gahananyone has experience of removing systemd in xenial in favour of upstart? I'm getting too many issues with systemd10:30
AnrDaemonapt-get install upstart-sysv10:32
gahanand then reboot?10:33
gahanam I likely to encounter some issues?10:33
AnrDaemonI didn't try it yet. But this what an official wiki suggest.10:34
gahancan you provide me the link please?10:35
AnrDaemonGoogle? It would take as much time for you as for me.10:35
gahanI can only find instructions for 15.04 :) sorry 10:39
AnrDaemonhttp://lmgtfy.com/?q=upstart+vs+systemd second or third link - "SystemDForUpstartUsers"10:43
gahanI tried apt-get install upstart-sysv but grub2 wasn't updated, still uses init=/lib/systemd/systemd10:56
gahanI tried on VM and it doesn't boot11:01
AnrDaemonThanks. That's interesting.11:03
gahanit did update grub in the end11:03
gahanmaking upstart default and systemd optional11:03
AnrDaemonDid it rebuild initrd or you had to do it manually?11:03
gahanI rebuilt it11:03
gahanbut it didn't help11:04
gahanSomething to do with the volumes11:04
gahanubuntu-vg wasn't found11:04
AnrDaemonOh, you have it on LVM?11:04
AnrDaemonThat's different.11:04
gahanI'm trying to migrate in openstak though11:04
gahanwhich is different too unfortunately11:04
gahanopenstack handled it better11:23
gahantried with a test instance11:23
gahanstill have /lib/systemd/systemd-udevd running though11:24
TroovaHi - I'm hoping for a bit of help understanding upstart monitoring13:52
TroovaI am using upstart 0.6.5 on RHEL 6, and I need to change to a new user to run my application.13:56
AnrDaemonYou - what? >.<13:58
AnrDaemonTroova: `init --version` please.13:59
TroovaI tried the examples using su -c in the cookbook, but the tracked pid is the pid of the su calls running as root, not my application (running as a different user)13:59
TroovaUnit (upstart 0.6.5)14:01
TroovaInit sorry...14:01
AnrDaemonThat's… that was several years ago.14:02
AnrDaemonDo you need user environment, or just start an appa with certain EUID?14:03
AnrDaemonWebchats… :/14:06
JanCsounds right that it would be following su pid14:17
JanCobviously you don't want your application to fork then...14:18
AnrDaemonJanC: He's long gone, you're talking to the void.14:18
hallynAnrDaemon: well gahan is gone but fwiw upstart on xenial is wha ti'm running, like you said, upstart-sysv did it, and if anyone asks again i have no issues :)14:45
hallynexcept power issues.  my battery lasts too long this way14:45
AnrDaemonI'm going to upgrade "soon(tm)"14:45
AnrDaemon(Or, well, reinstall, since I want 64 bit already.)14:46
hallynupgrade to yakkety, or to upstart? :)14:46
AnrDaemonUpgrade in general.14:46
AnrDaemonThis server (the core) is over eight years old, and survived too many hardware replacements.14:46
AnrDaemonI want to reinstall it once before it is failing again. :D14:47
AnrDaemon(And it is running Precise ATM, if that was your question.)14:47
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