flexiondotorgMartin for Ubuntu MATE here. Just wondering how the Kubuntu 16.04.1 image testing is going?07:04
acheronukI haven't had a chance myself. Yesterday the isotracker links to the images were even broken07:08
acheronukah. fixed this morning. that helps!07:09
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jimarvanGood morning peeps08:40
santa_jimarvan: good morning08:49
jimarvanhey yofel09:02
jimarvanall alright?09:02
yofeljimarvan: somwhat09:29
yofelI could use less heat :P09:29
yofelsanta_: you want to reply to ben's email about packager access to depot, 09:49
yofel"Just as a final reminder, i've yet to see responses from:09:49
yofel- Siduction </snip others>09:49
yofelThe accounts for the above will be closed based on the lack ofresponse in 2 days time."09:49
santa_yofel: I did, did you got the mail CC'ed to kubuntu-devel?09:52
yofelsanta_: no, what mail? (maybe it's in the moderation queue?)09:52
santa_yofel: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2016-July/010545.html09:53
santa_maybe your filters sent it to other folder09:53
yofelah, possibly09:53
yofelsanta_: key added09:55
yofeluser is ftpubuntu09:55
santa_yofel: ack, where did you get my key? I have several09:57
yofelsanta_: launchpad09:57
santa_yofel: nice, thank you, just reconfigured ssh, tested and works10:04
santa_clivejo, yofel: btw I finished adding qt support to the bd bumping system, I tested it doing a test rebuild of frameworks and plasma10:15
santa_everything built fine i.e. no hanging builds because of an incorrect versioned build depend10:16
santa_testing also with applications as we speak10:16
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Can someone look at plasma 5.7.1 staging please?10:27
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Figure out why breeze won't build on Xx10:27
yofelClifford: acheronuk figured that out (see #kde-neon), needs a fix for qtchooser10:48
acheronukyofel: clivejo Which 30s ago I uploaded10:49
acheronukhopefully that will fix it, or at least get it a stage closer anyway10:52
santa_what's the problem with qtchooser?10:53
acheronuksanta_: needed http://packaging.neon.kde.org/cgit/qt/qtchooser.git/commit/?h=Neon/release&id=b8d8e0eba28299b260f8ba887b017a447a5aecd010:55
acheronukif the backport was going to work for xenial10:55
santa_acheronuk: ah, ok, nothing to worry for my current tests10:59
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Ah its a Qt issue11:42
acheronukyes, and breeze just built :)11:43
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Acheronuk use the retry script to poke the rest on11:47
acheronukI have no idea how or where that is. lol11:48
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Kubuntu automation11:49
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Should be an example in readme11:50
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Sorry I'm not at computer at the moment11:50
acheronukwhile true; do ./kubuntu-retry-builds -r plasma --ppa=kubuntu-ppa --ppaname=staging-plasma --force; sleep 1200; done11:51
* soee is going to buy https://www.amazon.co.uk/LG-29UC97C-Ultrawide-2560x1080-Speakers/dp/B010PVTFJK11:53
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Yes. But drop the while loop11:57
acheronukso just ./kubuntu-retry-builds -r plasma --ppa=kubuntu-ppa --ppaname=staging-plasma --force11:57
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Yup11:58
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> 20 mins isn't enough time at the moment11:58
acheronuk20 mins?11:58
acheronukoh, right11:59
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> That while loop runs the script every 20 mins11:59
acheronukyes, sorry. just realised that obviousness after I typed11:59
acheronukCould not find package filepackage-name-lists/plasma-wily for package12:02
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> -d xenial12:08
acheronukclivejo: -s option to specify xenial?12:08
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Or update the script to default to xenial :)12:08
acheronukI think that is running. I will update it later, as that seems an obvious thing to set now12:10
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Can you keep poking it after plasma-intregration12:45
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Publishes12:45
acheronukyes, just have done12:48
clivejoacheronuk: what was wrong with Qt chooser?13:00
clivejoah I see13:01
clivejocan you copy the fixed package to KCI too please?13:02
clivejoacheronuk: get anywhere with asking for a KDE bouncer?13:05
acheronukclivejo: I'm on it now13:05
clivejoah nice13:05
