kjackalHello juju world!05:44
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magicaltroutlightning talks today....09:21
magicaltrouthopefully mark has a good sense of humour.... https://imagebin.ca/v/2oh1GLMMHBVk09:22
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sharanData Server Manager product monitor the all DB2 which is present. I have deployed multiple units of DB2. In my Data server manager, it is having a relation with DB2 charm. It should get the all the DB2 units like private-address as well as db2Port,db2username, db2password of each unit in DSM charm. As DB2 interface uses Scope.Service, i am getting only one DB2 unit information. How do i get multiple DB2 unit information please help me o11:27
sharanData Server Manager product monitor the all DB2 which is present. I deployed multiple units of DB2. In my Data server manager, it is having a relation with DB2 charm. It should get the all the DB2 units like private-address as well as db2Port,db2username, db2password of each unit in DSM charm. As DB2 interface uses Scope.Service, i am getting only one DB2 unit information. How do i get multiple DB2 unit information please help me on thi11:28
sharanData Server Manager product monitor the all DB2 which is present. I deployed multiple units of DB2. In my Data server manager, it is having a relation with DB2 charm. It should get the all the DB2 units like private-address as well as db2Port,db2username, db2password of each unit in DSM charm. As DB2 interface uses Scope.Service, i am getting only one DB2 unit information. How do i get multiple DB2 unit information please help me on thi12:32
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lazyPowermagicaltrout BRILLIANT!13:05
lazyPowersharan - you will need to change the scope of the relationship to scope: unit, and handle each conversation13:05
lazyPowermagicaltrout - https://www.sunfrog.com/LINUX-SYSTEM-ADMINISTRATION--WE-DO-T4-Dark-Grey-Guys.html?7028313:07
lazyPowernice deq13:08
magicaltrouti feel like I should own one13:08
* lazyPower approves13:08
lazyPowervery tongue in cheek :)13:09
magicaltroutthe presentation tonight is a similar thing to what we discussed in juju re: adoption13:09
magicaltroutif you tell everyone they're going to have  to rip their existing stuff out13:10
magicaltroutthey'll tell you to get lost13:10
magicaltroutwhich hinders adoption13:10
magicaltroutso i figured i might as well make an amusing lightning talk out of it13:10
jrwrenthat is a REALLY good point. I've thought for a while that a nice pattern would be to allow any setting that is set by a relation to be overridden by config. That way juju deployed apps could play nicely with existing apps.13:11
sharanlazyPwer-will it work if i change scope:unit? handle each conversation means, i need to handle that in my DSM charm by having for loop13:11
magicaltroutyeah jrwren and why in a juju context puppet/chef etc interoperability either by embedding modules or whatever is important13:12
magicaltroutbecause companies already have all their automation stuff13:12
sharani have update the DB2 interface scope:service to scope:unit right13:12
magicaltroutif you tell them they need to throw it all in the bin, they'll just ignore you13:12
lazyPowersharan - right, any unit that's not currently broadcasting its information on the relationship will need to be updated to scope:unit, and you'll need to iterate over each conversation and handle it appropriately13:13
lazyPowersharan - mbruzek and i have an example of this in some of our relationship interfaces we've done. I'm sure there are others though.  as an example, here is a peer relationship that is scope unit  - https://github.com/juju-solutions/interface-etcd/blob/master/peers.py13:14
sharanok let me go through this link, thanks13:15
lazyPowerand for a slightly more complex example, here is the peering interface for layer-tls  https://github.com/juju-solutions/interface-tls/blob/master/peers.py  - its managing certificate signing requests, and managing host details.13:15
