
tgm4883zh1: if I was going to cron that for someone, I'd probably limit it to the ~/Downloads folder17:46
zh1tgm4883, ok17:46
tgm4883but ~/ should* be fine with those flags17:46
OerHeksaliens_, is that an ubuntu support question?17:47
timypwhat does the output of my bash script show ’ between folders ? this is throwing of my script and causing folders and commands within the script not to run correctly, during a cronjob. Running the script manually works as expected.17:47
sipajauscan someone help me with GPA on Xubuntu?17:47
sipajausI can't find any documentation or answers on google...17:47
rypervenchetimyp: What is your script doing?17:48
timypcd to a folder and running the rm command17:48
timypone sec I'll paste it17:48
jerichowasahoaxDoes $(apt list) only list packages that are installed17:49
naccjerichowasahoax: you can pass options (--installed, --upgradeable, --all-versions, cf. `man apt`)17:50
jerichowasahoaxnacc: Perfect, thank you17:50
timyprm /var/vmail/vmail1/ypcr.com/y/p/c/ypcrvoicemail-2016.*17:50
timypwhen the cronjob emails me the output rm: cannot remove ‘/var/vmail/vmail1/ypcr.com/y/p/c/ypcrvoicemail-2016.*’: No such file or directory17:51
rypervenchejerichowasahoax: By default, all availble, I believe.17:51
timypand if I run the script manually it does its job without issue rypervenche17:51
jerichowasahoaxWhile I'm here, is there a "more correct" way of determining if I have a package installed than $(apt list --installed foo)?17:52
rypervenchetimyp: Is your script a bash script?17:52
rypervenchetimyp: I would use a find command with -delete, personally17:53
timypyes its a bash script, I have tried rewriting it to do the same thing and still this happens17:53
naccjerichowasahoax: `apt-cache policy` maybe more useful (as it will also tellyou what version si installed) ... but what you are doing is probaby fine, if it's just a "installed?" check you want17:53
timyporiginally I had the bash script cd to the folder and run rm * but same thing happens17:54
rypervenchetimyp: Sounds like it may be a file name causing the issue?17:54
timypfile and folder names are posix compliant how so?17:56
ich_dienSo I noticed today that I was getting some rogue connections when checking netstat output17:56
ich_dienthere was even connections to amazon and microsoft!!17:56
rypervenchetimyp: Then it could be the environment in which cron runs.17:57
timypI was thinking that but other scripts manually backup scripts that tar folders and run rsync works okay even with the same folder17:57
ich_dienIs there a way I can find out what program may be phoning home??17:57
timypunder cron17:57
ich_dienAlso (best way) how to make it stop?17:58
OerHeksich_dien, ubuntu does not phone-home .. i doubt there are rogue ms and amazon connections17:58
timypich_dien use something like openDNS so you can see the phone homes and the domain names might help you figure it out17:58
ich_dienI'm using elementary btw17:58
Piciich_dien: the -p argument to netstat will tell you what process is causing the connection. You may need to use sudo if your user doesn't own the processes.17:59
DArqueBishopThe -p parameter works on ss as well.17:59
ducasseich_dien: then ask in their support channel/forums.18:01
ich_diennetstat just gives me way too much info. I'm new to this, should I only be concerned with tcp and udp traffic?18:01
timyprogue ms and amazon connections maybe caused by firefox plugins18:01
ich_dienwhat about unix?18:01
timypwhat about unix?18:02
ich_dientimyp, that's an interesting point.18:02
timypI've seen it a lot with windows environments you look at proxy logs and the bing toolbar will call home 5000000 times per computer18:03
ich_dientimyp, I'm refering to netstat output's first column18:03
ducasseich_dien: you're still in the wrong channel.18:04
mcphailich_dien: a unix socket is an "internal" conenction between processes, rather than an internet connection18:04
timypbut if internet traffic does not go to the proxy and you are not comfortable with the command lines you can pin point the connections with  openDNS18:04
ich_dientimyp, yeah if this was Windows I wouldn't be surprised but ubuntu has always been pretty clean when I check connections18:04
ich_dienhow to use openDNS in this context?18:04
Pici(no idea)18:05
timypread about it opendns.com or if you post the output of the netstat commands on paste bin someone here might be able to help you sort through it and find it18:05
timypDoes those new search filters require amazon connection to show you garbage ads when just trying to search for shit on your hard drive?18:06
timypdoesn't *18:06
Picitimyp: no18:06
amazoniantoadHey guys I keep getting this hangup when I try to download anything or update. Where I have to run "sudo dpkg --configure -a" and then it tries to download the flashplugin-installer18:06
amazoniantoadBut then it just hangs18:06
amazoniantoadCan someone please help me?18:06
Picias far as my understanding goes, that was disabled.18:06
timypamaoniantoad flush plugin for what browser?18:07
amazoniantoadtimyp, I assume firefox18:07
rajivmarshow to update the "qt" version in kubuntu 16.04?18:07
timypdoesn't firefox and chrome now maintain there own flush packages?18:07
amazoniantoadtimyp, it wont stop. I can't download without it trying to do this first18:08
amazoniantoadtimyp, I'm just telling you what I'm seeing18:08
ich_dienducasse, who's support forum?18:08
timypso it this time you keep seeing it download?18:08
timypat this time*18:08
amazoniantoadtimyp, it's not downloading though. It just hangs with, "flashplugin-installer: downloading http://archive.canonical.com/pool/partner/a/adobe-flashplugin/adobe-flashplugin_20160712.1.orig.tar.gz18:08