acheronukugly hostname cloak, but not really fussed on that13:06
clivejocant you get a community cloak?13:07
acheronukprobably. I may ask...13:09
clivejoacheronuk: fancy staging plasma 5.7.2?13:16
acheronukcan do. :)13:17
clivejoand testing santa_ 's new scripts to bump qt and plasma deps at the same time13:17
acheronukgoing to have to talk me through that again13:19
clivejoprobably need santa_ on hand as Im not sure of the new script options myself13:19
santa_acheronuk, clivejo: yeah13:20
santa_I'm here13:20
santa_so ... lets try the new scriptery?13:20
clivejoso we want to stage plasma 5.7.2 using the scripts can you guide us?13:20
* clivejo opens a new notepad13:21
santa_of course I might need to fix/adjust some things on the fly13:21
davmor2hey guys is anyone testing for 16.04.1?13:21
santa_I will do at the same time a test against tritemio13:21
clivejois there a certain directory structure?13:24
santa_before anything lets clone this branch https://code.launchpad.net/~panfaust/+git/kubuntu-automation/+ref/work13:24
clivejocan you guide us through from beginning13:24
santa_it has the recently added support for qt13:24
santa_yes, just clone that branch and add it to the PATH13:25
santa_so we have something like13:26
santa_$ which git-clone-all13:26
santa_this way we won't have to type the full paths of the commands13:26
santa_let me know when you are done13:27
clivejoIve just removed the regular KA and clones yours instead13:27
clivejoso Im done13:28
acheronukditto. I hope13:28
santa_ok, before anything, lets download the tarballs13:29
santa_lets change the version in conf/versions.json of plasma13:30
clivejothis also where we can set build deps bumps for Qt, FW etc?13:31
acheronukdone also I hope13:32
santa_not yet, lets go step by step13:32
santa_now lets do the download of tarballs13:33
santa_$ download-tarballs -r plasma13:33
acheronukin a clean workdir?13:34
clivejowhere does it put them?13:34
santa_the location where the tarballs are downloaded is configured in conf/tarball-locations.json13:34
acheronuk~/kde-ftp/... 13:35
clivejowhy is plasma plasma-next 13:35
clivejoyet frameworks is just frameworks13:36
santa_we can change that, indeed13:36
santa_historically I called it plasma-next because it wasn't clear the name of plasma 513:37
santa_this scriptery comes from my early siduction times13:37
acheronukdownloaded anyway13:37
santa_ok, now lets create a fresh directory for plasma git repos13:39
clivejook, finished too13:39
santa_something like $ mkdir plasma-test13:40
santa_$ cd plasma test13:40
clivejoI put it in my home :/13:41
santa_acheronuk: wherever you want13:41
santa_also the name of the directory is irrelevant13:41
acheronukI just did the same as clivejo 13:41
santa_now $ git-clone-all -r plasma inside the directory13:41
acheronukklone wars13:42
clivejodo you check anywhere for new or removed packages?13:42
santa_the list of packages is obtained from ftp13:43
santa_so any new will be there13:43
santa_but there is no way to find out about missing packages yet13:43
clivejowhat happens if there is a new package, but no git?13:43
santa_it will fail and will say it in the summary13:43
acheronuk"All packages were cloned succesfully"13:44
santa_that's the summary13:44
santa_however whenever you can feel free to test with applications13:44
santa_in applications kdelibs will fail, so you can see the behaviour13:44
clivejodue the to naming?13:45
santa_we agreed on doing that one manually for now13:46
santa_once the packages are cloned: $ do-all git checkout kubuntu_yakkety_archive13:47
santa_so we will get to the branches we want to work on13:47
clivejosanta_: this is one part that messed me about a bit13:47
clivejohow to you escape " in that do-all script13:48
yofelfor what?13:48
clivejoie if I wanted to do do-all git merge -m "Backporting to Xenial"13:48
santa_do we need to merge something for this release?13:49
clivejono, just curious13:49
santa_if no let's continue, but I will add that to my notes13:49
clivejoits a problem I hit before13:49
santa_note taken13:51
clivejosorry, just remembered13:51
santa_nah, it's good, this way I can re-check the stuff13:51
santa_ok, so ...13:52
santa_do we have the clones in the correct branch?13:52
clivejoI do13:52
santa_acheronuk ?13:53
acheronukseems so13:53
clivejoklones :P13:53
santa_ok, now it's time to prepare the build depends bumping13:54
santa_right now we already have a json for qt in dev-package-name-lists/qt-yakkety.json13:55
clivejois the dev-deps a manual or automatic process?13:55
santa_semi automatic13:55