sharanso after updating scope in interface then i need to change some code in DB2 charm also right13:16
lazyPoweryeah, mostly you'll need to iterate over the conversations and address as appropriate.13:20
lazyPowerconv = self.conversations();  for unit in conv: # do something useful here like unit.set_remote(data={'foo':'bar'})13:21
lazyPowermagicaltrout - today kicks off with a phil collins diddy - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRY1NG1P_kw13:21
magicaltroutactually I was listening to a bit of phil collins today13:23
magicaltroutbut with a sligtht twist13:23
magicaltroutthe guy playing the final solo at 17mins is pretty epic13:24
sharanlazyPower - in DB2 charm i have to use self.conversations(); to iterate each unit right. I have never used this in any of my charm but i saw this code in DB2 interface "provides.py" and "requires.py" files13:25
lazyPowersharan - link to your interface code?13:25
lazyPoweroooo magicaltrout :fire:13:26
sharanlazyPower - http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ibmcharmers/interface-ibm-db2/trunk/files13:26
* lazyPower looks13:27
lazyPowerhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ibmcharmers/interface-ibm-db2/trunk/view/head:/provides.py#L73  -- yep you're already working with the same primitives i was speaking to. this line here http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ibmcharmers/interface-ibm-db2/trunk/view/head:/provides.py#L7313:27
lazyPoweryou're using that same iterator and pulling the charm unit-name from teh conversation.13:28
lazyPowerand sorry about hte double link paste.... hurr durr i need coffee13:28
* lazyPower goes to put the kettle on13:28
lazyPowersharan - make sure you're familiar with https://jujucharms.com/docs/devel/developer-layers-interfaces#communication-scopes13:32
lazyPowerpay special attention to the example that is scope unit13:33
marcoceppicory_fu kwmonroe it's demo time, whats the best bundle to deploy for big software13:34
marcoceppilots of bigdata people here13:34
magicaltroutwhere you at marcoceppi ?13:35
lazyPowerDOD Minnesota13:35
lazyPowerer Minneapolis13:35
magicaltroutclose enough ;)13:35
marcoceppimagicaltrout: if you've got something too ;)13:35
* magicaltrout adds "finishing off apachedrill" to his todo list13:37
sharanlazyPower -  thanks, i will look into the link shared by you13:44
lazyPowersharan np. let me know how you get along after reviewing the source material. I think it's pretty straight forward but if there's anything we can improve there for clarity i'd love to get your feedback13:47
cory_fumarcoceppi: Sorry, was afk.  https://jujucharms.com/hadoop-processing/ is good.13:47
cory_fuIt's the Bigtop Hadoop bundle13:47
cory_fuhttps://jujucharms.com/apache-processing-mapreduce/ if you want more units13:47
lazyPowermagicaltrout - ok my response to your big band https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKXBAw5K6Fg13:48
* lazyPower wishes we still had turntable.fm now13:48
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* magicaltrout wonders how far he can push the lighthearted trolling without getting kicked out of the sprint14:50
acovrigI have 3 machines running 16.04 from MAAS; I would like to use them as a VM failver cluster; is juju->openstack-base/43 the right way to go?14:53
magicaltroutjcastro: i got turned down for linuxcon.... sad times15:21
magicaltroutjcastro: i got accepted for mesoscon..... good times15:21
magicaltroutso you're dispatching me to amsterdam15:22
magicaltroutlazyPower: --^15:24
lazyPowerI wish i could come with15:24
lazyPowerIt would be great to tag-team the casuals15:24
magicaltroutdoes mean I have some work to do... only a month away :P15:28
lazyPowerwooo thats true16:17
lazyPoweragain, if there's anything I can do to lend a hand and make your presentation a success lmk16:17
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lazyPowercory_fu https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-tls/pull/42/files17:03
lazyPowermind taking a look there? I think this was along the lines of what we had discussed17:03