timypcontrol + c ? does that stop it?18:09
ducasseich_dien: elementary's?18:09
amazoniantoadtimyp, yes. But then I get locked out of root18:09
amazoniantoadtimyp, it just installed it18:10
amazoniantoadomg...I have been dealing with this for an hour and it just started working...18:10
ich_dienducasse, okay I will try them18:10
timypokay to avoide it anytime you run an update you might want to remove it from your repository list18:10
timypI really don't think you need am extra flash package if you are running firefox18:11
ducasseich_dien: we have *no* idea what they have changed, so we don't support it.18:11
timypmight be something wrong with the repo18:11
timypif you run wget http://archive.canonical.com/pool/partner/a/adobe-flashplugin/adobe-flashplugin_20160712.1.orig.tar.gz is it still slow?18:12
ducassetimyp: if you want to use flash in firefox you need a plugin.18:12
timypit downloaded in about 7 seconds for me18:12
timypthan use chrome18:13
mcfdez87Hello. I have a laptop and misteriosly my wirelles connection not works. I typed a ifconfig in the terminal and I not see the wlan interface. What can I do?18:14
timypflash really needs to be phased out in favor of html5. It's a mess18:14
timypmcfdez87 boot to the ubunut live cd and see if the wifi driver works there18:15
ich_dientimyp, It's totally firefox doing god knows what18:16
timypmcgdez87 check this out https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=199788018:17
timypthe fix is documented for 12.04 but give it a go18:17
timypI mean mcfdez87 ^^^^18:18
mcfdez87timyp, I'm trying18:19
timypgood luck!18:19
ich_dienIs there a way to limit (what) how many ports programs have access to??18:19
micah__hey there, I tried the OEM install for 16.04 and it seems to be taking much longer than the normal install.  It's been going for a while now executing dpkg-deb to archive packages.  Is that something unique to the OEM install?18:19
ducassemcfdez87: check if you do have a broadcom wifi chip first, or that thread will be useless to you.18:20
ich_dienthat a non-exp can do18:20
micah__it says "dpkg-deb: building package *** into ./***"18:20
micah__hmm, maybe the OEM install isn't actually installing ubuntu, but installing some kind of ubuntu installer onto the disk...18:22
micah__then when I reboot, it will install from the installer18:22
ducasse!elementary | ich_dien18:22
ubottuich_dien: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.18:22
ducassemicah__: i think that is how it works, but i've never used it.18:23
DexterFhave a problem with gThumb here, the scroll bar at the right folds away when unused, and sometimes does when clicked, too. how can I turn this off altogether? I use kde and xfce and don't use a lot of gtk, but this is the only program that behaves this way18:23
ich_dienducasse, ubottu lol I know that now and am asking them as well, but as you know some things are just ubuntu wide18:23
ducasseich_dien: the point is that elementary is not supported here. i'll give you a hint, though; you could look at firefox plugins like ghostery and requestpolicy to limit connections to third-party sites (a lot of those connections are probably just that).18:26
amazoniantoadtimyp, sorry I went MIA. I am building a firewall for the office. Yeah I used wget on the URL and it downloaded just fine18:32
amazoniantoadI don't know why it was an issue18:33
ducasseamazoniantoad: i've seen the same behaviour on that package before myself, but i've no idea what causes it. normally it works fine a little later.18:34
amazoniantoadducasse, yeah I think this was the second time for me, though the first time was a few years ago iirc. Thought I might be doing something wrong though.18:35
ducasseamazoniantoad: nope, i suspect it might be due to a lot of users trying to download at once, but that's just a hunch.18:36
timypwget http://archive.canonical.com/pool/partner/a/adobe-flashplugin/adobe-flashplugin_20160712.1.orig.tar.gz  takes me 7 seconds18:39
timypbut I tested that after you said it had just installed so if it was a server site issue, it was prob resolved by than18:39
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Guest82864irc is always so dead18:44
timypits a live and well today in this channel Guest82864 !18:45
SeveasI've seen more life in a moldy pot of yoghurt :P18:46
Guest21650hey! :)18:48
SeveasHello Mold21650 :)18:49
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zh1irc is old nut not dead19:00
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meshuggah_hello virtual friends19:11
=== meshuggah_ is now known as meshug
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meshugwhat is ubuntu chat channel?19:16
Picimeshug: for off-topic stuff? #ubuntu-offtopic19:16
meshugthank you Pici19:17
WhiteNightmeshug, that is #ubuntu-offtopic19:17
=== flavio is now known as Guest15604
WhiteNightPici, is correct, thanks, didnt see he already responded19:18
meshugthank yopu aswell WhiteNight19:18
WhiteNightAdios ... /quit19:21
ylluminateanyone have some input on this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/799096/correct-monitors-not-detected-on-16-04-nvidia-or-nouveau19:27
ioriaylluminate, anything in the logs ?   grep Monitor /var/log/Xorg.0.log19:31
ylluminateonly thing i've seen there ioria is ...19:33
ylluminatescrew that, let me just yank it out for us to poke here19:33
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=== Tai_Lopez is now known as noslen
ylluminateso as you can see, not much is really standing out in this ioria19:41
ylluminatejust that darn CRT-019:41
ylluminate[    30.013] (==) NVIDIA(0): No modes were requested; the default mode "nvidia-auto-select"19:42
