deltabs_m_c: maybe because of a naming conflict with Semi-HMM-based Nucleic Acid Parser http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/xenial/en/man1/snap.1.html00:42
s_m_cOk, that would make sense. Thanks.00:45
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ahayzendavmor2, o/ were you able to get a moment to see if that weather-app fix worked?09:33
davmor2ahayzen: looking at it in about 5 minute need to setup some installs09:34
ahayzendavmor2, coolio no worries :-)09:34
ahayzenzsombi, o/ me again :-) the bottom edge hint status says "Locked status value is set automatically when the system detects a mouse attached.", i'm now at a device with a mouse and this isn't working, does it only work with unity8? and not unity7 or something ?09:39
davmor2ahayzen: I can haz location \o/09:48
ahayzendavmor2, \o/ :-D09:48
davmor2ahayzen: pass it onto popey as and tell him to mark it as a quick fix for location09:49
ahayzenpopey, ^^ :-)09:49
zsombiahayzen: that will work only when we will get the Qt system info working without any AppArmor permision09:50
ahayzenzsombi, ah ok :-)09:50
zsombiahayzen: the doc is there as it has a backend prepared, but it's not approved yet09:50
zsombiahayzen: and can be approved once the Mir backend will come back from upstream09:50
ahayzenzsombi, ok cool, so i can write the code ready, for when it does work :-)09:51
zsombiahayzen: yes, you can.09:51
zsombiahayzen: the hint will autoimatically be locked, and if you don't need it, you must hide it explicitly09:51
ahayzenzsombi, is there a bug tracking that? or just a known 'thing'09:51
zsombiahayzen: bahh... there should be... at least my MR is linked to a bug, lemme post09:52
zsombiahayzen: it is even linked to BE :) https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/device_detection/+merge/28428209:52
ahayzenzsombi, awesome thanks :-)09:53
zsombiahayzen: so subscribe to the bug/mr09:53
popeyahayzen: what am I doing?09:56
ahayzenpopey, we have that branch to fix the weather-app not detecting the location, davmor2 just checked it is working :-) ... so we can either land that and then push to the store, or i'm just finishing another branch which updates to the new headers and bottom edge and we can push to the store with that?09:57
popeyup to you, you'll need davmor2 to re-test I imagine?09:59
davmor2popey: add it to a silo mark it as a quick fix to re-enable location, their change in policy basically broke location in weather app so ahayzen added the missing bit so it registers correctly09:59
davmor2popey, ahayzen: I would prefer a separate one for the location as it is quick and easy and then a new one for the changes10:00
ahayzenpopey, it maybe easier just to push out this quick fix first, then we can go for a bigger one later :-)10:00
davmor2also it benefits everyone now if we land the location fix10:01
ahayzenyup :-)10:01
ahayzenlets do that10:01
popeyapproved the merge10:02
ahayzenpopey, let me know if you need any clicks built10:06
popeyahayzen: ok10:19
popeyahayzen: built a click, tested here. davmor2 you happy for me to upload this r24811:54
davmor2popey: this is just the location fix right?11:54
davmor2popey: push away I'll add a ticket for it11:55
popeythanks davmor211:56
davmor2popey: done land away11:57
popeythanks davmor212:00
popeydavmor2: ahayzen published 24812:02
popeythanks guys12:02
davmor2\o/ location for all again :)12:02
mcphaildavmor2: only one step away from Pokemon Go ;)12:03
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kalikianamcphail: A simplified version of it might even be doable fairly easily I gather? Say an algorithm based on map features and a list of collectibles.12:41
mcphailkalikiana: it would take a brave developer to trespass on Nintendo's IP12:43
kalikianamcphail: Well, it doesn't have to. You could collect exotic or extinct animals that aren't protected by some Japanese company12:44
kalikianaI was assuming "pokemon go" in an Ubuntu context is more of a metaphor for location-based games12:45
mcphailkalikiana: it would be nice to have something similar. My son has never been so keen to take the dogs for a walk12:47
ahayzenpopey, awesome thanks :-)12:52
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kalikianaHeh, yeah.13:49
kalikianamcphail: btw are you the same mcphail who made the ag snap? that one's awesome, it replaced ack on my system now13:49
kalikianait's so ridiculously fast13:49
kalikianamcphail: although I'm not entirely clear what the difference is between the .ag and .upstream13:50
mike00hi appdevs. How can I make a vibration in a qml app?13:55
kalikianamike00: https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/apps/qml/sdk-15.04.6/QtFeedback.HapticsEffect/13:56
mike00thanks kalikiana13:57
mcphailkalikiana: yes. The upstream ag has some broken logic for ignore files, so misses some things it should pick up. If it doesn't affect you, just use upstream14:01
mcphailkalikiana: there's other things in my branch like proper bash completion, but I'm not sure how to implement that with a snap yet14:02
kalikianamcphail: Is there any documentation on that? A repo or wiki page?14:04
mcphailkalikiana: documentation on ag itself?14:04
* kalikiana knows of no way to even read the description of the snap via "snap" commands14:05
kalikianamcphail: What the snap entails and patches/plans insofar as it diverges14:05
mcphailkalikiana: the package on github is "silversearcher", and you can compare my branch with the upstream. I don't have the snapcraft.yaml file handy just now, but it is very simple: just pulls my branch and teh upstream branch14:06
kalikianaHmm scary disclaimer :-D14:08
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ahoneybunomg Hangups on my desktop in a snap17:33
ahoneybunsuper cool17:33
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