cory_fulazyPower: +117:05
cory_fulazyPower: Oops.  https://github.com/juju/plugins/pull/6817:31
cory_fuAnybody seen this error before?  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/20203784/17:47
cory_fu(This is on AWS)17:47
lazyPoweri have not, and thats an odd duck cory_fu17:48
lazyPowerthat looks like the image is missing core system components17:48
cory_fuIt was working on this instance a few minutes ago17:49
lazyPowerwas this a single hiccup or is this consistently happening?17:49
cory_fuIt worked, and now it's failing consistently17:49
cory_fuhttp://www.sillycodes.com/2015/06/quick-tip-couldnt-create-temporary-file.html saved my bacon17:51
lazyPowerah so the rest of that was red herring17:52
lazyPowercleaning up the apt bits worked, good to know17:52
magicaltrouthere's a very weird observation..... its funny how different the juju dev team is to the snaps dev team20:42
mgzin what way?20:45
magicaltroutthe type of person20:46
magicaltroutthats not a bad thing in either case, but the juju team is much more US based I guess than the snaps team and of course that makes a difference in interaction20:47
lazyPoweryou mean we're more optimistic? :D20:56
magicaltroutif i'm  honest i'd probably call you more "ballttle hardened"20:58
magicaltrout(except for marcoceppi )20:59
magicaltroutstupid wifi lag: battle hardened20:59
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lazyPowerwe're battle hardened21:08
lazyPowerhear that jrwren? He called us a noble steed21:08
marcoceppimagicaltrout: great observation21:11
jrwrenwell, I know /I/ am.21:13
jrwrenbut I'd have called marcoceppi the most battle hardened.21:13
jrwrennot the exception.21:13
lazyPoweryou're not wrong :)21:27
petevgcory_fu, kjackal, kwmonroe: I think that we may need to come up with a better way of ensuring that the patches in the bigtop base layer actually match up with the code that we merge upstream.21:49
petevgI'm kind of in tool hell with the kafka patches right now -- in order to get the charm to deploy, I need to patch on top of what's in the patches directory, but that's different than the code that I actually want to submit upstream.21:50
petevg(I think that the solution is probably to sync up the BIGTOP-1624.patch file first; I think that I can do some git magic to make that process a little less painful.)21:51
petevgActually, github does the magic for me -- just needed to add .patch to the url of the old PR. Awesome :-)21:52
arosalesany ~charmers around?22:03
arosalesbased off recent reviews in22:03
arosalesand https://code.launchpad.net/~jamesj/charms/trusty/haproxy/xenial-support/+merge/29919622:03
arosalesit looks like we can land these22:03
arosalesjust needs a charmer , and I think we need to update the charms to get them in a non-lp ingestion world22:04
arosaleslazyPower: ? ^22:05
* lazyPower looks22:07
lazyPowerarosales - have we found resolution on https://code.launchpad.net/~jamesj/charms/trusty/haproxy/xenial-support/+merge/299196/comments/772700?22:08
arosalesah mult-series and charm push22:09
lazyPowerwho needs access to it?22:11
lazyPoweri can go ahead and start the process but i think there's more to be done here,22:11
arosaleslazyPower: so we can't just bzr branch the latest and then push because it would be under your name space correct?22:12
lazyPowerwell, thats what i'm saying. we can create the new lp group and push it, and i am happy to add any maintainers.   This will wind up unpromulgating the precise charm however22:12
arosalesfor haproxy James Jesudason (jamesj)  needs it according the the MP and the landscape team I also think needs it according to dpb1_22:13
lazyPoweris that something we're super concerned about?22:13
arosalesdoes this one support precise?22:13
dpb1_I don't care about precise, no22:13
lazyPowerok, give me a bit to take a look and i'll work those tickets22:14
arosaleslazyPower: it doesn't looks like it does22:14
arosalesdpb1_: well I wonder if others do though22:14
arosaleshmm, 36 deploys with https://jujucharms.com/haproxy/precise/3622:15