ylluminate[    30.013] (==) NVIDIA(0):     will be used as the requested mode.19:42
MonkeyDustylluminate  tone it down a bit19:44
ylluminateoh yeah?  sorry, didn't know i was amped up MonkeyDust19:44
ioriaylluminate,  you can't set resolution , you get a blank screen or just not recognized ?19:47
ylluminateso far it's just not recognized; have not tried to set a resolution manually in the conf19:47
bhara7I struggling with installing scanner in ubuntu gnome 16.0419:47
ylluminatei've not had to set resolutions by hand for over a decade with linux so i was surprised at this19:47
ylluminateand being on an lcd, it showing crt was even more surprising19:48
bhara7hi I am a beginner19:49
embrikwhat channel is for ubuntu phone?19:50
crleeMe too!19:50
ioriaylluminate,  GeForce GT 730 should be well supported by nouveau ...  for resolution   xrandr -d :0 -q ; xrandr -d :0 --output (your screen) (your resolution)19:50
MonkeyDust!phone | embrik19:50
ubottuembrik: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch19:50
embrikMonkeyDust, Thanks!19:51
ioriaylluminate,  e.g  xrandr -d :0 --output LVDS --mode 1024x76819:51
bhara7anyone who has installed cannon mf217w?19:52
bhara7scanner not working but detected19:52
bhara7ubuntu gnome 16.0419:52
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aboudeالسلام عليكم20:14
aboudeشباب ممكن برنامج لتغيير مكان الاشعارات20:14
ubottuLa comunidad local de Argentina se puede encontrar en #ubuntu-ar y en su canal de offtopic: #ubuntu-ar-cafe20:15
Seveasnope, wrong ar.20:15
ubottuFor Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية20:15
ubottuFor the Saudi Arabia team : /join #ubuntu-sa : للانظمام الى قناة الفريق السعودي - please see above20:15
Seveasthanks MonkeyDust20:15
HappySomethingSoI just burned two ubuntu isos to two disks20:16
HappySomethingSoOne is 64bit and the other one is 32bit20:16
HappySomethingSoI mixed them up20:16
HappySomethingSohow can I tell them apart?20:16
SeveasHappySomethingSo: by booting them :)20:16
Seveasif you try to boot a 64-bit cd on a 32-bit system, it'll fail20:17
tgm4883HappySomethingSo: mount one of the disks,20:17
HappySomethingSoSeveas: the computer they'll be booting is far away20:17
HappySomethingSotgm4883: Ok, what should I look for?20:17
Seveasboth will work on a 64 bit system, use the uname -m command to find out whether you have 32 or 64 bit20:17
tgm4883How do I not have an ISO currently to check....20:18
simpleirc1How about md5 sums?20:18
SeveasHappySomethingSo: file /mnt/bin/bash will say if it's a 32 bit or 64 bit binary20:18
k1lyep, md5sum20:18
Seveas(assuming you'll be mounting it at /mnt)20:18
tgm4883HappySomethingSo: There is a few files at the root of the disk, you can check those (disk defines) and one will list packages20:18
tgm4883i386 packages vs amd64 packages20:18
HappySomethingSoI'm at a windows pc right now20:18
tgm4883HappySomethingSo: you can still pop the disk in a drive and should be able to see what's on it20:19
simpleirc1HappySomethingSo check md5 sums if you can20:19
tgm4883HappySomethingSo: or download a md5sum utility for windows20:19
SeveasHappySomethingSo: ok, look inside /lib. If you have a full /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu, it's 64bit :)20:19
HappySomethingSook I'll try that20:19
simpleirc1Also size should be different20:19
simpleirc1Just check sizes on download page20:20
HappySomethingSoI didn't fin /lib but I did find a "binary-i386" folder in /dists/xenial/main20:20
HappySomethingSodoes that mean it's 32bit?20:20
k1lwhy not do a md5sum check?20:21
HappySomethingSosimpleirc1: yeah but I expanded them when I burned them20:21
SeveasHappySomethingSo: and no binary-amd64?20:22
Seveasthen that's the 32bit one20:22
HappySomethingSook thanks!20:22
Seveasdoublecheck that the other one has a binary-amd64 though :)20:22
HappySomethingSoyeah that's a good idea20:22
HappySomethingSothank you!20:22
tgm4883README.diskdefines is the file I was looking for. Located at the root of the drive20:23
tgm4883It shows "#define DISKNAME  Ubuntu 16.04 LTS "Xenial Xerus" - Release amd64" on the amd64 disk20:24
HappySomethingSotgm4883: Ok now I popped the supposed 64bit disk in and it does show #define DISKNAME  Ubuntu 16.04 LTS "Xenial Xerus" - Release amd6420:25
HappySomethingSoso it's a double confirmation20:25
HappySomethingSothanks guys!20:25
HappySomethingSo(or gals)20:25
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ylluminateioria got this resolved by setting up my xorg.conf manually:20:44
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
cmannsHey guys installed ubuntu on a multi-gpu system....20:46
cmannsI'd like to have the primary GPU (R9 270X) have full AMD driver, nvidia GTX650 blacklisted/disabled (for GPU Passthrough). I did test getting all 3 going I had one display on GTX, one on R9- however the mouse was skippy and freezing...once installed nvidia proprietary the R9 display is black/not in settings -> Display20:47
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kyle__cmanns: I've done it on a multi-GPU system, but not like you're donig there.  Usually not a big deal.20:48
cmannsI think if I blacklist the nvidia card after removing nvidia proprietary driver things will smooth out? :D20:48
distortedvoiceI can't get any audio out of my R9 380X. It shows up in pulseaudio config but it doesn't ever give me sound on the TV20:49
cmannsTheres prob multiple audio out through your R9, my R9 270X has like 3 audio out20:50
joelserious non trolling question, which package do I need to install in 14.04 to be able to build rpms?20:50
distortedvoicecmanns, all the others say unplugged20:50
cmannsapt-get install rpm joel20:50
k1l!info rmpbuild | joel20:50
ubottujoel: Package rmpbuild does not exist in xenial20:50