santa_we update the json files inside dev-package-name-lists/ with the script dev-package-names-list13:55
clivejocan i ask the reason why it needs to be distro locked?13:55
santa_what you mean distro locked?13:56
clivejoie why do we need qt-xenial and qt-yakkety13:56
santa_we maight need different build depends for yakkety and xenial, for instance (I think)13:56
acheronuk"libenginio1-dev": "1.6.1~"?13:57
clivejoyofel: is there a case that would be true?13:57
santa_supose I'm working on a new frameworks and plasma releases for ubuntu unstable13:58
santa_and at the same time you work on a plasma point release for the last stable13:58
santa_and that my new plasma needs the new frameworks13:59
acheronukis that meant to be 1.6.1?13:59
santa_I think so13:59
santa_let me check where that comes from qt13:59
mparilloIs it time for ISO testers for 16.04.1? http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/363/builds14:00
santa_acheronuk: thanks for spotting it, I will have a look later14:03
santa_for now we can alter that file manually14:03
clivejo!info libenginio1-dev14:03
ubottuPackage libenginio1-dev does not exist in yakkety14:03
santa_and put 5.6.1~14:03
santa_oh, even better14:03
acheronukI don't recall it, but it didn't seem right14:03
yofelclivejo: yes, although the difference is really meant to be "stable" and "dev", where stable is for SRU's14:03
yofelbecause in the past we had overlapping release timelines for kde sc14:04
yofeland we will have that again for plasma LTS14:04
clivejoso it should be qt-stable and qt-dev?14:04
yofelyes, but then you need *another* mapping to say what release stable and dev belong to14:05
yofelso just using the series names was easier14:05
clivejoI see14:05
santa_note taken about the enginio bizarre thing, for now is harmless, so let's continue?14:06
santa_just as a note, no need to do this14:07
santa_inside a qt directory you can do git-clone-all -r qt14:08
santa_and then14:08
santa_$ dev-package-names-list -d yakkety -r qt14:08
santa_to get the map14:08
santa_but we already have the map, so lets skip that one14:08
santa_at this point, clivejo, what build depends we want to bump in this plasma release14:09
santa_qt, frameworks and plasma itself?14:09
clivejoId like to bump Qt, Frameworks should be already done and then Plasma from 5.7.1 to 5.7.214:09
clivejoalthough lets bump Framewworks too14:10
santa_should be a no-op but ok14:10
clivejoI added in some framework buld deps without a version, so this should fix those14:11
clivejoin theory14:11
clivejokwayland recent moved from plasma to frameworks14:11
clivejocan this script fix those?14:12
santa_you can create a frameworks directory14:12
santa_then git-clone-all14:13
santa_then do-all git checkout kubuntu_yakkety_archive14:13
santa_then dev-package-names-list -d yakkety -r plasma14:13
santa_clivejo: ↑ that should overwrite the map14:14
santa_take your time if you want to test that14:14
clivejonot -r frameworks?14:16
santa_ugh, sorry14:17
santa_-r frameworks14:17
clivejoseems to be ok - https://git.launchpad.net/~panfaust/+git/kubuntu-automation/tree/dev-package-name-lists/frameworks-yakkety.json?h=work14:17
clivejokwayland-dev is listed as 5.24.014:17
santa_ok, so now in plasma we want to bump the plasma itself + fw + qt14:18
santa_so we can do the map this way14:18
santa_inside the directory with the plasma clones:14:18
BluesKajHiyas all14:19
clivejohi BluesKaj14:20
santa_$ dev-package-name-list -d yakkety -r plasma -m frameworks qt14:20
clivejodoesnt run for me14:20
clivejowrite /home/clivejo/kubuntu-automation/dev-package-name-lists/plasma-yakkety.json14:21
santa_inspect the contents of that file14:21
santa_doesn't have now the map of plasma itself, frameworks and qt?14:21
clivejooh yes14:22
clivejoits all the build deps together?14:22
santa_yes, the -m option is meant to merge more stuff in the json file14:23
clivejoI see14:23
santa_you can understand the contents of dev-package-name-lists/plasma-yakkety.json as "build dependencies to be bumped for plasma"14:23
BluesKajhi clivejo14:24
acheronukdrat. big lag14:24
santa_clivejo, acheronuk: do we continue? (y/n)14:29
santa_acheronuk: are you ok?14:31
acheronukI was getting HUUUUUUGE lag.14:33
acheronukand my router than crapped out14:34
clivejoback with us?14:34
acheronuktypical when I'm trying to follow this14:34
santa_muphy's law14:34
acheronukseems ok again for now....14:34
acheronukbut give me 1 min14:35
santa_tell us when you are back14:35
acheronukok :)14:36
acheronukplasma-yakkety.json written14:37
santa_ok, lets see now a few scripts meant to be executed inside a git clone for a single package14:38