arosaleswhy  can't precise by eol already22:15
dpb1_arosales: they can use old versions just fine22:15
arosalesdpb1_: old version of the charm?22:15
dpb1_the readme could even be updated if that is really something we are concerned about...22:16
arosaleslazyPower: what name space would https://jujucharms.com/haproxy/precise/36 go to if you were to charm push the trusty/xenial charm?22:16
arosalesdpb1_: I am guessing the precise one isn't in use, but trying to have some due dilligence22:16
dpb1_sure, I respect that22:16
arosalesI hear you :-)22:17
dpb1_but, yes, thanks for giving it a good think22:17
arosalesprecise is killing us in reactive to22:17
arosalesperhaps we email the juju list and just ask if we can deprecate precise charms22:17
arosales lazyPower same issues with https://code.launchpad.net/~stub/charms/trusty/nrpe/py3/+merge/300153 ?22:18
arosalesnrpe doesn't look to touch the series22:19
lazyPowerno i think nrpe is just a push22:19
* lazyPower double checks22:19
lazyPowerhttps://jujucharms.com/nrpe/ - yeah, there's already a push target for xenial22:20
lazyPoweroh wait, no, this is the older lp ingested target, so that will require another owner22:20
lazyPowerwhich in turn creates the same problem if nrpe is not multi-series, iirc, promulgation works across series, and this would cause the trusty nrpe to drop unless we copy/push to the same owner org22:21
lazyPowerjrwren ^ check my math?22:21
arosalesya https://jujucharms.com/q/nrpe looks to support all series22:22
arosalesso we would need to add a series to the meta-data as well22:23
arosaleslazyPower: can you school me on why we  can't just push then promulgate?22:23
arosaleswhy we need to move the charm under a new name space22:23
arosalesI guess cause the owner of the charm would show as the person who pushed the charm, correct?22:24
lazyPowerthe short answer - is ~charmers shouldn't own anything. we're a fixture of the store, not the owners of everything good :)22:24
arosaleslazyPower: so the process should look like22:24
lazyPowerbut there's another answer thats longer winded that i'm not fully certain i remember. it has to do with push targets though, and how ownership works in the newer store model22:24
arosales1. make a new lp group with charm-<service-name>22:24
arosales2. add current maintainer(s) of the charm as admins including ~charmers22:25
arosales3. push the charm under the new group name22:25
arosales0. See if the new push unpromulgates any other charms22:25
marcoceppiarosales: you don't need 2 anymore, for ~charmers22:25
marcoceppisince we don't ingest anymore22:25
marcoceppiarosales: also, <service-name>-team is a better name for lp22:26
lazyPoweri did <app>-charmers22:26
marcoceppilazyPower: don't22:26
lazyPowerbut i'm not married to any of that22:26
marcoceppicharmers is too confusing for people not familar with "charmers" as a concept22:26
arosalesI have see <app>-charmers more22:26
marcoceppiit's tested poorly with user testing22:26
marcoceppi<app>-team or something similar is better22:26
arosalesok, we should document this somewhere22:26
arosalesmarcoceppi: doesn't ~charmers need to be a part of the new team so folks like lazyPower can do the initial push?22:27
marcoceppiarosales: no22:27
arosalesso what team would lazyPower  push nrpe under then?22:28
lazyPowernrpe-team i assume22:28
arosalesmarcoceppi: sorry I meant docs some where other than obscure irc logs22:28
lazyPoweror nagios-team22:28
marcoceppiarosales: file a bug on docs, this just shook out last week from the design folks22:28
arosaleswill do22:28
arosalesfor docs22:28
arosalesbut on the team name22:28
marcoceppitbh, the <blah>-charmers isn't documented anywhere either22:28
lazyPoweri'm less concerned with the team name22:29
lazyPowerthats painting the bikeshed22:29
arosaleslets say we create <nrpe>-team22:29
lazyPowermore concerned with validating my statements above that i remember this correctly22:29
arosalesteam thre just seems redundant22:29
arosaleshow does lazyPower push a new charm under nrpe-team if he or charmers isn't included as a member of the new group?22:29