k1l!info rmpbuild trusty | joel20:50
ubottujoel: Package rmpbuild does not exist in trusty20:50
joelcmanns: cool, thanks20:50
cmannsdistortedvoice, ah sorry was just my first thought :)20:50
k1l!info rpmbuild trusty20:50
ubottuPackage rpmbuild does not exist in trusty20:50
tatertotsaudio over HDMI is not supported by AMDGPU and if you're on 16.04 that's as good as you'll ever get for your Radeon gpu....this was as of april 201620:51
distortedvoicecmanns, thanks for the quick reply20:51
nacck1l: i think it comes from rpm20:51
k1ljoel: oh wait, the command is rpmbuild but the package name is rpm20:51
* cmanns is glad doesnt use HDMI audio. Does AMDGPU have decent 3d accel on 16.04?20:52
extinct_potatoIs there actually any nice GUI for VPN for Linux?20:53
tatertotsmy ubuntu box with radeon gpu is still using proprietary drivers and ubuntu 12.04 LTS ....and for good reason ;)20:53
extinct_potatoAnd yes, I have heard of NetworkManager and no, I don't want to use it.20:54
extinct_potatoso does anyone know of any nice GUI for VPN? :)20:54
k1lextinct_potato: well, NM would be the one where all desktops did agree to. so if you dont want that its getting very thin20:55
distortedvoicecmanns, yeah I get great fps20:55
* cmanns plans to try steam_linux, and steam running on a gpu passthrough vm. (Two separate steam accounts) 20:56
distortedvoiceI'm so happy fglrx is dead20:56
distortedvoicecmanns, KVM?20:56
extinct_potatok1l: I hate NM. It doesn't work with guessnet, so I hate it. Aren't there any GUIs apart from NM? Really?20:56
ProdoxGTanyone willing to give me a hand with a problem im enountering with wine20:56
cmannsYeah distortedvoice20:56
cmannsCPU: 12 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5820K CPU @ 3.30GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 1.21GHz w/ 15360 KB L2 Cache **20:56
distortedvoicecmanns, I did it with a GTX 980. Worked great.20:56
cmannsplenty o powah20:56
tatertotsdistortedvoice great fps while doing what?..you kinda left that part out....great fps while staring at the desktop?20:57
distortedvoicecmanns, I have the 5930k ;)20:57
k1lProdoxGT: the guys at #winehq might be better help with wine20:57
distortedvoicetatertots, opengl20:57
* cmanns plans to go 16c+ xeon 20:57
tgm4883extinct_potato: kvpnc ?20:58
distortedvoicecmanns, I was going to get a xeon e5. I would lose my 1.2GHz OC though20:58
S1XL3M0UMbr huehue20:58
extinct_potatotgm4883 : It looks nice, thank you very much!20:58
cmannsyou can OC the xeons distortedvoice21:04
distortedvoicecmanns, yeah core clock21:04
cmannsI'm prob aiming towards an "unlocked" one, or I'll just overclock bclk21:05
ProdoxGTwell, since #winehq seems to not contain someone that can help me, does anyone here think they can solve this issue with LINE's border? http://imgur.com/s1Nqar521:05
cmannsI don't really overclock though so no biggie to me :)21:05
distortedvoicecmanns, You found an unlocked ES or something?21:05
cmannsVarious (non ES) are actually unlocked I guess21:05
cmannsMost commonly the low ghz I hear21:05
ProdoxGTit only happens on the main window and not any popups21:05
distortedvoicecmanns, I can only afford a ES lol21:05
cmannsgotta compile a list of unlocked, then ebay.21:06
cmannsNon ES are like 200-250 on ebay~21:06
distortedvoicecmanns, when you do shoot me a link21:06
cmannsI only got the i7-5820k so now when I buy cpu on ebay I can test it first, if good then sale the i721:06
distortedvoiceI want something big if I am going xeon21:06
cmannsand all the ecc rams21:06
cmannsah well time to run errands I'll be back for more pesky gpu-passthrough questions later21:07
distortedvoicecmanns, I just built a dual X5670 with 48GB ECC in a 1u for around $350 I'm sending out for colo when I populate it with some drives.21:07
cncr04show do you setup a local repository. it might be called a PPA?, I want to be able to run apt install <myapp> to push out any updates to my program that I write, to/at all of my servers.21:10
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Guest85306What's new?21:12
k1lcncr04s: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Personal21:12
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Guest62265hello i have problem with internet21:12
Guest62265some page go, some others no21:13
waltheradoNovo aqui no espaço, algum BR de plantão:21:13
Guest62265i think itz network manager21:13
distortedvoiceGuest62265, have you tried using google dns?21:13
Guest62265first bug it disappear21:14
k1l!br | waltherado21:14
ubottuwaltherado: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.21:14
sipajausshould I put my public key inside a GPG message the first time I write someone? or just attach it?21:14
Guest62265now he choose what page charge21:14
sipajausI know this isn't ubuntu speficic but I am using xubuntu to do it21:14
Guest62265i dont make urgent update becouse i know last version network manager do that shit21:16
Guest62265i want to go back, there are not a command to put down all?21:16
OerHekssipajaus, pretty good manual https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto#Linux_mail_readers21:19
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zykotick9sipajaus: you may also want to check out https://emailselfdefense.fsf.org/en/21:25
notdanieli installed 16.04 onto a second HD, and it looks like the boot loader installed onto the primary hdd. 1) do i just need to do manual partitioning to prevent this during install? 2) any easy way now to install the bootloader into that 2nd drive?21:28
notdanieli ran this install with the intention of removing that 2nd drive and booting up from a different machine21:28
OerHeksnotdaniel, it will be an option during install21:30
