flocculantbluesabre: I assume we'll be letting people upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 knowing that there is the cursor bug? 06:39
flocculantI'll mail testers when infinity has respun if we are06:40
ax562flocculant cursor bug?06:44
flocculantyes the invisible cursor issue06:44
ax562I don't thinks I have noticed it06:58
flocculantax562: if you used intel you would06:59
ax562well I've thrown xubuntu on quiet a bit of intel machines07:03
ax562is that in terminal?07:03
flocculantbug 156860407:03
ubottubug 1568604 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu Xenial) "Mouse cursor lost when unlocking with Intel graphics" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/156860407:03
ax562I have another lappy here that is an i7.  Plan on throwing xubuntu 16.04 on it tomorrow.  I can verify it.07:05
flocculantno real need to verify it - ~400 people have done that ;)07:05
ax562let me know if I can help07:07
flocculantUnit193 or bluesabre would know the exact requirement - but we apparently need the driver bisected to see which commit solves the problem :)07:08
flocculantso if you can help with that I'm sure they'll be happy bunnies07:08
flocculantmorning ochosi ;)07:09
ax562ok...I would have to really dig in deep to figure out what the details of the bug are07:09
bluesabreax562: yes, please help if at all possible10:36
bluesabreI'm a bit lacking on the intel front, and none of the commits jump out and say "aha!"10:36
bluesabre's almost certainly more than a single commit that is responsible for the fix10:37
akxwi-davejust dragged out a Lenovo dual core withintel to test stuff like that as well.10:38
ax562bluesabre ok, I will try my best.  I wont have the machine until tomorrow.  I think I had 12.04 on it but not sure.10:41
ax562lol It's already tomorrow...later today I meant10:46
flocculantbluesabre: I assume that no comment means yes we'll release .1 even though it's no good for intel 11:18
bluesabreflocculant: yeah, I think so11:49
bluesabrewe can offer suggestions to alleviate it, replacing light-locker with xscreensaver or gnome-screensaver for instance11:50
bluesabregotta run, bbl11:50
Tims_Techis here the devil ?13:06
akxwi-daveThe iso's for xenial 16.04.1 are not available from the link on the tracker13:20
flocculantakxwi-dave: I know - and -release will if they read what I said 15:45
flocculantnot sure they did 15:49
flocculantthey'll wake up when there's no results for anyone 15:49
akxwi-davewill they.. look what happened with the last install bug.. :-)16:05
flocculantwell the same thing's been said on the -release mailing list too so ... 16:07
akxwi-davelol lets see then.. if theuy are ready tonight/tomorrow, I'll give them a bash16:09
flocculantyou can get to the iso - you just need to fiddle about a bit16:09
akxwi-davetime to go. .. and hit the rush hour traffice in 31 deg heat..  cya later16:11
flocculanthave fun16:11
ochosiflocculant: evening flocculant :)21:05
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flocculanthah touche (acute lingy thing)22:14

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