arosalessorry I am being dense here22:30
marcoceppiarosales: well, he needs to be a member.22:30
arosalesah ok22:30
marcoceppicharmers doesn't push for people, we simply promulgate22:30
arosalesI was just saying add ~charmers in general22:30
marcoceppiarosales: why though?22:30
marcoceppiwe have no dog in that teams charm22:30
arosalesfor initial promulgation22:30
marcoceppidon't need it22:30
marcoceppiwe can promulgate even without being in the team22:30
marcoceppipromulgation is an implicit action, allowed to anyone in ~charmers, against an entity22:31
arosalesI guess we could just add the person doing the initial push if that person isn't an active maintainer of said charm22:31
arosalesack on promulgation22:31
arosalesI am just hung up on the initial push22:31
arosalesit sounds like in that case we just make lazyPower a member of nagios-team22:31
arosaleslazyPower: does the initial push under nagios-team22:32
lazyPowerarosales - so your steps were fairly spot on22:32
marcoceppiarosales: let the team do the push22:32
lazyPowerbut yeah, ^22:32
marcoceppiwhy are we doing things for people, if they're going to own, let them own it22:32
arosalescause its an infrastructure change22:32
marcoceppiit's not22:32
arosalesit is22:32
marcoceppianyone in ~nagios-team can run `charm push . ~nagios-team/nagios`22:32
marcoceppiyou don't need a charmer for that22:33
lazyPowerin an ideal world, jamesj will have pushed this to nagios-team/nrpe22:33
arosalesbut sure we can also the maintainers to do it22:33
lazyPowerand i just come along ahd issue charm promulgate on its published revision22:33
arosalesmarcoceppi: agreed any person in nagions-team can push, that is my point is in adding lazyPower22:33
lazyPowerarosales - this is in the copy of hte new revq22:33
arosalesbut it is a infrastructure change22:33
arosalesfrom LP ingestion to charm push22:33
marcoceppithe teams going to have to do the next push22:33
marcoceppithey need to learn how to do it22:33
arosalesjust looking for ways to ease that on charm authors22:33
marcoceppius doing it affords us nothing in the long term22:33
arosaleswe can certainly ask the maintainer to do the push and even set up the team22:34
arosalesbut we should note that it is due to the move to charm push, which is infrastructure change22:34
arosalesfair point on maintainers knowing where their code lives22:34
lazyPowerhttps://www.evernote.com/l/AX4egQ_nhRRCSaoWHZgwEnxC-k7lQc_EBI8B/image.png  -- as we're working towards this end goal, here's a clip of reference material that will help soften the distribution of knowledge here22:35
arosales I think we just need to refer folks to some sort of page that tells them what to do22:35
marcoceppiarosales: the documentations.22:35
arosales1. make an lp team with <app-name>-team22:35
arosales2. add maintainers to the team22:36
arosales3. charm push22:36
arosales4. ping in here for promulgation until new review queue is running22:36
arosalescorrect marcoceppi ^22:36
* marcoceppi eod22:36
arosalesmarcoceppi: I don't think https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/authors-charm-store explains the steps we specifically need here to move a charm from LP auto-ingestion to charm push22:39
arosalesbut I'll file a bug and take it from there have a good evening, thanks for the info22:39
arosaleslazyPower: I'll ping maintainers of nrpe and haproxy and give them the instructions to move to non-lp charm push22:40
arosalesuntil the review queue is ready I'll ask folks to ping in here for promulgation22:40
blahdeblahWhile we have a few ecosystem folks around, I have a question: do you have any guidelines for writing reactive charms in a "defensive" manner that guards against race conditions?  Yesterday I spent most of my day fixing those in a couple of our charms.22:41
lazyPowerarosales - ok so, pause working those tickets until tomorrow?22:41
lazyPowerits nearly 6, so i'm good to hold until tomorrow ;)  but if they are emergent i can triage and deal with whatever mess i create :)22:42