santa_lets cd to plasma-destop/git (inside the dir with all the plasma clones)14:39
santa_$ bump-build-dep-versions -d yakkety -r plasma14:39
santa_and $ git diff to see what it does14:39
santa_as you can see it doesn't alter the changelog but the control file14:40
clivejoit auto displays a diff14:40
santa_ah, maybe14:40
santa_ok now $ git checkout debian/control to revert the changes14:41
santa_that script is useful to test the bumping build dependency function14:41
clivejoyes that appears to be bumping Qt and Plasma packages14:41
santa_and not frameworks because it was already bumped14:42
acheronukame result here14:42
santa_also the script is idempotent, mening you can execute it several times and the result is the same14:42
santa_* meaning14:42
santa_ok, now lets try this14:45
santa_$ new-release -d yakkety14:45
santa_you should get something like this14:46
acheronukin what dir? if any?14:46
santa_like the other one is meant to be executed into the git clone14:47
santa_this way you can do it for all packages with $ do-all new-release -d yakkety14:47
santa_same for the previous script14:47
clivejoI get one line output14:48
acheronukoh. nice :)14:48
santa_clivejo: are you in the right directory?14:49
clivejoI dont like that git diff14:49
mparilloFor 16.04.1 (http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/363/builds), on the live ISO, the favorites are still empty in the Application Launcher.14:49
clivejosurely it shouldnt be making a completely new entry for 5.7.2?14:50
clivejoas 5.7.1 is UNRELEASED14:50
acheronukif it's UNRELEASED?14:50
santa_we can change that indeed14:51
santa_let me continue with other script more and I will fix new-release14:51
clivejoalso, we have been including the version recently too14:51
clivejoie   * New upstream release (5.7.2)14:52
santa_allrigh, I know14:52
clivejojust helps changelog readability 14:52
santa_ok, the other script: $ add-ppa-suffix -d yakkety14:53
santa_and this should alter the first line of changelog like this:14:53
santa_plasma-desktop (4:5.7.2-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.10~ppa1) yakkety; urgency=low14:54
clivejobut we shouldnt push that to git?14:54
santa_yeah thats why new-release and add-ppa-suffix are different scripts14:55
santa_so you could commit/push to git in between14:55
santa_clivejo: does the behaviour od add-ppa-suffix look right to you?14:56
clivejonot sure in this context14:57
santa_to make an upload to staging, is the version correct?14:57
clivejocurrently we use git-buildpackage-ppa which does this for us14:57
clivejosanta_: have you used the old tooling?14:58
santa_clivejo: nope as I never did uploads to anything official14:59
clivejowell that script when run in the git directory creates a PPA build15:00
clivejocreates a folder called build-area15:01
clivejofinds the Source tarball version on depot or downloads 15:01
clivejoand creates the source ready for upload to LP15:02
acheronukI'm going to have to go for about 2hrs in a min15:02
acheronukmore lag...15:04
santa_np we will resume later15:04
santa_in the meantime I will discuss with clivejo what we have so far and fix things15:04
acheronukI'll check the logs and be back on later15:05
santa_clivejo: I'm looking git-buildpackage-ppa15:10
clivejoit just grabs SC and using the current git creates an upload for us to dput to LP15:11
clivejogit-buildpackage-ppa -d xenial -y 16.04 will create a backport15:15
santa_also how does it deal with unreleased versions15:15
santa_i.e. uscan isn't good for doing this, is it?15:15
yofelit doesn't15:16
santa_my stuff does15:16
yofeleasiest workaround is to go to build-area, run pull-ppa-source to get the tarball, go back and try again15:16
yofeldoes your stuff work with single packages?15:17
yofelok, then git-buildpackage-ppa should eventually use that15:17
santa_maybe we should drop it, but I'm not sure15:18
santa_in any case see my pastebin there, I can't get it working15:18
yofelhow do you build ppa packages?15:18
yofelgbp:info: Moving '/home/santa/plasma/plasma-desktop/build-area/plasma-desktop-tmp' to '/home/santa/plasma/plasma-desktop/build-area/plasma-desktop-5.7.1'15:19
yofeldch warning: your current directory has been renamed to:15:19
santa_inside a git repository you can do15:19
yofelwait what?15:19
yofelwhy would it change the upstream version?!?15:19
santa_git-buildpackage bizarreness I guess?15:20
yofelgive me a sec15:20
santa_I don't have the changes commited or added with git add if that matters15:21
yofeldepends on what those changes are15:21
yofelbut gbp should just throw an error with uncommitted changes without trying to build anything15:21