OerHeksstandard it is sda indeed21:30
notdanielOerHeks: it prompted me which drive to install to, but not where to install the loader21:30
notdanielOerHeks: i chose sdb as the OS install point, but it didn't install a loader there, it updated mine on sda21:31
OerHeksthe bootloader question comes after that iirc21:31
OerHeksno, same page .. http://i.stack.imgur.com/dehJr.jpg21:32
OerHeksas it is grey, you might not have noticed, seen this before and might be considered an cosmetic bug21:34
notdanielOerHeks: ah, so i _do_ need to choose manual partitioning? i had just used the "erase drive and install ubuntu" option, so i never saw any partition list or options21:34
OerHeksehm, even with standard option like side-by-side you would get this question21:35
quizzy85OerHeks: its the option that says do something Else21:37
quizzy85sorry that was for notdaniel21:41
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notdanielquizzy85: okay, yeah, i knew that's where it was, i just was expecting it to still ask about the bootloader. was hoping to have it create the partitions but yeah i'll just do it that way next time21:41
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bwizwindow 121:43
egrainwhere can i see the change log for drop bear? i found the package and stuff to download, though no change log so far.21:45
mrpandani hao21:45
egraini essentially want to know if Dropbear sshd 2013.59 is secure.21:45
mrpandais ubuntu 16.04 better then 14.04 ??21:45
egrainni hao ma?21:45
mrpandahao so so hao21:46
mrpandani ne ?21:46
k1legrain: packages.ubuntu.com lists the changelogs too on the right side21:46
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egrainwell, that is as far as my mandarin goes these days.21:46
swenssonHow do I upgrade php from 7.0.4-7 to 7.0.7 or later?... did apt-get update/upgrade but nothing..21:46
mrpandaUbuntu 16.04 better then 14.04 ??21:49
naccswensson: on 16.04, php7.0 7.0.8 just rolled out today21:50
naccswensson: are you on 16.04?21:50
nacc!info php7.0 xenial21:50
ubottuphp7.0 (source: php7.0): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 7.0.4-7ubuntu2.1 (xenial), package size 1 kB, installed size 9 kB21:50
k1lmrpanda: includes systemd, new versions of kernel, drivers, xorg, and snap. so if you install ubuntu today go for 16.0421:50
OerHeks7.08 went in prorposed 4 hrs ago, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php7.021:50
naccOerHeks: it's in updates now21:50
swenssonwell it's like 10hours ago I did the update... Gonna try agian then21:50
naccOerHeks: it's been in proposed for a few weeks21:50
naccswensson: yeah, refresh, it rolled out more recnetly than 10 hours ago21:50
naccOerHeks: i think that it is in both -proposed and -updates is just the ongoing migration (not positive) to the updates pocket21:51
egrainmrpanda, i would say so. why else would they have released a new version if the old one was better?21:51
swenssonnacc Thanks! :) Got it now! ;P.... abit emberassing :$21:51
egrainmrpanda, also why do you care? it's free. try it out for yourself.21:51
naccswensson: np, please do let me (via bugs) know if anything breaks :)21:51
swenssonNacc Sure will! :)21:51
mrpandaheared AMD doesn't suport linux verry well21:52
OerHeksnacc, i need the changelog to know why ..21:52
mrpandawell windows 7 was better then 10 i think :S21:52
naccOerHeks: sorry, to know why which (fwiw, it's my upload (well sponsored upload))21:52
k1lmrpanda: amd stopped shipping the prop. driver fglrx since 16.04. but the open source drivers do work21:52
mrpandahmm is a bit confusing am a rookie :)21:53
mrpandawill ubuntu automaticly ask for update ?21:53
mrpandawill wait and see21:53
mrpandai think is now about 20 gb21:53
mrpandawindows 95 was 200 mb :)21:53
k1lmrpanda: that is not right.21:54
mrpanda20gb ?21:54
k1lthe minimal system is way less than that.even a full blown ubuntu desktop install is less than 20GB21:55
mrpandamaybe have two ubuntu's on it :D21:56
mrpandaor could be all the programs i installed21:56
abdoulje veux apprendre asterisk21:56
mrpandamon dieu21:57
k1l!fr | abdoul21:57
ubottuabdoul: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.21:57
mrpandafirefox is good browser for ubuntu ?21:57
mrpandaor perhaps sea monkey ?21:57
OerHeksfirefox chrome chromium opera choose the one you like21:58
tatertotsof course firefox is a good browser for ubuntu....why else would they have made it the 'default' browser .....ehehehehehe22:00
mrpandaah ok22:00
mrpandais a bit heavy22:00
mrpandasometimes the screen goes "dark"22:00
mrpandaand can barely pull youtube22:01
mrpandais the amd video driver i think22:01
mrpandaheared amd and linux not work well together22:01
bpromptmrpanda:     firefox the browser, and chromium-based browsers, are pretty much the bleeding edge, web standards features wise, now, about youtube, if the video is a flash video, bear in mind that, firefox uses the outdated adobe flashplugin, whilst chromium-based browser, use the newer Pepperflash, which works for any flash animation22:03
mrpandainstalled html522:03
bpromptmrpanda:   opera went chromium for their engine, after version 12, next I think it was version 18, so, if you run the latest Opera browsers, looks pretty much like Chrome, with an opera logo22:04
mrpandawill try opera thanks :D22:04
mrpandatry to avoid google22:04
mrpandathey run on commercials22:05
mrpandai fear if use their browser addblocks be useless in future.22:05
bpromptmrpanda:   google is a site, not a browser, and yes, they use ad-supported financing22:05
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mrpandai thought google made chrome ?22:08
mrpandaand chromium ??22:08
joeloff topic22:08