arosaleslazyPower: ya per marcoceppi suggestion we need to get the maintainers to push22:42
blahdeblahAlso, any best practices on how to automate branch management (in both bzr & git) of layer source vs. built layers?22:42
lazyPowerok, i'll follow up in the morning then.22:42
arosaleslazyPower: no many thanks for the help and sticking around to make sure its all wrapped up well22:42
lazyPowerblahdeblah - we haven't been versioning the assembled charms outside of what is pushed to the store. we only concern ourselves with keeping the layer in DVCS22:43
blahdeblahlazyPower: So that works for public charms; what about private ones?22:43
lazyPowerblahdeblah - same :)22:44
lazyPoweryou dont have to add --acl=READ everyone22:44
lazyPowerthats only if you *want* the charm to be public. You can give a select few people read access to your charm, which will prevent it from showing up in search/etc.22:44
blahdeblahHmmm.  Doesn't it require charmers permission to push charms to the store?22:44
lazyPoweryou can push charms to your namespace22:44
blahdeblahIncluding team namespaces?22:45
lazyPowerwhen its g2g for promulgation, we will ask you add the everyone read, and we then promulgate from your namespace22:45
arosalesas long as you are a member22:45
blahdeblahOK - might have to look into that.  stub, mthaddon ^ FYI22:45
arosalesblahdeblah: https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/authors-charm-store should explain it22:46
arosalesbut if it doesn't file a bug at https://github.com/juju/docs/issues/new22:46
blahdeblaharosales, lazyPower: What about the issue of writing reactive charms "defensively"?  Any good resources?22:46
arosaleswe know we can make it better, just need feedback22:46
arosalesblahdeblah: that is a tougher one22:46
blahdeblahyer not wrong :-)22:47
lazyPowerblahdeblah - when you say defensively, what d you mean?22:47
arosalesI don't think we have any docs on it, but seems like a good candidate for best practices22:47
blahdeblahlazyPower: I mean at the moment it's really easy to shoot yourself in the foot22:47
lazyPoweri'm still not sure i follow22:48
arosalesin creating states what are the best practices so one doesn't deadlock themselves22:48
blahdeblah^ that right there22:48
blahdeblahdeadlock is bad; race conditions that mean that charms sometimes work and sometimes randomly fail in CI is even worse, IMO22:48
blahdeblahlazyPower: example: https://code.launchpad.net/~paulgear/charms/trusty/grafana/layer-grafana-reactive-states-fix/+merge/30054722:49
arosalesya deadlock we can usually  reproduce and debug, race that is just a hard to debug22:49
blahdeblahlazyPower: if you read through the target branch of that merge, there are some conditions that simply weren't guaranteed to work in the right order22:50
lazyPowerraces can be guarded against, but your reactive modules become a huge stack of states22:50
lazyPoweri encoutered this very problem with ETCD earlier today and had mattrae help debug it22:50
blahdeblah*huge stack of necessary states <-- FTFY :-)22:50
blahdeblahSo in that particular example we had the admin password of grafana getting reset on every run of the update-status hook, and the db initialisation getting tried before the db existed22:51
lazyPowerso the admin pasword being set - why isn't that a state?22:51
blahdeblahIt is now :-)22:51
lazyPowerthats basically my answer though, is to split apart your states to be more granular and even adopt some singleton states22:52
lazyPowermeaning they only have a single context and are quite silly, but keep you from running the same method block 10000000x22:52
blahdeblahMy point is that going into writing reactive charms without a really clear plan and knowing the pitfalls can result in this.22:52
lazyPoweryes it can22:52
lazyPoweryou are not wrong at all22:52
blahdeblahAnd it would be good to have some patterns & anti-patterns documented somewhere22:52
lazyPowerwe need to just put cory_fu on paper. he's got a ton of patterns and anti-patterns22:53
arosalesbut at least collecting a few them in best practices would help folks22:53
