Jbmorris289OK, so I have lubuntu. During my time, I noticed something.01:12
Jbmorris289When my computer 'died'(battery went low). When I turned it back on, my Wifi led is off, but I didn't notice. When I booted into Lubuntu, I saw that I was connected to wifi, as usual. I looked at my Netbook's WiFi LED is off.01:12
Jbmorris289I don't consider this a bug, but01:13
Jbmorris289I'm guessing that lubuntu(or an Ubuntu flavor) can control the wifi card without switching it. Now my question is, is there a way to make the LED turn ON whenever the wifi is switched on or off?01:15
Jbmorris289on* or off*01:15
Jbmorris289my bad01:15
Jbmorris289without having me to switch it manually*01:15
Jbmorris289Whoops, connection prol02:00
aemerzelHi, I06:04
aemerzel am unable to get wine+gallium to work, i described the problem here http://pastebin.com/wEJDwXtb Sorry forthe doublepost06:05
ZalthoraeHey, I'm visiting Germany, and I staying with a family running a 9 Year old XP computer. Is Lubuntu a good option that is stable enough and simple enough for inexperienced users left behind?08:53
tsimonq2Zalthorae: sure :)08:54
ZalthoraeHow is the language support?08:54
tsimonq2pretty good08:54
tsimonq2Zalthorae: I'm not sure how good the German is, but I can check if you wish :)08:55
ZalthoraeAny suggestions for if I set it up? I've only done Linux on UEFI systems, not bios, so I'm not sure if there's anything to be aware of08:55
tsimonq2not really08:55
tsimonq2I'm the reverse, I've never touched a UEFI system :)08:55
tsimonq2Zalthorae: it's WAY easier from what I've heard08:56
ZalthoraeWill I have any of the older Linux issues with drivers, considering I've only had perfect installs as yet?08:56
tsimonq2well it depends on the hardware08:56
ZalthoraeOld. Scaleo 600. When googling, some issues with drivers in 2004 show up08:57
ZalthoraeIt has a sound card and simple graphics card, I believe08:57
tsimonq2Zalthorae: I would say install and I can help you troubleshoot drivers if needed :)08:57
ZalthoraeI won't do it now, it'd probably be in a week or two,bur they hardly use the computer since it's so alow08:58
ZalthoraeSlow, might as well try.08:58
tsimonq2alright :)08:58
tsimonq2well there's a good chance it will give it some more life08:58
ZalthoraeThanks for the advice, I might see you in a week or so.08:58
tsimonq2alright, see you then!08:59
swift110hey all15:33
n-iCeI got a lubuntu core upgrade15:47
n-iCewhat is it15:47
swift110cool n-iCe15:52
n-iCewhy cool15:54

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