mrpandaam just trying to tweak ubuntu22:08
mrpandafirefox is a bit heavy22:08
mrpandathey say can use 1bg of memory22:09
mrpandaif i start up the search/software centre22:09
mrpandaubuntu has troublez 222:09
mrpanda"screen goes dark"22:09
joelenter is not punctuation :)22:09
k1lmrpanda: then try another browser. you got listed some other ones already. we dont know what you want and what you like. so you need to find that out yourself22:10
mrpandai like firefoxxxxxxx22:10
k1lmrpanda: ok, then stop trolling in here.22:10
MarasgeonHow can I enable wheel button in Ubuntu 16.04?22:20
NikogdaCMhow can i reset my password?22:20
k1l!password | NikogdaCM22:21
ubottuNikogdaCM: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords22:21
bpromptMarasgeon:    do, nothing :), should be ON by default22:25
Epx998Is there a howto anywhere for setting up ub14 unattended installs?22:27
njumdl2014in http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/, which repo contains ftp package? I tried to search all the repo, there is not directory called ftp.22:28
njumdl2014Anyone could help me?22:28
AirPlanesHi, help me fellows please22:30
AirPlanesHow do I remove this? zsh: /usr/bin/zsh /bin/zsh /etc/zsh /usr/share/zsh /usr/share/man/man1/zsh.1.gz22:30
AirPlanesI want to install zsh again cause it is not working22:31
naccnjumdl2014: well, the archive.ubunut.com/ubuntu is the repo22:31
naccnjumdl2014: what are you trying to do?22:31
MarasgeonThis is my problem https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/158108822:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1581088 in linux (Ubuntu) "Middle mouse (wheel-click) button stopped working after upgrade to 16.04" [Medium,Incomplete]22:31
AirPlanesnacc, ubunut ?22:31
k1lnjumdl2014: ftp should be included in bash, iirc22:32
AirPlanesnacc, there is no such domain as ubunut? is this your phishing website?22:32
naccAirPlanes: sorry, typo22:32
AirPlanesking of wpm22:32
AirPlanesHow do I remove this? zsh: /usr/bin/zsh /bin/zsh /etc/zsh /usr/share/zsh /usr/share/man/man1/zsh.1.gz22:32
naccAirPlanes: `apt-get purge zsh` ?22:33
k1lnjumdl2014: ah wait, do a "sudo apt-get install ftp " which will install it. but be aware that ftp is pretty insecure without using of ssh22:33
AirPlanesi dont know22:33
njumdl2014I want to find the directory which contains ftp package.22:33
naccnjumdl2014: why?22:33
k1lnjumdl2014: directory? what do you really want to do?22:33
njumdl2014the source code and the deb package for old version22:34
AirPlanesthanks na22:34
AirPlanesthanks nacc22:34
k1lnjumdl2014: look at launchpad.net for that22:34
naccnjumdl2014: `apt-get source <pkgname>`; `apt-get download <pkgname>`22:34
oscar255how are you??22:35
nacc!ot | oscar25522:37
ubottuoscar255: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:37
njumdl2014k1l: You mean the default ftp package is developed at launchpad.net?22:37
naccnjumdl2014: you can find all the packaging links on launchpad22:37
naccnjumdl2014: for any supported release; it doesn't mean launcpad is used for development, but the packages are still available for links from there22:38
k1lnjumdl2014: no. its packaged at launchpad22:38
njumdl2014I think all the packages could be found at the mirror, why launchpad.net?22:38
OerHeks'locate ftp' does wonders in terminal22:38
naccnjumdl2014: why do you want to find the package on the mirror?22:38
k1lnjumdl2014: old packages get removed from the servers. its still unclear what you really want to do and it looks like you ask the wrong question22:39
AirPlaneswhy zsh is not show me colors?22:40
njumdl2014Well. Where could I download source code of ftp package?22:40
k1lAirPlanes: look at the config.22:40
naccnjumdl2014: we already told you that.22:40
naccAirPlanes: something like 'autoload -Uz colors && colors' in .zshrc22:41
k1lnjumdl2014: use apt-get or launchpad. your choice22:41
AirPlaneshow do i mess up with partitions? learn how to use them?22:41
AirPlanesI want to be arch linux user22:41
njumdl2014this ?22:41
k1lAirPlanes: wrong channel. this is ubuntu support22:41
naccnjumdl2014: no, that's the source package git-ftp (for the binary pacakge git-ftp)22:41
AirPlanesk1l: i ask about partitions.22:41
AirPlanesnothing wrong with that.22:41
k1lAirPlanes: read the docs if you are curious. we try to solve technical issues in here. and the arch linux channel is #archlinux22:42
AirPlanesall i ask is a question, stop wasting my time22:42
AirPlanesthanks for nothing22:43
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naccAirPlanes: what do you mean 'mess with partitions'? That's not something one does haphazardly22:43
k1lnjumdl2014: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/netkit-ftp22:43
k1lthats it22:43
AirPlanesnacc, learn how to do that22:43
AirPlanesbecause arch linux manual is not clear22:44
naccnjumdl2014: fwiw, you can use `apt-cache show <pkgname>`  to see the path on the mirror to the .deb files (although you shouldn't ever need to use that, just use `apt-get download`)22:44
naccAirPlanes: well, to learn about partitioning generally, i think it's easiest to google around, evne if that's a frowned upon answer here. Your question isn't really a support one, though22:45
njumdl2014nacc: you are right.22:45
njumdl2014This is a good command. The true name of ftp package is netkit-ftp package.22:45
naccnjumdl2014: no22:45
naccnjumdl2014: the *source* package name is netkit-ftp22:46
naccnjumdl2014: it makes a binary package name called ftp22:46
naccnjumdl2014: neither is more "true" than the other22:46
AirPlanes nacc: you are right.22:46
timyphmmm been using apt-get for years I'm not switching and I'm not using these lazt snap installs either22:47