arosalesas a starting point22:53
lazyPowerarosales - you're really pounding the drum of docs today...22:53
arosalesblahdeblah: I'll also file a docs bug on that22:53
lazyPowerdoes this mean i'm going to see not bruzer and lazy doc commits soon?22:54
blahdeblahIf I get a chance to start on this, where and in what form would you like my thoughts?22:54
arosaleslazyPower: if users don't know about it then its not a feature22:54
lazyPower(dont mind me nic and team, you guys do it all <3)22:54
arosalesblahdeblah: https://github.com/juju/docs/issues/new22:54
blahdeblaharosales: So just start an issue for best practices docs and throw things in there as they come up?22:55
arosalesblahdeblah: I'll start the issue, and you can comment. We'll probably start with an initial page then take pulls and issues to continually update as we learn more.22:56
blahdeblahIs there any ability to add graphviz (or graphviz-like) diagrams to the docs that way?22:56
arosaleslazyPower: we all need to do more doc commits :-)22:56
arosalesjuju 2.0 is the default now in the store and in docs22:56
lazyPowerblahdeblah - so, there's some interesting conversation around that22:56
lazyPowerblahdeblah - i was using omnigraffle, but i did stumble across a markdown javascript lib that gives you the ability to make inline flow/uml charts22:56
lazyPoweri know, markdown javascript lib?  give me a sec to find the link, it'll blow your mind22:57
blahdeblahlazyPower: omnigraffle - that's like a proprietary package that's only available on proprietary OS platforms, right? :-P22:57
lazyPowerits embedded in this markdown editor -- i think its the mathjax lib22:58
blahdeblahI'll be giving omnigraffle a flying miss... :-)22:58
* lazyPower redirects the obvious trolling about my choice in diagramming software to the real conversation about the js lib embedded in this markdown editor22:58
arosalesblahdeblah: https://github.com/juju/docs/issues/126322:59
blahdeblahlazyPower: Sorry dude; for me, it's still all about the licensing. :-)22:59
blahdeblahI just want to be able to put stuff like http://graphviz.org/content/fsm or http://graphviz.org/content/traffic_lights in docs22:59
lazyPowerthere's nothing stopping you from comitting an svg and embedding it as an image23:00
blahdeblahLooks like that's what existing docs use, e.g. https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/developer-getting-started23:01
blahdeblahthanks arosales - will put some thoughts there23:01
lazyPoweroh you like my graphs? :)23:01
lazyPoweri did those23:01
blahdeblahWith some proprietary app, no doubt. :-P23:02
arosalesblahdeblah: thanks for adding your thoughts to it23:02
lazyPowerWhy you gotta hate on my non-proprietary pngs23:02
* lazyPower sulks in the corner23:02
blahdeblahlazyPower: The results are just fine. :-)23:03
lazyPower<3 ;)23:03
lazyPowerarosales - we good then on all of the above? i need to run to catch a dinner date23:03
arosaleslazyPower: I think we are good for today23:03
arosaleshave a good evening23:03
arosalesthanks for the help23:03
lazyPoweraight, same bat channel /time tomorrow then23:04
* lazyPower doffs hat23:04
arosalesyou know it23:04
blahdeblahthanks guys23:06
jrwrenlazyPower: i'm not sure, but I think so... 1hr ago :]23:13
magicaltroutlook what happens when my battery goes flat and canonical employees buy me beer23:36
magicaltroutyou lot have a bit fat irc chat23:37
lazyPowerits like we knew23:37
lazyPowerjrwren - gracias23:37
magicaltroutinstead someone from opensuse told me brexit was cool! ;)23:38
lazyPowerwhat conference are you at?23:39
magicaltroutSnappy Sprint23:40
lazyPoweroh right, i knew this23:40
magicaltroutwell got invited by dustin23:41
magicaltroutshowed up23:41
magicaltroutflamed ya boss23:41
magicaltrouthave a hangout with Bill Bauman tomorrow23:42
magicaltroutsounds like a regular week23:42
magicaltroutoooh lazyPower unlike kostas Mark knew who you were and infact told me to speak to you re DC/OS.....23:46

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