Odd_Blokesimar: By default, modules will only run once per instance (i.e. on first boot), so it may be that whatever updates the hostname is configured to only run once.08:33
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simarOdd_Bloke: I see, so defining a cloud-init module within cloud.cfg.d wouldn't have any effect if the hostname was previously configured by something else?16:32
simarThe reason I asked is because me doing so didn't result in any changes. I'm not sure if the naming of the config matters, I made sure it came in order after all other configs before that.16:33
harlowja@smoser did we start getting CI???16:47
harlowjaautomatic CI16:47
* harlowja just got message from diogo.matsubara+server-team-bot@canonical.com :-P16:48
naccheh, that should get renamed :)16:48
naccpowersj: --^16:49
naccharlowja: that was the server team's old QA person16:49
harlowjanice, ha16:49
naccharlowja: powersj is the new one16:49
powersjand yes.. CI is going16:49
naccharlowja: nad i think powersj resurrected CI16:49
harlowjais there any way to get the URLs accessible outside of canonical :)16:49
naccheh, probably a good thing to do :)16:49
harlowjadon't think i can view them (firewall...?)16:49
powersjIt just got through all the existing merge requests and is now on 5min cron to review16:49
naccand/or don't send internal URLs to an external list16:49
powersjYeah the CI jobs are internally ran16:50
harlowjaya, internally ran is fine, having the output vieweable would be nice16:50
harlowja(otherwise hard to know what broke)16:50
harlowjathat'd be sweet16:51
harlowjacool they are running though :)16:52
powersjok let me talk to smoser and rharper about it16:52
harlowjacool, thx powersj and nacc :)16:54
harlowjacool to see progress here16:54
harlowjasmoser where is git now ;)16:54
smoserpowersj, yeah, we want urls that are available...16:59
smosercurtin too17:00
powersjfigured :) this would mean a new jenkins instance17:00
Odd_Blokesimar: cloud-init will already have run when you launched the instance; it will have done hostname stuff and marked that as "done".  When you reboot, it will consider whether or not it needs to do it, see that it has already been done and skip doing it again.17:05
Odd_Blokesimar: (This is so that, for example, if you change your hostname away from what your cloud provider sets it to by default, it won't get reset every boot)17:05
powersjCI email address should be updated (at least my inbox says it is... holy cow)18:21

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