yofeloh yeah, not committing actually causes that15:23
yofelsanta_: so yeah, commit first, then it'll work15:23
yofelwait, why is --git-ignore-new part of the options o.O15:24
yofelah, for local tests I think15:24
santa_yofel: it worked after commiting15:27
santa_yofel: how do I skip the signature of packages?15:38
santa_apparently you can pass options to debuild but I don't understand well how15:39
yofelsanta_: with git-buildpackage-ppa, you don't. Otherwise it's appending -us -uc to the options15:39
santa_parser.add_argument("options", nargs="*", help="debuild options")15:40
santa_yofel: ↑ I have the impresion this line doesn't work as expected15:40
yofelpossibly, I never tried using that15:41
santa_note taken, I might want to look further later15:43
ahoneybunjimarvan: join #kubuntu-podcast15:45
santa_yofel: maybe it should skip lintian, shouldn't it?15:46
santa_because there is already the status pages and such and saves time if you want to build a bunch of packages15:47
yofelit's used for non-tooling ppa uploads as well - without status pages15:47
yofelan option to turn that off during tooling run sounds sensible though15:47
santa_ok, note taken to look further later15:48
santa_yofel: I have been thinking about what we have right now and I would like to discuss a bit more about the upcoming fixes for the automation16:43
santa_the idea I have right now in mind for the new tooling is:16:43
santa_1. using "new-release" (with fixes) to create the new upstream changes16:43
santa_2. using your "gbp-buildpackage-ppa" (with fixed) to build the source package16:44
santa_3. using my "uploadsource" to upload the produced source packages16:45
santa_and they can be used wither with a single source package or all of a set via do-all16:45
santa_yofel: does sound right so far?16:45
maxyzsanta_: ping, Are you still working with siduction? Ben Cooksley is requiring a reply about the accounts access.17:21
soeegot my Plasma running fine on this: https://mediamarkt.pl/komputery-i-tablety/monitor-lg-29uc97c-b :D17:22
soee_with this screen i feel like using mac 17:40
soee_ahoneybun: ping17:42
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Pong17:45
soee_"Overlord Is Being Released For Linux Tomorrow"17:45
soee_gonna try this one ? :D17:46
yofelsanta_: sounds about right in general. tarball-dwonload and new-release should eventually get a wrapper that imitates staging-upload IMO (humans forget stuff), but for that archive sanity checking is still missing I think.18:02
yofelsanta_: not that there is also git-buildpackage-real which is for archive uploads18:03
santa_maxyz: replied18:04
yofelotoh, that's just a 2 line shell script..18:04
santa_yofel: ack, I'm fixing "new-release"18:04
jimarvanhelloz :D18:08
ahoneybunI've never played overlord soee_18:09
ahoneybunbut I'll look at it18:10
santa_yofel: fixed new-release, now it does this with the changelog https://paste.kde.org/pm101t6pk18:12
jimarvanwhere have I heard that before???18:13
jimarvanhmm let me look at it18:14
jimarvanI was checking some free linux games on Steam18:14
yofelsanta_: any reason why you're not simply using dch?18:14
jimarvana Half-life expansion and a card game18:14
jimarvanawesome really18:14
jimarvansoee_: OMG OMG :D is that game ported to Linux?18:15
santa_yofel: you mean dch instead of new-release?18:15
soee_jimarvan: release tomorrow 18:15
yofelsanta_: or that, yeah18:15
soee_jimarvan: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Overlord-Tomorrow-Linux18:15
santa_yofel: because we need to find out the latest upstream version, so even if we use dch we would have to wrap it around a script18:16
jimarvanmy god this is my dream 20 years now, awesome games in Linux :)18:16
santa_that would be what new-release does18:16
yofelsanta_: which was my original question, if there is one script that gives you the current upstream version, then new-release could be a 2 (or even 1) line shell script18:17
yofelyes, but if we implement a custom dch, changing options becomes more work, and we have yet more code to maintain18:17
santa_yofel: but new-release also bumps the build dependencies in control18:18
yofelnot having scripts do multiple things was the original idea of redoing the tooling..18:18
yofelthe wrapper that uses new-release should bump the dependencies, not new-release18:19
yofeli.e. what eventually replaces staging-upload18:19
yofelI'm fine with new-release being a shortcut wrapper itself, but I'm not a fan of having multiple layered wrapping18:20
yofelif new-release is a wrapper, then the new staging-upload is not supposed to use it18:21
santa_and it doesn't18:21
