xubuntu86wCan Someone please explain to me on how to connect to wi-fi on xbuntu00:21
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Guest784Hy guys.... does anyone can give a hand here?? is it possible to update xubuntu to the lastest version downloading just the update or i have to download everyting again?01:56
xanguaYou can upgrade using the update manager or the ISO03:44
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pw_Hi, I am using xubuntu, I found that the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+B in any text input field calls the on-screen virtual keyboard, which conflicts with my Emacs keybinding, how/where can I disable this shortcut? Thanks!07:47
blingrangpw_: settings-> keyboard -> shortcuts07:57
pjotterHi people. Seems that if I try to remove ristretto, the system wants to remove xfce4-goodies as well. Is there a way to only remove ristretto and leave xfce4-goodies intact?08:03
pw_ blingrang: thanks. It seems that the culprit was an input method program fcitx.08:05
pjotterSolved it myself: Seem that using dpkg with the --force-all option can remove a single package without dependencies. Still wonder how the same can be done with apt-get though...08:14
goperHello, how can I disable the service dnsmasq?12:34
goperI need to run my own service on port 5312:34
aedigitalgoper  try with  systemctl12:38
aedigitalgoper  sudo systemctl stop dnsmasq12:48
aedigitalsudo systemctl  disable dnsmasq.service12:48
aedigitalor maybe install  sysv-rc-conf  for this12:49
goperaedigital: no go13:12
sipajausdoes xubuntu have some default GPG front end/key manager I can't find? Like "password and keys" on ubuntu?18:07
krytariksipajaus: That's Seahorse, you can install it in Xubuntu as well.18:30
sipajausit only works with nautilus so I'd have to change FM as well18:30
krytarikTo what extent exactly?18:32
sipajausseahorse doesnt work with thunar18:33
sipajausthunar is the default file manager18:33
krytariksipajaus: And that gains you what functionality exactly?18:40
sipajausi dont understand what you are asking. You said use seahorse...I explained seahorse doesnt work with the default file manager18:41
eitzeiHey, I'm running Xubuntu 16.04 and I'm not sure if my 'ssh-add' is running correctly. A bit more background info: I have many ssh keys for different purposes and also using ssh config. My 'ssh-add -l' lists all keys/identities after reboot which is fine, but even after removing all identities with 'ssh-add -D' command 'ssd-add -l' still lists all identities. Is this a feature and I don't know how to use19:04
eitzeissh-add, or this is a bug?19:04
krytariksipajaus: So for the file manager integration you want, looks like you could create appropriate Custom Actions for Thunar using 'seahorse-tool'.19:47
krytarik(Part of the 'seahorse-nautilus' package, I should mention.)19:51
CelsoPlease, how do I leave the menu completely transparent?20:41
CelsoDo you have any faq that exp20:41
CelsoDo you have any faq that explains how to make?20:41
krytarikeitzei: LP bug 505278.20:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 505278 in gnome-keyring (Ubuntu) "ssh-add -D deleting all identities does not work. Also, why are all identities auto-added?" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50527820:43
krytarikCelso: Right-click on the menu icon → Properties → Appearance.20:47
Celsokrytarik: http://i.imgur.com/8iOw25B.png20:51
CelsoThe left side of the menu is not transparent !!20:52
krytarikRight, true.20:53
Celsokrytarik: I add some line to .gtkrc-2.0 that total assets transparency?20:58
CelsoI added these lines in .gtkrc-2.0 ...21:03
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