njumdl2014Oh, I see. Thank you, nacc.22:47
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k1ltimyp: apt tries to simplify and unconfuse some parts of the old apt-get apt-cache .... commands22:49
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sysopnick sysop222:49
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saigelAnybody know a way to completely remove all Desktop Environments from an ubuntu server? I got myself into DE hell, and don't know how to get out.22:50
EriC^^saigel: look into debfoster / deborphan22:54
EriC^^maybe remove xorg then remove stuff with them22:54
saigelTrying to install deborphan, but due to "unmet dependencies" of existing packages, it won't go there...22:56
k1l!info deborphan22:57
ubottudeborphan (source: deborphan): program that can find unused packages, e.g. libraries. In component universe, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 90 kB, installed size 496 kB22:57
k1lunmet depencies sounds like using 3rd party repos?22:57
EriC^^saigel: sudo apt-get -f install ?22:58
Kh_I would like to put shortcuts of my applications on my desktop but I can not do22:58
Kh_In KDE22:58
Kh_Kubuntu 16.0422:58
saigelusing "sudo apt-get -f install", I get "dpkg: error processing package ubuntu-mate-core (--configure): dependency problems - leaving unconfigured"...23:00
=== gh0st is now known as Guest68088
saigelI don't know what to do. I just want to wipe all DEs off my system and do a clean install of Unity or Mate or Cinnamon23:01
EriC^^saigel: dpkg --force-remove-reinstreq remove ubuntu-mate-core23:01
saigel@EriC^^: I get "dpkg: dependency problems prevent removal of ubuntu-mate-core". ubuntu-mate-desktop depends on ubuntu-mate-core, however, package ubuntu-mate-core is to be removed...23:03
EriC^^saigel: dpkg --force-all remove ubuntu-mate-core23:04
Eli-5dcesaigel: are you in root? or is that not required in ubuntu anymore? anyways I  know if you do the package by it's name it may work... like "sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-mate-core" (no quotes)  and also "sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-mate-desktop" if it is needed to remove desktop first23:05
saigelI'm using sudo23:05
Eli-5dceok... but are you in root?23:06
saigelAnd that --force-all --remove seems to be doing something that I didn't accomplish before23:06
saigelIn root? Meaning the root directory?23:06
k1lEli-5dce: on ubuntu we dont use root. we got sudo for that23:06
saigelI'm just using sudo to run the command as root23:07
k1lsaigel: that is ok23:07
Eli-5dcek1l: oh i haven't used ubuntu for so long i don't even remember the way it works23:07
MAmineIn my ubuntu 14.04 64bit, there is no desktop switching in lightdm although I have mate-desktop installed23:08
Eli-5dceMAmine: did you ever try removing any packages? If you did and you ignored something it may have broke it.... :/23:09
saigelI've got a list of packages that are "stuck". This time I'm running, "sudo dpkg --force-all --remove ubuntu-mate-welcome", and it grinds on it for a few seconds befoe reporting "Segmentation fault (core dumped). dpkg: error processing package ubuntu-mate-welcome (--remove); subprocess installed post-removal script returned error exit status 13923:10
saigelthen it dies.23:10
k1lMAmine: iirc, its not that package for the desktop. it didnt land in 14.04.23:10
k1lMAmine: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/08/install-mate-desktop-ubuntu-14-04-lts23:11
saigelAmong the warngings I get while it is trying to remove: dpkg: warning: files list file for package 'mate-media-common' is missing; assuming package has no files currently installed.23:12
saigelAnd it gives a similar warning for lots of dependent packages.23:12
saigel@MAmine, I did try removing packages. I've been trying to remove packages all afternoon. And I suppose that I DID ignore something, and it must be broken. But what to do?23:14
Cyber_AkumaI have a lot of ram in my system, and a slow HDD. Would Ubuntu have any issues if I installed it without a swap partition?23:16
saigelIs there no "nuclear option" for clearing out packages, short of reformatting and starting out all over again?23:16
k1lCyber_Akuma: not if you dont want to use hibernation or you know it will not exceed the amount of ram.23:18
k1lsaigel: put the output into a pastebin and show the url here. people were actually guessing the commands. but the exact errormessages and used commands are very important.23:19
k1lsaigel: are there any 3rd part repos or PPAs involved?23:19
saigel@k1l: yes23:21
Eli-5dceCyber_Akuma: Nope... Swap is important always to linux no matter what. Without it... It MAY it MAY cause problems and slow down your computer... always have a 1 - 2 (2.5 in my opinion is what i use) swap partition as logical :/ if it is a hdd ALWAYS do it. If it is a ssd it is your choice you may not need it23:22
Eli-5dceCyber_Akuma: I have both in my Gaming PC and 3 servers with HDD's in them and they all need swap because with out swap on there hard drives... It slowed down my performance23:23
Eli-5dceCyber_Akuma: and swap doesn't have to be big... It is supposed to be very small just so it can let your computer breath a little23:24
Eli-5dcehello monstercamp23:28
monsterjampHow do applications like rthymbox or spotify be controlled via the media keys? Is via gnome extension or is there another api?23:28
Eli-5dcemonsterjamp: you may have the option for hotkeys. or some kind of keyboard multimedia plugin from Ubuntu Software Center23:29
monsterjampSorry I think I misworded my questions. I can use media keys to control music applications, but what APIs do the programmers use to enable the use of media keys? Is it integrated via gnome or via lowlevel Linux functions?23:31