yofelso it would use dch?18:21
yofelhow would it then add changelog entries?18:22
santa_oh well18:23
santa_you want a wrapper doing so many things18:23
santa_let's dig into it18:24
yofelI'm fine with doing the responsibility splitting in steps, so for now this would be ok I guess. But if new-release will eventually get split up itself, then the whole changelog modification code feels like throw-away code as it duplicates dch...18:24
yofelsanta_: I want a wrapper that does everything eventually, so that whoever runs it doesn't forget a step as we have many of those.18:26
yofelbut those steps should themselves be independent so you could do them by hand if you need to18:26
yofelstaging-upload does the first, your tooling does the latter18:26
yofelnow we just need to figure out a good way to do both ;)18:27
santa_yofel: thats easy, we can just convert some scripts to libraries18:27
yofel(and I'm not much of a fan of code duplication, which is why I didn't understand why you partially re-implemented dch)18:27
yofeleither that or the wrapper will be a shell script18:28
santa_yofel: 1. you have to find out the latest version. that's done checking the ftp/cache with getFtpVersionMap18:33
santa_yofel: 2. you have to alter the changelog18:33
clivejoanyone able to test installation of Plasma 5.7.1 on Xenial?18:33
santa_and you can do 2. either a) calling a dch process b) using python-debian18:34
santa_yofel: and since I was already doing a python script, I just used python-debian18:34
yofelwell, keep that for now then as you already did the work18:35
santa_right now I'm using both the approach a) and b) but we can change the thing to use only a)18:37
acheronukclivejo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20209511/18:38
santa_yofel: also note about dch that it's behaviour may change very much depending on the configuration, so that should be done with time and care18:39
santa_for now we can go, as you said with the dubious current implementation18:39
yofelhm, that's a point, true18:40
santa_yofel: tell me more about your other issues with the "user interface", you also wanted a wrapper18:42
santa_do you want a staging-upload clone?18:43
santa_or something similar?18:43
acheronukclivejo: I note neon rebuild python-pyqt5, so that isn't removed wit their plasma18:50
clivejoI just uploaded YY rebuild to staging-ppa18:50
clivejoto see if that works18:50
acheronukclivejo yofel wpuld we need to follow suit?18:50
acheronukah, ok18:50
clivejowonder does discover need a no change rebuild18:51
clivejois it a no change rebuild in Neon?18:57
acheronukplasma-discover stays at our ppa version 5.6.5 here if I enable neon on a xenial box19:01
acheronukthis is what an upgrade to Neon dev edition unstable would do to this box as it stands now http://paste.ubuntu.com/20213328/19:09
acheronukso a few things Neon have done their own builds of there, besides just plasma/FW etc19:11
clivejokgamma5: git unclean or out of sync19:18
clivejokhotkeys: git unclean or out of sync19:18
clivejokinfocenter: git unclean or out of sync19:18
clivejokmenuedit: git unclean or out of sync19:18
clivejosddm-kcm: git unclean or out of sync19:18
clivejohow are they out of sync in like a week19:19
clivejoyofel: ping19:54
* acheronuk is about to give up on the internet for the day at this rate19:56
clivejowhats going on Rik?19:56
acheronukwon't work for more than 5 mins at a time without dropping for a while19:56
clivejohow long has that been going on?19:57
clivejoI read somewhere that BT is having issue?19:57
acheronukI'm not on BT, but I imagine it will effect other providers19:58
acheronukor it's just damn annoying coincidence20:01
clivejoproblem is its probably provided via BT wholesale20:01
acheronukThis is Sky, which is easyNet, but most are linked and do "peer sharing" of resources, so yes 20:03
clivejoif you have to pay a "line rental" its more than likely a resold BT package!20:04
acheronukPlus loads of people on BT will probably ask to use their friends/neighbours/relatives SkyBB  20:04
acheronukBT will be under there somewhere at some level20:05
clivejoBT need a good kick up the backside20:05
acheronukBT need to enable my cabinet for fibre... grrrr20:05
clivejoUK needs a BTexit20:06
acheronukLooks like Mirv has started builds again into https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-024/+packages for YY Qt 5.620:46
clivejoany 5.7 yet?20:52
acheronukyofel: for YY KCI and plasma staging, would it make more sense to use those packages ^^20:52
acheronukas they would more closely match what will eventually be in the YY archive?20:53
clivejoshouldnt be much difference to yourse20:54
