thereal1604hey guys, launchpad seems unresponsive right now.10:27
lunohodovI am trying to install Ansible on an Ubuntu14 following the instructions on https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/intro_installation.html#getting-ansible but without success10:44
lunohodovCannot add PPA: 'ppa:ansible/ansible'.10:44
lunohodovPlease check that the PPA name or format is correct.10:44
lunohodovThis is what the shell spits backā€¦ No idea what uis wrong10:45
cjwatsonthereal1604: yeah, there seems something a bit odd with one of our haproxy units I think, we're investigating10:46
cjwatsonlunohodov: probably caused by the above temporary problem10:46
lunohodovThank you10:46
lunohodovI guess the Launchpad's status on Twitter is not aware of it yet10:47
cjwatsonthereal1604,lunohodov: should be happier now10:48
cjwatsonlunohodov: I was concentrating on trying to narrow down the problem rather than updating twitter10:49
cjwatson(we restarted a squid process that was spinning and using 100% cpu)10:49
lunohodov@cjwatson Working now10:53
cjwatsonGood good10:54
* cjwatson updates @launchpadstatus10:56
cjwatson(so much easier now I have Tweetdeck set up ...)10:57
thereal1604cjwatson, thank you! Its working now ;-). Only want report the issue.11:09
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