Cyber_Akuma2.5x my ram as swap?23:32
monsterjampI'm programming my own music player.23:32
Cyber_AkumaI have 32gigs of ram, that would be an insane waste of space23:32
Eli-5dceCyber_Akuma Swap is used via drive. Not memory'23:32
k1lCyber_Akuma: no23:33
Cyber_AkumaI know23:33
k1lCyber_Akuma: Eli-5dce only thing where the size of swap matter is the hibernation. and there it must be 1:1 as ram size, because the ram gets stored in swap to make it "be there" after resume again23:34
Cyber_AkumaI know, but this is a desktop, so it's not an issue if I can't hibernate it23:34
k1lif you dont use hibernation (suspend to disk) you can use swap size whatever you want. even 023:34
Cyber_AkumaWait, so I still have to have a swap partition even if it's 0?23:34
yorwoshas any1 had the luck to prematurely test/do an upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04(.1) ? we are getting the update tomorrow right?23:35
k1land if you have no swap and run out of ram then the kernel oom killer will kill programs to free ram again.23:35
k1lCyber_Akuma: no you dont23:35
Cyber_AkumaYeah, but again, I consider it unlikely I will run out of ram since I have 32gb, the spare HDD I have to install it on though is only 5200rpm, it would really slow the OS down if it ever swaps23:36
k1lyorwos: you can test it with the -d for developer if you want to test it.. and its not comming in 24hours.23:36
k1lCyber_Akuma: yes.23:36
k1lso if that all is clear i dont get what you are asking :)23:37
Eli-5dcek1l: oh I i see that a bit clearer now...23:37
k1lyorwos: we are. but its not 00:01 am at 21st :)23:37
Cyber_AkumaI was just making sure if Ubuntu can run with no swap partition at all, I know for Windows that's a bad idea no matter how much ram you have, wanted to know if it was nessary for some parts of Ubuntu too or no23:37
* Eli-5dce is afk for a minute brb23:37
k1lEli-5dce: there are a lot of myths around swap from the 80s/90s when ram was slow and dead expensive.23:37
k1lCyber_Akuma: ubuntu can.23:38
Cyber_AkumaGreat, thanks23:38
Cyber_AkumaI doubt I will use VMs, I just want to install ubuntu on a spare drive to mess around with it, my main OS on this thing is Windows... which I do have some VMs on actually23:39
bprompt"someone", no name, is missing the space key23:39
tatertotsspeaking of swap, if any of you guys want to swap your fancy new computer for my old dinosaur computer, i wouldn't be apposed to the idea23:40
Cyber_AkumaHeh, I was stuck with a Pentium 3 that coulden't even properly play YouTube or scroll down Facebook until I finally built this thing in 2013, there is no way I am going back XD23:40
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saigelOk, well if no insights on my broken package pastebin, I guess I'll just start re-installing...23:42
themeatIm trying the ubuntu live cd but something weird happened23:44
themeat(ubuntu lts 16.04)23:44
themeatit detected my wifi card as an ethernet device23:44
edward_joemh i have been trying to access phpmyadmin but still wont get it23:45
themeatI had to restart network-manager for it to detect it as a wifi device23:45
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themeatshit like that is why linux isnt ready for the desktop23:46
themeatthere's *always* one problem or another23:46
orlockthemeat: eh, people have been tolerating/expecting shit like that from other OS's for ages though23:46
Cyber_AkumaEVERY os has problems23:46
orlockthemeat: Remember when changing a network gateway or nameserver under windows meant rebooting?23:47
saigelLike Windows is trouble free?23:47
Cyber_Akuma.... though I do feel Linux desktops are not really user friendly for the average person23:47
orlockthese days, who cares - its the applications, not the OS you run23:47
Cyber_AkumaHell, I remember when changing the DISPLAY RESOLUTION meant rebooting23:47
themeatorlock: nope. the average person doesnt change that stuff. me neither23:47
saigelThey are very friendly to the average person who has bothered to learn a little about how their computer works...23:47
Cyber_AkumaOr was that color depth?23:47
Cyber_AkumaEh, it was one of them in Windows 95, pretty much anything needed a reboot23:47
orlockCyber_Akuma: Malicious ping? Crash and reboot!23:48
Cyber_AkumaA.... a ethetnet connection? In the Windows 95 days? That's cute23:48
orlockanyway, linux bypassed the desktop23:48
orlockand went into the pocket and TV23:48
themeatwindows has lots of problems too, but they tend to be non-critical and at the application level23:49
Cyber_AkumaAnd microwave and toaster and tablet and console and set-top box and just about everything else23:49
Cyber_Akuma...... except oddly, ATMS and POS systems23:49
orlockCyber_Akuma: yeah - though for a long time desktop windows was rare there too23:49
Cyber_AkumaI meant that most still run windows23:50
orlockCyber_Akuma: and they used to run wince and os/2 or whatever23:50
Cyber_AkumaThe POS systems when I worked retail were XP embedded...... connecting to an XP desktop that was the checkout-register23:50
orlockCyber_Akuma: though a lot of them will have linux systems inside running comms gear (used to work for a network operator/manufacturer)23:51
bazhanglets get back to ubuntu support here please23:51
Cyber_AkumaGotta love it when the upgrade instructions basically include "Do NOT reconnect these wires in the wrong order or it will short out"23:51
bazhangchat in #ubuntu-offtopic23:51
orlockhow do i connect ubuntu to my active directory server23:51
orlockhow do i join it to the domain23:51
D-unit 23:55
naccorlock: you'd use samba + libpam-winbind (iiuc)23:59

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