acheronukclivejo: no, just 5.6.1 as far as I can see20:54
yofelyes, we should use those once they're ready20:55
yofeland 5.6 is all that's planned for yakkety, no 5.720:55
acheronukclivejo: shouldn't much diff in theory, but I would rather avoid any last minute nasty surprises with YY, as sounds like timing will be close to get it in20:55
yofelwe'll probably need an FFE anyway, unless qt makes it into proposed ~2 weeks before FF20:56
yofelearly FFE's are non-issues though20:57
acheronukyofel: that's a slight relief :)20:57
santa_yofel: I have changed git-buildpackage-ppa to interact nicely with the tarballs downloaded by "download-tarballs"21:03
santa_if it doesn't find it, it downloads with uscan21:04
santa_I could change it to download it from depot if it doesn't find it21:04
santa_but seems to me good enough for now21:04
yofelthat's already better, thanks21:06
santa_now I just need to do a "last" thing21:06
santa_change gpb-ppa to move the resulting stuff from ../build-area to .../upload21:06
santa_so uploadsource would upload what's in ../upload21:07
yofelcould you symlink it instead?21:07
* santa_ checks dcmd man page21:08
yofelor hardlink/copy, whatever works21:08
santa_yofel: hmm what about just moving it?21:08
yofelI would like to be able to expect the files to actually be in build-area where they're supposed to be21:09
yofelah, staging-upload does dcmd cp21:10
santa_oh, btw21:10
santa_git-buildpackage-ppa -- -us -uc21:10
santa_↑ to build unsigned21:10
yofelah right, gbp needed the --21:11
ScottKyofel: You might want to consider just syncing Kf5.  It doesn't look like you all are having time to deal with and and maxyz is doing a good job of keeping it up to date in Debian.21:11
yofelclivejo: your opinion ^21:12
clivejosorry, wasnt following21:13
yofelclivejo: just what scott said21:13
clivejodont understand the question21:16
clivejocan LP just auto sync with debian?21:16
yofelclivejo: drop packaging frameworks or not. You're doing most of that, so it's up to you21:16
yofelclivejo: it does that all the time for non-ubuntu-changed packages21:17
clivejoor we do a merge via our tooling every release?21:17
yofelthe idea is to *reduce* our workload, not increase it :P21:17
clivejoat the moment Im happy enough21:18
yofelwe would probably need to keep 2 or 3 packages merged by hand21:18
yofelbut we could just skip the rest21:18
clivejoactually doing it by hand help me learn21:18
clivejobut having Debian and KDE Neon archives to look at when I get stuck is very useful21:19
clivejoproblem is that if you automate things, thats great in the short term21:19
yofelclivejo: wouldn't you have enough to do just with plasma and apps?21:19
clivejobut long term the natural cycle of volenteers will mean we lose the skills to actually do to the packaging21:20
clivejois it something easy to setup (syncing directly with debian)21:21
yofelit is something that doesn't require setup21:21
yofelthe ubuntu archive auto-syncs packages without "ubuntu" in the version21:22
yofelall I would need to do is a one-time force-sync for every package21:22
yofelthe "problem" would be to figure out if we need any migration breaks/replaces for some packages21:22
yofeland one or two are not syncable21:22
ScottKIf it were me, I'd just sync all of Kf5 and see if anything broke.21:25
clivejocan we hold off for a while?21:25
ScottKIt'd be a lot less effort to fix any fallout than to manually review it all.21:25
jimarvandoes the frameworks packaging break that much?21:26
jimarvanoh i see for the non-ubuntu-changed packages21:26
yofelprobably not, but I'm not much of a fan of intentionally shipping potentially broken packages :/21:27
jimarvanye :/21:27
yofelwe had decided to do this at the beginning of yakkety, but then clive went ahead and just continued to update fw21:27
jimarvanI wonder how serious bug fixes are the kde frameworks21:28
clivejowell if that was the plan go for it21:28
yofelwell, there are no bugfix updates, so you just use the latest and greatest and hope for the best21:29
jimarvanye :D21:29
yofelclivejo: uh, didn't we talk about that for sever weeks?!?21:29
clivejoI cant remember !21:29
jimarvanclivejo, yofel if you have a team of 3-4 testers21:30
jimarvanso they check on a virtualbox if the frameworks work (generally checking bug fix list)21:30
jimarvanwould that help?21:30
valorieI remember -- sgclark and yofel were working on tooling, clivejo started with fw21:30
clivejobut you are RM and I know you think outside the box21:30
yofelwhat we haven't figured out is what to do with the CI21:31
valoriesgclark was working on applications, then got two jobs!21:31
sgclarkbusy yeah21:31
sgclarkstable ci is busted because of no namespaces. have not had time to sort that21:31
yofelsgclark: stable is gone for the time being (because busted), same are i386 builds21:32
yofelnow it ~kind of actually works21:32
yofelsgclark: how does one add new packages21:32
sgclarkyofel: let me look, been awhile21:32
yofelI haven't been able to figure that out21:33
yofeljimarvan: well, not bad an idea. We could probably put the debian builds in a PPA and see how it works out21:33
clivejoyofel: Ill go with whatever you think is best21:33
yofellet me sleep over this. I'm all for syncing in the archive, but for the CI I haven't made up my mind21:34
clivejoKCI could pull packaging direct from Alioth?21:34
yofelhm, true that21:34
valorieI'm setting up a new virt to test 16.04.1  right now21:34
yofelclivejo: sounds like a plan I guess21:34
yofelwe wouldn't be able to fix anything though21:34
yofelor we hack the merger to merge debian before building21:35
yofelwhich on second thought sounds like a nightmare21:35
jimarvanyou make the build, I try to break it on tests :P21:35
* mamarley kicks LP.21:36
sgclarkyofel: pangea-tooling/ci-tooling/data/projects then you need to run the update-projects.rb21:36
yofelfor that it actually has to build first :P21:36
jimarvantrue :P21:36
yofeloh, so it was update-projects21:36
yofelsgclark: ok thanks, I'll try to get that working21:36
acheronukI'll work with whatever people think is best also21:37
jimarvangoing to have a nap, was such a tiring day today21:38
yofellets for now just not touch frameworks when doing something. We have plasma to finish and the apps beta gets out this week21:38
jimarvangood night everyone, see you tomorrow21:39
acheronuk'not touch' as in not even fixes in CI?21:40
yofelnah, you can do that21:40
acheronukgood night jimarvan :)21:41
clivejoI wish KCI would stop this *** Cannot allocate memory.  Stop. rubbish21:41
acheronukyofel: ok. good. 21:42
acheronukwhile the workflow goalposts keep moving, and least I can practice packaging with that!21:43
clivejomoving goal posts help you work better :P21:48
valoriedarn it, my internet connection crapped out right when the crucial part of the conversation happened21:52
acheronukI'm sure they will in the long run21:52
valorieand irclogs.ubuntu.com isn't up to date quite21:52
valoriecan someone paste to me that past 10 mins or so?21:53
acheronukvalorie: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20233603/21:54
valoriefrom :30 - 34, actually21:54
valoriethank you acheronuk21:56
valorieha, I said a couple more lines but they got lost21:57
valoriethanks, comcast.....21:57
acheronukMy BB in the UK has been dropping all day. Only just got stable the last hr or so21:58
valorieso I saw21:58
valoriemy sympathy!21:58
acheronukIt's actually normally not too bad for ADSL21:59
acheronukglad I got that KDE BNC, or I would have been in and out of this channel every 5 mins!22:01
clivejoits handy!22:02
IrcsomeBot<ovidiuflorin> Please review http://kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-podcast-14/22:04
valorieovidiuflorin: made a couple of little edits, mostly punctuation. Thanks for publishing!22:32
santa_yofel: I think I'm done today with KA, now git-buildpackage-ppa is suposed to be compatible with the new tooling22:41
santa_I'll retest the workflow tomorror22:41
santa_* tomorrow22:41
* clivejo kicks the *beep* out of LP22:59
santa_clivejo: tomorrow whenever you are up to upload plasma to staging just give me a ping please23:04
clivejosanta_: Ive done it23:04
clivejoits in staging-plasma at the moment23:04
santa_clivejo: with the old tooling I guess23:05
santa_have you bumped the qt versions?23:05
santa_so yo used the old tooling but my "work" branch?23:06
clivejoI used the merged plasma-yakkety.json file your tooling generated23:07
clivejocopied it into our old tolling23:07
santa_clivejo: ok, willing to retry the new tooling for the next release? thanks for your patience by the way23:09
clivejojust want to get eyes on plasma 5.723:10
valorieyay, the desktop folder is the right size in the installer23:15
valorieand install seems to be going well23:22
clivejovalorie: you still got a YY install?23:29
valoriegotta do it again23:32
valorieit says not enough disk space23:32
valorieI forgot that it wants all I can give it23:36
valorieevery time23:36
valoriewe still have a slideshow -- I thought it was removed because of problems?23:42
valorieor is that just in YY23:42
valorieno problems with this install, yet23:43
clivejojust YY23:45

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